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Drake Coleman

"I may be an asshole, but I am not 100% a dick."

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by Hyro



Full Name:
Drake Ward Coleman





Secondaries of Interest:
Levitation and Tracking

He has black, thick-straight hair that hangs just past his ears. At around 6ft, Drake usually wears fairly fitting jeans with boot cut flare at the bottom, plain tennis shoes, a tank top, and a hoodie or leather jacket depending on his mood. From his neck hangs a necklace passed down from his parents. It's rather simple, honing a white prism tooth at the end. He never takes it off.

Drake is a bit rough around the edges. Having had an abusive elder brother with no parents around, he has a very skewed idea of authority and a hard time socializing properly. He'll typically stick to a smartass response to most things and really hates talking about his home life or any bad memories associated to it. Drake wants to make friends, but finds it difficult due to his cold personality. He loves to read - it helps distract him from his thoughts, from the world, and gives him a place to escape for a bit. He's incredibly smart and diligent, always finishing the assignments on time despite his care-free, piss off attitude. Drake wants to learn, but he is nervous about the idea of teamwork.

He's a great cook, a real Gordon Ramsey. His stealth is excellent in that he is silent and agile. He also has a great silver tongue. Hardly ever does a lie of his not slip through detection.

Drake has a fear of drowning caused by an early childhood trauma. Swimming terrifies him senseless. He also has a horrid temper that can go off when he least expects it, causing blue flame to spiral out, catching his surroundings and himself on fire.

Brief History:
The boy had a depressing history. His parents died in a car wreck when he was 6, leaving his elder brother, Jhock, to take care of him and his younger brother, Kyle. The three were born from a human and a mage, making the bloodline a bit mixed. Kyle and Drake were mages, turns out. Jhock, on the other hand, was perfectly human. As the three grew up, Kyle and Drake grew closer than any two people ever could. Meanwhile, the elder became distant and bitter fast. His jealousy of their powers grew quickly into hatred. Drake and Kyle were cursed at, beaten, abused, and scared into submission at a young age. Jhock would drink himself silly until the putrid smell filled a room, all while pushing the two around and never letting them leave the house. He would say things like, "No one wants to see two freaks of nature," or, "You'll right up scare them until they try to kill you. You think it's bad here? You have no idea what it's like out there."

It was a lot to handle, but the younger brothers always had each other. Until one day, when Kyle disappeared.

Drake knew he hadn't just run off. Kyle would never do that without inviting Drake along. The boy searched for months until he finally gave up and started doing research. If he couldn't find Kyle with his eyes, perhaps magic could help. He was just starting to learn about secondary tracking magic when a letter came in the mail. It was an invitation to a Mage university. There he would find the answers and training he needed to find Kyle.

He packed his things and snuck out while his brother was passed out on the couch, a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

Little did the Drake realize, he had no idea what he was in for.

Drake's bloodline on his mother's side trickles down to one incident in which a Norrevinter ancestor and a Sterling ancestor did the unthinkable. Because of this, his bloodline is rather muddied and controversial, making him a bit of a bastard(in more ways than one). He acquired the berserk technique from his Norrevinter bloodline, but has zero control over it, nor does he know what it actually is.


Art of Drake:


So begins...

Drake Coleman's Story

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#, as written by Hyro
A week ago, this 16 year old boy wouldn't have dreamed of going to a university such as this one. He had scraped the money jar in his house clean, just to make sure he was set financially. Even snuck out in the middle of the night with no indication to where he’d gone or why. The boy’s elder brother lay sprawled in his usual arm chair, passed out, an empty bottle of whiskey gripped loosely in his dangled hand.

This runaway boy now sat in the back of the bus, same as the others, being sure to choose the one seat that only had room for one, because god forbid he had to sit next to another person.

He was gazing out the window for a majority of the ride, having never been outside of his own state before. He read through a book during this time(a book he had finished numerous times in the past and never got sick of) and even fell asleep at one point, the endless bumps never ceasing his slumber. There was no telling how many times he had pulled his Marchand invitation out of his pocket, only to stare longingly at it, eyes full of wonder as he left the school to his imagination. Anything was better than home, and this place offered him a chance to learn more. Maybe even figure out how to find his little brother, who had gone missing some years back.

It was a long ride, a lot longer than he had expected. By the time they arrived at the school, the dark haired boy was more than eager to get out and stretch.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Hopping off the bus, he jumped to the side, out of the way, threw his arms in the air and stretched out. Boy, did it feel nice. After that, he went to grab his luggage. It wasn’t much, just a small bag and a guitar case which he strapped to his back before grabbing the bag and proceeding to the building. The facility was huge, but nothing to gawk at. After all, he lived right outside New York City… Everything was big there.

Having done his rounds with the receptionist who looked like she hated her job, he eventually made his way to the cafeteria. Pancakes… He smelled pancakes. Damn, he hated sweets. Well, maybe they had some… Yes! As the boy walked along the elongated food table, he found sausage and bacon, which he proceeded to pile said meats onto his plate.

If Meatitarians existed, he would be one.

Drake removed himself from the line, plate in one hand and sling-over bag in the other, then faced the cafeteria. His eyes scanned over the tables stationed about, seeing all the people sitting down and starting their meals.

Oh god.

People were new for him. Sure, he had his two brothers at home, but Drake never left his house. He was home schooled, for one. There was also the issue of his control-freak older brother, whom never let the boy leave. Socializing was a new hurdle for him. As his gray eyes gazed from one table to the other, he felt his nerves going haywire. He wanted to talk to them, wanted to make friends. Drake took a timid step toward the one seating two girls… Wait. What would he say? He could sit down, say his name, they say theirs… And then what? What did people even talk about?

Nope. He couldn’t do it. The boy bailed on his opportunity, instead opting to go sit at a table by himself, anxiously glancing about and hoping no one tried to join him. Or maybe some part of him hoped they did…? He was definitely conflicted.

But hey, food. The boy looked down at his food and decided to focus on that. One thing at a time, after all. He sat his guitar case next to him, against the seat, and his bag on the floor, then proceeded to dig in.

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The thump-bump of the bus solicited a surprised squeak from Mitch, and a far less identifiable noise (though it probably fell somewhere between an owl’s screech and crane’s whoop) from the covered cage occupying the seat beside her.

Aside from occasionally poking a piece of jerky it under the cage cover, or adjusting the volume on her MP3 player, the mousy-haired young woman had stayed nearly stock-still for the entire trip. Her eyes were obscured by dark glasses to protect them from the changing light of the road, but her gaze remained forward.

A collapsible white cane sat folded in her lap.

It had been a rather long and more than slightly stressful journey for both Mitch and her caged companion: Between boarding planes and dealing with incompetent airport staff, navigating less than accommodating bus services, and portaling her friend in and out of existence to clear TSA, it had been emotionally and physically exhausting.

So, when the bus lurched to a final stop and the sound of her peers beginning to disembark sounded around her, Mitch was more than elated.

She turned herself further into the seat as the others began grabbing their things from the overhead bins and jostling on their way out, opting to instead change out her sunglasses for a much (much, much) thicker pair of readers, withdraw her tablet, and connect to the school’s Wi-Fi while the others shoved in a hurry to reach the same destination in a relatively similar amount of time.

When the bus was empty, she stood, tucked her readers and tablet into her pocket, unfolded her cane, slung her backpack over her shoulders, and then lifted the cage with her free hand. Arrangements had been made to have her things delivered to her room.

“Thank you,” she said in the general direction of the driver, her voice soft and her smile softer. She swept the ground with the deftness of someone who had done this for ten years as she disembarked down the bus steps and headed up the crunchy gravel drive to the school entrance. The sound of voices booming against increasingly echoing corridors was not hard to follow, though she kept a reasonable distance back until she finally came to stand in what must have been some kind of office.

“I’m looking for registration?” she announced, piping up over some of the noise, staring in no clear direction as the cage gave another disgruntled chirp.

Someone touched her arm, and she startled a good bit more than she had at any of the bus’s bumps.

“Are you Leila Ingram?” said a woman’s voice, dry and disinterested.

Mitch nodded.“Yeah,”she replied, dipping her shoulder away from the unsolicited touch, but turning to face the woman who had spoken. “And it’s Just Mitch.”

“Alright, Miss Ingram,” said the woman, taking Mitch’s arm and guiding her toward what Mitch assumed was the desk. The girl resisted the urge to scowl at the way she was being dragged around through unknown space faster than she could sweep, but made no effort to correct the woman as she kept talking. “I’ve got some forms you need to sign. And an extra in regard to your exception to our familiar policy.”

Mitch stared ahead, and set the cage down at her feet. “Okay.”

“I need you to sign this.”

