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Dawn Memoli

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by Miss Echo



Full Name:
Dawn Evelyn Memoli






Secondaries of Interest
Shadow Step and Levitation

Dawn is a fairly small girl for her age, standing at about 4’9” when in boots, and with little muscle mass to speak of. Some curving here and there adds some shape to her body, but for the most part, she is quite waifish in figure. She is pale, with a somewhat rounded face and large grey eyes. Thick black hair falls to her hips, which she will occasionally tie or braid back if it bothers her.

Clothing-wise, Dawn can typically be found in a royal blue coat, calf high boots, and either a skirt with tights, or a simple pair of jeans.


Dawn is a soft spoken, mild mannered girl, friendly and benign by nature. Due to the nature of her bloodline, she makes an effort to be more empathetic and amiable- although she is not necessarily a yes-woman. There are times when her patience does run thin, and, in response, she will often become a tad snarky in her commentary. If pushed completely far, though, she will act frigid to the offender, avoiding or snapping at them throughout the duration of her temper. This is fairly uncommon, however. Most of the time, Dawn is polite, albeit fidgety and easily flustered if the right buttons are pressed.


As a result of her Trickster lineage, Dawn has a decent amount of skill with her magic. Currently, she is able to turn herself- and others, for a limited duration of time- invisible, mimic a large range of voices, produce items as large as a tennis ball via sleight of hand, and a few other abilities.

Dawn is competent with a gun, and can shoot one with relative accuracy.
In addition to this, she is also somewhat fast on her feet.


Dawn is quite small for her age, and can be overpowered easily as a result.

She also has little combat skill to speak of, and is a bit skittish around large fires.

Brief History:


Throughout history, the Memoli bloodline has made a somewhat unique- and fairly shifty- name for itself. Moderately young by the standards of other lineages, the Memolis made their beginnings in the city of Urbino, Italy, in the mid 1400s under one Fedrico da Montrefeltro. They served as condottieres- mercenaries by trade- until Montrefeltro’s death, and the war that followed. The Memolis remained in the condottiere business for a few more years, before moving, tossing away the honor that came with their old occupations, and becoming assassins. Through the use of their magic, they became rather infamous among the magical world, offering their service to the highest bidder.

The family did keep a few of their ways from the past, and, developing loyalties to certain other European bloodlines, settled and placed their roots. While they still made a living as paid killers for some time, they eventually branched off into other, less violent ways...although if evidence is to believed, not without dirtying their hands in the process. Rumor has it that in later years, the Memolis were affiliated with the mafia, although they deny the claim to this day.

Dawn was born as the second child to Darrien Memoli and his wife Julia, an American born Trickster. Given the wealth of the family, as well as a recent scandal involving the firstborn Allen (one that has caused the parents to reconsider dubbing him heir), Dawn has lived most of her life at the brunt of overprotection and grooming to live up to the Memoli name.

Admittedly, however, she is a tad embarrassed about her line- and the reputation that surrounds it.

Given her upbringing, Dawn was especially pleased to learn she was being sent to a more public school.
Particularly to show that the Memolis will not break a person’s kneecaps when provoked.

So begins...

Dawn Memoli's Story

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  1. Thanks for the introductory set-up. Knowing what to do and where to go was entirely determined by this post, and it was a really nice one ^^

    by TerrorFloof

0.00 INK

Dawn had become accustomed to the various thumps and grumbles of the car by this point, but still couldn’t subdue the little start that went through her at this latest one. She wasn’t the only one, thankfully- around her, the cries and curses of her fellow students sounded out, followed by a low chuckling from the driver. “Sorry about that, folks,” he said cheerfully, “Didn’t expect the bump to be that big.” From somewhere behind Dawn, she could hear a boy protest that that was what he had claimed the last time, which only prompted another chuckle. “Sorry, sorry. Just a few more minutes ‘til we’re there, though, so y’all just hold tight.”

If the movie she had put on (Watchmen, something Dawn had watched a few times in the past) was any indication, they had been in the truck for about two hours now, give or take. Before that were several bus trips that had taken about five more hours altogether, and a plane trip from Italy that had taken a day. Of course, there had been little breaks between them here and there, but it was still longer than Dawn had ever travelled before in her life. Doing her best not to disturb the computer settled in her lap, she stretched her legs out a bit in front of her, rolling the joints in their sockets in an effort to get rid of the stiffness that had settled in them. She hoped that there would be a chance for her to walk around a bit before orientation started- it would be nice to get her blood flowing again.

Luckily enough, a few minutes after the film drew to a close, and Dawn had begun to flip through her library for something else, the truck stopped- with a loud groan and a fair amount of tremors, befitting the driver’s earlier track record. Once again, several other kids shouted obscenities in response, but several had had the good sense to hang onto the seat in front of them this time, so they weren’t flung face-forward again. Shaking off the impact, Dawn shut the laptop’s monitor, slid it back into its case, and rose to her feet as soon as the driver announced they had reached their destination.

Dawn wasn’t surprised when the truck sped off as soon as all of their luggage was unloaded, a bright “Welcome to Marchand!” shouted into the air as the vehicle rounded out of view. Oddly enough, she had kind of started to like the guy. In the back of her head, she had nicknamed him “Jeremy”, the most quintessential truck driver’s name she could come up with. Shaking off that odd thought, Dawn gathered up her suitcases, and turned to face the school- her school, now. Instead of immediately powering through the gates, however, she found herself gazing up at the building with a sort of awe.

It was...large, to say the least. It swallowed up most of the yard surrounding it, then reached to the sky when that wasn’t enough to satisfy its appetite. The building was mostly made up of some kind of cobblestone, the only other color being a smattering of green that came from the ivy creeping up its walls. A sizable oak tree stood in front of it, a fair distance away from the windows, and in front of the school itself was a pathway lined with some kind of flower bush. By all means, these were telltale signs that the place was far older than just a few measly years, but Dawn didn’t bat an eye at the apparent inconsistency. The chances of a Terramancers being excluded from the building team were very, very slim, after all.

Dawn’s first thought was that it was charming.

Her second thought was to wonder how she would manage to navigate the place.

Steeling herself, Dawn pulled her luggage along the stone, up the stairs, and into the maw of the school. Much to her surprise, the lobby appeared quite...empty, save for herself and a few of the other students that had come with her on the truck. She supposed that she shouldn’t be too surprised- after all, her ride had been one of the earlier ones- but it was still somewhat shocking given the size of the place. Taking as much of the view in as possible, she followed the rest of the students to the office to sign herself in.

The woman behind the counter said little as Dawn scribbled her name into the roster- only that she needed to report to the cafeteria at once before handing her a few papers. Dawn began to flip through them after leaving the room, and escaping the bored stare of the receptionist. Inside the stack was a map of the school, a schedule, and a list of rules. The map was tucked under her arm for the moment, while the other two sheets were promptly folded up and slipped into her coat sleeve (Now you see ‘em, now you don’t, folks!). She could look at them more thoroughly once she got herself properly seated.

Dawn took her time reaching the cafeteria, enjoying the feeling of her muscles stretching while she could. The cafeteria wasn’t far from the entrance, so even with her dallying, it didn’t take long to reach. Inside, she was met with the sugary aroma of syrup, and a large pink banner reading “WELCOME, STUDENTS”. Giving the message a passing glance, Dawn set her things down near one of the empty tables, then went to get breakfast. After all the travelling she had done, she was starved.

Once she had gotten back, plate in hand, Dawn reached into her pocket and pulled out the rest of the papers. Spreading them across the table, she began to study them, digging into her meal as she did so.

Given the current vacancy of the place, she had a bit of time to get herself oriented with Marchand.

The pancakes were very well made.

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Jason was in the vehicle with the others, ear buds in his ears as he leaned against the side of vehicle sleeping peacefully. The long drive from across the country That is until the bump woke him up, with a start he looked at the bus driver with a glare. As the bus driver declared that this was "the last bump" Jason nodded, after all this time the man was telling the truth.

As the bus came to a stop he reached out holding the seat with one hand and the young girl next to him with another. With a sigh of relief he got off the vehicle glad to be rid of it and headed to help remove the group's luggage. Insuring that his own bags were handled correctly in the process.

Pulling his two large bags was easy as he headed to sign himself in, ignoring the chance to look at the building. After all he had things to do and places to be, with being late to any of those unacceptable. Signing his name in cursive he nodded politely at the bored woman, taking his papers in hand with a simple word of thanks.

He had to admit the welcome students banner was a nice touch as he entered the Cafeteria. With a nod to those around him he dropped off his bags and papers at nearby empty table. Heading towards the line after grabbing some cereal and fruits. Eating in peace and quiet as he studied the papers trying to get a good feel for his new home.


Tessa sat on the inside seat playing on a table as the bus moved on. There were so many big names with her on the little bus, she had spent many hours secretly studying them to recall exactly what bloodline they came from. As the big bump threw her out of her thoughts and made her lose the game she let out a french curse many of the other students doing the same. She was thankful as the older boy next to her saved her from flying out of her seat as the bus came to a halt.

As the door flew open she rushed out of the vehicle "Oh sweet relief freedom!" with a grin she moved around stretching her legs. Pausing as she waited for her pink and french flag hard-case luggage to be unloaded Tessa couldn't help but be in awe at the huge building. "Woah this place is huge!" With a smile she bounced up in down skipping into the place before she realized she had no clue where to go. That is until she spotted other students heading to the office.

Following the crowd she enthusiastically signed her name and grabbed the papers crinkling them a bit as she moved to catch up with the two in front of her.

The sweet smell of pancakes filled her nostrils as she entered the cafeteria. After dropping her luggage and crinkled papers off a the table currently occupied by Dawn she piratically ran for the sweet treats. Having spent hours flying from France, to riding the bus had left her starving. Placing her sweet treat onto the table she smiled at the girl in front of her. Her hunger forgotten over the excitement of talking to and meeting new people.

