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Freya Sinclair


0 · 307 views · located in Farelt Manor

a character in “The Manor”, as played by darkengel



Full Name: Freya Sinclair
Alias: Frey
Age: 15
Species: Human.
Room Number: 203
Role: Human 5
Appearance: This young lady known as Freya stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She weighs approximately around 110 lbs, which is quite normal for a growing fifteen year old. Especially someone with her body built. Her body is petite, small and almost frail to the eyes of people. She looks frail, most of the time but the child in reality she’s anything but frail. Her heart-shaped face brings out a contrast to her almond-shaped, cerulean blue eyes. A small lightly pointed nose and thin puckered lips all in all, she looked like one of those delicate porcelain dolls made under an artisan’s hand.

Her style varies between her and her other personality called ‘Jezzebell’. She fancies light colored clothes, anything that isn’t too dark. But her other side, prefers darker clothing.

Theme Song: What you want- Evanescence
Habits: *Lack of a sense of direction.
*Zones out when listening to music or reading.
*Blushes every time she embarrassed.
*Her personality switches to a more dark, sarcastic one randomly or when she plays her guitar.
*Has a tendency to seek people when she feels too lonely.

*Any form of sweets.
*Ice cream
*Playing her Guitar
*And hacking (Albeit secretly.)
*Being confined in one space.
*Being alone
*The dark (Except in her other personality)
*Deep water. (For the life of her, she can't swim.
*Prissy people.
*Chili (She's allergic.)
Alignment: Neutral
Intentions: The moment she got the invitation, it sparked her curiosity. That was the only only reason she packed up her bags before, booking the next flight just to for the fun of it. And another reason was... for the chance to live away from the isolation she endured in her parents' care.
* A slight case of multiple personality disorder.
Phobias: *Claustrophobia- fear of small spaces.
*Orphidophobia- fear of shakes.
*Coulrophobia- fear of clowns.

Biography:My life? Oh! I was born and raised in the southern part of France. In a little village close to the sea, my mother was a loving Japanese woman while my father... well, he was French, Napoleon Sinclair, named after the famous emperor. I've wondered whether my grandparents had too much wine to drink that day, or they just didn't feel like creating their own name for their child. My father wasn't any different anyway he named me after some Norse mythology goddess. I don't know what she does; I'm not really good at ancient history... but back to my story, from the earlier days of life I was secluded in our large manor. I was never allowed to set foot outside the gates of home.

As you can imagine, the only company I had were my mother and the animals that runs along the vast forestry that surrounded my family’s estate. The maids weren’t allowed to socialize with me, I guess that’s because… between you and me, my grandmother never really agreed to my parents’ wedding… she calls my mother, ‘A savage’ and me ‘Heretic’ a monster for having the blood of a French, and Asian in my veins.

I never really felt any love from my grandmother, just harsh scolding every time I’d do the smallest of mistakes. I had no friends, no real playmates except for myself. Most of the time, my grandmother locks me up in room. She always says it’s too protect me, but I know the truth… she can’t stand seeing me in her home.

My father on the other hand, did nothing to alleviate the abuse me and mother were receiving from grandma. He was always out… sometimes mother says he’s going after different women. I never really understood what she meant, but I know mother knew more than she was telling me.

Maybe it was during the days of my confinement, I met ‘Jezzebell.’ She was nice, she looks like me too but her eyes are a bit darker shade than what I have. She plays with me… but some of the maids look at me funny when I tell them about my friend. But then, I just stopped telling them. Grandmother heard it, and she started yelling things about that I was a demon. But Grandpa quickly put a stop to it. He’s nice to me.

That night Jezzebell made me promise not to tell anyone about her, so I did, skipping to a few years, I met this man once at one of my grandmother’s parties. He heard me singing in the grand room. He said I had talent, so with my grandpa’s permission the man scouted me for talent show. I won; from there I created a stage name for myself. I was known as Jezzebell on stage. That was two years ago, I still live in the large manor even though I can afford to buy my own place from the money I earned. My treatment from them never changed, I’m still basically isolated.

So begins...

Freya Sinclair's Story