Mitch blinked, waiting a full five seconds to see if she would be grabbed without permission once again, before patting around for the pen, finding the paper, and signing randomly on each of them without paying any heed.

It would not have been hard to take out her readers, but this woman seemed to likely think she was too incapable for that. “Are we done? Can I let out my guide?”

The woman did not reply.

Mitch nodded, assuming the woman had probably also nodded. And if not, she was being kind of a bitch by not responding. Too tired to care much either way, Mitch then proceeded to crouch in front of the desk and open the door to the cage,

Like a bug crawling out from under a cup, her companion burst out, taking first to a wobbly flight that made a nearby student scream, and then settling down upon Mitch’s shoulders with all six of its legs, frond-antennae twitching as its head swiveled and its four shiny eyes darted about to take in the surroundings.

The cold body of the thing’s carapace-covered belly rested against Mitch’s body, and she could feel a low rattle-hiss-purr vibrate against her back.

“Hi Apple,” she crooned, and a genuine, wide smile spread across her face. She reached to scratch “Apple’s” purple furred back, and then turned to kiss his cheek before he scuttled back down to her feet.

She had taken the initiative to put him in his work harness before boarding her plane in London, in case anyone didn’t know that he was a “Service Animal! Do not pet!”

“Oh, hi. Hi little muffin. I know. I know,” Mitch carried on, folding up the crate cage and tucking it into her pack even as several other students passed by with noises of alarm or surprise. “Hi, fluff bucket. C’mon, now.”

She straightened, cane and cage both gone now, and took hold of the handle on Apple’s back. “Follow,” she ordered, and the pair moved into step behind the crowd making its way toward something that smelled like pancakes.

With the help of audio cues and her trusted sidekick, she managed to navigate the buffet line and acquire a plate full of something edible, and then proceeded back toward the tables with a bit of trepidation. People were not her forte- At least not people her own age or those who she didn't already know. Regardless, her options were limited. There was no sitting alone.

She stepped toward one that sounded (maybe?) less crowded, and offered a warm smile in what seemed like the right direction. “Is this seat open?” she asked, though her voice was much softer than she had intended.

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#, as written by Hyro
And of course, the blind girl had chosen to sit with the most socially incapable boy to have entered the cafeteria thus far. Or at least, that’s how he viewed himself due to his complete lack of experience. The boy’s gray eyes slowly lifted up from his food to meet the girl in front of him. Yes, it was a girl.

Holy shit a girl.

A girl was interacting with him, causing the boy to tense slightly with nerves(nothing noticeable to anyone but himself). Girls were a new experience for him altogether, having grown up in a house of boys. It wasn’t that he had never seen a girl. He’d seen plenty of girls on TV, read about them in books, and sometimes a neighbor girl walked her dog by his house. Not to mention the two girls he had almost considered sitting with. Yes, he knew enough about girls, but talking to girls was extremely new to him. What did girls even talk about? Did they grow up with Legos, too? Were they, like… a completely different species? The boy quickly dismissed this last thought. Surely girls were no different than boys, aside from the obvious biology associated.

Although this particular girl was different. As Drake’s eyes trailed over her, he noted certain features, such as her large glasses, semi-off target staring, and the cane. She was blind, he realized, having only known from(once again) television media.

The most notable thing, however, was her service animal. Maybe animal wasn’t the right term… No, it was definitely a thing. A bug-dog-lizard-mutant thing. It almost frightened the boy at first, though something about it was charming, the way it shuffled about and swiveled its head. He was quick to identify why he found the creature so charming. The thing had a dragon-like look to it, and Drake absolutely adored dragons.

His eyes moved to the girl again, his observations finished. He was always quick to analyze things, so only a few seconds had passed since her initial question, which he answered promptly. “Yes. The seat is open.” Though whether or not she would want to sit there, well… He’d leave that conclusion up to her.

Wait, he should introduce himself. That's what people did when they were first meeting, right? It made sense, logically.

"The name's Drake. And you are...?"

Drake's voice was calm and confident, despite his rocking nerves.

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  1. This was a really pleasant read. I especially liked the "Nope not my problem." Use of Shadow step was also nice to see!

    by TerrorFloof

0.00 INK

'So it begins.'

Professor Oren Kovalenko, an angular figure with dark hair and a long blue coat, watched the numerous new students filing in, passing through the front office and signing off on forms with a sceptical eye. Well, one eye was on the throngs of their new intake, the other was on her phone where she was busy informing any staff members that were not already aware that the first large bus had pulled up and the place was beginning to fill up.

And she didn't expect a group of young mages to maintain any standard of behaviour for very long.

Especially not ones that were more often than not rich, privileged, sheltered, and had never been taught how to properly behave.

Speaking of that-

Norwegian shouting from the entranceway. Oh christ.
From where she was standing Oren could make out three figures at least a head taller than most of the people filtering around them. A woman in he late thirties with long, grey-flecked ginger hair and a crimson coat on, and a hulking man with a beard you could lose a family pet in, both hugging and saying their goodbyes to a third figure. Younger, but still with nearly a foot of height on the Professor, with a mop of red-orange hair and a voice with a strong nordic accent that was carrying over near enough everyone else's together.

No mistaking those.

With one deft movement Miss Kovalenko stepped back into the shadow of one of the hall's pillars, and melted into the darkness without a word.

Somebody else could handle Ren's spawn and the ginger storm. She'd see to making sure no-one had started killing each other in the dining hall.

As it was some students had started eating, or introducing themselves. Oren materialized out from behind the door, quite alarming several students who'd been lines up there, and proceeded to check over the status of things.

Over to one side of the cafeteria, on an otherwise yet unoccupied table, a small figure was slumped over the the surface, next to what was now the degenerated milky sludge of a bowl of cereal left uneaten beyond its time, and something that long ago ceased to be a hot drink.

Her long, rather untidy-looking red hair was spread across the table like seaweed, and she was wearing a blue sweater lined with knitted purple cat faces, the phrase 'Have a Mice Day' inset into the back and front. It was at least two sizes too big and luridly coloured enough that the student was clashing with the furnishings.

Professor K came to a halt behind the student, regarding the girl with her look of pitiless reptilian distaste before finally speaking up.

"Are we boring you already, Kingsley?"

The redhead awoke with a start, knocking her bowl astray with one hand and splattering the fortified mud across the surface.

The Professor remained perfectly stationary whilst one of her charges scrambled, blinking, to try and both stem the flow of milk from the upturned bowl, and address her at the same time.

"! No Professor! I was just it breakfast time?"
Apparently only just realising how many others had entered the cafeteria, the student known as 'Kingsley' looked over to the table across, giving a rather sheepish smile.

Kovalenko's expression however was her usual weary mask of disapproval.
"Well Kingsley that is what everyone else is doing, if you would like to try and catch up with the timetable, I think it would probably be beneficial for you. And please try and avoid wasting food in the future."

"Y-yes Professor..." the girl hastily responded, pale cheek reddening a little as the watched the aquamancer turn and walk off down the row.
" that's the year off to a good start..."

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Jesse sat in the back of the bus as it chugged up to the school. Her peers were chatting in front of her, but she mostly kept to herself. Some had animals with them in cages, some of which looked intently in her direction. She tried not to draw attention to it though. She knew these people would be like every other person she had encountered. She would most certainly be ostracized if they knew about animals' affinity towards her.

She was the last one off the bus, purposefully of course. She took in the surroundings. The school was definitely unique. She read the sign: Marchand School of Sorcery. Was she in the wrong place? She knew the school was called Marchand, but the only place she had heard of sorcery was in storybooks. Everyone was filing into the cafeteria, though, so if she was to ask someone about it, she would have to go there. She took a deep breath, and followed her fellow students into the building. She looked around. Many places had already been taken. There seemed to be a nice place in the corner away from most people, except one girl who seemed confused. She supposed one person was better than being surrounded by them, so she went over to that table and quietly sat down.

She took some pancakes awkwardly, before saying, sheepishly, "Hi, I'm Jesse," and extending out a hand.

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0.00 INK

Upon hearing someone respond to her inquiry, Mitch turned her head a few inches so to her left so that her hazel gaze settled somewhere close to the speaker’s center mass.

“Oh, thanks I’m—“ She cut herself off, face going pale and her stomach clenching. She had forgotten her manners, or at least the ones her mother had explained in the weeks prior to this trip: It was disrespectful in the magical community not to pause after someone made an introduction. Or was it rude not to pause after you introduced yourself?

Or… Had he even given a house name? Or was “Drake” the last name?

Crapcrapcrapcrap he’s LOOKING at you.

She swallowed, and a meek, nervous smile crept across her features as she set down her tray.

