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Grizabella Sugg

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive."

0 · 416 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “The MallRats”, originally authored by lightningpoint, as played by RolePlayGateway




Name: Grizabella Sugg
"My mother named me after a character in the musical Cats. I think that’s where I got my love for those furry creatures.”

Nickname: Bella or Greasy
“I ask for people to call me Bella, and most of them obey. But my close friends call me Greasy due to my love for junk food.”

Age: 20

Store: ChurroMania
"The capital of churros and heaven for fat people.”

Sexuality: Bisexual
"Y’know, girls are hot too. But I’m really more into guys. Who wouldn’t like a hunky piece of guy in their daily meal?”

Do Work At The Mall?: Yes.
"I do work at the mall… unless you don’t count eating the food I serve most of the time as working.”

If So, Do You Like To?: Not really.
"I mean, working at the mall has its own pros and cons. I get to eat like a pig and I get payed for it, but the payment isn’t enough and the hours go by very slowly.”

+ Cats
+ Junk Food
+ Internet
+ Drawing
+ Soda
+ Cartoons
+ Video Games
- Meat
- Dogs
- Books
- Tea
- Insects
- Arcade Games
- Excersise

Thoughts on The Mallrats/Workers?: Nothing much.
"I don’t really have any feelings towards that group of people. It’s like we have our own little treaty that states: if they don’t mess with me or piss me off at work, then I won’t mess with them.”

Personality: Ever heard of the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well, Bella is a live example of that expression. From far away she may look like an antisocial freak that only talks to her ‘kind’, but she’s nothing like that. Bella is a social butterfly with the energy of a puppy. She loves to joke and make other people laugh. But even her has her sad days when she wishes to be left alone to die with her laptop as her dearest companion. She’s stubborn as hell, and determined on what she likes. She trusts people easily and loves to hear a good story. She’s good at hearing as well as giving advice to others, and because of that she gained a nickname in elementary school: Dr. Sugg, like Dr. Phill but cooler.

She’s a very relaxed person and is almost never stressed or angry. If you ever see her pissed off or very quiet, then something big is actually going on. She can talk until her voice runs out, and can also talk about almost every subject there can be. She’s very creative and tends to daydream a lot. She’s a little bit paranoid, but once she gets familiar to the situation she’s in then she automatically relaxes.

Bella is a fun person to be around of. She can make almost everyone smile and she tends to act a little bit childish most of the time. She can be a bit weird, but that’s only when she’s acting really random and does things like bark at people or pretend she doesn’t understand English when other people talk to her. She loves to prank people, from the basic prank call to the elaborate one that she can take days to plan. Basically, one can never get tired of her.

History: Born and raised in a small seaside town in California, being the only daughter of two retired musicians, Bella grew up in a very simple place with no big amounts of money. She’s an only child, but that never affected her personality by making her spoiled or bratty. Her family owned a nice little beach house a three-minute walk away from the shore. She went to the same school with the same people for her whole childhood and teenage years. She visited her grandmother in Beverly Hills once every two months and stayed there for a week. She learned how stuck-up and snobby some rich people were and her anecdotes with blonde girls in California caused for her to develop a certain hate towards them (although she’ll never judge a book by it’s cover).

Her only friends where guys, so she had a little boyish personality and looks. She liked to play rough sports, videogames, and dress in very simple and non-girly clothes. Her passion for videogames soon grew to become a huge hobby of hers. When she graduated high school, she decided she wanted to become a videogame designer. She had heard about a very good art school in Miami, Florida and moved there after taking a gap year traveling around the world. Things didn’t turn out to be as she thought, and she ended up dropping out of college with very little money and no place to live.

She currently lives alone in a small apartment she rents with the help of her parent’s money. She decided that she was going to start gaining some money of her own and applied for a job at the mall, ending up in ChurroMania. She recently became a vegetarian, but that doesn’t imply she has to stop eating junk food. You’ll find her wandering around the mall on her free time and hunting for some retro objects with a lollipop in her mouth or a bag of chips curled in her hand.

Theme Song: WALK THE MOON - Anna Sun

Anything else: Tattoos

So begins...

Grizabella Sugg's Story