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Jasper Monroe

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by emotionless


Jasper Monroe

Full Name:
Jasper Monroe

Secondaries of Interest
-Familiar Conjuration

Jasper is 5’3 and a half, with an athletes build. She has emerald green eyes that edge to a gold brown. Her hair is long, red-ish brown, and wavy. She wears it down most of the time, not feeling the need to do anything with it.

Jasper is a lover of fun. Much like her trickster powers, she loves to play games. She doesn't believe in taking life seriously. She holds her sister in high esteem, and is very loyal to her. She tends to be trusting and open with most people.

+Self taught lock picking
+Self taught Mixed Martial Arts

-Her sister
-She is allergic to tree nuts

Brief History:
Jasper was born one of two. Her and her twin Adelaide where the product of an arranged marriage of two wealthy families: The Moriarty's and the Monroe's. The Moriarty's where well known and wealthy Necromancers who traditionally only married other necromancers, however they struck a deal with the Monroe's (tricksters). They both agreed that the couple, Marie Monroe and James Moriarty should produce two heirs. Once of age the products of the two would be split up and raised separately, one by each family, and set to yet another arranged marriage. Up until age 8 Adelaide and her grew up in a lavished life, full of happiness and charm. They took regular classes and lived an average life.

On their eighth birthday their mother died mysteriously. (To this day there is no cause of death.) All they knew was that she was found in their family garden. Their father, James, became obsessed with bringing her back though it was thought to be impossible. He lost himself in his work, and eventually passed away when the girls where 10.

Jasper was sent to live with her Aunt Sybil, a kind, generous woman. She spent her days playing tricks on the neighborhood kids, up until she was sent to Marchand.

Though they where separated they spent a good time writing to each-other.

(Anything elsae you think everyone needs to know about your character.)

So begins...

Jasper Monroe's Story

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The pancakes looked more than appetizing, but the breakfast buffet did little to hold Larke’s attention as he sauntered into the dining hall and grabbed a tray. The low rumble of conversation that filled the hall brought an extra spring to the young man’s step, and it did not take long for him to begin striding toward a chosen table with a tray full of food in his hands.

He strode past the most crowded table with a quick nod and smile toward some of those he recognized from family gatherings, but did not break stride as he moved along down the cafeteria aisle. Most of the seats were already taken, and the spill that had just occurred left a smoggy awkwardness hanging over the whole situation.

“Hey!” he greeted as he passed the Avlon heir, and again with a friendly half-wave as he caught sight of a pair of students he did not recognize in the least; probably mutts, or from very new lines.

Regardless of who they were, he had already selected his seat. Despite the fact that his eyes scanned the scene “in search” of an open table, Larke had decided whom he wanted to sit beside within the first five seconds of entering the hall: Toward the back, at a table all by herself, with waves of rusty brown hair that cascaded down her back and a look of brilliant focus in her emerald eyes.

As he stepped beside her, but before he could greet her, he caught sight of her sketchbook and paused to watch. Her hand was steady as she etched out the features of the two students he hadn’t recognized, making careful, soft curves as she captured them with surprising accuracy.

“I apologize for staring,” he said after a few seconds had passed, a tinge of embarrassment coloring his smile, “but your work is quite lovely. You’ve got a gift.”

And then, as if he had just forgotten in the moment, “Oh! I’m Larke Sterling, by the way.” He set down his tray at the seat beside her, and extended a hand to shake. ”Do you mind if I join you?”

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Jason's eyes narrowed and turned disapproving as he watched Larke walk past straight him to the nearest girl. "Vulture" he muttered under his breath. Even so it was his responsibility to protect Larke from himself and the girl from Larke.

With a sigh he got up, walking over to the two with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Hello Larke it has been awhile, how have you been?"

Then his icy blue eyes turned towards Jasper as he studied the drawing girl. "Oh forgive me for not introducing myself, my name is Jason Avalon. I caught that your name was Jasper Monroe, you are from a Trickster bloodline right?" He gave his best charming smile towards the girl, one that still didn't reach his eyes. "I'm hoping you are, because it would be wonderful to share a class with a talented artist such as yourself."

He turned to look at Larke and in doing so he saw a tall red headed figure out of the corner of his eye. Jason's smile turned into a smug grin as he took a step back and started the mental countdown. As he readied himself to evacuation himself and Jasper out of the way of the upcoming train crash. Normally he would have warned Larke and yelled at Kora for her childish actions but the bastard known as Sterling had ignored him, so it served him right. Also he could voice his disapproval after they were booth sprawled out on the floor.

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Larke raised an eyebrow in surprise upon hearing Jasper’s deal, and he broke into a light laugh at the unexpected boldness. His gaze fell down to the table, and he ran a hand over the nape of his neck as he turned the deal over in his mind. ”You drive a hard bargain, Miss Monroe,” he said, and sighed, “But you haven’t really left me much of a ch—

And he was interrupted by Derrick Goddamn Avalon’s kid.

“Jason!” he greeted with a warm grin, not missing a beat. “Been quite a while! Not since… What was it, the Yule Council dinner?” He leaned back a bit, but with his body still turned in toward Jasper, before continuing. “I’d make an introduction, but you’ve already seen to it, Jason. Our families do work together on the Council, you see," he explained to Jasper, "so we’ve seen quite a bit of one another. And I heard his father is going to be teaching, if I’m not mistaken..?”

Before there was time to continue that train of thought, yet another lovely (though notably more flustered) young lady showed up at the table.

Another Monroe, apparently.

He shook his head and smiled at her stammering response to her sister, craning his neck to see the harried situation left in her wake. ”Oh, I wouldn’t worry about starting trouble, now. Nothing wrong with a bit of good natured mischief amongst mages, is there?"” he replied, standing out of courtesy for their new guest, and extending a hand to shake. “I'm Larke Sterling. And it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Adelaide. Would be safe to assume a family tie between you two?” he asked in a joking tone, casting his glance back toward Jasper.

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  1. Just to confirm this was okay'd by Scoundrelboots in advance for autohitting.

    by VitaminHeart

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Kora waved a final goodbye to her relatives, and picked up her bad once again. The painted antler of a reindeer skull protruded from the top, apparently there a testament to her dubious victory over the dead ungulate.

Professor Byrne had quite quickly dropped her customer service face, and fallen into her more usual demeanour and tone when addressing her... however that was not what was concerning the student at that moment in time. As she cast a brief look into the cafeteria, one of the people in a small conversing group had moved aside, and her eyes had set upon a rather familiar face. Or, at least very familiar features.

Like a wolf that had just spotted a deer, Kora dropped her bag and padded forwards, watching closely to make sure she was correct in her first assumption.

She was.

It was one of them.

A Sterling.

What caustic remark Maeve had been making was drowned out entirely by the blood pounding in her ears.

There was only one way to react to this situation.

Only one way.

With a battle-scream of "TYYYYYR!" the whole six and a half foot of Kora cleared the length of the cafeteria in moments, shoving aside students and furniture alike until she collided full-force with the standing form of Larke Sterling. She threw him down onto the table before them, dug her knee between his shoulderblades, and grabbed the nearest weaponry to hand.
This happened to be a bowl of yoghurt and granola, which she unceremoniously emptied over the young man's head.