“I…um. Sorry. I’m not really all that good with the… Um…” More awkward silence. ”Sorry about that. It’s nice to meet you, Drake. I’m Mitch. Well. Leila Ingram, I guess. Technicaly. But Dressler, on my mom’s side. Of the American Dresslers. I think. The rune ones. Who um. The ah… I’m not really used to magical gatherings and all of the— APPLE!”

Obviously bored of her blabbering, the seeing-eye-abomination hopped itself up onto the table, yanking her forward against the bench and taking her balance out from under her. She stumbled, caught herself on the edge, and gracelessly twisted to find her rear end planted halfway on the seat with a none-too-subdued "ACK!"

Apple cocked its head to the side, blinked with all four eyes, and then resumed its former task of examining the food on Mitch’s plate.

Mitch’s face flushed red with embarrassment, and she reached forward to swat the creature lightly on its hindquarters. It did not seem too concerned with being called ”Bad! Stoppit," however, as it started on the task of eating the napkin off of the tray with little hesitance.

”I’m really sorry. About him. He’s usually better… We’ve just had a long day, and all of this… Um. Sorry.

“But basically. Yeah. Just Mitch.”

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  1. Avalon's are good creatures.

    by TerrorFloof

0.00 INK

Tessa grinned at Desdemona motioning her to join the now growing table of girls. "Sure you are welcome to sit here we were just making introductions!" The excitement was reaching full force as she continued. "Oh where are my manners! I'm Tessa Botrelle member of the French Defender Line."

She fidgeted in the seat as she waited for customary pause. Tradition be dammed she just wanted to talk to everyone. It wasn't like she needed to be introduced to half the people in the room. Most of the magical world knew these kids and bloodlines, but she doubted they knew her bloodline. Or at least the bloodline that officially claimed her anyways.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see a blind girl, probably from the Dressler's known for their horrible eye problems. The creepy familiar playing seeing eye dog cemented that assumption. However the boy sitting next to her was a mystery, probably some minor foreign bloodline like her own.

Oh pause time was over, she needed to focus. "It is very nice to meet you both! Are you excited for the upcoming school year?"


Jason sat up straight at his solo table his eyes scanning the room taking time to study each of his fellow students. As he watched Helena sleep through half of breakfast and wearing that horrendous sweater he frowned. Making sure to catch the other student's eyes and give her a disapproving gaze.

As he stood up cleaning up his small mess from breakfast he glanced out the door. The Norwegian giants were hard to miss as was the super close collision between the Noriventers and Sterlings that had just been avoided.

Deciding that leaving right now was not the best idea as he had no authority over the older individuals involved currently, he instead surveyed his fellow students. Trying to figure out which ones were the most disciplined out of the bunch. With a frown he found no one up to his admittedly high but fair standards.

So it was time to fall back onto plan B, keep Larke playboy Sterling away from the girls.

Putting on his best smile he waiting planning on motioning the other boy over once he walked through the door.


Derrick's phone buzzed as he worked, putting up the finishing touches on the boy's dorm. Each door with a beautiful fabric embroidered with each inhabitant's family crest, denoting the residents who lived inside the various rooms. Tracking down each bloodline's crest had been a challenge but Derrick had been able to do it. Barely making it in time judging by the buzzing of his phone.

With a sigh he stopped admiring his work and turned to look at his phone. After doing a double take he whistled putting his phone back and deciding he would pretend to not have seen it, after all the amount he wanted to be in the middle of a blood feud was 0 out of 10.

With a hum he continued to work making sure informative signs were posted about the dorm. Ones taking about CPR, Poison Controls Number, a school schedule complete with a map, and of course instructions on how to put out fires were littered about the hallway.

As he looked over his handwork Derrick realized he had forgotten two things, the instructions on how to use the laundry machine and microwave. With a shake of his head at his own negligence he went to the teachers lounge hoping to print out the signs before anyone noticed. Or blew up the microwave and flooded the laundry room.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Hyro
Well, Drake’s assumption in him being the most socially awkward person in this cafeteria went down the drain rather quickly as Mitch proved him wrong. The boy didn’t really understand manners or customs or anything like that, which made the situation even more awkward for him as he tried to decipher why she suddenly stopped talking every so often.

And at one point she started babbling about her family, which granted meant nothing to him, and mentioned runes, which he could only assume was her telling him her primary. Probably. He wasn’t really sure.

He reeled back a bit when Apple decided to lurch onto the table, but otherwise didn’t react too much, aside from casting occasional glances at the creature. He looked back to Mitch after a moment of staring at the mutant thing now on the table.

“You can stop saying sorry so much,” the boy offered, shifting his body weight in an attempt to get more comfortable. He no longer felt as tense as he had a few moments ago, “And, ah… I suppose my last name is Coleman, since we’re giving full names now. Though that hardly seems relevant or necessary. I specialize in Pyromancy.”

Drake was a bit of an oddball when it came to his sense of style, though truthfully he just threw whatever he had together. He was adorning what seemed like some old, jock-esque red jacket over a black tank top, though he didn’t exactly seem like the athletic type. If anything, the boy’s black, razorcut hair and guitar carry case made him look more rockstar reject thank jock. He certainly wasn’t bad looking though, being 6ft with decent posture and a thin physique, nor were his clothes anything too horrible. Handed down, sure, but decent and certainly no more than a few years old. He just seemed very casual at best, all the way down to his black converse sneakers.

The boy’s gray eyes glanced over Apple again. “So um… What am I looking at, exactly?” Drake’s eyes moved over the lettering on the animal’s harness. “I mean, service animal, I get it. But er…” he raised his eyes again, having gotten a touch distracted, “What is he?”

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0.00 INK

Mitch blinked.

She had never heard of a “Coleman” line, but then again, she hadn’t heard of many lines outside of the major six or seven that came up in casual conversation with the few mages she knew.

”Oh, yeah. Coleman. Of course”, she replied, now careful to not give herself a reason to be sorry. The way he wrote off family lines was very different from what she had been led to expect of the other students, and she filed the detail away.

Apple, however, was thinking far less analytical thoughts. The dog-sized Familiar, wholly unaware that he was being spoken of, was quite busy with investigating Mitch’s plate. He bent low over the food in the left corner, pondered it with his fronds, and then opened its mouth.

Out of which sprang another, smaller mouth, striking like a snake with razor-like teeth that ensnared a sausage link and yanked it inside as the entire jaw mechanism snapped shut. There was a hissing, grinding sound as Apple tossed his head back and the meat was swallowed, followed by a series of chirps not dissimilar to a hyena’s cackle.

Mitch stroked him between his antennae.

“He’s just Apple,” she replied to the inquiry, some of the nervousness melting away as the conversation veered into familiar waters. “I summoned him when he was a baby, and he’s furry and gross and I love him.”

Apple hiss-cackled louder at the mention of its name, two eyes closing shut in contentment while the other two watched Mitch and Drake, respectively.

”Just watch his tail. It drips acid. But only if you get him excited. So it's probably fine."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Hyro
”Oh, yeah. Coleman. Of course.”

Drake was admittedly a bit confused by her response. He didn’t know her, surely she had no reason to know him or his last name for that matter. Perhaps she was just trying to play it cool while sounding horrendously awkward. He proceeded not to comment.

His gray eyes moved to the creature on the table once more as it proceeded to attack a sausage link with its… second mouth. Eesh. The boy couldn’t help but cringe a bit. The thing was certainly a disturbing sight at times, though he still found it cute.

“Apple?” the boy repeated, as if the name were foreign, “But he’s not even red--” Drake caught himself abruptly, realizing what he was saying. Colors meant nothing to a blind girl, of course, and he quickly cleared his throat. “I mean, erm… That’s a lovely name.” His lips pursed, eyebrows furrowing a tad.

Quick, change the subject.

“So,” the boy trailed off, eyes scanning the room as if that would somehow help him find a conversation topic, “What brings you to Marchand?”

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Mitch’s gut clenched into a tight knot, and the color drained from her cheeks at the sudden change of subject. Her palms were washed in a cold, clammy sweat, and she set her fork back down onto her tray so that she would not drop it.

Drake was uncomfortable.

He had mentioned something that he thought would make her uncomfortable, and then made the choice to skirt the elephant in the room; ignore all subjects that could force the awkward topic out into the open.

She was different; nobody wanted to mention it.

“It’s okay,” she said, offering a small smile, “I know he’s not red. He’s purple.” She reached forward to where Apple sounded like he was, and the little creature reciprocated by pressing his head into her palm with a hissing purr. The furry ridge of his back rose up to rub against her arm for a scratch, and he flopped down onto his side as the expected reward was granted.

“I’m not that kind of blind,” she explained, her best ‘casual conversation’ face pointing just a few centimeters too far to the right to make eye contact with Drake, “And it’s not bad to ask about, or whatever. For future reference. Just so… So you aren’t uncomfortable. It's not like it's a secret.”

Awkward pause.

