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Silvestra Roberge

"What do you want?"

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a character in “The Marked”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


Silvestra Lilith Roberge

Silver, Sil, Sylvie, Lilly, Lilith
"Silver or Sil. If you call me anything else you'll be ignored, if you're lucky...."


"My birthday was two months ago."


"I don't do crushes."

"He doesn't exsist."

"You're looking at me, why do I need to tell you?"
Silvestra is one of the smallest females in the pack, standing at 5'1 and weighing 106 pounds. Despite being so small Silver works out daily and sports a toned physique, being mostly muscle and bone the girl somehow still has enough fat on her to give her a decent amount of curves. Her eyes are blue though occasionally they can appear grey. Her hair is naturally platinum blonde though she occasionally uses temporary dye to color streaks of it, the streaks currently being black. She has a handful of piercings and a collection of tattoos, including the brand on her thigh.

"Figure it out yourself."
Since the first things most people find out about Silver are how aggressive and sarcastic she can be it's hard to like her right away. She is extremely guarded, rarely letting people in. She didn't even trust most of the pack members for the first two to three years she lived with them. And even wen she did finally start to let someone in she was distant and very temperamental. Of course, the situations she's gone through have done nothing to help. Most of her life trust and happiness led her to pain.

Despite her horrible temperament, Silver has a pure heart when it comes to those she trusts and loves. She is one of the most trustworthy, loyal people you could ever meet. If it ever came down to it Silver would die for the people she loves. This protective factor is quite surprising since it goes so much at odds with how she usually acts. Silver, despite having an ice shell around her heart, can show an extremely caring and loving side though usually only to children and animals.

Despite not being the sharpest knife in the drawer she has a good moral compass, is extremely observant, and has the quick-wit that most people can only get from living on the streets or having some other dangerous lifestyle. Her stubbornness, while extremely aggravating at times, is only put to use when needed since Silver can be extremely lenient or open-minded at times. That being said she only has an open ear for a select few who she feels have earned it.

Loyal, Trustworthy, Observant, Caring, Protective, Quick-Witted
Aggressive, Distant, Sarcastic, Hot-headed, Guarded, Stubborn
    Pulling her Weight
    Her Job
    Fantasy Books
    Spoiled/Selfish People
    Crowded Spaces
    Studying/Non-Fiction Books
    Talking about her past
    Being Useless/Feeling like a Burden
Achluophobia (Fear of the Dark)
Animals - Especially her Pets

Original Name: Serena Penelope Duval
"My name is Silvestra. What people called me before doesn't matter."
"It's in the past. Why should it matter?"
Serena's story truly begins before she was born, with her mother. Jennifer Duval was a strong-willed, passionate woman and such was her right being the daughter of an Alpha. Jennifer took her birthright very seriously and her father was extremely proud, that is, until she found her mate. She had been out on a run with some of her friends, patrolling pack territory when the scent of an unfamiliar werewolf caught her attention. As one of the others went to go get help Jennifer and her remaining friend crept up on the stranger, her friends both having completed their first changes the ear before. Jennifer knew he was a rouge but when she saw him she could pull up no anger or even fear as she faced a turned werewolf in human form. Instead, she felt the connection. When her parents and the betas arrived Jennifer refused to let them kill the rouge, declaring him her mate to half the pack. It caused a huge uproar and for two days Jennifer tried to convince her father to let the rouge join the pack. On the third day, instead of accepting him in he announced that the rouge would be killed. Jennifer had an extremely heated argument with her father in which he gave her a choice, the rouge or her pack. She didn't even bother to answer, walking out the door without ever looking back.

Jennifer and Damon got along extremely well, Damon becoming a Loner after meeting Jennifer, and a few years later they realized she was pregnant. Sadly, she didn't survive the childbirth and Damon was left without a mate and with a little girl who looked exactly like her mother. At first he forced himself to go on for Serena. He got a job and provided for her like a father should, even looking into non-rouge packs for her to join. When she was six the stress and depression finally caught up with him and he started drinking. At first he just came home drunk once or twice a week, going straight to bed. Then it changed to every day, then sometimes he wouldn't come home, and by the time she was eight he had stopped coming home almost every night. When she was nine was the first time her father came home drunk and angry, though that time he only yelled at her. As the year progressed he moved on from yelling to breaking stuff and then to beating her. Five months after her 12th birthday her father got fired from his job and came home drunk. That night he beat her until she blacked out and it solidified her decision to leave, something she had been contemplating for a while. The next morning her father woke up to find her gone, not even a note.

Using a small amount of money she had saved, mostly by putting away little amounts of money left over from her father making her do the grocery shopping and other errands, she bought a bus ticket for the farthest city on the bus route. Once she got there she took two more buses doing the same thing and going in the same direction. The trip took 5 days and the city she stopped in was big though not a prominent city, Sterling being a city that you would only know the location of if you lived within driving distance. It was hard at first, being only 12, but after a little over a week of living on the street a group of 'street rats', as the police often called them, took her in and started showing her the ropes. Teaching her how to fight was the first thing they did, though none of them were very well trained themselves, mostly teaching her how to be agile and quick. She stayed with them for a while, becoming a pick pocket and a shop lifter. The rare occasion that the cops got there before they were gone Silver, the nickname given to her by the group, was never caught and would often help the others if any of them did get caught. She lived with the group for a year and nine months, turning 14 when she was still with the group.

Sadly, her wit and agility, did nothing to help her when the two grown men grabbed her off the street and stuffed her into the back of their van two months after her birthday. She had no idea who they were, nor did she know that they had been stalking her for over a week, but she would come to find both out very soon as well as the fact that there were two other man with them. The cabin they took her to was at least 8 hours away from Sterling, something she figured out since it was dark when they got there, and since it was in the middle of a forest at the base of a mountain Silver knew it was in the opposite direction of the city she grew up in with her father. At first she thought it would just be like living with three of her father since all the men did for the first few days was beat her, her big mouth not helping cool their tempers in the slightest. Though, one of the men didn't touch her for that first week, just watched in amusement as his friends got angry at the cutting words of the 14 year old girl. He was the worst of all though. He was the first one to rape her and not only that but he marked her, tattooing his name on the inside of her left thigh. Over the seven months she stayed with the men she found out that two of them were brothers, the older a tattoo artist and the younger a mechanic, and the other two were just friends of theirs one being another tattoo artist and the other being a drug dealer. Silver's life was a living hell, constantly being abused in some way. Shortly after her 11th month with the men ended she got a chance to escape since only the drug dealer was there, usually there being two or more of them there. When he went to leave she shoved him and, not expecting it and being extremely drunk, he stumbled out of the way and tripped down the stairs. Silver made a run for it and escaped but not before the man got his bearings and shot Silver, the bullet grazing her right side. Despite her injury she ran and ran, ignoring her blood loss and the pain of rocks and twigs cutting into her feet as well as the tears that clouded her vision and eventually she collapsed.

When she awoke she was surrounded by people she didn't know and her wounds where cleaned and bandaged. They told her that she would be staying with them until she was healed and there didn't seem to be much of a choice. During that time a full moon happened and despite their efforts to hide it from her she could tell what they were, it wasn't like you could live with a guy for 13 years and never figure it out. They were extremely surprised when the day after the full moon she had barricaded herself into the room she had been staying in. More so surprised that she had managed to move the heavy oak furniture by herself in her injured state. Her only experience with other werewolves being her father she had panicked. She refused to let them in, stating that werewolves were evil, this shocked them as until that point all she would do was stare mutely at them or scream any time a male came near her, and she somehow knew about them. At first they let her have her way as they tried to figure out how she knew but after a day they came to the conclusion that they would have to break down the door to get her to come out, being unable to give her food or check her wounds. Everyone, including Silver, was surprised when little Evie's voice came from the window. "You should really let them through, they won't hurt you. Besides, why survive only to starve yourself to death?" Silver was shocked but wary all the same as she watched the girl hop through the window. "How do you know?" Evie had rolled her eyes and smirked. "If they were gonna hurt you why would they save your life and feed you?" Despite Silver's better judgement she had trusted the little girl and helped her move the furniture away from the door.

For her first year she was with the pack the only person she talked to willingly was Evie and her parents, and even then she would often refuse to talk to them if she wasn't in a good mood. She was still extremely wary of men but she made a friend of Mrs.Sutton about 6 months into her first year there, since Silver liked to help with the cooking and cleaning. She hated feeling like a burden and was always helping out around the pack house. When she found the shack in the woods, not far from the house she didn't even ask what it was for and fixed it up, using it as a distraction from her insomnia at night. When she had finished it she told Alpha Jason and to her surprise he told her she could keep it. At first she tried to refuse but he insisted and it ended up becoming both a dog house and a workshop about a month later. During that first year at the pack house Alpha Jason and Mrs.Sutton tried to get Silver to study with Evie but the only classes she would take part in were the martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and archery classes, all of which she excelled in. When she wouldn't take interest in studying Alpha Jason suggested she get a job and she instantly did so. When she saw the 'Now Hiring' sign on the door to the mechanic's shop she froze, her mind going to the men, but then she remembered how often the man would complain about working on motorcycles. She took the job on the condition that he would teach her how to work on motorcycles and then let her do that part of the job herself. At first he was hesitant but when Silver told him step-by-step how to take apart and rebuild an engine he agreed. She grew to be friends with him, it probably being easier due to him looking nothing like the men with his blonde hair, and he often called her his apprentice. Eleven Months into her time there, Frank the Mechanic gave a puppy to Silver as a birthday present, since his pit bull had puppies during the year. Around the same time she bought a beat up old motorcycle from him and started to fix it up.

The two years she showed improvement, opening up a little more and actually talking to other people, though the only person she trusted completely and considered a friend was Evie. Despite her improvement in temperament her nightmares, a side affect from her time with the four men, only got worse and Silver tended to spend more time in her shed than sleeping. Her insomnia is what led to her finding horror movies, her current poison of choice. On nights that she isn't in her little shed she can be found either in her bedroom or in the living room watching them, usually with all the lights on since they've made her afraid of the dark.

Her 18th birthday, marked her third year with the pack. Using money she had saved up, a surprisingly large amount since other than the part of her paycheck she gave to the pack she almost never spent in, she got some tattoos. She was quite surprised that Alpha Jason let her do so but she was happy to add more art on her body to distract herself from the brand on her thigh. Evie suggested getting it covered but Silver refused knowing that whatever she covered it with would be something she would grow to hate even more. After getting her tattoos life went on and Silver seemed to settle into her own skin. Russel's arrival, while a bit unsettling, brought no hostility from Silver as she saw pain in his eyes that she could sympathize with. Though she was still very aggressive and guarded she would greet everyone in the morning, including Russel, and even started going to most of the gatherings, spending her time entertaining the kids or glaring at everyone from the back (a huge improvement as her first time ever going she had gotten into a fist fight).

Five months ago, when Aziel returned, it threw Silver a bit of a curve ball. She didn't trust him at all. She hadn't known him, like everyone else, for years. He was a stranger in her 'safe' world and suddenly it didn't feel safe anymore. Evie, as well as most of the other pack members, could sense Silver's unease but instead of becoming more aggressive like everyone expected she avoided him. This was mostly due to the influence of Evie since Silver knew her best friend would be put in the middle of whatever she started. She made sure to eat and leave early or late to be able to avoid him and when she did get stuck around him she was usually silent, wearing a blank expression. Evie tried to get her to open up to Aziel but it was no use. While Evie, in all her stubborn glory, has refused to give up on them getting along everyone else has settled on waiting until Silver begins to feel comfortable around him.

FC - Avril Lavigne
Has three pets, two dogs that are kept out in a small shed she built herself (the main condition The Alpha gave for her getting the first one). One is a three year old male Pit Bull Terrier named Shadow, and the other is a 7 month old femaleSiberian Huskey Wolf Hybrid named Angelina (angel for short) after Evie though the pup is just as much of an angel as Evie herself is. The last is a female northern pine snake That is about 6.5 feet long and is named Selene ,or Luna since she picked the name for its Roman Goddess origin.

Her Wolf
The thing that really sticks out about Silvestra's wolf is her pure silver eyes, a trait that only appears in Alpha bloodlines and even then is still rare. Other than that she is smaller than the average female and has white fur. She's more built of speed and agility than anything else.

So begins...

Silvestra Roberge's Story


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Aziel had noticed Eve's hospitality as she had got into the car. He ignored her actions as her feet appeared beside his head as she sat behind him. With a heavy sigh, he leaned back and watched the scenery as Phoebe started up the car and began to drive into town. He smiled at Charlie's as she offered to donate a maze. Soon familiar buildings began to pop into view as they left the canopy of trees that made up their estate and trailed down a few dirt roads. He recognized the garage they passed he often visited when in need of spare parts to fix up one of his motorbike projects. Humans milled through the streets laughing their hands full of shopping bags as they blissfully lived out their lives. They had no pack to worry about.

Soon Phoebe pulled up into the carpark of a familiar Bar and Grill Aziel had spent a few nights in the past drinking at. He hadn't visited in very long time due to one particular disagreement with another wolf they ended up in a blood nose and hurt pride on their part.

As they trickled out of the car one by one Aziel hovered nearby to make sure they were all out of the car before closing the doors behind them. He saw Eve's slight hiccup with the seat belt and her attempts to brush it off naturally making him grin behind her back. She was clumsy sometimes it was amusing to him as it reminded him she was still his little sister. Eccentric and boisterous as always.

As they reached the bar door's Phoebe's expression showed she was on full alert as she spoke
"Stay together, and as inconspicuous as possible. We need to find out exactly what is happening and how to correct it."

"Easier said then done" he muttered as she opened the doors.

Instantly the smell of wolf struck Aziel. All them were different, unique. However, he could pick up the undertones to some of the scents signifying their were pack members. When a wolf was a part of a pack their scent always had a very slight undertone which was the same of the packs. It was their Alpha's smell, it was buried in them as wolves. Only pack wolves could notice their pack, wolves outside of a pack wouldn't be able to tell. Aziel had always found it strange but it made it easier to tell friend from foe. The bar was busy, the bar women winked at a customer some of the men rowdy, others sticking to themselves. They were a few women, most of them were with other male wolves clearly having a good time either eating or drinking more than likely with their mates.

As the volume of the room decreased slightly upon their arrival Aziel glanced around taking in more of his surrounds. A few eyes watched them curiously, a few didn't seem too welcoming.

"Hey guys. Can't say that I've seen you here before. Unless I'm mistaken, you lot are a bunch of fresh new faces. Mind if I take a gander as to what brings you all here?" suddenly a young man approached them. Aziel immediately looked him over, he was tall much like himself. His hair was a wispy brown, his eyes a clear blue. His accent threw Aziel a little, he wasn't expecting to see a British wolf in these parts. It irritated him that he didn't know this wolf living so close to their estate, in their pack territory. His father more than likely knew him, no wolf outside of the pack was allowed to enter another's territory without greeting the resident Alpha first. As per tradition.

"The name's Peter. Peter Pan James Green. I know, genius, right? As in Peter Pan and the Lost Boys? I thought it was creative too," he introduced himself with a grin.

Aziel scoffed a little under his breath. What unusual parents to give their son such a silly name.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Peter. I'm Evangeline, but most people call me Eve. My friends and I," Eve responded so comfortably with this wolf as she motioned to the group. "Are visiting from out of town and simply looking for a place to eat. We've been traveling for quite a while and would love to sit down and order some drinks and food,"

Aziel glared at her a little bit. How could she be so comfortable around a foreign wolf. She needed to learn to put up more guards for her own protection. He was impressed that she knew to lie though, she was smart enough to know not to reveal who their really were.

"Well, you lot chose the right place than. There's no better place to eat in town than Zum Schwarzen Adler. Why don't I sit down with you all? I could answer any questions you may have about the town, seeing as you're visiting," Peter's tone hinted he didn't quite believe Eve, but he didn't seem to be calling her out on it. It may cause trouble if he did.

"Well, I can't speak for all of us, but I wouldn't mind learning a bit more about this town from the man who seems to know it all," Eve smirked, tilting her head up and giving him a challenging look. Peter simply chuckled in returned and shook his head before turning his gaze to Phoebe.

"Well? You seem like you're the one in charge, m'lady. What's your say on the matter?" Peter bypassed Evangeline, he clearly could see Phoebe held a dominance well. She was a strong woman and wolf. Any amateur of body language would be able to see she was taking the lead on this group.

Glancing towards Charlie Aziel could see the hesitation in her eyes. She must be uncomfortable in this sort of place, as a shy girl she probably didn't go to places like this often. Stepping forward in front of Charlie he intentionally put her behind him as a guard, he needed to keep Charlie and his sister safe. His sister may be more difficult though with her clear enthusiasm for not showing unease.

"Peter is it?" Aziel didn't falter eye contact with this wolf folding his arms defensively. "Name's Aziel, how about I get some drinks whilst Phoebe picks a table. She has her preferences" Aziel said knowing Phoebe would choose a good spot out of the way, Peter may take them to a table in a busy area. It was best not to be sat near too many open ears. Though in a wolf bar that may be difficult.

"Eve I'll get you the usual, what's your drink, Peter? From a guess, I won't say your a cocktail guy" Aziel raised his eyebrows at him, he wondered if Eve's usually was still the same as of five years ago. A few eyes watching them caught his attention but Aziel didn't remove his gaze from Peter. They were pack wolves, they more than likely knew who Phoebe was but may not recognize him after his 5 years away. He needed to do some damage control and make sure they didn't blab unintentionally.

"I could use a hand carrying the drinks back if anyone cares to join" he said looking towards the group. It was best not to go anywhere alone and stay in pairs.