"Hi I'm Tessa, it is so nice to meet you! We were on the bus together and I didn't get a chance to talk to you earlier." Glancing at the papers with a slight frown she motioned to them. "Uh have you been able to read some of these things, this map is super confusing?"

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#, as written by Hyro
A week ago, this 16 year old boy wouldn't have dreamed of going to a university such as this one. He had scraped the money jar in his house clean, just to make sure he was set financially. Even snuck out in the middle of the night with no indication to where he’d gone or why. The boy’s elder brother lay sprawled in his usual arm chair, passed out, an empty bottle of whiskey gripped loosely in his dangled hand.

This runaway boy now sat in the back of the bus, same as the others, being sure to choose the one seat that only had room for one, because god forbid he had to sit next to another person.

He was gazing out the window for a majority of the ride, having never been outside of his own state before. He read through a book during this time(a book he had finished numerous times in the past and never got sick of) and even fell asleep at one point, the endless bumps never ceasing his slumber. There was no telling how many times he had pulled his Marchand invitation out of his pocket, only to stare longingly at it, eyes full of wonder as he left the school to his imagination. Anything was better than home, and this place offered him a chance to learn more. Maybe even figure out how to find his little brother, who had gone missing some years back.

It was a long ride, a lot longer than he had expected. By the time they arrived at the school, the dark haired boy was more than eager to get out and stretch.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Hopping off the bus, he jumped to the side, out of the way, threw his arms in the air and stretched out. Boy, did it feel nice. After that, he went to grab his luggage. It wasn’t much, just a small bag and a guitar case which he strapped to his back before grabbing the bag and proceeding to the building. The facility was huge, but nothing to gawk at. After all, he lived right outside New York City… Everything was big there.

Having done his rounds with the receptionist who looked like she hated her job, he eventually made his way to the cafeteria. Pancakes… He smelled pancakes. Damn, he hated sweets. Well, maybe they had some… Yes! As the boy walked along the elongated food table, he found sausage and bacon, which he proceeded to pile said meats onto his plate.

If Meatitarians existed, he would be one.

Drake removed himself from the line, plate in one hand and sling-over bag in the other, then faced the cafeteria. His eyes scanned over the tables stationed about, seeing all the people sitting down and starting their meals.

Oh god.

People were new for him. Sure, he had his two brothers at home, but Drake never left his house. He was home schooled, for one. There was also the issue of his control-freak older brother, whom never let the boy leave. Socializing was a new hurdle for him. As his gray eyes gazed from one table to the other, he felt his nerves going haywire. He wanted to talk to them, wanted to make friends. Drake took a timid step toward the one seating two girls… Wait. What would he say? He could sit down, say his name, they say theirs… And then what? What did people even talk about?

Nope. He couldn’t do it. The boy bailed on his opportunity, instead opting to go sit at a table by himself, anxiously glancing about and hoping no one tried to join him. Or maybe some part of him hoped they did…? He was definitely conflicted.

But hey, food. The boy looked down at his food and decided to focus on that. One thing at a time, after all. He sat his guitar case next to him, against the seat, and his bag on the floor, then proceeded to dig in.

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The thump-bump of the bus solicited a surprised squeak from Mitch, and a far less identifiable noise (though it probably fell somewhere between an owl’s screech and crane’s whoop) from the covered cage occupying the seat beside her.

Aside from occasionally poking a piece of jerky it under the cage cover, or adjusting the volume on her MP3 player, the mousy-haired young woman had stayed nearly stock-still for the entire trip. Her eyes were obscured by dark glasses to protect them from the changing light of the road, but her gaze remained forward.

A collapsible white cane sat folded in her lap.

It had been a rather long and more than slightly stressful journey for both Mitch and her caged companion: Between boarding planes and dealing with incompetent airport staff, navigating less than accommodating bus services, and portaling her friend in and out of existence to clear TSA, it had been emotionally and physically exhausting.

So, when the bus lurched to a final stop and the sound of her peers beginning to disembark sounded around her, Mitch was more than elated.

She turned herself further into the seat as the others began grabbing their things from the overhead bins and jostling on their way out, opting to instead change out her sunglasses for a much (much, much) thicker pair of readers, withdraw her tablet, and connect to the school’s Wi-Fi while the others shoved in a hurry to reach the same destination in a relatively similar amount of time.

When the bus was empty, she stood, tucked her readers and tablet into her pocket, unfolded her cane, slung her backpack over her shoulders, and then lifted the cage with her free hand. Arrangements had been made to have her things delivered to her room.

“Thank you,” she said in the general direction of the driver, her voice soft and her smile softer. She swept the ground with the deftness of someone who had done this for ten years as she disembarked down the bus steps and headed up the crunchy gravel drive to the school entrance. The sound of voices booming against increasingly echoing corridors was not hard to follow, though she kept a reasonable distance back until she finally came to stand in what must have been some kind of office.

“I’m looking for registration?” she announced, piping up over some of the noise, staring in no clear direction as the cage gave another disgruntled chirp.

Someone touched her arm, and she startled a good bit more than she had at any of the bus’s bumps.

“Are you Leila Ingram?” said a woman’s voice, dry and disinterested.

Mitch nodded.“Yeah,”she replied, dipping her shoulder away from the unsolicited touch, but turning to face the woman who had spoken. “And it’s Just Mitch.”

“Alright, Miss Ingram,” said the woman, taking Mitch’s arm and guiding her toward what Mitch assumed was the desk. The girl resisted the urge to scowl at the way she was being dragged around through unknown space faster than she could sweep, but made no effort to correct the woman as she kept talking. “I’ve got some forms you need to sign. And an extra in regard to your exception to our familiar policy.”

Mitch stared ahead, and set the cage down at her feet. “Okay.”

“I need you to sign this.”

Mitch blinked, waiting a full five seconds to see if she would be grabbed without permission once again, before patting around for the pen, finding the paper, and signing randomly on each of them without paying any heed.

It would not have been hard to take out her readers, but this woman seemed to likely think she was too incapable for that. “Are we done? Can I let out my guide?”

The woman did not reply.

Mitch nodded, assuming the woman had probably also nodded. And if not, she was being kind of a bitch by not responding. Too tired to care much either way, Mitch then proceeded to crouch in front of the desk and open the door to the cage,

Like a bug crawling out from under a cup, her companion burst out, taking first to a wobbly flight that made a nearby student scream, and then settling down upon Mitch’s shoulders with all six of its legs, frond-antennae twitching as its head swiveled and its four shiny eyes darted about to take in the surroundings.

The cold body of the thing’s carapace-covered belly rested against Mitch’s body, and she could feel a low rattle-hiss-purr vibrate against her back.

“Hi Apple,” she crooned, and a genuine, wide smile spread across her face. She reached to scratch “Apple’s” purple furred back, and then turned to kiss his cheek before he scuttled back down to her feet.

She had taken the initiative to put him in his work harness before boarding her plane in London, in case anyone didn’t know that he was a “Service Animal! Do not pet!”

“Oh, hi. Hi little muffin. I know. I know,” Mitch carried on, folding up the crate cage and tucking it into her pack even as several other students passed by with noises of alarm or surprise. “Hi, fluff bucket. C’mon, now.”

She straightened, cane and cage both gone now, and took hold of the handle on Apple’s back. “Follow,” she ordered, and the pair moved into step behind the crowd making its way toward something that smelled like pancakes.

With the help of audio cues and her trusted sidekick, she managed to navigate the buffet line and acquire a plate full of something edible, and then proceeded back toward the tables with a bit of trepidation. People were not her forte- At least not people her own age or those who she didn't already know. Regardless, her options were limited. There was no sitting alone.

She stepped toward one that sounded (maybe?) less crowded, and offered a warm smile in what seemed like the right direction. “Is this seat open?” she asked, though her voice was much softer than she had intended.

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  1. This was a really pleasant read. I especially liked the "Nope not my problem." Use of Shadow step was also nice to see!

    by TerrorFloof

0.00 INK

'So it begins.'

Professor Oren Kovalenko, an angular figure with dark hair and a long blue coat, watched the numerous new students filing in, passing through the front office and signing off on forms with a sceptical eye. Well, one eye was on the throngs of their new intake, the other was on her phone where she was busy informing any staff members that were not already aware that the first large bus had pulled up and the place was beginning to fill up.

And she didn't expect a group of young mages to maintain any standard of behaviour for very long.

Especially not ones that were more often than not rich, privileged, sheltered, and had never been taught how to properly behave.

Speaking of that-

Norwegian shouting from the entranceway. Oh christ.
From where she was standing Oren could make out three figures at least a head taller than most of the people filtering around them. A woman in he late thirties with long, grey-flecked ginger hair and a crimson coat on, and a hulking man with a beard you could lose a family pet in, both hugging and saying their goodbyes to a third figure. Younger, but still with nearly a foot of height on the Professor, with a mop of red-orange hair and a voice with a strong nordic accent that was carrying over near enough everyone else's together.

No mistaking those.

With one deft movement Miss Kovalenko stepped back into the shadow of one of the hall's pillars, and melted into the darkness without a word.

Somebody else could handle Ren's spawn and the ginger storm. She'd see to making sure no-one had started killing each other in the dining hall.

As it was some students had started eating, or introducing themselves. Oren materialized out from behind the door, quite alarming several students who'd been lines up there, and proceeded to check over the status of things.

Over to one side of the cafeteria, on an otherwise yet unoccupied table, a small figure was slumped over the the surface, next to what was now the degenerated milky sludge of a bowl of cereal left uneaten beyond its time, and something that long ago ceased to be a hot drink.

Her long, rather untidy-looking red hair was spread across the table like seaweed, and she was wearing a blue sweater lined with knitted purple cat faces, the phrase 'Have a Mice Day' inset into the back and front. It was at least two sizes too big and luridly coloured enough that the student was clashing with the furnishings.

