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Jason Tetrick

"If I can't be a surgeon, a medic is the next best thing, right? Well, except for the chances of getting shot."

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a character in “The Marigold Machine”, originally authored by CJL1290, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jason Tetrick


Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: Height is about 5'1". Short black hair with some bangs in his face. Dark eyes which seems black normally, but has a very dark yet faint tint of blue when light shines directly into it. Skin is slightly paler than the average person. In average shape with an average build for his age, and prefers casual and comfortable clothing. Usually has a small dog tag around his neck.

Personality: Jason can come off as shy when you first meet him, but can be very open when he feels comfortable around others. He is very accepting and doesn't like to judge others, believing everyone has their reasons for their behavior. Instead he just "Accepts and Adapts," as he would put it. He tries to be as friendly and polite as possible, which he ends up trying a little too hard sometimes and could send sort of a weird vibe to others. He also believes that helping out another human being is natural and should always be done; manners and discipline are everything. With his beliefs the way they are, he is a lot easier to convince to do things for others like favors, and with a silver tongue, can manipulated for some time until he catches on. He isn't dense though; if you ask him to do something incredibly risky or stupid, unless it's a life or death situation, he won't even acknowledge the request. Also, respect is almost like a code of honor for him. No matter how much he may dislike someone, he will still make an attempt to respect them and their opinions, and he expects the same in return. Unreasonable or unnecessary disrespect shown towards him or anyone near him could cause him to start giving lectures about it at others' expense, like how a mother disciplines their child for doing something wrong. He can't help it because it's his biggest pet peeve, and it has gotten him on the bad side of others some times.

Bio: Jason Tetrick was the first born into a middle class family. Both his mother and father worked hard and had late hours due to the fact his father was a doctor and his mother was a nurse. When he was 6 years old, his little brother, Joey, was born with physical problems that Jason didn't understand at the time. Whenever his parents were out late, Jason would care for his brother until they returned home, whether it was feeding him, changing him, or entertaining him. Despite that his brother was very weak and sick most of the time, he loved him very much. At the age of 7 however, his baby brother died. His parents grieved for a while, and Jason decided he would follow his family's career path and try to join in the medical field, preferably a surgeon.

Maybe if I become a surgeon, I can help sick and hurt people live longer.
The 7 year old declared at the time. He highly valued life and wanted to help others preserve it. Since then, he has tried to learn as much about the human body as he could, reading books, watching videos, and stories from the hospital his parents would tell him. There was even a time where his parents said they would teach him more when he was older, but Jason didn't have any patience. They eventually caught him studying dirty magazines some time later for more info about the human body (they still don't know where he got them from). Seeing how passionate he was about his goals, his parents decided to teach him as much about biology as they could, and even took him to the hospital to watch them work every now and then. He quickly picked up and memorized everything he learned, and vowed to use it to the best of his ability.

That is until he hit the age of twelve and got his Marigold Machine results back.

He was disappointed and upset at first, but he realized that people get hurt in war, and doctors and surgeons help the injured. He switched his goals around to become a medic, and help save the lives of all the injured he could.

The thought of getting shot or blown up in the chaos of war still doesn't sit right with him though, and still has second thoughts from time to time.

So begins...

Jason Tetrick's Story


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"You play often?"

Rachel lifted her head up at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, though her fingers continued to pick on the strings. An older girl walked through the doorway and shut the door behind her, letting her ponytail loose. A wave of pearlescent black hair dropped just above her waistline; the ends were frayed and strands were jutting out either from negligence or simply a hard day at work. A pair of emerald green eyes looked down at her. She looked to be around twenty years old, maybe a little older, but her face gave way to a much more mature expression that suggested that she's wiser than her years, perhaps as a result of taking on such a career.

After all, if she was twenty, she must have spent at least eight years here and a number like that - to spend in a place like this - was almost unfathomable to her. But here was living proof, right at her doorstep, looking calm and at ease like it was nobody's business. The girl had a hefty looking bag slung over her shoulder that she promptly packed into a locker by her own bed. Judging by the remaining nameplate other than her own, her name should be Paige Mayfield.