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Silvestra Roberge

The past three weeks had been almost perfect in Silver's opinion. As a late birthday present Jason and Rachelle had given her the money and permission to go to Cedar Creek and get a new tattoo which she had taken gladly. The last five months Silver had been either holed up in her room, her shed, or the automotive shop in mostly successful attempts to avoid Aziel. Though she wouldn't admit it to Evie, who usually couldn't go more than a few days without trying to convince or trick Silver into rejoining pack society, the self-induced isolation had been starting to wear on her.

The first few days she was in the city had been spent getting her tattoos done and pretty much nothing else, though Silver didn't mind much since it gave her time to catch up with Ally, her tattoo artist and friend. By the time her three new tattoos were finished Ally had already convinced Silver to stay with her for the rest of the week. After the week of partying and relaxing with Ally going back to the pack house wasn't something Silver looked forward to but she had packed and gotten on the road that morning all the same. It was only about a four hour drive and honestly she could have left later but excitement of getting back to Evie had gotten the best of her and she had rushed to get out the door, packing most of her stuff the night before.

As she got closer and closer to town Silver thought about going to the auto shop to drop off the jeep she had borrowed from Frank but decided she could go one more night without her bike. At one point she frowned as she watched a van speed past her about ten minutes out of town. For some reason the vehicle made the hairs on the back of her neck rise and Silver hit the gas. Seven minutes later Silver pulled into the driveway to see Phoebe's back disappearing into the house and a pack member talking to someone in one of the pack vans. For some reason, this made the tight feeling in her stomach that was telling her something was wrong get worse and it spurred her into action. Throwing the jeep in park she threw her door open and leapt out, striding over to the van. A million questions flooded through her head but she ignored them in favor listening to Jared, a male pack member off 29, asking an injured Aziel if he needed help inside. At the sight of Aziel Silver froze, though she obviously didn't do so fast enough because Jared turned to look at her.


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The cellar was a dark and damp room. Four streaks of light filtered down through a crack in the floorboards above as Jason rubbed his hands with a white cloth soaked in alcohol . A white apron hung over his neck as he intently watched the Rogue in the cage before him. Stained blood was faded at the waist of the apron, a permanent mark despite numerous washing. The smell of death lingered upon it. It was just as much as a tool to Jason as the stack of knives that sat upon a metal table beside him. Beside the knives were pliers, a saw, a finger cutting device and sugar and water ready to be boiled. What little people knew is that sugar mixed with boiling water creates a paste which burns like acid to the skin, once dry it was almost always near impossible to remove without pulling off the skin with it. This was Jason's least favorite place in the house.

He was preparing to do what he must for the pack. He needed information, and there was only one way to pry it from rogues, they were just as loyal as pack wolves to their alpha. Learning the Rogue's Alpha's identity was of the utmost importance. Small fry like this one would lose most of their fight if their Alpha was dead. Jason fully intended to rip out this Rogue's Alpha's heart.

Yet this rogue was still unconscious. Jason began to tap his foot out of habit as he waited.

“Jason” a familiar voice filtered down the steep staircase from the house above, the door creaking as Andrew Turner softly called him.

”Is it important?” Jason paused his hands wrapped within the cloth still.

”Phoebe's car has entered the compound, shall I take a report?” Andrew said a little hesitant. Not many wolves in the pack were fond of this room. It brought most of them unease, but they knew and understood its purpose.

”No. I will speak to her.” Jason stood up from the metal chair placed in front of the cage the Rouge was locked within. It was an unbreakable cage for any wolf. The metal imported for its endurance and built against the solid stone walls of the cellar. Scratch marks scarred the stone and an unpleasant smell lingered. Jason wondered what this Rogue's first thoughts would be when he awoke.

Pulling off his apron and leaving the cloth on the table with his 'tools' Jason began his ascent up the stairs, a low light bulb hung atop the stairs the only light source within the room. As he reached the top he placed a hand on Andrew's shoulder. ”Tell Calvin to inform me the moment he wakes” Jason said before beginning to head down the hallway.

”Sure. I'll get him right away” Andrew nodded before moving in the opposite direction knowing Jason's instructions were for Calvin to take his place in the cellar. Calvin, like Jason, had a strong stomach for the tasks carried out in the cellar.

Heading through the house Jason opened the large double wooden doors that lead onto the front porch. As he stepped outside Phoebe's van pulled up into the drive at questionable speed.

Something was wrong.

As she ordered Jared to go and help Aziel out of the car Jason felt him stomach twist. Aziel was hurt. That boy was tough, for him to get hurt enough to need help out of car meant something horrible had happened.

Phoebe immediately approached him as her gaze met his.

"We were attacked....humans, maybe rogues... Eve and Charlie were taken. Russell followed..." she said before dropping to her knees. ”"I failed you, I offer my life as retribution"

Jason stared at her in silence as he took in what she had told him. His heart quickened, his mind running a mile a minute as his thoughts began to explode within his mind. Shock, frustration, fear and despair flooded throughout him but most of the emotion that burned loudest was anger.

Eve. Charlie. As Alpha, he was angered and knew this would demand retribution. However, as a father, his heart also despaired, his only daughter was kidnapped, she could be hurt, even killed already. Fear flood through him, but his rage boiled uncontrollably.

Holding his stance calm Jason's fist scrunched beside him as he moved his gaze towards Phoebe her neck bared to him submissively.

“you can offer your life to Eve and Charlie. They were under your protection, you have failed them more than you have me” Jason's voice lacked emotion as he tried to reign in his true thoughts. He wanted nothing more than change into a wolf and tear through the flesh of the nearest living thing he could find. His wolf raged to destroy, to hunt, to kill anything and everything that had touched his precious pack. The smell of blood on Phoebe only made it harder to resist his wolf's blood lust.

”Dana!” Jason hollered in no direction. Within a few seconds, a middle-aged plump woman with dyed blonder hair emerged from the house. ”Take Phoebe and clean her wound. Phoebe, as soon as your able I want you to take Jared, Andrew, and Caroline to the last place you saw Eve and Charlie. Pick up their scent and contact Russell. Make contact with him as soon as possible we can not leave him alone.“ Jason began to spout orders.

Looking over to the van he saw Silver speaking with Jared and Aziel. Aziel leaned on Jared's shoulder his body naked as the day he was born. He had just shifted, blood streamed down his leg a clear bullet wound embedded in the muscle. He was being difficult.

”Aziel. Change and have Dana dig out the bullet then head after Russell. Silver stick close to Phoebe and Aziel. No pack member is to be alone at any point. We are officially in a red situation. he spoke loud enough for all to hear. They all knew what red meant. For each scenario, Jason had assigned colored coded states of emergency. Red meant an immediate threat to all lives of the pack was at stake. All members were to never be alone no matter what they were doing and all of them had to follow Jason's order strictly keeping aware of their surroundings at times. Patrols were to be assigned for the pack compound and all allied packs were to be contacted and made aware of a possible threat within the vicinity.

”Caroline, contact the other packs closest to our territory. Inform them of the situation. Then contact all remaining pack members to return to the house immediately. I'm leaving it you to gather them and make this place a stronghold for any kind of situation. Keep an eye on the children with two others whilst the rest patrol” Jason gave his final order before turning around and heading into the house.

He was going to beat the Rogue to death if it meant he got answers.



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Aziel felt impatient as he waited for Phoebe to return to the van. She was speaking with Russell who appeared to be staying behind to track down Eve and Charlie. A small sense of relief washed over him as he listened to their conversation. He could trust Russell to track them down, the scent wouldn't go cold, however it did bother him a little. If he knew his father, a situation like this meant no one should go anywhere alone.

Phoebe gave Russell instructions before getting back into the van. He felt the jolt of the car as she slammed closed the door and hit her foot on the gas.

"Hang on Aziel, its going to be a bumpy ride" she informed him as he felt his body move in motion with the car around bends. He winced as his leg hit the side pain shooting through his leg but held it in.

It wasn't long before Phoebe swerved into the parking lot of the pack house not wasting time to get out and inform his father of the situation. As she did step out he heard her order Jared to help him out of the car.

Aziel snuffed his wolves wet nose at her comment. He wasn't incapacitated that much.

Gravel crunched as Jared walked towards the Van clicking open the boot to reveal Aziel's overly large wolf form.

”You gonna shift or what?” Jared raised an eyebrow at Aziel before pushing back his glasses.

Aziel raised his lip to show his canines in response at Jared before snorting. Jared was one of the few wolves who didn't paddy foot around Aziel and his attitude. Ultimately it gave Aziel respect for the guy.

”Oh come on, i'll help if you need it” he smirked at Aziel amused at his stubbornness.

Aziel rolled his eyes before shuffling his position in the car. Shifting when injured was worse than changing healthy. The pain on his leg was going to be horrific, however his muscles still flinches every now and again so the change was probably going to hurt him more on all of his body. It hesitantly paused for a moment before mentally preparing himself for the change.

Calming his mind Aziel took deep heavy breaths and relaxed all of his muscles a numbing sensation began to prickle over his skin as the shift began to take effect. His fur pulling back into his skin, then suddenly the immense pain he had dreaded shook throughout him as his bones began to break.

Jared waited seeing Aziel began to shift as a flash of blonde hair strided towards him. Looking up Jared met the gaze of Silver. “Good to see your back Silver, could have been at a better time though” Jared sighed rubbing the back of his head.

Aziel suddenly coarsely howled as his body felt like red hot coals were steaming on his skin. His howl changed into a cry as his human vocal cords developed his fingers re-breaking back into place. Biting his lip he bared the pain for the remaining few seconds as his body shifted back into a human.

Flexing his fingers he panted pain still tingling throughout his body. It was the most painful shift he had ever experienced. He was going to kill anyone he saw with a fucking taser.

Looking up at Jared Aziel moved and began to step out of the van before noticing Silver, his skin was bare but he felt no shame. Wolves were accustomed to nudity, as least wolves who had already shifted were, he didn't often think much about it after years of shifting with pack on a full moon.

”God damn that looked intense” Jared whistled

”Trust me it was” Aziel said as he went to stand. However, as he put his full weight on his legs he felt his leg slip from beneath him unable to take it as pain shot through, the bullet digging into his wound.

”heeey hold on there” Jared quickly moved to grab Aziel wrapping his arm around his shoulders. ”I'm here to help” he pointed out.

”I'm fine. I don't have time for this crap” Aziel tried to shove Jared away but Jared didn't break.

”Sureeee you are.” he said sarcastically. ”what happened?”

”Humans. They raided the bar, came fully prepared and somehow knew our weak spots. They stank of Rogue” the anger in Aziel's voice could be heard as he spoke. Thats when he noticed Silver the pain from his shift slowly evaporating.

”Keep your wits about you. They only took Eve and Charlie for a reason, I not sure why, but they didn't take Phoebe so it isn't because their girls. The only reason I could think of on the drive here could be because they haven't shifted yet. So you may be a target too.” Aziel met Silver's eyes his expression and voice showing how serious he was.

There were children in the pack who also hadn't shifted yet. He hoped he was wrong for their safety.

”Aziel. Change and have Dana dig out the bullet then head after Russell. Silver stick close to Phoebe and Aziel. No pack member is to be alone at any point. We are officially in a red situation.” Jason's voice hollered across the drive from the porch.

Aziel looked up to his father whilst leaning on Jared. For once in his life he fully agreed with his father wishes. It was a strange feeling, but watching his father speaking calmly Aziel could see the anger that flashed in his expression. He wanted blood.

”Red..” Jason mumbled more to himself than anyone. Aziel looked up to him feeling Jared Stiffen under his arm. He was afraid, for his mate and little girl.

”Don't worry. I'll protect them” Aziel mumbled back to him. Jared wasn't a strong fighter, it wasn't in his nature to hurt someone. But it was Aziel's, if his strength was good for anything if would be protecting his pack. ”No matter what i'm going to get them back” he said before stepping forward towards the house.

Jared tightened his hand on Aziel's shoulder. 'we're' going to get them back” Jared spoke sternly.


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Rachelle paced in the living room as she wrung her hands. Her heart thumped so fast from worry she was certain everyone could hear it. Evangeline and Aziel had been with Phoebe, Jason had told her about Phoebe's phone call. Stress and panic had taken her over as her mind began to spiral into a thousand different situations that could have taken place. Few of them were opportunistic.

“Calm down Rachelle. It's no use worrying until you hear what actually happened” Dana calmly sprawled on the sofa watching the news on the TV. The bar Phoebe and her children had gone too were aflame, fire engines and ambulances littered the streets and crowds had gathered. The news reporter didn't have much of an explanation for what may have happened other than the fact the bar was a known werewolf bar and was possibly the result of a race hate attack.

”How can I not worry! Both of my children, Charlie and Russell were there! What if something terrible happened” Rachelle continued to pace.

”Well we know something terrible did happen” Dana indicated to the burning bar on the tv, ”But worrying won't solve anything. Action will” Dana stood and stopped Rachelle's pacing placing her hands on her shoulders. ”you need to be strong for them” Dana rubbed Rachelle's arms to try and calm her.

Rachelle paused realising now that she was shaking. ”Your right. I must calm my thoughts and think realistically” Rachelle took a deep breath.

”we need to issue out patrol time-scales, and a rota for you should anyone be injured. I'll make dinner and keep everyone well fed. Jason will -” Rachelle paused thinking of the rogue in the cellar. She hated that room, its smell always made her uncomfortable. ”Jason will get answers” as Rachelle finished she spotted Jason walk past the living room towards the front porch.

”Phoebe must be back” Rachelle's heart began to pick up again as she went to follow but Dana grabbed her wrist.

”Give them a moment. You don't know what the news may be yet. Listen from here” Dana indicated towards the sofa.

Rachelle looked to the sofa and back to Dana. Dana was one of Rachelle's closest friends. She was always cynical about her own life but Dana was always encouraging towards Rachelle and knew Rachelle may not want the pack members to see her reaction to Phoebe's news.

”Alright” Rachelle nodded taking a seat with Dana on the sofa. She turned down the TV and listened with her wolves hearing to the conversation happening outside.

As Phoebe told Jason that Charlie and Eve had been taken Rachelle felt the blood rush from her. She was glad she was already sat down as she felt as though she may faint. Shaking she clutched onto Dana's hand. ”S-something terrible happened” she stuttered in shock.

Dana was also in shock her own body frozen at the news. Gently she squeezed Rachelle's hand. ”Don't let them breathe again” she whispered

”They will suffer a hell they never imagined” Rachelle responded as she stared blankly at the tv and the flames simmering.

“Dana!” Suddenly Jason's voice summoned.

”Go, I'll be alright” Rachelle didn't show any expression.

”Okay, call me if you need me” Dana said moving towards the porch to receive Jason's orders.

Rachelle sat in silence, a tear dropped down her cheek as took in the fact her daughter had been taken by someone. Looking to her right she saw through the window Aziel's stumbling for balance and Jared helping him. She noted Silvers return and a small part of her wished she was lucky enough to have missed this situation. She may have been safer staying with her friend for some time longer oblivious. It would have saved her any fear or the stress of this situation.

Standing Rachelle left the living room and went up the stairs towards Aziel's room. Rummaging through his draws she pulled out some grey slacks and a pair of boxers before heading down the stairs. She paused at the foot of the stairs as Jason walked back into the house.

They both stared at each other.

”Im sorry” Jason said looking at her directly.

”Don't be. This was unforeseen. Rachelle stepped towards him cupping his face in her hands. ”I know you will get them back. I've never known you not to get what you want in the end” she smiled weakly.

Jason placed a hand over hers as she cupped his face. ”I will make sure they return home safely, no matter what” he leant his forehead to touch hers as they consoled in one another.

”Just don't get yourself killed. I love you” Rachelle ordered him.

Jason smiled looking down at her smaller frame ”Never. I love you too” Jason said before kissing her deeply. Their sadness and anger entwined.

Breaking apart they nodded towards one another before going their separate ways.

Rachelle walked outside past the porch towards Aziel, Jared and Silver. As she approached they she held out the slacks and boxers to Aziel

”Put them on. Jared, I'll take it from here. Please go and start Patrol with Andrew” Rachelle spoke her voice tinted with her fear for Eve and Charlie.

”I'm fine” Aziel shrugged off Jared taking the slacks and boxers popping them on one leg at a time. He struggled with his left leg the pain obvious in his expression but persevered through it.

”No your not. Dana needs to see you. Then you can hunt them down.” Rachelle sternly glared at Aziel. She wanted him to understand, she would not forgive anyone if Eve and Charlie were hurt. She would not forgive Aziel or Phoebe, they should have protected them.

Aziel looked back at his mother. His eyes showed is infuriated frustration at his injury ”Then bloody help me to Dana so I can rip those rogues apart” Aziel said what Rachelle had wanted to hear.

”Come on then” she offered her shoulder to Aziel and began to walk with him to the house as Jared went to find Andrew.


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Aziel winced at the pain in his leg as his mother helped up onto the porch and towards the house. It was an awkward combination as his mother struggled a little bit to hold his weight.

Rachelle supported Aziel as they headed towards the back room that had become Dana's office within the house. The medic bay as some labelled it.

As they entered Aziel saw Phoebe for a mere moment as she wasted no time in gathering the troops. He watched her leave, anxiety began to thread its way into him as he did. Charlie and Eve, he worried for them praying they were okay. He couldn't waste any time getting to them. He had too see Eve, to apologise for his behaviour towards her. She was his one and only little sister, he would be dammed if anything were to happen to her or Charlie.

“Alright, next to the table” Dana raised an eyebrow at him as she patted the medic bed.

“Make it quick” Aziel grouched as he settled himself onto the bed.

“It will take as long as it takes” Rachelle glared at his impatience.

“It shouldn't take too long then” Aziel grumbled back to his mother.

“Oh hush hush you two and let the expert get to work” Dana pulled out some medical instruments “Got it pretty stuck in there ain't you?” she tutted as she prodded Aziel causing him to flinch.

“Watch it would you!” he responded at the pain.

“Yes yes don't be such a whiner” Dana said causing Aziel to growl,

“Just get it out” Aziel's agitation could be heard in his voice.