Professor K came to a halt behind the student, regarding the girl with her look of pitiless reptilian distaste before finally speaking up.

"Are we boring you already, Kingsley?"

The redhead awoke with a start, knocking her bowl astray with one hand and splattering the fortified mud across the surface.

The Professor remained perfectly stationary whilst one of her charges scrambled, blinking, to try and both stem the flow of milk from the upturned bowl, and address her at the same time.

"! No Professor! I was just it breakfast time?"
Apparently only just realising how many others had entered the cafeteria, the student known as 'Kingsley' looked over to the table across, giving a rather sheepish smile.

Kovalenko's expression however was her usual weary mask of disapproval.
"Well Kingsley that is what everyone else is doing, if you would like to try and catch up with the timetable, I think it would probably be beneficial for you. And please try and avoid wasting food in the future."

"Y-yes Professor..." the girl hastily responded, pale cheek reddening a little as the watched the aquamancer turn and walk off down the row.
" that's the year off to a good start..."

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  1. Desc came to school looking super fancy.

    by TerrorFloof

0.00 INK

Green eyes looked back at her from a mirror as she carefully applied eyeliner and mascara, holding a staring contest with herself until the makeup was dry enough that she could blink without messing it all up. It had been the final touch, because Desi had been excited since she had come here with her dad late last night. And speaking of her dad…

“First bus, Diamond.”

She spun on the stool and ran over to the window, watching as the vehicle pulled in and the new students began to flood out. She felt a shiver of excitement, and turned to beam at her dad. Blond and brown eyed, she’d never considered him less than her birth father since she was 8, and she put a hand on her hip while the other fluffed her hair, demanding,

“How do I look?”

Desdemona had spent a good few hours on her preparations, starting bright and early with curling the bottom quarter of her hair. Ringlets bounced near the end of otherwise wavy blond, green eyes blinked under long and dark lashes. She’d chosen one of her new dresses, a white number trimmed by an inch of emerald green, knee length with a flowing skirt and the sleeves off the shoulders, just as she liked it. The shoes she’d wear with the outfit stood by the door, white kitten heels that she was more comfortable in than anything substantially boosting her height.

“Beautiful, as always. Now go and make friends” Desi smiled happily, and let her dad kiss the top of her head before she got the shoes on and dashed out the door. Her silver necklace bounced as she ran, though she stopped and smoothed herself out once she got to the first floor. She waved cheerily at the receptionist (her papers had been signed earlier that morning, when she hadn’t been able to sit still) and entered the cafeteria, following the smell of food. She got a small breakfast together, then looked around curiously before deciding on a table where two other girls already sat.

“Hi!” she greeted, eyes still wide with excitement and smiling. “Mind if I sit down?“

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Jesse sat in the back of the bus as it chugged up to the school. Her peers were chatting in front of her, but she mostly kept to herself. Some had animals with them in cages, some of which looked intently in her direction. She tried not to draw attention to it though. She knew these people would be like every other person she had encountered. She would most certainly be ostracized if they knew about animals' affinity towards her.

She was the last one off the bus, purposefully of course. She took in the surroundings. The school was definitely unique. She read the sign: Marchand School of Sorcery. Was she in the wrong place? She knew the school was called Marchand, but the only place she had heard of sorcery was in storybooks. Everyone was filing into the cafeteria, though, so if she was to ask someone about it, she would have to go there. She took a deep breath, and followed her fellow students into the building. She looked around. Many places had already been taken. There seemed to be a nice place in the corner away from most people, except one girl who seemed confused. She supposed one person was better than being surrounded by them, so she went over to that table and quietly sat down.

She took some pancakes awkwardly, before saying, sheepishly, "Hi, I'm Jesse," and extending out a hand.

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It had, admittedly, taken Dawn a few moments to notice the slapping of shoe against tile as someone ran past- her nose had been thoroughly planted in her map by that point, brows furrowed as she attempted to work out a clear idea of where her classes were located- although she immediately snapped to attention as the source of the clamor threw her things down at the table before taking off again, with little fanfare involved. Dawn blinked in surprise, mouth open as if to say something, but shut it as the girl skipped off to the opposite end of the cafeteria.

Sudden, but understandable. While not everyone was as obvious about it, she was sure that most of her fellow students were excited to finally be at the school. Dawn knew she was. Taking a quick glance over at her nameless companion’s things, she slid her fork back into her breakfast, chopping it and bringing the smaller chunk to her mouth.

She had just finished polishing off one pancake when the stranger returned, bubbling with the energy that Dawn had observed a few minutes ago. Swallowing a mouthful of the strawberry milk she had grabbed along with breakfast, Dawn offered up a smile to the other girl, resting the bottle carefully upon the table. “I think I remember seeing you too, actually. You were up front, weren’t you?” She paused, extending a hand in invitation. “Oh, and, um. I’m Dawn, by the way. Nice to meet you, Tessa.”

The stranger, Tessa, hadn’t went for the usual greeting, for which Dawn was grateful. Given the...history of her own line, it wasn’t something she exactly wanted to bring up so quickly. Especially in front of someone so friendly. Picking her fork back up, she started to play with the hashbrown on her plate, stirring it into a mash as she looked down at the map. “Just a little,” she admitted. “I think I know where the dorms are, and the library, but, um. Not so much where each and every class is placed.”

As Dawn poked some of the hash-mash past her lips, her eyes wandered somewhat towards the entrance. More kids were arriving, by the looks of it, a lot of them looking just as uncertain as she had been. Soon enough, her eyes caught movement, and settled on a particularly bright splotch of purple that had entered with a student.

And soon after that, the Trickster began to cough, choking on the bit of potato she swallowed in her surprise. She covered her mouth, “ahem”’d, then swallowed again. The hashbrown continued its trip down without further complication. Crisis averted. While Dawn was certainly familiar with Familiars, this one in particular seemed to have more...personality than most. Giving it another once-over, Dawn turned back to face her company, (catching sight of who she presumed to be the owner), and found that another person had joined the table.

She hoped that they hadn’t seen her choking. That wouldn’t be a particularly good impression, either.

Nevertheless, Dawn once again put on her best PR smile, and shook her head. “Not at all,” she said, then, after a momentary pause so Tessa could introduce speak, started with her own introduction.

“Oh, and, um. I’m Dawn. Dawn Memoli.” She ducked her head a little after that, smile a bit more sheepish this time around. Hands resting in lap, she, too, waited for the pause to finish, before turning to respond. “So, a French Defender? I’ve heard a lot about that line. All good things. And, um,” Dawn lifted her hands from where they were lying, lifting them up to the table, “I’m pretty excited. My parents homeschooled me before this, so this’ll definitely be new.” Her tone grew warmer with her last few words, eyes brightening with renewed excitement. “I heard they’re teaching all of the Secondaries here, too. I can’t wait to get started.”

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He wanted to take the bus. But no. Of course not. A Book doesn’t get to take the bus. As fond as the matriarchy of his family line was in skirting the line of what they could get away with, even if it was purely to rid themselves of Tover. The Grandmother in charge adamantly refused to do so in a fashion that would make the remainder of the family shine in anything other than a pristine light.

Prevented from enjoying early freedom at the behest of the yellow school bus, Tover was privately transported luggage and all of the front entrance of the Marchand School of Sorcery. The drive had been peanuts in comparison to the grueling flight, and yet the soon to be happy student of Marchand found not an ounce of energy worth spending on the act of complaining.

Rather, he was too busy leaning soft white cheek on his knuckles. Half-asleep staring at the passing trees as yet another dense forest was sunk into on the way there. It was warm for August, humid even. He pondered the locales that had those features, these types of trees, appropriate weather climate. He even whipped out his phone to give it a search before giving up halfway. He wasn’t curious enough to really think it mattered where the School was located.

What mattered was the absurdity of what he’d heard his family mention before leaving. He had to see it for himself, even as he lazed in the leaned back passenger seat. Sure enough, a yellow buss brazenly bounced passed them going the opposite way at a furious speed that made the vehicle he was in do a jagged push to the right from sudden influx of wind pressure. The driver however wasn’t having any of it. Wind was no enemy of a Book, and the drive proceeded smoothly.

In the midst of this utter ravine of greenery, he saw the cobblestone construction as he slid from the car. Not being interested in someone else opening his door for him while gazing up at it. Some Ivy here and there, and that Oak in front of it was no sapling. Two, Three Hundred years for an Oak like that? Or perhaps ten minutes for masters of Terra and Aquamancy. The thought was dismissed at the notion, gears winding down as discomfort sunk in.

Given the tracks on the ground, it was clear he was neither the first arrival, nor the last to be. Students were here already. Socializing with people his own age that didn’t burn with a hidden agenda? This must be what anxiety felt like.

Tover took the end of his tie, fingers sliding up across the red and black diagonally striped fabric, loosening it nervously. As if he wasn’t getting enough air. Just nerves. Always just nerves. The curiosity was burning so much brighter. Turning on his running sneaker, his expression fell back to what might as well be his neutral face. Eyes only mostly open, face flat and expressionless. Like he was disappointed and dissatisfied but didn’t have the energy to bother conveying it, the face of a someone who saw things as beneath him. Well. Half and half, with less of the latter as he saw the Aide that had gone with them standing sentinel by the luggage that was being unpacked. He wasn’t going to get to carry his own luggage either it seemed. But soon. Soon.

The Driver slapped a folder to Tover’s chest with a paper-snapped pop. Tover’s hand catching the folder against his chest before it was let go of. They were clearly eager to get rid of him, and in no small amount desiring to hide it. His luggage would be moved inside even without him asking, grandmother wanted a show of familial pride after all. The feeling of disdain was mutual as he pried open the folder with a thumb and had a peek.

