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Jessica Rose Smith

Shy girl who is always with at least one animal. Probably going to be a cat lady when she is older.

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a character in “The Marchand School of Sorcery”, as played by doctorjenny



Full Name: Jessica Rose Smith

Nicknames/Aliases: Jesse



Primary: Terramancy


Familiar Conjuration, healing

Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, 4'0", light skin

Personality: Jesse is extremely shy, used to being teased in school due to the fact that she attracts animals so strongly. If approached, however, she is friendly and will let anyone pet the animals around her if they are ok with it. She always has at least one following her around. If she sees someone in need she will try to help them in any way possible, but if they refuse her help, she gets very emotional and upset.

Skills: She has not trained in it yet, but it is pretty clear her primary school is terramancy. She has a natural affinity for animals, given that they are the only ones, other than her parents, who seem to want to be around her. Animals are drawn to her like a magnet, probably due to her terramancy abilities. She thinks it would be great if she could learn to conjure up a friend.

Weaknesses: She is very sensitive about the animals around her. If someone teases her about them or tries to hurt them, she will get very emotional and upset and probably run away.

Brief History: Her parents were both terramancers. They had a huge garden out in the back of her house, and it never died, even in the winter or in droughts. Given the turmoil that was happening in the magical world, her parents tried to shield her from it as much as possible, even going so far as to not tell her such a thing exists. They noticed the terramancer in her right away though, since she had such an affinity for animals. They knew she got teased a lot at school about it and thus, had very few friends, but they couldn't do anything about it. It would take her years to learn to control it, and they might not have years. They were getting worried about the magic in her being so obvious, but then the Marchand School came along, and they jumped at the opportunity for their daughter to be somewhere safe while they sorted out what was happening in the magical world.

She has one friend that she made in middle school, who also enjoys animals and loves the fact that she has animals around her all the time.

So begins...

Jessica Rose Smith's Story

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Jesse sat in the back of the bus as it chugged up to the school. Her peers were chatting in front of her, but she mostly kept to herself. Some had animals with them in cages, some of which looked intently in her direction. She tried not to draw attention to it though. She knew these people would be like every other person she had encountered. She would most certainly be ostracized if they knew about animals' affinity towards her.

She was the last one off the bus, purposefully of course. She took in the surroundings. The school was definitely unique. She read the sign: Marchand School of Sorcery. Was she in the wrong place? She knew the school was called Marchand, but the only place she had heard of sorcery was in storybooks. Everyone was filing into the cafeteria, though, so if she was to ask someone about it, she would have to go there. She took a deep breath, and followed her fellow students into the building. She looked around. Many places had already been taken. There seemed to be a nice place in the corner away from most people, except one girl who seemed confused. She supposed one person was better than being surrounded by them, so she went over to that table and quietly sat down.

She took some pancakes awkwardly, before saying, sheepishly, "Hi, I'm Jesse," and extending out a hand.

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Helena, cheeks still reddened from the scathing she'd just received from Professor K, she was further shamed by the intense stare of disapproval she was getting from one of the male students. The young mage dropped back into her seat, clasping her stone cold mug and hoping the stony glare would draw away.

As she was doing so, the girl realized she was being addressed.

Helena glanced up to see another student had taken a seat at the table, a girl, and she fortunately did not appear to have fallen victim to the cereal spill.

"Oh. Hi. I'm Helena. Helena Kingsley.
" she responded after a bit too long a pause, before extending her hand out to tentatively shake back. Her hand, almost wholly absorbed by the sleeve of the lurid cat sweater, had a blue bandage wrapped round the palm, and seemed to have nail varnish on only half the fingers.

Helena was clearly a student with her life together.


The older woman in the scandinavian group turned upon hearing the somewhat familiar voice of Maeve (now Professor) Byrne.

Despite being well aware of the woman's status there, Hilda Norrevinter's expression didn't completely manage to hide her surprise at seeing this, particularly with the choice of wardrobe adopted for the occasion.

Fortunately the surprise was enough to stop the family's progress and prevent the collision with the Sterling boy who had just materialized.

"Maeve Byrne. It's certainly been a while." the woman responded, deciding that she was going to continue the trend of not mentioning their reasons for knowing one another.

"Yes, this is little Kora...not quite so little any more."

She gestured with one hand to the teenage girl stood next to her. The young woman was tall, very much so, squarer features than her aunt, her hair red and wavy and all over the place. A pewter mjolir hung around her neck, nicked and tarnished from age and wear. Her father's. Also slung around her neck were a set of headphones out of which someone appeared to be scream-growling in Norwegian. Something about Suttungr being dead.

For all her aunt's eagerness to keep up appearances to some degree, having muttered a 'Hello', Kora herself was shifting around impatiently and fidgetting with her pendant, apparently relatively disinterested in ingratiating herself with one of her prospective professors ahead of time.

Well, unlike certain bloodlines the Norrevinter had never put a lot of stock into charm and charisma.

"Erik and I have been handling the training up until now." Hilda added, realizing her charge was not planning to add anything constructive.
"I doubt combat class is going to be a problem... there's an awful lot of her father there."

Hilda paused somewhat, the two older members exchanging a bit of a glance over something left unsaid. Absent friends and all.

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What happened to your hand?
Jesse asked, staring at the blue bandage as she took the girl's hand and shook it. Her sweater was a bit too bright in color for her tastes, but she loved cats, and the pun on the front and back was cute. However, the girl still seemed disoriented in general. Her hair was unkempt and her nail polish was rubbing off, and she was looking sheepishly off to the side where a boy was staring intently at her disapprovingly.

What the heck is up with him?
she asked, staring and pointing at the obviously disapproving boy. While Helena looked confused and it was obviously a cause of concern for her, there was no reason to be condescending about it. She hated it when people judged.

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The tall, red-haired teenager started paying a little more attention to the proceedings when the prospect of combat class came up, and suddenly became rather more animated when addressed by Maeve.

"Can't wait for the combat." she stated with a grin that made it quite clear she'd inherited everything about the Norrevinter attitude to fighting that was stereotyped.

" Are we gonna use any swords? Uncle Erik got me a zweihander and I can take the head off a reindeer in one swing. " she beamed with pride, before getting a look from her uncle, pausing for a moment, then revising her statement.
"The reindeer was already dead and hung from a yew tree. By its feet. For the Vanir."

This was apparently enough to make decapitating ungulates with swords see acceptable to the rest of the family.

Hilda interjected.
"It's going to be her first extended stay away from Vollr's going to be quite the learning experience."

It certainly was in that sense. The Norrevinter's island of Vollr, somewhere between the coast of Norway and Svalbard had been practically stuck in pre-christian Europe. A place where animal sacrifice, aesir worship and mead brewing were commonplace. (Though the last one might have been something to do with the Sterlings' trade embargo with Vollr for the past few centuries.)

Moving to another country was always likely to be a culture shop. Moving from an island of pagan norsemen wherin you were raised as practically a princess of your own tiny kingdom it was, perhaps, likely to be a little bit more of a stark contrast. As the two elders started handing over her things and saying their goodbyes it was increasingly clear that not a lot had changed between generations.


"My hand?" Helena asked, glancing over at it.
"Oh...was putting on nail varnish and got sorta distracted. Heh. It happens."

The young woman was quite blase about the bandage. Then again, she was hardly the first when blood magic was a fairly common practice among secondary crafts.

"Oh, it's fine...Professor Kove..Kova...Professor K just told me off for sleeping in the cafeteria so...probably something to do with that." she explained, in regards to the reaction to Jason. It was, at least better than being stared down by the Aquamancy head. The hungarian woman's glare could probably turn small animals to stone.

Helena smiled and rose to her feet, deciding she should probably make some effort to replace her cereal before it was completely depleted, and before she inadvertently attracted the ire of anyone else.

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The scent of perfume was stifling.

It filled the truck like water, clinging to every surface, every student. It burrowed itself into Esperanza’s skin, nestled in her hair, and made her eyes sting. Some kids up front had made a game of spraying each other with the stuff about two hours into the trip, and at this point, Espie could no longer pinpoint exactly what it was supposed to smell like. Something with flowers, no doubt, possibly roses- but it didn’t matter. It was strong, and she had long rolled down her window to let some of the stuff out. The air outside was better, anyway. It was rain and dirt and dead things, and, accompanied by the blur of orange passing by, made the ride much more magical.

