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The Marchand School of Sorcery

The Marchand School of Sorcery


Marchand is a new academy fresh out of the woodworks, with arms open to children from any and all bloodlines. However, is this school truly what it seems? (Accepting!)

3,909 readers have visited The Marchand School of Sorcery since Miss Echo created it.

VitaminHeart, ianna_334, and scoundrelboots are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.



Everyone had believed that the worst was over.

It was the easiest thing for them to do at that point. The magical world had gone through many conflicts before, yes- against the world of the supernatural, against the occasional pockets of humans who discovered them, against themselves in family feuds- but never at this scale. Loathing this world’s impurities, a group of mages set it upon themselves to create a new one. One where magic users could be free to live in peace, in utopia. The cause only continued to grow, and as it did, its methods became gradually more extreme. Eventually, this newly born cult decided that the only way to bring in this new beginning was to destroy nearly everything in a magical apocalypse.

What followed was a long, grueling three year war between the cult, and those who refused to let their world die without a fight. The organization was eventually defeated, but not before taking the lives of many along with it.

The magic community was understandably paranoid after the victory. Many of the soldiers who had been lost were simply untrained, lacking the proper experience in a fight to properly defend themselves. Discussions began, on whether better schooling should be put in place, in preparation for future attacks. The mages argued that the chances of this being the last war they would have to face was very slim, and that the new generation should be better prepared. However, there was also a fair amount of hesitance- particularly from families who wished to train their children in certain, specific techniques, and believed that they could be just fine on their own. It was debated for many years, put at a stalemate through the sheer stubbornness of both sides.

That is, until approximately four years ago. Mages began to disappear left and right, of all social statuses. Poor or wealthy, strong or weak, it didn’t matter. At first, the matter was thought to be just a line of unfortunate kidnappings, but as entire bloodlines vanished during the night, it grew into a much more serious issue. Those who remained began to panic, fearing for their own safety, as well as that of their children’s. Within a few months, however, a solution came forth.

The Marchand School of Sorcery (named after a famous general who fell during the war efforts). Built not too long after the disappearances, the academy gives the promise of a safe, nurturing environment, where students can learn how to harness and control their magic without interruption. The staff swore that each and every child sent would be under heavy protection, and with the backing of several prominent bloodlines, families across the world began preparations to send their own son or daughter to this haven.

You are one of these children, preparing for the first day of school- for both you, and the institution itself. Whether your parents or guardian brought you themselves, or you simply took the offered transportation, you have found yourself standing at the gates of Marchand, with no idea of the disappearances that have brought you here. To you, Marchand is little more than a specialized private school. However, the longer you attend, the more things

The teachers seem out of place, and far too eccentric for their roles.

The school itself is in the middle of nowhere.

With the exception of certain events, you can never leave campus.

The school has many secrets. What will happen when they are discovered?


As of the modern era, there are two different classifications of magic: Primary, and Secondary. Primary magics are hereditary, with you until the day you die. It is impossible to learn a Primary magic outside of your own, as a mage’s body is simply unable to produce any other type of power. The Primaries are as follows:



Pyromancy is the control of fire, and one of the four elements a mage can control. Their ability can be as simple as creating a small candlelight, to practically vaporizing someone with enough skill, and can also be used to snuff out flames. They have an inherent resistance to fire- particularly their own- which allows some to light themselves completely ablaze...although this is an ability that comes with consequences. (see OOC) Nevertheless, all pyromancers can create flames, although it takes a certain skill for one to make it burn brighter.



Aquamancy is the control of water and ice, and one of the four elements a mage can control. Aquamancers are capable of drawing moisture from the air around them to use, although it is much easier for them to work with preexisting bodies of water around them- beginners tend to be completely unable to work without a source. It is possible for them to make the equivalent of a tsunami with enough training, although many choose to settle for using high pressured water and ice as a weapon instead. It is also possible to use liquids other than water, but this takes years of practice to achieve.



Terramancy is the control of earth, and one of the four elements a mage can control. Contrary to popular belief, Terramancers are not restricted to weaponizing stone- while it is among their skillset, their powers extend to control of several aspects of nature. They are able to encourage the growth of plant life, and those with enough training are able to call nearby wildlife to their aid. Even stronger mages have been reported to cause earthquakes, although this is another power that is incredibly difficult to achieve. As such, many Terramancers opt to using boulders and the like, hence the common portrayal of being more limited than they are.



Aeromancy is the control of air, and one of the four elements a mage can control. Like the other forms of magic in the elemental grouping, its use can vary greatly. It can be used to create simple breezes or strong gusts of wind, with the most skilled capable of forming tornadoes and shaping other atmospheric phenomena for use against their enemy. Beginners tend to rely on the brute force of air in order to defend themselves, while more experienced Aeromancers can better focus their attacks and properly weaponize their magic.



