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Jane Blackmore

A skilled illusionist who can blur the lines between objective and subjective reality.

0 · 720 views · located in The Source of Mind

a character in “The Manic Mind of Man”, as played by HelplessBystander


Name/Alias: Jane Blackmore
Ethnic Group/Race/Species: Humanoid Traveller (daughter of Nyarlathotep).
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: Forgotten
Appearance: Jane Blackmore is a relatively tall girl that is almost always the third tallest in whatever room she happens to be in with people similar to her age, with mousy brown hair that nearly reaches her waist, and a somewhat pretty face. She have a sickly complexion on her face as if she was afflicted with an illness and she reeks of rotten eggs, spoilt milk, dead fish, and dried blood left in a barrel on a hot summer day because The Source moulds your external appearance based on healthy your state of mind is; she doubt she'll ever look healthy and smell like pine cones and flowers. She enjoys wearing dark-coloured clothing that are casual, fashionable, and yet also practical. Her form shifts into a dark, blind, eldritch abomination that bear some resemblance to her father whenever she gets overwhelmed with anger and/or negative emotions.


Other form abilities:
  • Hovering (due to a lack of wings and the fact that time and space work differently in the Source; rather than say flying, it's more accurate to describe it as hovering towards a general direction at speed that's basically no faster than walking); basically what you think it is.
  • Giant Claws; and I think it's pretty obvious what that entails.
  • Despairing wail; a cry of anguish and terror so horrendous, it ripples through the metaphysical space of the Source, inducing pants-shitting fear and a cardiac arrest to all that are capable of hearing this horrendous screech.
  • Tentacle Mabifestation; exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Party Tricks; very good at entertaining kids and soulless creatures. A must-have for long term travels!

Personality: Jane Blackmore is a reclusive and paranoid girl who was recently accepted into Oxford University for outstanding academic achievements and as a part of the University’s new scholarship program for the mentally-disabled. She suffers from mild schizophrenia and frequently sees a psychiatrist for help with panic attacks, dizzy spells, hallucinations, voices in her head, night terrors, visions, and an irrational fear of fire...before, that is, everything happened.
Quirks: Oftentimes, she suffers from an inability of distinguishing reality from fiction, she often find difficulty in focusing on what is real and what is not real.
Likes: She enjoys reading and watching movies whenever she gets the chance to, there's something about immersing herself in a fantasy world of dreams and illusions that had always attracted her.
Dislikes: Fire
Family/Friends: Nyarlathotep (her biological father), and the Blackmores (adoptive parents)
Place of Residence: Forgotten
Education: College undergraduate of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
Profession/Skills: Student
Source Prowess/Imagination:
  • Illusion creation; she has an innate talent of creating illusions so realistic that one can barely distinguish between them and the objective reality (think Inception, but magic).
  • Illusion Control; the ability to control and manipulate illusions regardless whether she was the creator of said illusion.
  • Eldritch power source; her power doesn't seemed to come from the same place as the others. It came from...elsewhere.
  • Drain; the ability to drain energy from weaker/lesser beings.
  • Mind control Immunity; anyone trying to sort through and control the mind of a half-insane demigod will realise that is the equivalent of eating three servings of deep-fried burritos from Taco Bell—It's gonna be messy and you're going to regret it.
  • Eldritch Communication; now you'll never worry about the dreaded language barrier ever again!
  • Party Tricks; very good at entertaining kids and soulless creatures. A must-have for long term travels!

  • The voices inside her head, they are not always sentient, but when they are, they are extremely annoying and often have obsessions of their own.
  • A Whippoorwill that appears at random intervals that will either guide her way or annoy her by pecking her head or screw up her hair by attempting to make a nest in it (not appreciated by, well, basically anyone); much like the Voices inside her head. She's not sure whether this bird is real or merely a hallucination that no one else can see.
  • Fashionable clothing
  • Duffel bag
  • A Phone
  • A wallet with her personal I.D. and money

  • To remember the things she had forgotten and get back to her family.
  • Travel to the Daydream Beast's realm and ask it train her to control her powers.
  • Find a place to stay.
  • (maybe) Find a friend.

