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Phoebe Danica

"I have a duty"

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a character in “The Marked”, as played by emotionless


Phoebe Danica

Name: Phoebe Danica
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Rank: Beta
Crush: Open
Mate: N?A
Appearance: Phoebe stands about 5’4, with a tall lithe frame that is built for running and fighting. She has an oval face, with high cheek bones that accent her rose petal pink full lips. She has deep hazel eyes that vary from unfathomable green to a golden brown. She has a smile that lights up the room. Phoebe has long mahogany hair that hangs to her shoulders if ever it is let down, though usually she has it in a high pony or a tight braid. She usually dresses in close fitting back jeans, darker colored sleeveless shirts, and running shoes. She always carries a blade of some sort on her person, just in case.

Wolf Appearance:
Phoebe's wolf is a solid mahogany brown with a dusting of gold. Phoebe is a sender but well muscled wolf which is extremely unusual for a Beta, but she uses that to her advantage in a fight.
Phoebe comes off as very grave and distant because she takes her duty to protect her alpha seriously. She rarely cracks a smile, not because she is not happy, but because she is constantly surveying her surroundings. Phoebe is fiercely independent, extremely ambitious, persistent, and determined.

Phoebe is also very flexible she is able to re-survey any situation and take a different approach if necessary, which sometimes makes her come off as manipulative though that is not her intent. She is the clearest of thinkers, looking at a project from all sides and putting forth some logical and well-thought-out ideas. She tends to bring her objective reasoning and big-picture ability to the table. While some may perceive all this logical thought as cold and unemotional, it's simply how Phoebe ticks.

All in all Phoebe is very deep, intense person, there is always more than meets the eye. She presents a cool, detached, and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive.

    +Jelly Beans(Specifically Buttered Popcorn flavor)
    +A good spar
    +Rain and Thunder
    +Alcohol (tequila and limes)
    -Being lectured
    -Hispanic Food
    -Getting lost (doesn't happen often)
+Hand to hand combat
+Bow and Arrow
- She would lay down her life for any of her pack
- She hesitates to take life

Phoebe has always had an obsession with being the best. At a young age she realized she was at a disadvantage simply because of her size. As the years passed, she trained extremely hard, pushing herself to her own limits and farther. At age 16 she went out on her own on a run and was attacked by rouges. Despite all of her hard work and preparation she was taken down and badly wounded. Her mate William was murdered. The Alpha rescued her. Once she recovered fully she started up her training again, this time harder than ever. She realized she had to become not just stronger and faster, but more cunning and wily if she wanted to be the best. She has been indebted to the Alpha ever since and when she became Beta she swore a blood oath to protect him and his family at all costs.
Other: (anything else to add?)

So begins...

Phoebe Danica's Story


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Phoebe Danica

Run. Run! RUN!

Undergrowth clawed at her clothing, skin, and hair. Terror tore through her as she heard steps in the distance behind her, gaining. Snarling to her left and right. She was being hunted, and she was going to die tonight. Her legs burned and her lungs felt like they might explode.

Suddenly she was tackled to the ground and she let out an involuntary scream of trepidation. A hand that tasted like filth and perspiration covered her mouth and another wrapped around her waist pulling her into the shadows of a bush. Panic ate at her as she attempted to get away…then the scent..the scent she felt ingrained in her DNA. William. The intensity of the joy that rushed over her almost took her breath away.

“You need to change…You need to embrace your wolf…” His voice and breath burned against her ear. Change? She couldn’t change…not now. A brief moment of hesitation ran through her, then, like a warm wind, complete and utter trust wrapped around her.

Trust him. An inner voice whispered. Her wolf?

“You need to change, you cant out run them in human form.” He whispered, his grip on her waist gentle but insistent.

“I am here, don’t worry. I will always be here” He whispered as he ran his hands through her hair gently and he kissed the top of her head...

The scene playing out behind her eyelids skipped forward, the memories of the pain from her change had faded completely over the years.

She was in her wolf form now, fearful, and alone. Where was William? She felt different, and unsteady. She looked around, unsure. She smelled the earth under her feet, and the fresh night sky….and something else…copper? She followed her nose, unsteadily to the source of the bitter scent. A mess of blood and body parts caused her to freeze. Her eyes took in everything
without seeing any of it…aside from the lifeless body of her mate.

Horror tore through her as she realized that the man that she loved was dead and there was nothing she could do. She heard the growls behind her but they where distant and unimportant. She sniffed his body and whined not comprehending the waves of agony washing over her. She dropped down next to him her body giving out, the weight of the world crushing her.

She felt the presence of her Alpha but again it felt unimportant, as though she did not care about anything but her loss. A howl of pain ripped its way though her, up and out of her throat…and then darkness.

“Never again” a dark whisper growled through her as she jerked awake.
Her long dark hair stuck to her face in wisps due to the copious amounts of perspiration. She took a few deep breaths as she stood up, attempting to calm her heart. Pain stabbed through her at the memory of her lost mate, but she forced it down.

The sun wasn’t up yet. She looked at her clock and sighed. 4:15 A.M. Her alarm would go off at 4:30 A.M. for her daily run. She brushed her hair back, and braided it into a tight bun, then changed into her running clothes that consisted of tight black yoga kapri’s, a black sports bra, and grey running shoes. She did her stretches, her mind wandering.

She started her run just outside the house, and looped around into the forest. She took a different trail every day, in hopes it would keep her on her toes…and partially due to her caution. She dodged fallen tree’s and jumped over stumps. She caught a sturdy branch and swung over the babbling creek that ran through the property, landing with little to know sound. Sweat dripped down her back to the base of her spine, and she wiped her brow. The distance seemed like nothing as she came back around to the house.

She sighed as she went back to her room. The house was still silent. She showered and dressed in black slacks, a white blouse and scarlet heels. She braided her hair again and applied a light dusting of makeup before headed down the stairs. She could smell bacon and eggs cooking and her stomach growled.

"Good morning Sir." She said addressing Jason first and foremost as he was her Alpha, then she tilted her head to his wife and gave her a gentle yet respectful smile.

"Aziel, Evangeline" She said giving them each their own polite half bow. She caught the scent of Calvin, obviously the Alpha's children had driven him off. She smiled inwardly and shook her head at their shenanigans.

"Charlie, Russell" She said with the same amount of warmth she addressed the other pack members with, though her wolf clearly mistrusted the newcomer Russell. She listened to the banter between her Alpha's children before she poured herself a cup of coffee with two scoops of sugar.

"A few of the older members of the pack mentioned some discrepancies with the human town nearby. Apparently some of our members have been pushing their luck and getting a little much with them. Showing off their superior strength and such. If any of you have any plans to go into town I would advise you don't bring attention to yourselves" Jason said. Phoebe listened intently to every word the Alpha said.

"I would be happy to go down and take care of it" She said with a quiet intensity, before she took another sip of her coffee and waited.


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#, as written by CutUp
Touch of Grey
Russell merely brushed the nickname Evangeline gave him aside, paying little mind to her. If there's one thing he's learned when dealing with Evangeline it's that if you just ignore her she'll eventually just tire herself out, and find something else to preoccupy her time. That, and the fact that nothing he can say will bother her as much as saying nothing at all. And oh how she's bothered by it. 'Yeah well at least I don't look like goth metal puked on my head.' He mentally replied in his head. Of course he wouldn't say it out loud, he'd just give her the satisfaction.

When Evangeline came up behind him and snatched the cigarette out of his hand he merely glared her. He tried to take it back but she kept herself out of arm's reach. He groaned in annoyance, he wasn't amused. 'JUST GRAB THIS BITCH BY THE NECK, AND SQUEEZE UNTIL SHE STOPS THIS CHILDISH BULLSHIT!' His wolf growled in his head. Russell closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath, and exhaled to calm himself, and his wolf down. He rolled his eyes when she told him that smoking kills, not like he hasn't heard it a million times before, and will a million times after.

"Yeah, well old age is overrated." He stated in his ever straight, and serious tone. "And smoking can actually be a useful tool for a wolf. Helps dampen your sense of smell, works especially best when in big cities where there's a million and one stronger scents, and keeps you from getting overwhelmed." He added. He was reaching into his jacket pocket ready to pull out another in case she didn't want to give it back. Which wouldn't surprise him one bit. But she was apparently in a good mood as she decided to give it back to him.

As she placed the cigarette in his mouth he kept a straight face, not blinking or reacting to her attempts to get under his skin, even given her exaggerated wink. "Thank you Evangeline." He always made it a point to call her by her full first name, if only to just annoy her. His attention was brought to Jason as he brought up the fact that some of his fellow pack mates have been harassed by some humans. He clinched his left fist tightly, growing somewhat more tense, but not too noticeably.

When Evangeline began to talk about communicating with humans, being more active with them he rolled his head on his shoulders. He was obviously not too keen on that idea. But before he could say something Charlie had interrupted the conversation by dropping, and breaking a plate. The sudden crash of the plate took Russell by surprise, causing him to jump slightly, and grow visibly uncomfortable.

Russell took in a deep breath, and exhaled. All this talk of humans was beginning to rile up his wolf. "Yeah, historically humans have been so kind, and accepting of those who are different." Russell uncharacteristically snapped. Russell ran his fingers through his hair, and huffed out a puff of smoke angrily. "I must have misunderstood the past.........thousands, upon thousands of years of human history. What was World War 2 about? Oh right! One group of as-" Russell stopped himself from saying anything else. "All I'm saying is if you don't learn from the past you're doomed to repeat it."

"Look, we can't expect them to care about us. When push comes to shove they will always pick there own over us. What we need to do is keep our head down, stay off their radar for awhile. Let things settle back into the norm." He suggested. Russell took in several deep breaths to try and keep his wolf settled down, who was just barking in his ear. "I....uh I'm going out. I'll just be walking around woods, be back later." He stated as he went out the door.


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"Don't just bare-hand them, dummy," Eve teased, beaming a smile down at Charlie. The younger girl dropping into a crouch, her black legs stretching across her toned legs in the motion, she patted Charlie's hand as if trying to be reassuring. To be honest it had the opposite effect. Charlie wasn't only embarrassed, now she felt like a child being told something she already should have known."You'll just cut yourself. You should never pick up broken glass without anything to help you." While Eve got up and went to fetch a broom, Charlie thought I'm using a dish towel not only my hands. I'm used to picking up broken objects. There was no malice in her inner thoughts. Merely a statement as she got up and pulled out two brown paper bags to put the broken glass in. She learned early on you never want to throw sharp objects away without putting them in something first. It was one of the few things her mother taught her before she was sent to live in the pack house.

Kneeling down again so Eve had less of a distance and chance to drop the large pile of glass swept into the pan, Agent dropped down onto her leg. Quirking his head to the side, he peered up at her with his intense black eyes before squawking out, "Don't be sad. Be happy! Happy, happy, happy!" while fluttering his beautiful sapphire wings. Great, even a bird is telling me to not be so gloomy. Today was not turning out to be great. She gave Agent a small smile, stroking his head to inform him she wasn't so much sad as uncomfortable. Her eyes shot up as Russell gave his opinion on humans. Charlie smirked to herself feeling she should probably stand by her fellow humans, but even she knew deep down she didn't quite see herself that way. It was them, humans, and us, wolves. Even though she technically hadn't shifted yet, she was still part of the pack. Still a wolf even if she was in a sleeping state.

She watched him. She could see him struggling inside, his wolf giving him problems. Although they never talked about it, hell they barely said two sentences to each other, she'd watched him long enough to know that he and his wolf weren't perfectly insyc. His usual composure snapped as he talked about humans and seemed to get more riled up the longer he spoke. Then he left out the back. He wasn't wrong per se. Just as wolves will choose their pack over anything else, most humans would choose their kind over werewolves. It was the way of the world. Humans were still racist towards each other, how could wolves expect humans to fully accept them? It was stupid, but it was how the world worked.

