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Ezra Eleanor Josephs

"Pain means growth"

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by emotionless


Ezra Eleanor Josephs


Full Name:
Ezra Eleanor Josephs

-Proffessor E
Terramancy & Blood Magic
-Blood Magic

Ezra stands at 5’4 and is approximately 123Ibs. She has straight blond hair she usually keeps up in a neat bun or braid. She had high cheekbones, plump petal pink lips, and large hazel eyes that are framed with thick lashes. She has many scars on her hands from teaching her blood magic class. Ezra also has a severe burn on her abdomen from the underside of her left breast to her right hip from a Pyromancer.
Ezra is a representative of tradition and order, utilizing her understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring her plans together. Embracing the morals of honesty, dedication and dignity, Ezra is valued for her clear advice and guidance, and she happily leads the way on difficult paths. She holds herself apart from others for the most part, if only to keep her feelings at bay.

+ She has a doctorate in Psychiatry
+ Almost complete control of her Runic Magic
+ Expert in Blood Magic
+Hand to hand combat

-Fear of fire
-Burn damage to her left wrist

Brief History:
Ezra does not remember much of her past, but she gets flashes. She often has night terrors and flashbacks of a mysterious pyromancer who wounded her. You can usually tell when that happens because she will run her hand along the burn on her wrist. She doesn’t know why or who it was, only that it left her with a permanent question mark.

What she does remember clearly is coming too in a hospital bed. She was told by the attending physician she had been in a coma for almost a year. She was told she was found badly burned and near death in a forest not far from a town called Saratoga. She spoke with several people in the town after her recovery and discovered her name was Ezra Eleanor Josephs. She had lived in the town most of her life, though she had no family to speak of. She managed a local Herbal Apothecary before the war, but it was burned to the ground. Once she got her feet under her she decided to become a teacher at Marchand School of Sorcery.

FC Dianna Argon

So begins...

Ezra Eleanor Josephs's Story

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  1. This was a really pleasant read. I especially liked the "Nope not my problem." Use of Shadow step was also nice to see!

    by TerrorFloof

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'So it begins.'

Professor Oren Kovalenko, an angular figure with dark hair and a long blue coat, watched the numerous new students filing in, passing through the front office and signing off on forms with a sceptical eye. Well, one eye was on the throngs of their new intake, the other was on her phone where she was busy informing any staff members that were not already aware that the first large bus had pulled up and the place was beginning to fill up.

And she didn't expect a group of young mages to maintain any standard of behaviour for very long.

Especially not ones that were more often than not rich, privileged, sheltered, and had never been taught how to properly behave.

Speaking of that-

Norwegian shouting from the entranceway. Oh christ.
From where she was standing Oren could make out three figures at least a head taller than most of the people filtering around them. A woman in he late thirties with long, grey-flecked ginger hair and a crimson coat on, and a hulking man with a beard you could lose a family pet in, both hugging and saying their goodbyes to a third figure. Younger, but still with nearly a foot of height on the Professor, with a mop of red-orange hair and a voice with a strong nordic accent that was carrying over near enough everyone else's together.

No mistaking those.

With one deft movement Miss Kovalenko stepped back into the shadow of one of the hall's pillars, and melted into the darkness without a word.

Somebody else could handle Ren's spawn and the ginger storm. She'd see to making sure no-one had started killing each other in the dining hall.

As it was some students had started eating, or introducing themselves. Oren materialized out from behind the door, quite alarming several students who'd been lines up there, and proceeded to check over the status of things.

Over to one side of the cafeteria, on an otherwise yet unoccupied table, a small figure was slumped over the the surface, next to what was now the degenerated milky sludge of a bowl of cereal left uneaten beyond its time, and something that long ago ceased to be a hot drink.

Her long, rather untidy-looking red hair was spread across the table like seaweed, and she was wearing a blue sweater lined with knitted purple cat faces, the phrase 'Have a Mice Day' inset into the back and front. It was at least two sizes too big and luridly coloured enough that the student was clashing with the furnishings.