Should have just kept that to herself.

“But yeah. I uh. I’m mostly at Marchand because my mom decided I’d been homeschooling for long enough. She wanted me to try out the whole mage thing a bit more before I decide for sure what I want to do for work. I’m pretty set on studying computers, but I guess the magic thing is worth checking out. Seems less employable, though. And you?”

She stabbed a pancake and shoved a bite into her mouth, then, eager to make sure she couldn’t proceed to let out any more stupid babbling.

And then there were very loud noises.

At the sound of a scream, Mitch tensed and Apple was quickly on his feet. With a fluttering hop, he slithered defensively onto her shoulders, two forelegs perched on her hair, two eyes trained on the sound, and the other two roving in search of any more trouble. He let out a screeching caw in the direction of the commotion, and his tail curled up to block Mitch's face from any potential incoming. Above him, his wings snapped together, rubbing to produce a low rattle not unlike the warning of a snake.

"Drake? What's happening?"

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#, as written by Hyro
”I’m not that kind of blind,” she had said, confusing Drake slightly. What did she mean by that? He had no experience in blindness or eye disabilities of any kind, so he was about to ask for clarification.

That was, until the chaos went down in the cafeteria.

Drake was on his feet in seconds when everything started, reacting in a sort of fight or flight response he had acquired from his home life. Him standing had been completely impulsive, as had his nerves tensing up in his shoulders and back. After a quick assessment of the situation, however, the boy snapped out of his attentive stance, having heard his name. Mitch was confused and asking what on earth was going on. It was a good question, and his eyes narrowed at the other tables in an attempt to properly describe the situation.

It was like watching animals throwing a tantrum over a stolen bone, Kora being the angry beast and Larke being the one who had taken her meal. He'd never seen this kind of social behavior, though he was pretty sure this wasn't common for mage culture, and was likely considered rude, if not entirely mal-mannered.

“I’m not sure… Some tall ginger girl just brought down some guy and poured yoghurt all over him, then sat on him… Hold on, I’ll be right back,” he offered her, moving toward the mess. He made sure to grab some napkins at a nearby napkin station on his way.

“Hey, guys! Knock it off!” the young mage shouted in an attempt to damper the conflict, keeping his distance for the moment. As if on cue, the taller woman had put Larke back in an upright position and was now addressing those around her. Drake didn’t pay much mind to their conversations, instead opting to walk over and offer the messy man some napkins.

“Here,” he handed Larke a small stack of napkins, before moving over to the spot on the floor where said food had been dumped over Kora’s victim. Especially since the tantrum girl seemed far too superior to actually consider cleaning it up. It was everywhere, and he quickly realized upon further inspection that he was going to need more than just napkins. The boy moved to grab an empty tray off a nearby table and, using some of the napkins, scooped the various liquids and chunks onto the tray. With a quick sweep, he got the rest of what was left, leaving the floor clean and dry, then moved to the nearest trash can to dump the tray and its contents.

When Drake looked back to the scene, he found enough people had gotten involved, so instead of adding to the crowd, the boy simply padded back over to his table to inform Mitch. “Everything’s fine, I think. I’m not entirely sure. But it seems like it’s being handled.” The boy, who had still been staring at the scene, finally dragged his gaze away to look at Mitch and Apple, noticing Apple’s rigid stance and tentativeness.

“We’re not in danger, if that’s what Apple is worried about,” he assured.

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Jason eyed the small girl he had shared a seat with on the way over, knocked over by the callousness of Kora. His unasked question of did she need help was met with the shake of the head. A frown graced his face as he prepared to go over there. However two others were already on the way and taking care of the issue.

Back to the issue at hand, he was admittedly amused as Kora moved Larke like a toy. Dumping more breakfast over the boy's head, even if outwardly he only showed disapproval. He'd have to send Kora a thank you card or something, Jason had wanted to dump drinks over Larke's goddamn perfect hair for years.

"Kora, you do realize they could decide to remove toiletries from your little kingdom." He sighed, running a hand in his hair as he spoke in an exasperated tone. "You know, maybe if you were nice you could get your sugar privileges back." As Jason considered how to move Kora from her newly acquired piece of furniture, since this had gone on long enough, he was elbowed in the gut.

"Oof" Not a cry of pain but more one of surprise as the girl, Jasper, that he had removed from the situation was getting herself back into it. Well, that's the thanks you get when you tried to save someone, he guessed.

His eyes of disapproval turned to Jasper and he voiced his disapproval. "Jasper insulting someone is not helping the situation. It may also do you some good to know exactly what situation you are getting yourself into before you speak. Threatening a Norrevinter is one of the stupidest things one can do." Well, he added mentally, unless you are part of the future council member club.

Of course Kora chimed in and informed Jasper of her ignorance. Who responded by getting into a fighting stance. Jason readied himself to get between Jasper and Kora in hopes that the smaller, less informed artist did not hurt herself. He was saved from this fight as another boy entered the fray, Tover, his mind supplied. Shouting out across the cafeteria, a rare look of approval graced his face as he met the other boy's grey eyes. Jason would stand down this time and see how this played out. Ready to jump into the fray if things went south after all, few called out a Norrevinter's honor in public like that. Though the public was on Tover's side if the clapping was any indication.

No, Jason had another fish to fry. Icy blue eyes narrowed as they watched a black haired boy grab napkins, yell, poorly wipe off some of the food, and race back to his table. Someone needed a talk on how to behave, and not be an moron it seemed. He would keep an eye on the boy who was either ignorant, had a death wish, or was trying to pick a fight. After all getting involved in a matter required either a big stick or knowing how to talk. It appeared the kid had neither of these qualities.

Shaking his head, he turned his attention to Jasper and Adelaide who were thankfully backing down. Ever the gentleman he looked at the table motioning to the book that had started this commotion. "Oh, don't forget your sketch book." His eyes took note of the yogurt spilled and the connection was made. With understanding he moved to grab a napkin and offered it to the other. "Here, there may be time yet to fix this little spill." There really was no need to cause so much fuss over a little book, but any distraction he could use to pull away Jasper from Kora was a good one.

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A lot of people had a lot to say about the situation.

Larke, remained silent throughout most of the exchange; not because he had nothing clever to offer, but because he was painfully aware of whom they were trying to communicate with. They may as well have been posting “No Bears Allowed” signs around a campground. His gaze tracked along with the conversation as Jasper started to add fuel to the fire, but he lost intent interest once he was sure that Norrevinter wouldn’t take a swing at a girl.

Instead, he opted to stand back with nothing less than his usual good-natured (if not a bit dampened) demeanor and adjust himself as best as he could. He offered a nearly inaudible, “thanks man,” followed by a nod toward the boy who had handed him the napkins, despite knowing that the flimsy paper would be of little use for such a sizeable mess.

Settling the napkins aside for the time, Larke grabbed a glass of water and dumped its contents into his hand. The water fell down in a spout and stayed exactly where it was poured, a baseball-sized dome forming in his palm. Then, as easily as if he were using a bath sponge, he dragged the little ball over his head to scrape the food from his hair onto his tray on the table.

He repeated the procedure with his face, the back of his neck, and his pants as the others talked, before returning the now-filthy water to the glass and placing the glass on the tray.

As for the sport coat, he simply removed it and shook the food out into the small pile he had amassed, before folding it over his arm, dirty side in.

The result was a relatively clean (though very notably damp) look, accompanied by a slightly confused expression as Larke caught the tail end of Tover’s speech. The poor boy was trying to play politics with the oaf. Larke gave him an encouraging nod and a small smile of appreciation, doing his best not to give away how incredibly pointless he found the endeavor.

“Oh, come on, Jason,” he replied at last, running a hand through the back of his hair to shake out some of the water, “We’re not animals, now. We wouldn’t embargo their ability to clean themselves—“

And then, turning toward the girl who had been bowled over (Tessa, was it?,) “My family takes too much pride in considering others before we act, to do such a thing.” With that, he crossed the floor to where Tessa was, carefully avoiding eye contact with the hulking ginger abomination. He stood at a slight angle so that the back of his shoulder was toward Kora; just enough to make clear that he was not her friend, but not so much that it looked like open animosity.

Basically the same practiced pose his relatives took when standing next to hers in any kind of formal setting.

His brow furrowed into a look of concern, and his lips pulled down into the slightest of frowns. “Are you sure you’re alright, Miss? I apologize —On both of our behalves— about any trouble our familial disagreement has caused you, especially on your first day.” He then held out the napkins the boy had passed to him, and cast a quick glance down toward her legs. His voice was soft as he said, “And you’ve also got a bit of something on your pants,” before breaking back into his usual warm tone.

“Also quite sorry about being a horrible bastard. Personal shortcoming, and all.”