Once all the glass shards were double bagged, Charlie sealed it, placed Agent back on the table, and threw the bag in the trash. "Morning Phoebe." She greeted softly as she went to retrieve her Viola. She stared at it a moment, all desire to play it went out the window. She was too frustrated to try and practice a new instrument. Messing up and sounding terrible wasn't going to make her feel better. Bouldering would probably help settle her more than music right now. Placing her bag back on her chair, she went to get more juice, this time in a plastic cup, as she weighed her options for the day.


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Jason Sutton

Jason leant his head on his hands as he spoke his concern regarding the pack's recent activities with the humans.

As he did Phoebe walked into the room and poured herself a cup of coffee greeting them.

"I would be happy to go down and take care of it" She said with a quiet intensity before she taking a sip of the coffee she poured.

Jason looked towards her nodded in greeting "Morning Phoebe, if you don't mind I think first and foremost some reconnaissance is needed. We need to figure out exactly what is happening and who is doing what before we take any action. I won't just take the elder members word on this, but I do trust your observations" he stroked his chin leaning back in his chair. As he spoke a clatter shattering interrupted his thoughts. Charlie had broken some glass, he was happy to see Eve helping her but her words on the humans caused him to frown.

Expectedly Russell did not appreciate them as he bluntly worded his opinion before leaving the room out of the back door. A voice pushed at the back of Jason's mind as he listened to the argument. 'His wolf has good reasoning for hating the humans. They are weaklings, we can overpower them with ease, their only strength is their numbers, there is no honor fighting that way' Jason's wolf spoke its mind to him.

Pulling a hand through his hair Jason Stood. "Evangeline, I understand your intentions mean well. But we can not educate humans they are not children. They understand their actions just as you and I do. Understanding is not the issue, it is accepting us that is the problem. Like wolves, yes there are those accepting and those not, just as we have pack and Rogues, they have their own internal differences. We must also accept them for who they are first. To do that, we must learn not to push their emotions by showing off our strengths against their weakness. This is easier for some wolves than it others. We all have a past with humans one way or another. Just like them, we need to accept them as they are. It will take both humans and wolves to break the barrier between us. As Alpha, it is my role to ensure we do not push against that barrier out of stubborn pride for what we are. Many of our members refuse to treat humans as equals. Yet, this is what we must do if we are all to have a brighter future with them."

Jason spoke addressing Evangeline but he intended his words to be heard by all of the young wolves in the room. It was a lesson that they needed to hear if they were going to lead the pack into the future.

"Phoebe, please could go you into town and investigate the situation?" he paused for a moment thinking. "In fact, I think it will be of good benefit if you all went into town with Phoebe. Follow her instructions and watch how the wolves causing this disturbance cause issues for our pack. Learn from their mistakes. I am trusting in all of you to grow as people and as wolves." he looked at them all meaningfully.

"Take care of the house and any visitors please dear" he wrapped an arm around Rachelle's waist kissing her cheek before leaving through the back door which Russell had left from.

Strolling towards the woods he followed Russell's scent to find him. Eventually, he came across the boy. "May I join you?" he asked trying to be calming for him. Jason knew of Russell's past well and understood the emotions he was probably feeling.

Rachelle Sutton

As Phoebe entered the room Rachelle immediately began to put a plate together for her. As Jason spoke regarding setting up a reconnaissance she handed Phoebe the plate for her breakfast before moving back to the stove. Picking up the pans she moved to the sink and began to run the tap in order to clean them.

As the water splashed into the sink bowl a shatter made her jump ENEMEY ATTACK ?!? WHAT IS IT? PROTECT THE YOUNG ONES Rachelle's wolf jumped along with her before she turned around to see it was only a smashed glass that caused the noise.

Picking up a clean towel she wondering over to Evangeline and Charlie as they began to clear up the mess. However, she paused as the argument Russell began to make caused some tension in the room. She listened quietly as Jason spoke to them all. Making peace with the humans was something Jason had wanted since he was a boy. She knew he had many discrepancies with them, he understood the pain they caused but he also understood the necessity of co-operation if the future was going to be well lived.

Jason wrapped his arm around her waist as he finished causing her heart to flutter in familiarity for a moment. "Take care of the house and any visitors please dear" he spoke before pulling away.

"Yes, of course, I'll call you if something comes up" she smiled as he kissed her on the cheek before he went after Russell. Knowing Jason he probably wanted to ensure he was alright. He cared for all the wolves in his pack. With a heavy sigh, Rachelle continued walking towards Charlie who had just placed the bag of glass in the trash.

"You're not cut anywhere are you?" She asked concerned holding out her hand as a gesture that she wanted to check Charlie's hands were cut free. "These things happen I wouldn't worry about it" she smiled trying to make her less embarrassed about the whole mess. Charlie was a shy girl, much like she had been when she was a child. Rachelle understood she was probably feeling more than she let on.

Aziel Sutton

"Traitorous leach!" Eve cried as Aziel flipped her from his lap, rising from the chair in one motion. With a loud squeak of surprise, she fell with a thud onto the floor, groaning as she made contact.

"Can't ... Move ... Think I'm ... Dead ..." Eve gasped dramatically, her arms and legs splayed out across the floor around her. When this gained her no sympathy, she sighed and pushed herself up, pulling herself into her chair.

"You know, you could've really hurt me doing that. I could've died," she drawled out, turning and jutting her nose up towards Aziel.

Aziel raised an eyebrow at his sister. "You'll only ever die when this world grows too boring for you" he shook his head at his sister sitting back down at the table.

He immediately began to eat the beans and eggs that had been placed in front of him as Eve changed her attention to Russell. Aziel pitied him for a moment before his father began to tell them what had happened at the party last night. Aziel paused mid eating some Bacon as his father spoke.

"A few of the older members of the pack mentioned some discrepancies with the human town nearby. Apparently some of our members have been pushing their luck and getting a little much with them. Showing off their superior strength and such. If any of you have any plans to go into town I would advise you don't bring attention to yourselves."

Letting his fork drop onto his plate Aziel frowned as Eve began to talk of educating humans, before moving to help Charlie as a glass broke. Aziel leant back in his chair as Russell generating some comments in response to Eve's before he walked out of the room. Aziel had barely noticed what had been happening around him as his mind clouded for a moment, he didn't even register Phoebe enter.

The humans were distasteful to him. He had been in many a bar fight with them when they made passing comments to him in regards to his species. However, he had never openly caused the arguments. He always stuck to himself, not going out of his way to make it known he was a wolf. It was unseemly to him to show off his strength to those weaker than him. In fact, he considered that a weakness in itself. To be strong didn't require showing off your strength to those that don't have it.

As his father spoke to Evangeline he began to trail addressing the room more formally. Aziel listened intently as he father spoke about accepting the humans for who they are and the struggle it was going to be. In all honestly, Aziel agreed with his father's statement. But he believed his father was sometimes too optimistic in achieving his goals quite so soon.

"Phoebe, please could go you into town and investigate the situation?" Jason paused for a moment thinking. "In fact, I think it will be of good benefit if you all went into town with Phoebe. Follow her instructions and watch how the wolves causing this disturbance cause issues for our pack. Learn from their mistakes. I am trusting in all of you to grow as people and as wolves." he looked at them all meaningfully.

Aziel sighed pulling a hand through his brown hair, scratching a spot on his chest. "alright, we'll go and 'observe'" Aziel rolled his eyes. He was fully aware of the human world and the way they treated wolves. But he was slightly interested in seeing how some of the pack had been treating them, curious to know who was being such an idiot. "these two are going to be trouble though if something happens. They can't exactly protect themselves yet can they?" he gestured towards Charlie and his sister Evangeline.

Rachelle was checking Charlie for any cuts at the moment Evangeline was being Evangeline. Aziel hadn't noticed any blood on the small girls hands. He hadn't been surprised that she broke the glass, though. He had slowly learned living with the mousey girl that she had a tendency to be a little clumsy. At first, it had slightly concerned him, he was worried she may accidently break something valuable in the house. But now he was just amazed she hadn't managed to injure herself yet.

"I imagine Father wants Russell to join us as well, so what would you suggest be our assault method?" Aziel asked Phoebe. If the two of them who didn't yet had wolves were attacked it would be difficult for Phoebe alone to protect them all and gather information for his father all at the same time. Especially if they were grouped upon by the humans. They couldn't exactly kill the humans, it was a very big No under his father's rules which would make it much more difficult to keep them safe if anything happened. It's far easier to kill someone then knock them out.


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Charlie had just put the her cup of water down when Rochelle took the younger girl's hands in her own. "You're not cut anywhere are you? These things happen, I wouldn't worry about it." Charlie knew the Alpha was only trying to lessen the embarrassment. She connected with Rochelle better than most because Rochelle had been shy just like Charlie was now. However, this was one of the times she wished no one reacted as they had. She was without a doubt clumsy. Everyone knew it, her family teased her endlessly for it (some more cruelly than other). It made her insides rattle and freeze whenever someone tried to help her or make sure she was okay. Especially when other people were around to watch her. Realistically Charlie understood Eve and Rochelle were only trying to be nice, however the illogical part of her mind didn't see it that way. It made her feel like she was a failure. Nonetheless, she gave a small smile to her surrogate mother (she never admitted this out loud) as a thank you.

Shaking her head, Charlie replied, "No, I have basically mastered the art of picking up broken object without wounding myself. Thank you though." I believe I am the new record holder of breaking things. The least I can do is know how to effectively and efficiently clean up the mess with as little blood as possible. She smiled at the older woman, gently withdrawing her hands. She turned her head to listen as Jason suggested that everyone go into town to investigate the situation at hand lead by the pack's Beta. Charlie couldn't exactly refuse the Alpha's order and nodded. Her eyes drifted down at Aziel's comment about her and Eve being trouble if something happens. Although not voicing it out loud or showing any signs to the differ, she was actually quite offended. I'm not exactly a liability. I may not have the added bonuses that come with being a wolf, but I have learned to protect myself. I walk the town alone often... I know the basics of defend and evade. What trouble is he planning to get into? She thought better of her question however knowing how often he came back from a fight.

Finally placing her cup in the dishwasher, Charlie walked over to her viola case. "Let me change and I will be ready." Her faded well worn sweatpants and shirt were not appropriate for being out in public. Lounging around the house or practicing in the woods: Yes. Being seen by people other than the pack: Definitely no. She would never purposely make the pack look bad. Taking the stairs two at a time, Charlie quickly went to her room and quickly put together an outfit. As she walked back down stairs, she pulled her hair out of its messy bun and put on her beanie. "Ready, when everyone is." She muttered softly, her fingers quietly and unconsciously playing a melody on the kitchen table.


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As Jason left out of the back door after Russell Rachelle focused her attention back on Charlie.

"No, I have basically mastered the art of picking up broken object without wounding myself. Thank you though." Charlie shook her head at Rachelle answering her question if she had hurt her hand.

"Well good then" Rachelle smiled towards the girl "I'm glad you're alright. That's a good skill to have" she chuckled at Charlie's comment in regards to being able to pick up broken objects without wounding herself. That skill only comes from practice, which she knew Charlie must have as things had a tendency to break around her.

Releasing Charlie's hands so she could go and change Rachelle froze in place as the tension began to build up in the room. She listened to her daughter's reply to Jason and her verbal assault on Aziel. Though she understood her daughter's feelings, she must be hurt by Aziel. She loves him so and he was a little cruel doubting her capabilities like that, maybe she should intervene?

