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Jax Mendacium


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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by Haas33



{"Is this your card? No? That's probably because I don't know any card tricks.”}

|{Full Name}|
Jaxton BIll Mendacium

Jax, Jaxy, Ax, Tony, but mostly just Jax. Some really original idiots like to call him the trickster.






|{Secondaries of Interest}|
Shadow Step and Tracking.

Jax is fairly tall, standing at exactly 6 foot, but he has a lean build which makes him fairly agile. He is a bit muscular, but not crazy body builder. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair that almost appears to be black. He has oddly long eyelashes and a strong jawline. His mouth is set in an almost permanent smile. He has a plethora of moles that dot his face, chest, and arms, that give a young boyish look. A small amount of stubble is growing on his chin. His hair is a mess of curls and waves, and he loves it. Overall he is an attractive young male, almost a bit too attractive for his own good.

Jax is very skilled in combat. He comes across as "untouchable" due to the fact that during combat he creates a temporary clone of himself that will occasionally receive a blow instead of himself to throw of his opponent. He also uses camouflage and shadows to slip in and out of the field of people's vision. Overall, when in a fight people's minds can get very turned around as to where Jax is, where the next blow will come, and if the Jax they are swinging at is really Jax or one of his clones. Jax's lean frame also allows him to be quite agile, making him again, quite a hard target. He has been known to walk out of fights completely unscathed while his opponent is bruised and battered. Of course, his main weakness is elemental mages, who's attacks can be very hard to avoid and no amount of trickery can really stop torrents of water or flaming balls of fire.

-Sweedish fish
-Messing around with people
-making people laugh
-Hot babes (wink wink)
-a good teacher

-being serious
-being told to grow up
-being alone
-feeling week
-feeling lesser because of his primary
-being told no

|{Hobbies || Talents}|
Jax likes to think of himself as a cook, but really he just likes eating so if that means cooking food to get food, then so be it. He loves singing and dancing and having a good time. He plays the guitar a little bit. He isn't an expert, but he can play. Overall he just likes making people laugh. Whether by joking around, teasing, wresting, tickling, dancing, you name it. He is something of a class clown.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
In all honesty, his primary isn't very powerful in the sense that outside the application of combat, he can't really do much. And elemental mages can really get him pinned down with long ranged attacks in combat. He has to be really creative with his powers to be of use. He is more helpful as a spy, that is why he is also learning to track, to make use of his invisibility ability. He is afraid of people underestimating him, or leaving him behind. He is afraid of being left alone. He is also afraid of losing his mom and sister.

Jax once laughed so hard he peed, and then laughed even harder because he peed, which caused him to get hiccups so severe it made him cry and because of all this he fell down, and hit is head and broke his arm. His friends had to drag this crying, laughing hiccuping kid into the house who had peed his pants so they could fix his arm.

Jax is a bit intense, to put it lightly. He's like a little puppy. He's loyal, lovable, and easily entertained. He loves being around people and making them smile and is almost constantly smiling. Its very concerning to see this guy upset.


|{Theme Song}|

|{Face Claim}|
Dylan O'Brien

Character Dialogue || #000070 ||


So begins...

Jax Mendacium's Story

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#, as written by Hyro
Once it was his turn, Skylar, who had been waiting patiently until every teacher had gone, stepped forward now. He looked over the students, observing each of them, their reactions, their physical strengths and weaknesses, before allowing a smile to touch his lips. He had the smile of a magician, a gleam that held back tricks, secrets, and wonder. As he went to speak, his voice projected through the room at a leveled and unalarming volume.

"Greetings, students of Marchand. I hope you've all begun to settle in by now. It's almost time to wrap up this orientation, but first, allow me to introduce myself. For those of you who chose Illumination as your secondary, you will be having class with yours truly. I will, however, primarily be teaching Trickery. My name? Professor Skylar Oliver, pleased to meet you."

The man went to tip his beret and give a small, theatrical bow, then suddenly, he disappeared.

"To finish off this orientation," his voice rang out from the right side of the room now as he walked a few paces, seemingly having been there the entire time, "I'd like to elaborate on a few final rules. As we are your instructors, I would like to remind you that we are trained to help you succeed here at Marchand. And as such, I suspect we will do certain things that you won't fully understand. Whether it be freezing your food or performing false illusions, please know that we have a reason for everything we do and always have your success and education in mind."

Once again, Skylar disappeared. This time his voice rang out from the left side of the room where he now stood.

"That being said, students are not granted the same leniency over their magic as we are. You are to keep the use of magic down to a minimum while outside of class. Anyone using their magic to harass, prank, blackmail, threaten, or injure their fellow students during leisure hours will suffer severe consequences."

The professor disappeared one last time, having actually been in the back of the room throughout the entire length of his speech. He made his way through the center aisle of the room now, speaking up, "If you witness misuse of any magic, or fall victim to it, please report to one of the instructors so that we may deal with the problem. This is a very serious issue and the ill-use of any magic will not be tolerated here at Marchand. If you need any more clarification regarding what is acceptable or unacceptable magic use, be sure to ask myself or another instructor. My door is always open."

He reached the front and turned to face the students, letting off another broad smile. "Now, does anyone have any questions regarding the rules presented to you today by our faculty?"