"You've gt a lot of nerve even showing your face here you trash piece of Sterling scum!" the girl exclaimed, reaching for another breakfast item to douse her opponent in.
"Nobody dishonours my family and gets away with it! That goes for you AND your whole brood of lecherous bastards!"

The warrior dynasty of Norrevinter had started early.

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"Oh yes it was at the Yule Council Dinner so long ago." His plastered on smile continued as small talk, nodding when appropriate. "Yes my father will be teaching History and Magical Weapon infusement, one of our families many specialties after all."

As Adelaide approached the table his icy blue eyes zeroed in on the newcomer. Glancing at the table she indicating was causing trouble before turning back to Adelaide. "You do not seem like the type to cause trouble. So I'm sure it was a misunderstanding after all who would cause an issue on the first day of school." Speaking of who would do such a thing, he watched the doorway out of the corner of his eyes.

As Kora finally notice Larke, Jason was prepared as he grabbed Jasper and Adelaide pulling them out of the way before the crazed girl could push them over. Trying to hide the smug smile that graced his lips as yogurt was unceremoniously dumped on Larke's head he instead went into a disapproving look.

"Hello Kora, so nice to finally meet you, I'm Jason Avalon." He paused making sure the name sunk into her mind before continuing." I suggest you may want to get off of Larke unless you want rumors to fly. " He paused shaking his head. "That is also no way to talk to a follow student who does indeed have as much right to be here as you do."

Jason did the best to hide a smile at the next part however a hint managed to shine through his disapproving look. "Also we tend not to like wasting food in this country. Or is it custom to dump yogurt on heads where you come from?" With a sigh he moved towards Larke and Kora offering a hand to either party that wanted it.

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Larke was not aware he was going to be body slammed by a small ginger bear until he heard her scream, and by then had approximately zero seconds to react to the incoming threat. He was slammed forward onto the table with an unceremonious ”Hrng! as the air was knocked from his lungs.

It was a miracle he managed to land with his hands down first, saving his nose from being smashed against the surface in front of him. He felt Kora’s knee land squarely between his shoulder blades, precisely in the right (or, rather, the wrong place) to elicit an uncomfortable crack from his spine. He cringed, managing not to yell out—

And then something was dumped on his head.

He could feel something cold, moist and drippy trickling down from the pile atop his hair, running in a little stream down to the back of his neck in one direction, and to the front of his hairline in the other. A small dollop of yogurt dripped down to settle precisely on the tip of his nose.

His mouth folded into a tight line, choosing to accept this fate rather than to explore the alternative of struggling against the inbred ursine fire-Amazon. There were worst things to have running down one's nose than yogurt.

”Good morning to you too, Miss Norrevinter,” he said, grimacing up from where he was being held, ”It’s good to see that you’re upholding the family reputation."

And then, breaking into the good-natured smile of a man who was very much not squashed against a table of breakfast foods by a woman four inches taller than him, he added, ”Though, I have to say it’s a bit early for all of this, no? And ah… No need to worry, Avalon, Sisters Monroe. This is the customary greeting of her clan. Very tactful people. She doesn’t actually mean me any harm... No need to start a commotion, or trade sanctions, or anything like that, right?”

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Adelaide Monroe & Jasper Monroe

"You've gt a lot of nerve even showing your face here you trash piece of Sterling scum! Nobody dishonours my family and gets away with it! That goes for you AND your whole brood of lecherous bastards!" A girl screamed taking Jasper off guard. She hurdled herself towards Larke, taking him down in one swift move.

Jasper and Adelaide where yanked aside by Jason who was attempting to save them from being demolished by the young woman. Yogurt and granola flew with abandon, and normally Jasper would have found it slightly hilarious but in this case she was horrified.

”Good morning to you too, Miss Norrevinter, It’s good to see that you’re upholding the family reputation. Though, I have to say it’s a bit early for all of this, no? And ah… No need to worry, Avalon, Sisters Monroe. This is the customary greeting of her clan. Very tactful people. She doesn’t actually mean me any harm... No need to start a commotion, or trade sanctions, or anything like that, right?” Larke said in a good natured tone, but Jasper had suddenly lost her sense of humor.

Adelaide felt the change in her sister. Suddenly she was stiff and her eyes where glued to the table. Adelaide looked at the table unsure what had gotten her sister so...furious....and then she saw it. Amidst the chaos and splattered with yogurt was Jaspers sketch book.

Jasper took a deep breath and elbowed her way away from Jason. She took a step towards the large girl, her mind abuzz with agitation.

"You, Neanderthal on top of Larke, what are you ten? You childish, immature...ugh! You are proof that evolution CAN go in reverse! We all sprang from apes, but you didn't spring far enough!" She said fuming. Adelaide watched in awe as her sister let the Amazonion have it verbally.

"I dont care what he's done to you, this is a school and i guess your bloodline wasn't taught manners? It's kinda sad watching you attempt to fit your entire vocabulary into a sentence, so dont bother replying. Just know this, you had one enemy with Larke, Now you have three you crazy, sad, little girl. I can't imagine what qualities you may have that would compensate for your behavior in public...go back where-ever you came from you are depriving some poor village of its idiot." Jasper said as he picked up her sketchbook and shook it off, making sure it splattered the girl.

Adelaide was in shock at her sisters fury, though she supposed she understood. That sketchbook was from their long passed mother and if anyone took a moment to look in the front, not only was there an inscription from their mother but also a sketch of the three of them together.

"Jasper, go calm down." Adelaide said with a sigh as she tugged on her sisters arm. She knew it was unlikely to happen but she hoped. Jasper was ready to get physical and she was unsure she could stop her if things got out of hand.

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During the continuation of the exchange with the teacher, Desi had tuned half out, dropped the crumpled napkin, and pulled out her cellphone to text her dad. She looked back up to see Adelaide backpedaling away rapidly as Skylar left and wrinkled her nose.

“What was up with that?” she gestured towards the teacher, who was now assisting an adult female that Desi assumed to be another professor. “And that too.” She waved over to the girl who’d decide to run away from them, and was now joining a twin as well as the Avalon and Sterling heirs at a table.

“Anyway…” she waited as Tessa reassured Dawn and went off for strawberry milk, then bounced back to the introductions, “as I was saying, I’m Desdemona Moore.” She waited for the pause, wondered if anyone knew Damien Moore was teaching, and allowed for the connection to Beswick to be hopefully noted (it would grant her at least part of the “old line” immunity). She amused herself with wondering if anyone would think of Cremonet. Her peers were probably too young to care at the time that it was news…

“I’m really excited to be here, actually. Like, this isn’t what mages normally do at all. I mean, normally it’s all family and private tutors, and the only time you get to hang out is at the fancy occasions and like, nothing wrong with those but I wouldn’t really call it hanging out either, you know? So when I heard about this school I was like - OH MY GOD, TESSA!”