However before she had the chance Eve slammed the back door behind her as she too left. It was then she frowned at Aziel's response, she also understood his anger. He was hurt too by his sister's words.

Stepping forward Rachelle moved towards Aziel -

(continued in Aziel's part!)

(Couldn't find a gif for his image D: )

Jason saw the apprehension in Russell as he asked to join him. Russell eventually nodded in compliance however so Jason moved to join him.

"I'm sorry I lost my temper. It shouldn't have happened." Russell sighed as he took a big puff of his cigarette. "It's just.....I don't know, with my wolf it feels like I'm on a raft during a hurricane. Just barely being able to keep afloat." He explained. "And Evangeline is just......well you know what she's like."

Jason listened carefully to Russell. "That's a well-put analogy Russell, I know it's difficult for you to keep in sync with your wolf. However, you mustn't be hard on yourself. You have never given up on the human part of you, you are who you are because you fight your wolves instincts. You strive to be better" Jason paused looked out into the forest for a moment. He thought something had moved for a moment, but when he didn't see anything again he decided to ignore it for the time being.
"Evangeline is as you say, she's Evangeline. She always means well, don't forget that. She may act strong most of the time, but she is a kind girl. She can have a tendency to talk before she thinks though" he sighed. "go easy on her. She will grow on you I promise." Jason looked towards Russell with a grin "She's grown on me since the day she was born, but then again I am her father, I could be bias" he chuckled. He had loved Eve from the moment she cried out as a baby. No matter what he would stand by her at her worse times, just as he would Aziel.

"But still, I shouldn't have let my frustration get the better of me. I'm sorry." Russell added. "Focus on what you can control. Everything else will fall into place." He stated out of nowhere. "That was something my mother always told us." He explained.

"Wise words indeed" Jason nodded in thought. "Your mother was a wise woman"

They continued to walk into the green lush forest in silence for a short time before Russell broke it. "I should go apologize to her, shouldn't I?" He broke his silence followed by a heavy sigh. "Seeing the good in people isn't something that we should get upset over." He added as he ran his hands through his greasy brown hair. [b]"I'm gonna go find her." He stated as he turned away from Jason. As he walked away he stopped for a moment and turned his head back slightly towards Jason. "If you want me to go with the others into town I'll go."

"I think you should go Russell. I believe it will be a good lesson for all of you too see how our own actions can affect the course of our future. How our treatment of humans will be returned if we do not show them the same respect we ask for Jason said as Russell turned to leave.

He was glad the boy had decided to apologise on his own. Jason knew despite his past Russell, like Evangeline, meant well with his actions. However, they both had much to learn if they were going to grow into capable adults who could help lead the pack into the future.

Looking ahead now that Russell had left, Jason straightening his posture and glared towards the spot in the forest he had seen something move before. It hadn't seemed natural enough to be an animal. He was glad Russell hadn't noticed. Getting out his mobile phone Jason made a call.

"Could you pop by the pack house?" he spoke to the person on the other end of the phone. "now if you can. I'll tell you when you get here Jason hung up after a few moments more. Taking another look back into the forest he gazed at the trees.

Something felt off. He didn't like it.

(As everyone is using Gif's why not join in I say!)

“If Russell wants what is good for the pack he will follow his Alpha.” Phoebe said simply in reply to Aziel's question. “I suppose it won’t be that simple," she sighed but then grinned in Charlie and Evangeline's direction "maybe one of these pretty ladies around here can help coheres him...”

Aziel raised an eyebrow at Phoebe, was she trying to lighten the situation? He shook his slightly, couldn't blame her for trying he figured.

"Russell will only come if he truly wants too. I doubt one of these two could convince him" he grinned teasing them.

Aziel then leant back in his chair placing his hands behind his head. As he spoke in regards to Charlie and his sister not being able to protect themselves he noticed Charlie's subtle change in posture as her eyes looked downwards. He could feel her heart rate change slightly at his words. She was offended, that much he could tell. However, her shyness didn't allow her to voice it as she instead brushed him off and picked her viola case.

Protecting the pack is utmost importance. his wolf beckoned at the back of his mind.

“Besides, I believe that if need be these two will do the right thing and run…Your father knows what’s best” Phoebe said muttering. It was a quite voiced opinion but Aziel's wolf ears heard her words.

"Let me change and I will be ready." Chalie said before venturing away from the kitchen to change.
“Meet me out front in fifteen minutes.” Phoebe replied as she scraped her plate and washed it.

Aziel knew what he said may come off as rude, but he meant what he said. He got into fights often in town, he was used to fighting numbers. The humans always fought in groups, never alone. Without training or the strength of their wolf they would surely get hurt some way or another. He also knew that they sometimes picked fights unprovoked if they knew a werewolf when they saw one.
His face was unfortunately quite familiar in the town. He didn't want to risk pulling anyone into his personal history with some of the rougher humans. They knew to take on a wolf they needed numbers, they would use that to their advantage against wolves who hadn't developed their senses yet.

He worried for them, but he wouldn't say so as much. It wasn't in his nature.

However it was clear evangeline did not appreciate what he had said. After shouting at their father she quickly turned her attention to Aziel.

"And as for you," Eve began, approaching the table and placing her hands on the edges, curling her fingers into the wood.

Aziel dropped his hands from behind his head as she did so.

"You have no right to make assumptions on my capabilities as either a wolf or a person. You don't know me. You couldn't possibly know anything about me! I can't protect myself? Oh, I'm sorry. I seemed to have forgotten all about the years of Martial Arts and Hand to Hand Combat that I've been trained in. I've also forgotten about my training in strategics, Crossbow, and Archery, too."

As Eve let out her frustrations Aziel could hear her teeth grind as she leant closer towards him. He only frowned at her, annoyed at her quick response to anger.

"Don't you dare pretend to know anything about me, Big Brother, when you haven't been there to see or even bother to get to know me," she snapped. "I'm not the one who left, and I'm not the one who abandoned his family."

With that, she turned and let out a soft, short whistle. Agent her bird following behind her. Eve only paused for a moment to reply to Phoebe.

"I'll be outside in fifteen minutes. Right now, though? I can't even stand to be in here. The air's too toxic," Eve growled.

Aziel fist had clenched so tightly his short nails had dug into his skin. He rose from his chair slamming his fist on the table causing a shattering noise to echo through out the house. "Bluddy girl" he also growled.

"Does she think I left for fun?! Telling me I abandoned this family. Where did she get the idea I left because I wanted to abandon anyone? Has she not paid any attention to the pack in all this time?!" Aziel shouted in anger at no one in particular.

"Aziel!" Rachelle shouted back at him. "Calm down, she's just reacting because she felt hurt" Rachelle place her hand on Aziel's shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

Aziel felt his mother's calming gaze. He sighed his shoulders dropping, her kindness never faulted to calm his anger. "Didn't you tell her why I left?" he asked more calmly removing his fist from the table. A dent now resting on the black surface.

Rachelle half frowned taking a heavy breath. "Your father thought it best that we keep the reason you left private. We didn't want Evangeline to worry. She - " Rachelle paused for a moment. "she can be quick to be protective of those she loves without concerning her own safety" Rachelle pulled up a seat at the table glaring for a moment at the dent Aziel had made. She wasn't pleased about that.

"I figured as much" Aziel guilty looked at the dent. "Sorry." He apologised.

His mother shook her head at him. "You Can apologise to me later. For now, do as your father says and go with Phoebe. Make sure to talk to your sister too."

"It's not like I can refuse too go is it?" Aziel grinned at his mother.

Rachelle pursed her lips "Not if you want to eat tonight" she grinned back at him as Aziel got up and headed to the door way. "Aziel, Rachelle called before he walked away pausing him. "keep an eye on Charlie, she's not as confident as some of you" Rachelle said concerned. She wanted to be sure all of them would be safe, but she knew Aziel would look out for them if she asked.

"I dont have much of choice not to look out for them if their going to stay safe" Aziel replied "I'll make sure they're alright. Phoebe is with us too." he said about to leave.

Rachelle nodded before returning to clean the dishes they were left behind.

However, that's when Charlie returned after changing her clothes as she sat at the kitchen table. Aziel wondering how much she may have heard of his conversation with his mother.

The small girl had changed out of her sweat pants and had pulled her hair out its messy bun. A beanie hat now sat on her head. Aziel couldn't help but crack a smile. It amused him that she cared so much about her appearance that she would go such an effort to change when knowing they were heading to town. He personally was quite the opposite, he didn't care if he looked like a slob. His black t-shirt and jeans were enough for any occasion.

"Come on Charlie, Phoebe's reserved the front seat for you. Russell and Eve will be joining soon enough" he nodded his head towards the porch knowing she probably hadn't heard phoebe's voice from such a distance as she hadn't developed her wolf hearing yet.

Heading towards the porch Aziel felt a little guilt slime its way under his skin. He knew he had hurt his sister, he hadn't meant too. When they were kids he always looked out for her, more often than not he used to grab the back of her dress to stop her from tripping over her own feet and falling into a pile of mud. She was right that he hadn't been there the past 5 years, she had changed in that short amount of time. However, so had he. She was still the same fun-loving little sister she had always been deep down. He knew that, and he didn't like upsetting her, but he still meant what he said. Even if she did have self-defence training, training and using it in real life were two very different things. He wasn't trusting enough to leave her be alone in the human world yet. If she ever got hurt it knew he would only blame himself for letting her out of his sight.

As he reached the porch he saw Phoebe in her car indicating for Charlie to take the front seat.

"Guess I'll take the back then" he grumbled annoyed he missed calling shotgun.


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One of the first things that Charlie noticed was the dent in the table. She wasn't particularly surprised. Even while changing she had heard someone, apparently Azial, slam their hands down. Someone had said something to anger him and from the little Charlie had caught of the latter conversation the young man had with his mother, Eve had said something. She wanted to get annoyed that Rochelle had specifically asked Azial to look after her, but honestly she wasn't that surprised. Rarely anything surprised Charlie, but it made her feel like she was a kid still. She was 20, an adult too almost everyone but the pack. Granted she was aware she acted younger than most 20 year olds, but at least she wasn't out partying and getting high/drunk every weekend. Hell she barely drank anything, alcohol just wasn't for her. She'd rather play DD than get too drunk to walk.

Her head jerked up and fingers stopped when Azial called, "Come on Charlie, Phoebe's reserved the front seat for you. Russell and Eve will be joining soon enough." It took her a second to stand, her instancts needed to stop being prey behavior, and then she was up. She gave a quick good-bye to Rochelle before jogging to catch up to the other wolf.

Biting her lip, Charlie, clearly not thinking, shot out her hand and lightly gripped Azial's bicep. What the hell am I doing? "Azial?" Her voice was quiet as usual. When he stopped, Charlie's mouth moved as if she was a fish gasping for air. This is rediculous! She lightly scolded herself. Her tongue licked her lip as she managed to stutter out, "Um... I um, I will obviously ah listen to you and Pheobe if... if something happens, but um," Her eyes were cast down as she picked at the non-existant strands on her shirt. Perhaps she shouldn't have picked white today. "I may not... not have claws or wolf abilities yet, um but I am proficient in macing someone." An amused smile spread across her lips as she remembered the hours of learning how to "Poperly use mace" Mica made her do both with regular mace and gel. First with regular mace because that stuff can come back at you if you aren't careful. Then with the gel because it was easier to control and to some degree more dangerous. "And I have an uncanny ability to disappear when I choose to hide." She looked up then with a small entertained smile, for a moment uninhibited by her usual shyness. "Thank you for looking out for us." Then the uninhibited moment was over and she became self-conscious once more. With an uncomfortable nod and a bite of her lower lip, she darted out the door and over to where Pheobe was. "Thank you for looking out for me today." She nodded at the older woman before slipping into the car. Apparently she had picked up a thing or two from the hours of watch anime and reading manga.