Paperwork. Sign in Material. He closed the folder, this was to hand to someone at the front desk. He brushed hand through his hair, so light blonde it was frequently mistaken for a variation of white before proceeding onto the path. There was a slight wind, Tover relished the feeling, soon this would be an all the time thing. Entering the building, he needed a moment to adjust as he made his way through, signed the entrance roster, handed in the folder without much fuss or greeting, and signed off on necessary papers before reciting his welcome package.

The woman behind the counter already had a look on her face that she just didn’t want to be there, he knew that face well. Best to fall into the pace. Like a machine. Let her process her job, stamp a paper. Next in line. No need for small talk.

He inspected the new folder. Map of the school, a schedule, and a list of rules. The basics.
But first, the curiosity. For the first time in what must have been months, the shell of Tover’s mind parted as genuine interested crept out. The feeling of actually wanting to know was such a rarity, his almost ghostly grey eyes piercing through people as he had himself a wander.

A lady that looked like pissed-off orange alley cat. Staff perhaps? Speaking to some Norrevinters. Famous. Obvious. Obnoxiously difficult to ignore. Tat must have been a conversation started for good reason. What was that around the corner? A sharp suit and perfect jawbones. Must be a Sterling. Side-step that one for now. the Books are a mostly secluded family from Europe, but he’d been vastly informed on who and what might show up in terms of Lineages.

Oh no.
It was true.

“WELCOME, STUDENTS” Said the massive pink banner hanging near hat could only have been the cafeteria given the smell. There, inside, sits the Mélange of Lineages. Legacies. Proud children. Prized bloodlines. They actually went and put them all in the same school. Tover had though it had been a terrible joke and he was going to a private academy to study alone under some forgotten master until his aptitude was proper enough to return.

The smile that slung onto his face was one of efficacious delight. It looked terrible on him. All the big, prized bloodlines, stuck in a school where people will date, form relationships, and make a huge mess of all those years of tradition that made Lineages so terribly anal about proper companionship and offspring to keep abilities strong. His sigh was deep, and of significant satisfaction. He placed hands on his hips and looked across his shoulder to have a gander about. “Alright then.” he murmured half to himself.

This was definitely going to be new. At the moment, he merely hoped the school was as safe as it was advertised. However there was no way. No. Way. That things weren’t going to take turns for the interesting with this many different teens around, all with power. And yet none of that power gave you a shred of mercy when being social was involved. He could feel his personal space bubble just manifest quietly, eyes locked on a purple fluff-beast. No. He had no idea what that was.

Some Faculty here and there. Not too many students, but not a small amount either. He doubted the full vacancy was met. Oh. He hadn’t moved had he. He’d been rooted to the spot. Fear? Maybe. Best to move your foot Tov.

With some effort he pried himself away and entered the cafeteria, following people through the food Line. Some awkward glances were exchanged. Nobody knew one another, and the line was anything but comfterable as he picked dup some basic needs and looked around for a place to sit. Someone. Someone had to be at least a fraction familiar. Hell, a Memoli.


Thick black hair that fell all the way to the hips. He’d seen her before. Waiting outside at one of those ‘meetings’ only adults could enter. Wasn’t she the girl that also had grey eyes? He’d forgotten her name.

Better than nothing. He walked over and sat across the table, but a good foot or two to the left as he put his edibles down. Not wanting to sit directly in front of her or too close to others.

“Hello” he chimed in, voice undernoted with a very non-American accent. “Weren’t you the girl at that meeting in Italy a few years ago? We talked about having similar grey eyes. I can’t remember your name.” Why was he so nervous. This was just a hello. Nothing severe. Nothing serious. Just don’t be alone. Just talk. You’ll be fine so long as you talk. He tried his best to look right at the two blonde girls. He coulden’t force the smile, so just raised his drink towards them. “I’m Tover. Tover Book”

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#, as written by Hyro
And so it begins.

A tall man sauntered down the hallway toward the cafeteria, holding a toothpick between his teeth and smirking the most sly, confident smirk the students had probably ever seen. He had been looking forward to this day for a while now. He wanted to see the students, analyze them, to see what he had in store to work with. As he reached the cafeteria, he paused in the doorway, green eyes staring out at the mass of students, causing his smirk to widen.

So, these were the future mages of the world.

They certainly weren't anything impressive, but that didn't faze the french man. While the other teachers had seemed nervous or dreadful of the new arrivals, this particular teacher seemed more than eager to greet them. In fact, he walked right up and sat himself at the end of the group of girls whom had gathered already, wholly prepared to catch them off guard on their first day.

“Good morning, ladies,” he greeted calmly, giving off a friendly aura, “Welcome to Marchand. I hope you're all getting settled in and adjusted.”

He leaned back a bit, plucking his toothpick from his teeth and holding it for the moment in order to offer them a proper smile.

“Professor Skylar Oliver, it's a pleasure having you,” he tipped his beret at them with his free hand before placing his toothpick rightfully between his teeth once more.

Skylar waited until one of the girls moved. Then there was a thud, followed by the drink of one of the girls falling and spilling all over the table. The professor’s expression changed from inviting to that of disappointment as he eyed the one ‘responsible’ for the mess.

It was Dawn.

“Tsk tsk, Miss Memoli. Making a mess already, I see? Certainly your parents taught you better manners?”

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Now, Desi had never heard of Botrelle, but this French girl was nice and bubbly, and felt like she’d make a good friend. And the other… Desi’s brightened eyes gave away her recognition immediately. She thought the Memolis were one of the coolest lines ever, and the intrigue surrounding them challenged even the scandals of the Moores. A boy even joined them, speaking to her, but his introduction had her needing the pause offered. And speaking of introductions…

“Nice to meet you! I’m Desdemo-“

She was interrupted as a teacher approached and greeted them, which was nice, but then Dawn’s milk fell and he made a comment and she was already bristling in defense of her hopefully soon-to-be new friend.

“Excuse me, sir?” her eyes went wider, more innocent, and she pouted just slightly, taking advantage of her tendency to look younger than she was. “Um,” fabricated of course, she never stumbled unless faking it, “With all due respect… It was an accident, and accidents have nothing to do with manners. You didn’t even let her say sorry before being mean about it.” As she spoke, she took one of her napkins and started to dab at the spill.

Except the napkin stayed dry, and there was no wetness on her fingers, and her lips parted in a small gasp as she held up the still-dry paper accusingly, not feeling the need to vocalize her proof.

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Tessa continued to smile her blue eyes lighting up in recognition of every bloodline mentioned, even professor Oliver's was a line she recognized.

"Oh wow you're from the Italian trickster line? I'm so glad I'm not the only foreign line here." She was bouncing now, excited about recognizing every line mentioned at the table. Sure Dawn's bloodline wasn't the best known line but she liked to judge people on their actions, not possible mafia connections. Plus the other seemed super friendly and was answering her questions so that was always a good sign in looking for a friend.

Her gaze now turned to Tover the next to introduce himself at the now growing table. His name was a bit harder to recognize but she was still able to get it before the pause time was over. "Oh you must be from the environmental Aeromancer line! I think it is so amazing you guys found a way to make your magic work for the good of the humans."

Finally Desi was about to introduce herself and Tessa grinned ready to show off her totally awesome knowledge of the other bloodlines. However that quickly turned into a frown as chaos seem to take place in the matter of a few moments.

As Skylar chastised Dawn for spilling the milk, and Desi moved to clean it up her response was different. Being blunt had served her well in most cases, and she saw no reason to change her tactics now. "Professor Oliver the Memoli line is really polite and is very well mannered unless you like cross them business wise, or you deal with Allen. I'm sure this was an accident."

Her eyes widened as said accident turned out to be just an illusion. Her mind raced as she looked around the room trying to see which students were from known trickster bloodlines and disliked or in some cases owed money to the Memolis. Never once did it cross her mind that Skylar himself was behind the prank.

Turning back and watching Desi confront their professor Tessa could not help but add to her words. "Can you figure out who did this? Because someone is being a big jerk and picking on Dawn to make her look bad in-front of you! This is so uncool."

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Jasper Monroe


"I apologize for staring, but your work is quite lovely. You’ve got a gift.” A deep male voice said from her left making her snap out of her inner thoughts. She had been so focused on the two at the table and capturing their souls in her sketch that she hadn't even heard anyone approach. Her hand stilled and she took a moment to study her work before she looked up at the owner of the voice. She was struck for a moment by his perfection. Who was this Greek Adonis that had complemented her work? As if reading her mind he continued:

“Oh! I’m Larke Sterling, by the way. Do you mind if I join you?” He asked as he set down his tray at the seat beside her, and extended a hand to shake. An electric like shock went through her when she took his large hand in her delicate one and she felt heat rise from her chest to her cheeks giving them a sunset dusting of pink.

"My name is Jasper, Jasper Monroe, it is a pleasure to meet you Larke" she said, a small smile caressing her petal pink lips as she thought it over. Jasper supposed there was no reason to say no, and

"As for the seat....I'll make you a deal...." she said feeling bold.

"You can sit, but only if you don't mind me using you as a model." She said as she studied his nearly perfect asymmetrical face. Sandy hair with no real style to it gave him a roguish look, while his smile was meant to charm anyone it was turned upon....and damn did it work. His eyes reminded her of clear aquamarine crystals, beautiful jewels that shone with mischief. All in all he was very pleasing to the eye. She smiled as she sipped the coffee and waited for an answer.

Adelaide Monroe


Adelaide took a moment to get her bearings. Where in lords name had she gone? She was in a grassy area. She could stills see the building but had no idea where she was. She sighed and started back towards the building. She heard clattering from the far side of the building. That must be the cafiteria.

Adelaide headed in that direction. Once in the Cafiteria she looked around the room. She saw her sister talking to a extremely attractive man, and decided not to interrupt. She saw a group of people at a table and decided to try her hand at making friends.