Necromancy, put simply, is control over the dead. This type of magic can be divided into two specializations within itself- the corporeal, which is control over corpses, and incorporeal, which is the control over spirits and ghosts. Corporeal tends to require more time, as buried bodies can take some time to dig themselves out of the ground (and may not have enough flesh to properly move), while incorporeal requires more energy in order to draw and harness spirits. Weaker necromancers are only capable of bringing back small animals, or spirits unable to interact fully with the material world. The more experienced necromancers, however, can bring back large groups, or summon stronger poltergeists to assist them. All necromancers are unable to bring someone completely back to life.



Trickery is, at its core, the art of altering the perception of reality to create illusions, conceal objects, make oneself invisible, or otherwise deceive and mislead. It is sometimes referred to as the “magic tricks” primary, but its application ranges far beyond mere sleight of hand. Experienced users may cast spells to conceal entire buildings, move undetected, and even create hallucinated worlds which fool all five senses. They make excellent spies and interrogators, though most younger users employ a simple “hit and run” technique to exploit the element of surprise.

Runic Casting


While all primaries are unique, Runic Casters often find themselves even more apart from the rest. These mages are born with a natural knack for the magical written language, and are able to bond their magic to the various symbols of the runic alphabet. Runic enchantments, unlike other magics, require two elements, aside from the mage, to be cast: A correctly worded rune, and a trigger. When a rune is inscribed, it is set like a trap. The trigger may be anything: A line that is crossed, or a letter that is opened. Once the trigger is activated, the rune will unleash whatever it is prescribed to do. A rune can do essentially anything, depending upon how skillfully the caster worded it, but it comes at a cost. Whereas the other arts take their toll on the mage’s energy as they are cast, runes will draw from the caster’s pool only when they are activated. Once the trigger is tripped, the rune will continue to draw energy until the rune has finished its intended purpose, or the caster is dead.

More experienced runic mages are able to find creative wordings to cause maximum damage for very little cost, but young users tend to stick with simpler, less risky spells.



Defense is a unique primary in that it is one that can actively counteract the others. Defence, falling broadly into ‘shielding’ and ‘negation’ fields, is the ability that allows a user to protect themselves and others from attack.

Shielding draws up a barrier that can absorb a degree of damage that would otherwise impact the user, negation serves to interfere with magical castings and break the working of a spell around them. Both very much depend on the strength of the caster against the strength of what is being brought against them, both shields and a negation field can only absorb a certain amount of energy before they’re throw apart once again. Defence magic users must train to build their resilience in order to keep these barriers in place for as long as possible.

Although Secondaries are derived from the same concepts Primaries are built upon, there are several key differences that set them apart. While what Primary a mage will receive is based solely upon their lineages, Secondaries can be taught, and are left to the choice of magic users (unless, of course, he or she is pressured into having a certain set of abilities). In another distinction between the two classes, a mage is able to master two Secondaries, while unable to control more than a single Primary. This comes at the cost of Secondaries being much more limited, and often more difficult to learn than the mage’s inherent magic. The Secondaries are as follows:


Tracking, is a fairly self-descriptive power. By activating this secondary, a trail of glowing light appears to the user (and the user alone), leading to the object or individual of their choice. This power requires the caster to have properly interacted with the item or subject they are attempting to find, and oftentimes, mages who are newer to this secondary will require either a smaller part of the object, or something belonging to the person of their choice. More experienced users can find their subject from greater distances than beginners.


Levitation, or “Telekinesis”, as some call it, is the ability to lift yourself, various items, and other people through the use of magical energy. As it is a Secondary, it is fairly limited, allowing the user to lift only what they, themselves, could logically lift. Typically, users learn this ability in order to lift themselves over anything else, as the power allows experienced users to hover and float with ease. A mage with Levitation cannot travel particularly quickly with this power- typically only as fast as a person jogging- but they can use it to soften falls, float to a particularly difficult place to reach, or leave no tracks in the case of a situation requiring stealth.


Illumination is the ability to create a flashbang of sorts, filling the room or area with a burst of brilliant light. This light can be used to blind or stun enemies and allow the user to escape, or flush a Shadow Stepper out into the open. Weaker users, understandably, have a less powerful light, less control, and cannot keep the magic active for very long. On the opposite scale, a more experienced mage can make an incredibly strong flash, yet keep it soft enough to provide a gentle glow if they so desire.