As she waited for everyone else to fill the car, Charlie slipped her phone from her back pocket and read the new email she recieved.

The Nation Orchastra is holding auditions for a year long contract this coming Thursday. I sent a friend of mine, who is the director *winkwink*, a copy of the beautiful song you composed. He absolutely adored it!He believes-

With a clenched stomach, Charlie swiped the email away to be read later... When she wasn't in the company of others. Letting out a soft frustrated and slightly hurt sigh, she looked out the window head resting on her palm. As much as she liked Jocalyn, the director sometimes annoyed the girl. Unlike many of the teachers at the college, for Charlie was a private girl, Jocalyn knew why Charlie never accepted any of the music schools around the country or world. The woman was there when she recieved her acceptance letter from various music schools and proceeded to decline their offers. She only told four people she got into them: Mica (of course, she rarely kept anything that important from him), Rochelle, Cal, and as metioned Jocalyn. She found no point announcing it to anyone when she was not going to attend any of them. She thought about requesting a year of in hopes of find her mate, shifting, and then convincing said mate to move with her for four years to the school. As the years passed, Charlie was both glad and frustrated that she didn't attened any of the schools. Glad because here she was two years later anxiously awaiting for her stubborn wolf to finally wake up. Then frustrated because she feels stuck. Although she is still practicing, got her associates in buisness, performs, and writes, everything has been done in the small confines of the pack house and the town. She loved her family and friends, but she felt like the mariner after he killed the albatross; stuck.

From years of practice, Charlie shut off the music school train of thought and brought herself back to the present. They would be leaving soon for town and she needed to pay attention to the now not the then or could have been.


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A soft sensation gripped on Aziel's right arm as he was about to leave the porch. Pausing he turned to see Charlie had stopped him, she looked meekly up at him biting her lip as though she was nervous. Aziel pondered what she could possibly be nervous about. Was he that scary?

"Um... I um, I will obviously ah listen to you and Pheobe if... if something happens, but um," Her voice was quiet, it never surprised Aziel how much this girl reminded him of a mouse. Her eyes cast down from his as she looked away from him fumbling with her clothing before continuing what she wanted to say. "I may not... not have claws or wolf abilities yet, um but I am proficient in macing someone."

Macing someone? His eyebrows raised with slight amusement, he never even considered maces.

"And I have an uncanny ability to disappear when I choose to hide." She returned her gaze to him then gaining some confidence for a moment it seemed as she appeared amused by her own words. Aziel's own lips half upturned into a smile before dropping when she spoke again.

"Thank you for looking out for us." as the words left her quiet voice her shyness returned as she quickly nodded to him before darting over towards the car and joined Pheobe.

Stunned for a moment Aziel lifting his hand and pulled it through his brown hair as he watched her get into the passenger seat.

"Gotta Say I didn't expect that" he muttered to himself on the porch. He could count the amount of times someone had thanked him on one hand since his return after five years. So far that would be the first. It surprised him that of all people the shyest girl he knew was the first person to thank him for something.

Though, he knew he hadn't done much for people to thank him for since returning, not a least anything the pack knew about. It wasn't in his nature to inform his Alpha of all the drunken brawls he usually broke up. Then again he did start most of them whenever werewolves were insulted.

With a half disbelieved smile Aziel plodded down from the porch and slid into one of the back seats of the car.

"Ready for this road trip?" Aziel said sarcastically addressing both Phoebe and Charlie. He wasn't exactly looking forward to this. "If you want I can go and lure my sister over. I'm sure if I threaten one of her pets she'll rush over" he said jokingly before leaning back on the seat.

Charlie's frustrated smile didn't pass him though as she looked at something on her phone. He began to think of what she had said to him and a smile spread across his face "I hope you have more than one dose of mace with you Charlie, we may need it just to get those two into the car" he referred to Evangeline and Russell.


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"Being crazy isn't enough. Dr. Seuss."

Although she lacked the history of transformation from human to wolf state, Evangeline's senses were still a bit more heightened than a normal human being's. Instead of having limited hearing, for instance, she could hear up to one mile away and see clearly up until then, too. Not nearly as powerful as a transformed werewolf, or even one who has been through the initial transformation, but still fairly impressive.

This was why she wasn't caught completely off-guard when there was a soft rustling from behind her and the sudden sound of a quiet thud as though someone had sat down. She waited a few seconds, sensing no immediate threat, before slowly turning her head to look at her visitor. It was unsurprising to her to see that it was Russell - she could recognize most scents quite easily - but she still quirked an eyebrow up at him, instantly concealing her upset state.

Obviously her efforts were mute, for the first thing that came out of his mouth was obviously aimed at the fact that she had been crying and discouraged only minutes before.

"Focus on what you can control, everything else will fall into place. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I let my emotions get the better of me ... You see good in people. That's not always a bad trait to have. Me, I've seen too much bad in people to have any hope for them."

Quirking up her other eyebrow, she watched as he pulled his bangs back to reveal the porcelain-white scar beside his eye. It wasn't surprising - she had seen it before - but in that moment she could tell that it wasn't a common thing for him to actually acknowledge its existence on his face. For the most part he tended to look as though he were ignoring its presence and would go about his day normally. For him to acknowledge that it was there was almost unheard of. Staying quiet, she waited for him to continue.

"I envy that. I wish I could do that, see the good in people. But I can't ... I envy a lot of things about you. You've still got a family, friends, people who care about you. Never take that for granted. Because before you know it, it all could turn to ash. I'd give anything for that again. Chances are I'm just gonna end up as some bitter old hermit living in the woods all alone, with no one to care about."

Before Evangeline could even respond to that, Russell had begun speaking again.

"You want to be alpha right? Well, that means putting your pack before all others. You do what's best for them, and not worry what others think. Though I might not agree with you about how to handle humans, if you think it's right then don't stop. To hell with what others think. Leadership is about making the hard calls that others can't. But you're not going to get anywhere pouting about it. Prove them wrong, prove me wrong. Leadership, true leadership is something earned by action. Always remember, Uniți în ceartă, împreună în pace. United in strife, together in peace. That's what wolves are, what we are, and what you will be....Eve."

She hesitated.

His hand was inches away from her, and for a few moments, she hesitated to take it. Instead she simply stared at it, the thoughts clearly churning in her head as she mulled over his words.

He was right, of course.

It seemed that Russell was right quite a bit. Not in reference to how to act towards the humans, but about everything else he was pretty much spot on. This wasn't an exception.

She was worrying to much about the opinion of others. While it was understandable seeing as the people who's opinions she worried about were her families', it wasn't excusable.

Looking forward for a moment, she bit her lower lip. When had she turned into such a sniveling baby? Evangeline Emmaletta Sutton didn't cry, and she sure as hell didn't lose her spunk. She wasn't annoying for no reason, after all - it was all simply a part of her plans. So when had she forgotten all of those facts? When had she succumbed to the viewpoints of others and allowed them to affect her so masterfully that she had forgotten and dismissed who she was?

After a few moments, she turned and grabbed his hand, using it to hoist herself up. After she had brushed off her bottom and made sure there were no grass stains on her jeans, she jerked her head upwards, her shocking eyes boring into his. She didn't have to say what she was thinking - it was clearly written across her face - and she would never admit it out loud anyways.

He was right.

And she was too stubborn to just give up on her goals.

Lifting her hand, she jabbed him in the chest, leaving the tip of her finger against his chest bone and staring directly at where it connected to him.

"I'm going to prove the shit out of you, Rapunzel. And by all of the God's names I swear - you're going to admit that I was right. You understand me?" she asked, jerking her head upwards again and staring into his eyes. "I'm going to show each and every one of you, because I take this as a challenge."

With that said, she turned and let out a quick short whistle. Agent perked up, let out a chirp to the little woodland friends of his that had joined him in the river, and then took flight. Landing directly on her head, he snuggled into it and promptly fell asleep.

Reaching up she lightly tugged his hair, going on her toes as she did so and beginning to walk in the same motion. Before he could react, she had dropped a soft peck on his cheek, one that spoke her thank you so that she wouldn't have to say it out loud. Skipping away from him so as to avoid retribution for the hair pulling, she stopped just out of his reach and faced away from him, her hands clasped behind her back. A glance over her shoulder and she met his eyes with her own one last time.

"And Russell?"

Those words in and of themselves were surprising. She had used his name, not some convoluted nickname driven to gain a reaction. Instead, it was his name. Plain and simple.

She waited until he was listening to her before continuing.

"Don't ever tell yourself that you envy me of my family and friends - of me having people who care about me. Open your damn eyes and look around you before telling yourself that you need to envy me of those things. Because you're blind if you think that you don't."

Before he could even begin to respond, she had turned forward once more and started off towards the house again.

It didn't take her long to reach the kitchen. Eve instantly took note of the dented table but brushed it aside, simply grabbing her bag and ukulele. She sent Agent off to go about his own business, grabbed a bottle of sweet tea from the fridge, and quickly made her way outside to the front. Noticing everyone already piled in the vehicle - minus Russell, of course - she approached it and purposely went out of her way to avoid her brother, choosing to take the very back of the van instead of the open seat beside him in the middle. Dropping her bag and ukulele on the floor of the van, she leaned back in her seat, propped her boots on the back of her brother's seat directly beside his head simply out of spite, and popped in her earbuds. Immediately Everybody's Fool by Evanescence began to blast in her ears. Letting her head drop back, she closed her eyes and crossed her arms, hunkering down in her seat, her exhaustion from lack of sleep easily putting her into a light nap.


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#, as written by CutUp
Touch of Grey
Russell watch Evangelina as she took a moment to mull over his words. After a few moments she finally took his hand, and lifted herself up. When she abruptly jerked her head upwards, and stared into his blue eyes with her vivid, and wild eyes Russell kept a straight face, losing the small smile he was developing moments ago. As he looked into her eyes he could tell what she was trying to say, even if she wasn't going to say it out loud. Russell gave her a nod of approval. He sees the potential in Evangelina, while she wouldn't be his first pick for an alpha successor, he won't say she couldn't do the job, she just needed more experience.

When she brought her hand, and jabbed it into his chest he raised a curious eyebrow as he down on her. Upon her statement that she'd show him, and everyone else that they were wrong about her Russell let out a slight chuckle. "I guess we'll have to see. Saying, and doing are two different things." He stated, purposefully adding fuel to her already raging fire. Then she reached up, and tugged on his hair, causing him to growl softly at her.

Before Russell could say or do anything else she surprised him with a peck on the cheek. Russell looked at her in confusion as he touched where she had kissed him with his hand, and she turned away from him. As she turned her head back to face him he had abruptly brought his hand down to his side. When she used his actual name rather than just some silly nickname that she gave him he raised his eyebrow up once again in curiosity. "Yeah?" He replied as he cocked his head slightly, curious as to what would cause her to use his first name.

Russell clinched his fist tightly, and looked down to the ground as he listened to her talk. He looked back up, and before he could respond she was already on her way back to the house. Russell shook his head, and a smirk ever so slightly began to form on the corner of his mouth. He figured he had better follow suit, and head on back to the house to join back up with the others. 'YOU'RE PATHETIC! YOU KNOW WE SHOULD BE ALPHA, THAT CHILD COULDN'T LEAD SOMEONE OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG!' His wolf snarled in his head.