That had not been what Desi had said about Marchand upon first learning of it, not at all, However, the third girl at their table had been bowled over by what Desi was guessing to be a Norrevinter charging towards the Sterling she’d noted earlier. The blond quickly got out of her seat to check on Tessa, while keeping her eyes on the commotion and snickering at the use of yoghurt as a weapon.

Then the twin of the girl who might have sat with them was standing and shouting insults and Desi gaped. “Is she stupid or just suicidal?” she murmured to her companions, eyes widening. Not even speaking of status… there was a good foot or more of difference between the two girls.

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An assessment.

It hadn’t been a prank by another Trickster hoping to ruin her image in front of the professor- someone with a grudge against her family, or just hoping to pull a sudden trick on a whim- but, rather, by the professor himself. Surprise lit up Dawn’s eyes as she turned back to look at Skylar, followed by indignation and something cold that didn’t quite fit in the girl’s face. Just as quick as it had appeared, however, it vanished- concealed by the magic dripping down her features like syrup.

“I see.” A wide, PR smile stretched Dawn’s lips. “Well, Mr. Oliver. It was a bit difficult for me to tell at first, unfortunately. Since you used a bit more stronger illusionary magic than I’m used to, and I hadn’t been expecting a professor to use it on me during breakfast. Without consent.” She placed the cap back on her bottle, gave it a twist, and brought it closer to her body. “But thank you for the offer, Professor.”

As Skylar rounded out of sight, she gave a soft “Jesus”, shaking her head then looking up back at her company with a far more genuine smile. “At least there weren’t any real spills. I would’ve hated it if I had to do the marks all over again.” As if to emphasize her point, she ran her hand over the paper again, cleaning away some of the graphite that had settled there. “I do hope we’ll get along, though. It was...really nice of you guys to defend me like that when the professor showed up. Really appreciate it.” She glanced over at Tover directly, now, and gave a grin and a “And, yes. I need to make sure my memory’s right, and if you actually stole that entire cake or not.”

Desi’s introduction earned her a small delay from Dawn before she blinked and gave a sudden clap of her hands. “‘Moore’ like the teacher, right? And the offshoot?” Followed by a, “Is he your dad? The, um. Professor, I mean.”

The Cremonet line did not cross her mind. While she had overheard the name spoken a few times by her parents, they had never talked much about them. The affairs of a family that they did not deal with tended to hold briefer discussions than not. As Tessa stood to get her own strawberry milk, Dawn smiled and nodded, watching her for a moment before turning back to the table sitters.

Of course, her attention was quickly drawn back by a sudden loud commotion, a cry of “TYRRRR”, and the sound of stumbling. Startled, Dawn looked to find a redheaded girl tackling another student- the latter she recognized vaguely as a Sterling, which meant that the girl was probably a Norrevinter- and Tessa falling to the ground. Her attention quickly shifted mostly to her new friend getting pushed aside, and, alarmed, Dawn left her seat and rushed over to the blond. “Are you okay?” The Trickster lowered herself to the ground, offering up a hand to help Tessa up.
While she did so, Dawn got a better view of the situation that had caused the tumble, as well as the escalation that was accompanying it.

Like she had thought, that was indeed a Sterling, and that was indeed a Norrevinter. Shockingly enough, however, one of the girls she couldn’t name had begun to yell at the redhead, spouting a wide variety of taunts.

A part of Dawn was taken aback by the fact that the yelling was aimed at a Norrevinter, even with the rudeness of the earlier charge.

Another part of Dawn was attempting to wrap her head around the insults chosen. In particular, the “little girl” portion of the rant.

A Norrevinter was many things, but none of them were ever little.

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Having emptied some yoghurt, orange juice, and some of a bowl of cereal onto her current captive, only to find his flow of conversation more or less unbroken, Kora had gotten bored of the breakfast food onslaught.

She could almost respect his ability to handle himself under pressure.
If he were not a Sterling and therefore automatically awful.

"It isn't a waste Mr Avalon." she remarked, having noted the disapproval of the other council heir closeby. The one she didn't have a centuries old vendetta toward.
"I'm using it! And rumors would have to stretch the truth so much to try and make this suggestive they might as well have made it up to start with. this any better?"

She dragged Larke forwards and threw back into a sitting position on his back, legs hung idly over the edge.
The fire manipulator extended one large hand, grabbed some kind of sugary pastry from an undisturbed tray and bit into it.
"Is there anything left to sanction?" she asked between bites, looking down at the guy she was currently using as a seat.
"I'd love to watch your whoremonger relatives trying to work out something you haven't put an embargo on. You know how long it takes to use honey for everything you'd use sugar for? Do you have any god damn idea how pissed off wild bees get?! And then if you set the swarm on fire then you've lost th-"

Kora was cut off mid flow as another student stepped forward and started shouting at her. She was called all sorts of things.


And perhaps most notably in her mind 'little girl'.

Kora sat in silence, her newly acquired breakfast in one hand, listened, and for a moment there was a tense, tangible silence. Several students appeared to be watching, nervous.

Then the young woman threw back her head and laughed, mane of unruly hair shaking from the vibration.
"What. Are you planning to fight me?"

Relinquishing her hold on Larke she rose to her full, 6'6 feet of height.

"If you're planning to hit this 'little girl' in the face, munchkin, you might want to fetch yourself a chair to stand on. Or maybe a step ladder. Take your time, I will wait.."

The nordic student lackadaisically finished off the pastry and glanced back.

"While you do though, I feel like I should help you be less ignorant to who you're calling these names. I think the 'poor village' you might be thinking of would be the sacred Isle of Vollr . Home to the Norrevinter family, The Hammer of the Gods, The Great Bear, some of the godfathers and godmothers of pyromancy and some of the most terrifying warriors in the magical world. The 'idiot' you're thinking of would be Jarlinna Kora Mari Norrevinter, the formal family head since childhood, trained berserkir, and future council member in one and a half years' time. It's what compensates for my lack of manners. "

She wiped the yoghurt off her cheek, licked it off her hand, and grinned triumphantly.

"Pleased to meet you. Are you still feeling like a fight?"

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Tover’s brain was on fire.

Everything was dimmed from his perspective. Sounds dulled and blurred as cascades of blood pounded the insides of his ears. His sped up heartbeat drummed slow and with pounding vigor. Adrenaline had kicked up when the thinking cog had realized what it had just made the body do.

Forget that he spent the first major conversation of the day back snapping at a teacher, or that the attempt to make friends was lackluster because of it. A tremor coursed in his digits, breath heavy, shaky in his seat. He was half in and half out of reality as events became tumultuous.

Why did it feel so good?

He expected fear, a sense of diminishment, the need to creep back into her corner of safety. His ghostly eyes remained wide and glued on the instructor as the man spoke, but Tover didn’t actually hear a word. Just muddled noises as if you’re hearing someone through a wall in the other room, overlaid only by his own unyielding heartbeats.