Professor K came to a halt behind the student, regarding the girl with her look of pitiless reptilian distaste before finally speaking up.

"Are we boring you already, Kingsley?"

The redhead awoke with a start, knocking her bowl astray with one hand and splattering the fortified mud across the surface.

The Professor remained perfectly stationary whilst one of her charges scrambled, blinking, to try and both stem the flow of milk from the upturned bowl, and address her at the same time.

"! No Professor! I was just it breakfast time?"
Apparently only just realising how many others had entered the cafeteria, the student known as 'Kingsley' looked over to the table across, giving a rather sheepish smile.

Kovalenko's expression however was her usual weary mask of disapproval.
"Well Kingsley that is what everyone else is doing, if you would like to try and catch up with the timetable, I think it would probably be beneficial for you. And please try and avoid wasting food in the future."

"Y-yes Professor..." the girl hastily responded, pale cheek reddening a little as the watched the aquamancer turn and walk off down the row.
" that's the year off to a good start..."

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Jesse sat in the back of the bus as it chugged up to the school. Her peers were chatting in front of her, but she mostly kept to herself. Some had animals with them in cages, some of which looked intently in her direction. She tried not to draw attention to it though. She knew these people would be like every other person she had encountered. She would most certainly be ostracized if they knew about animals' affinity towards her.

She was the last one off the bus, purposefully of course. She took in the surroundings. The school was definitely unique. She read the sign: Marchand School of Sorcery. Was she in the wrong place? She knew the school was called Marchand, but the only place she had heard of sorcery was in storybooks. Everyone was filing into the cafeteria, though, so if she was to ask someone about it, she would have to go there. She took a deep breath, and followed her fellow students into the building. She looked around. Many places had already been taken. There seemed to be a nice place in the corner away from most people, except one girl who seemed confused. She supposed one person was better than being surrounded by them, so she went over to that table and quietly sat down.

She took some pancakes awkwardly, before saying, sheepishly, "Hi, I'm Jesse," and extending out a hand.

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#, as written by Hyro
Once it was his turn, Skylar, who had been waiting patiently until every teacher had gone, stepped forward now. He looked over the students, observing each of them, their reactions, their physical strengths and weaknesses, before allowing a smile to touch his lips. He had the smile of a magician, a gleam that held back tricks, secrets, and wonder. As he went to speak, his voice projected through the room at a leveled and unalarming volume.

"Greetings, students of Marchand. I hope you've all begun to settle in by now. It's almost time to wrap up this orientation, but first, allow me to introduce myself. For those of you who chose Illumination as your secondary, you will be having class with yours truly. I will, however, primarily be teaching Trickery. My name? Professor Skylar Oliver, pleased to meet you."

The man went to tip his beret and give a small, theatrical bow, then suddenly, he disappeared.

"To finish off this orientation," his voice rang out from the right side of the room now as he walked a few paces, seemingly having been there the entire time, "I'd like to elaborate on a few final rules. As we are your instructors, I would like to remind you that we are trained to help you succeed here at Marchand. And as such, I suspect we will do certain things that you won't fully understand. Whether it be freezing your food or performing false illusions, please know that we have a reason for everything we do and always have your success and education in mind."

Once again, Skylar disappeared. This time his voice rang out from the left side of the room where he now stood.

"That being said, students are not granted the same leniency over their magic as we are. You are to keep the use of magic down to a minimum while outside of class. Anyone using their magic to harass, prank, blackmail, threaten, or injure their fellow students during leisure hours will suffer severe consequences."

The professor disappeared one last time, having actually been in the back of the room throughout the entire length of his speech. He made his way through the center aisle of the room now, speaking up, "If you witness misuse of any magic, or fall victim to it, please report to one of the instructors so that we may deal with the problem. This is a very serious issue and the ill-use of any magic will not be tolerated here at Marchand. If you need any more clarification regarding what is acceptable or unacceptable magic use, be sure to ask myself or another instructor. My door is always open."

He reached the front and turned to face the students, letting off another broad smile. "Now, does anyone have any questions regarding the rules presented to you today by our faculty?"