Russell took in a deep breath, and exhaled. "Maybe at one time, maybe at one time. But that was a lifetime ago, and too much has changed." He softly whispered to himself. Russell stopped in his tracks, and sniffed the air around him for a moment. He then brushed his hair behind his ear.
'YOU SENSE IT TOO? AN UNEASINESS IN THE AIR.' Russell's eyes darted around the woods surrounding him. Something was definitely off, he couldn't hear any animals anymore. Not a bird chirping, a squirrel rummaging around, nothing but an unsettling calmness.

Russell flicked his cigarette to the ground, and thoroughly stomped it out before he went on. He couldn't sense anything else out of the ordinary, there was nothing he could do. Perhaps it was just his paranoia. Whatever it was Russell put it in the back of his mind, and continued on his way back to the house. As he got there he saw Evangelina climbing into the van that the others had been piled into. Russell went over, and sat down in the seat next to Aziel. As he got in he looked forward at Phoebe, and Charlie, giving them a nod.

"Mr. Sutton wanted me to join you all in town." He stated. "Hope that's ok with you Miss Danica." He added with a slight cock of his head. He knew of the Beta's feelings towards him, her dislike, and mistrust of him, and it was something he in fact found comforting. He does not in fact dislike Phoebe like many others think, no he respects her and is glad that there is someone there keeping an eye on him in case he goes off the deep end, and loses control of his wolf. He likes that safety net she provides, and has no doubt that she'll do what is necessary if, or when the time comes. Russell then proceeded to buckle himself up.


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Phoebe Danica


Phoebe made her way to her car that was parked at the far end of the driveway, her mind fixated on the disturbances in town and her game plan. She came to a halt in front of her car and smiled absentmindedly.
Her car wasn’t new and shiny, but it was hers. She patted the hood of the old midnight black Chevy Impala, and sighed as she realized they all wouldn’t fit in her baby. She glanced at the van parked to her left and grimaced before grabbing her aux cord and slipped in the driver seat of the van. The low hum of the vehicle told her it badly needed and oil change…probably a tune up in general really. She made a mental note to do that when she got back. She hoped they would make it to town and back with little issues, vehicle or otherwise.

Phoebe plugged her phone into the Aux cord and the cord into the van. The only good thing about the vehicle was that it was up to date enough to have an Aux plug. She smiled as one of her favourite songs, Freak on a Leash sung by Korn and Evanescence, flowed through the speakers.

“Life's gotta always be messing with me (You wanna see the light)
Can't they chill and let me be free (So do I)
Can't I take away all this pain (You wanna see the light)
I try to every night, all in vain, in vain”
She sang quietly to herself, her light voice mingling with that of Jonathan Davis and Amy Lee.

"Guess I'll take the back then" Phoebe’s wolf ears picked up on Aziel’s voice as he grumbled obviously annoyed he missed calling shotgun. She felt a grin creep across her face as she watched Aziel and Charlie make their way towards her car. When they stopped to talk, Phoebe attempted to look away and not listen to their conversation…but it was damn hard. Even turning up her music she caught snatches of the conversation.

"Um... I um, I will obviously ah listen to you and Pheobe if... if something happens, but um, I may not... not have claws or wolf abilities yet, um but I am proficient in macing someone."Charlie said while smiling.

Phoebe felt a sharp pang of ...jealousy? She watched the two together. It wasn’t easy for her to connect with the others in the pack, not only because she was the Beta, and two years older than most of them...but because she was afraid to connect. They saw her as a solitary wolf, someone not to be taken lightly. Normally she had no problem with that, and she resigned herself to her desolate way of life…but today, with the sun shining and the world at peace, she wished she had someone to share it with. She sighed and watched a black and yellow butterfly fly by lazily.

'You mourned, now move on' Her wolf said, shoving down her sense of sadness.

Charlie walked towards the car, sliding into the front seat next to Phoebe.
"Thank you for looking out for me today." Charlie said. Phoebe nodded.

“That’s my job, and don’t worry, I’m damn good at it.” She said as she drummed her fingers on the steering wheel and smiled at the girl. Soon Aziel joined.

"Ready for this road trip? If you want I can go and lure my sister over. I'm sure if I threaten one of her pets she'll rush over" he said jokingly before leaning back on the seat. Phoebe gave him a look that conveyed how she felt about that...though it was ruined by the amusement that turned the corners of her mouth up almost imperceptibly.

"I hope you have more than one dose of mace with you Charlie, we may need it just to get those two into the car" Aziel continued. Phoebe was about respond when Charlie replied with: "I could donate one to the cause, however I need the other." Phoebe rolled her eyes, though found a small sense of surprise and pride that the girl was smart enough to have some sort of self defense.

"No mace necessary" She said nodding in the direction of Evangeline. She looked as though she had eaten a lemon whole. This trip was going to be fun, she could already tell. Evangeline jumped in the van and took the very back, storm clouds practically following her around.

Not long after that Russell followed. If Phebe had her fur, it would be standing on end. The devastating amount of mistrust she had for this boy made her uncomfortable. She schooled her face into that of a serene smile.

"Mr. Sutton wanted me to join you all in town." He stated. "Hope that's ok with you Miss Danica." He said somewhat respectfully. At least this time he acknowledged her. She nodded.

"What the Alpha says, goes." She stated simply. Once everyone was loaded in and buckled she started off. The ride to town was a short and uneventful one.

People milled about, left and right. Some in groups, in twos, or even alone. She pulled up to a curb and shut off the van.

"Stay together, and as inconspicuous as possible. We need to find out exactly what is happening and how to correct it." Phoebe said as she opened her door and stepped out of the van.

Almost instantly she caught the scent of many wolves. She followed it towards a small bar and grill. Strange to thing so many wolves would gather in one place, this must be where the disturbances where occurring.

"Whose hungry?" She muttered as she pushed the doors open.


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As the car moved through the street and eventually into town, Charlie stared out calming down from the slight anxiety from the hostility that still lingered in the car. This was familiar. Riding along the pack's house street towards the town she spent just as much time in as the house. Familiarity was key to calming her anxiety and the lull of the car was doing wonders. She could drive the route to the town with her eyes shut... if it wasn't dangerous or illegal. A smile formed as they passed streets and stores she knew too well. The tea shop she bought bubble tea. The park her friends and she would hang out at. The music store down a side road that was basically her second home. The people milled about like any ordinary day and to be fair to them it was. She even recognized a few, not that she waved or anything. Charlie even chuckled quietly as a little boy hopped happily along the side walk with an ice cream in hand. This was life and she loved seeing it.

Her anxiety-free mood was slightly killed when Phoebe parked the van outside a bar and grill she had never been in. With some caution, Charlie unbuckled and slipped out of the car somehow without stumbling. She slowly did a circle taking in her surroundings. They were in a part of town she had only walked through a few times. It was where werewolves frequented more than humans and since her friends mainly consisted of humans now, werewolf watering holes weren't her forte. Granted Mica had dragged her numerous times to different werewolf clubs to dance and drink. Rarely did she do either, but she played DD and often got free drinks while she occasionally chatted with the bartender. One thing she learned while trailing behind her energizer bunny brother, always make friends with the bartender. They would protect you if they liked you... and if they weren't skeevy. Most weren't which was lucky for her. Those clubs and bars were not on this street however. This environment was almost completely new to her. Taking a deep slow breath, Charlie calmed down so her heart rate wasn't thumping like a birds. That only portrayed her as prey which would be the worst idea ever when entering a room filled with unknown wolves.

As Phoebe started towards the building, Charlie began to follow but looked back to catalog where everyone was. Her eyes caught Eve's wonderment of the town. Unconsciously, her head cocked slightly at the younger girl. Eve was looking at the town as if it was something precious to behold and Charlie supposed it was. Unlike Eve, Charlie was never restrained to the pack house. She was only home schooled until Morgan was old enough to attend school and by then Mica had annoyed her parents enough for them to send them to public human school. From second grade to now, Charlie had attend school with humans and frequented town often. She loved the place but the awe had worn off once she became a regular. Maybe next time Cal and I hang out I can invite her. Mr. and Mrs. Sutton shouldn't have any qualms about it if I ask. I may be invisible and shy most of the time, but I am responsible and my friends would look out for her. It was a nice idea, she just hoped the Alphas would be okay with their daughter hanging out with humans. She would talk to Rachelle before she brought the idea up to Eve, she didn't want to get the girl's hopes up.

Taking another calming breath, she walked into the establishment to find it full with boisterous wolves. The room's volume decreased as the small group entered. All eyes were on them. Charlie shifted so her back was closer to the wall and she was hidden more behind Phoebe. Her eyes swept the room slowly only snapping to attention when a tall young man approached. Something about him put Charlie on alert; he was too charming. She rarely trusted people who were too charming because she learned long ago they tended to mean trouble. Her analysis of the young friendly man broke when Eve stepped forward to talk with him. Her fingers twitched, wanting to grab the other human but knew better. Movement in Charlie's vision told her some of the other werewolves stood ready to defend the young man. Peter, his name is Peter Green. The wolves only settled down when Peter offered the small group to sit and talk. Instead of listening to what Eve and Peter had to say, Charlie kept her eyes on the other wolves. They were outnumbered if something broke out. These wolves were ready to defend their friend. This couldn't be a large pack and Peter didn't seem tied to anyone. While keeping track of the mood of the other wolves, she mentally noted exits and places to hide if anything happened. Please, let nothing happen. A blood bath is not something we need... Looking back at Russell and Aziel she took note on their reactions of the situation.


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Aziel had noticed Eve's hospitality as she had got into the car. He ignored her actions as her feet appeared beside his head as she sat behind him. With a heavy sigh, he leaned back and watched the scenery as Phoebe started up the car and began to drive into town. He smiled at Charlie's as she offered to donate a maze. Soon familiar buildings began to pop into view as they left the canopy of trees that made up their estate and trailed down a few dirt roads. He recognized the garage they passed he often visited when in need of spare parts to fix up one of his motorbike projects. Humans milled through the streets laughing their hands full of shopping bags as they blissfully lived out their lives. They had no pack to worry about.

Soon Phoebe pulled up into the carpark of a familiar Bar and Grill Aziel had spent a few nights in the past drinking at. He hadn't visited in very long time due to one particular disagreement with another wolf they ended up in a blood nose and hurt pride on their part.

As they trickled out of the car one by one Aziel hovered nearby to make sure they were all out of the car before closing the doors behind them. He saw Eve's slight hiccup with the seat belt and her attempts to brush it off naturally making him grin behind her back. She was clumsy sometimes it was amusing to him as it reminded him she was still his little sister. Eccentric and boisterous as always.

As they reached the bar door's Phoebe's expression showed she was on full alert as she spoke
"Stay together, and as inconspicuous as possible. We need to find out exactly what is happening and how to correct it."

"Easier said then done" he muttered as she opened the doors.

Instantly the smell of wolf struck Aziel. All them were different, unique. However, he could pick up the undertones to some of the scents signifying their were pack members. When a wolf was a part of a pack their scent always had a very slight undertone which was the same of the packs. It was their Alpha's smell, it was buried in them as wolves. Only pack wolves could notice their pack, wolves outside of a pack wouldn't be able to tell. Aziel had always found it strange but it made it easier to tell friend from foe. The bar was busy, the bar women winked at a customer some of the men rowdy, others sticking to themselves. They were a few women, most of them were with other male wolves clearly having a good time either eating or drinking more than likely with their mates.

As the volume of the room decreased slightly upon their arrival Aziel glanced around taking in more of his surrounds. A few eyes watched them curiously, a few didn't seem too welcoming.