“Alright, alright. Brace yourself this is going to hurt” Dana warned him a brief moment before she suddenly plunged into his leg with her tools.

“Mother Fuck!” Aziel exclaimed as his leg burned.

“Almost there...” Dana prodded some more before she pulled out a bloodied silver bullet. “Ah, no wonder it hurt as much as it did given our stamina” Dana said as she inspected the bullet referring to werewolf stamina.

”What – do you mean” Aziel breathed heavily the pain subsiding somewhat.

“The bullet's coated in wolfs bane. Whoever attacked you really knew what to hit us with” Dana's voice gave away her intrique.

”Explains the pain indeed, on top of the fact I had a bullet in my leg that just tops it off” Aziel twitched a little the anger at such low life tactics irritating him.

“I should tell Jason about this.” Rachelle frowned. “Stitch him up Dana then keep prepared” Rachelle nodded to her friend before exiting the room to find Jason.

“Stitches coming right up!” Dana smiled to Aziel suture in hand.

“Go for it” Aziel sighed preparing for some more intrusion.

Dana finished up the suture quickly and smoothly. Giving it a go Aziel stood and felt the pain was far less severe and he could actually handle his weight again. The wolves bane had made a big difference that much was clear.

”Thanks Dana, I owe you one” Aziel nodded to her before grabbing one of his jackets which hung up nearby.

“Anytime pup”
Dana winked at him making him roll his eyes before he left the room.

There was no time to waste, he had to get to his sister and Charlie. He didn't care what his fathers orders were. Shirtless under his jacket Aziel stormed past the wolves that had gathered in the living room.

Caroline was discussing with Jared the plans to keep the place secure. It seemed Phoebe's scent had already left. She must have gone off on her own already. A low growl left Aziel's lips as he realised this, she left without him? He wasn't pleased.

Storming outside Aziel headed towards the garage when he spotted Silver.


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Silvestra Roberge and Aziel Sutton

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"Good to see your back Silver, could have been at a better time, though." Silver's eyes snapped away from the shifting Aziel to Jared. "Yeah, what the hell is going on?" Jared gave her a shrug and went to say something but was distracted by Aziel's shift and howl-scream of pain. A few moments later Aziel stepped out of the van, fully nude. "God damn that looked intense." Jared whistled. Silver couldn't help but silently agree. As Aziel and Jared had a mini-argument over whether Aziel needed help Silver glanced between the two of them, a small smirk on her face at the sight.

"What happened?" At Jared's question Silver focused back in. ”Humans. They raided the bar, came fully prepared and somehow knew our weak spots. They stank of Rogue.” The sick feeling in Silver's stomach instantly came back with a vengeance, she having temporarily forgotten it. A moment after he finished speaking Aziel's eyes snapped to Silver's and she had to force herself to keep from flinching away. "Keep your wits about you. They only took Eve and Charlie for a reason, I not sure why, but they didn't take Phoebe so it isn't because their girls. The only reason I could think of on the drive here could be because they haven't shifted yet. So you may be a target too.” For a moment Silver felt like someone had ripped her heart from her chest as ice filled her veins. A moment later Jason called out from the porch but Silver was too busy remembering the van she had seen. "Son of a bitch that van..." Silver turned to bolt towards the jeep she had just exited but before she could take a step Jason said her name, causing her to freeze. "Silver, stick close to Phoebe and Aziel. No pack member is to be alone at any point. We are officially in a red situation."

A war raged in her mind as she tried to decide whether to follow her Alpha's orders or go after Evie, who was practically a sister to her. Biting her lip to contain a scream she turned towards the house. As she passed Aziel and Rachelle she spoke, wiping the blood off her lip where her teeth had cut into the flesh. "Come and get me when you're ready to leave." She didn't even need to look at them to know that Rachelle had shot a worried look at her back.

Once she reached the steps she leapt up them three at a time, every step felt like someone punched her in the gut. 'I wasn't there for her. I should have been there.' The thought repeated on loop in her head as she bolted up the stairs and to her room. As soon as she went through the door three heads popped up from within the blankets of her bed but sensing her bad mood all three dogs immediately ducked down again. Changing was a quick affair, shorts to black jeans and sandals to combat boots. She left on the tank top she wore since it was already tight fitting. Combat fighting with Evie had taught her exactly what to wear for a fight. With a code red and potentially being a target Silver's next steps took her to her dresser, the entire bottom drawer being weapons. One thigh holster and three knives later, one hidden in each boot, Silver grabbed a worn leather jacket and keys and headed downstairs.

Knowing that more than a few people would object to her leaving Silver waited halfway up the stairs until Phebe took off. As she bolted towards the back door she heard Aziel cry out in pain and winced but kept going. Once out the back door, she waited until the next patrol passed before going into the woods. The path was a 4-minute walk but running Silver managed to make it in 30 seconds only to open the doors to an empty shed. It only took a moment for Silver to figure out that Jason had added 'Move Silver's bikes to the garage' to code red.

Without a second thought, she headed towards the garage. Getting there a moment before Aziel she didn't hear him coming over the sound of the garage door opening.

Aziel looked at Silver with a questioning gaze. "Where do you think your going exactly? This isn't a fight for someone unprepared" he said through the open garage doors. He intended to take one his motor bikes since Phoebe had taken the van. Silver jumped a bit at Aziel's voice. Looking over at him she bit her tongue to keep the sharp comment that popped to the tip of her tongue in.

Aziel glanced towards the second bike that sat in the garage beside his own. Jason had mentioned it was Silver's, it was a new addition to the garage since returning home after his time travelling and had peeked his curiosity. "Are you sure about this?" he asked uncertainly if it was a safe idea for her to come. "You may be a target just as they were." he paused considering the situation "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you as well" he commented tightening his fist.

Silver, who had walked over to her bike and started to check everything in case whoever moved her bike had messed something up, stood and looked over at Aziel. "Let's get this straight. There's no way in hell I'm staying here and I don't need you to protect me." Despite trying her eyes shone with anger and her tone was icy.

Aziel raised an eyebrow as he noticed the tone in Silvers' voice. "Well, forgive me for looking out for a pack member" he spat back a little sarcastically grabbing his own motorbike and leading it out of the garage turning to close the doors. Jason no doubt had heard the noise they had made.

"The only reason I've stayed away from you up to this point is because of Evie. I don't trust you."

Getting onto his bike Aziel paused "Avoid me all you want if you don't like me. I don't honestly care. But don't avoid me if you don't trust me, you can only trust a person once' you've got to know them. Avoiding me for that reason doesn't exactly give you the opportunity to trust me does it?" he sighed kick starting his bike.

Starting her bike Silver shook her head and looked at him again. "Whatever. All I know is that I should have been there, but you were there." Silver looked away from him and then took off, already knowing the general direction and figuring she would be able to follow Russel and Phoebe's tracks.

"It wouldn't have made a difference if the whole pack was there." Aziel grumbled remembering the numbers of humans and the back up he had smelled stationed near by. They would have kept coming until they got what they wanted, and they did just that.

Pushing off Aziel leant forward on his bike as it simmered to life. He saw Rachelle from the corner of his eye standing on the porch watching them leave. She was crying.

"Don't worry, I'll get them back" Aziel said knowing she could hear him as he left the compound following Silver.

Silver pulled into the bar looking around at the wreckage and the few people who were still milling about outside of the police tape. Most of them acknowledged Silver, knowing her since the medium sized town only had one auto shop and Silver was the best motorcycle mechanic in a 100-mile radius.

Returning to the bar, its wreckage now blackened and police tape surrounding it Aziel stopped for a moment returning to the spot on the grass where he had first smelt Charlie's blood. The scent was faded, and barely there anymore. Tracking it was going to be difficult. Leaning down he picked up a torn bit of material, it was phoebe's and also had some of her blood on. Probably looking strange to human bystanders Aziel sniffed the material to absorb the scent. Jason had taught him as a tracker well, he had a stronger nose than most because of it.

Silver went and spoke to one of the bartenders she knew had worked at the bar, getting as much info as she could until she heard another bike pull up. Without looking she knew it was Aziel and she wrapped up her conversation to go over to him.

"It's faint, but I have a scent" Aziel stood speaking to Silver. "I can track them" he got back on his bike.

"Yeah, about that..." Silver looked around to make sure no one was paying too much attention. "When they took Evie and Charlie... Was it a white van? Armoured, heading east?" Silver got back onto her own bike as she asked, hoping the answer was no.

"A white van? now that I think about it, it was yeah. Why?" Aziel rubbed his chin as he spoke thinking back. He had been a wolf at the time so it was mostly scents that had engulfed his memory.

Silver started her engine. "I know what direction we're heading." Turning the throttle Silver peeled out of the parking lot, heading out of town on the highway heading east.

Setting off Aziel picked up speed not caring for speed limits. He would deal with any speed tickets later.

Silver came to a stop right behind the van Phoebe had taken to leave the house. The ride there had taken 15 minutes, 7 of it speeding to where Silver had last seen the van and the rest heading in the same direction until Aziel caught a scent and took the lead. Getting off her bike she shoved the keys in her back pocket and looked over at Aziel.

"Alright, stick close and follow me. Aziel spoke as he followed the tall wire fence until he found a spot which had already been cut through. "Looks like this is where the others got in" he commented as he climbed through and headed the compound up ahead.


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Breathe Me | Sia || Somebody to Die For | Hurts || Woman | Alyson Stoner

"For life to be meaningful, add a little sacrifice, subtract anger and hatred, multiply friends and divide love for everyone to share."

Everything that followed Evangeline rising to her feet was a blur. In a quick movement Russell had risen, shaking off Charlie's and her own hands. Eve's eyes met Charlie's in the doorway of the closet, a brief passing of words mentally shifting through the air between them. And then Phoebe was in the process of creating a home-made smoke bomb of sorts, one that could easily fill the lungs of anyone who inhaled its fumes.

The shouting that echoed in the halls was deafening, her ears ringing from the outward chaos as their group struggled to make their way from the building. The effort was proved to be futile as they were suddenly stopped by a young man who's aura was not one of threat, but instead of weary surrender. He was clearly one of Richard's men, albeit not willingly, and stood laxly blocking their escape as the footsteps of the enemy thundered closer. Eve was dimly aware of the young woman that Phoebe had taken, and when Richard appeared, Eve tuned everything out so that only a ringing sound filled her ears.

Russell's anger reverberated in the hallway, Phoebe held a girl at knife-point; Richard stood blocking their exit, and Charlie stood injured beside her.

Not only was she injured, but as were Phoebe, Russell, Charlie, and Peter, meaning not a single one of them was in any shape to take on the group that stood blocking their way to freedom. Richard's eyes were locked on their group, an air of cockiness radiating off of him.

“Did you really think you'd get out that easily? You're nothing but clueless pawns in my plan. Oh, for so long have I been watching you, learning, and waiting. And you have the audacity to think you can take what's mine? Oh, how rude. Neil, you did a great job of stalling ... But what he said was true, you are but so obviously, surrounded.”

Closing her eyes for a moment, Eve inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, weighing their options. Her surroundings seemed to slow down and still in that brief amount of time, and in an instant everything shot into focus. Stalling was an option, and while it was something that she may have been capable to do, it wasn't their best option.

"Sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of those that you love ... Is the truest love of all. Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice their all for the good of their people."

Blinking slowly, Evangeline drew in one more breath before again exhaling in a quiet sound. Lowering her head for a moment, she gazed down at her fingertips - her palm that had so recently held a calming warmth within it. When she lifted her head once more, the sheen of tears that had formerly been there were once again gone.

"Enough ..." she said quietly, allowing her hand to fall to her side. Her chin jutted outwards, her head held high as she took a single step forward, Phoebe's final words slipping from the woman's lips.

“This can go down one of two ways; I will give your daughter back in once piece if you let my people go. Or I can rip all of you to shreds, starting with your little bitch."

Turning her head, she met Phoebe's gaze, the voice that her father had raised her with - the voice that she had used throughout the years to garner the respect of the elder's of the pack, and of the elder's of allied packs - holding a maturity and sense of authority rarely heard in the youngest child of the Sutton Clan's Alpha, slipped from her lips.

"I said ... Enough, Phoebe."

Lifting her hand, she grabbed the older woman's wrist and gently tugged on it, urging it away from the young girl's throat. Whether the woman did so or not was entirely up to her, but it was clear that Eve was weirdly serious, her usual carefree and immature manner suddenly gone. She released Phoebe's wrist before turning back and briefly meeting Charlie's eyes. A small smile quirked up the edge's of her lips, one that showed her plans exactly and held an bit of sadness to it.

When she passed Russell, she averted her gaze. She couldn't meet his eyes - not when she was about to do what she was planning.

As she moved forward and crossed the area in the hallway that separated the two groups, thoughts flickered through her mind. It reminded her a lot of yin and yang - good and bad. Those on the 'bad' side, however, weren't inherently evil; some were simply misguided, and while she wished she could simply talk her pack out of the situation, she knew that Richard had buried his claws far too deeply within the skins of those that followed him. There was no chance of convincing any of them to leave Richard and join the Sutton's.

Truth be told, those that belonged to the Sutton clan in that hallway ... Weren't looking at making it out of there alive.

At least, not if the situation continued in the way that it was.

Eve finally stopped when she was at the midway point between the two crowds, and Richard stepped forward, the man that had tortured her at her heels. He stopped a few steps away from her, a cocky smile on his lips.

"I know who you are, Richard Malcliff. And I know everything that you've done - everything that you've gone through since leaving the Sutton household. But that wasn't by choice, now was it?" she asked, her voice carrying in the hallway and holding her father's authority as it did so. With her head still held high, she met the large man's dark gaze, her own showing utter defiance.

"I know that after being rejected by my mother Rachelle, you went Rogue. You couldn't stand the idea of her with my father, and in a senseless rage you began to beat her. By sheer luck you managed to avoid execution - something that my father does not regret, even to this day - and have been living your life in one of the most despicable of ways. You've spent the past twenty years of your life plotting your revenge, haven't you, Richard?" Quirking her head to the side, Eve narrowed her gaze. "You think that Jason simply forgot about you and about what you did? He's been keeping a small eye on you all of these years. He isn't stupid, Richard; he knew that at some point you would undoubtedly attempt to get revenge on him and his family, and he couldn't allow you to completely blindside him. In fact, I've been by his side through all of his plans for if you were to attack us, and I can tell you right now, you don't stand a chance against him. He is a true Alpha, while you're nothing but a shell of a man who couldn't get over the rejection of a young woman who for one, had no choice in the matter, and two, was frankly better off with the one that she was given."

Looking down at the second-in-command, she lifted her hand, drawing a finger across the blood streaked on her arm.

"As for you ... Well, I can only assume that you use torture as a form of showing that you were never hugged enough as a child."

Refocusing on Richard, who had remained silent but amused at her words, she let out a deep breath.

"I'm willing to offer you a trade, Richard."

Richard quirked a brow up in amused surprise, his arms slowly crossing over his chest. "A trade?" he asked, his suspicion obvious in his voice.

Moving her head slightly, Eve looked over her shoulder at the group of people that stood feet behind her, before turning back to the Rogue Alpha. Lifting her arm, she held her hand in the air that separated the two of them.

"Your daughter and the daughter of the man you hate and the woman you loved in exchange for the promised safety and release of the people I care about and am supposed to protect."

The second-in-command let out an immediate laugh, the sound echoing off of the walls. When the look on her face didn't drop, he slowly stopped, raising a brow at her. "She's actually serious," he said in surprised. Her determination was clear, and she squared her shoulders when the young man finally looked away. Meeting Richard's gaze once more, she clenched her jaw. At that point in time, she wasn't sure if she was stalling or actually attempting to make a trade, or perhaps even both.

In all honesty, what was she stalling for? It wasn't known when help would come, and her father's teachings were something that she respected and would hold until the end of her life.

The pack's safety came above all, even if that meant the sacrifice of one, so long as the safety of the whole was ensured.

Withdrawing the envelope opener that she had forgotten she had snagged from the office, she pushed the tip into the pad of her thumb, blood instantly springing forward. Placing it on the opposite thumb, which was uninjured, she held it forward. The process of making pacts and deals in the werewolf world was old and implanted deep within every werewolf's blood, and once the pact was sealed, it was nearly impossible to break, for in the process one could break themselves. "Well? Do we have a deal, Richard?" she asked.

After several moments of thought, the man snapped his fingers and a small knife was placed in his own hand.

"It's a deal," he said, pressing the knife into the tip of his own thumb. Stepping forward, her gripped her wrist and tugged her forward, much to her disgust, and grinned. "It's about time I had my revenge on your piece of shit father and bitch of a mother."

Twisting her lips in disgust, she tugged her hand back, glaring up at the man.

"Just seal the deal," she snapped, holding out her hand once more.


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Aziel climbed through the fence carefully avoiding the sharp wire which jutted out from being cut. The moment his foot touched the compound he became alerted and raised his defences. The entire area stank of rogue, it filled his nostrils and showered over his body. He shuddered slightly as he breathed it in rage intensely taking over him.

Flexing his hand he took a deep breath and relaxed. Now was not the time to lose his composure.

Looking behind he saw Silver just as alert as he as she vigilantly looked around herself. She was keeping on her toes, good.

Moving slowly and at a crouch, Aziel headed through the compound. Looking back to Silver he quietly spoke ”Call me if you see anything. Don't stray too far” he said before wandering towards the left of the compound to investigate what they were dealing with.

Monitoring the area he circled one of the buildings before a sudden gunshot pierced through the building. ”Shit” Aziel cursed as he pulled back. Silver, where was she? He sniffed the air and caught her scent clear as day through the rogues. However he also caught the scent of Russell, his blood smelt strong, alongside his was Charlie's, Eve's and Phoebes. There was also the smell of Peter to his surprise.