She took a deep breath as she approached and smiled.

"Hello, My name is Adelaide Monroe" She said with a small wave.

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Not too long after Dawn had replied, another student had appeared at the table, sitting down to join the gathering- a boy, this time around. Oddly enough, while both Tessa and the other girl (she hadn’t quite gotten her name yet, Dawn realized) had both been complete strangers before this point, this boy was oddly familiar. She blinked, trying to place his face somewhere, only for the stranger to greet himself and ask the question that properly cleared things up.

A meeting in Italy.

It wasn’t much, but things quickly snapped into place. While Dawn was still left out of a few meetings here and there- sent over to her grandparents until the official affairs were properly taken care of- but there were many cases where she was made to tag along as well. Better to have both children have a grasp of the family business, or so her parents had decided. The boy’s next comment about grey eyes made it even easier to make the connection, and Dawn gave a small smile to show her recognition.

“Dawn Memoli. It’s, um. It’s nice to see you again, Tover.” It was a tad...awkward to see the kid of one of her family’s business partners again, but not entirely unpleasant. From what she could remember, the Book son had been fairly good company through the duration of the meeting. Before she could say any more, however, two more people joined the table- one seemingly a student like her, and the other introducing himself as a professor. She had just given her “It’s nice to meet you”s when her bottle of milk suddenly tipped over, spilling its contents across the table.

Well. There went her chance of making a good impression.

Her face flushing with warmth, Dawn muttered an apology and moved to clean up her mess- only to find that as her hands came in contact with the spill, they were left...dry. Momentarily confused, she took a double take at the “puddle”, and pressed a finger into it. Still dry.

Which meant that there had never been a spill to begin with.

Confused, she looked back up, and found that one of the girls- Desdemona, she had given her name now- had been in the midst of defending her, much to Dawn’s pleasant surprise. Before the blond could finish, however, she quickly reached the same conclusion the Trickster had. Another twinge of warmth went through Dawn as Tessa also lent her support, although she also raised a good question- who had set up the illusion in the first place? She had seen one of the Avalons walk in, but he seemed distracted with a Sterling (Larke, her mind offered) and another girl she couldn’t name.

Like Tessa, Dawn’s thoughts never reached the conclusion of the professor being the culprit.

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In the short span of time where he’d braved being social, and sat down attempting to say hi, a whole ménage of others had seemingly arrived at the roughly same idea. The discomfort crept across Tover like clothing that stuck unpleasantly to his skin after being in palpable muggy weather. It was actually pleasantly cool inside, but he could feel the overcrowding squeeze in.

 Tover had barely uttered his greeting, before doing a soft apologetic nod to the blonde girl whose hair fell in loose curls. He’d likely interrupted something when suddenly what must have been a staff member appeared like he owned the building, shoving his ego so blatantly harsh through conversation that the Books' attention had difficulty not shifting towards it. This was a teacher, right? He looked and sounded French in demeanor, complete with that sense of overbearing superiority that he’d known a vast majority of Parisians to keep close to heart.

The callous introduction wasn’t the interesting part as movement that shouldn’t have been there manifested on the table. The milk just spilled over without cause. Like it was going to all along. Tover frowned half-unenthused. He’d been looking at Dawn just moments earlier trying to start a conversation. Not only was Dawn blameless, Oliver had accused her of something she clearly didn’t do, but did so in that condescending french fashion that just made the back of the neck bristle. It showed that his own Ego was worth more than the common decency of everyone else.

His grandmother would have floored the man with glee.

With agitated nonchalance, Tover lifted his cup to take a sip of the steamy okay-enough tea he’d fetched. He wanted to stay out of it for now, as he didn’t know if this was normal or a clever chess move. Everyone else seemed extremely pressed on the nose about the act, saying their piece about it as he assumed it was a case of the former for the teacher.

“With all due respect… It was an accident, and accidents have nothing to do with manners. You didn’t even let her say sorry before being mean about it."
When the blonde with curls made a decently satisfying quip back at the instructor, Tover decided to just partially sit this out and get to know people he was going to be in school with.
 He watched as Desdemona dabbed at the spill, only to make clear there wasn’t actually a spill. It didn’t take Tessa’s surprising knowledge of bloodline lineages to figure out Illusions fall under the trickster specialty. It had been on purpose, and it had been to slight what might have been one of the few people he actually knew before classes began. Not even the first day of school, and he had a professor he didn’t like. Which means he’d found the first class that was actually naptime.

Tover felt a tinge of surprise as the blonde girl with icy blue eyes suddenly chimed up about his lineage. Attention breaking from the crowd and general direction of the minor agitation. He hadn’t expected it to be known like that, but before he could even utter a word in response others drowned out the attempt. Still, while he didn’t know her name yet, Tessa’s bloodline knowledge received a very approving gaze as his mouth began the first vestiges of a smile. Watching her come to the defense of her friend.

"Can you figure out who did this? Because someone is being a big jerk and picking on Dawn to make her look bad in-front of you! This is so uncool."
The edges of his smile widened as Tessa made her own quip. If she’d feigned ignorance on purpose, it currently didn’t matter. People trying to be friends and standing up for one another was good stuff. Perhaps this had been a slightly more calculated move by Oliver after all. Providing students an opportunity to bond at the cost of their opinion of him. Either way.
Score Two - Nil for the students. Good~

People passed through the cafeteria benches with some frequency, and an unsurprising "Hello, My name is Adelaide Monroe" snuck in from the side. Tover had nothing against people saying hi, but this was already far messier of a conversation and larger of a group than he was comfortable with. His fingertips slid under the edge of the platter that he hadn’t even had a chance to take things off from, and if Dawn had not made mention of Italy, Tover would have left the table. Instead, a tiny, ever so slight sense of belonging crept in. He wasn’t completely alone in this massive school. That was enough. Enough to grit jaw and carry on.

He too remembered that sharp and loud meeting (yelling match) in Italy. Between the mothers of the family breaking into argument over contracts and the Memoli’s hand movements reminiscent of someone trying to explain to you just how good their pizza is, he recalled seeing Dawn excluded and sitting on a couch outside the ‘meeting room.’ He also recalled he’d taken a recent detour through the kitchens, pockets loaded with goodies. 

He would have passed her by had her eyes not made him think he was hallucinating. But no, those were certainly grey as well! Tover had felt such joy to find someone else with his eye color. Procuring puddings, and chunks of kielbasa. Even individual well-wrapped Italian cream cake pieces were all conjured up from his pockets.
It didn’t take long to discover he’d absconded with the entire sugary monster cake this way, and while somewhere a chef was going to be furious, he’d being sharing it with Evelyn quickly enough that there would be little evidence left. That’s odd. He recalled her name being Evelyn. Was it Dawn? It was all so long ago and so fuzzy, and that evening was one big sugar rush. It had been fantastic, for anyone not an adult.

Too didn’t wait for a convenient pause between all the hello greetings and cordiality of conversation. He turned his head and spoke kindly. “It’s nice to see you again too Dawn, Let’s chat proper when we’re not meeting a thousand people.” He took a light breath, but it didn’t pause him as he half slumped into the seat towards the table. Leaning on his open palm chin and jaw first, finger raised to touch his cheek~ He'd changed his mind on the silence and just waiting it out, upset and defensive enough to temporarily not be concerned with the pressure of being social in a brand new environment. Dawn was a friend. Dawn was going to get support. Tover leered at the professor with that trademark nonchalance and half-disinterest before putting some firm push behind his words.

“You on the other hand. If you’re looking for people who appreciate your stunt of tricking, demeaning, and putting someone down just so you can try and make an impression. You’re at the wrong table.”

“Good-Bye. Professor. You’re taking up Adelaide’s seat." was added additional dismissive and unwelcoming tone.
His hand rose to flag down the person that had just now put their best foot forwards into introducing themselves. Pointing at the space Oliver was occupying as he looked at Adelaide, with a calmer and neutral manner of speech saying: “That spot’s free.” As if it was matter of fact.

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#, as written by Hyro
The French man’s eyes watched Dawn carefully, observing her response.

She apologized immediately - Though, that was expected of anyone.
She hadn’t noticed how quick the Professor’s response had been to the spill - Another cue missed.
She went to clean up the mess - She still didn’t realize it was an illusion just yet.
And finally, she second guessed herself, having double-checked for verification before finally identifying it as an illusion all along. She was still unable to determine the Trickster whom was at fault. Skylar’s egotistical manner dropped immediately, the rude-teacher persona having been an act all along. His tone took on a much more humbling sound and his features became gentle and soft. The change was noticeably different and the Professor seemed a lot friendlier now.

“Well, I would say you have a good group of friends already,” he commented, having observed how many had come to her aid and let off a smile that was so inviting it was hard to believe this was the same teacher from moments ago. With a wave of his hand, the milk disappeared, still perfectly upright, revealing the culprit to anyone who hadn’t pieced it together yet.

Skylar proceeded to look at Tessa. “Hmm... Tessa, right? I heard you were interested in Illumination. I look forward to working with you." The French man seemed to know a lot about the students already, especially when it came to the students attending his classes. "While I appreciate your concern for Dawn, it was, in fact, not a prank.” His eyes moved to Dawn next.

“It was an assessment,” he explained, pulling out a small notebook and pen from his jacket, jotting a few things down.

“If there’s one thing you should all remember while you’re here at this school, it’s that, on its surface, not everything is as it appears. Sometimes there are hidden motives within.” His advice seemed to hold a strange tinge to it, almost as if he was referring to far more than just illusions of spilled milk.

“Miss Memoli, you aren’t able to identify illusions yet, are you?” He pondered over his notebook absently, tapping his pen. “That’s alright, it’s actually an advanced technique. I’ll be the one teaching it to you this semester. I'm teaching Trickery and Illumination this year.”