"Hey guys. Can't say that I've seen you here before. Unless I'm mistaken, you lot are a bunch of fresh new faces. Mind if I take a gander as to what brings you all here?" suddenly a young man approached them. Aziel immediately looked him over, he was tall much like himself. His hair was a wispy brown, his eyes a clear blue. His accent threw Aziel a little, he wasn't expecting to see a British wolf in these parts. It irritated him that he didn't know this wolf living so close to their estate, in their pack territory. His father more than likely knew him, no wolf outside of the pack was allowed to enter another's territory without greeting the resident Alpha first. As per tradition.

"The name's Peter. Peter Pan James Green. I know, genius, right? As in Peter Pan and the Lost Boys? I thought it was creative too," he introduced himself with a grin.

Aziel scoffed a little under his breath. What unusual parents to give their son such a silly name.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Peter. I'm Evangeline, but most people call me Eve. My friends and I," Eve responded so comfortably with this wolf as she motioned to the group. "Are visiting from out of town and simply looking for a place to eat. We've been traveling for quite a while and would love to sit down and order some drinks and food,"

Aziel glared at her a little bit. How could she be so comfortable around a foreign wolf. She needed to learn to put up more guards for her own protection. He was impressed that she knew to lie though, she was smart enough to know not to reveal who their really were.

"Well, you lot chose the right place than. There's no better place to eat in town than Zum Schwarzen Adler. Why don't I sit down with you all? I could answer any questions you may have about the town, seeing as you're visiting," Peter's tone hinted he didn't quite believe Eve, but he didn't seem to be calling her out on it. It may cause trouble if he did.

"Well, I can't speak for all of us, but I wouldn't mind learning a bit more about this town from the man who seems to know it all," Eve smirked, tilting her head up and giving him a challenging look. Peter simply chuckled in returned and shook his head before turning his gaze to Phoebe.

"Well? You seem like you're the one in charge, m'lady. What's your say on the matter?" Peter bypassed Evangeline, he clearly could see Phoebe held a dominance well. She was a strong woman and wolf. Any amateur of body language would be able to see she was taking the lead on this group.

Glancing towards Charlie Aziel could see the hesitation in her eyes. She must be uncomfortable in this sort of place, as a shy girl she probably didn't go to places like this often. Stepping forward in front of Charlie he intentionally put her behind him as a guard, he needed to keep Charlie and his sister safe. His sister may be more difficult though with her clear enthusiasm for not showing unease.

"Peter is it?" Aziel didn't falter eye contact with this wolf folding his arms defensively. "Name's Aziel, how about I get some drinks whilst Phoebe picks a table. She has her preferences" Aziel said knowing Phoebe would choose a good spot out of the way, Peter may take them to a table in a busy area. It was best not to be sat near too many open ears. Though in a wolf bar that may be difficult.

"Eve I'll get you the usual, what's your drink, Peter? From a guess, I won't say your a cocktail guy" Aziel raised his eyebrows at him, he wondered if Eve's usually was still the same as of five years ago. A few eyes watching them caught his attention but Aziel didn't remove his gaze from Peter. They were pack wolves, they more than likely knew who Phoebe was but may not recognize him after his 5 years away. He needed to do some damage control and make sure they didn't blab unintentionally.

"I could use a hand carrying the drinks back if anyone cares to join" he said looking towards the group. It was best not to go anywhere alone and stay in pairs.


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#, as written by CutUp
Touch of Grey
Russell followed behind the group silently as they made their way towards the bar. As they immediately got out he noticed that Evangeline made a b line for a nearby fountain to drop a coin in it. Russell let out an amused huff, and rolled his eyes as he went on to follow the others. Before they even entered the restaurant Russell could already sense other wolves inside. He rolled his head on his shoulders uncomfortably as his wolf was already starting to get riled up once again. With Phoebe's order on keeping a low profile, and Aziel's following comment about it Russell let out a sigh.

"Yeah, it'd be a lot easier if one of us didn't look like an Evanescence roadie." He softly stated, obviously referring to Evangeline. Once they entered the restaurant they drew the attention of the other werewolves immediately. Russell kept his eyes on the look out for trouble, scanning the room, and taking note of everyone there. They were soon approached by one of the wolves, a British young man. Growls flooded Russell's ears as this Peter introduced himself, and especially with how causal Evangeline was with him. 'ENOUGH OF THIS! SPLATTER THIS FOOL'S BRAIN ACROSS THE FLOOR, AND SHOW THESE MONGRELS YOUR DOMINANCE!' His wolf howled in his mind. Russell closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Unfortunately my parents weren't too worried about being clever. Last names Talbot, and they seriously missed the opportunity to name me Lawrence, you know like the original Wolfman." Russell commented about Peter's name. "Though I guess they weren't the only ones who missed out on being a classic werewolf movie, I think it'd be more appropriate for the British Werewolf to be in New York wouldn't you say?" He added with a small smile on the corner of his face. Contrary to popular opinion Russell does know how to be sociable when the need arises.

When Russell was ordered to help Aziel with the drinks by Phoebe he let out a small groan.
'DAMN BITCH, ORDERING US AROUND LIKE WE WERE COMMON MUTTS! BEAT HER SKULL IN TO TEACH HER SOME RESPECT!' Russell took in a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. Russell gave her a nod, and followed behind Aziel as they went to order the drinks. "I don't trust One Direction over there. We need to watch him. He's crafty." Russell softly stated to Aziel, though it was most likely his wolf talking.

As they were at the bar getting drinks, with himself ordering a water as well as some of the others, he could hear the commotion start with the girls. It was this bit of tension that allowed Russell to slip for a moment. Without thought Russell grabbed hold of a empty beer bottle, and broke it in half over the bar as he marched his way towards the growing mob of hostile werewolves, with him growling, and snarling lowly. His eyes briefly flashed bright yellow before returning to it's normal color.

As he approached the crowd he raised up his makeshift shank, and was about to stab the first wolf he saw. But luckily things began to quiet down, giving him a moment to catch his breath, and regain control. Russell looked down at the beer bottle, and tossed it into a trash can hopefully before the other wolves noticed. Russell returned to Aziel, and awkwardly looked forward, undoubtedly Aziel had saw that he was about to get stab happy. "I don't trust them. I don't like how they look at Evangeline and Charlie. I'm ready to move anytime." He stated. At that point he had already gotten an exit plan in his mind.


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BeFoUr | Zayn Malik

"Leadership is not about being in charge - it's about taking care of those in your charge."

The unease that had settled upon the group was obvious even to the most clueless of fellows - and while Peter himself was a bit clueless when it came to book smarts at times, he was extremely intelligent in other fields, especially when it came to street smarts. He could read the group like an open book, and the unease was clearly stemming from the small amount of protectiveness and hostility that radiated off of the silent onlookers that surrounded them. The group knew they weren't in very friendly territory, but they also knew not to overstep their boundaries.

Another smile blooming across his face in an effort to make the group feel a bit more at ease, Peter lifted his hand and itched slightly at his forehead. It seemed to be a signal of sorts, for immediately the wolves that had been poised to jump to his defense settled down, silently simmering at their tables. Slowly the normal sounds of the bar arose again, although a bit more softly, for the quiet chatter was mostly focused around the current events and the odd group that had entered the bar.

Although he had been slightly focused on keeping the peace, he hadn't missed the male with the sandy blonde hair sliding in front of the young girl with longer, straight brown hair. It was obvious he meant to shield her from any possible danger, and a small amount of respect for the man rose inside of Peter. Any man who stood to protect a woman was a well-respected one in Peter's views.

"Peter is it? Name's Aziel, how about I get some drinks whilst Phoebe picks a table. She has her preferences. Eve I'll get you the usual, what's your drink, Peter? From a guess, I won't say your a cocktail guy. I could use a hand carrying the drinks back if anyone cares to join."

Peter nodded in response to the man, Aziel's, words and he chuckled a little. "You'd be correct. Whiskey Coke on the rocks, please."

A chorus of what each person in the group wanted followed Peter's request, and with that, Aziel and the man he now knew as Russell walked off, both of them seeming a bit unnerved by the current circumstances and having to leave the women alone with him. Phoebe, however, seemed more than capable of keeping everything under control in his eyes.

When the girls began to move off towards a table, he quietly followed behind them. In an instance, the entire atmosphere changed. He barely registered the hand reaching for the girl with the long brown hair - Charlie, he thought was her name - before Phoebe had gripped the man's arm and pinned him against the table. Immediately his friends shot up to his defense, but a quick sputter of words mixed with pain later and they had lowered back into their seats. When she released the man, he glared daggers at her, but a warning look for Peter as he passed was enough to get the man to turn around.

Pulling out a chair at the table, Peter spun it around and sat in it backwards, facing the young women who had dropped into the seats across from him.

"Apologies for David. He's positively smashed and a bit of a tosspot. There isn't much to be helped in his regard, but I'll ensure that doesn't happen again," he said. It wasn't long after that the two men of their group appeared with drinks, both seeming a bit on the angry side due to what had happened. He accepted the Whiskey Coke and leaned against the chair, his arms resting on the back of it due to it being in front of him.

"Now, what is it that you lot would like to know?" he asked, entirely comfortable with his back to the whole of the bar. He had friends - in the surplus, might he add - and wasn't in the least worried about one of them allowing someone to catch him off guard.

After answering Evangeline's questions, he turned to speak to Phoebe, but was cut off by the door exploding inwards. Immediately people in black gear filed in, brandishing large weapons and others strapped to their bodies. Loud sounds ricocheted throughout the room, which immediately began to fill with smoke. He barely registered Eve falling to the ground, the smoke stinging his sensitive wolf eyes and nose. Letting out a gagging cough, he lifted his shirt to his face to attempt to block out a bit of the smoke, and searched the room in a daze. He saw someone snag Eve, but other than her, Charlie was the only other one that the people seemed to be after. Gunshots were fired at the ceiling, causing people to hunker down behind tables and chairs. Some attempted to be brave and charge the humans, but were quickly loaded with gunshots and promptly fell to the floor.

Reaching out, Peter roughly grabbed Russell's shoulder and yanked on it, caring naught for what the man might do to him.

"The cowards took Eve! They're going for Charlie, also!" he shouted through the gunfire, turning his gaze to Aziel. "What do we do?"


Coming Home Part II | Skylar Grey

"Despite what other's think, I don't trust words - I trust actions."

Eve stepped off to the side, allowing those in charge of their group to take on their roles. She had said and done all that she wanted to say and do, and that's all that mattered. When Aziel left to gather drinks, with Russell in tow, she turned her gaze to Phoebe, who immediately turned off to search for a safe place for all of them to sit.

On the way there, however, a bit of a fiasco between Charlie, Phoebe, and a man and his friends occurred. Phoebe quickly shut the events down with her strength and speed, and a warning look from Peter completely ended any further retaliation. Eve, however, made a large circle around the men, ensuring to stay out of any of their reaches. Grabbing a chair beside Phoebe, she pulled it out from the table and dropped down into it, happily accepting the raspberry lemonade that Aziel had brought her. She lifted the straw to her lips, sipping contentedly while Peter began to speak.

Choking a bit on her lemonade, she set it down quickly on the table and scooted her chair forward a bit, leaning towards Peter in excitement.

"What's the town like? What are the best places to visit? How are the humans? Are they accepting? Respectful? Kind?" she asked hurriedly, speaking like a little girl excited to try something new.

Peter blinked at her, his surprise evident in his eyes, before chuckling and shaking his head a bit. "Excitable gal, aren't you?" he drawled, his accent an endearing one. "The town itself is beautiful with some very interesting places to visit, ranging from shops to nature preserves. The humans are weary when it pertains to wolves, but none are outright hostile towards us. The wolves, however, can be a bit on the instigating side, and seem to enjoying causing unnecessary tension between the humans and the wolves. It's only certain wolves though," he said. Clearly he knew said wolves, but was unwilling to provide more information towards her. Instead, he turned his gaze to Phoebe, fixating those blue gems on the older woman. "Would you happen to have any questions, m'lady?"