Esp had been awake for about thirty two hours flat, according to the phone Mama had given her before she left home. She had been so strung up with nervous energy and excitement, she hardly felt the urge to sleep anyway. Her hands were constantly occupied with the new gadget under her possession (she had changed the background at least five times before settling on a funny picture of a dog she found online), or with the sheets of paper cheerfully stating her admission to Marchand, or even with little things like a piece of string she found hanging off the sleeve of her blouse. When not keeping herself busy, her eyes had been glued to the windows of whatever transportation she had been on- the truck being no exception.

After travelling for so many hours at this point, one would think she would have grown bored of the journey, but Esperanza relished it. She devoured the scenery with her eyes.

The truck eventually rolled to a halt, far more smoother in its stoppage than its predecessor had ever been. Jumping to her feet (and stumbling for a moment or two from the lack of blood in her legs), Esp slipped out of the vehicle and went to gather her things.

Marchand was far more grand than anything that she had seen- with the exception of the family church, of course- but Esp found herself vaguely disappointed that there was none of the peppy music playing within the school, like the movies always had. Rolling her shoulders under the weight of her backpack, Esperanza followed the line of other students to the office, and checked herself in. She hardly noticed the secretary’s idle look, more preoccupied with the sheets pushed into her hands that anything.

The school was very large.

After being ushered out by the secretary (she hadn’t realized she had been standing there for long until she felt the hands on her shoulders), Esp found herself wandering to the cafeteria, unsure of where else to go. She saw no point in wandering- especially when none of the other students were- and, besides, now that some of the nervousness had worn off, she had realized just how hungry she was.

The first thing she noticed upon entering was just how many people were there. Gathered around tables, picking at their food, chatting. Esp stood in the doorway for a moment, hesitating, then braced herself and went to get breakfast- pancakes, since a lot of the other kids seemed to be getting them as well.

The amount of people meant that most of the tables were filled to the brim, she found. Which meant sitting with someone. Or some group. Her eyes roved across the tables, eventually settling on one with only two seated. Two was good. A good start. Esp nodded to herself, then went over, swerving past some of the other kids clustered around the cafeteria.

“Hello.” Esp gave a crooked, awkward smile at the two girls- one of them with bandages like her, although hers were a clean white and the girl's were blue- and balanced the tray more carefully on her fingertips. “Can I sit down?”

Her voice was quiet, and thick with her accent- words coming out somewhat clipped and clumsy. Nevertheless, she was intelligible, which was a start.
Things were going good so far, Esp decided.

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Jesse didn't really see the problem with sleeping in the cafeteria. It was breakfast after all. While Helena got up to get some more cereal, she ate her pancakes and looked around the cafeteria. That boy, apparently named Jason, had turned his attention to someone else. He really seemed stuck up. Not that she was one to judge, but wow. He reminded her of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter books. That's how arrogant he was. She turned her attention back to her pancakes.

All of the sudden there was gasping around the cafeteria. She looked up to see a boy getting up, painfully, with yogurt on his head. Next to him was a very smug-looking girl who had obviously done the deed. She saw people left and right jump to the boy's defense. Good, at least not everyone here was stuck-up. Through all the commotion, she learned the girl's name was Norrevinter. Strange name. But the girl didn't seem to care that no one thought well of what she was doing. She sat on his head. If Jason was Draco Malfoy, this chick was Pansy.

Maybe I should say something... Jesse thought. She wasn't one to get into fights. In fact, she avoided them as much as possible. But this girl was just being a bully at this point. Jesse got up from her seat to go find a teacher, or at the very least, a responsible adult. But as she did so, a boy stood up and did her job for her. The cafeteria was silent after his speech, looking at the Norrevinter girl, wondering how she would reply. Jesse, however, felt that the boy had hit the nail on the head, and started clapping.

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Kora continued to watch skeptically, unable to contain herself entirely and letting out a derisive laugh at the 'I'll be sure to to throw the last punch' remark; it was issuing from someone who she had a foot and half of height on, and who she'd assumed hadn't been getting combat lessons since she could walk.

"Well, for someone as 'clever' as you claim to be in comparison to how 'stupid' I am, you seem very keen to run your mouth about an issue you don't know anything about. It's not a smart thing to start taking sides when you clearly don't know the first thing about the Norrevinters, the Sterlings, the feud, or why anyone in the mage community with any sense stays out of it."

Most people didn't involve themselves in the family conflict. Indeed most families kept the whole thing at arms length when the Sterlings refused trade with Vollr or the Norrevinters flipped a table at formal gathering. It was all organized chaos. All meant to goad one another without quite crossing the line enough to result in serious consequences.

Hence the yogurt. She could get away with humiliating a Sterling, but if she actually brought one of their spawn to any kind of harm there were going to be actual issues. Kora was impulsive, but she had to keep some things under control.

"I'd like to give you some credit, but while my family aren't going to take issue with me going after the dynasty we've had a blood feud with since the sixteenth century, I don't know how well yours are going to take you trying to start one with someone who could ruin you and your family by council veto. I'd kind of hope they aren't as ignorant as you about who makes the laws. You're truly lucky I'm not that petty." she responded.
"Avalon, I'd kinda suggest explaining to your friend what she's doing wrong before she pisses off someone who's not that noble."

The hostile response she'd expected, as well as Jason's somewhat half-hearted scolding. (She suspected he wasn't totally outraged at seeing the arrogant prat that was Larke getting thrown around a bit.)

What she'd not entirely expected was Tover's soapbox. She didn't actually have much idea who the fellow was that had approached her and given her a bit of a blasting, though she was a little more concerned about this one than a bunch of insults regarding her intelligence. The clapping from across the cafeteria earned someone a rather dark look.
Whilst she didn't exactly see Tover's claim as much of a threat to her position, she didn't really like the idea of being seen as some kind of ogre.

The nordic girl chuckled.
"Little bit dramatic. Haven't burned the school down yet. And I think you'd have a real hard time stop me taking a position I was given before I was even talking. But if it makes you feel oh so much better small man, I'd be happy to apologize to whoever was involved. I've got no issue with her. "

Taking up Tover's offer, Kora walked over to Tessa, and gave a short bow of her head.

If there was one thing she had been taught plenty of times, it was that one of the responsibilities of having their destructive powers was having to make sure it was directed in the right place, and not firing off at random. You had to be gracious sometimes.

"I am sorry for knocking you over in my rush to punish a horrible bastard."

Well, even the most gracious had their limits, right?

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A lot of people had a lot to say about the situation.

Larke, remained silent throughout most of the exchange; not because he had nothing clever to offer, but because he was painfully aware of whom they were trying to communicate with. They may as well have been posting “No Bears Allowed” signs around a campground. His gaze tracked along with the conversation as Jasper started to add fuel to the fire, but he lost intent interest once he was sure that Norrevinter wouldn’t take a swing at a girl.

Instead, he opted to stand back with nothing less than his usual good-natured (if not a bit dampened) demeanor and adjust himself as best as he could. He offered a nearly inaudible, “thanks man,” followed by a nod toward the boy who had handed him the napkins, despite knowing that the flimsy paper would be of little use for such a sizeable mess.

Settling the napkins aside for the time, Larke grabbed a glass of water and dumped its contents into his hand. The water fell down in a spout and stayed exactly where it was poured, a baseball-sized dome forming in his palm. Then, as easily as if he were using a bath sponge, he dragged the little ball over his head to scrape the food from his hair onto his tray on the table.

He repeated the procedure with his face, the back of his neck, and his pants as the others talked, before returning the now-filthy water to the glass and placing the glass on the tray.

As for the sport coat, he simply removed it and shook the food out into the small pile he had amassed, before folding it over his arm, dirty side in.

The result was a relatively clean (though very notably damp) look, accompanied by a slightly confused expression as Larke caught the tail end of Tover’s speech. The poor boy was trying to play politics with the oaf. Larke gave him an encouraging nod and a small smile of appreciation, doing his best not to give away how incredibly pointless he found the endeavor.