Imagination spoke for him as a chessboard was mentally conjured. Massive and wide where standing on a single square would make one feel miniscule. From above, a colossal disembodied hand materialized and took hold of something as it descended. Only when the fingers squeezed together did a white pawn shatter into existence with a reverberating glassy clang, heavy dusty thud leaving the foot of the piece as the pawn was lifted and moved two paces forwards on the board. His board.

He felt nervous realizing what kind of forward push he’d done, yet relished it at the same time. Yes. Good. This was good. He liked this. Being forward and direct gave a sense of freedom that he’d been craving. Sure he was used to lurking in the backdrop and sullying his time away. But this, this was better. This felt like confidence. This felt like who he wanted to be.

Standing up to family was a task and a half, an impossible feat for someone who could only look up to those who sneered down. But this, this teacher, this had no such sway over him. Neither personality pressure nor authority rebuffed him from speaking his mind properly for one of the rare times he managed to. This is what kept Tover slow and sluggish as he sunk back into the seat to restore telltale nonchalance, absent-mindedly adding some food to his mouth. He wasn’t there. Not mentally.

Adelaide hadn’t joined the table. Tover didn’t even see her walk off, attention having barely been on her after using her introduction to plug in for added effect when he’d expressed discontent. One less person at the table was not remotely a problem, it was even comforting to remain with a small group of people that had all shared similar interest to defend Dawn.

Skylar had sodded off, but he’d spoken a lot. Likely some lecture.

Tessa must have said something; he did notice her mouth moving before she got up. The mouth movement of ‘milk’ was enough to backburner it as warbled sound came from Desdemona. Though he must have clearly heard Dawn’s little quip, a smile of pleasantry etching onto his face with a nod. That had been a fantastic weekend.

The barbarian grizzly that roared and barreled past with all the subtlety of a derailed freight train however, was easier to notice. Followed by a sudden "TESSA!” as the noise cleared enough for reality to sink back into the land of importance. He turned his head to watch the ensuing wrestle and scream match a few tables away. His mind half-wandered inconveniently. Another chessboard as Norrevinter viking-hugged the Sterling with the kindness of a cannonball.

Tower takes Bishop.

Tover had to give his head a shake. Other important things just happened. Tessa. Help Tessa. By the time his hand was ready to push away from the table however Dawn and Desi were already with her.

Nagging words were thrown from the eventful table. Oh. Found the Monroe. Or two? Perhaps his vision was still equalizing, but those girls had some similarities between them. Never having gotten a great look at her, he actually couldn’t tell which of the two it was that had tried to say hi.

This place was chaos.

An odd noise rustled the air. A screeching caw? What could possibly make that sound? The Norrevinter table was wild and easy to keep eyes glued on, sure, but to ignore the noise you didn’t recognize. Now that was dangerous. Already half up from being in progress of going to Tessa, his half-open eyes did a scan around the ro..

The fluff-creature. It was perched defensively on the shoulders of a girl, wings snapping and protectively positioned to defend her from harm. Where was it looking? A quick glance to the Sterling table answered that entirely.

Norrevinter was giving one hell of a speech. For all that brutish veneer and sizable mass that was likely dwarfed by the sheer density of her pride, there was a good mind in there. His eyes flicked momentarily to Tessa. A good mind, but blind to consequences of what happens when recklessly charging to a goal.

He was standing now. Tessa had been helped, and he’d been too distracted to contribute. Tessa hadn’t been the source of the issue though. Just a victim. Tover didn’t know much about the big feud between the Sterlings and the Norrevinters, but it didn’t need his kind of mind to easily put the pieces together.

Jarlinna Kora Mari was a hefty name. Kora would do. That would likely intimidate the pants off those Monroe girls if what he said was enough to make her pass up their table, and given that the suave looking one.. well. Slightly tarnished. Had been used as a seat, her chances of being taken seriously were pretty good, and the challenge of a fight was very likely to make everyone keep their head down. It didn’t hold a candle to the imposing pressure some of the women in his family let off. Or perhaps, it’s because he didn’t know much better, but.. did that sound like bluster? Angry and emotional, primal and direct. Had she even realized the effects of her warpath? How everyone was looking?

She was never, ever going to make a single friend that way.

Why did that thought hurt, so incredibly much. His heart clenched at the realization that if this is how she leaves off, it will only get worse from here with more cause for anger.

A beautiful thought bloomed in Tover’s mind, the tactical cog saying it’s due.
“I’m going to do something stupid.”
His words were soft, the adrenaline from earlier present albeit slowly diminishing. Directed at the general table before putting one foot infront of the other, straight towards the Prime Spotlight of the morning.

One. Just one.

Just one redeeming moment was all he’d had to chance in order to not only to make another friend, but also to not let that prideful mountain of a woman suffer in the long term. He’d seen before where that kind of bluster got you. Alone. Angry. Pained. Unwanted. Hating the world.

He stopped within talking distance, but was a little louder as only the adrenaline from before was actually keeping him on his feet. Sure he was frightened. Who wouldn’t be scared when you’re approaching the current prime possibility for biggest school bully.

It didn’t need to be like that. It didn’t need to turn out that way.

“Hey Norrevinter!” Tover exclaimed loudly while not exactly hiding. God this was uncomfterable, but he coulden’t pass it up. Not again. He’d regretted the first time years ago, having said nothing and watched it play out. Not this time, this time he’d take the pain. Standing there seemingly without fear, hands half in his pockets with a nudged-loose tie. While his approach was lightly slumped, he straightened up to speak as if to try and be taller. Not that such an attempt had merit.

“That was a nice speech. Councilmember is nice and all, but you won’t make it if you don’t realize what happens the people in your path. I know councilmembers are strong, and smart, but most of all I heard they care. They care about people and want to do what’s right.”

He shoved his thumb harsh over his shoulder.
“You hurt someone back there, while on your rampage. So if you too, care. Walk with me and come apologize, and talk to her. Because that’s what someone worthy of honor would do.”
A light breath was his only interruption, the idea of ‘the right thing to do’ stuck in his mind as he swallowed hard to push that know back down his throat.
“But if you don’t care, and all you are interested in is your personal vengeance, or whatever this is.” He said the last part motioning at the interaction that occurred between Monroe at her. “Then a fight is the only thing you’re ever going to have here. You speak well. You can think well, and you’ve got the strength to accomplish what you want. That’s great. But if you don’t have the heart to use those where it matters. Then I’ll take that fight Norrevinter. I’ll take that fight every day, because never will I ever want to see you in a position of power.”

Another breath, another nervous swallow he tried to stifle. Teeth doing a temporary grit. Although he said the next part with an effort to hide the painful emotion, his facial expression betraying him to show the care and concern.

“Don’t let everyone here believe that a loud brute is all you are.”

If she apologized to the Sterling or the Monroe. That was her prerogative, however they were direct targets after she’d rampaged her way over here. He took a step back and to the side, raising his left hand to offer it as direct invitation. Having done his best damn attempt to diffuse tension like he did at home all the damn time, and at the same time trying to provide Kora a social escape route. This could be patched.
If she refused.
He’d tried.
If she didn’t, he planned to walk back to Tessa with her regardless if she accepted the hand or not.