It seemed that as soon as the words had left Peter's mouth, the entire bar went to shit.

The front entrance was thrown open, and immediately a group of people who held the scent of humans burst through them. Covered from head to toe in black gear, they held guns of various degrees, and even had small objects tied to their bodies. Something made a loud sound, and instantly the room began to fill with thick clouds. The first sound was followed by three more, the room billowing with thick, putrid smoke afterwards. Eve launched from her seat, the smoke stinging her eyes and causing her to cough and gag as it entered her throat. Tears clouded her already dulled vision, and she leaned heavily against the table in an effort to catch her breath. Dark figures moved through the smoke, hands reaching out and shots being fired into the ceiling as a warning. Eve's hand slipped off of the table as she collapsed to the floor, her opposite hand clutching her throat. Stars dotted her vision, and a painful crack slammed into the back of her head, causing darkness to spot the edge of her eyes.

Hands grabbed her underarms and dragged, pulling and throwing her roughly over a shoulder. Hands reached through the smoke towards Charlie, something that Eve very dimly registered, but her vision flickered and she was unable to see if the people reaching for the other girl had actually succeeded in grabbing her.

Lifting her hand, she formed a fist and weakly slammed it against the man who held her.

"Put ... Me down," she wheezed, ending on a cough. When her captor said nothing, but instead continued towards the door, she lifted her head just enough to look towards the area that she had been sitting with everyone. Lifting a trembling hand, she held it out towards the area.

"Aziel ... Russell ... Somebody ..." she whimpered, her voice dry and cracking.


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Peter asked if anyone in the group had a question and Eve immediately drew close and asked about the town."The town itself is beautiful with some very interesting places to visit, ranging from shops to nature preserves. The humans are weary when it pertains to wolves, but none are outright hostile towards us. The wolves, however, can be a bit on the instigating side, and seem to enjoying causing unnecessary tension between the humans and the wolves. It's only certain wolves though," he said. Charlie watched him knowing he knew more than he was letting on. She was tempted to ask her own questions to see if he actually knew this place rather than give them the general. She knew the humans probably better than he did, but before she could decided if she wanted to say anything he moved on. "Would you happen to have any questions, m'lady?" Peter asked directing his question at Phoebe. The she-wolf remained quiet a moment. As she opened her mouth to reply, the door to the bar burst open.

As Charlie turned, her eyes opened wide. People dressed in all black rushed in letting out smoke bombs. Seeing the first one go off, Charlie sucked in a deep breath and held putting her flutist lungs to good use. She was knocked to the floor with Phoebe throwing herself in front of Charlie to protect the younger girl. Clutching the mace in her hands, Charlie only started towards a window when Phoebe went to save Eve. She didn't make it far as someone grabbed for her. Letting out a surprised yelp due to being grabbed and shots being fired, Charlie turned and knocked the mans mask off that protected him from the smoke that currently was filling her eyes and lungs. Coughing, she held down the trigger for a second releasing enough to cause him to back off. "You bitch!" He yelled back handing her across the face. As he clawed at his eyes, Charlie shook the pain away and tried once more to get away but again did not succeed.

"Let go!" She growled as a stronger man manhandled her. She bit her lip as her hand slipped across a broken bottle. "No you don't!" The muffled deep voice of the man barked, hauling her up and throwing her over his shoulder. She flailed, but found it pointless. He was far stronger than her. Fine. She continued to thrash but not as hard as before, masking her true purpose. Dark clothes hide blood. You have been marked. Follow the bread crumbs. As she passed people in black, her bloody hands touched them leaving semi-hidden smear marks of her scent for her pack mates to follow.

"Hurry, throw them in the back!" One person yelled right before Charlie yipped as she was tossed in the back of a van. The door shut leaving Charlie in the dark with an unconscious Eve and three kidnappers. She quietly scooted over to Eve to make sure the girl was okay, trying to focus on her junior rather than freak out. Freaking out could happen later when she and Eve weren't being kidnapped.


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Aziel nodded to the bartender as she prepared their drinks order.

"I don't trust One Direction over there. We need to watch him. He's crafty." Russell softly stated to Aziel beside him.

Aziel pulled a hand through his hair looking back for a moment to inspect said 'One Direction' fellow. "I don't trust half the people in here. If they're anything like I expect they're out for themselves and don't give a shit about anyone else." Aziel paused for a moment to pick up his bottle of beer taking a large gulp emptying it before placing it back on the bar. "Peter is just intelligent enough to try and figure us out forwardly than sneaking around".

As Aziel finished his sentence he suddenly tensioned his hand tightening into a fist as a commotion broke out with the girls. He stepped forward but restrained himself when he saw Pheobe's quick movements protecting Charlie from the mutt that had tried to touch her. He was glad Pheobe was as skilled as she was. Relaxing his hand slightly he flexed his fingers glaring at the mutt who now meekly walked away from the girls towards his own table of lowlifes.

-KILL THEM- A dark and angry snarling echoed at the back of Aziel's mind. His lip twitched slightly as he held back his wolf's desire to tear them apart.

Taking heavy deep breaths to try and calm his wolf and control the rage that shivered through him Aziel pulled his gaze away from the lowlifes and brought it back to Russell. Shattered glass littered the bar which once used to be Aziel's beer as Russell awkwardly looked away from him.

"I don't trust them. I don't like how they look at Evangeline and Charlie. I'm ready to move anytime." Russell said mirroring Aziels thoughts.

"A fight here wouldn't be wise. There are too many wolves from different packs" Aziel looked around again as some of the patrons had noticed their reactions and were not watching them more intently than before. It would be bad to make a bad impression against other packs, and he knew if he were to release his rage blood would spilled. If he were here alone without the pack he would have slung them without thinking. But he knew in this situation it would only threaten the packs safety.

As the bartender served up the last remaining drinks onto a tray for them Aziel looked back over to Russell spoke in a quieter tone to try and prevent eavesdroppers. "You held yourself back well. I trust in your instincts" he said knowing full well how difficult it was to restrain your inner wolf when it desired blood. He knew he could rely on Russell's quick reactions if anything were to arise.

Returning to the group with their tray of drinks and a fresh beer for Aziel he handed out their orders and pulled up a chair as Peter began to answer some of Eve's questions. Aziel quietly listened observing the area for any more idiots, it was hard not to notice that peter was holding some of the truth from his answer's. He was playing them to some degree.

Peter moved his attention from Eve then and gazed at Phoebe "Would you happen to have any questions, m'lady?" as his words left his lips Aziel's senses became overloaded.

The front door smashed open the hinges snapping at the force as suddenly a group of humans piled into the room dressed in black their faces obscured with gas masks. Seeing the masks Aziel's instincts caused his eyes to burn as his vision shifted to his wolf's eyes the colour of golden brown. A click sprung and instantaneously clouds of smoke billowed throughout the bar. It wrapping around them stinging Aziel's eyes but the pain was less than it would have been had he not shifted them. Clutching his throat as the smoke clung to his lungs Aziel kicked back his chair as he sprung from his seat.

Phoebe was ripping her shirt for protection handing one to charlie when through the smoke Aziel saw one of the humans blur towards them. Aziel's heart thumped with rage as his body twitched.

- PROTECT THE PACK - PROTECT THEM - PROTECT HER- KILL THEM ALL AND FEAST ON THEIR FLESH - Aziel gave in to his wolf's demands. Pain blurred throughout his body travelling towards his mouth as his jaw broke and reset allowing the elongated sharp teeth of his wolf to have full freedom.

Facing the human he charged towards the black figure raising his arm in an uppercut punch. His fist connected with the mans jaw throwing his head back as his body fell back to the floor. Laying motionless two other humans ran towards Aziel from either side of him holding what appeared to be semi-automatic guns. Seeing the threat Aziel waiting until the last moment as they raised their guns and moved his body ducking down as they ended up shooting one another. They were knocked down by the force of the shots but the bullets didn't pierce their chests and were instead blocked by bulletproof vests. Snarling furious Aziel quickly tried to make out the figures within the smoke.

He could smell the wolves in the bar, most of them had fled, either through the windows, back exit he didn't know. The humans, they stank of sweat, fear and rage. However, a distinct smell settled on their clothes. Rogue. They stank of it now Aziel had attuned to it.

-ROGUES!?- his wolf's rage rose up bubbling within him. Rogue's, he despised rogues. Unable to contain his rage any longer Aziel fell to his knees his hands flat on the floor supporting his body as it visibly began to shake. He couldn't withhold his wolf any longer. As his back arched his bones breaking he ears began to morph his hearing changing to that of wolf before the rest of his body.

Half way through his shift suddenly several more humans filtered in through the front door. Backup.

The pain of his shift was incredible but it was something Aziel had experienced before, forcing his feet to move part shift he jumped upon one of the humans that had entered. Bearing down upon the human his teeth tore into the man's throat his wolf's rage tearing into the man's flesh as his shift began to quicken. His skin prickled like goosebumps as shades of brown fur began to sprout along with black and white undertones.

Thats when he heard a crackled voice through the commotion.

"Aziel ... Russell ... Somebody ..." Eve's distinct voice was barely audible but with his wolf's ear it had reached Aziel.

Looking up from his kill Aziel froze as he saw his sister thrown over the shoulder of one the humans running out of the bar with her.

"E-van-geline!!" Aziel called towards her however his voice broke as his vocal cords shifted. Fear for his sister and the mix of rage pushed him through the last phase of his change as his bones re-set, his face lengthened into a muzzle and his body overthrown with fur.

Pain sizzled throughout him as Aziel shook his head at the numbness of his shift his vision now at a new eye level. Standing over 3 feet tall an incredibly large wolf towered over a now mauled human. His senses heightened Aziel snarled at the human who left with his sister now out of view.

More humans filtered in blocking the exit. blocking his path to his sister. Unafraid Aziel charged at the blockade they began to form. Leaping he knocked down two of them his weight and strength hunkering them down as his quickly ripped through them avoiding their chests protected by the bulletproof vests.

Searing pain suddenly ripped through him as a bullet flew through his right leg. Stumbling for a moment Aziel turned to the human who shot him. The woman was recklessly shooting in all directions, her fear reaked. He saw her aim towards Phoebe the shot a direct hit as Phoebe's blood drifted towards Aziel's nose. Growling Aziel ran at the girl his teeth sinking into her leg as she screamed. She fell to the floor shaking with fear as she pointed the gun directly at Aziel's head. She pressed the trigger but the gun didn't shoot. She had used all of the bullets. Tearing into her other leg Aziel immobilised the girl but didn't kill her. He resisted his wolf's desire to kill her as he knew it would be best to keep at least one of these human's alive for answers.

As Pheobe pushed through her wound she attacked a wolf that had been gunning for charlie. It was then that Aziel saw Charlie trying her best to defend herself against one of the assailants using her mace. As the man backhanded her fury coursed through Aziel. -PROTECT! - his wolf screamed at him. Unconsciously his feet had already moved on their own as he ran towards charlie. As he neared her she was thrown over the man's shoulder. He growled and was about make his move when suddenly pain burst throughout every cell of his body.

He dropped to the floor his body twitching with uncontrollable muscular convulsions the sound of sparks pumped beside him. Aziel's moved his gaze to see the first human he had attacked smirking as he held what Aziel could only imagine to be a taser.

He tried to growl but the electricity that moved through out his body was too intense, he couldn't control his muscles. This was no ordinary taser. Helpless Aziel saw Charlie being carried away in the same direction Eve had been taken.