“Oh, come on, Jason,” he replied at last, running a hand through the back of his hair to shake out some of the water, “We’re not animals, now. We wouldn’t embargo their ability to clean themselves—“

And then, turning toward the girl who had been bowled over (Tessa, was it?,) “My family takes too much pride in considering others before we act, to do such a thing.” With that, he crossed the floor to where Tessa was, carefully avoiding eye contact with the hulking ginger abomination. He stood at a slight angle so that the back of his shoulder was toward Kora; just enough to make clear that he was not her friend, but not so much that it looked like open animosity.

Basically the same practiced pose his relatives took when standing next to hers in any kind of formal setting.

His brow furrowed into a look of concern, and his lips pulled down into the slightest of frowns. “Are you sure you’re alright, Miss? I apologize —On both of our behalves— about any trouble our familial disagreement has caused you, especially on your first day.” He then held out the napkins the boy had passed to him, and cast a quick glance down toward her legs. His voice was soft as he said, “And you’ve also got a bit of something on your pants,” before breaking back into his usual warm tone.

“Also quite sorry about being a horrible bastard. Personal shortcoming, and all.”

If she happened to look before wiping the almost-not-there bit of mess, she would find that one of the napkins had a phone number scrawled on it in quick handwriting, belonging to “That Sterling Bastard from Breakfast.”

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Helena had stood stranded somewhere between the table and replacing her melted cereal as all hell broke loose in the cafeteria. Rather surprised by the sudden family feud breakout, the small student remained glued to the spot watching the chaos unfold...right up until the time Montana appeared...and admonished people for eating the food.

With that in mind Helena scuttled back to her seat without anything, whilst it was clearly plenty of people had already flouted it, and she supposed she could take Professor K's sarcastic jab as tacit permission...she'd still rather not attract any kind of admonishment on her first day.

By the time she'd scrambled back she realized someone else had appeared too, and clumsily extended a hand in greeting to Esper.
"Hi! I'm Helena. Kingsley... All the other seats are free. I mean. I think they are. I'd fallen asleep for a bit. Probably a bit awkward if people were eating breakfast round me. But. Probably not." she smiled wide, deciding that not eating any breakfast was no need to be negative.

She'd been a bit paranoid about being fat anyway.

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Jesse looked a bit sheepish when Mr. Montana admonished everyone for eating. She assumed she had gotten there after the faculty said they could start eating. It was a little late for that, considering she had already mostly finished her pancakes. She supposed there was no harm in finishing them now.

She was so wrapped up in the commotion of the cafeteria, she didn't notice the new person sitting next to her, or that Helena had returned. She looked to her left, a little embarrassed that she had gotten in her own head again. The girl was pretty and had an accented voice. Jesse felt slightly intimidated, with her frizzy red hair, zero makeup, and hoodie that was three sizes too big and covered in various animal's fur. Nevertheless, she seemed nice enough, so she extended a hand.

"Hi, I'm Jesse. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. The first day is off to an exciting start, isn't it?" She said, as chipper as her quiet voice would let her. As she greeted the new person, a small, white mouse crawled up through the floorboards, up her leg and back, and rested on her shoulder. Jesse jumped in surprise, but quickly settled down after she realized what the weird feeling was.

"Hey, little guy," She said to the mouse, as she carefully took it off her shoulder and put it on the ground near her feet. She sat back up after doing so, a little too quickly, and hit her head on the table.

"Ow!" She exclaimed, and sat back up more carefully, rubbing the back of her head.

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Tover heard the clapping first.
Remaining in his stance and only turning his chin to see where the motion and noise had originated, his ghostly eyes fell to Jessica. He didn’t know her, nor her name. Not yet, at least, as he watched her applaud his actions with some others pitching in to join.

Would she ever know that she saved him? That it was her hands that allowed this to go as smoothly as it did, even as other began to join in?

He was dead nervous, senses regained and adrenaline spent. The words weren’t going to be enough. He realized it too late. About at that time his discomfort skyrocketed at the sight of several raised phones, noticing people were recording this. The attention Kora had gathered was temporarily moved to him as Tov altered the pieces on the board. He tried to keep himself together, loosening the striped tie just to cope and letting sounds other than the clapping temporarily drown. The public affirmation a soothing sense of support.

His diplomacy attempt was a little complicated, but from some of the looks he was getting that were also building up his anxiety, it seemed a few had realized what he was actually up to. This had come across like a slightly overdramatic speech, but it had contained some silent pre-requisites for it to succeed. He wanted to make friends, let this diffuse in a favorable way, and provide Kora a chance at redemption for her social life. All under the guise of apologizing to Tessa for the sake of showing care.

Standing in the middle of the cafeteria, he had a great albeit temporary view of the room and the people in it. He saw fresh entries, stragglers at the entrance, many a face he would likely share a class with. Someone dropped off some cleaning material for the.. ah. Aquamancer. Watery glob gave that away. While Kora seemed to do the best she could as she in her own way accepted his way out.

Not politically clean by any stretch, and while he felt unpleasant from Kora’s word-use she did in fact walk the walk. The Monroe’s seemed to be slighted, thought Kora hadn’t affected them? Not really, not counting their verbal back and forth. The girls had only spoken up when cheekbones over there had been.. ah. So that’s what they wanted. He’d have no part in that mess.

When Norrevinter began the walk, Tover notched the attempt as a success and quickly turned in order to head the same direction. Not quite out of the spotlight. Soon however he’d be able to sit and people would go their separate ways he hoped, the storm will have passed, though he silently wished the applause lasted just a little. He'd never gotten that before.

“I’m Tover.” He replied on the way there. “I’m glad Norrevinter stories on honor are true, and yes, it made me feel significantly better. You don’t know what you almost lost back there.”

He stopped to go around the other side of the table, breaking from their shared path in order to sit down next to Dawn as Kora did a bow to Tessa and uttered what.. was just going to have to count as apology. Good enough. It was the gesture that was needed more than the specific words. Enough to prove there was a person that could own up to its mistakes, and not just a bully.

That Mr. Sauvé himself showed up at the table shortly after was unexpected. He just got tussled around, why was he trying to be back for more. Baffling, until the bishop piece spoke to Tessa. He’d received a small nod from the Aquamancer earlier. Whether that had been in appreciation or a well-practiced subtlety in condescension on the act of attempting diplomacy with a mountain, he could not tell. He’d take it as the former unless something changed his mind.

Now hold on. Kora apologizing to Tessa was ceremonial. The redemption option that ended the tension and allowed some liberty back into the social life~ She’d carved her standing, niche, and general disposition into everyone’s minds on the first day, and this was so not all hope was lost. The Suave one however had no such gain from joining in on the apology.

Either he’d understood this was a chess move to save face, and wanted to raise his own standing on the platform it had offered. Was planning to use this as springboard for some ploy.. or.. He saw the passing of napkins, or rather, due to sitting at the part of the table where the folds were visible, some numerical scrawls. Son of a…

He silently reached across the table to grab his old food tray and slide it towards himself. Shakily picking up his teacup, now colder, and taking a heavy swig. Those Monroe girls were going to be fuming in about no time flat. Tover lightly looked up from his teacup to Larke, as if looking over the brim of glasses he wasn’t wearing. “They’re going to remember that.” Not bothering to say whom. If the Suave one was as clever and predatorial as he’d assumed the guy was, it should have been fairly obvious, and talking his way out didn’t seem an impossible task for Mr. likely to be a future career politician. His eyes were back on his tray shortly after, finally having an opportunity to eat.

Or at least he would have if he didn’t hear what must have been some Janitor grumbling about food privileges saunter along and complain. He was surprised he didn’t hear a mop squelch and squiggle the floors, he’d imagined it go hand in hand with grumpy complain mumbles like that. Until the grumbles didn’t make sense, as janitors don’t make demands of students. So he looked up, and then he saw the suit.

The blue gloves reminded him of the serenity movie. “Two by two, hands of blue.” He spoke to no-one, just thinking out loud before turning his attention to Dawn, since he was sitting beside her.