His pulse quickening Aziel rushed towards Silver finding her crouched beside a tall metal doorway listening in to the voices within. ”I can smell their blood, they're injured, those bastards are going to suffer” he growled as he neared her.

It was then that he heard the conversation taking place. He listened with horror to his sister's proposal, she couldn't, she wouldn't! To make a sacred wolf pact with a rogue would entrap her forever with them.

He didn't know the full extent of the situation they were in right now, but there was no way in hell he was going to let some slimy rogue take his sister or any of his pack from them. He could only see one thing to do his rage burning. Aziel's eyes flickered from yellow to their normal hue of brown as he growled his anger taking over.

”Step Back!” he shouted in rage to Silver though the rage wasn't directed towards her. Moving forward Aziel slammed his shoulder into the door causing it to burst open in a loud crash as it fell from its hinges.

”Get your filthy hand away from my sister you piece of shit” Aziel said before snarling at the man who stood mere inches away from Eve.

It was then that he fully grasped the chaos they were in. Phoebe was holding up well, though she had a young girl who stank of rogue within her grasp. Russell was visibly injured, as was Charlie and Eve. His blood boiled as she saw the pain they were in.

Without hesitation, Aziel ran towards the Rogue nearest the door he had entered and grabbed him wrapping it back behind him the crunch of the rogue's bones was clear as the man screamed in pain.

“Ahh! Richard!” Neil cried out taken by surprise.

”Shut up” Aziel spat at him before grabbing his chin and pulling him towards him as a hostage.

”Everyone, get out of here quick. Eve drop your hand he's not worth your courtesy or dignity of a wolf pact.” he spoke fearfully for their safety. It wasn't going to be easy the human guards lifting their guns towards the group.


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Silvestra Roberge

"Alright, stick close and follow me." Silver bite her tongue to keep from snapping at Aziel and followed after him until they found the place where the others had cut open the fence. "Looks like this is where the others got in." Silver smirked a bit, unable to help herself. "Really, never would have guessed." Stepping through the fence right behind Aziel, Silver looked around as she headed toward the compound, drifting a bit apart from Aziel.

”Call me if you see anything. Don't stray too far” Aziel was given a soft grunt in response, Silver focusing on everything around her but him. As she got closer to the building scents assaulted Silver's nose and her head went from side to side at every small sound around her. That being said the pop of a gun going off in the building almost made her jump out of her skin. Picking up the pace a little Silver was getting closer to the only entrance she could see from this side of the building when she heard Russell's voice yelling from within, obviously not far from the door since she could hear him word for word.

Glancing around to figure out where Aziel had gone Silver spotted him and then let her attention return to the door. She was half tempted to peek in but if anyone were to notice her any chance of surprising possible enemies was gone. On the other hand she didn't know what kind of situation she was currently leaving Russell and the others in without back up.

Now that she was right outside the door Silver could almost pick up what was being said on the other side of the door. Pressing her ear up against the door Silver closed her eyes, concentrating on her sense of hearing. [color=#BD1821]”I can smell their blood, they're injured, those bastards are going to suffer”
Aziel's comment was greeted by Silver hushing him and waving a hand at him, obviously wanting silence. Once he had become silent she concentrated once more. "A trade?" Silver's lip curled, at the sound of the unfamiliar and decidedly hostile man's voice. "Your daughter and the daughter of the man you hate and the woman you loved in exchange for the promised safety and release of the people I care about and am supposed to protect." Silver let out a growl. "Like hell." Her own comment was followed by an enraged Aziel's shout which quickly made her jump out of the way without thinking.

Everything happened so fast Silver sat there blinking for a moment but, at a shout of pain from one of the rouges, she re-grasped her senses and moved. Slipping into the room she let Aziel get everyone's attention as she slipped along the wall looking for an opening and as soon as she had one she took the knife holstered at her thigh and tossed it straight at 'Richard'. Sadly with the commotion he shifted in a way where the knife only grazed his cheek, leaving a mark that was quickly becoming red as blood welled to the surface. "Shit I missed... Hey Evie, I really think we should get some more practice in later. Three weeks gone and I'm getting rusty." Humor wouldn't be the thing most people would go to in this situation but Silver wasn't most people and Evie was her main focus. As Silver spoke she swiped the knives from her boots, without looking down, her eyes instead darting to take in the amount of enemies there were and the types of injuries her packmates had.


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"Your daughter and the daughter of the man you hate and the woman you loved in exchange for the promised safety and release of the people I care about and am supposed to protect." The words came from Eve's mouth and wrapped around Phoebe's wolf like fiery chaine of hate. She didn't know who she hated more, Eve or Richard.

"Are you stupid? Do you really think giving up your life is going to resolve this? What is wrong with you?" Phoebe said. She was considering knocking the dumb girl out but was saved by the... Aziel. He grabbed one of the rouges and took him hostage.

”Get your filthy hand away from my sister you piece of shit” Aziel growled.

”Everyone, get out of here quick. Eve drop your hand he's not worth your courtesy or dignity of a wolf pact.”

Never before had Phoebe been so relieved to hear his voice. The sensation that rushed through her was that of utter amazement. Good lord he had great timing.

"Aziel, you are my hero" Phoebe said with a grin. She still had Minerva in her hands. She sling-shotted the girl against the wall, slamming her head to knock her out again, before she threw her back over her shoulder. She was going to be damned if she was going to let this golden opportunity.

She grabbed Eve's arm and started backing up, herding her pack makes back using her body as a shield for any incoming threats.


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Sound of Madness | Shinedown

"Let's have some fun, shall we?"

Peter was, for the most part, a very patient and easy-going young man. He lived his life with the philosophy to enjoy it until the very end, no matter the circumstances, and in all fairness he tended to live by that motto about ninety-eight percent of the time.

However, there was still that two percent that he didn't. And in that time?

He was one of the most frightening of people alive.

It took quite a bit for Peter to reach that two percent state. It took a lot of goading and for one to cross the line in a manner that was so far beyond anyone's reach, that it was impossible to come back from.

And Richard crossed that line.

When asked later, Peter himself couldn't be quite sure what the determining factor was in his snapping. All he remembers when that two percent is reached, is darkness. In fact, it was almost as though he became an entirely different person, which in all honesty wasn't very surprising seeing as his wolf counter-part was its own entity.

And it was one sadistic mother fucker. Anyone would be, had they gone through what it had, and had they gone through what he had.

Before anyone could quite react to Aziel and Silver's entrances, other than Phoebe of course, Peter had pushed his way through the small group that he had somehow joined in their endeavor to rescue their long-lost princess and lady-pauper. While Phoebe pulled a stunned Eve away from the thick of the skirmish, who jerked her arm away in pain but followed obediently, Peter moved forward, his eyes flashing an intense blue and yet holding a deep darkness within them. Rolling his head, his neck let out a loud series of crackles, and his knuckles did the same as he popped them.

"You wanna play a game, you sons-of-a-bitches?" he growled out, an entirely different persona encompassing his being. In a quick movement he had crossed the area separating them, gripped one man by the wrist and the throat, spun him around, and launched him at two other humans, simultaneously tearing the gun from his now-broken hand. Flashing the gun up, he began to pop off rounds, nailing three more of the bodyguard as many of the humans dove for cover. Sparks flew in the air, smoke rising from the gun, and bullets buried themselves in the walls and the floors. Men ducked into doorways and behind the small amount of furniture placed in the hallway, Peter looking on with a glint in his eyes and a twisted smile on his face.

"What!? Are you mother fuckers scared or something!?" he cackled out, his voice echoing on the walls.

Sticking his foot out, he used the toe of his shoe to flip up first one gun and then another that had been dropped on the floor. His clip in his current gun emptied and he immediately cocked one of the ones he had tossed into the air, at the same time flinging the second gun in Russell's direction.

"Help me cover them!" he exclaimed, a bit of his sanity returning in that brief moment. In an instant it was gone again as he let out a loud and slightly insane laugh, using the semi-automatic to fire bullet after bullet in the direction of the enemy. Richard had dropped into the nearest room, dragging his daughter behind him.

"Fucking cowards!" he sang, slowly backing in the direction that the Sutton group was heading.


Click. Click. Click.

Click Click Click.


"Damn," Peter growled under his breath. Chucking the emptied gun to the ground, he removed the one pistol that had remained tucked in the back of the waistband of his jeans, lifting it and quickly beginning to fire the limited amount of ammo filling it. He was both aiming to kill and distract, making it impossible for the enemy to follow the group as his backing ushered them in the opposite direction of those that wished to kill them.

When the pistol was quickly emptied, he dropped it with a muttered oath, turned, and pushed the backs of the people that stood behind him - the three girls.

"Time to go," he sang, his voice lighthearted voice revealing the urgency with which they needed to leave.

It was only when the violet-haired princess suddenly collapsed that Peter completely snapped back to himself, his hand instantly shooting out to catch her collapsed form. She was dead-weight in his grasp and the only thing that relieved him of his concern was the steady rise and fall of her chest and the soft sound of her breathing. Her skin was paler than it had been at the bar, his wolf eyes easily taking note of that, and it was clear that the loss of blood was beginning to affect her. That and the head injuries that she had sustained at the bar, and God knew if she hadn't furthered the trauma since he had last seen her there.

In an instant he had hefted her up and into his arms - Russell and Charlie were in no states to carry her, and while Phoebe could undoubtedly do it, she was still in worse shape than he was. Aziel was distracted with covering them, and Silver - he knew her from the bar - was doing the same, all the while making her concern for Eve evident.

"I have her," Peter growled under his breath to alleviate anyone's concerns. "Just work on covering each other's asses and getting out of here alive."

Taking off at a steady trot - he wasn't about to move so quickly as to leave the others behind - he lifted his nose into the air and quickly tracked his previous route that had gotten him inside of the base to begin with. Since it seemed that everyone in Richard's group had congregated in that one area of the hallway, the trek back was quick and uneventful, the only sound their footsteps on the floors and the far-away sounds of Richard's men attempting to follow them. The only ones that were gaining any success in that, however, were the werewolves. The humans were basically useless, seeing as they couldn't track them by their scents.

Bursting through a doorway, the sunlight momentarily blinded him. He was conscious of Eve's weight gradually growing heavier as his injuries began to give way, so in an effort not to drop her, he only briefly stopped outside of the doorway - just long enough for the others to catch onto his tails. When he reached the fence, however, he set Eve on her feet and held her up by the underarms with one arm, using the other to pry the fence even further open, his hand having small incisions made in the process. Without a care for them, he quickly returned Eve to his arms and ducked underneath the fence, trekked up the small hill that was directly before him, and paused only to catch his breath at the top of it. Turning to face the group, he looked down at the warehouse below. The werewolves had stopped just outside the doorway, their nostrils flared and their eyes glaring in their direction through the fencing.

It was only then that he registered that they weren't alone.

Out stepped at least twenty men, who held only a faint smell that resembled the Sutton Pack.

An Allied Pack.

When one man stepped forward, it was clear that he was the leader - not the Alpha, but the one that led when the Alpha was absent. His voice was booming and carried in the wind, making it quite easy for the enemy werewolves below to hear him.

"This is as far as you go, followers of Richard. If you wish to die where you stand, I dare you to follow. If you wish to live, return to your base and do not attempt to come after anyone standing on this hillside. Consider this your only warning!" Turning his emerald gaze to Peter's, he nodded with his head in the direction of the forest. "We have the manpower to fend them off, but for now would rather not risk it. The lot of you are already injured and we don't want to risk any of your death's. Our main priorities right now are to get you all to safety, so we are all ordered to retreat for the time being. The time will come to exact revenge, but that time is not now," he finished.

Nodding slightly, Peter allowed one of the men that stepped forward to take Eve from his aching arms, and he shook them slightly in an attempt to restore blood-flow to them.

Then he began the long trek to the vehicles that awaited them.


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With all the commotion occurring, threats and curses being made, Charlie's head was swimming. The more her primal instincts took over, the less she focused on details (such as what each side was yelling) and more on the bigger picture. They were trapped. The man, Richard who was apparently the 'Alpha" of this rag tag pack, wanted Eve and her back while her pack mates and Peter were having none of it. No surprise there. With her peripheral vision quickly deteriorating into a black fog, her ears started to pick up more. The room was loud with overlapping heart beats and voices yelling. She tuned out the latter for the most part. People were yelling, that's all she needed to know. She made sure to pay attention to important things (like Eve offering herself as trade which was stupid!), but rarely anything specific.

Cocking her head she heard something she shouldn't have. Shifting her position she stared down the hallway. It is not possible... Her eyes narrowed as she listened. What most didn't know was although Charlie wasn't particularly close with many of the pack, she knew everyone. Maybe not by name or even by scent, but by heartbeat. The love of music and sounds made recognizing others by their heartbeat easy. Scenting and knowings each person's scent was sometimes overwhelming and she didn't often allow herself to heighten that sense. She tended to get a headache if she did. Sound however was another story. She knew everyone by their voice and heart. Thus her confusion over this particular heart beat. It should be silenced forever. Everyone knew that Phoebe's mate was dead. Yet here was his heart's rhythm beating as if it never got the memo. Suddenly anger sparked through her. If she was right, he was here. Not only here but alive. If he was alive and in the building, something was wrong. He wouldn't have stayed away from his mate if he had been hurt and lived. Her stomach turned and felt like she had swallowed a vat full of acid. William was not only alive but possibly a traitor. No... It cannot be true. I had watched them together. He never... He never gave anything away that would deem him untrustworthy.

The war inside Charlie over her revelation was halted when she heard another familiar heart beat. She turned her head just in time to see Aziel burst in. ”Get your filthy hand away from my sister you piece of shit” Aziel said before snarling at the man who stood mere inches away from Eve. Relief flooded through Charlie knowing that her pack was here to save them. Then her eyes tracked Silver whom made her way to Eve. The younger girl was looking worse for ware which probably mirrored how Charlie looked.

Time meant very little to the quickly fading Charlie. It only felt like a second between Aziel bursting and Silver rushing to help Eve, however it must have been more than that because next thing she knew they were leaving. Shaking her head, Charlie tried to clear her fuzzy mind. Trying to keep up with what was happening. There was gun fire and running to escape. Pausing for only a second, she raised the gun she still held and fired it as a warning towards the the ghost with a heart beat. For some reason it pissed her off that he was still alive. No, I know why. How could he do that to our Beta? She does not deserve that! She let off another before turning and tiredly running.

In a classic Charlie fashion, she tripped. Letting out a surprised yelp, she crashed to the ground losing the gun and curling into herself at the pain that shot through her injured hand. Biting her lip, she tried to get up but found it impossible. Her body had finally given up. It was too dehydrated, lost too much blood, too exhausted and in too much pain to work anymore. Wonderful, I made it... made it this far... can't even make it... She couldn't think straight anymore. Her vision had tunneled so much she could barely see anything. She kept trying to get up, but found it useless. She wasn't going anywhere. Tears threatened to fall in frustration at not being able to keep going. After everything she had experienced she couldn't even make it to safety on her own.

As her body started to slip into unconsciousness she smiled a little. Dozens of heartbeats were in the distance. Heartbeats she recognized from the past. Her pack's allies had come. Thank the universe... Her hurt pack mates would be safe.


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#, as written by CutUp
Raise A Little Hell
Russell glared at Eve as she walked past him, rage just boiling inside of him with their little deal with one another. "EVE! GET THE FUCK BACK!" Russell roared at her. But it was of no use. Russell's heart was nearly beating out of his chest. His body shook, and his yellow eyes darting around the room. Russell gripped the gun in his hand tightly. Seeing this, a few of the guards trained their weapons on him alone. Before Russell could do a thing they were soon joined by Aziel, and then followed by Silver.

As soon as Richard was distracted Russell rushed forward, and absent of thought he dropped his gun. Despite his injuries, his rage was numbing the pain of moving. As Phoebe pulled Eve away Russell capitalized on the situation. Swinging to Richard's side, Russell dug his claws into the arm Richard held his knife in, and then he elbowed the alpha in the gut, and followed with another elbow to his face, hitting him square in the nose. Richard reached over, and gripped Russell by his shirt, and tossed him across the floor with one hand. Russell slid across the floor, and then he rolled over on his stomach, trying to push himself up.

Blood began to drip down Richard's nose, with it being clearly broken, and uneven. He wiped it away, and glared at Russell. "You just keep disappointing me whelp! So much potential wasted! Guess I'll have to kill you after all!" He growled at him. As Richard started towards him Russell quickly rolled over on his back, and held up his gun, having picked it up as he was sliding across the floor. "I'M GONNA BE THE ONE WHO KILLS YOU!" Russell roared, and then he opened fire on Richard. However Russell's shaking threw off his aim, causing him to shoot around Richard.

Richard then ducked for cover. Russell continued to shoot at Richard until the clip was completely empty. Russell tried to get up, but before he could a human guard grabbed his arm, and pulled him up. Russell rushed the man, tackling him into a nearby wall. The guard kneed Russell in his ribs, and then pushed him away. Russell followed up with a huge back hand, forcing the guard to spin around, and hit the wall face first. Russell forced him into the wall, jabbing his claws into the man's back, and then he dug his claws into the back of the man's head, and started repeatedly slamming his head into the wall.

Russell threw the man onto the ground, and then leaped onto of him. Russell ripped off the man's shirt, and began viciously mauling his chest. Blood flew everywhere as ripping, and tearing sounds came from him. Russell's head sharply turned around as he sensed another guard coming his way, this one armed with a assault rifle. Russell rolled off the guard, and rushed the new one. Russell grabbed his gun, and pinned him against the wall. As the guard struggled Russell quickly sunk his fangs into the guard's throat, ripping out a huge chunk of his neck.

