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Sunvia "Sunny" Dubois

You gotta fake it to make it *winks*

0 · 562 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “The MallRats”, as played by CuteAsKaylah




Name: Suniva Dior Dubois
Nickname: "I hate, my name, my "dad" had a thing for Latin names
Age: "I bet you thought I was older huh?"
Store:"I've got a bangin' body, I might as well use it to my advantage"
Victoria's Secret
Sexuality:"I've experimented bit.."

Do Work At The Mall?:Yes
If So, Do You Like To?: "I love it, it's amazing and I get free VS goodies. Plus I get to wear clothes from VS almost everyday. On top of that have you seen some of the hotties in this mall? I get payed to basically talk to people and look hot, and I get to look at some yummy guys. Hell Yeah! I love working here. I just wish my sister didn't hang out here all day. "

The color Pink
Iced Tea
Speaking fluent Spanish
Dressing up
Her family
Victoria's Secret
Fruity Drinks
Her friends
Being Popular
Buys staring at her
Shortening words
Guys gawking at her little sister
People who assume she's stupid
The color Green
Being Alone
Being rejected
People getting too close to her
Her baby sister being so bitchy
Girls who judge her

Thoughts on The Mallrats: "Well since my sister is one, I don't hate them obvi. Plus some of them are cute. Plus who doesn't love those adorable little boys who drool over us at VS. "

Sunny is very well bubbly. She's very sweet and naive. Sunny is very easy going. She definitely has a surfer girl mentality.She likes to go with the flow and see where life takes her. She hates over planning because of this. She is very spontaneous though, and a hopeless romantic. She always dreams of falling in love and having a family and living happily ever after. She also has a temper. Though its hard to tell. She is great at hiding her emotions and appearing calm even bored.Sunny is very blunt. She will say whatever is on her mind, good or bad. Because of her ability to say whatever is on her mind, no matter how ridiculous people assume she's ditzy and just another blonde bimbo. Though she's far from it. She's actually brilliant. She just prefers to keep that a secret.

Sunny is a loyal friend. If your friends with her, your friends for life. She loves helping people, especially her friends. Which is why she is often used. Sunny is easily manipulated. She trust very easy. But once you've lost that trust she becomes a cruel manipulative bitch and will make your life a living hell. Anybody who knows her, knows nobody should ever get on Sunny's bad side. Mainly because its really hard to get on her bad side. So if your on her bad side you majorly fucked up. Sunny is a sweetheart all and all. She's very patient because of her big family.

History: Sunny was born to the wealth entrepreneur Claudius Dubois and Esmeralda Vergeras. Her mom was a woman from a poor part of Puerto Rico who was working as a stripper to pay off her college loans. Her father was a newly rich British man who moved to America for his company. He met her while she was working and was instantly charmed by her. The two were married a few months later and a month after their wedding Esmeralda gave birth to their first daughter named Flavia a month after the wedding. Next came Nina. . Her mom had an affair for a short time with their Mexican gardener and gave birth to Lilly. After that she had an affair with a French man and gave birth to Sunny. Soon after Sunny her "father" had Octavia to avoid rumours spereading about his promiscuous wife. Then came Maria. Then when her French lover came to America temporarily she conceived Callie. But as you can imagine seven girls living under one roof, no matter how big can be hectic. Especially since they had different fathers. Most of the girls hated their parents. But Sunny loved her father, she did however despise her mother.

Sunny loved having a big family. She still does, but what she doesn't like is her parents love-less marriage. After they stopped having children they stopped loving each other. Her father always wanted more children and her mother couldn't physically do it. She lived through most of her childhood with her parents sleeping in different rooms and acting more like roommates than spouse. So when she got into high school she did anything to stay out the house. She was a cheerleader, the treasurer of the SGA, and the football teams manager. But at the end of the day she still had to go home to a house with no love. A house, not a home.
Theme Song: Tulisa- Young
Anything else: Her hair is naturally dark brown but she dies it blonde.

So begins...

Sunvia "Sunny" Dubois's Story