He felt oddly pleasant to be back here, and turned his chest and shoulders to face her. A thankful nod directed at Desi and Tessa, unknowingly opening up his body language as her company was welcomed and interesting. Ontop of being the first person that had made him fee welcome. “Thanks for picking up Tessa. I was too slow.” He nudged his nose in the direction of the Tower and Bishop. Kora and Larke. “I think that went well enough, though don’t tell anyone, but my heart is pounding and I’m a shaking leaf.” He took another strong swig of his tea, emptying the cup to his dismay. More would have been better.

“Dawn, right? I remembered the name Evelyn earlier. Not sure if that was right. If you’re still up for that chat, I’d be up for making some friends.” He smiled just a little, color returning to his face over time. “I need to thank the girl that started the applause later. I think she might have saved me from being ignored.” He mentioned, though it appeared to be mostly as a reminder to self. Regardless of that, he put down the cup, and looked to Dawn for conversation. Half for the company, half to feel better and get the shakes to stop.

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ImageFacing Dawn, Tover noticed the small personal war she was having to push hair out of her face before the conversation began. The lack of raven locks muddling her face let those grey eyes be visible again, and it caused the edge of a smile to curve on his face. What an oddly pleasant feeling. Was this what it felt like to make real friends, instead of that simulacrum atrocity his family accepted? He felt a little flush, though that may have been just from the recovery of his borderline fearless intervention just earlier.

“It really wasn’t too big of a deal, Desdemona and I were closer, anyway.”
Well that was a relief, he’d thought it might have been otherwise, but bothersome little trails of thought like that were very common for him, and just hearing he was okay always did wonders to shut those down. Dawn’s shrug an almost helpful reinforcer.

It was the curve of her lips as they slid into the beginnings of a smile that made him feel warm, and just a touch helpless. He’d made someone smile? His face, while generally marred with practiced nonchalance softened its features into a warmer expression as he listened.
“Well, considering nobody is flipping anyone into a table right now, I’d say it was a job well done.” He saw her fingers fold, and sat up in response, as if she might suddenly be a little more serious.
“You did pretty good holding yourself together up there, though, I think. I heard a few people clapping, too.”

Forget warm. He was turning pinkish red in the cheeks and shyly had to turn away a little. His grey eyes cast down and to the side, some loose locks of hair falling back out of place over his forehead as a full-on unstoppable smile of pride and fulfillment stuck to his face, listening to her clear up the naming convention as the tips of his fingers felt prickly, raising them to rub the back of his head after managing a small mention.
”T..thanks, that means a lot.”

“That’s my middle name, actually. So you weren’t completely off.” Dawn explained. “And, ah. I would have no problem with more talking, really.” She had paused, glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around. “I didn’t see whoever started it. It was nice of her- whoever she is.”

When Dawn mentioned clapping he instinctively turned back to look at the table along with dawn, locating where the girl in the big hoodie sat. She seemed somewhat covered in bits of fur here and there because of the hoodie, but that didn’t matter at the moment. Glad to just have recognized her before turning back to face Dawn as Tessa joined in on the conversation.
”I don’t know her name yet, but it’s the girl in the messy hoodie over there. I’m not going to bother her now though, she’s got her own thing going. I’ll thank her when I can later. Also, Evelyn’s a really nice name. Probably why it stuck~ I’d be happy to have some long conversations when we both have free time to catch up!” Tover sounded almost chipper.

The invitation to conversation with Evelyn was a pleasantry he was going to enjoy delving into sometime, but it looked like group socializing was going to cut up the deeper conversations people could be having at the moment. It was pleasant though, thinking everyone should get this, a tender blossoming warmth behind the middle of the chest from talking to classmates who were becoming friends.

His attention split from the inner sensations he was experiencing as some Tessa speedily cut in with some strong french. He spoke the language, but she was going a bit fast, his color balancing back to normal during his momentary frown that spoke volumes of what he was understanding while she spoke. A tempered pleasant look replaced it when she kicked up her translating skills.

"Guys I have something awesome to tell you later it is juicy too!”
As nice as that was, he had the odd feeling that what Tessa had to say was very much going to be ‘girl talk.’ Making Tover look around for a temporary way out for a minute or so before he could return to the table. Surely there was someone he could temporarily say hi to and maybe pull into this in-the-middle-of-being-minted group of friends. ”That’s nice~” was all he managed to say before Tessa slid into sudden questioning twined with pleasant compliments, her bubbly personality really shining through.

"That was some awesome negotiating Tov, butterflies or not you did great! Oh that girl no idea who she is but with a speech like that I doubt anyone could ignore you. You were like a practiced diplomat, where did you learn to do that? You really helped Kora out, are you trying to get in her good graces?”
The kindness of her compliments had been a very welcomed, if not an outright necessity for the well being of his continued social growth and overall well-being. He’d been silently wrecked in some ways by the whole ordeal. Hearing things like this though, this helped. He felt much better with the supportive validation from his peers, and general acceptance that he’d not only done the right thing, but that people were a little impressed with the whole thing. It was a quiet reward for trying to be himself, and instead of being met with the disdain that would normally have followed at home. Here it seemed.. it seemed welcomed.

Steady as he felt from the social feedback, an icy chill clamped to his senses. He coulden’t help but see similarities in the gaze Tessa’s blue eyes held as she leered at him with an almost zealous intensity. It reminded of some of the looks he’d gotten from people that had only wanted something out of him. Her compliments had likely been sincere, and if Tover had to make a guess, she had noticed what he might have been actually up to with that chess move of his. Well. Half-move~ He did have something he didn’t want to see again fueling the action.

There was a messy comprehensive answer in his head, but it broke down easy enough as his face crunched together in pensive though. When his features softened and returned to leaning-on-the-table nonchalance, he was good to talk.
“Tessa, right?” Tover started, taking a sip from his cup of water since his tea was all gone. “First off thanks for the kind words, you’re a good part responsible for why I’m ‘Okay’ right now, along with Dawn, and mystery girl who started clapping over there. Until a bit ago. well..” He raised his hand holding the water cup a little, it still had a tremor.

“I’m no diplomat. I just.. I’ve been around a lot of people that had to know just what to say in order to get the result they want.” He paused to look right at Tessa, but his body posture shifted to something defensive, like he really didn’t want to talk about this, at all, because it caused such discomfort. “My family is a matriarchy. I’m not exactly a people person, but saying the wrong thing to the wrong girl in my family can net you some pretty brutal and unorthodox responses and results.”

Tover cleared his throat to bite away the topic, it was too uncomfterable and it showed heavily all over him, eyebrows strained as he took a proper drink of water and got into answering. “A couple years ago I was in a private school, and something very much like this happened.” He nodded over to Norrevinter. “Except that back then, I didn’t know what the cost was. Over a few years that person only ever got seen as a bully, and was treated in a way that only made things go more and more downhill. All because they never had a chance to turn it around, because of something they did right at the beginning in front of everyone. I only learned later of the effects that had, and I wasn’t the person you just saw talking either. I coulden’t help then, and I felt regret. I couldn’t bear to see watching it play out for a second time. So I was just going to take the humiliation of failing infront of everyone.” his head dipped down, as if the outcome he was expecting in his head was playing and it was considerably more bleak that what had actually transpired. ” I’d rather live with the knowledge that I did what I wanted and followed my will, then live with another regret of “It didn’t have to be that way.”

Tover was fighting with his tie without having noticed it. The thing almost completely undone. He was frowning during his lean, the common eyes only half-open look glued to an empty spot in the middle of the table. Like he coulden’t bear to look at anyone right now. “If it happens that Kora likes me more because of it.. I mean. It would be nice, and I won’t mind, because I’ve always wanted more friends. Real friends.” He raised his head, and looked in Norrevinter’s general direction. “But I doubt it. She’s a big bundled ball of pride, and I think all I actually did was maybe prevent the mess from getting worse, but I doubt she sees me as anything more than someone who got in the way of her feuding. If that’s how it is, that’s fine. I did my part in giving her the chance to show that she was a person, and not just.. another bully. Because I wasn’t convinced the person from a few years ago was one either, just never got the chance to be seen as anything else.”