Her current targets could clean up their own mess. The suave one looked like he’d try and talk his way out regardless, the girls were going to be upset just because they could. The other one.. He didn’t quite know. Looked somewhat familiar. Perhaps he’d met him before and just couldn’t recall, but the name Jason just stuck in his head. Tover didn’t say more however, having moved out of the walkway enough to give way and offer Kora the space to start the walk back down to Tessa.

Would it work out like he wanted? Maybe not. Tover already having decided to bite the bullet, and deal with this event as a new step forwards for who he wanted to be. Because at least of this, he could be proud. The mousy, corner-kept, silent Tover, was gone.

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Jesse didn't really see the problem with sleeping in the cafeteria. It was breakfast after all. While Helena got up to get some more cereal, she ate her pancakes and looked around the cafeteria. That boy, apparently named Jason, had turned his attention to someone else. He really seemed stuck up. Not that she was one to judge, but wow. He reminded her of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter books. That's how arrogant he was. She turned her attention back to her pancakes.

All of the sudden there was gasping around the cafeteria. She looked up to see a boy getting up, painfully, with yogurt on his head. Next to him was a very smug-looking girl who had obviously done the deed. She saw people left and right jump to the boy's defense. Good, at least not everyone here was stuck-up. Through all the commotion, she learned the girl's name was Norrevinter. Strange name. But the girl didn't seem to care that no one thought well of what she was doing. She sat on his head. If Jason was Draco Malfoy, this chick was Pansy.

Maybe I should say something... Jesse thought. She wasn't one to get into fights. In fact, she avoided them as much as possible. But this girl was just being a bully at this point. Jesse got up from her seat to go find a teacher, or at the very least, a responsible adult. But as she did so, a boy stood up and did her job for her. The cafeteria was silent after his speech, looking at the Norrevinter girl, wondering how she would reply. Jesse, however, felt that the boy had hit the nail on the head, and started clapping.

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#, as written by Hyro
”I’m not that kind of blind,” she had said, confusing Drake slightly. What did she mean by that? He had no experience in blindness or eye disabilities of any kind, so he was about to ask for clarification.

That was, until the chaos went down in the cafeteria.

Drake was on his feet in seconds when everything started, reacting in a sort of fight or flight response he had acquired from his home life. Him standing had been completely impulsive, as had his nerves tensing up in his shoulders and back. After a quick assessment of the situation, however, the boy snapped out of his attentive stance, having heard his name. Mitch was confused and asking what on earth was going on. It was a good question, and his eyes narrowed at the other tables in an attempt to properly describe the situation.

It was like watching animals throwing a tantrum over a stolen bone, Kora being the angry beast and Larke being the one who had taken her meal. He'd never seen this kind of social behavior, though he was pretty sure this wasn't common for mage culture, and was likely considered rude, if not entirely mal-mannered.

“I’m not sure… Some tall ginger girl just brought down some guy and poured yoghurt all over him, then sat on him… Hold on, I’ll be right back,” he offered her, moving toward the mess. He made sure to grab some napkins at a nearby napkin station on his way.

“Hey, guys! Knock it off!” the young mage shouted in an attempt to damper the conflict, keeping his distance for the moment. As if on cue, the taller woman had put Larke back in an upright position and was now addressing those around her. Drake didn’t pay much mind to their conversations, instead opting to walk over and offer the messy man some napkins.

“Here,” he handed Larke a small stack of napkins, before moving over to the spot on the floor where said food had been dumped over Kora’s victim. Especially since the tantrum girl seemed far too superior to actually consider cleaning it up. It was everywhere, and he quickly realized upon further inspection that he was going to need more than just napkins. The boy moved to grab an empty tray off a nearby table and, using some of the napkins, scooped the various liquids and chunks onto the tray. With a quick sweep, he got the rest of what was left, leaving the floor clean and dry, then moved to the nearest trash can to dump the tray and its contents.

When Drake looked back to the scene, he found enough people had gotten involved, so instead of adding to the crowd, the boy simply padded back over to his table to inform Mitch. “Everything’s fine, I think. I’m not entirely sure. But it seems like it’s being handled.” The boy, who had still been staring at the scene, finally dragged his gaze away to look at Mitch and Apple, noticing Apple’s rigid stance and tentativeness.

“We’re not in danger, if that’s what Apple is worried about,” he assured.

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Jason eyed the small girl he had shared a seat with on the way over, knocked over by the callousness of Kora. His unasked question of did she need help was met with the shake of the head. A frown graced his face as he prepared to go over there. However two others were already on the way and taking care of the issue.

Back to the issue at hand, he was admittedly amused as Kora moved Larke like a toy. Dumping more breakfast over the boy's head, even if outwardly he only showed disapproval. He'd have to send Kora a thank you card or something, Jason had wanted to dump drinks over Larke's goddamn perfect hair for years.

"Kora, you do realize they could decide to remove toiletries from your little kingdom." He sighed, running a hand in his hair as he spoke in an exasperated tone. "You know, maybe if you were nice you could get your sugar privileges back." As Jason considered how to move Kora from her newly acquired piece of furniture, since this had gone on long enough, he was elbowed in the gut.

"Oof" Not a cry of pain but more one of surprise as the girl, Jasper, that he had removed from the situation was getting herself back into it. Well, that's the thanks you get when you tried to save someone, he guessed.

His eyes of disapproval turned to Jasper and he voiced his disapproval. "Jasper insulting someone is not helping the situation. It may also do you some good to know exactly what situation you are getting yourself into before you speak. Threatening a Norrevinter is one of the stupidest things one can do." Well, he added mentally, unless you are part of the future council member club.

Of course Kora chimed in and informed Jasper of her ignorance. Who responded by getting into a fighting stance. Jason readied himself to get between Jasper and Kora in hopes that the smaller, less informed artist did not hurt herself. He was saved from this fight as another boy entered the fray, Tover, his mind supplied. Shouting out across the cafeteria, a rare look of approval graced his face as he met the other boy's grey eyes. Jason would stand down this time and see how this played out. Ready to jump into the fray if things went south after all, few called out a Norrevinter's honor in public like that. Though the public was on Tover's side if the clapping was any indication.

No, Jason had another fish to fry. Icy blue eyes narrowed as they watched a black haired boy grab napkins, yell, poorly wipe off some of the food, and race back to his table. Someone needed a talk on how to behave, and not be an moron it seemed. He would keep an eye on the boy who was either ignorant, had a death wish, or was trying to pick a fight. After all getting involved in a matter required either a big stick or knowing how to talk. It appeared the kid had neither of these qualities.

Shaking his head, he turned his attention to Jasper and Adelaide who were thankfully backing down. Ever the gentleman he looked at the table motioning to the book that had started this commotion. "Oh, don't forget your sketch book." His eyes took note of the yogurt spilled and the connection was made. With understanding he moved to grab a napkin and offered it to the other. "Here, there may be time yet to fix this little spill." There really was no need to cause so much fuss over a little book, but any distraction he could use to pull away Jasper from Kora was a good one.