Russell released him, letting the guard slide down the wall to bleed out. As Russell stared at the man, and then his body violently spasm. Bones began to crack as his wolf desperately tried to release itself. Russell doubled over in pain. His body was in no condition for a shift. He was snapped out of his pain when he heard Peter ordering him to cover them as they made a break for it. Russell turned around he saw Peter toss him a pistol, and caught it in midair. Russell tucked the pistol in his waistband, and picked up the assault rifle of the dead guard. Russell opened fire on the guards, not so much focused about his aim, but to spread his bullets around to keep them at bay.

Once they were out Russell slowly made his way towards the exit, still keeping a steady amount of bullets going towards the guards. However soon the rifle was out of bullets, and Russell tossed it aside, and pulled out his pistol. "SILVER, AZIEL! WE LEAVE NOW!" He ordered the two. Russell made it to the exit, and stood there, continuing to fire at the humans. Russell glanced behind him and saw what seemed like Charlie passed out on the ground. "Dammit..." Russell growled lowly.

Russell hastily wobbled his way over to Charlie. Once he was over to her Russell started to put his hand on her, but then he realized he still had claws out. He took several deep breaths, causing his claws, and fangs to return to normal. "Charlie....come on. Now is not the time to take a nap." Russell lot out pained groans, and grunts as he lifted her up, the pain from his previous activities starting to overcome him. He couldn't completely carry her in his current state, so he wrapped his arm around her, and placed hers around his neck. He struggled as he leaned her body on his, trying to take as much of her weight as he could.

As Russell hobbled forward, practically dragging Charlie he sniffed the air. He could smell more wolves, a lot of them. The smells were somewhat familiar, smelling like one of the packs allied with Sutton's. A small bit of relief swept through Russell. "Charlie....come on. The cavalry's here." He stated. He glanced over at Charlie, and sighed as he saw her wounds. "Sorry.....I couldn't stop the van....couldn't get to you soon enough....I'm the shit beat out me.....couldn't kill that bastard.....some rescue this turned out to be." He groaned as he continued to limp forward with her. He wasn't even sure if she was even listening to him.

He didn't make it too far before he found he didn't have the strength to carry her anymore. His knees were shaking, and his body was barely able to stand up. Russell began breathing heavily, and unsteady. His vision began to grow fuzzy. The blood, the gunshots, all of it brought back painful memories. Images of him running through a dark forest with his younger sister in hand began flashing before his eyes. "Can't stop......gotta.....get to the trees.......gotta lose them.....can't let them....kill you too....I'll keep you safe.....won't let them get you too....I promise....I promise." By the dazed look he had it was apparent that he was talking about something other than their current situation. "...I promise Lizzy....I promise."

Russell nearly fell over as he moved forward, but luckily the cavalry came. Russell quickly raised his gun at the approaching wolves. Once seeing who they were Russell lowered his gun, and let out a relived sigh. They helped him up, and brought him towards their vehicles. Russell grew tense when he saw Eve. Russell pushed himself pass the wolves, and got to Eve's side. "Why the HELL are you retreating!" Russell growled at the obvious leader of the group of wolves. The man brushed him off. "The time will come for revenge kid."

Russell growled in fury. "WAIT!? You want us to wait?! You son of a bitch! Where the hell is your alpha?!" Russell growled, but it got no response. He looked around, and saw that their alpha wasn't there, or his for that matter. "FUCK'S SAKE! THREE WOLVES GO MISSING IN THIS DAMNED PLACE AND THEIR AIN'T AN ALPHA IN SIGHT?! IS THERE ANY ALPHA AROUND HERE THAT'S WORTH A DAMN!" As soon as he started badmouthing the alphas the man turned around, and glared at him, heck, most of the other wolves glared at him.

Russell growled lowly to himself as he gripped his pistol tightly, and balled his free hand into a fist. He looked over at Eve, and then at the ground. He relaxed his hands, clearly backing down. Russell then kept the rest of the way to the vehicles in complete silence, never straying too far from Eve.


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Silvestra Roberge

As soon as she had thrown her knife all hell had broken loose in the intersecting hallways, mere seconds passing before guns were going off. Though Silver wanted nothing more to go to Evie as soon as she stepped forward there were humans blocking her path, causing her to focus on them. Sadly, her little knife throwing stunt hadn't been impressive enough to hinder the first one from just reaching out to grab her. Moving swiftly Silver moved her arm forward once he was closer, sliced his wrist open about 5 inches starting from the bottom of his wrist and going towards his elbow. Having sliced right along the main artery blood gushed out of the wound and the man screamed, gripping his wrist. The second man immediately reach for his gun and managed to fire a few shots but Silver twisted away, dodging them for the most part. Lunging forward Silver felt a bullet rip through her upper left arm but pushed through the pain. Reaching the name she sliced twice, once on his right hand making him drop the gun and the other across his throat.

As a moment passed where she was unoccupied she heard Peter's familiar voice call out. "Help me cover them!" As she turned her head to look at him, surprised he was there, a human decided to lunge forward and grab her. He was mere inches away before she realized he was there. Without thinking she dropped to the ground and spun, kicking the guys legs out from under him causing him to trip and fly over her. Just as she rose she looked over at Peter again to see him trying to shoot a gun with an empty clip, a different guy about to shoot him in the back. Tossing one of her two remaining knives Silver smiled when she heard the satisfying thunk of the hilt slamming into his chest, the blade embedded deep. "Damn that had to HURT!" Watching the man Silver let out a wicked laugh as he fell almost comically slow to the ground.

Once she finished laughing her eyes scanned the scene around her for Evie, ignoring Peter's sing-songed announcement. When she couldn't find Evie she turned to where she had last heard Peter only to spot Evie just as she passed out and Peter caught her. Feeling that Evie was good Silver glanced around, just as a guy grabbed her around the shoulders. With a sound that was almost a growl Silver planted her feet and shoved her upper body forward and down, tossing the guy over her. Sadly, his grip was better than she had thought and this sent her into a front flip of sorts. Just then she heard Russell shout out to her. "SILVER, AZIEL! WE LEAVE NOW!" With a huff Silver tried to yank her shoulders forward only to be met with a steel iron grip, making her realize she wasn't dealing with a human. "That's great but I'm a bit TIED UP at the moment." Her comment was muttered, tied up being the only part emphasized as she managed to elbow the guy in the gut full force. At the impact he loosened his grip just enough for Silver to wrench her left arm out of his hold, cringing as she felt the skin around her gunshot wound stretch. Flipping her knife around in her left hand Silver threw her arm over her head and plunged the knife downwards, stabbing right through the guys throat.

The man's grip loosened considerably and Silver leapt up and dusted herself off dramatically. "THERE, now we can leave. Silver had a smile on her face but as soon as another bullet whizzed past her she jumped a bit and headed towards the door. As she exited she saw Russell a few feet ahead of her, dragging an unconscious Charlie along with him but, she could already see some allied pack members rushed over to help him and Charlie and felt satisfied. She watched silently as he freaked out at who she assumed was in charge, not Aziel pass her, and almost not noticing the two allied pack member who had come over to her. Just as one, a male, reached out to help her she turned, growling and glaring at him. He jumped back startled, raising his hands in surrender. "Hey, Hey! I'm an ally. I'm just trying to help!" Narrowing her eyes more she made her gaze as cold as possible and turned sharply, heading to where her bike was. As she got to it and reached out to grab onto her motorcycle a lightning bolt of pain went through her, telling her the adrenaline was no longer in her system. Setting her jaw she ripped the bottom of her tank top off and used her teeth and right hand to tie the fabric tightly around the wound like you saw in movies. Satisfied she got onto her bike, started it up, and set off in the direction of the pack house.


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Aziel tightened his grip on the rogue as he struggled within his grasp. Staring directly at the man Eve had offered a pact with Aziel did not break his glare.

"Aziel, you are my hero" Phoebe's relief was in her voice as she re-shuffled some girl on her back. Aziel wondered what Phoebe's intentions were shouldering the girl, she stank of the man stood before them. And he stank of Alpha.

“Get them out of here” Aziel nodded to Phoebe trusting in her to get them to safety as peter moved forward launching into battle. He fired his gun in consecutive rounds causing the guards to duck for cover sparks flying everywhere. “You shouldn't have left me back at the pack house” he shouted to her still a little annoyed at that.

“Shit” Aziel cursed dragging the Rogue down with him as some backfire reverberated back towards them a bullet shell shooting past his head.

"Help me cover them!" Peter exclaimed during the chaos that brewed.

“Well you sure don't make it easy!” Aziel hollered in reply. Looking down at the rogue Aziel quickly made his decision as the Alpha moved to cover from the gunfire, Russell chasing after him.

“Don't take this personally, no actually, do” Aziel released the Rogue for split second before pulling his elbow up and slamming it into the back of the Rogues neck knocking him out cold.

Grabbing the gun that had been in the Rogues Pocket Aziel rolled out of his cover and shot at two humans who followed behind Peter as he made his exit carrying Eve in his grasp. “Keep her safe” Aziel shouted to him as he passed.

He should be the one pulling his sister out of the wreckage, this hell hole. He shouldn't have ever let her get to this place, to this point. Charlie too, they were under the protection of the pack, his heart wrenched as he saw their wounds.

"SILVER, AZIEL! WE LEAVE NOW!" Russell's voice boomed through the hallway.

“On it” Aziel fired another round, it hit its mark precisely.

Slowly moving back Aziel glanced to see Silver entwined with one of the enemies. He raised his gun to help but she had already plunged a knife into him. A small smirk spread across Aziel's lips as he witnessed her courage. “Not bad small fire” he commented towards her as she dusted herself of dramatically.

Slowly backing out of the door behind Silver Aziel made sure that he was the last one to leave. A group of the rogues began to dart towards him before he slammed the steel door shut turning to back up the group.

As fled across the compound he noticed Russell struggling to carry Charlie.


She was passed out by the looks of it, Russell was wounded too much to be able to take her weight. As he nearly fell pulling Charlie with him Aziel picked up his speed climbing through the fence reaching them just as the smell hit him.

It was a familiar smell, an allied pack. They stood in numbers at the edge of the compound, Eve's scent was with them, as was Peter's. Silver's had trailed back through the trees towards the bikes they had travelled here with.

As some of the allied pack wolves began to help Russell up they moved to do the same with Charlie but Aziel abruptly held out his arm blocking one of them.

“I'll help her.” Aziel looked at the allied wolf suspiciously. Allies or not, they weren't pack, and that meant they could always betray them. He wasn't going to leave anyone alone with them. That, and he knew Charlie would feel more comfortable with someone she knew than a stranger if she woke up.

The allied wolf held up his hands shrugging before moving away. Leaning down Aziel carefully picked up Charlie in his arms cupping his right arm under her legs and his left under her shoulders. He wasn't too sure if she was conscious yet, but her breathing seemed normal.

“I'm sorry...” Aziel muttered as he walked towards the vans. “I should have been there” he eyed up Eve sat near Russell. He would speak with her later, for now, it was obvious Russell was staying near her side.

Looking back at the Rogue's their disdain at the new arrivals was clear. Richard's form stormed out of the compound as he looked up at them anger drawing painfully across his face. Raising his arms he began to shout orders from his body language before slamming the back door fully off hinges this time. The other rogues didn't seem to move for a moment looking to one another before moving inside.

Only one remained.

He was young, brown hair and had piercing brown eyes. His gaze centred onto Charlie, it was chilling. Aziel glared back at the man as he held Charlie closer. The man smirked up at them, raising a hand he saluted them before turning around and following Richard.

Feeling uncomfortable Aziel reached the vans getting ready to leave. He felt a slight tinge towards his bike which sat nearby. He would have to abandon it, for now, there was no way he was going to leave the other at this point.


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"Get them out of here. You shouldn't have left me back at the pack house” Aziel shouted as they started to retreat.

"Bitch about it later" Phoebe said as she threw the girl on her shoulder like a log onto a group of rogues.

“Shit” Aziel cursed. Everything happened faster than even Phoebe could track. Suddenly they where outside and the calverie had arrived.

"WAIT!? You want us to wait?! You son of a bitch! Where the hell is your alpha?! FUCK'S SAKE! THREE WOLVES GO MISSING IN THIS DAMNED PLACE AND THEIR AIN'T AN ALPHA IN SIGHT?! IS THERE ANY ALPHA AROUND HERE THAT'S WORTH A DAMN!" Russell yelled. Phoebe immediately stepped up to him.

"This is neither the time or the place, but if your keep running your mouth i will shut it for you" She said quietly as they all piled into the van. She drove back relatively slowly, her mind rerunning the situation in her head over and over. As they pulled into the driveway she stayed in the car and laid her head back against the seat.


Minerva was jolted awake as she flew through the air. She landed none to gracefully on some of her pack. None of them cared to help her up after they pushed her off of them. She groaned and rubbed her soar spots simply glad to still be alive. She looked around to see only William staring off into the distance as if he had seen a ghost.

"What happened?" She asked as she stood.


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#, as written by CutUp
Raise A Little Hell
The ride back to the pack house was a tense one. Russell rode in the same car as Eve, with the allied pack having placed her between himself and Peter, laying Eve's head on his lap. Russell gently petted the side of Eve's head, brushing her violet hair out of her face. Russell was still steaming mad over the pack's inaction against Richard, and his rogues. After everything they did, everything they put Eve, and Charlie through they were gonna get away. He already knew they were. And he blamed this pack, and it was clearly written on his face, he wasn't hiding his annoyance over them.

Russell was now feeling the entirety of injuries, and the fatigue from fighting nearly nonstop without rest. His eyes were heavy, and his entire body ached. It felt like his bones were made of glass, and shattered. Breathing was difficult, he felt as though there was an obese man sitting on his chest. He was just so tired. Along the way he would nod off for a few seconds every once in awhile, but he was quick to keep his eyes open, and alert, always keeping a eye on Eve.

Time just seemed to fly by, as before he knew it they had arrived home. From there everything seemed to move in fast motion to Russell. Eve, and Charlie were rushed to urgent care while the pack members surrounded them. Russell hobbled out of the vehicle, there were a couple of people trying to help him walk but he stubbornly pushed them away as he hobbled towards the pack house. But something There was an odd scent in the air. No not odd, familiar. It wasn't strong, but it was enough to get Russell's attention. He tried to place the smell, but he just couldn't

The closer to the house he got the stronger the scent became. The one good eye Russell could see out of widened when he realized where he recognized the scent. What color in his face that wasn't black and blue soon turned pale white as he realized what it was. He had looked like he saw a ghost, and it wasn't that far off. Russell was in a haze as he followed the scent. He pushed aside anybody that tried to give him any aide. He moved like a man possessed, he had to follow the scent.

Without realizing it Russell was in front of the door that lead to the cell in the basement. He himself hasn't set foot down there, but he knew what it was for. He cautiously pushed the door open, with it creaking open. Before he knew it he was hobbling down the steps, blood was nearly overwhelming his nose. Once he reached the bottom he gasped, and covered his mouth in horror upon the sight he saw. "Well......shit." Jack struggled to get out, and followed with a cough of blood. His abdomen was cut nearly to shreds, burns covered most of his body, with several fresh ones. He was missing a few toes, along with a chunk out of his one good ear.

Calvin turned to face Russell with a scowl. "Get out. Now." He ordered in a stern voice. "B-Ben? that you?" Russell asked in disbelief. "I haven't been called that for a long time Russ. It's Jack now. Just. Jack. By the looks of it you've had as rough a night as me." Calvin stormed over to Russell, and grabbed him by his arm, causing searing pain to shot up Russell's body. Jack growled angrily at Russell being hurt. "I said get out!"

Russell's body began shaking with anger once more, he glared up at Calvin, his one good eye glowing yellow once again. "Let. Go. Of. Me." He growled lowly. Calvin merely rolled his eyes, and began pushing Russell towards the door. Russell planted his feet firmly on the ground, and quickly sucker punched Calvin, nearly knocking him off his feet. "You stupid stray son of a bitch!" Calvin shouted as he regained his footing. He grabbed Russell by his collar, and threw him against the wall, and followed with a right cross.

Calvin then grabbed Russell, and tossed him across the room, causing him to knock over the metal table that held the tools Jason used on Jack. Russell crawled on all fours, and away from Calvin, he was in no shape to deal with him. "This bastard told us all about you, you little psycho! To think we trusted you!" He said as he came towards Russell. Russell scrounged the floor, pushing aside the tools. " You piece of shit.....I ain't got nuttin to prove to you..." He huffed in defiance. Calvin grabbed Russell, causing Russell to spin around, and drive one of the knives that littered the floor into his shoulder, pushing it as deep as he could.

Calvin howled in pain, and Russell followed up by bashing his head with a hammer he also picked up off the ground. The blow from the hammer caused Calvin to fall to one knee. Russell struck Calvin once more with the hammer, knocking him out. Russell dropped the hammer, and grabbed the keys of the cell, and proceeded to open it. Despite both of their injuries both of them quickly embraced one another in a hug. "I.....I don't are you.....I thought you were dead." Russell stated, tears streaming from his good eye.

Russell pulled away from their embrace, taking in the full extent of his injuries. "Ben wh-" "Jack. My name is Jack now. Ben Moss died on that night....I had to.....I couldn't go by that anymore. It feels like a whole different lifetime.....just call me Jack." Jack stated, with some slight aggression flaring up in his voice. Russell looked up at him in confusion. "O....ok, Jack. Why are you here, what did he do to you?" Russell asked. Tears began streaming down Jack's face, well the side that could produce tears. "I-I-I don't know! I came looking for you, I caught your scent, and followed it here, they grabbed me, and started saying something about rogues, and missing girls....when.....when I couldn't tell them anything....they.....began cutting on me. Him, and that Alpha, Jason."

"I-I-I didn't do anything Russell! I swear to you!" Jack was balling tears at this point, placing his hands on the sides of Russell's face, staring directly into his eyes. Russell's expression softened as he placed his hand on Jack's forearm. "Of course, I believe you Jack. But Jason has done right by me, his daughter was taken by rogues. He was probably scared. Look, we can talk with him. He's a good man, a good Alpha." Jack shook his head. "No...what he did to me.....I can't.....I can't stay here....and you shouldn't either.....this room.....what he did to me......he can't be trusted....please.....please.....we can both get out of here."