Magical Weapon Infusement:

Magical Weapon Infusement, or MWI for short, is the power to imbue magical energy into an object of the mage’s choice. While one is not necessarily restricted to enchanting swords and the like, many mages stick to the basic method of enchanting favorite weapons, as it is much simpler a process than the enchantment of miscellaneous items. Nevertheless, all a mage requires for infusement is a familiarity with the item, and the skill, time, and energy necessary for such a process. The type of infusement, however, depends greatly on the caster’s primary- a pyromancer could not enchant a mace to freeze someone, for instance, but could make a gun that shoots fire instead of bullets.

Blood Magic:

Throughout history, mages have developed a sort of uneasy acceptance of blood magic and its uses. It is a fairly simplistic art in concept, and related to the primaries of Runic Casting and Necromancy- a caster simply offers up their blood, whether it be through a self-inflicted cut or an injury caused by an attacker, and creates specialized patterns for various purposes. As this power is a Secondary, the uses are limited, ranging from wards against supernatural beings, to binding certain creatures, and various protective uses. Some, more malicious mages, are also able to use blood magic for summoning purposes, although this use is strictly prohibited after the recent war.

Familiar Conjuration:

While terramancers have a natural affinity for wild beasts, those who practice familiar conjuration are able to draw a different breed of companion to themselves. This secondary functions by allowing the user first to open a small portal to another plane, and then to draw a creature from that plane through into their world. Due to the amount of energy required to open the portal, most familiars are no larger than a medium-sized dog. The plane that opens is hard to predict, though certain users have a natural tendency to open one plane over others. Because of the nature of how the portals work, a single user may not have more than one familiar conjured at once.

Young users may also experience difficulty in persuading their familiar to bond with them, and even more trouble getting an unwanted conjuring to return to its home world.

Toxin Production:

Like Tracking, Toxin Production is a fairly self-explanatory Secondary- although that in no ways mean that it is not useful. By learning this particular brand of magic, the caster is able to secrete various types of toxins from their very pores. While novices can typically only produce a mild poison that can only irritate the skin, experienced users can emit their choice of a large variety of toxins. These toxins range from a sleep inducing liquid, to poisons that can create severe stomach ulcers if ingested, and many more- all on a scale of mild to greatly dangerous. As the toxins are formed on the caster’s skin, all of them must be delivered by touch.

Shadow Step:

Shadowstep, or Shadow Magic, allows a user to travel from one point to another over a certain radius, through shadows. This is a very minor form of dimensional travel that uses shadows as a transition and allows them to step through spaces almost instantly.
The difficulty lies within the user being able to maintain sense of direction and orientation in the shadowspace between the jumps, an area foreign to living creatures. Most amateur users will feel quite sick after travelling.

An experienced user can travel greater distances, with greater accuracy, and can even hold themselves inside shadowspace temporarily.


Healing is the art of magical surgery. A healer can use their own energies like a mundane doctor might use sutures and cautery. Much like that of a surgeon however, a healer must learn extensive knowledge of human anatomy in order to succeed, and as such healing class focuses much on the workings of the body. Novices to this magic are capable of healing cuts and bruises through speeding up the natural healing of the body, while experienced users can repair broken bones and other, more serious injuries.


These are the men and women who have taken it upon themselves to mold the youth attending Marchand. While they are instructors by name, and incredibly talented in their respective fields, they, as well as their methods of teaching, are...interesting at best.

Madison Lewis Lovette

Professor of Pyromancy and Magical Theory
(Played by Miss Echo)

Oren Dariya Kovalenko

Professor of Aquamancy and Shadow Step
(Played by VitaminHeart)

Maeve Brigit Byrne

Professor of Aeromancy and Combat
(Played by scoundrelboots)

Skylar Vincent Oliver

Professor of Trickery and Illumination
(Played by Hyro)

Derrick Arthur Avalon

Professor of Magical Weapon Infusement and Magical History
(played by shadowhope)

Roderic Alder Mayburry Montana

Professor of Defense and Tracking
(Played by MisterMagicMuffin)


Professor of Necromancy and Healing

Reinhilde May Farran

Professor of Terramancy and Blood Magic
(played by VitaminHeart)

Toby Schippers

Professor of Runes and Familiar Summoning
(played by FranklyLorelle)

Draivess Ulftern

Professor of Toxin Production and Levitation
(played by Skwidge)

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[color=#000000][size=100][b]Secondaries of Interest/Secondaries (again, if a Student, please remove the “Secondaries” bit. If a Professor, remove the former part. If you would like a student with preexisting control over one or more secondaries, please contact Echo or the other GMs with which secondaries you would like the student to know, and a reason why)[/b][/size][/color]

    [color=#000000][size=100][b] Description:[/b][/size][/color] (What do they look like? Even if you've got a picture, a bit of writing would be nice. Include their usual attire, any notable scarring or markings, etc.)