Skylar closed the notebook, tucking it away before looking up to address Dawn once more.

“I do apologize for that. I had to catch you off guard in order to get an accurate read. Though I would certainly hope,” his eyes trailed to Tessa for a moment, then to each individual at the table, “That a milk spill isn’t enough to make a student look bad. Especially a spill that was fabricated.”

It was at Tover’s rather rude and disrespectful dismissal that Skylar simply smiled a tad sheepishly and went to stand.

“Yes, of course. I was just leaving.”

He went to move before pausing with an after thought and addressing the entire table one last time. “I do want to make one thing clear before I go. If anyone pulls this sort of thing for harassment purposes or with any ill intent, do not be afraid to come report it to me so that I can tend to the situation personally. None of you should have to worry about students using their magic to bully you. If you need any help, my door is always open. Enjoy your breakfast, everyone.”

With that, the professor was off, swiftly exiting the cafeteria.

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Tessa eye's widened at Tover's words. The fact that he had the gall to say something so harsh and demeaning to a professor he just met was unheard of. Also she highly doubted that was the professor's point if he was indeed behind the act.

Tessa bit her lip chewing on it as professor Oliver spoke to her, face flushing red as she realized she had called her own teacher 'uncool'. A quiet apology in french was spoken to the man before he continued. After all being recognized by the professor teaching her illumination was not a good way to start off the school year.

While Professor Oliver continued speaking her mind trailed off, full of confusing thoughts. What if he tried to asset her power strength in illumination? So it was okay to use illusions as an assessment to embarrass someone but not okay to just embarrass someone? A frown graced her normally smiling features as all the questions ran through her head.
Tessa eyed Adelaide as the girl was scared off by Tover's words taking them the wrong way. Before Tessa could even offer an apologetic smile or explain what her new friend meant, Adelaide was gone.

With a smile sigh she turned to the remaining table and studied those present, her smile returning. "Well Professor Oliver is right I think we will all be good friends!" Tessa eyed Dawn and decided the best way to put the nervous girl at ease was to make her feel better about the situation. "Besides the fake milk spill made me realized that I'd like some strawberry milk too."

Getting up and walking back towards the line she was so distracted be her thoughts that she did not notice the tall firey redhead on the war path. Who easily pushed the smaller petite Tessa out of her path. As she stumbled onto the floor Tessa started to wonder if Strawberry milk was cursed.

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During the continuation of the exchange with the teacher, Desi had tuned half out, dropped the crumpled napkin, and pulled out her cellphone to text her dad. She looked back up to see Adelaide backpedaling away rapidly as Skylar left and wrinkled her nose.

“What was up with that?” she gestured towards the teacher, who was now assisting an adult female that Desi assumed to be another professor. “And that too.” She waved over to the girl who’d decide to run away from them, and was now joining a twin as well as the Avalon and Sterling heirs at a table.

“Anyway…” she waited as Tessa reassured Dawn and went off for strawberry milk, then bounced back to the introductions, “as I was saying, I’m Desdemona Moore.” She waited for the pause, wondered if anyone knew Damien Moore was teaching, and allowed for the connection to Beswick to be hopefully noted (it would grant her at least part of the “old line” immunity). She amused herself with wondering if anyone would think of Cremonet. Her peers were probably too young to care at the time that it was news…

“I’m really excited to be here, actually. Like, this isn’t what mages normally do at all. I mean, normally it’s all family and private tutors, and the only time you get to hang out is at the fancy occasions and like, nothing wrong with those but I wouldn’t really call it hanging out either, you know? So when I heard about this school I was like - OH MY GOD, TESSA!”

That had not been what Desi had said about Marchand upon first learning of it, not at all, However, the third girl at their table had been bowled over by what Desi was guessing to be a Norrevinter charging towards the Sterling she’d noted earlier. The blond quickly got out of her seat to check on Tessa, while keeping her eyes on the commotion and snickering at the use of yoghurt as a weapon.

Then the twin of the girl who might have sat with them was standing and shouting insults and Desi gaped. “Is she stupid or just suicidal?” she murmured to her companions, eyes widening. Not even speaking of status… there was a good foot or more of difference between the two girls.

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An assessment.

It hadn’t been a prank by another Trickster hoping to ruin her image in front of the professor- someone with a grudge against her family, or just hoping to pull a sudden trick on a whim- but, rather, by the professor himself. Surprise lit up Dawn’s eyes as she turned back to look at Skylar, followed by indignation and something cold that didn’t quite fit in the girl’s face. Just as quick as it had appeared, however, it vanished- concealed by the magic dripping down her features like syrup.

“I see.” A wide, PR smile stretched Dawn’s lips. “Well, Mr. Oliver. It was a bit difficult for me to tell at first, unfortunately. Since you used a bit more stronger illusionary magic than I’m used to, and I hadn’t been expecting a professor to use it on me during breakfast. Without consent.” She placed the cap back on her bottle, gave it a twist, and brought it closer to her body. “But thank you for the offer, Professor.”

As Skylar rounded out of sight, she gave a soft “Jesus”, shaking her head then looking up back at her company with a far more genuine smile. “At least there weren’t any real spills. I would’ve hated it if I had to do the marks all over again.” As if to emphasize her point, she ran her hand over the paper again, cleaning away some of the graphite that had settled there. “I do hope we’ll get along, though. It was...really nice of you guys to defend me like that when the professor showed up. Really appreciate it.” She glanced over at Tover directly, now, and gave a grin and a “And, yes. I need to make sure my memory’s right, and if you actually stole that entire cake or not.”

Desi’s introduction earned her a small delay from Dawn before she blinked and gave a sudden clap of her hands. “‘Moore’ like the teacher, right? And the offshoot?” Followed by a, “Is he your dad? The, um. Professor, I mean.”

The Cremonet line did not cross her mind. While she had overheard the name spoken a few times by her parents, they had never talked much about them. The affairs of a family that they did not deal with tended to hold briefer discussions than not. As Tessa stood to get her own strawberry milk, Dawn smiled and nodded, watching her for a moment before turning back to the table sitters.

Of course, her attention was quickly drawn back by a sudden loud commotion, a cry of “TYRRRR”, and the sound of stumbling. Startled, Dawn looked to find a redheaded girl tackling another student- the latter she recognized vaguely as a Sterling, which meant that the girl was probably a Norrevinter- and Tessa falling to the ground. Her attention quickly shifted mostly to her new friend getting pushed aside, and, alarmed, Dawn left her seat and rushed over to the blond. “Are you okay?” The Trickster lowered herself to the ground, offering up a hand to help Tessa up.
While she did so, Dawn got a better view of the situation that had caused the tumble, as well as the escalation that was accompanying it.

Like she had thought, that was indeed a Sterling, and that was indeed a Norrevinter. Shockingly enough, however, one of the girls she couldn’t name had begun to yell at the redhead, spouting a wide variety of taunts.

A part of Dawn was taken aback by the fact that the yelling was aimed at a Norrevinter, even with the rudeness of the earlier charge.

Another part of Dawn was attempting to wrap her head around the insults chosen. In particular, the “little girl” portion of the rant.

A Norrevinter was many things, but none of them were ever little.

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Tover’s brain was on fire.

Everything was dimmed from his perspective. Sounds dulled and blurred as cascades of blood pounded the insides of his ears. His sped up heartbeat drummed slow and with pounding vigor. Adrenaline had kicked up when the thinking cog had realized what it had just made the body do.

Forget that he spent the first major conversation of the day back snapping at a teacher, or that the attempt to make friends was lackluster because of it. A tremor coursed in his digits, breath heavy, shaky in his seat. He was half in and half out of reality as events became tumultuous.

Why did it feel so good?

He expected fear, a sense of diminishment, the need to creep back into her corner of safety. His ghostly eyes remained wide and glued on the instructor as the man spoke, but Tover didn’t actually hear a word. Just muddled noises as if you’re hearing someone through a wall in the other room, overlaid only by his own unyielding heartbeats.

Imagination spoke for him as a chessboard was mentally conjured. Massive and wide where standing on a single square would make one feel miniscule. From above, a colossal disembodied hand materialized and took hold of something as it descended. Only when the fingers squeezed together did a white pawn shatter into existence with a reverberating glassy clang, heavy dusty thud leaving the foot of the piece as the pawn was lifted and moved two paces forwards on the board. His board.

He felt nervous realizing what kind of forward push he’d done, yet relished it at the same time. Yes. Good. This was good. He liked this. Being forward and direct gave a sense of freedom that he’d been craving. Sure he was used to lurking in the backdrop and sullying his time away. But this, this was better. This felt like confidence. This felt like who he wanted to be.

Standing up to family was a task and a half, an impossible feat for someone who could only look up to those who sneered down. But this, this teacher, this had no such sway over him. Neither personality pressure nor authority rebuffed him from speaking his mind properly for one of the rare times he managed to. This is what kept Tover slow and sluggish as he sunk back into the seat to restore telltale nonchalance, absent-mindedly adding some food to his mouth. He wasn’t there. Not mentally.

Adelaide hadn’t joined the table. Tover didn’t even see her walk off, attention having barely been on her after using her introduction to plug in for added effect when he’d expressed discontent. One less person at the table was not remotely a problem, it was even comforting to remain with a small group of people that had all shared similar interest to defend Dawn.

Skylar had sodded off, but he’d spoken a lot. Likely some lecture.

Tessa must have said something; he did notice her mouth moving before she got up. The mouth movement of ‘milk’ was enough to backburner it as warbled sound came from Desdemona. Though he must have clearly heard Dawn’s little quip, a smile of pleasantry etching onto his face with a nod. That had been a fantastic weekend.

The barbarian grizzly that roared and barreled past with all the subtlety of a derailed freight train however, was easier to notice. Followed by a sudden "TESSA!” as the noise cleared enough for reality to sink back into the land of importance. He turned his head to watch the ensuing wrestle and scream match a few tables away. His mind half-wandered inconveniently. Another chessboard as Norrevinter viking-hugged the Sterling with the kindness of a cannonball.

