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Apple Hughes

"Hmmm...Lifes what you make it."

0 · 450 views · located in Bane County

a character in “The Mark You Left On Me”, as played by SugarCoatedVanilla




Full name:
Apple Nicole Hughes
Nikki || Apps
December 27th
Zodiac Sign
Alpha's Mate

Eye color:
Blueish Green

Hair Color:
Golden Blonde


Scars or Piercings:
Ear Piercing || Scar Behind Her Ear || Cross at the bottom of her neck almost to her shoulder.

The first thing people notice when they look at her face is the freckles. She is a full blown freckle freak and call it must, but it doesn't really matter like it did when she was younger. She doesn't wear make up and likes the way she looks without it. Plus to contrast her freckles sis her eyes which is a blue and green type color that she adores. Going down you can notice her slim and athletic body type, she isn't the tiniest and doesn't plan on it either. Her skin is not pale but it is white and the shade of pink tends to come over her cheeks at often times due to it. She doesn't really tans and more so burns when she in the sun, almost like a vampire, but not really too. She stands at 5'6 and her hair reaches to the middle of her back. Her ears are double pierced on the button while she had an arrow going through her left ear that always stays in. Her style is a rather colorful one when you look into her closet. She doesn't like anything bland and likes to be original and shine bright like a diamond.

Loyal, Trustworthy, Spoiled, Weird, Awkward, Pun-ny, Kind, Country
Apple is quite a quirky type of person. She loves to have fun all the time and is usually caught trying to make a joke or laughing. Some may find it annoying, but she likes the way she is and wouldn't change t for the world at all. People that know her, know that se can be one of the funniest people you meet and one that isn't really ashamed of making mistakes all the time She learned to live, even though she is may be looked at badly for something that she did, everyone makes mistakes and she doesn't spend all her time worrying about it at all. You live and you learn, and she tries not to make the same one again. Although she may make the same one over and over again, you can't blame a girl for trying. Apple is often a curious little kitten and she will get into things she isn't exactly supposed to get into at all, making it good or bad depending if she gets caught or not. She can't really help it, even if she does get in trouble for it.
Although Apple tends to be a happy person all the time, she isn't always happy. Just Like everyone else, she gets upset and cries about things too. But she tends to hide everything with a smile so that others don't worry about her and she is very loyal when it comes to her friends. Once you have become someone dear to her she won't turn her back on you unless mad. She doesn't mean it to be bad, but she like to know if someone is really okay or not. She is one of those people tend to hate but love at times too. She hasn't ever had too many friends and most people find her annoying, so when she was at school she had "Friends" by name only, not people who actually would get close to her. She acts like it doesn't matter, but on the inside she just holds her emotions inside not letting people know. Once again, she puts others above herself always. When it comes to liking a person, she is one that is easily jealous of things and that can be a good or bad type of thing. She isn't the type to show and react on someone rudely when she gets jealous at all, but she does get jealous when it comes to guys. When it comes to Apple she is someone that you can't always expect her to be one way , because she may just go a completely different direction you do it to her. She typically doesn't like to see others in pain so she puts other people in front of herself not really minding if she is hurt in the end or not. She is a friendly type of person who isn't very afraid to talk to anyone, unless you have something very off of you and she can tell. She is known to getting into other people space even if they are .

    Record Players
    ☠Horror Movies
    ☠Tight Clothing
    • Wolves
    • Drowning
    Hobbies and Quirks
      ☯Is prone to twiddling with things.
      ☯Is interested in nature.
      ☯Chews on things when worried.
      ☯Prone to rearranging things.
      ☯Lip-bites when anxious.
      ☯Finger-tapping when anxious.
      ☯Annoyed by people prone to absentmindedly taking things apart.
      ☯Finds it difficult to work when other people are moving around.

Image History
Apple grew up in a very small town on the country side. So as you can assume she tends to be quite a country girl, jus without the accent that comes along with it. Both her parents where born in and raised in California, so they didn't have any accent and that led to their daughter not having an accent either. They decided to move to the country to the country side so that they could get to raise their children in an environment not surrounded by all electronics ad such types of things. Apple has two younger twin sisters and an older brother. Her brother wasn't actually her full brother and had a different mother, due to her fathers cheating type ways. Her hole family lives in the center of the whole town.

As a small child Apple was the chatty and preppy type kid. She always had something to say no matter what and she jut loved to talk. She easily was able to make friends when she started school and often times tried to pay attention to the shy ones. She didn't always like to hang out with the kids that where constantly out on adventures and found herself mostly staying with the kids that didn't talk too much. She thought of herself as talking for them when they had nothing to say. She would have endless one sided conversations with a persona and she actually didn't mind it at all. She always knew that they didn't care for her the most, but didn't want to be left alone either. Although sometimes she did leave them to go play with others if they would deny to come play with her. Apple loved to play with toys especially at her early years of life. Even now if you come into he room she has a few toys from when she was a little kid.

When she was in middle school the rough times began to hit her hard. There where endless fights with her mom and dad and it was the type of thing that traumatized her. She would stay up throughout the night having to hear he parents arguing about nearly everything. Her family began t tear into two and it didn't help her much. Her grades bean to drop and he didn't go to school a lot of times. She lost all motivations and her parents ended up divorcing and she moved with her mom to Mercy Falls he started school thee her sophomore year and was home schooled to catch up with her actual grade level. She slowly began to pick herself back up and came back o being her normal self as most thought. Apple returned back to having normal behavior, but males aren't exactly something she like all that mu at this point.

Face Claim:
Freya Mayor
Hex Color:

So begins...

Apple Hughes's Story