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    [color=#000000][size=100][b]Brief History:[/b][/size][/color] (Any notable events in their background that might have shaped them. If you don't want to reveal too much, that's fine. Please include any information worth mentioning regarding the character’s bloodline in this section.)

    [color=#000000][size=100][b]Other:[/b][/size][/color][/center] (Anything else you think everyone needs to know about your character.)

Toggle Rules

A few things before we begin:

  • Please be courteous to your other players.
  • Pictures are not required, although I would appreciate one for your character. It can be whatever media you want- photograph, drawing, etc.
  • As all of the kids are from bloodlines, most of them come from middle class to wealthy families. The RP also takes place in modern day, so feel free to give them phones and the like.
  • You can have as many characters as you can handle. Students are unlimited, although teachers are. If you would like one, keep in mind you will have to compete for the role.
  • No GMing, PPing, Mary Sues, claiming things that didn't happen in canon, etc.
  • I would appreciate it if you told us beforehand that you were leaving, or that you are considering leaving, before you do. It's very inconvenient to patch things up after a character's sudden disappearance.
  • On a similar note, please check the OOC often for updates on dorm mates, school events, general RP related topics, etc.
  • Have fun!

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"This is very unusual."

Anahita Mkhrtchyan was not used to arriving first. Or second, for that matter. With respect to most things that could be arrived at-- dates, parties, dorm rooms, conclusions, the like-- Anahita generally arrived last, without even the shame to don some pretense of guilt for her tardiness. It was simply a fact of life. The sun rises in the east. The sky that was blue yesterday and remains blue today will be blue tomorrow, too. Most things aren't worth doing and even fewer are worth doing well. And Anahita is almost never on time. A tautology of life, if you will, one that she'd have suspected would be the bane of her instructors' existences had she the consideration to care.

And yet here she was, standing in her allotted dorm room, quite alone. Maybe that person stopped through and then left before I got here. No, she dispensed of that possibility in short order; the room was barren but for what she assumed were the base furnishings, absent any sign of luggage, any embellishments which might imply her roommate had dropped their belongings off before heading out again.

Oh well. She'd considered and set aside one possibility and in doing so had exhausted her capacity (and patience) for detective work. Whoever she was going to be sharing a living space with for the foreseeable future, she'd find out eventually. Heck, maybe they'd died or something on the way to Marchand. She'd get the place to herself, in that case. It was a nice thought. She amused herself with that prospect as she dragged her one ratty old suitcase over to what she had concluded was going to be her bed, a decision based primarily on the number of steps she'd have to take to reach it versus the one that happened to be farther away.

She didn't have a whole lot to unpack. Some clothes, whatever had been within reach about five minutes before she'd left for Marchand, a couple of spare pairs of aviators-- backups for the pair she was wearing now-- a couple of notebooks, a toothbrush... At least she thought she'd brought a toothbrush. Maybe it was stuffed somewhere amongst the clothes, which she'd left on a heaping pile on her bed. She'd probably find out when and if she ever summoned up the will to undertake the arduous ordeal of moving those clothes. Realistically speaking, she probably wouldn't--

"Hope no one saw that."

Oh, she wasn't alone anymore. Anahita blinked, setting the last notebook down on her bed and turning her head towards the door into the dorm. There was a young woman standing there-- how long she'd been there was anybody's guess; as far as Anahita was concerned she might have marched right past her on her way into the dorm room without noticing. Must've been her roommate. Her distinctly not dead roommate. I guess I don't have the place to myself, she mused, not quite disappointed and not quite pleased. But hey, might as well say hello, no?

"For what it's worth," Anahita drawled as she kicked her suitcase off to the side and stepped towards the door where the other woman stood. "Whatever it was, I didn't see it." She leaned against the wall beside the door and added, "Also, I'm Anahita. You must be..." In the interests of courtesy, she allocated an entire tenth of a second to the tragically doomed task of attempting to remember the other woman's name before she gave up and settled for for, "... my roommate."

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“Exactly what I was thinking, my good man.” Percival’s eyes were bright with good cheer as he reached forward and gave Jason a hearty smack on the shoulder. “Who knows- maybe some of us Council kids’ll end up rooming together, too! It’d be a real blast, amiright?”

After knowing Jason for several years at this point- what with their similar backgrounds forcing some level of interaction- Percival had developed a level of knowledge on just how to push the other’s buttons. It wasn’t necessarily an encyclopedia’s worth, but it was enough to satisfy the Pelacour for the time being. Flashing a toothy grin at both Jason and Jasmine, Percy cracked his neck, then sat back to watch the presentation.