Backstory: Before her 4th birthday, she had lived in a happy and caring household with a set of Biological parents that she barely remembers. On her 4th birthday, she dimly remembers that they had decided to take her to a theatre, which, due to some event or another, burned down, killing her parents almost instantly as burnt planks of wood struck fatal wounds into her parents, nailed them into their seats, and instantly burnt them to a crisp as the oil lamps fell onto them and lit them up like a Roman candle. The specifics of how that happened was lost to her.

A year after that, she was adopted by an abusive household. They abused her both physically and emotionally on a near-daily basis. Her then-adoptive mother put out cigarettes on her wrists to torment her, while her then-adoptive father had physically abused her to alleviate stress; in short, they had treated her with the same care and dignity as a product that they bought with a discount coupon from a nearby supermarket rather than as their adopted child. They demanded unconditional love and familial bond through any means necessary. This unfortunately included violence, manipulative actions such as lying to preserve the status-quo, and ultimately psychological torture (e.g. solitary confinement) toward her.

When she was 6 years old, her adoptive parents had locked her in the basement for days on end because of some arbitrary reason or another, and during that time, she got sick. Very sick. She heard voices coming from nowhere, phantom pain that appeared and disappeared for no reason whatsoever, and she had saw the vision of a black man in his 40s smiling down at her with an amicable smile, and the man had gently tapped her on the forehead before disappearing. She wasn't sure whether that had really or just another byproduct of her delirious episodes, but she had since then saw the world...differently, and she realised that, out of nowhere, she became able to do things that she was quite was outside of the realms of human capabilities and she discovered that she is capable of creating illusions of things that does not physically exist.

On her 10th birthday, she was finally rescued from the hell she lived in by an group of social workers after her 'parents' slipped up, they had helped her take tentative steps towards psychological recovery and arranged for her to meet with the Blackmores.

The Blackmores had always wanted a family, but they had experienced difficulties in conceiving a child. Thus, they turned to adoption, and they were paired with Jane, a lonely girl who was distrusting of the world around her and retaliated towards anyone who was trying to help. The Blackmores had decided to adopt her, and show her love and affection; they had decided to support her through her troubles in the way by showing support and understanding for her difficulties in displaying empathy.

Even after more than six years of living in a happy and supportive household, her mental and emotional problems was still not completely alleviated, but rather buried deep inside her heart. She had never told anyone the specifics of what her childhood was like, and she was still not used to her adoptive parents’ kindness and displays of familial affection towards her.

Recently, she had been trapped in a plane of existence she had known as 'the Source;, she had forgotten some aspects of her past life, but, motivated by her desire to find out what happened and her fear of being, ultimately, left alone and abandoned by what little shred of her family that was left, she was on a personal quest to go and find out.

  • She was adopted by a loving family of two. They loved her greatly, and gave her a happy and supportive environment to grow up in, but she was not used to their love and affection, she had always expected it to come at a price.
  • She had came from an abusive household when she was young and she doesn’t want anyone to know that she was ‘the adopted child', she had always been afraid of when other people will find out about this terrible 'secret’.
  • She had since developed a strong emotional attachment to the Blackmores due to their love and gentle nature; but she’s not ready to show it yet because she’s afraid of showing too much emotions towards adults ever since leaving her biological parents behind.
  • She’s afraid of embarrassing herself in front of others and, as a result, disappointing her adopted parents. She feels guilt for being such a burden to them for being riddled with schizophrenia and other debilitating disorders that had made her difficult to deal with as a child.
  • She's lonely, she wants to find a friend. But her paranoia and antisocial demeanour prevents her from doing that.
  • She’s afraid of fire.
  • Athazagoraphobia. She’s absolutely terrified of being abandoned or forgotten. she had experienced losing her family before, even though they were abusive and poisonous people who had both physically and emotionally abused her before, she still viewed them as her parents before. She’s afraid something similar will happen to her again and she doesn't want that.