Tover moved his food tray to the side. “That aside, I’m sorry for using your fall as an excuse to get that done. That wasn’t kind of me. But it doesn’t seem like that’s something you didn’t know.” His ghostly grey eyes met Tessa’s, and returned the penetrating gaze. She was clever. She wasn’t the only one as Tover was warming up to her. “I’m happy to have made a friend that realized there was more to my little piece of drama than just pretty words. Thanks Tessa, and thanks for playing along and letting things play out so things went well for everyone.” His expression faded back to a solemn calm. Breaths easing into the soft normality as his explanation was over, a small smile returning as he remembered all the pleasant things that were said.

“I don’t have a middle name. The name is just Tover, some people just use ‘Tov’ if it’s easier for spelling. If a nickname happens to come up, those are nice too. At the moment though, I think you said that you had some juicy details to tell people. Erm… well. That sounds like it’s girl-talk, and I feel a little in the way.” Tover pushed away from the table and stood up, looking around to catch Jason Avalon in the corner of his eye, giving a stern talking to the black-haired spitfire that had darted in and provided napkins to Sterling. In that little group, he saw the place where he remembered the little fluff-critter-thing was making that dangerous noise earlier. Was it just him or did it look like that that girl felt really left-out?

Tover squinted at the sight before looking back down at the girls with some concern. “Hey Dawn, Tess? there’s a girl over there that looks really left out, and you’re all really pleasant. So while you’re gossiping, I’m going to see if I can’t get her to come to this table so she can make some friends too. Okay? He gave a brisk nod in Mitch’s direction to give a heads up where he was going, and tapped the table twice to say he was off before walking.

The girls might have noticed that there might have been another reason or two he took a temporary break from the table. Opening up hadn’t made him comfortable, and the sudden shakiness in his voice near the end gave away that he really just needed a minute to recover. He was going to be fine and back, he didn’t dislike their company. Still, Tover is a boy talking talking to a group of girls, and that alone still needed some getting used to.

He made it a point to take the long way around. For comfort’s sake if nothing else as he approached the table and softly spoke to the girl with the.. fluff-dog-thing on her lap when he was close enough. Tover said hi from the side where Mitch didn’t have an earbud in. “Em, hey. I’m at the table with some girls who are trying to make friends, and we noticed you were kind of keeping to yourself over here. Did you want to come make some friends too? We’ve got an open spot at the table for you, and these guys look pretty busy.”

It wasn’t a ploy either. Avalon was standing there with fire in his eyes and a purpose in his stance, and the Black-haired guy he was talking to seemed engrossed in the conversation. Whatever Avalon had planned, it wasn’t something he was part of, and it was just going to have to play out without him. Then again, he really felt like he’d met Avalon before, and just couldn’t place where. Something to do with chess? Maybe. There was something about the way the guy spoke that just felt familiar. He’d ask later. For now he was glad for the momentary reprieve as he caught a few words between Jason and Drake, his shoulder turned to them. Not quite wanting to get involved in something again so soon.

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Kora couldn't help but feel that Tover was putting too much stake in the whole thing. It was not as if anyone whose opinion mattered didn't already know what to expect. Some people truly got wound up about some small things. Still, he seemed well-meaning enough, and it never hurt to have people on your side. Especially when some of the students were so touchy.

Not so much with the Botrelle girl though, it appeared, who seemed pretty unconcerned about her trip.
"Yup. I'm sure. It was nothing personal, I'm sure you're great and all." Kora responded to Tessa, maintaining the good natured tone, though her newfound diplomacy was tested when the sister of the previous girl showed up. Still, she was doing a better job than her sibling at keeping things civil.
"Apology accepted. Sterling isn't concerned because this is how things are, and it's probably a good idea to..

She trailed off momentarily upon catching the exchange or Sterling passing the napkin, and Tessa's blushing. Her gaze moved over to Larke.
"Really? There is something wrong with you."


At the end of the corridor leading from the cafeteria, the shadows cast into the alcove there began to ripple and warp for a brief moment, before Professor Kovalenko appeared. A few wisps of dark, inscrutable matter seemed to evaporate off the surface of her coat and coil round her boots as she stepped out, in time to pause in front of the retreating Jasper and give her a look of stony disapproval.
"Miss Monroe I'm not aware of anybody giving you permission to leave the cafeteria. Professor Lovette is going to be arriving soon to deliver some very important announcements and I wouldn't like him to have to repeat them all purely for your sake, so I'd appreciate if you returned to your seat. "

Her dark grey eyes swept up as she caught someone else about to exit.
"The same goes for you too Mr Coleman. Return to your seat. I don't want to be spending all my time acting as sheepdog for every student tantrum that takes place this year. So let's start as we mean to go on."
She made her way to the entrance as a brisk pace, pausing for a moment to shoot Cyrus and Dinah a look sufficient to cause the two to scramble inside and to the nearest available seat (the furthest distance away from each other that they could find at short notice).

From there she walked over to the figure of Montana, coming to a stop next to the man.

"They don't seem to be listening." the woman remarked, noting that his short speech hadn't made more than a few students set their food down and wait for some form of permission."Seems we're going to need to teach this the hard way."
Oren swiftly lifted one slender, gloved hand into the air and snapped out her fingers to their full extent.

A wave of frosty air burst out from the woman like a blast from the arctic wind, and within moments all the food and drink the students had been enjoying was frozen completely solid. Fruit juice sat inert and fixed to its glass, pieces of toast were left as hard and unyielding as paving slabs.

Satisfied she'd gotten people's attention, Professor Kovalenko spoke up, her tone singular and unwavering.

"I beleive Mr Montana was speaking to all.
In the future I'd highly recommend listening to what he has to say.
This is the first lesson you are going to learn here.
I'm sure that a lot of you are used to people doing what you say at home, or being able to talk your way out of having to listen. That isn't the way things are going to work here.
Each of us on staff has been appointed by the Council of the Eight Powers to train you in the arts of magic, and as we're acting on their behalf, nobody is above the rules here.

Her icy gaze lingered for a moment on both the ginger giantess and her silver-tongued nemesis, pretty certain today's incident was neither the last, nor the worst trouble those two would cause.
"Failure to listen to us, any of us, is going to result in immediate consequences.
Please keep this in mind the next time you choose to disregard what is being said to you.

Norrevinter, Sterling, consider this you first and your only warning to keep your fighting to combat class. Next time anyone tries something I'll assume they enjoy battle so much that they'll jump at the chance to spend their free time cleaning the combat equipment.
Norrevinter might have been the instigator in this case, though if Sterling hadn't done anything to deserve being tackled yet, he probably would have in the first few days, so Oren saw nothing unfair about applying it to both sides of their ridiculous fight.

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It was a few minutes that Esperanza stood there.

A few, rather awkward minutes, spent fidgeting, shuffling, and wondering if she ended up accidentally offending the girl at the table somehow- the other, redheaded one had gotten up to get more food- and was now on the receiving end of some kind of silent treatment. Her fingers tapped lightly against the plastic of the tray, and, making up her mind, Esp stepped a few feet away from the table and began to eat without a seat. She had become increasingly aware of how hungry the trip had left her, and there weren’t many tables left open that she could go sit at anyway. Esp brought a few strips of bacon to her mouth and bit, enjoying the crunch and the taste of grease on her tongue.

The bacon was cleared from the plate within a matter of moments, as was the slice of toast that had been tucked absently beside it. Esp took her time with the eggs, however- they had gone a tad rubbery at this point, but they were delicious. Esp liked eggs. She poked the yolk around some, but before she could scoop the resulting goo onto her fork, a loud scream sounded out further down the cafeteria. Blinking with surprise, she jerked her head up just in time to see some redheaded girl tackling some boy.

A very tall redhead.

Excitement fluttered within her chest. Quickly, Esp passed the tray to one hand, then fumbled in her pocket for her phone. She fumbled a bit more in typing in the password, switching on the video, then, triumphantly, lifting the device up to record the conflict. Her parents had told her all about the Sterling-Norrevinter feud, but- to be actually witnessing it here and now? Incredible.