It didn’t take long for him to make opinions on each of the Marchand educational staff. The professors were quite the characters, after all- half of them acting like the next Bryan Mills, and the other half being a mix of buddy-buddy, and nervous, “I hope they can’t smell weakness” rookies. They weren’t exactly the droning English teachers and morbidly (and ironically) obese fitness coaches of high school lore, which, in this case, could either be a bad thing, a really bad thing, or kind of funny in its own right. Percival was rather fond of the “all of the above” option in this case.

After the presentation concluded, Percival spent the moments others were collecting their bags in his seat, stretching his legs out under the table until they popped. So. His Primary was being taught by the Bryan Mills guy. Illumination was being taught by Mr. Omelette Du Fromage, Theory was with the one who Percival thought would belong more in a Disney movie than anything, Combat was with the angry lion lady, and History was with one Professor Avalon.

As far as professors went, he considered himself fairly lucky- especially in the face of some of the others. With a merry grin, Percival jumped from the table, and went to follow the rest of the students on the tour. Unlike others, the Pelacour held little wonder and awe at the sight of the courtyards- thinking it pretty, but nothing worth foaming about. He had some interest in the pool, but what really caught his eye was the common room. By all means, Percy wasn’t a modest person. It reflected in the complete eyesore that was his coat, the “freedom” he allowed his hair, the muchness of his personality. The garish decor of the room appealed to him. Spoke to him. Giving a nearby carving of some kind of gryffin-wolf-creature-thing a pat, he went to grab his key and give the roommate list a good scanning.

The grin returned, and Percy found himself biting back a laugh.

While it wasn’t Jason, his remark about Council kids rooming together hadn’t been wrong- there, besides his name, was Larke Sterling. Percival gave a slow, almost incredulous shake of his head, then went to find his dorm, spinning the key ring on his finger all the while.

It didn’t take long for him to find where he’d be staying the semester- it was one of the closest rooms to the entryway, after all. Lucky for ol’ Sterling, he thought. Just as the secretary had promised, Percival discovered his luggage right at the end of one of the beds, leaning precariously against the mattress. He didn’t waste much time in hefting the cases up onto his- it was his now, he decided- bed, popping it open, and strewing his belongings across the covers. There was his clothes, of course, his computer, a few games, the family rapier (would have to get that checked in, Percy mused), some toiletries, one of those smiling crap emoji pillows, a few posters…

As far as furnishings went, he was set, Percival thought, then began putting away his clothes in one of the wardrobes.

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#, as written by Jag
In contrast to Anahita's relaxed, almost apathetic posture, every muscle in Elia's body seemingly went immediately rigid at the sudden realization she was no longer alone. She reacted by dragging her right foot in a fast motion to pivot her body, partially to face the face she's nto seen until now and partially out of an instinct to lower the profile presented to her target. Roommate. Whatever.

"I...err...hi." She stammered in response and she rubbed her hands to the outside of the biege suede zipper jacket set atop a pair of black denim jeans. After a moment, the young woman managed to compose herself.

"Elia. Barron." Voice was far more confident and clear now, icy eyes settling long enought to study the face and form before her. Not...not what she expected. Then again, bucking traditions and expectations was something Elia had made a life out of so far herself. Rebellion was a vastly underrated reaction in her book.

"Right. Your roommate. I was really glad to see that our room should be relatively blood sacrifice free as long as both stay in our lanes," she offered with the best disarming smile she could manage, thinking that the same time that they may be polar opposites. Elia was relatively tall and slender, Anahita was built like a fighter. One that Elia was pretty sure could kick her ass a moment's notice.

"So I guess we're just waiting around at this point? I don't really do waiting. At least not well."

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Anahita blinked as the woman busted out some kind of straight up kung fu shit and turned on her like they'd just stepped into the Octagon and were about to slug it out for the championship. Whoa, man, I come in peace, she wanted to assure the woman, if only because she seemed entirely too high-strung given the circumstances-- but then, everybody Anahita came across in life seemed too high strung given the circumstances. In Anahita's experience, the circumstances never merited more than the lowest of stringing. Lowest of strungness? Something to that effect.

"Yeah, don't sweat it," the shorter woman intoned-- she had a voice like tar, low and husky and not spared the effects of years and years of smoking; her accent was very much in evidence, betrayed in the crispness of her consonants and her mouth's clear defiance of the alien th diphthong. "I haven't blood sacrificed anybody in years. I mean, except for blood sacrificing the real Anahita Mkhrtchyan and assuming her identity so I could come here."