Name/Alias: The Voices inside her head
Species: Sourcekind
Gender: N/A
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Appearance: N/A
Personality: Obsessive, meticulous, paranoid, and habitually annoying
Likes/Hobbies: Annoying Jane, playing mind games
Dislikes: Being the voices of reason, but ultimately will when things becomes too drastic and they're forced into the role of consoling Jane
Significant Other: N/A
Family/Friends: N/A
Place of Residence: Jane Blackmore's mind
Education: N/A
Profession/Skills: Tormenting others, good at persuading people, being annoying, time management, procrastination, interrogation, good at insulting others, paranoia inducement, giving bad advice, cooking.
  • Evil whispering; a series of inaudible whispers that registers just outside the normal range of hearing for all creatures and subconsciously unnerves them.
  • Insanity-inducement; anyone who become aware of the Voices inside Jane Blackmore will become permanently insane.
  • Forbidden Knowledge; they known things and see to it that these knowledge remain in the darkest recesses of Jane's mind and hopes that no one will ever discover them.
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • See the world
  • Taste good food
  • Annoy Jane
  • Get Jane to take off her shoes and socks
  • Sleep
  • Do things
Fears: Disappearing from existence
Backstory: The voices of insanity that had been Jane Blackmore's ever-present companions for almost as long as she can remember.

So begins...

Jane Blackmore's Story

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~Somewhere in The Source, Sometime Late~

Jane Blackmore trudged down a lonely path, please note that 'path' is a figurative term here, as there are no roads in The Source. Not this far out, anyways; there had been attempts to pave proper paths and roads, but all attempts to do so were met with extreme resistance from the plant-based Sourcekinds on the basis that such actions are racist discrimination towards immotile greenery. Under strong public pressure, all attempts to pave roads through here and related construction projects were quickly terminated. Rumours have it that one of the higher-ups that made this decision is related to one of the trees here...such rumours were quickly dismissed due to a lack of evidence and the alleged starter of these rumours was promptly hanged and incinerated for slandering authority figures.

Jane knew about the history of this area, and gave her surroundings the evil eye. Clearly, she was not impressed with the unfortunate lack of roads. This being The Source, some of the grass and plants literally shrivelled in terror and slight annoyance as some lumbering creature stepped over them again as Jane stared at them with the look of undisguised disdain before quickly shifting back into place with a slight rustle between them.

You know, this place is a dump. I mean, look at it, there's no toilets; no restaurants; the locals are assholes and most of them don't give good directions. A Voice abruptly interrupted rudely, ruining the...okay, admittedly mediocre scenery, but Jane appreciated the silence, dammit.

Shut up, you know you are annoying, right? I never asked for your opinions and I certainly never asked the locals for directions. Jane retorted snidely, attacking the Voices in her head. Most of them had almost immediately chimed in, offering opinions on disjointedly, making it hard for her to concentrate.

I want to taste fooooood~

Ugh, I'm tired; we've walking for ages. Can't we rest? Don't you know getting good sleep is a vital part of being a healthy and productive person? Have you forgotten your health class teacher's advises already? Your feet hurts, why don't you go see someone 'bout that? I heard that there's some travellers capable of doing some pretty wondrous shit in the cities.

Yeah well, our very existence was founded upon the fact that we can annoy you. You should've aware of that ever since, oh I don't know, maybe when you went to the psychiatrist for the first time around?