Rachel stopped playing the guitar and paused a moment, nearly having forgotten the question amidst her thoughts. The impact of the strings felt fuzzy on her fingertips as she thought up a quick response.

"N-Not really," Rachel said quietly. "I don't get a lot of chances to play, but I play when I can."

"Oh," the older girl said, clearly not interested in furthering the discussion. "It's not a lot, but whatever I've got's yours. I'm gonna go hit the showers." She stepped into the bathroom without another word, the sound of a water spray starting up audible from behind the closed door. Puzzled, Rachel put the guitar down and decided to lay down in her bed instead. Aren't roommates usually supposed to introduce each other? She supposed they'd already figured out each other's names by looking at the nameplates but that was no reason not to formally greet each other for the first time, especially since they'd be sharing a room for who knows how long. She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep, knowing she'd need every bit of energy when she wakes up the next morning.

Only, sleep didn't come so easily. She must've dozed off for a little while, but a sound awoke her. Rachel struggled to get her eyes open and she looked over to see Paige sitting on her bed, her head down and her mouth curved into a tight frown. Her arms were rested on her knees and her breathing was erratic. She was...crying? The girl said something inaudible under her breath and wiped away tears with one hand. She wanted to ask what was wrong, but she decided that it might be an insensitive time to do so and held her tongue instead, watching in silence. There was haziness in her eyes since she'd just woken up for a nap, but she noticed something in the girl's hand that she didn't recognize earlier. It took a few moments for her dazed mind to register what it was as Paige brought it up to her chin with steady hands.

A sudden burst of panic guided Rachel out of her bed and straight into Paige, tackling her with all of her weight. There was no resistance as the girl was laid flat on her back, her head turned away and the pistol still loosely gripped in her hand. The sound of their breaths filled the room and, despite the situation, there was no tension or awkwardness between them. Rachel gingerly took the gun from her hand and moved it away, pulling Paige back up so that she sat up straight on the bed. Their eyes briefly met but the older girl only moved her head away again, uneasy.

"Sorry," Paige said quietly, taking Rachel's hand off of hers. "That was insensitive of me. I should have done it in the bathroom where you couldn't see." She reached for the gun again, but her hand was quickly stopped and pinned to the mattress. She didn't fight back at all, her tall, imposing figure somehow entirely devoid of strength.

"Don't," Rachel said at length. "Please. It's not just about you. If it's...if it's really this bad, I might start having the same thoughts."

"Then you better get it over with quickly," she answered emptily, still avoiding eye contact. "Never mind."

"What happened?"

"I..." The older girl bit her lip, a tenseness in her muscles as she trailed off. "I made a mistake." She sighed and gestured for her to give her some space. Rachel obliged and inched away some. "This room was a full house a week ago," Paige said softly. "It was me, Leah, Aura, and Jasmin. We've shared this room for eleven years. At least, if you count out Jasmin. She dropped in seven years ago, replacing Marianne. Poor girl fell down the stairs and broke her neck." She laughed a small, dry laugh. "Can you believe that? Y-You'd think she'd have died in service or something of the like, but..."

Paige shook her head. "Anyway, a week ago, it was a...we took part in a sting operation. At first, everything was going well, they took the bait, we have our backs covered, and then..." She sighed again and pressed her palm against her forehead. "And then I fucked up. They figured us out and opened fire. Aura died on the spot from a head wound. Jasmin was run over by one of the dealer's cars and Leah, she..." Her eyes grew wet and her voice began choking as she spoke, chest heaving as she recalled the painful memories. "She died in the hospital today. There were others there, too. N-Not a lot of us made it out and they...they were all so young...We got involved in something we shouldn't have. It didn't matter if it wasn't my fault. I was there and I ran away and I'll never forgive myself for that."

"Don't you have any parents?" Rachel finally said. "What'll happen to them?"

