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Owen Quinn Parker

"Sorry for my stupidity, but you gotta love me, right?"

0 · 405 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “The MallRats”, as played by CarliaRhian123




Name: Huh? My name? Oh, right! I'm Owen Quinn Parker ... Just forget about the Quinn part though, okay?
Nickname: I dont think you can make any nicknames out of Owen, can you? In tenth grade, though, this one kid started calling me Guitar Boy... I was called by my middle name when I was younger, but please dont call me that now.
Age: Im currently the age of 22! Awesome, right?
Store: The best music store there is! ...Ha, thats a lie. I work at Sam Ash Music.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Do Work At The Mall?: You forgot already? I just told you I work at Sam Ash Music! ...And now I told you again! Hopefully you dont forget this time.

If So, Do You Like To?: I think my job is pretty good, I mean, I sell guitars and music stuff, so how bad could it really be? The one thing that bothers me is when some idiot treats me like im supposed to know every damn thing there is to know about the store.

Likes: Finally something interesting!
- Owen loves to play the guitar, he carries one around with him basically everywhere
- Secretly, he likes singing, but will never sing in public
- He likes expensive pizza, according to him, the more it costs, the better it is
- When he's not working, Owen likes to run around the mall giving random people interviews
- Making stupid faces whenever theres a camera
- Parrots, he thinks its cool how they're able to talk
- His pay check, thats always something to look forward to
- Shopping, he'll wander around the mall buying random stuff just for the fun of it

Dislikes: Oh, so now we're moving on to the not so interesting things, eh? Fun.
- Rude people
- Being late for work
- When he's called stupid
- His middle name, Quinn
- Chocolate ice cream, he hates it
- Coffee
- People who think they're better then everyone else
- Being laughed at

Thoughts on The Mallrats/Workers?: The Mallrats? Eh, they're fine as long as they dont bug me. I remember when I was their age... now I feel old...
Sometimes those guys can be annoying, though, I hate it when they pay a visit to Sam Ash Music.

Personality: Im awesome, lets put it at that, shall we? Ha, nah im joking....
Owen has two sides to his personality, one is rather outgoing and loud, while the other is reserved and quiet.
When he's with friends or complete strangers who he'll never see again, Owen is usually... really out there. He finds a way to make a joke out of almost anything, and god forbid you ever rely on him to actually get anything productive done!
He isnt serious with a lot of things unless a lot of people are counting on them, and even then Owen is known to let them down.
However, he's good at connecting with people. Owen is fantastic at making friends, which is surprising even for him because he was always the complete loner during highschool.
Owen likes to listen to people, and will somehow find a way to connect what they said into something that he can relate to.
There's also a side to Owen that you only see when people are putting him down.
When he's made fun of, Owen will immediately stop talking and just be quiet, normally this will last only for the rest of the day, but for his friends, its weird to see him not talking.
He doesnt like being laughed at, since that was his whole life through in and outside of school; being known as nothing more than a joke.
So now Owen takes it quite seriously. He likes it when people laugh with him, not at him.

From the day he was born, Owen was just one of those kids who you have no idea what to do with.
Unlike his siblings, he wasnt successful in learning... anything. He was slow, lets put it at that. It took him awhile to catch on to things, and it took him three years to actually start talking, and a bit longer than that to begin walking.
His older sisters thought it was funny that their little brother was such an idiot, and they continued to make fun of him throughout his school years, too.

For a great deal of his life, he was bullied.
He might of gotten along with people if they had given him a chance to get to know them, but Owen was scared and shy, and frankly, not too bright. After only one short month, he was the schools number one joke, and he was only in kindergarden.
Throughout his school years, Owen tried his best to get people to stop hating him, but all his attempts resulting in him still being known as more of a failure.
At the young age of fourteen, Owen got into drugs. He didnt stick with them, though, and he got out of it about a year later.
He seemed to be forever stuck in the shadows of everyone elses success, and when he tried reaching out to people, he simply had a hard time fitting in, and a talent for standing out instead. He didnt want that anymore, he wanted out.

At the end of grade nine, Owen attempted suicide two times, the first time he was rushed to the hospital when his eldest sister found him, the second time was a very close call.
At the time, Owen felt like he couldnt succeed in anything, even with his own death.

By the middle of grade ten, Owen learned that maybe standing out maybe wasnt such a bad thing after all. His mother enrolled him in guitar classes, and by grade eleven he was known around his highschool for being quite a guitarist, not the suicidal loner freak.
People liked to hear him play, so Owen often brought his guitar to school every day, just so he could.

Owen had started off slow, and he still fails to have up to speed skills, but for seven years music has made up for that, and its now one of the many things that he enjoys.

Theme Song(s):
Let Me By Myself by 3 Doors Down

Anything else: Nothing Important, I Might Add More Later

So begins...

Owen Quinn Parker's Story