Tower takes Bishop.

Tover had to give his head a shake. Other important things just happened. Tessa. Help Tessa. By the time his hand was ready to push away from the table however Dawn and Desi were already with her.

Nagging words were thrown from the eventful table. Oh. Found the Monroe. Or two? Perhaps his vision was still equalizing, but those girls had some similarities between them. Never having gotten a great look at her, he actually couldn’t tell which of the two it was that had tried to say hi.

This place was chaos.

An odd noise rustled the air. A screeching caw? What could possibly make that sound? The Norrevinter table was wild and easy to keep eyes glued on, sure, but to ignore the noise you didn’t recognize. Now that was dangerous. Already half up from being in progress of going to Tessa, his half-open eyes did a scan around the ro..

The fluff-creature. It was perched defensively on the shoulders of a girl, wings snapping and protectively positioned to defend her from harm. Where was it looking? A quick glance to the Sterling table answered that entirely.

Norrevinter was giving one hell of a speech. For all that brutish veneer and sizable mass that was likely dwarfed by the sheer density of her pride, there was a good mind in there. His eyes flicked momentarily to Tessa. A good mind, but blind to consequences of what happens when recklessly charging to a goal.

He was standing now. Tessa had been helped, and he’d been too distracted to contribute. Tessa hadn’t been the source of the issue though. Just a victim. Tover didn’t know much about the big feud between the Sterlings and the Norrevinters, but it didn’t need his kind of mind to easily put the pieces together.

Jarlinna Kora Mari was a hefty name. Kora would do. That would likely intimidate the pants off those Monroe girls if what he said was enough to make her pass up their table, and given that the suave looking one.. well. Slightly tarnished. Had been used as a seat, her chances of being taken seriously were pretty good, and the challenge of a fight was very likely to make everyone keep their head down. It didn’t hold a candle to the imposing pressure some of the women in his family let off. Or perhaps, it’s because he didn’t know much better, but.. did that sound like bluster? Angry and emotional, primal and direct. Had she even realized the effects of her warpath? How everyone was looking?

She was never, ever going to make a single friend that way.

Why did that thought hurt, so incredibly much. His heart clenched at the realization that if this is how she leaves off, it will only get worse from here with more cause for anger.

A beautiful thought bloomed in Tover’s mind, the tactical cog saying it’s due.
“I’m going to do something stupid.”
His words were soft, the adrenaline from earlier present albeit slowly diminishing. Directed at the general table before putting one foot infront of the other, straight towards the Prime Spotlight of the morning.

One. Just one.

Just one redeeming moment was all he’d had to chance in order to not only to make another friend, but also to not let that prideful mountain of a woman suffer in the long term. He’d seen before where that kind of bluster got you. Alone. Angry. Pained. Unwanted. Hating the world.

He stopped within talking distance, but was a little louder as only the adrenaline from before was actually keeping him on his feet. Sure he was frightened. Who wouldn’t be scared when you’re approaching the current prime possibility for biggest school bully.

It didn’t need to be like that. It didn’t need to turn out that way.

“Hey Norrevinter!” Tover exclaimed loudly while not exactly hiding. God this was uncomfterable, but he coulden’t pass it up. Not again. He’d regretted the first time years ago, having said nothing and watched it play out. Not this time, this time he’d take the pain. Standing there seemingly without fear, hands half in his pockets with a nudged-loose tie. While his approach was lightly slumped, he straightened up to speak as if to try and be taller. Not that such an attempt had merit.

“That was a nice speech. Councilmember is nice and all, but you won’t make it if you don’t realize what happens the people in your path. I know councilmembers are strong, and smart, but most of all I heard they care. They care about people and want to do what’s right.”

He shoved his thumb harsh over his shoulder.
“You hurt someone back there, while on your rampage. So if you too, care. Walk with me and come apologize, and talk to her. Because that’s what someone worthy of honor would do.”
A light breath was his only interruption, the idea of ‘the right thing to do’ stuck in his mind as he swallowed hard to push that know back down his throat.
“But if you don’t care, and all you are interested in is your personal vengeance, or whatever this is.” He said the last part motioning at the interaction that occurred between Monroe at her. “Then a fight is the only thing you’re ever going to have here. You speak well. You can think well, and you’ve got the strength to accomplish what you want. That’s great. But if you don’t have the heart to use those where it matters. Then I’ll take that fight Norrevinter. I’ll take that fight every day, because never will I ever want to see you in a position of power.”

Another breath, another nervous swallow he tried to stifle. Teeth doing a temporary grit. Although he said the next part with an effort to hide the painful emotion, his facial expression betraying him to show the care and concern.

“Don’t let everyone here believe that a loud brute is all you are.”

If she apologized to the Sterling or the Monroe. That was her prerogative, however they were direct targets after she’d rampaged her way over here. He took a step back and to the side, raising his left hand to offer it as direct invitation. Having done his best damn attempt to diffuse tension like he did at home all the damn time, and at the same time trying to provide Kora a social escape route. This could be patched.
If she refused.
He’d tried.
If she didn’t, he planned to walk back to Tessa with her regardless if she accepted the hand or not.

Her current targets could clean up their own mess. The suave one looked like he’d try and talk his way out regardless, the girls were going to be upset just because they could. The other one.. He didn’t quite know. Looked somewhat familiar. Perhaps he’d met him before and just couldn’t recall, but the name Jason just stuck in his head. Tover didn’t say more however, having moved out of the walkway enough to give way and offer Kora the space to start the walk back down to Tessa.

Would it work out like he wanted? Maybe not. Tover already having decided to bite the bullet, and deal with this event as a new step forwards for who he wanted to be. Because at least of this, he could be proud. The mousy, corner-kept, silent Tover, was gone.

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Jesse didn't really see the problem with sleeping in the cafeteria. It was breakfast after all. While Helena got up to get some more cereal, she ate her pancakes and looked around the cafeteria. That boy, apparently named Jason, had turned his attention to someone else. He really seemed stuck up. Not that she was one to judge, but wow. He reminded her of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter books. That's how arrogant he was. She turned her attention back to her pancakes.

All of the sudden there was gasping around the cafeteria. She looked up to see a boy getting up, painfully, with yogurt on his head. Next to him was a very smug-looking girl who had obviously done the deed. She saw people left and right jump to the boy's defense. Good, at least not everyone here was stuck-up. Through all the commotion, she learned the girl's name was Norrevinter. Strange name. But the girl didn't seem to care that no one thought well of what she was doing. She sat on his head. If Jason was Draco Malfoy, this chick was Pansy.

Maybe I should say something... Jesse thought. She wasn't one to get into fights. In fact, she avoided them as much as possible. But this girl was just being a bully at this point. Jesse got up from her seat to go find a teacher, or at the very least, a responsible adult. But as she did so, a boy stood up and did her job for her. The cafeteria was silent after his speech, looking at the Norrevinter girl, wondering how she would reply. Jesse, however, felt that the boy had hit the nail on the head, and started clapping.

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#, as written by Hyro
”I’m not that kind of blind,” she had said, confusing Drake slightly. What did she mean by that? He had no experience in blindness or eye disabilities of any kind, so he was about to ask for clarification.

That was, until the chaos went down in the cafeteria.

Drake was on his feet in seconds when everything started, reacting in a sort of fight or flight response he had acquired from his home life. Him standing had been completely impulsive, as had his nerves tensing up in his shoulders and back. After a quick assessment of the situation, however, the boy snapped out of his attentive stance, having heard his name. Mitch was confused and asking what on earth was going on. It was a good question, and his eyes narrowed at the other tables in an attempt to properly describe the situation.

It was like watching animals throwing a tantrum over a stolen bone, Kora being the angry beast and Larke being the one who had taken her meal. He'd never seen this kind of social behavior, though he was pretty sure this wasn't common for mage culture, and was likely considered rude, if not entirely mal-mannered.

“I’m not sure… Some tall ginger girl just brought down some guy and poured yoghurt all over him, then sat on him… Hold on, I’ll be right back,” he offered her, moving toward the mess. He made sure to grab some napkins at a nearby napkin station on his way.

“Hey, guys! Knock it off!” the young mage shouted in an attempt to damper the conflict, keeping his distance for the moment. As if on cue, the taller woman had put Larke back in an upright position and was now addressing those around her. Drake didn’t pay much mind to their conversations, instead opting to walk over and offer the messy man some napkins.

“Here,” he handed Larke a small stack of napkins, before moving over to the spot on the floor where said food had been dumped over Kora’s victim. Especially since the tantrum girl seemed far too superior to actually consider cleaning it up. It was everywhere, and he quickly realized upon further inspection that he was going to need more than just napkins. The boy moved to grab an empty tray off a nearby table and, using some of the napkins, scooped the various liquids and chunks onto the tray. With a quick sweep, he got the rest of what was left, leaving the floor clean and dry, then moved to the nearest trash can to dump the tray and its contents.

When Drake looked back to the scene, he found enough people had gotten involved, so instead of adding to the crowd, the boy simply padded back over to his table to inform Mitch. “Everything’s fine, I think. I’m not entirely sure. But it seems like it’s being handled.” The boy, who had still been staring at the scene, finally dragged his gaze away to look at Mitch and Apple, noticing Apple’s rigid stance and tentativeness.

“We’re not in danger, if that’s what Apple is worried about,” he assured.

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Tessa sat on the ground surprised at being pushed down like a shopper loosing out on a deal during Black Friday. She blinked for a bit her eyes following where the red haired woman was going before the situation clicked in her head. Her eyes fell towards Jason who was watching her out of the corner of his eye. In response she shook her head 'no' to the unasked question, she did not need his help right now. However instead her attention was drawn to someone shouting her name.

