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A sentimental spherical fuzzball with limbs. Cute and cuddly.

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a character in “The Manic Mind of Man”, as played by CaptainGrue


Ethnic Group/Race/Species: Sourcekind
Gender: None. Accepts any pronoun.
Age: Has been around in the Source for a few decades (which is incredibly young in the grand scheme of things).
Appearance: A brown fuzzball of hair with four black limbs, each with a much shorter layer of fuzz. Wears thick black rectangular glasses that have a cartoonish glass sheen to them that cannot be seen through. Behind the glasses, no eyes are visible. The glasses are able to bend and change shape at will to display expressions and even cry tears.
Personality: Softly spoken in a childlike voice, Furble is an innocent soul with a penchant for unconditional love. This does mean Furble can be easily manipulated, but also makes them a loyal friend to those who need one.
Quirks: Furble's a simple little thing who does not have any notable quirks.
Likes/Hobbies: Cuddles, walks, pretty colours and bright lights.
Dislikes/Nopes: Bullies, misery and the Source's scary monsters. Hates Dreadhead. Hates Squelch even more.
Family/Friends: Friends with most, Furble is a quite liked among most good-natured Sourcekind.
Place of Residence: Furble floats around, generally sticking by a traveller/Sourcekind for company.
Education: Furble has the potential for great emotional intelligence, but that doesn't really extend into tactile smarts.
Profession/Skills: Strangely acrobatic. Can extend any of their limbs to great lengths.
Heart Time - Furble's center body glows an orange/golden light and warms up immensely. It's very comforting, like a living hot water bottle.
Goal(s): Just wants to make friends and have people around them.
Flaws/Fears: Deathly afraid of being alone and abandoned.

Backstory: Conceived through the joy of playing with a pet dog or cat.

So begins...

Furble's Story


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Character Portrait: Furble
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The rivers are running deep through the city. Most buildings up to five stories high are completely submerged, and the waters continue to rise as giant rain drops stretch from the surface up into the neverending grey skies.

Furble sits atop an innocuous apartment building with their legs dangling off. Wielding a wooden fishing rod, it is a glum sight as Furble seems to be alone up here with their head aimed down toward the fishing line, hoping very much to catch something.