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Kora continued to watch skeptically, unable to contain herself entirely and letting out a derisive laugh at the 'I'll be sure to to throw the last punch' remark; it was issuing from someone who she had a foot and half of height on, and who she'd assumed hadn't been getting combat lessons since she could walk.

"Well, for someone as 'clever' as you claim to be in comparison to how 'stupid' I am, you seem very keen to run your mouth about an issue you don't know anything about. It's not a smart thing to start taking sides when you clearly don't know the first thing about the Norrevinters, the Sterlings, the feud, or why anyone in the mage community with any sense stays out of it."

Most people didn't involve themselves in the family conflict. Indeed most families kept the whole thing at arms length when the Sterlings refused trade with Vollr or the Norrevinters flipped a table at formal gathering. It was all organized chaos. All meant to goad one another without quite crossing the line enough to result in serious consequences.

Hence the yogurt. She could get away with humiliating a Sterling, but if she actually brought one of their spawn to any kind of harm there were going to be actual issues. Kora was impulsive, but she had to keep some things under control.

"I'd like to give you some credit, but while my family aren't going to take issue with me going after the dynasty we've had a blood feud with since the sixteenth century, I don't know how well yours are going to take you trying to start one with someone who could ruin you and your family by council veto. I'd kind of hope they aren't as ignorant as you about who makes the laws. You're truly lucky I'm not that petty." she responded.
"Avalon, I'd kinda suggest explaining to your friend what she's doing wrong before she pisses off someone who's not that noble."

The hostile response she'd expected, as well as Jason's somewhat half-hearted scolding. (She suspected he wasn't totally outraged at seeing the arrogant prat that was Larke getting thrown around a bit.)

What she'd not entirely expected was Tover's soapbox. She didn't actually have much idea who the fellow was that had approached her and given her a bit of a blasting, though she was a little more concerned about this one than a bunch of insults regarding her intelligence. The clapping from across the cafeteria earned someone a rather dark look.
Whilst she didn't exactly see Tover's claim as much of a threat to her position, she didn't really like the idea of being seen as some kind of ogre.

The nordic girl chuckled.
"Little bit dramatic. Haven't burned the school down yet. And I think you'd have a real hard time stop me taking a position I was given before I was even talking. But if it makes you feel oh so much better small man, I'd be happy to apologize to whoever was involved. I've got no issue with her. "

Taking up Tover's offer, Kora walked over to Tessa, and gave a short bow of her head.

If there was one thing she had been taught plenty of times, it was that one of the responsibilities of having their destructive powers was having to make sure it was directed in the right place, and not firing off at random. You had to be gracious sometimes.

"I am sorry for knocking you over in my rush to punish a horrible bastard."

Well, even the most gracious had their limits, right?

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A lot of people had a lot to say about the situation.

Larke, remained silent throughout most of the exchange; not because he had nothing clever to offer, but because he was painfully aware of whom they were trying to communicate with. They may as well have been posting “No Bears Allowed” signs around a campground. His gaze tracked along with the conversation as Jasper started to add fuel to the fire, but he lost intent interest once he was sure that Norrevinter wouldn’t take a swing at a girl.

Instead, he opted to stand back with nothing less than his usual good-natured (if not a bit dampened) demeanor and adjust himself as best as he could. He offered a nearly inaudible, “thanks man,” followed by a nod toward the boy who had handed him the napkins, despite knowing that the flimsy paper would be of little use for such a sizeable mess.

Settling the napkins aside for the time, Larke grabbed a glass of water and dumped its contents into his hand. The water fell down in a spout and stayed exactly where it was poured, a baseball-sized dome forming in his palm. Then, as easily as if he were using a bath sponge, he dragged the little ball over his head to scrape the food from his hair onto his tray on the table.

He repeated the procedure with his face, the back of his neck, and his pants as the others talked, before returning the now-filthy water to the glass and placing the glass on the tray.

As for the sport coat, he simply removed it and shook the food out into the small pile he had amassed, before folding it over his arm, dirty side in.

The result was a relatively clean (though very notably damp) look, accompanied by a slightly confused expression as Larke caught the tail end of Tover’s speech. The poor boy was trying to play politics with the oaf. Larke gave him an encouraging nod and a small smile of appreciation, doing his best not to give away how incredibly pointless he found the endeavor.

“Oh, come on, Jason,” he replied at last, running a hand through the back of his hair to shake out some of the water, “We’re not animals, now. We wouldn’t embargo their ability to clean themselves—“

And then, turning toward the girl who had been bowled over (Tessa, was it?,) “My family takes too much pride in considering others before we act, to do such a thing.” With that, he crossed the floor to where Tessa was, carefully avoiding eye contact with the hulking ginger abomination. He stood at a slight angle so that the back of his shoulder was toward Kora; just enough to make clear that he was not her friend, but not so much that it looked like open animosity.

Basically the same practiced pose his relatives took when standing next to hers in any kind of formal setting.

His brow furrowed into a look of concern, and his lips pulled down into the slightest of frowns. “Are you sure you’re alright, Miss? I apologize —On both of our behalves— about any trouble our familial disagreement has caused you, especially on your first day.” He then held out the napkins the boy had passed to him, and cast a quick glance down toward her legs. His voice was soft as he said, “And you’ve also got a bit of something on your pants,” before breaking back into his usual warm tone.

“Also quite sorry about being a horrible bastard. Personal shortcoming, and all.”

If she happened to look before wiping the almost-not-there bit of mess, she would find that one of the napkins had a phone number scrawled on it in quick handwriting, belonging to “That Sterling Bastard from Breakfast.”

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Dawn’s first day was turning out to be much more interesting than she had originally thought. Whether or not that was an entirely good thing was up for debate, but either way. Several strong personalities had already made themselves known. The Council kids were obvious competitors so far, as well as the two girls she wasn’t quite able to identify at first- Monroes, apparently. A trace of surprise went through her as Tover stepped into the cluster of activity that had formed, and a bit more at his giving of an impromptu speech to one Norrevinter. She wasn’t quite sure if he would be rewarded for his efforts, but one still had to give props for trying.

Absently, Dawn caught a small bit of the exchange between Jason and Tessa, but her mind was elsewhere. The information went unprocessed. Instead, her smile returned as the other girl quickly bounced back to her previous level of energy, seemingly unaffected by the whole ordeal. “Well,” she began, “she, um. Came pretty fast. Unless you were psychic, I don’t think you could have really known she was going to knock you over like that. And-” Dawn’s face brightened somewhat- “it, um, wasn’t too big of a deal. You defended me, so it’s really the least I can do to help you up like that.”

The Trickster’s gaze flickered over to the scene of the crime, where a dark haired boy had just dashed up, given a glass of water to a rather disheveled Sterling, and booked it as fast as he had came. “You think they’ve met before this? I mean, he,” in reference to Larke, “seems pretty...composed, considering someone just went at him out of nowhere.” Of course, knowing the line, there was also a chance that he was just managing to roll with the punches to save face in this situation. A fair chance, indeed.