If she happened to look before wiping the almost-not-there bit of mess, she would find that one of the napkins had a phone number scrawled on it in quick handwriting, belonging to “That Sterling Bastard from Breakfast.”

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Jason put on a fake smile as he nodded to Adelaide speaking to her politely. "Oh I understand that something like that is very important. However maybe next time it would be better to fix the mess rather than let it sit. Before jumping into a feud between two powerful future council members who have the power to make you and your sister's life miserable."

As Jasper left and Adelaide apologized on her twin's behalf he zeroed in on Kora who was currently apologizing to his.... to the girl she knocked over he mentally corrected. As Larke offered to clean off a non-existent mess on the younger girl his eyes narrowed. Sterlings rarely did things out of the kindness of their heart, that bastard was up to something. Meaning he would have a talk with Larke later and officially declare Tessa under his protection, after all he had promised to look out for the younger girl. Whether she wanted it or not.

Now onto problem number two, as he disapprovingly eyed the black hair youth and blind girl with the insect abomination. Now seemed like as good a time as any to inform him of what was going on, and why shouting 'knock it off' was the worse move imaginable. As he took a step forward Montana appeared and basically told them all to not be privileged brats. He nodded agreeing with the man's message, after all getting into trouble on the first day looked bad. Once the teacher was done he continued forward towards his targets.

"Mind if I join you Miss Ingram and companion. While his tone was polite it was not a question as he moved to sit down without waiting for permission. His eyes looked at Drake studying the youth with a rapt attention as he took in every detail about him in a very unnerving fashion. "I'd like to introduce myself, Jason Avalon." There was no pause as he continued as very few did not know who he was. "Miss Ingram, your new friend may need some lessons in etiquette. Please bare with my questioning for a moment while I figure out a few issues. Jason's tone was cold as his face shone of disapproval as he spoke to Drake as if the boy was a child. "I would like to know who you are and why you felt it was a good idea to involve yourself in a feud. As well as ask what made you think that saying 'knock it off' was a good idea and was going to help anything?"

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Dawn’s first day was turning out to be much more interesting than she had originally thought. Whether or not that was an entirely good thing was up for debate, but either way. Several strong personalities had already made themselves known. The Council kids were obvious competitors so far, as well as the two girls she wasn’t quite able to identify at first- Monroes, apparently. A trace of surprise went through her as Tover stepped into the cluster of activity that had formed, and a bit more at his giving of an impromptu speech to one Norrevinter. She wasn’t quite sure if he would be rewarded for his efforts, but one still had to give props for trying.

Absently, Dawn caught a small bit of the exchange between Jason and Tessa, but her mind was elsewhere. The information went unprocessed. Instead, her smile returned as the other girl quickly bounced back to her previous level of energy, seemingly unaffected by the whole ordeal. “Well,” she began, “she, um. Came pretty fast. Unless you were psychic, I don’t think you could have really known she was going to knock you over like that. And-” Dawn’s face brightened somewhat- “it, um, wasn’t too big of a deal. You defended me, so it’s really the least I can do to help you up like that.”

The Trickster’s gaze flickered over to the scene of the crime, where a dark haired boy had just dashed up, given a glass of water to a rather disheveled Sterling, and booked it as fast as he had came. “You think they’ve met before this? I mean, he,” in reference to Larke, “seems pretty...composed, considering someone just went at him out of nowhere.” Of course, knowing the line, there was also a chance that he was just managing to roll with the punches to save face in this situation. A fair chance, indeed.

Dawn continued to watch as Tover wrapped up his speech, and Kora gave her own reaction- much less impressed than others (in the distance, she could faintly hear the sound of someone giving her applause) before trudging over to Tessa and apologizing.

Dawn’s brows raised. Color her impressed. Considering how things had been going, she was a tad surprised that it had all been solved without any larger conflict. Even one of the Monroes, who had been bristling with anger during a part of the confrontation, had walked off to somewhere else in the cafeteria. Granted, she doubted that the feud between the Norrevinters and Sterlings would end here (the parting bit of Kora’s apology and Larke’s comment proved that), but as no one was on the receiving end of a breakfast shower at the moment, Dawn considered that a definite improvement.

She watched as Larke gave his own apology to Tessa, pulling the concerned gentleman card with ease, before turning her attentions over to whom she presumed to be a teacher. Dawn wasn’t keen on bringing up any familiarity herself yet- especially with Sterlings. She adjusted the cuff of her sleeve somewhat, and was listening to the teacher’s commentary of things when Tover spoke up. Dawn blinked, batted some of the hair out of her face, and looked over to the newly reseated Book.
“It really wasn’t too big of a deal,” Dawn repeated, giving a small shrug of her shoulders. “Desdemona and I were closer, anyway.” At Tover’s next comment, the corners of her mouth lifted again. “Well, considering nobody is flipping anyone into a table right now, I’d say it was a job well done.” Her hands lifted, folding together neatly on the polished surface of the table. “You did pretty good holding yourself together up there, though, I think. I heard a few people clapping, too.”

At Tover’s mention of the name Evelyn, her smile widened, showing off some of her teeth. “That’s my middle name, actually. So you weren’t completely off.” Dawn explained. “And, ah. I would have no problem with more talking, really.” She paused, then, glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around. “I didn’t see whoever started it. It was nice of her- whoever she is.”

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“I’m not sure… Some tall ginger girl just brought down some guy and poured yoghurt all over him, then sat on him… Hold on, I’ll be right back,” said Drake.

As far as Mitch was concerned, the offered information was about as useful as a MacBook Air.

That is to say, not very useful.

She stared intently forward at the wall as the conversation continued, though her head was cocked slightly to the left so that her ear was pointed more directly toward the goings-on. She did not know much about mage lines, but what little she did seemed sufficient to explain: There was a Norrevinter (distinguishable by her telltale inability to distinguish the letters “r” and “w,”) and a Sterling (going by the general asinine charm with which he handled the confrontation.) There was also some mention of an Avalon, as well as someone else that was offering his input.

Some clapping ensued after that.

Mitch pretended to not hear most of the exchange, instead shifting her pancakes around with her fork as the others worked it out.

Apple, for his part, continued to be a good Apple. Once the Shaggy-Black-Fur-Male-Thing was gone, he kept up his warning rattle for a good thirty seconds, adamantly protecting his Bad-Eyes-Good-Pets friend. From what he could see, the Fire-Head-Large-Thing had opened assault against one of the Short-Fur-Male-Things, and he had no idea who was next on its docket. Clearly a dominance battle. Now there were other Female-Long-Hair-Things involved.

His tail lowered to sit on Mitch’s forehead for a moment when the White-Fur-Man-Thing started to speak (and the good-eating-things stopped flying), and then finally curled back into its resting position against his own back as the situation deescalated.

Obviously due to his own excellent defensive ability.

Quite satisfied with himself, Apple slunk down from Mitch’s shoulders to curl into her lap, and was resting there comfortably when Drake returned. Mitch’s left hand was stroking his wiry fur when she heard Drake sit down, and she adjusted her gaze to be back in his general direction.

“I figured as much,” she replied with a small shrug, “If anything really bad was happening, he’d have probably tried to eat it.”

When another voice joined in (Avalon? She knew Avalon, at least in name and voice,) she turned once again and offered a vague smile. “Of course you can sit. Mr. Av- Jason. Um.”

More awkward pause.

“But. My name’s just Mi…”

She let the end of the sentence die out as Jason began chiding her newfound companion. Her shoulders folded in ever so slightly, and her eyes went back down to the table. The thought of saying something crossed her mind, but quickly dissipated as she recalled that this was a face-to-face conversation: There would be no hiding behind an infamous tag or username here.

After a sentence or two, she reached into her pocket and popped a headphone into one ear.

Best not to interfere with that.

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#, as written by Hyro
Drake hadn’t really paid much attention to any looks he had gotten from the others, as he had sort of assumed he’d been ignored once other people chimed in, aside from the boy whom he’d handed napkins to.

So he was rather surprised when someone came over to talk to him.

Having greeted himself, the boy returned the favor and gave his name in turn. “Drake,” he introduced before faltering a bit, having remembered how Mitch had given her last name, and now so had this boy. He supposed this was common and briskly fixed himself. “Ah, Coleman,” he finished, "Drake Coleman.” A pause, not due to manners or tradition, but rather due to hesitance.

There was no recognition in the young pyromancer’s eyes at Avalon’s name.

As Jason posed his next question, the boy’s eyebrows furrowed. It was an odd question to him, and his brain worked to try and figure out why it was being asked and where he had messed up. Had he somehow insulted someone?