Look, fine, I'll do whatever; jus-just shut up, okay? You're making my head hurt! She growled inwardly in frustration, her complexion paled, not that it made much of a difference, her sickly complexion was already bad enough that people would've mistaken her for an albino if it wasn't for the fact that she had mousy brown hair that told otherwise. Her hair needed a trim as well, but Sourcekind barbers are a rare commodity and having her hair cut any other way don't make a lick of difference. After all, a traveller's appearance is a more-or-less reflection of their state of mind/mental well-being; therefore, traditional methods of altering appearances no longer apply to them in any way. Which was a shame, because she also needed a shower; Jane reeks of some evil combination of rotten eggs, spoilt milk, dead fish, and dried blood left in a barrel to ferment on a hot summer day; she doubts she'll ever look healthy and smell like pine cones and flowers ever again. With or without a shower. She rubbed her temples distractedly as she tried to deal with the Voices in her head, they were growing stronger day by day.

She stumbled, and ultimately tripped on a loose vine hidden in the undergrowth and crashed onto the ground. She nicked one of her fingers in the process as well, spilling a few drops of black blood that is of an unnatural hue onto the ground. The plants' reacted with mischievous laughter and a billowing whistle that carried over the wind. She cursed inwardly, now wearing a scowl on her face as she climbed to her feet. Somehow, she knew this was going to be a long day.


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A patch of undisturbed soil, sprouting out of it a healthy green grass. Surrounding it was a platform of steel, and it floated in front of the horrid little creature that would be known as Squelch. It caught his attention, and while Squelch had a bet to fulfill, he could surely take his eyes off the wondering girl for a moment to ponder this curiosity.

Disgusting. The dream of some failing artist, no doubt.

Squelch did not like the curiosity.

Squelch resembled a toddler's crayon drawing of garbage personified. He appeared two dimensional, for one, and there was a stunning lack of detail in its form. Legs indistinguishable from his arms, four short black sticks protruded from his frightfully round torso. One arm was just a bit shorted than the other, but none of this disparity in detail compared to the abomination that was Squelch's face. It was roughly lemon shaped, and looked to take the image of human faeces if it wasn't for the strange blots of colour staining it. A pair of vicious eyes with olive pupils supported two squiggly eyebrows that furrowed in between them.

Truly, Squelch was a pathetic excuse for a Sourcekind. He smells like mouldy cheese, silent farts and play dough. Once he spiked a disco's punch bowl with chunks of himself, and ended up being the only one to drink the putrid stuff. Yet as he watches this wondrous display of beauty hover by, all Squelch feels is an intense dissatisfaction with it. Why, it was no where as perfect as Squelch was, surely. Something had to be done.

So, like a 2D image being dragged across a screen, Squelch willed himself to the top of the grass-steel platform. To justify himself for what he was about to do, Squelch yelled out:

"Everyone's a critic!" And he vomited all over the grass. His bile stained the steel, and caused a minimal amount of corrosion. Now the platform looked just like him. Oh joy.

In reality~
Some failing artist snaps out of his daydream, and slaps himself for coming up with something so stupid.
~And back

The bet! While forcing himself upon the passing concept, Squelch had almost forgotten. He had made a bet with one of the plants here. You see, Squelch gains pleasure from ruining others. The bet was for the plants to ruin something beautiful (or in his eyes, ugly) and in payment he would go on to find some other place to vandalise. And so the passing girl known as Jane Blackmore was the new target. It is a stretch, I suppose... thought Squelch. The girl didn't look half bad, and the scent that disgraced the flowers refreshed his mind. But the fingers, the symmetry, the anatomically viable structure and her three dimensions were abominations. Yeah. Show her what for! His body twisted into his face, and he squished back down into the ground to follow the girl more closely.

And... Strike! The plant got her, tripped her into the ground like a falling tree! Squelch snickered quietly as the plant found great joy in her misfortune. "But that's nothing," he whispered, "Check this out."

A image on the surface of the ground, Squelch would swim quickly up behind Jane before launching upwards and regurgitating a jet of bile down on her. The stuff is technically harmless, if only a little irritating to the skin and toxic if ingested. But those who had become victim to Squelch's hijinx would say there is nothing to wash off that dreadful stuff. Regardless if he hit or not, Squelch would land back down to assume he had anyway and enter a vile laughing fit.