Russell looks away from him, hesitant to leave his new home, his new pack, his friends. And one person kept creeping in his mind, Eve, and her reaction to him leaving so soon after her ordeal. "Please.....I-I-I can't lose you too.....your mother...your father.....Debra...and.....and...." Jack began cracking up, not being able to finish the sentence. "Jack, it's ok....I'm not leaving you." Russell placed his hand on his shoulder. "Debra.....she was.......she was...." Before he could even finish the sentence Russell pulled him in for another hug, showing him that he didn't need to continue.

Russell was boiling with anger. He pulled away from Jack, and placed his hands on Jack's shoulders. "Go. I'll deal with Jason." Russell said as turned away from Jack, heading towards the stairs. Jack's expression changed quickly, one of a mixture of annoyance, and slight fear. "Wait....Let's just leave here." Jack said as he grabbed Russell by the arm. Russell turned his head back, glaring at Jack's hand, and then at Jack. Jack released his arm. "No. You slip out while I deal with Jason." Russell ordered, his voice just oozing authority.

Jack took a deep gulp, and averted his eyes to the ground. "O....ok." He replied, with a touch of fear in his voice. Russell then stormed out of the cellar, and towards Jason. A slick grin struck Jack's face as he looked down at Calvin, who was beginning to stir. He knelled down next to him, and picked up a knife from the ground. "Been real fun Cal. Can't wait to return the favor, and show you how I party." He whispered in his ear, and then ruffled his hair playfully.

Russell marched toward Jason, looking like a man possessed. "Jason! You son of a bitch!" Russell roared as he grabbed his Alpha's shoulder, turning him around, and then slugging him across his face. "You sick bastard!" Russell shouted, and before he could land another finger on Jason his fellow pack mates scrambled to pull him away.

With all eyes on Russell, Jack silently slipped out of the cellar, and quietly sneaked out of the pack house. Jack made it outside, but bumped into one of the allied pack members. As the man turned around Jack quickly slashed his throat open with the knife he picked in the cellar. The man gargled on his blood, trying to say something before he fell over. Jack smiled as he licked the blood off the knife. He quickly searched through the man's pockets, pulling out a set of car keys. Jack quickly ran over to the vehicles, starting up the one that transported Eve, Russell, and Peter moments ago. He started up the car, and quickly drove off as fast as the vehicle could go.

Soon Calvin came from the cellar, holding his bloody forehead. "The damn stray let the rogue go!" He shouted as he stormed over to Russell, who was still being held back by the other pack members. Calvin then punched Russell's already bruised, and bloody face. Calvin grabbed Russell by his shirt, yanking him from the grip of the others, and tossed him across the room. The back of his head hit hard against the floor. He struggled to keep his eyes open. Whatever happened next was just a blur to Russell, he could do little to actually stay conscious, no matter how hard he struggled.


For the last few days Russell was kept in his room, like a prisoner. Jason kept a guard outside his door around the clock. Though any real interrogation was stayed off thanks to the combined efforts of Rachelle, who kept reminding Jason of what he went through to protect their daughter, and Dana, who was adamant about his recovery. Throughout this time Russell's mind was racing. He couldn't stop thinking about Ben, about Jack, and most of all Eve's recovery. He hasn't been allowed to leave his room, let alone see her.

Russell laid there on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. 'IS THIS ALL YOU'RE GONNA DO? LAY IN BED, AND SULK? IF YOU WANT TO SEE HER SO BAD GO AND SEE HER! DON'T LET THESE WEAKLINGS STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU WANT!' Russell's wolf barked. Russell let out a deep sigh. It was right, he did want to see her, to make sure she was ok. Russell rolled off his bed, and made his way to his door. He peaked outside to see his guard. The guard was a slightly older man, in his thirties or forties, with a thick beard that was starting to show streaks of grey. He stood there, obviously bored out of his mind as he idly picked at his fingernails.

Russell quietly closed the door, and began lighting some of the candles in his room. It wasn't unusual for Russell to light them, he often used the sweet scents from them for meditation. He then made his way to his radio on his dresser. He turned it on some heavy metal station, and turned the volume as high as it would go. With the candles going, and the radio blasting Russell opened up his window, and slipped outside unnoticed by the guard.

Once outside he carefully circled around the house until he found an unlocked window. Russell quietly slipped in, and made his way to Eve's room. Once there he stood outside of her door, his hand twitching. He was trying to muster the strength, and courage to knock on her door, but he felt his stomach twist and turn. What was he gonna say to her? How was he gonna explain his situation to her? How he's pretty much a prisoner at this point. He took a deep gulp, and lifted up his hand to knock, but then he heard movement inside, and the door opened.


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~'.'~Hero/Heroine | Boys Like Girls~'.'~
"There's always pain before we
get better; that's how we heal"


~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~My Demons | Starset~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~
"Sometimes the right path ...
... Isn't the easiest one ..."


Radioactive | Imagine Dragons
"All is fair in love and war."

Eve slipped in and out of consciousness after the escape, having remained completely inert during the process itself. She wavered slightly when passed from Peter to some unknown other who held the faint smell of an allied pack - the Turzul Pack, if she wasn't mistaken. They were the Sutton's top allies and the two packs did quite a bit for each other, leading her to easily recognize their scents.

When she was passed, she murmured a soft protest of pain, but relaxed once more once she was adjusted in the new man's arms, who carried her with the gentleness of someone accustomed to handling those who were injured.

She once again fell insentient, briefly awakening when she was placed in a vehicle between Peter and Russell. The two allowed the man who had carried her to lay her across them, her head propped onto Russell's lap while her legs were placed on Peter's.

The lull of the car helped her to sleep instead of the worse state of unconsciousness, and she did so heavily for the entirety of the ride back to Sutton land. When the car jostled to a stop, she blinked blearily, only to find herself once more removed from the car by the one that had driven it. All of the movement of her body was beyond her control, and she barely registered that she had been traveling. People were dark shapes, face drifting in and out of focus, and voices were a complete blur and incomprehensible. Her skull held a piercing pain, her body ached from head to toe, and she was dead weight, unable to move of her own accord.

Her mother and father's faces came into emphasis, Rachelle's holding worry and fear mixed with relief, tears clouding her pretty eyes, and her father's own usual rough ones were the same mixture of emotions, along with an undertone of complete and utter fury. Once he had assured himself that she was going to be okay, Dana at his side and immediately shouting orders to those who helped her in the medical ward of the mansion, he began to bellow orders left and right - ones both to defend and also ready to attack those that had dared come after those that were under his care.

Evangeline briefly heard her's and Charlie's names leaving Dana's lips before she was whisked away to the medical area of the mansion that housed their clan. Before she could even murmur a protest, her eyes blearily searching the faces around her for the few that mattered most, a small prick pierced her inner arm, and she quickly fell into an unconscious state once more.

She awoke hours later to find herself encompassed in bandages, several tubes entering her arms and sides - undoubtedly draining fluid from her injured organs - and Dana’s blurred form above her.

“Eve, go back to sleep. You’re okay now,” the woman said gently, smoothing down her hair. Blinking her eyes drowsily, she couldn’t fight off the exhaustion that held her immobile on the bed, and once again slipped into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Peter had ridden in silence to the lands that were considered Sutton territory - and area that, up until that day, he had gone out of his way to avoid. He was a man of respect and if anyone could say anything about him it was that he knew his boundaries. He wasn't about to trespass on a pack's lands, and he held to that.

When they arrived, he was all but ignored as the girls were quickly whisked away to be helped, along with the others that needed medical attention. He didn't need it as badly, so he didn't bother to ask for any help, especially from those that didn't know him. Wolves were solitary creatures for the most part, and stuck only to their pack and those that they knew. They were extremely weary of strangers, and for good reasons. Strangers rarely brought good tidings to a pack.

So he simply took a seat on the steps that led up to the porch at the front of the house, staying out of the way but also making it clear that he didn't intend to leave and would stay so long as he was welcome or needed. It was only when the Alpha - at this point he had found the man's name to be Jason Sutton - looked over at him after shouting out orders, that he took advantage of the break in the organized chaos to make himself known.

Pushing himself sorely to his feet, Peter approached the man and, with his hand awkwardly on the back of his head, stopped a few feet away from the Alpha. When the man simply raised a brow at him, he mustered up his charisma and spoke.

"The name's Peter - Peter Pan James Green. A pleasure," he said, holding out one hand in an uncomfortable greeting.

~'.'~'.'~'.'~Four Days Later~'.'~'.'~'.'~

"Now is there anything else that I can get for you, Evangeline?"

"No thank you, Jessie," Eve said quietly, her hands folded over the open book that rested in her lap. Freira laid watchfully beside her on her bed, and Agent was perched on the open windowsill, looking over the room with a cautious gaze. The area of the house surrounding her room was otherwise quiet - orders directly from her father kept people way from her room and those who had been involved in the rescue of her and Charlie and had also been injured in the process. His reasoning was that the group needed to rest and recover, and they couldn't do so when they were constantly being harassed by the loud voices and goings-on of those that lived or even frequented the mansion. The only ones who had really been allowed to visit her were Jessie, Mica, her parents, Aziel, and Silver.

Jessie and her mate Mica had been saviors the past few days, coming and going to check on not only Charlie but herself and the others several times each day. Other than work, they had quite a bit of free time seeing as it was the summer time and school was out for the humans, so they figured that they would swing by to help out Jason and his mate with everything that had been happening,

Jessie paused in the doorway, glancing over her shoulder at the girl who was barely two years younger than her.

"I know ... We're not very close, Eve, and that I may be overstepping my boundaries when I say this. But ..." The elder girl hesitated, gnawing on her lower lip, clearly deeply thinking about her next words.

"Go ahead and say what you want to say, Jessie. I won't be offended," Eve assured her gently. After a few moments, the young woman cleared her throat and refocused her doe-eyes on Eve's strikingly purple ones.

"Over the past few days, you've told me what happened at that compound, and you told me everything to a fine detail. And you've also told me that since you returned, the young man that came to rescue you ... Hasn't come to check on you, since you've been confined to bed rest. I think that what you did, while noble and something the Alpha of a pack would do in that exact same situation, wasn't right. I understand why you did it, and I can see where you were coming from ... But at the same time, you didn't take a single moment to think of the ones that you would be hurting by attempting to create that pact with the Rogue Alpha. I think ... That you owe everyone an apology - and by that ... I also mean your brother and that boy," she said quietly, her hand resting on the door frame. When Eve remained quiet, Jessie began to fidget a bit, the gaze of the younger girl steady and a bit unsettling.

"Like I said, I don't mean to offend you. But if you think about it ... You probably really hurt everyone by offering that without even speaking to them first. What you don't seem to understand ... Is that you aren't the Alpha, Eve. Everyone in the pack knows that you strive to become so, but none of them expect you to act like one. You still have several years ahead of you under your father's reign, and for now ... Everyone ... That is, I mean ..." The girl drew in a breath and let it out slowly. "No one expects you to sacrifice yourself or your youth simply because you plan to follow your father. No one expects you to act as though you are the Alpha. When the time comes, yes, they will. But for now ... Just enjoy yourself, okay?"

After several moment ticked by, Eve lowered her head to look down at her folded hands. When she finally spoke, there was a slight catch in her throat.

"You're right. Thank you for saying what needed to be said to me. I'm not angry, and I still consider you to be a good friend, and appreciate your and Mica's concerns. But for now ... Could I be left alone, please? I believe ... That I need some time to think."

Jessie nodded and gave the girl a small smile.

"If you need anything, you have both mine and Mica's phone numbers. Don't be afraid to text or call us. We'll come as soon as we can, okay?" And with that, the woman was gone, leaving the door slightly ajar behind her.

Gently closing the book, Eve leaned back against the mass of pillows pushed up to support her from behind. She tilted her head back, her gaze fixated on the beautiful ceiling that was in her bedroom.

Like most teenage girls, her bedroom was her safe place. She had decorated and designed it so that it matched her personality to a T, and she found it to be an extremely calming place. From the bookshelves that lined most of the walls, to the sparkling white lights that were strung along her ceiling, it held a soothing air to it and often times had those that lived in the mansion visiting it for its calming effects. It was of average size and cozy, holding a small cast iron fireplace that was often lit and cast a glow throughout the room. The only window in the room was large and overlooked the back of the house, which was a great open plain encompassed by thick yet welcoming trees. She could easily see for miles above the trees, seeing as her room was on the top floor of the mansion, and she often would climb from her window and onto the roof to look up at the stars at night, or even read a book during the early mornings.

It was in her room that she remained after Jessie's exit. She had been ordered to bed rest by Dana - who else was on bed rest, she wasn't sure - and had for the most part followed her directions. Her body still hurt, and would undoubtedly continue to for a few weeks to the better part of a couple of months. The injuries she had sustained weren't minimal, and Dana had even told her that she was lucky to have lived. If she had arrived even a half an hour later, she probably would have bled out or at least gone into shock. Most of her injuries were non-life threatening, other than the amount of blood that had escaped them, but the main concern for the pack's doctor was her head wounds. She had received repeated blows to the same part of her head, and the woman had made it very clear that she was worried over any internal bleeding or long-lasting issues, such as memory loss. So far, there hadn't been any drastic losses in the memory department - at least not from events thing had happened before the injury was sustained - but Eve had been finding it difficult to remember things that had happened since she had returned to Sutton lands. It was little things, of course - she had forgotten where she had set her book a few times, and had gotten up to use the bathroom and found that she couldn't remember where her tooth brush was. She had forgotten to feed Freira and Agent once, but her mother's gentle reminder sent her scurrying to do so, along with the light pawing of the hungry animals. These things, while minor, were a bit worrisome for Dana, who told Eve to document anything she couldn't remember. Obviously that only worked when it pertained to her losing things, and not any actual memories, but once Eve was healed enough to be up and walking around, she was going to be starting a memory enhancement program with Dana every day.

Healing was going to be a long and painful process, but she was determined and stubborn to become normal again.

Jessie's words briefly flitted through her brain once more.

... You didn't take a single moment to think of the ones that you would be hurting by attempting to create that pact with the Rogue Alpha. I think ... That you owe everyone an apology - and by that ... I also mean your brother and that boy.

Eve tilted her head back down, gazing at her hands folded atop her legs.

The other woman was right, of course. Eve had been selfish and had thought only of what she thought was right without any concern for the other's feelings, but only what she thought was their well-being. While she owed an apology to the entire group, she knew she owed two of the people in that group a bigger apology than the others.

Biting her lower lip, Eve tightened her hands in her lap. Aziel's face flitted across her brain, followed by Russell's, and when the latter appeared she felt an odd stirring in the pit of her stomach. It was a nervousness mixed with a bit of butterflies, and there was a small nauseousness mixed in with those feelings. Her inner wolf, which had been pushing against her since the events at the warehouse, rolled restlessly within her, urging for her to do something - but whatever that was, she didn't quite know.

Casting a look to the side, her eyes landed on Russell's jacket. It had been laid neatly on the chair that sat before her desk, ready to be returned to its rightful owner. Her inner wolf moved impatiently once more, pushing and begging for release - or that was the only thing that she could think of it wanting, at least.

Her concern was clear - if she wasn't twenty-one, than her wolf shouldn't be begging for liberation. Not unless it had recognized a mate.

Clenching her fingers in her blankets, Eve went still. Her heart skipped before thudding hard within her chest, and she felt a something lodge in her throat.

It couldn't be ...

It was less than an hour later when quiet footsteps were heard in the hallway. The sound of the footfalls were instantly recognizable, along with the scent that slithered its way through her door. And before she realized what she was doing, Eve had thrown back her covers, sending her book flying, scrambled from her bed, completely ignoring her injuries in the process, and had hobbled quickly on her cast foot to the door, where she swiftly yanked it open.

A surprised Russell had stopped mid-step outside of her room, having been in the process of passing it, and when she met his eyes with her own, the lump in her throat returned. Instantly it began to ache, tears threatening at the back of her eyes.

Hot liquid began to trickle down her cheeks and over her bandages, which encompassed a good portion of her head and about half of the area of her face. Sniffing a bit, she raised her equally-bandaged hand, those stretching from her fingers and all the way up the lengths of her arms, to wipe futilely at her eyes.

"I ... I'm so ... S-sorry," she managed to choke out, her tears causing her words to hitch and catch. "What I said ... What I did ... Was so very, very selfish of me," she whispered, still rubbing at her leaking eyes. "I never should have ... I mean, that is ... I shouldn't have ..." Her lower lip began to tremble uncontrollably, and she quickly lifted her gaze once more to lock with his, her entire expression crumpled and tears soaking her bandages.

"I'm so sorry, Russell. Please ... Please don't avoid me anymore. I can't ... I won't ... I won't let you," she managed to say. Reaching out one hand, she weakly snagged the bottom of his shirt between her index finger and thumb, her entire grip trembling against it.

"I ... I miss you, Russell," she breathed, a small sob hitching on it and a broken sound escaping her throat. A new onslaught of tears escaped her eyes, and she dropped her head so that shadows were cast across her face, her shoulders shaking a bit. "Please ... Please, don't leave me alone. I miss you so much."

Russell fidgeted slightly, uncomfortable with Eve crying once again. He looked her over, this being the first time he's seen her in several days. His eyes immediately went to her cast. He himself wasn't in much better shape. He had bandages all over his torso, hands, and as well as his face, and his left arm in a sling. His face was still rather bruised, but the swelling in his eyes had went down, and he was at least able to see clearly enough.