“I saw two people fighting and told them to knock it off. That’s usually what people do when someone’s having a fight, right?” His tone implied that even he wasn’t entirely sure now, looking back. “Plus that girl was nearly trampled, and they were making a scene. I didn’t care to see it escalate, that’s all. It wasn’t meant to be a hostile remark…”

Though there was more confusion in the boy’s eyes as he posed a question. “Did you say feud? I figured they had some kind of history, but,” he glanced over at the two as if this would help him understand better, but it did not, “Do you mean, like a family feud?” He looked back at Jason now. “I wasn’t trying to get involved, I was just cleaning up the mess it caused. It’s a force of habit.” There was no way in hell he’d elaborate on that last part.

He was starting to regret interacting with people now, as he was never good with confrontation. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for the whole socializing thing. Although, Mitch had seemed nice so far.

Jason, on the other hand, was coming off a bit contentious and Drake was starting to feel like a cornered animal.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble.”

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ImageFacing Dawn, Tover noticed the small personal war she was having to push hair out of her face before the conversation began. The lack of raven locks muddling her face let those grey eyes be visible again, and it caused the edge of a smile to curve on his face. What an oddly pleasant feeling. Was this what it felt like to make real friends, instead of that simulacrum atrocity his family accepted? He felt a little flush, though that may have been just from the recovery of his borderline fearless intervention just earlier.

“It really wasn’t too big of a deal, Desdemona and I were closer, anyway.”
Well that was a relief, he’d thought it might have been otherwise, but bothersome little trails of thought like that were very common for him, and just hearing he was okay always did wonders to shut those down. Dawn’s shrug an almost helpful reinforcer.

It was the curve of her lips as they slid into the beginnings of a smile that made him feel warm, and just a touch helpless. He’d made someone smile? His face, while generally marred with practiced nonchalance softened its features into a warmer expression as he listened.
“Well, considering nobody is flipping anyone into a table right now, I’d say it was a job well done.” He saw her fingers fold, and sat up in response, as if she might suddenly be a little more serious.
“You did pretty good holding yourself together up there, though, I think. I heard a few people clapping, too.”

Forget warm. He was turning pinkish red in the cheeks and shyly had to turn away a little. His grey eyes cast down and to the side, some loose locks of hair falling back out of place over his forehead as a full-on unstoppable smile of pride and fulfillment stuck to his face, listening to her clear up the naming convention as the tips of his fingers felt prickly, raising them to rub the back of his head after managing a small mention.
”T..thanks, that means a lot.”

“That’s my middle name, actually. So you weren’t completely off.” Dawn explained. “And, ah. I would have no problem with more talking, really.” She had paused, glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around. “I didn’t see whoever started it. It was nice of her- whoever she is.”

When Dawn mentioned clapping he instinctively turned back to look at the table along with dawn, locating where the girl in the big hoodie sat. She seemed somewhat covered in bits of fur here and there because of the hoodie, but that didn’t matter at the moment. Glad to just have recognized her before turning back to face Dawn as Tessa joined in on the conversation.
”I don’t know her name yet, but it’s the girl in the messy hoodie over there. I’m not going to bother her now though, she’s got her own thing going. I’ll thank her when I can later. Also, Evelyn’s a really nice name. Probably why it stuck~ I’d be happy to have some long conversations when we both have free time to catch up!” Tover sounded almost chipper.

The invitation to conversation with Evelyn was a pleasantry he was going to enjoy delving into sometime, but it looked like group socializing was going to cut up the deeper conversations people could be having at the moment. It was pleasant though, thinking everyone should get this, a tender blossoming warmth behind the middle of the chest from talking to classmates who were becoming friends.

His attention split from the inner sensations he was experiencing as some Tessa speedily cut in with some strong french. He spoke the language, but she was going a bit fast, his color balancing back to normal during his momentary frown that spoke volumes of what he was understanding while she spoke. A tempered pleasant look replaced it when she kicked up her translating skills.

"Guys I have something awesome to tell you later it is juicy too!”
As nice as that was, he had the odd feeling that what Tessa had to say was very much going to be ‘girl talk.’ Making Tover look around for a temporary way out for a minute or so before he could return to the table. Surely there was someone he could temporarily say hi to and maybe pull into this in-the-middle-of-being-minted group of friends. ”That’s nice~” was all he managed to say before Tessa slid into sudden questioning twined with pleasant compliments, her bubbly personality really shining through.

"That was some awesome negotiating Tov, butterflies or not you did great! Oh that girl no idea who she is but with a speech like that I doubt anyone could ignore you. You were like a practiced diplomat, where did you learn to do that? You really helped Kora out, are you trying to get in her good graces?”
The kindness of her compliments had been a very welcomed, if not an outright necessity for the well being of his continued social growth and overall well-being. He’d been silently wrecked in some ways by the whole ordeal. Hearing things like this though, this helped. He felt much better with the supportive validation from his peers, and general acceptance that he’d not only done the right thing, but that people were a little impressed with the whole thing. It was a quiet reward for trying to be himself, and instead of being met with the disdain that would normally have followed at home. Here it seemed.. it seemed welcomed.

Steady as he felt from the social feedback, an icy chill clamped to his senses. He coulden’t help but see similarities in the gaze Tessa’s blue eyes held as she leered at him with an almost zealous intensity. It reminded of some of the looks he’d gotten from people that had only wanted something out of him. Her compliments had likely been sincere, and if Tover had to make a guess, she had noticed what he might have been actually up to with that chess move of his. Well. Half-move~ He did have something he didn’t want to see again fueling the action.

There was a messy comprehensive answer in his head, but it broke down easy enough as his face crunched together in pensive though. When his features softened and returned to leaning-on-the-table nonchalance, he was good to talk.
“Tessa, right?” Tover started, taking a sip from his cup of water since his tea was all gone. “First off thanks for the kind words, you’re a good part responsible for why I’m ‘Okay’ right now, along with Dawn, and mystery girl who started clapping over there. Until a bit ago. well..” He raised his hand holding the water cup a little, it still had a tremor.

“I’m no diplomat. I just.. I’ve been around a lot of people that had to know just what to say in order to get the result they want.” He paused to look right at Tessa, but his body posture shifted to something defensive, like he really didn’t want to talk about this, at all, because it caused such discomfort. “My family is a matriarchy. I’m not exactly a people person, but saying the wrong thing to the wrong girl in my family can net you some pretty brutal and unorthodox responses and results.”

Tover cleared his throat to bite away the topic, it was too uncomfterable and it showed heavily all over him, eyebrows strained as he took a proper drink of water and got into answering. “A couple years ago I was in a private school, and something very much like this happened.” He nodded over to Norrevinter. “Except that back then, I didn’t know what the cost was. Over a few years that person only ever got seen as a bully, and was treated in a way that only made things go more and more downhill. All because they never had a chance to turn it around, because of something they did right at the beginning in front of everyone. I only learned later of the effects that had, and I wasn’t the person you just saw talking either. I coulden’t help then, and I felt regret. I couldn’t bear to see watching it play out for a second time. So I was just going to take the humiliation of failing infront of everyone.” his head dipped down, as if the outcome he was expecting in his head was playing and it was considerably more bleak that what had actually transpired. ” I’d rather live with the knowledge that I did what I wanted and followed my will, then live with another regret of “It didn’t have to be that way.”

Tover was fighting with his tie without having noticed it. The thing almost completely undone. He was frowning during his lean, the common eyes only half-open look glued to an empty spot in the middle of the table. Like he coulden’t bear to look at anyone right now. “If it happens that Kora likes me more because of it.. I mean. It would be nice, and I won’t mind, because I’ve always wanted more friends. Real friends.” He raised his head, and looked in Norrevinter’s general direction. “But I doubt it. She’s a big bundled ball of pride, and I think all I actually did was maybe prevent the mess from getting worse, but I doubt she sees me as anything more than someone who got in the way of her feuding. If that’s how it is, that’s fine. I did my part in giving her the chance to show that she was a person, and not just.. another bully. Because I wasn’t convinced the person from a few years ago was one either, just never got the chance to be seen as anything else.”

Tover moved his food tray to the side. “That aside, I’m sorry for using your fall as an excuse to get that done. That wasn’t kind of me. But it doesn’t seem like that’s something you didn’t know.” His ghostly grey eyes met Tessa’s, and returned the penetrating gaze. She was clever. She wasn’t the only one as Tover was warming up to her. “I’m happy to have made a friend that realized there was more to my little piece of drama than just pretty words. Thanks Tessa, and thanks for playing along and letting things play out so things went well for everyone.” His expression faded back to a solemn calm. Breaths easing into the soft normality as his explanation was over, a small smile returning as he remembered all the pleasant things that were said.