The joke-- was that considered a joke? Maybe she was supposed to flash a thumbs up and say 'jk' or something for it to be a joke-- didn't seem to chill her roommate out much, as she followed it up immediately with, "So I guess we're just waiting around at this point? I don't really do waiting. At least, not well."

Oh man, one of those types, eh? A doer, so to speak. The kind of people who've got to be doing something or driving towards something or working on something to feel at ease. Anahita tended to get along with those folks like Superman with kryptonite, but hey, that wasn't her fault. Anahita liked to think she got along with everybody. Wasn't no responsibility of hers if some folks kept expecting her to do crazy things like try. "I guess you're free to look around the premises, if you're so inclined," Anahita ventured with a shrug. "Or maybe go mingle. I might go 'n see if there's any nice secluded spots around to grab a smoke or a quick drink in between classes."

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Collaboration Post with @Vitaminheart

Tover in response to cyrus asking if he's alright:
"Probably not. That assembly was like. Being pushed off a cliff.”

Cyrus raised an eyebrow a little as he dropped down onto the bed next to his pack, tugging on a rather off-center zip until it finally gave way and he could get at his pack contents.
"Is it really that bad?"
"Kind of expected it personally.”

Tover just looked tired and like he got kicked.
That cyrus expected it surprised him, and the expression came to life on his face.
"I didn't expect that at all, and yes, that bad. Teachers care. The small military complex we just went through, save maybe three of them, probably don't.
What do you mean you expected this?
I thought this was going to be a nice socializing experience. I've been trying all day to help.
Don't think I'm doing that well with the glares I'm getting. “

Cyrus liberated a beaten-looking laptop and a small assortment of rather ancient-looking books from his pack, before flopping backward onto the bed. He'd spent about three days travelling over and it hadn't been especially comfortable.
"I mean I kind of expected the council to appoint a bunch of watchdogs. Got to guard their investment after all.”

Tover asked no questions about the stuff his roommate pulled from his pack.
Another time.
He grumbled a little.
"I guess? I'm still not exactly comfterable. I'll manage though, I'm pretty sure others are gonna have the shakes worse than I did. I'm trying to do what I can to be social, buuuuuut if you were here this morning you might have noticed I wasn't great at it. That applause is the only thing that saved me.”

"Yup, I saw." Cyrus replied, staring up at the ceiling.
"If nothing else you're pretty impressive in the sense that the ginger bear in clothes you confronted didn't punch you teeth out for telling her off.
Norrevinters aren't exactly known to respond well to diplomacy.
Else they'd not've been in a feud with another part of the council since the sixteen -hundreds.”

A minor pause came before the response.
"Okay then. Score one for luck. I had inclinations on who was who, but I'll figure it out. That's the part I'm good at. Thanks for the compliment I suppose? I do like my teeth.”
A smirk of repressed laughter appeared at the mention of ginger bear.
"Reminds me of that fire elemental combat teacher. Different but similar.”

"Byrne. Aero. Pretty sure I've heard the name somewhere, but can't think where." Cyrus mused as he lay there.
He'd read an awful lot on the events of the war in the course of it was hard to keep track of all the different individuals involved.

He was pretty sure he remembered seeing it down somewhere in some level of notability.
"Somethign war-y, but then anyone could've told you that.”

Tover gave a light nod while sitting on his bed.
"I've got her for Aeromancy, hard to tell with that hair.
Butt I'll not complain if it lets me get already a little control.
At the moment I can make a leaf twirl. Kind of.”

He sat up more.
I'm Tover.
The full name is Tover book, but it's not assigned to anything I'm fond of. So Tover or Tov or the like is just fine.”

"Cyrus.” the young man replied, with a short but notable pause before he added.
Not everyone responded extremely positively to the name.
But it was going to come out at some point one way or another.
"No real nicknames. Anything my sister claims I'm commonly called is just something she made up.”

Tover's face didn't even flinch at the name, because to him it was nothing special. He was behind on history.
"Cool. Nice to meet the roommate.
Cyrus it is then? Or do people call you Fox?”

"Cyrus.” he replied, turning his head so as to properly regard his roommate.
"'Fox' doesn't exactly win you friends.”

Tover was surprised by the sudden directness. But okay.
Sensitive chords and all that.
"Nice to meet you Cyrus. I'll keep low on the last name thing with you too then, I don't like mine either.
It just... applies now and again. “

He rubbed his eyes for a moment
And took a quick breath.
"So, class choices?”

"Blood and tracking.” Cyrus responded.
"Probably. Don't feel too much need to switch out.
Other than I guess avoiding the scary western movie guy on tracking, but it's not like most of the secondary teachers are much better.”