"Y-Yeah," she muttered, though her tone suggested that she was either lying or that she didn't care anymore at this point. "Yeah, that was...stupid of me. I shouldn't upset my folks like that. You're right." Paige lifted her head up and tried her hardest to form a smile, extending a hand. "I haven't really introduced myself yet. I'm Paige." She took the older girl's hand and nodded, giving it a gentle shake.


"I hope we get along," she said, still holding that pained smile.


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#, as written by CJL1290
Footsteps echoed throughout the somewhat quiet hall as Jason Tetrick lugged his suitcase, roller bag, and backpack around. His short black hair bobbed slightly with his movements, black eyes scanned right and left, taking in as much as they could. Unlike most of the new recruits who went straight to their rooms, Jason had decided to explore the grounds first, his curiosity leading him every step of the way. As he wandered from hallway to hallway, and room to room, his thoughts were more focused on his whole experience so far.

Like many children, he was surprised about his Marigold Machine results. His dreams of becoming a surgeon was dashed, and his parents had a hard time letting him go. He knew that the Marigold Machine was always right, 100% accuracy, so fighting it was pointless. He instead focused his efforts to become a medic instead, due to his knowledge of human biology. This way, he believed that his skills could still be used. He was nervous at the bus stop and the ride here, but he noticed plenty of interesting people.

The rich and charismatic looking blond girl with her... guardian? Best friend? Boyfriend? It seemed that someone that protective over someone else would be close in some way, but Jason couldn't tell. What did he know? He couldn't even tell if it was actually a boy or not from his position on the back of the bus. He also remembered the white haired boy and how he was examining a brunette's arm. He noted that she had a cybernetic limb, and the white haired one may have had some adjustments himself, but he wasn't sure if it was cybernetic, or genetics. As someone who studied human biology since he was young, he could tell cybernetic limbs apart from normal limbs, but Jason felt kind of weird when it came to the subject. He believed cybernetics and other adjustments really weren't necessary, that the human body is capable of repairing itself unless the limb is blown clean off. It was a mean to replace, not fix. Was the white haired boy interested in becoming a medic too, or just interested in cybernetics? He would be sure to ask him if he bumped into him again.

Jason pulled himself out of his thoughts when his feet brought him to the infirmary. He took a mental note on where to find this place; he knew he would be interested in exploring it more later. A bit of anxiety built in the pit of his stomach thinking about how bad an infirmary could look when its filled with injured people. It reminded him of when his father had brought him to the hospital to show him where he worked when he was younger, then injured civilians started flooding in from a subway bombing. It wasn't a very pretty sight, and his father told him to wait in his office as he tended to the patients. The sounds of groans and screams of pain throughout the building raked on his ears until he started to cry, and a nurse had to comfort him.

The boy shook it from his thoughts. That was the past, he needed to focus on now and the future. He was going to be a medic, and a damn good one. Speaking of the now, Jason felt it was time to stop exploring and get to his room so he could stop dragging his stuff around with him. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his room card and remind himself where he needed to go.

A small noise of confusion escaped his lips as he checked all his pockets and didn't find it. He quickly put down all his bags and opened them, hoping that he absentmindedly put it in one of his bags when he received it.

"Come on... where are you?" He whispered to himself as he rummaged through his belongings. He couldn't have lost it. It had to be here somewhere. After three more minutes of searching, he ran his hands through his hair with frustration and fear, his eyes widening at the results of his search. He had lost his room key, and he didn't even know what room he was assigned to.


He took a deep breath, trying to stay calm.

"Okay, just relax Jason. Just... backtrack and see if you dropped it along the way." He thought. He spun around to begin, when he realized he had idly walked around with no direction while he was exploring.


He started to panic slightly. He couldn't go request for a new one, could he? This was the military. Don't they punish such carelessness with push-ups or laps or something? What if they don't even allow him to have a room to teach him better responsibility? All these thoughts put him on edge, and he quickly grabbed his things and sprinted down the hallway, almost bumping into someone. He had to find that card. Why did he have to lose it?!

"FUCK!" Is the only word that occupied his thoughts.