Phoebe, Russell Aziel's mind's called out to them but he knew they couldn't hear him in human form. God damn it! he cursed. If only the wolves in this bar hadn't been afraid and ran this may not have happened. He couldn't see if Peter was amongst the smoke.


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#, as written by CutUp
Russell helped Aziel take the drinks back to the table that was picked out, and took himself a seat with his back facing the wall, and with a little bit of distance from the others. Not too much for it to be noticeable mind you. He kept his gaze locked on Peter, as if expecting trouble from him. He particularly didn't like how he was eyeing the ladies. For whatever reason it just made him uneasy. The only time his gaze was off Peter was when it was surveying the room, again he was expecting trouble. But when the shit hit the fan he was caught a little by surprise.

The front door was surgically striked as it was blown wide open, and men in full on tactical armor. Russell's heart began to pound as he saw them throwing in the gas grenades.
'COVER YOUR EYES AND MOUTH!' Russell's wolf ordered him. Russell closed his eyes tightly, and covered his mouth and nose in an attempt to lesson the effects of the gases. As gunshots began to fill the air Russell was frozen, his entire body shaking, and his heart feeling like it was gonna beat out of his chest.

Russell began to hyperventilate, and gripped his left shoulder, the one with the scar from the shotgun blast he got so long ago. Russell was in a haze, his ears rang loudly as memories began to flood his mind of the massacre that claimed his family. He could almost feel the heat of the fire that burned down his home. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Peter yanking him down, grabbing him by his left shoulder. Russell swiped away his arm, and his right hand shot out, and gripped Peter's neck. Russell snarled at him as he squeezed, looking like he was going to kill him.

Russell shook his head to regain his senses, and took his hand off Peter's neck. As more gunshots erupted around him all that Russell could hear was the beating of his heart. The constant thumping sounding like thunder in his mind. His entire body was shaking. "Not again.....not again..." He lowly muttered to himself. Russell looked up for a moment, and saw Charlie, and Evangeline getting snatched. Russell's eyes widened at the sight.
'RELEASE ME! I WANT AN OCEAN OF BLOOD!' His wolf continued to howl loudly in his mind.

Russell groaned in pain as he could feel his wolf trying to take over. His eyes turned a burning yellow, and his bones, and muscles began to shift around under his skin. As his face began to grow hairier Russell clinched his teeth, and shut his eyes tightly as he focused, and his shifting began to recede. "No.....I need to be in control. I can save them." Russell growled lowly to himself. Russell looked over at Peter who was still unsure of what to do. "We. Kill. Them. All." He snarled with his yellow eyes burning with intensity.

Russell grabbed Peter by his shirt collar, and pulled him to be mere inches from his face. "I swear, if you had anything to do with this I will hunt you down and kill you! I'll rip your FUCKING head off with my bare hands!" He snarled, and then pushed him away. Russell stood up, and closed his eyes, and rolled his head on his shoulders. He grabbed a beer bottle, and just as before he cracked it in half to make a makeshift shank. He then walked into the cloud of smoke. Russell focused his enhanced hearing on the sounds of the gunfire, and followed them.

He came behind one of the attackers, and grabbed him by the back of his neck, and jammed the broken beer bottle into his neck. Russell then dragged the body out of the smoke, returning back to where he was with Peter. Russell laid the man on the ground, and removed the man's gas mask, putting it on himself so he could better traverse the cloud of gas.


Russell then took the dead man's side arm, and returned into the cloud. Russell made his way towards the bar, as he needed an edge on these people. He came across two men in the gas, he sneaked up behind one of them, and quickly grabbed one of the grenades stuck on his belt. In the blink of an eye Russell grabbed the man's head, and shoved the grenade into his gas mask, and pulled the pin. Russell then kicked the man from behind, pushing him into the other one. Russell then shot the other man in the face, going straight through the lenses in his mask while the flashbang grenade exploded in the other's mask. Gunshots then zoomed over his head as another man began firing at him.

Russell moved without thinking, and dove behind the bar. The one who fired upon him began to approach the bar, and one he did Russell leaped up, and pushed the barrel of the gun upwards, and then quickly punched the man in the throat, and then face before he yanked him over the bar. Screams of pain could be heard coming from the bar before abruptly stopping. Russell hopped up, his mouth covered in blood. Russell then quickly grabbed himself several bottles of alcohol, and then went back down under the bar.

After a moment Russell popped back up with four makeshift Molotov cocktails in tow. With his lighter in hand he started by throwing two of the bombs towards the attackers, lighting several of them on fire. The men he lite up began flailing around, running like chickens with their heads chopped off. Russell hopped over the bar, and walked through the chaos, looking like a man possessed. Russell threw another bomb, lighting several more on fire. With his last bomb Russell threw it at the man that had tasered Aziel. Russell stopped for a moment, and stared down at Aziel before he rushed out the door.

Exiting to see the attackers throwing Charlie, and Evangeline into the back of a van. "EVE!" Russell shouted as he opened fire on the men that loaded them up. Two of the men stayed behind to deal with him while the van sped off. Putting several shots into the attacker's armored chest. While it didn't do anything to them it was enough to knock the wind out of them. Russell rushed over, and grabbed one by his armor, and used his enhanced strength to throw the man into the other one. Russell looked up to see that the van was no longer in sight. "DAMMIT!" He roared.

Russell looked down to the ground to see one of the men's shotguns laying there. Russell picked it up, and as the men got up Russell shot them both in the chest with the shotgun. While it didn't kill them it still broke several ribs, and nearly knocked them out. Russell bent down, and removed their masks. He also too off his mask, and tossed it aside. Russell got up, and pressed his foot on the chest of one of them. The man groaned in pain as his broken ribs were pressed upon with all of Russell's considerable might.

Russell pumped the shotgun, and pointed the barrel at the head of the man. "Where are they taking them!?" He snarled at him. The man spat up some blood, and glared at Russell. "Screw y-" Before the man could finish his insult Russell pulled the trigger, blowing his head clean off, splattering blood, and brain matter everywhere, and just soaking Russell in it. The other man witnessed this in horror. Russell turned his attention towards him, and made his way over to him. The man quickly drew his pistol, and fired a single shot. Luckily his hands were shaking out of fear so bad that the bullet grazed Russell's cheek, leaving a large slash mark.

Russell used the shotgun to hit the man's gun out of his hand, and then mounted his chest. Russell began repeatedly whaling on the man's face. "WHERE ARE THEY!?" He repeatedly screamed as he continued to punch him. But the man could only reply in a gargled mess. Russell hopped off his chest, and turned him over on his stomach. Russell grabbed the man's head, and ruthlessly began pounding it into the pavement. It wasn't long before the man's face was just a puddle splattered across the ground.

Upon seeing this Russell backed away in a panic, his eyes returning to their normal shade. He was just drenched in blood. As he looked upon the unrecognizable faces of the men he brutally killed. Russell began hyperventilating, and he ran his hand down his bloodied face, inadvertently smearing the blood all over his face, and hair. "Oh god.....what did I....?"


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Aziel's muscles twitched as he snarled at the man who had tasered him. He tried to push himself up but his muscles weren't responding to him. 'Damn it he growled frustrated. Suddenly fire bloomed across the man's chest as it ignited against the man's clothing. He writhed in pain screaming his burnt flesh flooding Aziel's nose.
Looking up Aziel saw Rusell's form standing above him. They shared eye contact for a moment before Russell ran ahead out of the bar. Aziel was grateful for his help, but he couldn't deny his irritation at not having the pleasure of killing the human himself. Though he knew it couldn't be helped he couldn't move in his state.

Smoke was now growing, darkening as it began to rise flames spreading throughout the bar. He needed to get out if he wasn't going to be burned alive. Growling at his body's lack of response he tried again to stand but fumbled again. As he continued to struggle to stand on his four paws Phoebe's distinct smell approached him, moving his head towards her he relaxed as she bent to pick him up. Trying to make it easier for her he didn't struggle as she carried him away from the flames.

"Sorry, I'm going to bleed on you" she commented as the smoke filled his lungs causing him to cough which came out as a raspy snarl his is wolf form. He nodded his head to her in appreciation and to try and show he didn't mind. However, he worried that his weight would put too much of strain on her bullet wound as she struggled to carry him outside.

Gently he was laid down upon the grass, Aziel was glad to be free of the clogged bar's atmosphere as it burned the flames rising. Sirens could be heard in the distance and a small crowd of bystanders had begun to gather. Some of them gasped when they saw Aziel stepping back and shielding their children. Aziel raised his lip towards them showing them his canines before turning away. He hated the look humans gave him, the look of fear they possessed. He wouldn't harm them unless provoked.

As Phoebe walked toward Russell who stood over bodies Aziel attempted to move his muscles again. It was easier, this time, they were slowly beginning to respond to him again. It was then that he noticed it. He stiffened, he knew the scent and it ignited a new coarse of anger throughout him. It was faint and hard to pinpoint amongst all the other smells in the chaos but Aziel knew it was Charlie's blood that he smelt. He swore to himself in that moment he would have the pleasure of ripping apart anyone who had harmed either of them. He was going to hunt them down.

Determination enthralled him as Aziel forced his legs to respond. They shook before he managed to stand for a moment, taking a deep breath he absorbed as much of the smell of Charlie's blood as he could before it disappeared. He tried to move forward, to begin to track them when he felt a pair of hands scoop under him again.
Phoebe picked him up to his dismay. He wanted to tell her, to tell her they had to follow, that they had a lead but he couldn't communicate it without his vocal cords.
He wanted to struggle, to break free of her grasp but held himself back from doing so, Phoebe was injured, if he struggled he could open up her wound.

Torn Aziel growled his frustration as Phoebe placed him into the van before calling his father.

'Charlie , Eve be alright


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Blood trickled through the gaps in Jason's fingers, his hand part shifted, his wolves claws digging into the soft flesh of a blonde haired man's head. Jason's gripped him harder the man's blond hair poking through his fingers as he held his head within in hand. The man cried out in pain before spitting at Jason's feet as he knelt on his knees before Jason.

“I'll never tell you anything” the man smirked at him his eye blackened and ribs, broken.

”I never doubted you would.” Jason replied before squeezing his hand tighter around his head. The man screamed one last dying breath before his skull cracked.

Jason let him go and he fell lifeless to the ground leaves softening his fall as tree's surrounded them. With a heavy sigh, Jason wiped the blood on his hand on the thigh of his jeans before turning around to face Calvin Malone.

”Pity” Jason commented before moving his gaze to the young man Calvin restrained in his arms. The young man looked at Jason with an expression one could only describe as hatred. His face was scarred with long since healed burns the skin tethered and ugly beneath whispy blonde hair and piercing brown eyes. Grabbing the man's chin with his hand Jason lifted his face to look directly upon him. ”I expect you will be more co-operative if you intend to live” he stated releasing the man's chin.

“He'll be lucky to keep his limbs” Calvin punched him in the stomach causing the young man to fall to his knees on the ground.

”We'll see. Put him in the cage.” Jason said as he felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket.

”With pleasure” Calvin smirked hitting the young man in the back of his head knocking him out before beginning to drag him through the forest towards the pack house. ”It's a good thing I didn't go far”

”Indeed, I'm grateful for the assistance Calvin” Jason said hitting the accept button on his phone as Pheobe called.

”Yes?” he answered firmly.

"Gather the pack please, there has been an incident, we will be home soon" was all Phoebe said before hanging up.

Jason paused for a moment before lowering his hand. He had already phoned to gather the pack earlier.

”They will regret being alive” he said out-loud stepping over the dead man's body laying on the ground. Rogues. He hated their stench.