An unpleasant withering squirm went over tov's back and shoulders.
"Not fond of the blood thing. Good luck with tracking. An always-GPS doesn't sound bad.
I've got Aeromancy.
Going for Levitation and Shadow Step.
I've always wanted to be fly and be mobile. Been cooped up a lot, and branching out is why I'm here. So the military wall from earlier really got to me.”

He tied his tie.
“Byrne.. I got her for atleast two classes. I will just fall in line when I can.
The levitation teacher. Oh we are going to have problems.
The shadow step teacher... well I already know she's icy.
Maybe warm food will help.
I cook by the way.
Prefer pastries. But anything really.
So I will almost always be awake ridiculously Early.”

"Oh yeah, Kovalenko the bastard. “ Cyrus chuckled.
"I mean literally like. My great aunt used to talk about that whole shitstorm from time to time on awkward thanksgivings.”
He pushed himself up into a sitting pose in order to pull out a few T-shirts and another pair of faded jeans.
"I'm more of an up late kind of person, but it doesn't bother me. I spent the last three days travelling in close quarters with my younger sister. This is a considerable upgrade from what I'm used to.”

Tover shrugged.
"It's different. Not quite the different I was hoping for, but I can start pushing that way.
I tend to crash early, unless there's some sort of evening event or there's studies that need to be done. But I'm not expecting much.
No math. No English. No normal school topics whatsoever. Just military academy boot camp. Or so I feel.”

Cyrus shrugged.
"Again, more or less what I expected. Specially in light of the war. I assume they want the next generation up to scratch for the next time.”

A grand sigh left him as he fell back onto the bed. Atleast it was kind of cozy.
"We'll manage.
I don't feel like unpacking yet. Just waiting for the lunch Summons.
I just want to lay down.
War or not.
I'd prefer not.
If there's a repeat though..."
He points at the ceiling and rose his arm towards it.
"I'll be high up there, on the comms, telling people where to go to stay safe or win. That's the plan atleast.”

"Personally I plan to have nothing to do with it.” Cyrus replied.
"Don't really have any interest in putting my life on the line for the council of eight.”

Tov shrugged.
"Council. People in general. Kids and the like. Doesn't make a difference to me. If I can be responsible for one less person crying because they lost someone. That will mean the world to me.
Same at school.
Did you have a look around?
I've never seen so many people look out of place.
Kora was going to absolutely blow it making friends.
I'd rather get clocked than see it happen.
The new girl in the doorway during the meeting. No reason that couldn't be someone's friend right now.
It's the little things, and I'm powerless for most of it.
But if it makes a smile…”

Tover's hand in the air squeezed into a fist.
"Thats what I've got these for.”

Cyrus had started stuffing a few things into the drawer next to the bed. He only had a couple of sets of clothng, so it didn't take too long.
"Well if you want to have some kind of noble crusade, go ahead. Me personally I' just hoping to get through this year intact and get on with my life. “ he responded.
"'bout all you can hope for when your name is about as well-liked as herpes.”

His arm came down and he just laid on the bed. Feeling like he was deflating.
"Sounds like you're just looking out for good ol' number 1. It sounds like you've got a target on your back, so I won't make fuss. I also don't know the details, or the why. My Family's not on the council. I hope it gets better for you.”

"I don't think anyone is about to off me, Book.” Cyrus replied.
"There's just no-one here I feel any need to impress. Which is just as well. Mage establishment is rotten.”

"Not saying anyone was. I just.
I'm not going to judge.
This was chance two for me as well, I'm not gonna mess yours up just cuz. If something like teams of any kind come around, I'll remember to let you do your own thing though. I'll find other people.
I don't know much about mage society as a whole, I wasn't interested untill -now-.
Why do you say it is? Maybe some perspective would help.”

"Well my father is in prison and my mother in an institution.” Cyrus replied pretty casually as he flipped through one of the books.
"And it's the council's fault. From my perspective.”

Tov didn't quite know what to make of that.
"Hold on.
Dad in prison and your mother is... there. Okay. If you've got the council to blame then I can't say you've got no grounds for that. -Something- had you made that judgement call.
I'm not going to pry.
You share if you want.
I just..
The council I'm aware of wouldent just do that with no reason ?”

"I'd suggest you check up the full story yourself. Easy enough to find out." Cyrus replied.
"And then when you know that I could tell you what probably really happened.”