The situation only got even more fascinating as the minutes ticked by, distracting her completely from the remnants of her breakfast. Norrevinter-Girl poured a bunch of juice and yogurt on Sterling-Boy, and Sterling-Boy was still talking to Stranger Girls like nothing was going on. Three more boys came up as well- one with a very angry face, another with whitish hair, and another that looked a bit like a sad puppy. Sad Puppy didn’t stay for long, however- only running up to give Sterling-Boy some water before running back to his seat. Then, finally, White Hair gave a long speech to Norrevinter Girl, which led to the other girl that Esp thought she had offended clapping. Esp didn’t quite understand who White Hair was, or why he had went up to talk to Norrevinter like that (especially since she had heard Norrevinters liked to fight people they got especially mad with), but she appreciated it anyway. It was just like the movies she had seen before embarking on her trip to Marchand- where the main boy character stood on a table and gave a speech about friendship or football or getting first place in a big tournament.

Mostly a tournament, really.

Esp kept recording.

Soon after that, a teacher who looked a bit like a cowboy walked in, and said something about how they weren’t supposed to eat, which left Esperanza a bit confused. Before she could ask the Cowboy Man any questions, she heard someone speak to her. Turning, Esp found that the redheaded girl (the one that wasn’t Norrevinter) had returned. Eagerly, Esperanza stuffed her phone back into her pocket, and grabbed the girl’s hand with her now-freed left.

“Hello, Helena!” She said brightly, forgetting the proper lapse in conversation that came with introductions in her excitement. “It is nice to meet you- thank you very much for letting me sit. There are not many chairs left.” Esperanza’s mouth widened in a misshapen, almost goofy grin, and, releasing her grip, quickly placed the tray upon the table before sitting down herself. “Your sweater is nice,” she added as an afterthought. “It is very fluffy.”

Jesse’s sudden introduction made her blink a bit with surprise, pause, before lighting up and giving the Terramancer’s hand a few brief pumps. So Esperanza hadn’t said anything wrong- she just hadn’t been noticed until then. She accepted this easily, and began to toy with the bandages sloppily arranged around her forearms. “I am Esperanza Ciervo,” she said again. “It is nice to meet you, Jesse.” Her finger dug into the gauze, loosening it a tad.

“And it is very exciting. I did not expect so much tackling and yelling and…” Esp’s hands drifted up, making odd, fluttering gestures in the air. “Talking. It is all very new. Does this happen all the time at schools?”

She hoped it did. If it was, then she would have a lot to share with her family once she returned.

Before Esp got her answer, however, she spotted a mouse clamber up onto Jesse’s shoulder. She had just enough time to wrinkle her nose before the other girl accidentally bumped her head on the table’s side. Alarmed, Esp stumbled out of her chair, taking the few steps needed to reach Jesse.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You hit your head very hard.”

Esperanza didn’t quite grasp the idea of being too obvious yet.

When a second teacher walked in, Esp only gave a brief glance in the woman’s direction before returning her focus to the (somewhat) injured girl in front of her. However, when a suddenly blast of cold air hit the back of her neck, she was prompted to look over, not quite seeing the frozen breakfast yet. She spoke of a “Mr. Montana,” going on to bring up the Council of the Eight Powers, and that they all needed to pay better attention. Esp indeed paid attention to all of this, but she did do her best to divide her gaze between the nameless teacher and Jesse.

As long as she listened, it would be fine.

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  1. I like Dawn. Good character. Very good at smoothing over plot and making RP accessible. #GoldStar #KeepThisOne

    by TerrorFloof

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Tover seemed a bit embarrassed in the face of flattery, Dawn noted. Fidgeting, turning away- even blushing a tad. The comment about being nervous had truly been genuine. She gave him a bit of an opening to better compose himself by directing her eyes to the girl who had apparently triggered the round of applause...and was also recovering from knocking her head on the table.

Dawn averted her eyes again.

“I might go introduce myself later, too. She seems like a nice girl.” she began, seeing that Tover had properly recovered at this point. “But, um, yeah. My dad actually wanted to name me Evelyn at first- was a family name- but my mom liked the name Dawn too much. They, ah, compromised.”

As Tessa practically skipped over to the table, face flushed, Dawn quickly came to the conclusion that Larke hadn’t just dropped by to keep up appearances. While she hadn’t seen the scrawled numbers, it didn’t take rocket science to take note of the Sterling’s trademark...charms- or even hear of their reputation, although she was attempting to not rely wholly on that- and it seemed that Larke had inherited the trait. Her suspicions were almost wholly confirmed as she began to gush about something “juicy”, but Dawn did not comment on it.

“You’ll have to tell us all about it, then! You definitely seem excited.” She smiled widely, eyes bright with intrigue. The smile soon dropped at Tessa’s last comment, and she quieted as Tover began to respond- although the interest lingered far longer than its companion did.

Far longer.

By the time Tover had finished, Dawn’s hands had once again wandered- propped up by her elbows, and neatly entwined against her mouth. One of her fingers rose up, and began to tap against the knuckle beneath it in slow, deliberate movements.

“I- I don’t think anyone could really get in the way of the whole...fight they have going at this point. Not forever, anyway. They’ve been at each other’s throats for too long.” She cracked her knuckles, unconsciously emphasizing her words.

“I think you made a pretty good point by actually getting in between them, though. At the very least, you made an impression, but, um. We should all make sure nobody ends up getting caught in the...crossfire of things? Next time.”

Tessa’s remark about her middle name prompted another brow raise from Dawn, and another smile. “Well, now you’ve made me curious,” she said lightly. “Do you think you could tell us the story sometime? I’d love to hear it- if you don’t mind, that is.”[/color] The list of things to do was climbing, but she didn’t entirely mind it. Dawn liked the group. She was enjoying the conversation and little nuances throughout it, and the thought of speaking more with them sparked a certain delight within her.

Dawn gave a small chuckle at Tover’s discomfort regarding the “girl talk”, and, taking a glance over in the direction he signaled to, nodded. “I don’t mind more company. And, ah. We’ll try to keep the womanish affairs short.” A wry grin touched her face, and, rubbing her knuckles, she positioned herself once again to better speak to the group. “Maria’s a nice name,” Dawn commented. She was just about to question if the name also had a story attached to it when a gust of cold air brushed past her, causing her to shiver and begin to scan the crowd for the source- but not before catching sight of the plates, now covered in a fine gloss of ice.

Once again, Dawn thanked her lucky stars that nothing had actually been spilled, as she doubted that she would be able to pry her schedule from the table if something had.

The perpetrator soon identified themselves- a sharp, black haired women who seemed like she had been dragged into the room against her own will- and started to bring up several points. The mention of the professors being appointed by the Council elicited some surprise from the Trickster. While she had heard many things about the school itself, there hadn’t been much regarding the instructors. Dawn sat up, giving a short bow of the head to show her understanding- even if the woman didn’t actually see it.

“I think the teacher froze it,” she whispered to Desi. From what Dawn could hear, several other tables were beginning to react to the slabs of ice now scattered in front of them- some complaining, others just as attentive as she was, and even a number who were, a bit humorously, making attempts to free their trapped pancakes with varying degrees of success.

Mostly on the failing side of the spectrum.

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  1. I really like Tessa's bounciness, and Jason is the Police. #Confirmed LawKeeper. #Order

    by TerrorFloof

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Tessa bounced in her seat as Tover left, happy that the only guy at their table had gone off. As she highly doubted that he would care about talking about cute boys, well unless he was gay. Shaking her head to get that particular thought out of her head she turn to those gathered at the table. "Yeah sure I can tell you the story, it's a pretty great one that has intrigue and suspense. Oh and Maria is a pretty middle name too! Oh and guess whose number I got thanks to Kora." She let out a small squee before proceeding. "Yep, everyone's favorite playboy Larke hottie Sterling. I thought it would take me a few days to get it, not a few hours this is so exciting."

She was about to say more but was caught off guard by the icy blast. With a shiver at the sudden cold she looked down to see her hard fought for milk frozen to a popsicle. "Noooo my milk, but why! This is no fair if they didn't want us to eat food then they wouldn't have put it out." I mean sure she had ignored Montana but he was making zero sense. As she poked at her milk with a fork a frown was on her face.

"Yeah Desi, Professor Kovalenko froze all the things because Professor Montana was making zero sense so no one listened to him." Pausing mid rant she turned to look at her companion with mild curiosity. "Who are you texting anyways, it's been non stop since stuff started happening?"