With a slight blush of embarrassment Tessa smiled at Desi who was soon followed by Dawn. "It's okay, I'm okay no harm done. Besides I really should have looked where I was going." Her smile grew as the two helped her up and once again she was bouncing full of energy. Thanks so much for the help though, I'm so thankful to have such great friends on the first day! And did you see that? We are witnessing the big history between the Norvinters and Sterlings!

Her embarrassment came back in full force as Tover shouted his piece at Kora and by proxy brought attention back to her. "It's okay, I'm fine really no need to worry about it." More words of protest died on her lips, as she realized the true goal of his little speech. The apology wasn't for her, as Tessa wasn't hurt and really had no intention of forcing one from a more powerful bloodline. The apology was for Kora and the rest of the caf who had witnessed the viking's rampage.

Blue eyes looked towards Tover with interested, it seemed she had misjudged him as a shy eco-activist. It turns out the boy was more politically minded then he appeared, she'd have to watch out for him and his goals. After all she was not a pawn in anyone schemes.

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Tover heard the clapping first.
Remaining in his stance and only turning his chin to see where the motion and noise had originated, his ghostly eyes fell to Jessica. He didn’t know her, nor her name. Not yet, at least, as he watched her applaud his actions with some others pitching in to join.

Would she ever know that she saved him? That it was her hands that allowed this to go as smoothly as it did, even as other began to join in?

He was dead nervous, senses regained and adrenaline spent. The words weren’t going to be enough. He realized it too late. About at that time his discomfort skyrocketed at the sight of several raised phones, noticing people were recording this. The attention Kora had gathered was temporarily moved to him as Tov altered the pieces on the board. He tried to keep himself together, loosening the striped tie just to cope and letting sounds other than the clapping temporarily drown. The public affirmation a soothing sense of support.

His diplomacy attempt was a little complicated, but from some of the looks he was getting that were also building up his anxiety, it seemed a few had realized what he was actually up to. This had come across like a slightly overdramatic speech, but it had contained some silent pre-requisites for it to succeed. He wanted to make friends, let this diffuse in a favorable way, and provide Kora a chance at redemption for her social life. All under the guise of apologizing to Tessa for the sake of showing care.

Standing in the middle of the cafeteria, he had a great albeit temporary view of the room and the people in it. He saw fresh entries, stragglers at the entrance, many a face he would likely share a class with. Someone dropped off some cleaning material for the.. ah. Aquamancer. Watery glob gave that away. While Kora seemed to do the best she could as she in her own way accepted his way out.

Not politically clean by any stretch, and while he felt unpleasant from Kora’s word-use she did in fact walk the walk. The Monroe’s seemed to be slighted, thought Kora hadn’t affected them? Not really, not counting their verbal back and forth. The girls had only spoken up when cheekbones over there had been.. ah. So that’s what they wanted. He’d have no part in that mess.

When Norrevinter began the walk, Tover notched the attempt as a success and quickly turned in order to head the same direction. Not quite out of the spotlight. Soon however he’d be able to sit and people would go their separate ways he hoped, the storm will have passed, though he silently wished the applause lasted just a little. He'd never gotten that before.

“I’m Tover.” He replied on the way there. “I’m glad Norrevinter stories on honor are true, and yes, it made me feel significantly better. You don’t know what you almost lost back there.”

He stopped to go around the other side of the table, breaking from their shared path in order to sit down next to Dawn as Kora did a bow to Tessa and uttered what.. was just going to have to count as apology. Good enough. It was the gesture that was needed more than the specific words. Enough to prove there was a person that could own up to its mistakes, and not just a bully.

That Mr. Sauvé himself showed up at the table shortly after was unexpected. He just got tussled around, why was he trying to be back for more. Baffling, until the bishop piece spoke to Tessa. He’d received a small nod from the Aquamancer earlier. Whether that had been in appreciation or a well-practiced subtlety in condescension on the act of attempting diplomacy with a mountain, he could not tell. He’d take it as the former unless something changed his mind.

Now hold on. Kora apologizing to Tessa was ceremonial. The redemption option that ended the tension and allowed some liberty back into the social life~ She’d carved her standing, niche, and general disposition into everyone’s minds on the first day, and this was so not all hope was lost. The Suave one however had no such gain from joining in on the apology.

Either he’d understood this was a chess move to save face, and wanted to raise his own standing on the platform it had offered. Was planning to use this as springboard for some ploy.. or.. He saw the passing of napkins, or rather, due to sitting at the part of the table where the folds were visible, some numerical scrawls. Son of a…

He silently reached across the table to grab his old food tray and slide it towards himself. Shakily picking up his teacup, now colder, and taking a heavy swig. Those Monroe girls were going to be fuming in about no time flat. Tover lightly looked up from his teacup to Larke, as if looking over the brim of glasses he wasn’t wearing. “They’re going to remember that.” Not bothering to say whom. If the Suave one was as clever and predatorial as he’d assumed the guy was, it should have been fairly obvious, and talking his way out didn’t seem an impossible task for Mr. likely to be a future career politician. His eyes were back on his tray shortly after, finally having an opportunity to eat.

Or at least he would have if he didn’t hear what must have been some Janitor grumbling about food privileges saunter along and complain. He was surprised he didn’t hear a mop squelch and squiggle the floors, he’d imagined it go hand in hand with grumpy complain mumbles like that. Until the grumbles didn’t make sense, as janitors don’t make demands of students. So he looked up, and then he saw the suit.

The blue gloves reminded him of the serenity movie. “Two by two, hands of blue.” He spoke to no-one, just thinking out loud before turning his attention to Dawn, since he was sitting beside her.

He felt oddly pleasant to be back here, and turned his chest and shoulders to face her. A thankful nod directed at Desi and Tessa, unknowingly opening up his body language as her company was welcomed and interesting. Ontop of being the first person that had made him fee welcome. “Thanks for picking up Tessa. I was too slow.” He nudged his nose in the direction of the Tower and Bishop. Kora and Larke. “I think that went well enough, though don’t tell anyone, but my heart is pounding and I’m a shaking leaf.” He took another strong swig of his tea, emptying the cup to his dismay. More would have been better.

“Dawn, right? I remembered the name Evelyn earlier. Not sure if that was right. If you’re still up for that chat, I’d be up for making some friends.” He smiled just a little, color returning to his face over time. “I need to thank the girl that started the applause later. I think she might have saved me from being ignored.” He mentioned, though it appeared to be mostly as a reminder to self. Regardless of that, he put down the cup, and looked to Dawn for conversation. Half for the company, half to feel better and get the shakes to stop.

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Dawn’s first day was turning out to be much more interesting than she had originally thought. Whether or not that was an entirely good thing was up for debate, but either way. Several strong personalities had already made themselves known. The Council kids were obvious competitors so far, as well as the two girls she wasn’t quite able to identify at first- Monroes, apparently. A trace of surprise went through her as Tover stepped into the cluster of activity that had formed, and a bit more at his giving of an impromptu speech to one Norrevinter. She wasn’t quite sure if he would be rewarded for his efforts, but one still had to give props for trying.

Absently, Dawn caught a small bit of the exchange between Jason and Tessa, but her mind was elsewhere. The information went unprocessed. Instead, her smile returned as the other girl quickly bounced back to her previous level of energy, seemingly unaffected by the whole ordeal. “Well,” she began, “she, um. Came pretty fast. Unless you were psychic, I don’t think you could have really known she was going to knock you over like that. And-” Dawn’s face brightened somewhat- “it, um, wasn’t too big of a deal. You defended me, so it’s really the least I can do to help you up like that.”

The Trickster’s gaze flickered over to the scene of the crime, where a dark haired boy had just dashed up, given a glass of water to a rather disheveled Sterling, and booked it as fast as he had came. “You think they’ve met before this? I mean, he,” in reference to Larke, “seems pretty...composed, considering someone just went at him out of nowhere.” Of course, knowing the line, there was also a chance that he was just managing to roll with the punches to save face in this situation. A fair chance, indeed.

Dawn continued to watch as Tover wrapped up his speech, and Kora gave her own reaction- much less impressed than others (in the distance, she could faintly hear the sound of someone giving her applause) before trudging over to Tessa and apologizing.

Dawn’s brows raised. Color her impressed. Considering how things had been going, she was a tad surprised that it had all been solved without any larger conflict. Even one of the Monroes, who had been bristling with anger during a part of the confrontation, had walked off to somewhere else in the cafeteria. Granted, she doubted that the feud between the Norrevinters and Sterlings would end here (the parting bit of Kora’s apology and Larke’s comment proved that), but as no one was on the receiving end of a breakfast shower at the moment, Dawn considered that a definite improvement.

She watched as Larke gave his own apology to Tessa, pulling the concerned gentleman card with ease, before turning her attentions over to whom she presumed to be a teacher. Dawn wasn’t keen on bringing up any familiarity herself yet- especially with Sterlings. She adjusted the cuff of her sleeve somewhat, and was listening to the teacher’s commentary of things when Tover spoke up. Dawn blinked, batted some of the hair out of her face, and looked over to the newly reseated Book.
“It really wasn’t too big of a deal,” Dawn repeated, giving a small shrug of her shoulders. “Desdemona and I were closer, anyway.” At Tover’s next comment, the corners of her mouth lifted again. “Well, considering nobody is flipping anyone into a table right now, I’d say it was a job well done.” Her hands lifted, folding together neatly on the polished surface of the table. “You did pretty good holding yourself together up there, though, I think. I heard a few people clapping, too.”

At Tover’s mention of the name Evelyn, her smile widened, showing off some of her teeth. “That’s my middle name, actually. So you weren’t completely off.” Dawn explained. “And, ah. I would have no problem with more talking, really.” She paused, then, glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around. “I didn’t see whoever started it. It was nice of her- whoever she is.”