“I don’t have a middle name. The name is just Tover, some people just use ‘Tov’ if it’s easier for spelling. If a nickname happens to come up, those are nice too. At the moment though, I think you said that you had some juicy details to tell people. Erm… well. That sounds like it’s girl-talk, and I feel a little in the way.” Tover pushed away from the table and stood up, looking around to catch Jason Avalon in the corner of his eye, giving a stern talking to the black-haired spitfire that had darted in and provided napkins to Sterling. In that little group, he saw the place where he remembered the little fluff-critter-thing was making that dangerous noise earlier. Was it just him or did it look like that that girl felt really left-out?

Tover squinted at the sight before looking back down at the girls with some concern. “Hey Dawn, Tess? there’s a girl over there that looks really left out, and you’re all really pleasant. So while you’re gossiping, I’m going to see if I can’t get her to come to this table so she can make some friends too. Okay? He gave a brisk nod in Mitch’s direction to give a heads up where he was going, and tapped the table twice to say he was off before walking.

The girls might have noticed that there might have been another reason or two he took a temporary break from the table. Opening up hadn’t made him comfortable, and the sudden shakiness in his voice near the end gave away that he really just needed a minute to recover. He was going to be fine and back, he didn’t dislike their company. Still, Tover is a boy talking talking to a group of girls, and that alone still needed some getting used to.

He made it a point to take the long way around. For comfort’s sake if nothing else as he approached the table and softly spoke to the girl with the.. fluff-dog-thing on her lap when he was close enough. Tover said hi from the side where Mitch didn’t have an earbud in. “Em, hey. I’m at the table with some girls who are trying to make friends, and we noticed you were kind of keeping to yourself over here. Did you want to come make some friends too? We’ve got an open spot at the table for you, and these guys look pretty busy.”

It wasn’t a ploy either. Avalon was standing there with fire in his eyes and a purpose in his stance, and the Black-haired guy he was talking to seemed engrossed in the conversation. Whatever Avalon had planned, it wasn’t something he was part of, and it was just going to have to play out without him. Then again, he really felt like he’d met Avalon before, and just couldn’t place where. Something to do with chess? Maybe. There was something about the way the guy spoke that just felt familiar. He’d ask later. For now he was glad for the momentary reprieve as he caught a few words between Jason and Drake, his shoulder turned to them. Not quite wanting to get involved in something again so soon.

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Drake did not find her joke about Apple to be funny.

In fact, now that there was somebody new at the table, Drake seemed not to notice that Mitch existed at all. Par for that course. She started flicking through various albums and playlists, eyes still set ahead, and the hand holding her phone resting on Apple’s back. Just as she had settled on something she wanted to hear, another voice came up beside her.

Too close to logically not be speaking to her.

“Em, hey. I’m at the table with some girls who are trying to make friends, and we noticed you were kind of keeping to yourself over here. Did you want to come make some friends too? We’ve got an open spot at the table for you, and these guys look pretty busy.”

Mitch turned her head to face up in the direction of the speaker, and Apple scuttled up to the top of her head to give the White-Haired-Male-Thing a good sniff. Her murky gaze settled fairly close to on center (for he was so close that it was a difficult target to miss) and she furrowed her brow as the sound of his voice ran through the necessary recognition process.

”You’re the boy who shut up the Norrevinter,” she said matter-of-factly, and swung her body around from the seat so that she could stand. A short click of her tongue sent Apple slipping down her body quick as Mercury over a lab coat, and he sat at attention beside her. She slipped her hand down to grab his harness, and gave a shy smile toward the speaker. ”And I think I’d like that,” she answered as she stood, ”Just point us to it. Or. I mean. Kinda start walking and Apple can figure it.”

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Jason watched Drake like a hawk looking at prey, before slowly raising an eyebrow. His tone was amused as he spoke to the black haired youth as if he were a child. "For future reference when two people fight you have four options. Tell someone with authority, get between the two, try to be diplomatic about it, or stay where you are. Now since you had zero idea who those two were and their power level plus skill level getting between them would have been dangerous on your part. You are honestly lucky that Kora and Larke were not fighting or you would be on the floor in pain right now for getting in over your head." He paused for a moment as he let the words sink in before continuing.

"That girl was not trampled and was fine, I had my eye on the situation the whole time and was monitoring it. While you may have not meant it to be a hostile remark it was taken as a hostile remark." Jason's fingers drummed on the table as he tried to correctly word his next statement. "Yes I said feud, the Sterlings and Norriventers have been feuding since the 16th century for various reasons. I'm going to explain this to you now since you do not seem to grasp the situation. By showing favor to one of those two you are declaring an alliance without realizing it or not, which means the other may declare you as their enemy and bring you into the feud."

Jason sighed as he looked at Drake "You must be a new comer to our little society, my suggestion to you is to be informed and think before you act or it will cause trouble for you and your kin." Tover approached and talked to Mit- something while he was busy talking with Drake. The Book boy seemed full of surprises today, he had never known the other to be particularly social. Then again it had been years since he had last seen Tover.

So Drake had been thoroughly reprimand and things were explained to the newbie, he had done his job now to throw the poor boy a bone. "Why don't you join your friend over at the other table, I'm sure that they can answer any questions about society that you may have." He added on a polite smile to make the words seem softer and take away a bit of the bite. "After all I've kept you from your companion here long enough." With that he turned his head to Tover and mouthed the words 'Watch Them' when Drake wasn't looking. After all if anyone could watch out for a blind girl and an idiot it was Tover.

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#, as written by Hyro
Drake looked over at the exchange between Tover and Mitch, his reaction similar to that of a kicked puppy. Mitch had jumped the gun on the opportunity presented to her, not even giving him a second glance, much less inviting him along. She had seemed rather eager to leave, and it felt like a knife to the heart. In the boy's lack of social experience, his mind could only reach one conclusion.

She hates me.

Of course. He was a fool to think he'd made a friend in the short time span he'd been here. She was only there because she was out of options. But now she had an opportunity, and she took it without a second thought. The boy looked back to Jason now, a mixture of frustration and defeat in his nearly silver eyes. He was only half listening, but he'd caught enough to get a general gist of what Jason was saying. Though it honestly just sounded like one big scolding, and, to think, he'd been interrupted just to be lectured.

And to go as far as to call Mitch his companion, well... Now he was just humoring him. Or perhaps Jason pitied him, neither of which Drake cared for.

"Thank you for the information and the offer, but..."

The boy's eyes trailed over to the table of girls, Mitch's next destination, with a bit of a disconnect. Who was he to ruin Mitch's chance to make friends? The others were just as likely to dislike him as Mitch had. He doubted she wanted to be associated. Drake's eyes pried away, refocusing on the table before him, avoiding eye contact altogether now.

"I think,"he spoke slowly, keeping his voice steady, "I'm just going to go find my dorm. If you'll excuse me."

With that, the young pyromancer stood, reaching for his guitar case and slinging it over his back. He then paused with an after thought.

All this lecturing, and over what? Cleaning up a mess? Really? Was being nice such a crime here? The urge to say something, to simply defend himself, grew stronger. He really should have just kept his mouth shut and left it, but that wasn't who he was. And besides...

"You know, being that I gave the boy napkins and cleaned up the girl's mess for her, it would seem I never actually chose a side, would it? It's almost as if I was just trying to be helpful all around. Anyway, lesson learned. I know my place now."

Drake picked up his tray.

"Have a good day, Jason."

With that, the boy walked over to the nearest trash can and dumped his tray, setting it on top with the others. Shifting the weight of his guitar case on his shoulder, he gave one more glance over the cafeteria. From his perspective, it seemed everyone had an easy time making friends, each of them in their own little groups. Feeling just as alienated as he had before he'd gotten here, the boy turned to leave.

Perhaps he would fall back on his original plan. Keep to himself. Stick to books and playing guitar. Those two things had never let him down. Besides, it was probably better that way.

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Kora couldn't help but feel that Tover was putting too much stake in the whole thing. It was not as if anyone whose opinion mattered didn't already know what to expect. Some people truly got wound up about some small things. Still, he seemed well-meaning enough, and it never hurt to have people on your side. Especially when some of the students were so touchy.

Not so much with the Botrelle girl though, it appeared, who seemed pretty unconcerned about her trip.
"Yup. I'm sure. It was nothing personal, I'm sure you're great and all." Kora responded to Tessa, maintaining the good natured tone, though her newfound diplomacy was tested when the sister of the previous girl showed up. Still, she was doing a better job than her sibling at keeping things civil.
"Apology accepted. Sterling isn't concerned because this is how things are, and it's probably a good idea to..

She trailed off momentarily upon catching the exchange or Sterling passing the napkin, and Tessa's blushing. Her gaze moved over to Larke.
"Really? There is something wrong with you."