The conversation between Tover and Mitch floated towards their table as Tessa leaned back to hear it better. Filing away the information for later to make sure she didn't make the same mistake Tessa turned towards the blind girl and summon. "Oh welcome back Tov, girl talk went well but my milk was a causality of the frost." Turning her head to look at Mitch she offered the other a smile, even if the girl couldn't see. Time to make some polite conversation. "Heya I'm Tessa, it is nice to meet you and your summon! Is that the thing that they mistook for an alien in Roswell or was that another summon?"

She was about to say more but said summon was making its way across the table and had its greedy eyes set on her frozen milk. Reacting in a flash Tessa grabbed the milk, holding up out of what she hoped was the summon's reach. "No! This is mine, I had to fight hard for this milk! Frozen or not I am going to drink it, lick it, or turn it into ice-cream so you can't have it."


Jason's eyes narrowed as Drake barely replied or reacted and instead just up and left. Clearly the boy was a stubborn child and needed to learn things the hard way. Since he obviously didn't want to listen to advice from his more experienced peers. With a shake of the head Jason stood up, if Drake didn't care about it then he wouldn't either. Now onto his next fish to fry.

Walking over Hel, Jesse, and Espie's table with a look of disapproval on his face. "Hello ladies, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. Oh and before I start my name is Jason Avalon." Stressing the word Avalon because surely the three would know what that meant. He soon turned to looking at each for a brief moment as if decided on what fish to fry before his eyes settled on Jesse. You see I was curious as to why I noticed a mouse on your shoulder, is it your pet? Or is this cafetria in need of some traps, after all mice carry quite a few diseases.

He looked at Hel next, she was the easiest to deal with after all. It only took a few words to get her to change behavior. "Are you okay? I noticed you are wearing a sweater that must be awfully hot in this heat."

Last but not least his eyes fell on Espie as he put on his best fake smile. "Excuse me were you recording that in video on your phone? If so would it be possible if I could see what you have on film?" After all the moment she handed him the phone he planned on deleting the video, after all no one in the outside world needed to see that little squabble.

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  1. -Slow claps- Madison is Fantastic. I'm going to Love Magic Theory.

    by TerrorFloof

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The neat, decisive click of heels against tile was hardly something to bat an eye at, nor was the appearance of another figure in the cafeteria’s doorway, surveying the situation with little visible surprise. In the face of the other teachers’ fairly notable appearances, Professor Lovette’s was fairly...well, mundane as he strode in, joining the small assembly his coworkers had formed within the lunchroom.

That is, if one was unable to determine the teacher’s gender, and didn't come to the appropriate realization that the combined Pyromancy/Theory had decided to go to work today in a freshly ironed business dress and lipstick.

As he crossed the last few steps to reach his fellow professors, a slight, easy smile touched his lips, and he began to eye the students more fully from this new position. “Now, let’s not go scaring them off right from the get-go.” Madison’s voice did little to help discern his sex- mellow and soft, much like the instructor himself. “It is their first day, after all, and they might not recognize their teachers immediately.”

Madison turned, then, facing the crowd fully. “With that said, however, while the food was indeed intended for you, from what I gathered, the reason Professor Kovalenko performed this little exercise was because quite a few of you were not paying attention to Professor Montana, or choosing to ignore him. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for today and believe that you hadn’t heard or noticed him, but in the future, I expect everyone to pay full attention when any instructor speaks to them- regardless of whether or not they have a class with said teacher.”

He paused a moment, waiting for the last remaining heads to face him, then went on. “Here at Marchand, we will operate under a system of mutual respect. I understand that for many of you, this is a brand new experience, and you might already have begun to form differing opinions on us. However, as Professor Kovalenko pointed out, you will be staying here until the end of your semesters. It will make things much easier for all of us if you simply follow the rules put upon you, and stay reasonably polite throughout the year. In return, I’m sure that several of us will be much more agreeable.”

At the last word, another change in temperature swept through the cafeteria- unlike the frigid breeze which had announced the Aquamancy teacher, however, this one was pleasantly warm as it passed through the room. The glitter of ice that had coated the plates and bottles melted, the meals reheated- save for a pile of frozen stuffs scattered across the floor. Much easier to clean up than melted syrups and the like.

“Now, then. I would like to introduce myself as Professor Lovette- while I am the Pyromancy teacher, I also happen to teach Magical Theory, so you will be having me regardless of whatever magic you control. I ask that you all finish your meals as quickly as possible, tidy up, then grab your things and follow me to the library for an assembly. If you continue to have private conversations and stay here instead, keep in mind that I will not stand in the way of any punishments that might come as a result.”

He stood silently for a moment, assessing the crowd of students before him, before suddenly tapping away to one of the small alcoves within the cafeteria. Madison lingered there for a moment before leaving, walking to one of the tables instead of his previous spot in the center.

“Here.” Smiling gently, Madison propped a broom and dustpan against the table, allowing it to be grabbed by whoever wished to do so- seeing as the maker of the mess seemed a bit too rattled to hold the objects without dropping them. “Once you finish cleaning up, just put them back in the closet.” With that, he spun on his heel, and returned to his old position to wait.

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As the Cryomancy-wielding Professor ceased her (slightly alarming) presentation, Dawn remained the picture of an attentive student- back straight, eyes focused, fingers wrapped around the edges of the table to keep from busying themselves with some other action. Quietly, however, she found herself noting just how...well, unique this bunch of teachers seemed. While she was in no real place to speak on the matter of public education- having been tutored at home ever since she could hold a pencil- she hadn’t been expecting for the teachers to freeze their food as a method of getting attention. Or make it seem like she had spilled milk all over the papers as a test. Or, in the case of the blue gloved stranger, speak in a vaguely cryptic manner.

But if they had truly been appointed by the Eight Powers, then as the professor had said, there was nothing to be done about it. Besides- if they had gotten their authority from such a high place, then they must have been chosen for a reason. So she sat silently and waited, then glanced back at her company once the dialogue was finished.

“So, Larke, huh?” She pressed her back against the chair, smiling slightly. Tessa’s excitement really was infectious. “He’s definitely cute. I, um, do agree with Desi, though- be careful with him, okay? He’s got a bit of a reputation of being a heartbreaker.”

As Tover returned, Mitch in tow, Dawn scooted her chair over a bit, making a bit more legroom for the new member of the table. “Well, I’d say we’ve fulfilled our minimum quota for feminine interactions for the day. We just need to have a few words about high heels and miniskirts later, and we’ll be set.” She said nothing of the short burst Mitch gave, acting as she hadn’t heard it. Instead, she returned the smile (although she doubted it would be seen) and waited for the others to introduce themselves.

“I’m Dawn,” she said simply. “It’s good to meet you and, ah...” Her eyes wandered over to the purple insect creature that had jumped onto the table. “Sorry, um. Does your summon have a name? I know some people don’t like giving them names, so I don’t want to, um, make assumptions or anything.”

She didn’t bother moving her plate out of the way when Apple trotted along, snapping up what was left of her food. It was mostly just a mess of frozen syrup and crumbs at this point, anyway, so it wasn’t too great a loss.

Shortly after Desi had explained who she was texting, she had risen, and began to ask some (very good, in her opinion) questions from the professors. The Cryomancing teacher gave her very blunt response, and before the exchange could continue, another teacher had entered- another woman, by her appearance and the way she held herself. This professor- who introduced herself as Lovette- was a bit more...gentle in how she explained things, and went on to request that everyone finished up and prepared to leave.

“Well,” Dawn turned to the rest of the group, “I’m guessing they won’t be asking us twice.” She gave a soft sigh, gave a mildly sheepish smile, and gathered up her things. She made sure to check the map before putting it away- the library was just across the hall, which wouldn’t be too hard to remember.

Upon seeing several of the students get to their feet, Madison beamed, pleased, and walked to the cafeteria’s entrance. “This way, everyone,” he chirped, casting a look over his shoulder to make sure nobody was planning on wandering off (unlikely, given the fact that most of them wouldn’t know where to go anyway, but still a possibility) before pressing forth.