Russell let out a sigh, and pulled Eve closer to him. He wrapped his good arm around her, and pulled her in for a hug. He placed his hand on the back of her head, and began gently petting her. "It's ok. It's ok. You're stuck with me remember?" He said in a comforting voice. "Eve I'm not mad at you.....not anymore anyways.....I know our options were limited back there. If I was in your position I probably would have made the same offer....I get it. There's nothing I wouldn't do to keep the people I care about safe."

After good minute of hugging Russell backed away slight, and placed his index finger, and thumb on her chin, bringing her gaze up to his eyes. "Come on, you need to get back to bed. Besides, I want my jacket back." Russell smirked slightly as he led her back to her bed. Russell sat on the bed next to Eve. "I'm.......I'm glad you're ok....I was.....worried about you." Russell said as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Eve....if you want about what happened.....I'm hear for you....I understand if it's hard to talk to people you've known your entire be.....vulnerable to them.....especially as the Alpha's kid......but I'm here for you.....if you need me."

Russell brushed some of his hair out of his face, and then looked over at Eve. "Um...... look..... what Richard was saying.......I don't know how he knows anything about me....I've never seen him before in my life." He stated, and followed with a sigh. "My.....last family.....they were killed by a bunch of thugs because of what we are......I barely made it out.....I don't wanna talk about it....the wounds are still fresh.....I understand that you're curious about it....but.....I just.....can't.....I hope you understand."

Russell brought up his hand, and wiped away a single tear that started to form. Talking about his family was rough for him.

Eve had already lifted her hand before he had finished speaking, pressing one finger against his lips.

"You don't have to push yourself to tell me anything. I don't expect you to, and I never have. You don't seem to understand that I can tell when a person has been wounded. I've known from the moment you showed up with my father that you had fresh ones that you had buried deeply inside of you; but I never pushed or tried to convince you to tell me, because I know that you will once you feel that you're ready to."

Dropping her hand, Eve lowered her gaze, gnawing gently on her lip. Her earlier discovery weighed heavily within her, and whether or not to bring it up to Russell was something she hadn't yet decided on. The events of the past week were the only thing that pushed at her to tell him, seeing as they had proven time to be a short and beautiful thing, but the obvious fear of rejection or frightening him were what caused her to hesitate. Those and the possibility that he might think that she was misunderstanding her feelings.

But her inner wolf was enough for her to know that she wasn't.

"Russell ... I ..." Pausing, she felt her cheeks warm as they grew red with nervousness and embarrassment, and her arms did the same. The blush would be extremely noticeable if it weren't for the bandages hiding it - something she thanked the Gods for - due to her extremely pale skin.

Closing her eyes, she drew in a deep breath through her nostrils before puffing it out slowly from between her lips.

I understand if it's hard to talk to people you've known your entire life ... to be vulnerable to them, especially as the Alpha's kid ... but I'm here for you.....if you need me.

Setting her jaw and clenching her fists, Eve squared her shoulders. Lifting her head, she met his eyes once more.

"You said that if I need to talk to someone, I can talk to you. That if I need to become vulnerable, I can do so with you. If I want to bare myself to someone - anyone - you're here for me to do so. So please ... Don't be mad ... And don't be upset ... Or scared ... Or anything of the sort ... Because this is ..." she hesitated, fighting back tears of nervousness and fear. "This is something that is really, really hard for me to tell you. Because I'm scared ... Of how you'll react. And I'm scared of what will happen ... Of what will change between us ... Because I like us how we are right now ..."

"... But I'm not stupid. I know enough about our race to know that when this becomes known, it must be told. I know ... That you deserve to know, too," she ended on a whisper. Lowering her gaze again, she steeled herself. Her fear made her not want to speak, so pinching one of the bared spots on her leg that wasn't covered in bandages, and forced herself to say it in one large rush of a breath.

"My wolf wants yours, and the only thing that that can mean ... Is that you're ... You're ..."

She cut off in her hesitation, her nails digging into her bandages in her palms. Letting out a loud breath, she muttered the words, "Ah hell," before lifting her hands and pressing them to his cheeks, cautious of his wounds. In a quick movement she had pulled his face to hers and connected their lips in an intense yet untrained kiss - because how was she supposed to know exactly how to do something like that, when she had never been even remotely interested romantically in anyone in her life?

After a few moments, she pulled back and released him, looking to the side with a blazing red covering the small amount of bare skin on her face.

"I believe ... You're my mate, Russell."

Russell sat there for a moment with the wheels turning in his head, him just trying to process what was happening. Ever since Peter suggested something deeper about his feelings for her it's always been in the back of his mind. A thousand things went through his mind. Ranging from wondering if Eve's feelings were actually true, and not some kind of byproduct of him rescuing her from Richard, to her possibly misreading her feelings for him. But no matter holes he tried to poke in this there was one lingering thought that kept creeping back to him. The kiss. It felt so right, so natural to him. Nothing like he ever felt before.

"Eve....I......I don't know what to say...." And he truly didn't. Russell looked into Eve's eyes, and noticed her blushing underneath her bandages. Russell took in a deep gulp, he could hear his heart racing. It was all he could hear, the thumping like drums in his head. "Eve..." Without warning Russell abruptly leaned forward, grabbing the back of Eve's head, and pushing her into another kiss, but this one much more passionate than the last. The initial touch to her head caused a small whimper of pain to escape her lips, but it was quickly extinguished when they met his, and she felt none of the twinges as his grip on her gentled.

After a good minute or two, honestly they lost track, Russell pulled away gasping for air. He let out a small chuckle, and couldn't stop smiling. Then without a word he went right back at her, planting his lips on hers for a moment before he pulled away slightly, and began planting kisses on her cheek, and then moving down her neck. A faked cough then abruptly interrupted them. Russell jumped slightly, and abruptly pulled away from Eve, who was left almost in a daze at what had just happened.

Standing at the door was the pack's doctor, Dana. "Sorry to interrupt. But I should remind you two not to strain yourselves. You don't want to rip those stitches now do you? I might not be so gentle resewing you two up." She said with a smirk before she moved on. Eve had barely registered Dana's presence, but enough so to be slightly embarrassed. She fidgeted a bit as she came back to the present. Russell awkwardly looked at the floor. "Um.....this is awkward.....sorry....I got carried away."

The awkward air between two individuals who had only just realized and admitted their feelings for one another hung heavily between them, pushing Eve to fidget a bit more in embarrassment. It seemed to her that her nervousness had only grown worse instead of getting better after telling him, her expectation being the exact opposite.

After several distinctly awkward moments ticked by, she huffed out a breath, the hair in front of her face ruffling a bit.

"Well ... Now I suppose that I need to tell my parents ... And make it known ... Before, of course, I change," she murmured, almost as though she were talking to herself. Turning her attention back to him, Eve placed her hand on his thigh and let her head come gently to rest on his shoulder.

"I promise that I know what I'm saying and doing. I'm smarter than most people tend to think, and I know how I feel and how my wolf feels. The fact that I can feel my wolf at all is enough of a sign that it's true," she pointed out, closing her eyes in order to rest them. The small amount of movement she had done was enough to make her exhausted after all of her injuries and medications. It made sense that Dana had ordered her to bed rest and had told them to calm themselves; they were nowhere near ready for anything active, especially Eve who, while stubborn, felt pain more keenly than Russell.

"I'm sorry ... I'm falling asleep," she said as a stifled yawn escaped her lips. "Can you ... Stay until I fall asleep?" she asked, opening her eyes long enough to look up at him. The past few nights she had woken up feeling odd and, even weirder, in different places from where she fell asleep. While she had remained in bed and fallen asleep there, she had awoken to find herself in the kitchen, the library, the classroom, and the lab. She wasn’t afraid - undoubtedly she was merely sleep-walking - but a small part of her was telling her that something wasn’t quite right. So, needless to say, she was more than a bit nervous when it came to sleeping, and having Russell there made her nervousness fade just a little bit. After a moment, she lowered her head and once more closed her eyes, easily making herself cozy against his side.

And within moments, she was asleep, her breath puffing out gently.

"It's ok, just rest." Russell said as he gently caressed Eve's cheek with the back of his hand. "I'll be here for as long as you want me to be." He watched as she slept, smiling at her slight snoring.

After he was certain that she was fast asleep, he shifted out from underneath her sleeping form, gently laid her across the bed, and pulled the plush comforter over her body. Rising, he left her room, casting one last glance over his shoulder before quietly shutting the door behind him.

“Now now then. What are you doing out of your room hmm? I do hate it now when my things disobey me. I suppose I should teach you some manners?.”

“No ... Don’t ... Don’t touch me!”

“Insolent little ...”

A hard slap greeted her cheek, sending her to the floor and reeling. The world was dark, causing immense fear to well up within her, and the only thing that she could see in the empty abyss was Richard’s large form towering above her.

The fear threatened to swallow her as she attempted to move away from him, crawling backwards, and when she went to scramble to her feet, she found herself stopped by a painful grab to her long hair, which was oddly blonde in opposition to the black and purple it was supposed to be. That should have been her first indication that this was nothing but a nightmare, but she was unable to concentrate on that.

She was too scared to.

She was yanked to her feet and held there by the rough yanking of her hair, causing tears to prick at her eyes, and she was forced to face the large man that had become one of her greatest fears in less than a week.

“Let go!” she managed to whisper, her screams nothing but soft wisps from her lips. A small sob escaped her as he released her hair only to grab her by the throat and lift her into the air, her legs kicking futilely in an attempt to escape.

“You will obey me. You’re nothing but my toy now, and I will turn you into my own little weapon,” the man snarled. He then threw her to the ground, but instead of hitting floor, she went directly through the darkness. It felt as though she were falling from a building - one as tall as the Empire State. Her hair whipped around her face, and in depressed acceptance of her fate, she wrapped her arms around herself, her tears sparkling in the air above her. Her hair whipped around her face, the blonde locks sticking to the tears that remained on her cheeks. It was still a black abyss around her, but before her eyes appeared the faces of those she knew best.

Charlie. Phoebe. Her father and mother. Aziel. Peter. Russell.

The faces looked at her with disappointment, as though despondent that she had chosen to simply accept what was about to happen instead of fighting against it.


Shooting up, Eve let out a loud cry of pain as the movement pulled at her wounds. The sound echoed in the trees around her.

Trees? That ... Wasn’t right. She should be in bed in her room, right where Russell had left her. The last memories that she had were of her room, at least. She couldn’t remember leaving it, let alone to go to the forest surrounding the mansion.

In an instant the darkness that was the nighttime engulfed her, sending fear cascading throughout her body. Ever since that day when she was little, she had been extremely afraid of the dark. It was something that if she were around anyone other than her fellow wolves she would receive criticism and bullying for, but since they were wolves and their pack was always extremely close, she had been given only support. Some people may have thought it silly, but she had even painted the ceiling of her bedroom and installed little lights as stars to give herself the visual of a night sky while also having light while she slept.

“No ... No, not the dark,” she whispered, her voice trembling. Tears gathered in her eyes, and she wrapped her arms around her injured knees, completely ignoring the pain that doing so caused her. The darkness seemed unfathomable, and it encompassed her, wrapping her in a suffocating, thick, unbreakable blanket.

There wasn’t any way out of it. She was going to stuck inside of that darkness for the rest of her life.

“Eve? What are you doing out here?”

Jerking her head up, Eve let out a small sound of fear, before her eyes met those of the person who had spoken.

“Peter?” she whispered. After a moment of simply staring, she scrambled to her feet and threw herself at the man who was just barely past being a stranger to her.

“Please ... Please take me home,” she whimpered out, her shoulders shaking and tears drenching his shirt.

Peter, on the other hand, had been patrolling the grounds - most specifically the trees - when he had heard the shout of someone in pain and afraid. He hadn’t hesitated to locate the source, and was more than a little surprised to find the Violet Princess huddled on the mossy floor of the forest that surrounded the mansion that was the Sutton Household. Not only that, but he barely recognized her by her suddenly different hair color. But it stood out in the dark, so that helped.

After they had returned, he had spoken with the Alpha - Jason - and his mate - Rachelle - and told them everything that had happened, beginning with when the group of young adults had entered the bar. Despite his being an outsider, once they had verified his story with Phoebe, Russell, and Aziel, they had agreed among themselves that due to the current circumstances they could use all of the man power that they could get. He had been asked to stay to help them and despite him not necessarily needing anywhere to stay, he had agreed. Why? Not even he really knew, but if asked he would simply respond that he was bored and wanted a change of pace.

So there he was, with a frightened teenage girl crying against him. Her eyes had been swollen, hinting at an earlier crying - do girls ever do anything else? - and she was covered in brambles and branches from the forest.

What in bloody hell had she been doing out there, and what had she been doing before he had shown up?

Shaking his head, he turned her and hefted Evangeline into his arms. Now clearly wasn’t the time to be asking her questions. Instead, he needed to return her to her parents.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Looking over his shoulder at the man who had appeared through the trees, Peter shook his head.

“I’m not quite sure; I heard her cry out and found her trembling on the ground,” he responded. When that garnered him a suspicious look from the other wolf, he rolled his eyes. “If it were I that had done it, than why would I tell you that I found her here?”

The man’s look didn’t fade, but after a moment, he nodded and disappeared into the trees, presumably to return to his own patrole.

Turning his face to Eve’s, he shook his head.

“You’re quite the handful, aren’t you? Russell has something to look forward to,” he joked.

And with that, he set off to return her to the mansion.

It was a quick trek back, especially since Eve was actually conscious and he was able-bodied enough to carry someone this time, and when he had reached the large building, he found a dark figure standing in the open doorway, light encompassing her. It was Dana, the woman who had found out to be the Pack’s doctor, and she stood there with obvious knowledge of what was happening in her eyes.

“Follow me,” she said simply, before turning and starting down the hallway.

When she finally stopped, it was before the resting area in the medical ward, and she motioned for him to put Eve on one of the beds. When he had done so, she quickly shooed him away. At the doorway, however, she spoke.

“Don’t mention this to anyone. I don’t want to worry Jason and Rachelle any more so than they already are, and if Aziel or Russell find out, everything will be made out to be bigger than it actually is.”

After a brief moment, Peter nodded and left to return to his patrol, but the weirdness of the events lingered in his mind for the entire night.

Turning back to face the young woman who had sat up on the bed, Dana sighed and pulled a chair over to the side of it.

“What happened, Eve?” she asked as she lowered herself into it.

The young girl fidgeted slightly on the bed, her tears now dry and her fear dissipated completely.

“I ... I’m not sure,” she whispered, clenching her fingers against her dirt- and grass-stained pajama shorts. They were slightly torn along one-side, hinting at them snagging on a tree branch, and her bandages were dirtied beyond recognition. When Dana noted so, she immediately rose and began to change them out and once again clean Eve’s wounds, pausing as she did so when, as it always did, the names carved into her arms and legs caught her off-guard. She quickly went back into action, however, so as not to distract Eve.

“Tell me everything you remember.”

When Eve didn’t immediately respond, Dana paused in her ca-retaking of the wounds to look up at her. “Do you not remember?” she asked slowly, and the paleness of the girls features were more than enough of an answer. Looking down at her wounds once more, she shook her head.

“I want you to lock your door whenever you go to sleep, and document every time this happens. Has it happened before?”

Pressing her lips together, Eve hesitated before responding.

“Other than in the past couple of days, the only other time was when I was little. Do you remember when I went to the town with my parents and I got lost?”

Pausing a brief second in re-bandaging her, Dana nodded.

“After I came home ... I think ... I think I was sleep-walking. But that just ... Never sounded right. I would go to sleep in my bed and wake up in different places. I began to have really bad nightmares ... And whenever I woke up, I was always extremely afraid, especially since it was dark outside. I would wake up with cuts and bruises and my clothes would be a little torn, and I never knew where I was. My parents were the only ones who knew anything about it because the patrols would always bring me to them. It happened every night for two years, before it abruptly stopped happening.”

Finished, Dana returned the leftover bandages and scissors to their correct spot before reclaiming her seat before Eve.

“I’m going to install a camera in your bedroom and have you use a sleep monitor whenever you go to bed. With your current injuries, I’m afraid you’ll only hurt yourself more with this ... Sleep-walking,” she said slowly. A moment ticked by before she spoke again, and when she did, it was extremely gently.

“I know you’ve been acting tough since you came back home, but I can tell what happened at that compound really scared you, Eve. You don’t even seem like the same person as before. I’ve known you since you were born, and I can say right now that you aren’t acting even remotely the same as you did before the events. You’ve always been stubborn and adventurous, sarcastic and daring. You always had a smile on your face, and you always tried to make everyone happy. But since you came back ... I very rarely see a genuine smile on your face. And your eyes ... They used to be full of life, but now ... They’re dull and dark,” the older woman said, her concern that of a close friend or family member instead of a doctor. “You’re like a niece to me, Eve, and as your Godmother I can’t help but voice my concerns over your well-being both physically and mentally. I want you to know that you can talk to me, as something other than a doctor, okay?”

When Eve looked down at her lap, it took only a few seconds before she dissolved into a crying mess, her sobs echoing in the empty room.

“I don’t understand what’s happening ... What’s wrong with me, Auntie Dana?” she whispered, rubbing futilely at her leaking eyes. “I-I’m scared of what’s happening,” she sobbed out.

The older woman rose and wrapped her arms gently around the girl, pressing her into her side.

“Shh .... It’s going to be alright ... We’ll figure out what’s happening, I promise,” she murmured, smoothing a hand over Eve’s hair. In an effort to calm the girl, she smiled a little bit. “I like what you did with your hair. When did you dye it back to blonde? Your mother will be happy.”

The young woman went rigid in her arms, and when she pulled away a bit, Dana let her. The look of confusion mixed with horror on her face was enough to cause chills to go up the doctor’s arms.

“M-my hair? What ... What are you talking about?” she asked. When Dana struggled for words, Eve launched to her feet - or as close to a launch as she could manage in her state - and hobbled to the nearest mirror. Her reflection caused her to go cold, her skin blanching and her eyes widening.