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Jane saw a literal piece of shit spray a jet stream of liquified sewage towards her. It was an obvious low point in her life when even personified poop wanted to attack her. Seriously, it was bad enough that she had to deal with the plants, but now even the literal shit-stains of The Source wanted to attack her, that was...not good.

"What, you're just going to let him do it? Do you want to be covered in even more filth and smell worse than you already do? No offence, even though you already smell worse than a hobo who haven't showered for his entire life, but you aren't exactly doing yourself any favours by standing in the way of 2000cc of liquid dream-crusher. MOVE IT!!!

Look, I was about to move out of the way even if you didn't say anything. Jane thought with exasperation and lazily moved out of the way. She really don't feel motivated right now, especially since her newfound nemesis appears to be something that resembles a child's drawing of what garbage looks like. It inspires disgust more than abject terror.

Luckily, she managed to dodge out of the way just before the putrid fluid landed on the spot she had been standing on a few seconds before. An maniacal snickering could be heard in the distance.

Hey Jane, he did something that wasn't very nice now, didn't he? You know what to do with bad people, don't you? Shouldn't bad people be punished? You'll be a hero, cleaning up the scum of The Source. a Voice said persuasively, with a devilishly charming voice. It sounded soooo persuasive.

"Yeah. Baddies needs to be punished. I'll be a hero." Jane murmured absentmindedly, apparently convinced.

You shouldn't talk to yourself, Jane. People will think you're CRAZY.

Jane concentrated on channeling power from her Source, some vile force that made her feel violated and repulsed every time she draws upon its power, it's something that was bother instinctively familiar and repulsive at the same time. She saw how the other Travellers had drawn power, and her Source felt nothing like how it was supposed to work. Strangely, unlike other travellers, she does not have the ability to create any thoughts that are capable of affecting the Source, all of her creations are temporary and are intangible. Perhaps the only upside is that, her illusion can seamlessly blend in within the dreamscape that is the Source.

An illusion of her gradually transforming into a terrifying androgynous demon that seemed to have crawled out of the depth of an Asuran hell was flawlessly projected onto The Source. She inwardly thanked the Blackmores, her adoptive parents, for their weird fascination with Eastern Mythologies and Esoteric Religions of the East, it certainly gave her plenty of inspirations.

"PUNY CREATURE, WHAT DARES THOU TO OFFEND THE INFERNAL ONE FROM THE SIX PATHS OF REINCARNATION?" She bullshitted with a satisfyingly melodramatic and booming voice, addressing the sentient feces with an aura of authority that she didn't realised that she possessed up until that moment.

You did well, that'll teach him to mess with you! Now, run away while you can; you can't keep up the illusion for long, girlie. One of the Voices said rather hurtfully, she wasn't sure which one, but she was pretty sure she hated it.

I know that. Be quiet. I don't want to talk to you, asshole. Jane thought back, as she quietly slipped out of the mirage and escaped from an angle that was conveniently blocked off by her towering illusion. Hopefully, that illusion can buy her enough time to run away before it realise that 'The Infernal One' was just a delightfully realistic illusion with no real impact on The Source.


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A low rumble powered through the Source. A wave of yellow lightning followed, a spherical enveloping energy coming from the Sunsmoke Clouds. It seemed to agitate any lesser Sourcekind into a frenzy, and drew others to the clouds themselves for an explanation.

The Kaptain, on board the Electric Yargh with Norm, frowned.

"We're going to need help with this one, Kap." Said Norm.

Kaptain Erratik turned to make eye contact, his eyes glowing a similar fizz of yellow light.

"Send 'er closer to the Clouds, matey." Erratik said. "That brightspawn fever fiend shan't have its way."

Whether in the midst of the Source's inbetween space or any of its fragments, there wouldn't be a Sourcekind or wandering newcomer that didn't at least feel the slight heat-shock from the Sunsmoke wave. Would they perceive it is a call to action? Or something to run from?