To say that the library was a bit “large” would have been a severe understatement- while it was only one floor high, it certainly made good use of the space provided. Shelves lined the walls, appearing full to bursting with various novellas and tomes despite taking up most visible wall space. Even with just a passing glance, one could easily tell that the bookshelves managed to reach the ceiling- made accessible by a winding of stairs that extended to a sort of balcony of sorts, where one could both browse and look down at the people below as they did so. Beside the staircase itself were a pair of smaller shelves stacked with magazines and newspapers, respectively.

Positioned around the room so as to not get in the way of any visitors were a collection of small tables, desks, and chairs, which were clear of any and all objects or debris- save for the occasional desktop computers here and there, and a collection of papers clipped together on the receptionist’s table. Both floor and walls were composed of some sort of polished, rosy wood (walnut, perhaps), although the floor was also partially hidden as well by a wine red rug. Cone shaped lamps provided a warm light easy on the eyes, and the smell of paper and ink was fresh in the air.

Overall, it was rather welcoming.

“Here we are-” Professor Lovette was cut short by the sight of two certain other coworkers. He paused, face lighting up with something as warm as the library glow- albeit somewhat restrained. Nevertheless, he couldn’t stop the genuine smile that spread across his face.

“Hello, Professors Byrne, Schippers.” Then, to the latter, “It’s good to see you. I hope you didn’t have any trouble getting settled?”

And that was all that professionalism would allow for the time being.

Turning to face the gathering of children once more, Madison clapped his hands together, gathering any attention that might have gotten to roving around the new area. “Anyway. If you would all please take your seats- the assembly will be starting very soon.”

Dawn’s gaze had been among the crowd that had started to drift about, drinking in the environment with wide eyes. Just like the exterior of the building, the place held a certain class to it. The decorations were lovely, and while she wasn’t quite able to see the spines of the books surrounding them, that didn’t change the sheer number of the things lined up everywhere. She took little time in settling herself into one of the larger tables set up around the room, and, setting her bags beside her chair, waited for the teachers to begin.

And also continued her little perusal of the place, of course.

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Jesse smiled at Esperanza, still rubbing her head, which was forming a huge bump.

Yeah I'm fine! This happens all the time.

A professor entered the room very sternly and gave a reprimanding speech on how everyone was eating before the professors said to. Well, they should have communicated that! She was just following what everyone else was doing. Then Professor Kovalenko froze all the food. Luckily, she had already finished eating, but she saw Esperanza's fruit juice turn to ice. She didn't hear the rest of the speech. How did she do that? Jesse was only 14, so she hadn't had advanced sciences yet, but either this was one big trick that defied the laws of physics as she knew them or she used magic. Magic????

She sat there stunned with her jaw dropped for a few minutes. Another professor started to speak, but she didn't hear much. She heard the words "pyromancy" and "magical theory". Did her parents send her to the right place? Are they sure they didn't mean a different Marchand? Then that professor did something that was equally as impressive as the first. She melted the food right back to its original state. The pancakes were steaming and she had kept the fruit juice to where it had ice cubes in it. Jesse was in a state of shock. She could not figure out how they had done that. She did hear though, that they were going to the library after they ate. She had to ask someone about this. She had to figure out which Marchand she was supposed to be at, because it definitely wasn't this one. Her parents would have told her if she was a "sorcerer", right?

It took a few minutes for her to come back to reality. She pinched herself. It hurt. No, this wasn't a dream.

She quickly stood up, still a little dizzy from when she hit her head.

I'll, um... see you guys later ok?
She ran out of the dining hall in the direction of the library, not waiting for a response.

She stopped after she was a ways out of the dining hall and stopped to catch her breath. Maybe she was hallucinating. She had to be. If she was, all the more reason to find an adult. She looked at her map to figure out where the library was in relation to where she was standing. It wasn't too far away, she had luckily ran in the right direction. She found the library about five minutes later, and went straight up to the professor who had melted the food. She seemed a little friendlier than Professor Kovalenko.

Um, Professor Lovette? I think I'm in the wrong place. The school looks like it's a school for sorcery, which apparently exists, since, you know, Professor Kovalenko froze all the food and you melted it back, but I don't think I'm a sorcerer. I mean, my parents were normal people and I went to normal grade school. They did tell me I was supposed to be at Marchand though, so I'm really confused. Is there some kind of sorcerer test or something? Why would my parents send me here if they didn't think I was one, or even know it existed? Am I crazy? Am I hallucinating this? Should I go to the hospital?

She said all of this very quickly, and while it started quietly, it got louder toward the end. She was definitely panicking at this point. Maybe it was just a magic trick, an illusion to trick them all, or a hallucination. She sure hoped so.

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Seraph felt like he was the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland screaming "I am late! I am late! The queen will have my head!"

Seraph hated being late but there was nothing he could do about it. His parents had known that he was to start school today but they misunderstood the actual time that he had to be there. It wasn't until they all looked at the registrar again this morning that they realized that Seraph had to be at school an hour earlier than they had assumed. So, his father had all but thrown his son's luggage and backpack in the car. Hell, he practically threw Seraph into the car to get him there faster. Seraph wasn't the fastest thanks to his short stature and he couldn't keep up with his father's long strides.

And if Seraph hadn't been filled with trepidation about starting a new school where he knew absolutely no one, he sure was terrified now. The 14 year old mage hoped that the professors wouldn't be mad at him for being late or single him out or anything. He highly doubted he'd make any friends that way. The young mage fussed with his dark strands, twining the threads in a nervous habit and tried to cover his face.

"Chin up, Seraph. Everything is going to be fine. Why don't you push your hair away from your face? How are you going to make friends if you hide yourself that way?" his dad commented then.

"I'll be fine Dad..." he murmured though he did as requested and pushed the long bangs behind his ear. They didn't stay long however and started to fall forward again as he moved. Now that his face was visible, the long elaborate tattoos of his house were visible down the left side of his face and vanished beneath his collar. The pentagrams on both hands hinted that the lines didn't end on his face. The aquamancer's blue eyes lit up when they finally reached the school however and he was practically vibrating in his seat. He really was excited and terrified all in one go. The butterflies were doing back-flips in his stomach.

Seraph and his father hurried out of the car and the man followed his son into the school and to the receptionist. Seraph accepted all the papers and information then and looked over it quickly.

"The assembly should have moved to the library by now," the receptionist informed them.

"Thank you," Mr. Lanchestor said and turned to see Seraph already ahead of him. "Seraph! Wait!"

"Dad! I am late! I can get there!" he called back.

Mr. Lanchestor sighed and placed his hands on his hips and watched as Seraph tried to run with his bag and luggage. The little thing kept tripping over the luggage. His father shook his head. "Stop running! You'll fall! Love you, call us tonight!"

"Love you! I will!" he yelled before he rounded the corner to hurry on his way. He loved his parents but he really didn't want to be the kid that showed up with their parents. He didn't want to get laughed at or have to deal with teasing. He could do this; he could make it to where he needed to go himself.

And like his father predicted, he did end up tripping thanks to the weight of the luggage and hit the ground. The clumsy thing picked himself up and continued to hurry though he tried not to run at this point. And unfortunately, Seraph got lost. The map wasn't all too clear to him and he went in a circle at one point and gave an exasperated sigh. The teachers were really going to hate him. He hoped he wasn't missing important information at least. He didn't want to be the one student that asked a question the teachers had already explained. Overall, it seemed like Seraph's first day was far more stressful than he would have liked.

At last, Seraph made it to the library. He maneuvered his bags a bit so he could open the door quietly and peeked inside. He could see that there were a lot of people here. There were so many students! And they were talking and just sitting down. He gave a sigh of relief. It looked like he wasn't missing much instruction after all. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down and to simply catch his breath from his half running and jogging and entered the library. He looked around at the students who were all... much bigger than he was. Was there anyone his age here at all? He did see one girl talking to a professor that seemed to be about his age. She was the only one that wasn't taller than he was. He didn't want to butt in though. Maybe he should start off somewhere small... somewhere where there wasn't a lot of people to deal with. He needed something small to kind of... work his way in.

Seraph scanned the room and his eyes settled on a person that was currently sitting by himself. That was a good start. He swallowed, trying to wet his dry throat before he made his way over to the table and smiled. "G-good morning. Do you mind if I um, sit here?" he asked then. "And I am Seraph Lanchestor. What's your name?"