Dawn continued to watch as Tover wrapped up his speech, and Kora gave her own reaction- much less impressed than others (in the distance, she could faintly hear the sound of someone giving her applause) before trudging over to Tessa and apologizing.

Dawn’s brows raised. Color her impressed. Considering how things had been going, she was a tad surprised that it had all been solved without any larger conflict. Even one of the Monroes, who had been bristling with anger during a part of the confrontation, had walked off to somewhere else in the cafeteria. Granted, she doubted that the feud between the Norrevinters and Sterlings would end here (the parting bit of Kora’s apology and Larke’s comment proved that), but as no one was on the receiving end of a breakfast shower at the moment, Dawn considered that a definite improvement.

She watched as Larke gave his own apology to Tessa, pulling the concerned gentleman card with ease, before turning her attentions over to whom she presumed to be a teacher. Dawn wasn’t keen on bringing up any familiarity herself yet- especially with Sterlings. She adjusted the cuff of her sleeve somewhat, and was listening to the teacher’s commentary of things when Tover spoke up. Dawn blinked, batted some of the hair out of her face, and looked over to the newly reseated Book.
“It really wasn’t too big of a deal,” Dawn repeated, giving a small shrug of her shoulders. “Desdemona and I were closer, anyway.” At Tover’s next comment, the corners of her mouth lifted again. “Well, considering nobody is flipping anyone into a table right now, I’d say it was a job well done.” Her hands lifted, folding together neatly on the polished surface of the table. “You did pretty good holding yourself together up there, though, I think. I heard a few people clapping, too.”

At Tover’s mention of the name Evelyn, her smile widened, showing off some of her teeth. “That’s my middle name, actually. So you weren’t completely off.” Dawn explained. “And, ah. I would have no problem with more talking, really.” She paused, then, glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around. “I didn’t see whoever started it. It was nice of her- whoever she is.”

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Kora couldn't help but feel that Tover was putting too much stake in the whole thing. It was not as if anyone whose opinion mattered didn't already know what to expect. Some people truly got wound up about some small things. Still, he seemed well-meaning enough, and it never hurt to have people on your side. Especially when some of the students were so touchy.

Not so much with the Botrelle girl though, it appeared, who seemed pretty unconcerned about her trip.
"Yup. I'm sure. It was nothing personal, I'm sure you're great and all." Kora responded to Tessa, maintaining the good natured tone, though her newfound diplomacy was tested when the sister of the previous girl showed up. Still, she was doing a better job than her sibling at keeping things civil.
"Apology accepted. Sterling isn't concerned because this is how things are, and it's probably a good idea to..

She trailed off momentarily upon catching the exchange or Sterling passing the napkin, and Tessa's blushing. Her gaze moved over to Larke.
"Really? There is something wrong with you."


At the end of the corridor leading from the cafeteria, the shadows cast into the alcove there began to ripple and warp for a brief moment, before Professor Kovalenko appeared. A few wisps of dark, inscrutable matter seemed to evaporate off the surface of her coat and coil round her boots as she stepped out, in time to pause in front of the retreating Jasper and give her a look of stony disapproval.
"Miss Monroe I'm not aware of anybody giving you permission to leave the cafeteria. Professor Lovette is going to be arriving soon to deliver some very important announcements and I wouldn't like him to have to repeat them all purely for your sake, so I'd appreciate if you returned to your seat. "

Her dark grey eyes swept up as she caught someone else about to exit.
"The same goes for you too Mr Coleman. Return to your seat. I don't want to be spending all my time acting as sheepdog for every student tantrum that takes place this year. So let's start as we mean to go on."
She made her way to the entrance as a brisk pace, pausing for a moment to shoot Cyrus and Dinah a look sufficient to cause the two to scramble inside and to the nearest available seat (the furthest distance away from each other that they could find at short notice).

From there she walked over to the figure of Montana, coming to a stop next to the man.

"They don't seem to be listening." the woman remarked, noting that his short speech hadn't made more than a few students set their food down and wait for some form of permission."Seems we're going to need to teach this the hard way."
Oren swiftly lifted one slender, gloved hand into the air and snapped out her fingers to their full extent.

A wave of frosty air burst out from the woman like a blast from the arctic wind, and within moments all the food and drink the students had been enjoying was frozen completely solid. Fruit juice sat inert and fixed to its glass, pieces of toast were left as hard and unyielding as paving slabs.

Satisfied she'd gotten people's attention, Professor Kovalenko spoke up, her tone singular and unwavering.

"I beleive Mr Montana was speaking to all.
In the future I'd highly recommend listening to what he has to say.
This is the first lesson you are going to learn here.
I'm sure that a lot of you are used to people doing what you say at home, or being able to talk your way out of having to listen. That isn't the way things are going to work here.
Each of us on staff has been appointed by the Council of the Eight Powers to train you in the arts of magic, and as we're acting on their behalf, nobody is above the rules here.

Her icy gaze lingered for a moment on both the ginger giantess and her silver-tongued nemesis, pretty certain today's incident was neither the last, nor the worst trouble those two would cause.
"Failure to listen to us, any of us, is going to result in immediate consequences.
Please keep this in mind the next time you choose to disregard what is being said to you.

Norrevinter, Sterling, consider this you first and your only warning to keep your fighting to combat class. Next time anyone tries something I'll assume they enjoy battle so much that they'll jump at the chance to spend their free time cleaning the combat equipment.
Norrevinter might have been the instigator in this case, though if Sterling hadn't done anything to deserve being tackled yet, he probably would have in the first few days, so Oren saw nothing unfair about applying it to both sides of their ridiculous fight.

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#, as written by Skwidge

Draivess lent his shoulders a bit of rest, rolling them back gently as he held his crossed arms resolutely. He gazed about emotionlessly at all of the gathered students. Really just looking at them for the sake of something for his eyes to do, though truthfully he was also assessing each of them, mere seconds holding analysis and opinion of a whole handful of students at a time. He gave a cursory glance to the other teachers, searching their faces for any sign of them actually starting any time soon. Madison looked as though he were about to say something, when a quiet voice spoke up, interrupting the cross-dresser. Why Mr. Lovette dabbled in women's fashion was rather beyond Draivess, but it was not as though he were going to be asking.

At the student’s explanation, Dry quirked an eyebrow. Was this student for real? She really had no idea that she was a mage? Drey could have scoffed with disbelief had he not been in front of hundreds of students at that moment. His face remained blank as always. This girl was going to get steamrolled. His gaze slid away from the two, tuning out Madi’s words as they weren’t relevant to him. He could only pray that the small girl would be in neither of his classes, for gods knew he wouldn’t have the patience to deal with her skittish nature nor her absolute lack of everything that pertained to them and their entire world.

The room suddenly darkened, but Drey did not shift his position in the slightest. He already knew what was happening; he had been briefed on the introductory lecture earlier. Lovette went through the list of rules, having obviously practiced it beforehand in order to deliver it to perfection on the day. It showed a high level of professionality and a sharp respect for the job he and the other teachers were doing here. Dry kept his gaze solely on the sea of students before him, lips a stern, straight line, but no malice or irritation showed in his features. He wanted to see how the students responded, but for the most part they remained silent, some nodding while others just kept their focus on the front of the room. At least they were paying attention.