At the end of the corridor leading from the cafeteria, the shadows cast into the alcove there began to ripple and warp for a brief moment, before Professor Kovalenko appeared. A few wisps of dark, inscrutable matter seemed to evaporate off the surface of her coat and coil round her boots as she stepped out, in time to pause in front of the retreating Jasper and give her a look of stony disapproval.
"Miss Monroe I'm not aware of anybody giving you permission to leave the cafeteria. Professor Lovette is going to be arriving soon to deliver some very important announcements and I wouldn't like him to have to repeat them all purely for your sake, so I'd appreciate if you returned to your seat. "

Her dark grey eyes swept up as she caught someone else about to exit.
"The same goes for you too Mr Coleman. Return to your seat. I don't want to be spending all my time acting as sheepdog for every student tantrum that takes place this year. So let's start as we mean to go on."
She made her way to the entrance as a brisk pace, pausing for a moment to shoot Cyrus and Dinah a look sufficient to cause the two to scramble inside and to the nearest available seat (the furthest distance away from each other that they could find at short notice).

From there she walked over to the figure of Montana, coming to a stop next to the man.

"They don't seem to be listening." the woman remarked, noting that his short speech hadn't made more than a few students set their food down and wait for some form of permission."Seems we're going to need to teach this the hard way."
Oren swiftly lifted one slender, gloved hand into the air and snapped out her fingers to their full extent.

A wave of frosty air burst out from the woman like a blast from the arctic wind, and within moments all the food and drink the students had been enjoying was frozen completely solid. Fruit juice sat inert and fixed to its glass, pieces of toast were left as hard and unyielding as paving slabs.

Satisfied she'd gotten people's attention, Professor Kovalenko spoke up, her tone singular and unwavering.

"I beleive Mr Montana was speaking to all.
In the future I'd highly recommend listening to what he has to say.
This is the first lesson you are going to learn here.
I'm sure that a lot of you are used to people doing what you say at home, or being able to talk your way out of having to listen. That isn't the way things are going to work here.
Each of us on staff has been appointed by the Council of the Eight Powers to train you in the arts of magic, and as we're acting on their behalf, nobody is above the rules here.

Her icy gaze lingered for a moment on both the ginger giantess and her silver-tongued nemesis, pretty certain today's incident was neither the last, nor the worst trouble those two would cause.
"Failure to listen to us, any of us, is going to result in immediate consequences.
Please keep this in mind the next time you choose to disregard what is being said to you.

Norrevinter, Sterling, consider this you first and your only warning to keep your fighting to combat class. Next time anyone tries something I'll assume they enjoy battle so much that they'll jump at the chance to spend their free time cleaning the combat equipment.
Norrevinter might have been the instigator in this case, though if Sterling hadn't done anything to deserve being tackled yet, he probably would have in the first few days, so Oren saw nothing unfair about applying it to both sides of their ridiculous fight.

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It was a few minutes that Esperanza stood there.

A few, rather awkward minutes, spent fidgeting, shuffling, and wondering if she ended up accidentally offending the girl at the table somehow- the other, redheaded one had gotten up to get more food- and was now on the receiving end of some kind of silent treatment. Her fingers tapped lightly against the plastic of the tray, and, making up her mind, Esp stepped a few feet away from the table and began to eat without a seat. She had become increasingly aware of how hungry the trip had left her, and there weren’t many tables left open that she could go sit at anyway. Esp brought a few strips of bacon to her mouth and bit, enjoying the crunch and the taste of grease on her tongue.

The bacon was cleared from the plate within a matter of moments, as was the slice of toast that had been tucked absently beside it. Esp took her time with the eggs, however- they had gone a tad rubbery at this point, but they were delicious. Esp liked eggs. She poked the yolk around some, but before she could scoop the resulting goo onto her fork, a loud scream sounded out further down the cafeteria. Blinking with surprise, she jerked her head up just in time to see some redheaded girl tackling some boy.

A very tall redhead.

Excitement fluttered within her chest. Quickly, Esp passed the tray to one hand, then fumbled in her pocket for her phone. She fumbled a bit more in typing in the password, switching on the video, then, triumphantly, lifting the device up to record the conflict. Her parents had told her all about the Sterling-Norrevinter feud, but- to be actually witnessing it here and now? Incredible.

The situation only got even more fascinating as the minutes ticked by, distracting her completely from the remnants of her breakfast. Norrevinter-Girl poured a bunch of juice and yogurt on Sterling-Boy, and Sterling-Boy was still talking to Stranger Girls like nothing was going on. Three more boys came up as well- one with a very angry face, another with whitish hair, and another that looked a bit like a sad puppy. Sad Puppy didn’t stay for long, however- only running up to give Sterling-Boy some water before running back to his seat. Then, finally, White Hair gave a long speech to Norrevinter Girl, which led to the other girl that Esp thought she had offended clapping. Esp didn’t quite understand who White Hair was, or why he had went up to talk to Norrevinter like that (especially since she had heard Norrevinters liked to fight people they got especially mad with), but she appreciated it anyway. It was just like the movies she had seen before embarking on her trip to Marchand- where the main boy character stood on a table and gave a speech about friendship or football or getting first place in a big tournament.

Mostly a tournament, really.

Esp kept recording.

Soon after that, a teacher who looked a bit like a cowboy walked in, and said something about how they weren’t supposed to eat, which left Esperanza a bit confused. Before she could ask the Cowboy Man any questions, she heard someone speak to her. Turning, Esp found that the redheaded girl (the one that wasn’t Norrevinter) had returned. Eagerly, Esperanza stuffed her phone back into her pocket, and grabbed the girl’s hand with her now-freed left.

“Hello, Helena!” She said brightly, forgetting the proper lapse in conversation that came with introductions in her excitement. “It is nice to meet you- thank you very much for letting me sit. There are not many chairs left.” Esperanza’s mouth widened in a misshapen, almost goofy grin, and, releasing her grip, quickly placed the tray upon the table before sitting down herself. “Your sweater is nice,” she added as an afterthought. “It is very fluffy.”

Jesse’s sudden introduction made her blink a bit with surprise, pause, before lighting up and giving the Terramancer’s hand a few brief pumps. So Esperanza hadn’t said anything wrong- she just hadn’t been noticed until then. She accepted this easily, and began to toy with the bandages sloppily arranged around her forearms. “I am Esperanza Ciervo,” she said again. “It is nice to meet you, Jesse.” Her finger dug into the gauze, loosening it a tad.

“And it is very exciting. I did not expect so much tackling and yelling and…” Esp’s hands drifted up, making odd, fluttering gestures in the air. “Talking. It is all very new. Does this happen all the time at schools?”

She hoped it did. If it was, then she would have a lot to share with her family once she returned.

Before Esp got her answer, however, she spotted a mouse clamber up onto Jesse’s shoulder. She had just enough time to wrinkle her nose before the other girl accidentally bumped her head on the table’s side. Alarmed, Esp stumbled out of her chair, taking the few steps needed to reach Jesse.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You hit your head very hard.”

Esperanza didn’t quite grasp the idea of being too obvious yet.

When a second teacher walked in, Esp only gave a brief glance in the woman’s direction before returning her focus to the (somewhat) injured girl in front of her. However, when a suddenly blast of cold air hit the back of her neck, she was prompted to look over, not quite seeing the frozen breakfast yet. She spoke of a “Mr. Montana,” going on to bring up the Council of the Eight Powers, and that they all needed to pay better attention. Esp indeed paid attention to all of this, but she did do her best to divide her gaze between the nameless teacher and Jesse.

As long as she listened, it would be fine.

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#, as written by Hyro
Of course, Drake didn’t get far, having been stopped by a teacher and told to sit down. “I was just going to my dorm to drop off-- Oh, forget it,” the boy concluded, going over to one of the few empty tables left and sitting himself down. He could have sworn he saw other students taking their luggage to the dorms prior and he really didn’t want to be carrying this guitar case around all day. However, it looks like he miscalculated expectations… again.

Looks like this was going to be pretty common for him.

Plopping down into the seat with a mildly frustrated look on his face, the boy set his guitar case down again and dug into his bag for a book. If he got scolded for reading a book, he would probably light something or someone on fire.

Books were his comfort zone. They couldn’t take that away from him, he wouldn’t let them.

As he flipped to page 22, he was no longer in the cafeteria, but rather another world, another story. A different life, one of fiction and magical beasts of which he’d never known to exist in this reality. He didn’t even notice at first as the ice swept across the lunch room, freezing the food of those around him. It was only from the noises of complaint and Oren’s speech that he became distracted enough to look up and pay attention.

It was a rather displeasing speech, coming from who Drake could only assume was a hardass teacher with a major authority complex. Rules, authority, the two carried a bad connotation for the boy, thanks to his upbringing. Consequences had a much different meaning to him as well. He would wait and see what these rules were before he decided if they were worth the trouble of following.

With that over, the young pyromancer returned to his fantasy world deep inside the pages of his favorite book.