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Fia Lustro

"Don't play with fire, or you'll get burned."

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by Haas33



{"What's life without a little danger?”}

|{Full Name}|
Fiammetta Adrian Lustro

Fia. Even teachers call her Fia.






|{Secondaries of Interest}|
Healing and Levitation. Because Pyromancy when uncontrolled can be more dangerous than other primaries, she has found studying healing to be a good way to pass time, and has been tutored some at home before hand.

Fia is of about average build, with a decent amount of curves that men might find attractive, but not large enough so as to be fat looking or muscular. She stands at about 5'2" which is somewhat below average for girls her age. She has green eyes and full lips and a bright smile when she cares to show it. She has delicate hands and a round face. Overall, she looks rather inviting, even if she isn't. One defining feature is a crescent moon in the back of her neck facing downward toward her spine. It almost appears as if it was inked on there, but it has been there since birth. Her parents have long feared it is an omen.

Her primary is Pyromancy, which is the pride of her bloodline. Her family has been known to be on the front lines of battle through the centuries, as their pyromancy skills are very powerful and very destructive. However, to Fia, this pyromancy gift is unwanted. She finds it very hard to control, and uses it even when she doesn't want to, as her primary responds to emotions. She has hurt others and herself, and wishes to hone her primary before she gets someone killed. Her main form of pyromancy comes in the form of summoning flames. Like her family, she can create very small controlled flames, but she is also working on expanding her abilties. However, the issue she finds is that her emotions connect to the size and intensity of her flames. If her anger flares, so does the heat of her fire, and her fire that she might have been using to cauterize a wound has now singed off the entire arm. It also works in the reverse. She finds at times that she is particularly depressed it is nearly impossible to summon flames at all. Her secondary of healing is mostly just for burns, but she can also do really minor scrapes.

-Being alone
-The mountains/hiking

-people who judge too quickly
-people who expect respect without deserving it
-people who think to highly of themselves
-not being in control of herself

|{Hobbies || Talents}|
She enjoys singing, though not many people know it. She is also slightly artistic, but again, not something many people really care about. She is particularly talented at sparing and hand to hand combat. Although she is small, she is very fast and surprisingly strong. Many underestimate her.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
She is terrified of water. Even though it doesn't really do anything to her naturally, unless in combat, she is still terrified of swimming. In any other scenario, she could likely burn her way out of a problem, but you can't use fire to save yourself from drowning. She also tends to avoid aquamancy primaries. She doesn't dislike them, she just feels nervous around them because she also doesn't want to hurt them accidentally.

She has a bipolar disorder. It is due to this that her primary is so uncontrolled. Due to its connection to her emotions and concentration, it can go out of control very easily. She has tried to keep her condition hidden, but it is very obvious to her teachers that this is an issue, and they are trying to help her control it.

Fia is hard to pin down, personality wise. Especially due to the fact that some moments she can be extremely out there and talkative, wanting to make friends and go crazy. While at others she doesn't want to talk to anyone or do anything or see anything. However, she isn't always like this. These are only times when her emotions get out of hand, her bipolar disorder kicks into overdrive. Her usual attitude is pretty laid back and closed off. She is quite introverted, but not unfriendly. She doesn't make many friends, but the friends she does make are strong friendships. She tends to avoid to many social settings for fear of losing control and hurting someone. She doesn't like confrontation unless it is training, but will stand up for others if need be. She tends be sarcastic and witty, as well.

The Lustro Bloodline is a very prestigious one, known for their strong pyromancy mages. This family is a pureblood family, never intermingling with non-magic folk. Not only that but the Lustro fmaily also tends to marry other pyromancers, though it is not uncommon now and then for this not to happen. Fia is no exception. Both of her parents are powerful pyromancy mages. Her father fought in the civil war, while her mother stayed at home. And for good reason, she did not want to leave her child alone should they perish. Her father did not die in the war though, but it gave him a a paranoid watch over Fia. He did not want her leaving the house or going off to some other school to be taught by others he didn't know, especially with her uncontrollable condition. In the end it was her mother that convinced him that she should be allowed to go and interact with others like herself, especially since she had no brothers or sisters. And that perhaps she would learn there how to control the gift she was given. She was taught very young the secondary skill of healing as she couldn't control her primary. Although it is still in its raw and untrained state, she can heal most minor cuts and burns. She specializes in burns (for obvious reasons), so if it is a bit more major of a burn, she could do a patchwork job until a more trained mage intervened. However broken bones, infections, diseases, and poisonings still allude her so she still needs much much more training. She would also like to learn a bit of levitation.

Her family is from mostly the Italian decent, but come from a few other European places. The Lustro bloodline is very rich and somewhat feared. Their ways are somewhat questionable, but overall they are good people, and only do things to protect themselves and their family. The Lustro bloodline prides themselves for control. While pyromancy is usually one of the most destructive and uncontrollable of the other elemental primaries, the Lustros have honed it to a sharp point, using it in more precise ways than merely flinging fireballs around until the whole place is on fire. This is where their questionable nature comes in. A lot of pyromancers disagree with this teaching, and thing it is better to let nature and feeling take over than trying to stifle and control something so natural and free. This is why Fia's bipolar disorder is so much of an issue, because her parents fear it may taint the rest of the bloodline for years to come.

ImageImage|{Theme Song}|
Red Like Roses

|{Face Claim}|
Sarah Hyland

Character Dialogue || #800000 ||

So begins...

Fia Lustro's Story

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#, as written by Hyro
Once it was his turn, Skylar, who had been waiting patiently until every teacher had gone, stepped forward now. He looked over the students, observing each of them, their reactions, their physical strengths and weaknesses, before allowing a smile to touch his lips. He had the smile of a magician, a gleam that held back tricks, secrets, and wonder. As he went to speak, his voice projected through the room at a leveled and unalarming volume.

"Greetings, students of Marchand. I hope you've all begun to settle in by now. It's almost time to wrap up this orientation, but first, allow me to introduce myself. For those of you who chose Illumination as your secondary, you will be having class with yours truly. I will, however, primarily be teaching Trickery. My name? Professor Skylar Oliver, pleased to meet you."

The man went to tip his beret and give a small, theatrical bow, then suddenly, he disappeared.

"To finish off this orientation," his voice rang out from the right side of the room now as he walked a few paces, seemingly having been there the entire time, "I'd like to elaborate on a few final rules. As we are your instructors, I would like to remind you that we are trained to help you succeed here at Marchand. And as such, I suspect we will do certain things that you won't fully understand. Whether it be freezing your food or performing false illusions, please know that we have a reason for everything we do and always have your success and education in mind."

Once again, Skylar disappeared. This time his voice rang out from the left side of the room where he now stood.

"That being said, students are not granted the same leniency over their magic as we are. You are to keep the use of magic down to a minimum while outside of class. Anyone using their magic to harass, prank, blackmail, threaten, or injure their fellow students during leisure hours will suffer severe consequences."

The professor disappeared one last time, having actually been in the back of the room throughout the entire length of his speech. He made his way through the center aisle of the room now, speaking up, "If you witness misuse of any magic, or fall victim to it, please report to one of the instructors so that we may deal with the problem. This is a very serious issue and the ill-use of any magic will not be tolerated here at Marchand. If you need any more clarification regarding what is acceptable or unacceptable magic use, be sure to ask myself or another instructor. My door is always open."

He reached the front and turned to face the students, letting off another broad smile. "Now, does anyone have any questions regarding the rules presented to you today by our faculty?"