Mad’s voice filled the room once more then, asking if any of the teachers had something to add to the general rules. Of all of the teachers, it was Toby who stepped up first. Drey was a little surprised at this, since from what very little he knew of the man-- and of all of the other teachers for that matter-- he had seemed to be somewhat shy and subordinate. He had expected another to take the lead, but perhaps the smaller man had managed to gather up his courage and didn’t want to take the chance of losing it with time. Nonetheless, the man still stumbled and stuttered a bit throughout the speech, but that seemed to just be something to expect with Schippers. Draivess couldn’t help but glance over towards him when he finished. The man looked utterly relieved, seeming to confirm Drey’s suspicions about courage. He was glad that the little teacher had managed to get through it with so few bumps.

However, as Toby finished and sat back down, Drey waited for another teacher to speak up, and fully expected this to happen. Yet, he waited… and waited… and waited. Was no one really stepping up yet? It seemed as though they had left Toby hanging. In reality it had not been too terribly long since Toby had finished, but it was getting to the point where they were quickly approaching a sort of awkward silence, about 20 to 25 seconds later. Drey did not bother to look at the other teachers during this, simply keeping his arms crossed and looking forward at the students. He really didn’t want to be the next to speak, in fact had planned on going sometime last, but he was not about to leave a colleague hanging, or, furthermore, let any student think that they didn’t have full control of the situation or were even hesitant about this introduction.

So, Mr. Ulftern stepped forward with absolute ease, confidence and comfort very apparent in his body language. It gave the very strong impression that they had intended for the small lull, had let the seconds pass by in order to instill the seriousness of Familiar matters, had used the time to look over the students and ensure they understood. It had not been a time to become lax in attention. After all, almost every aspect of what they were teaching was dangerous, and every single one of them should be taken with the utmost seriousness and respect. Failure to do so would result in injury or death, and gods knew Draivess had enough of both for six lifetimes, whether in sheer number or lasting effects.

”Draivess Ulftern,” His voice rang out with strength and poise, demanding the attention of the students there as he introduced himself. There was no mistaking him for a man who wasn’t in charge. He didn’t seem to be particularly fazed about peculiarities with his name either, having purposely left out any ‘Professor’ or ‘Instructor’. In even his first words, his German accent was very pronounced, but it was clear and concise, easily understood and not hindering him in any manner of getting his point across. ”Levitation or Poisons? You are mine.” His voice was rich and full, but still it was clear that English wasn’t his primary language-- thus the strange choice of wording. ”My English will not always be perfect, but it will not be problem.” The expression of his form was so confident that indeed, surely there would be absolutely no reason for any student to find a problem with communicating with him. He almost seemed bored as he said this, as though to intone that ‘duh, of course it won’t, why would you ever think it would?’ in both the smoothness of his voice and the command he seemed so easily to wield over himself and the room while he held it.

The muscled German leveled his gaze specifically at the students then as he continued, ”Toxins will not be practiced outside of their specifically marked locations unless otherwise stated with supervision.” He shifted his posture lightly, uncrossing his arms and standing comfortably. ”I expect full respect to be given to mineself and my colleagues, and full attention imparted upon all aspects of teacher-student meetings and classes.” He was driving this particular rule in sharply by repeating it—it almost seemed directed at a particular white-haired student who had gotten up to go and interact with a very late arrival sometime between Lovette and Schipper’s speeches-- before moving his gaze and adding, “You’ll find me terribly disappointed if that’s not the case,” Draivess spoke this part as if he were giving a little pout, though almost with a playful smirk. He finished that thought then with, ”And absolutely unmerciful.” Any coyness about his prior remark dropped with the tone of absoluteness coming in when he completed said statement here. Strong, direct, and no room for negotiation in the things he had stated during his introduction. With a curt nod, he stepped back and slipped his hands into the pockets of his trousers, having said his part and now allowing the next teacher to step up.

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"Catch up later?" Toby asked, and Captain Byrne gave a brief nod of affirmation as the students began filing in. Some, she picked out based on their distinctive family features or prior meetings: Sterling, Fox, Anapa, Botrelle, Avalon, Sayge, Belvadeer, and a few others. Kovalenko and Lovette were speaking to her. Some late-comers filed in. The remaining teachers, too.

A dull ringing began whispering in her left ear as she took her seat, and passed to the right.

The blind girl from the roster made herself immediately apparent, judging by the small monstrosity curled around her chair. It would be a problem for combat.

The smell of copper rushed through Maeve's nasal passages just as the lights went out, and the taste of it coated her tongue in a sudden and slick burst.

Her hand shot out to grasp the seat of Professor Kovalenko's chair beside her for a split second and then-


Professor Byrne's eyes locked onto a table of students she had been formerly only glancing over, pupils growing wide with a wildness only accented by the head of fiery red hair fuming out behind her. If the Belvadeer boy were to turn to look at his combat instructor, he would find her staring at him (or perhaps through him?) with a predatory intensity. Under the table, the fingers of her left hand curled and uncurled at her side, in a rapid and inconsistent rhythm. The rest of her body was rigid, muscles coiled like some great, orange lioness ready to spring.

She remained like that, staring directly at the boy, for the entirety of Lovette and Schipper's speeches, as well as the long pause that followed them. In fact, her stare did not break until the tail end of what Draivess was saying, at which point it dissolved with a series of rapid blinks and a shiver of her back.

Her grip on Kovalenko's chair disappeared, and her eyes moved over to Mr. Ulftern.

She didn't know much about the guy: Curt in staff meetings; had a high collaborator death count in the war. Generally not her first pick of Defenders, to be honest, but she wasn't on the hiring committee.

Pretentious bastard.

After taking a hard swallow, she pushed her chair back and stood. Her eyes narrowed and she leaned in forward toward the class, fists knuckle-down against the table as she shamelessly let it be known that she was inspecting them.

"Captain Maeve Brigid Byrne," she said, her vowels clipped sharp and bright by an unforgiving Irish accent, "Captain Byrne, Professor Byrne, and 'sir,' are also acceptable titles." As she straightened up, the now-unbuttoned collar of her shirt shifted to the side for a brief moment, revealing the top edge of a black-inked tattoo peeking over her clavicle. "I'll be your instructor for combat and Aeromancy, so every one of you in this room will be seeing me for at least one course.

"Considering that, it will serve you well to know that I take this quite seriously. You will be handling firearms, swords, daggers, and the forces of bloody nature itself, so if you've got an issue with taking instruction, you're going to have an issue with passing my course. I am not your Mommy, your friend, or your nursemaid, and I will not 'go easy' on any one of you without a very, very good reason.

"That being said, if you have any such reason, you may fill out the form beside my office in the gym by the end of the school day. If it is not filled out, I will assume you are fit to take full-force hits in combat as of tomorrow."

As she finished speaking, she rolled one shoulder so that the joint gave an audible crack, and then took her seat.

"I'll assume I'm understood."