Tov rolled onto his back on the bed and just stared at the ceiling.
”Guess I have something to do later. First to lay down a little bit. Then unpacking and setting my end of the room up. You may not have brought much, but I sure did. Felt like I get sent on with half a house.”
Boxes worth of stuff were piled into his corner of the room. He didn’t want to even touch them yet. Some of them looked shoddily handled, like people were more than happy to throw his things out.
Tover took a second pillow and just draped it over his face.
 Nap time until summons.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Dawn Memoli
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Thick slabs of beef and boiled vegetables soaking in broth. Seeded rolls, made glowing under the headlights by a fine coat of butter, a small bowl of spiced chickpeas. A glass of (non-alcoholic, of course) mint julep stood nearby, standing watch over the rest of the meal. The real star of the show, however, was the slice of blueberry cheesecake sitting comfortably in its own dish. The food was rich- lavish, even, a testament to the sheer amount of funding that the school must have received- and Dawn immediately began to dig in after sitting down.

The dorm setup had passed without much event. She and her roommate, Dinah (Dawn recognized the last name, of course, but she chose to avoid any open recognition) had greeted each other, and Dawn had gone straight away to unpacking. Her belongings were simple enough- basic hygiene supplies, clothes, her laptop, and a few other personal things of hers that she had brought along- although she made sure to leave two items out in her tidying; her Bersa Thunder 380, and the ammo to go along with it. These were checked in as soon as Dawn had finished putting everything else away, and now sat respectively under her pillow and in a shoebox under her bed.

Much to her (relatively pleasant) surprise, despite the fact that breakfast had been quite the show, lunchtime had also been peaceful. The most noteworthy thing about it had been the food- which, like dinner, was incredible- and the arrival of a few more late students. Afterward, the teachers had once again began to shepherd them to their next events; in-depth presentations on the classes and Secondaries, in that order. The latter didn’t have too much effect on Dawn. Her mind had been long set on which magics she would go into, after all, the choices grilled into her brain through years of Memoli living. She did her best to appear as attentive as possible throughout, however, recalling how certain professors had quickly zeroed in on those whose attention wandered during the introductions. They had been ushered back into the cafeteria not too long after, and around her, Dawn watched the other students file in and grab their meals from the buffet tables set up against the wall.

She paused in her observations, breaking off a piece of roll and dipping it into the broth. The first day was almost over and done with, and classes would begin tomorrow. The best thing to do now was relax a bit, Dawn thought.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tover Book
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It had been quite busy after breakfast and pausing in the dorm rooms. Lunch wasn’t eventful so much as it was filled with overlapping conversations. Dinner was likely to be no different. Much like Breakfast Tov’s expectation was for people to almost fall over each other trying to socialize. The breakfast part had been a bit chilly near the end, but when things warmed up most all went well.

Lunch had just been a pleasant reprieve, and class introductions hadn’t gone terrible. As he’d Figured, Telekinesis was going to be his baby and Shadowstep the only seemingly worthwhile alternative. Although he was wishy washy on the idea so long as healing had appeal. Given that he’d picked to be pro-active rather than reactive, healing lost out to the class taught by Kovalenko.

He’d written himself a little set of notes per his classes.

Beast of a woman Byrne, 

General Combat Courses. 

Deathmarch Ulftern,

Calculating cold kill-bot Kovalenko,


Sitting on roughly the same patch of table as lunch, Tover was tapping the rubber eraser end of the pencil against his lips. Pondering on how to just get through this. Was just playing along the way to go? It was always a thing that he could have just been wrong about his first impressions.

Just give it a try and see what gives.

He scribbled that line in under the class schedule.
Maybe Byrne was alright as a Captain and we could actually learn something, there might be more to Ulftern, and Kovalenko might not be the decepticon he was thinking she was. So let’s just try it.

He closed his notebook with a bit of a sigh, sitting upright for an arms up high above the head stretch. Enough of that. Time for some socializing. That was the whole point of this anyway. The nerves of course took their moment to play part, but what was saying hi to someone in comparison to the precursor to today. 

Standing up, Tover had himself a look around. Notebook tucked under his arm and pressed to his side. Trying to find someone new to talk to, short conversation or otherwise.

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Character Portrait: Elia Barron
Elia Barron

She's sitting with you, but her eyes are on the door...

Character Portrait: Jasmine Sayge
Jasmine Sayge

"You all act like children."

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The rites were read. I watched them burn as they despaired.

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Character Portrait: Jason Avalon
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Perfect and I expect you to be too.

Character Portrait: Azaziel Crowley
Azaziel Crowley

they murmured..terrible things...truth of...the hunts us...

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Character Portrait: Jessica Rose Smith
Jessica Rose Smith

Shy girl who is always with at least one animal. Probably going to be a cat lady when she is older.

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