“But ... I didn’t ... Dye it ...” she rasped, lifting a trembling hand to her hair. More tears welled in her eyes, and she whirled around to face Dana.

“What’s happening to me, Dana?” she whispered, her hands clenching in the bottom of her dirty-blonde locks. Releasing her hair, she stared down at her shaking hands. "What's happening?"

Dana crossed the room in a few quick strides, grabbing Eve’s hands and clutching them between her own.

“Shh, Angel. It’s okay,” she soothed. Pulling the young girl against her, she looked over her head at their reflection in the mirror, attempting to arrange her worried expression into one of neutrality.

But to no avail.

After Dana had calmed Evangeline enough for the girl to go back to sleep in her room, she hurried down the halls to the study, where Rachelle and Jason were in deep conversation with two Alphas from other packs, their second-in-commands watching from the sides of the room. Knocking lightly on the door, Dana took a few steps inside.

“Excuse the interruption, but I really need to speak to Jason and Rachelle,” she stated, the authority of a doctor in her voice. When her words gained a disgruntled response from the visitors, she squared her shoulders and met Jason’s and Rachelle’s eyes.

“There’s something very wrong with Evangeline. I’m worried about her safety, both mentally and physically, and what those monsters did to her at that compound. I don’t think ... I don’t think that they only tortured her. I think ... They did something to her. She isn’t the same person she was before, and there have been some ... Ah ... Issues,” she said, obviously withholding information until they were in private. When the visiting allies heard her words, the Alphas nodded at their men and they left the room, shutting the door behind them. In one movement Dana was across the floor and stood before the Alpha and his mate, her concern evident in her features.

“I’m saying this as both her doctor and her Godmother, Jason - Rachelle,” she said, looking at both in turn. “There’s something very wrong with her. I don’t know what it is, but she’s having major lapses in memory, chronic night terrors, she’s sleep walking again, and she’s doing things during these lapses in memory that have me extremely concerned. This is the third night in a row since their return that she’s been brought to me by a patrolling party, and this time it was by Peter. He found her in the middle of the forest, huddled into a ball and crying. She doesn’t remember dying her hair back to its natural color, for God’s sake,” she said quietly, leaning against the desk that separated her from the couple.

“There’s something seriously wrong with her, and I cannot, even as a doctor, figure out what. The only thing that comes to mind is that that despicable and disgusting piece of shit did something to or put something inside of her that is making her do things against her will and without her knowledge. If they were sadistic enough to carve names of their pack and pack members into her arms and legs, than they were sadistic enough to put something inside of her,” she finished, tightening her hold on the desk. Her anger was evident, and her eyes were ablaze when she looked up.

“We need to find out what he did to her, and soon before she hurts herself ... Or someone else. Who knows what she’s been doing in these random rifts in her memories, and who knows what she’s capable of.”


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Silvestra Roberge

The drive to the pack house had been a blur for Silver, most of the ride being purely muscle memory as her mind was elsewhere. When she had arrived at the pack house it had been hectic. Everyone else had arrived before her, by how long she didn't know. Alpha Jason had been shouting out orders, presumably for patrols, and Dana had been busy helping the injured making it easy for Silver to avoid them both and make it up to her room.
Rather than staying there, Silver opened the door and whistled causing her two dogs to jump up and run to her. Closing the door behind her she headed to the stairs once more and made it to the kitchen before she heard someone call out to her. Letting out a groan she turned to see another pack member running up to her, his name slipping her mind, a worried look on his face. "Yo Silver where are you going?" Once he got next to her he stopped and his eyes went to her arm, his worry apparent. Riding her bike had more then once pulled on the wound and even the piece of cloth tied tightly around her arm hadn't been enough to stop the bleeding completely, causing the blood to soak through the cloth and run down her arm. "Have you seen Dana yet?" As he asked he reached out to lay a hand on her shoulder but stopped when Silver flinched away. "I'll go see her later..." Silver's voice was soft but her tone was firm as she answered before she turned and walked across the kitchen and out the back door. When Silver arrived at the shed she had gone in and sat down, hugging her two pups to her. She knew she wouldn't be able to see Evie yet, not with how injured she was, and there were people a lot more injured then her. Her mind going to her injury she ripped another strip of cloth off the bottom of her tank top and then untied the one currently around her arm. After it was off she quickly dropped the blood-soaked cloth and used her teeth to tie the new one into place. As she tightened the tie she gritted her teeth, the pain being quite intense. Once she let go of the cloth she leaned back against the wall of the shed and closed her eyes against the black spots covering her vision.

Time Skip

The last four days had been agonizing for Silver. Though, honestly it was more like three since she had been out of it the first day. After she passed out in her shed Shadow had refused to let anyone near Silver. From what Dana told her it had taken almost an hour to resolve the situation, especially since one of the members of the allied pack had been pulled into the situation and had shifted, ready to kill the dog. Someone had stopped him thankfully but it had caused a fight drawing both Jason and Rachelle into the issue. Thankfully, Shadow knew Rachelle and Jason well enough that he let them pass and after that the situation defused. Silver had woken up the next night with her arm bandaged and in a sling that she was sternly told not to remove. She had then apologized profusely to both Rachelle and Jason, both telling her it was fine and then scolding her for not going straight to Dana.

Being stuck in the house, was absolutely horrible. She was only allowed to see Evie for 2 or 3 hours each day which barely made a dent in the 23 hours she was awake with her insomnia. Usually she would go out to her shed but Dana had told everyone she wasn't allowed to until her arm stopped bleeding, which wouldn't have been a problem if she hadn't ripped her stitches open yesterday. A member of their allied pack had caught her trying to sneak out to her shed and had grabbed her, not realizing that was taboo. Silver had freaked out and fought against him, causing to rip her stitches open. When the man had dragged Silver into the house and to Dana she had still been struggling violently. The man was quite surprised when Dana snapped at him rather than Silver and she still couldn't look the woman in the eyes.

Despite all that her insomnia had led her to finding out Evie's sleepwalking problem. She was extremely worried about it and had gone to Dana but the woman hadn't been able to give her any answers. Silver tried to keep an eye on Evie when she did but she had slipped past her, Silver having passed out on the couch in the middle of watching Jaws. Since it didn't take much to wake her up a when Peter carried a crying Evie inside a little over an hour later Silver had been jolted awake from her own nightmares. Though Silver severely wanted to follow after Evie she also didn't want to get in Dana's way, knowing that was where Peter had brought her. The next few hours until sunrise Silver wandered the house with her arms wrapped around herself, giving a nod to each person who passed her while leaving or arriving from patrols.

Once the sun was just about to rise Silver had headed to the kitchen and started getting stuff out of the cabinets and fridge to make breakfast. When Rachelle came out about fifteen minutes later Silver had pulled put all the necessary ingredients for eggs, bacon, and pancakes and had started cracking eggs into a bowl to start the pancake mix. Looking up, Silver gave Rachelle a tight lipped smile and then went back to what she was doing only for Rachelle to come and rest a hand on her good arm. "Sweetheart you should be relaxing and letting your wounds heal. I can handle breakfast alone for a week." Silver bit her lip and kept her eyes down, nodding in response. She knew that Rachelle only meant well but that didn't stop the feeling of helplessness that welled up in her. Quickly turning Silver ducked her head so that her hair fell around her face like a sheet and scurried out of the kitchen. Having lived there for she knew how to navigate the building without looking up but that didn't stop her from walking into somebody on her way towards the stairs. Startled Silver looked up and, seeing Dana, quickly swiped at the tears on her face. "S-Sorry." Silver glanced over at the staircase behind the medic but since she would have to push past Dana to get to it she instead spun around and bolted for the back door. Once she was outside and away from the house she glanced around for other people, wiping her face once more as she did. Not seeing anyone and not hearing Dana yelling after her, though with the back door shut behind her she wouldn't be able to hear her anyways, Silver started to walk in the direction of her shed. Surprisingly enough she got all the way there only to find it locked, something she assumed was Dana's own doing. Sliding down the front of the small building Silver finally broke down in tears, pulling her knees to her chest and bowing her head.


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Ready to Go | Panic! At the Disco
"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody."

Men had come and gone, offering for Peter to return to the mansion that was the Sutton's Pack House so that he could have a break, but in all honesty he wasn't even close to being tired. In fact, he was wide awake, even after the night that he had had. The events with Evangeline remained present at the front of his mind, bothering him for the rest of his night, but he continued his monitoring of the forest surrounding the building that held the injured despite the constant thoughts in his head.

Light broke through the trees, the chill of the night slowly dissipating. The grass was coated with the morning dew, hinting at the nearing end of summertime and the approaching autumn, and Peter paused on the outskirts of the forest to look up at the sun breaking over the horizon. He had finally agreed to allow for someone to take his position, simply because he was beyond starving, and was on his way to the Kawasaki Ninja 2015 that he had gone and fetched from his apartment building the day before. He planned to head into town and stop at Serena's Diner, if only to have a break from constantly being at the Sutton house, and his stomach growled in agreement.

Turning away from the morning sun, he started across the large and expansive yard. The shed that sat near the very back of it had held him curious since he had arrived, but after further investigation, he found it to be a workshop of sorts. The first day the commotion with Silver had happened he had managed to peak inside and see what was housed within it, and that had been enough of a glimpse to satisfy his curiosity.

However, as he was passing by the shed, he stopped. It wasn't curiosity that stopped him this time, but instead the faint sound of labored, yet soft and quick, breathing. After a moment of listening, he made his way around to the other side, only to find Silver huddled up in front of the door that led inside of the work shed.

Leaning back against the side of the shed, Peter crossed his arms and looked down at the girl who clearly hadn't sensed his presence yet.

"You know, crying never really solved anything, nor did it get anyone anywhere, love," he said, quirking up an eyebrow at her. Pushing away from the shed, he moved so that he stood before her and dropped into a crouch. "Plus, you don't strike me as the type to just give up and take to crying as an alternate solution," he teased, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief. Instead of dropping his hand on her head as he normally would when comforting someone, he simply rocked back onto his heels, easily reading into what her current problem was.

"You know ... I really regret nothing in my past - and by my past, I mean as soon as a few minutes ago. Even if my past was full of hurt, I still look back and smile ... Because it made me who I am today. And I'm a pretty damn good person, if I do say so myself," he joked, winking at her. Pushing himself back to his feet, he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked off to the side, towards the rising sun. "You only fail when you stop trying, and from what I've seen of you, you aren't the one to just sit down and give up. In fact, you remind me quite a bit of the Greek Goddess Artemis - determined to show everyone that women aren't lesser beings, and that you're different. If she can achieve everything that she did, than you can achieve anything you want, too," he stated simply. Turning his gaze back to her, he removed one hand from his pocket and held it out to her, an offering to help her up.

"So what do you say, 'Artemis'?" he grinned. "Are you ready to face the battles that are ahead of you with that headstrong mindset that belonged to the girl I first met in town? Or are you going to let others fight your battles for you?" he asked, winking at her. When she reacted, he stepped back and shoved his hands into his pockets once more.

"Come on," he said, nodding with his head in the direction of the front of the house. "I think you need some time away from the scrutinizing gazes of the people that live here. Let's go get something to eat - my treat."

With that, he turned on his heel and started for the front of the house. Whether or not she chose to follow was her decision, and her decision alone.

As he rounded the side of the house, he nodded at two of the men who stood there talking over a sleek Jaguar that sat before the large garage. They cast him glares in response, something that bothered him very, very little, and he continued on his way to the dazzling silver and green bike that sat opposite of the jaguar. Swinging one leg over the bike, he pulled on the silver helmet he kept tossed over one of the handles, and then removed another silver one from the bag slung over the side of the bike. Holding it up, he waited for Silver - if she decided to come - to approach and take it.


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Silvestra Roberge

"You know, crying never really solved anything, nor did it get anyone anywhere, love." Silver jumped a bit and looked up at Peter, not have noticed him approach. She had only been sitting there about a minute, only having had enough time to yank off the sling around her arm and then hug her knees to her chest, but with how frequent the patrols currently it wasn't a shocker someone found her so quickly. As Peter crouched down in front of her she looked down at her knees, wiping away her tear with her left hand as she pushed the sling behind her with her right. She was sure he had already noticed it but hoped he wouldn't make a comment. As he continued on Silver bit her lip, tears still streaming down her face despite her attempts to stop them, though her breathing had evened back out.

Taking a pause Peter stood up and looked away, this simple act making Silver more comfortable as it made his presence less intrusive. "You only fail when you stop trying, and from what I've seen of you, you aren't the one to just sit down and give up. In fact, you remind me quite a bit of the Greek Goddess Artemis - determined to show everyone that women aren't lesser beings, and that you're different. If she can achieve everything that she did, than you can achieve anything you want, too." Silver looked up at Peter a bit shocked, from what she had seen of him at the bar and around town he was the 'player' type. He definitely hadn't come across as the comforting type, though that's exactly what he was coming off as now as he held a hand out to her.

"So what do you say, 'Artemis'? Are you ready to face the battles that are ahead of you with that headstrong mindset that belonged to the girl I first met in town? Or are you going to let others fight your battles for you?" Taking his hand Silver couldn't help the small smirk that crossed her face at what seemed to be her new nickname. As she let him pull her up she wondered for a moment why she had so willingly trusted someone she never would have previously but brushed it off, reasoning that it would have been a struggle to get up with her left arm in the sling. "Come on, I think you need some time away from the scrutinizing gazes of the people that live here. Let's go get something to eat - my treat." As he spoke he nodded his head towards the front of the house. Despite letting him help her up this caused her to pause. For a moment she wondered if he was trying to pull something but he turned and started walking away, seemingly leaving the decision up to her.

As he headed across the yard Silver had a good few minutes to watch him, trying to figure out why he had offered. After a moment she realized she was actually considering it and mentally scoffed at herself. 'This is ridiculous. If he had offered to take me out at the bar a week ago I would have said no... I'm not going to leave with him.' Despite her mental statement as she watched him round the house, moving out of sight, she bolted after him, crossing the large back yard in a third of the time he had taken. As she rounded the corner of the house herself her eyes immediately landed on Peter, who was getting on a beauty of a bike. As he put on the helmet that had been hanging on the handles Silver walked over to him, completely ignoring the two guys next to the jaguar giving her confused and shocked looks and not even noticing Phoebe.

Just as she stepped up next to him Peter offered her a helmet and Silver looked at it, trying not to smirk or roll her eyes. If there was one thing she frequently got into trouble for, both with the local police department and the Suttons, it was 'forgetting' to put on her helmet. Instead of taking it right away Silver crossed her arms, frowning a bit as the movement pulled on her stitches and caused a twinge of pain to course through her arm. "I hope you realize this is a one time thing... This is not an invitation for you to start hitting on me constantly..." Silver waited a moment, half expecting him to take the helmet back or show some sign of a change of heart.

After his reaction a small smile involuntarily formed on her face and she grabbed the silver contraption. Setting the helmet on the seat behind Peter she quickly tied her hair up in a knot. Though she herself wouldn't have chosen to wear a helmet she strongly believed that the choice was up to the driver and as such put on the silver helmet without complaint, before getting onto the bike behind Peter.


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All Around Me | Flyleaf
"There comes a point in your life where you need to stop reading other people's books and start writing your own. Albert Einstein."

After Eve had been persuaded to return to her room, she curled up under the large comforter that had been in a tangled heap on the floor beside her bed. Her beautiful blonde locks lay sprawled around her in a tangled mess. She had yet to shower - she had found herself too tired to do more than allow Dana to poke and prod at her before trudging back to her room - and the yellow-white colors in her hair were streaked with twigs and dirt. Grass made an appearance, along with some flowers and leaves, and there were knots strewn throughout the normally-silky smoothness. Staring at her hair only furthered the anxiety that had curled into a ball in her stomach, and she rolled over heavily so that she faced the wall.

Something was really wrong with her, and not even Dana could summon an explanation. It was the same as when she was little, after she had gone through the ordeal in town, just as she had told Dana. When she had found herself lost in the crowd of human strangers in the unknown town, she was quickly pushed and pulled far away from the comfort of her parents. She couldn't have been more than six or seven years old, and of course she hadn't accessed the wolf side of herself, so she wasn't capable of finding them on her own. In addition to her inabilities as a young werewolf, the smells and noises in the town further blockaded what little skills she had in tracking, so in no time she was in another part of the town, not sure where to go or what to do. So instead of just standing there - she was never really one for doing nothing when in danger, and even when she was little she hated the damsel in distress mindset that many had for women - she set off on her own in an attempt to possibly find her parents.

Instead, she had found four disgusting alcoholic humans stumbling out of a bar. When they had reached for her, she tried to get away - she kicked and screamed, bit and punched at the men - but they were, of course, far stronger than her, a small child. Before the men could do any real physical harm, a man shrouded in shadows appeared, shot two of the four with something that gave off a crackling sound and caused them to spasm, and shouted to the remaining two to remain still or they would receive the same treatment. In an instant more men appeared, and the blue and red lights of what she now knew were police cars were permanently imprinted in her memory, along with the smell of the alcohol and cigarettes that had stained the human men.

But also in that memory was something bittersweet. The taste of sugary chocolate long john donuts and sweet hot chocolate with marshmallows, whip cream, and caramel drizzle sat with her even now whenever she recalled the events. Where there was darkness there was also a bit of light. The sounds of bands that were common favorites of the age group that the man who stepped in blasted on the radio, and one in specific she remembered very well.

Guns N' Roses performance of their famous song Sweet Child O' Mine. At the time the only words that she could really understand and remember were the 'sweet child of mine' chorus lines, and something about the song had made her feel immensely better. Because of that, she had always been a huge fan of hard rock and even current rock, such as Evanescence. Call her cheesy, but the music reminded her of something that was good that had come out of something bad.

After the man had taken her back to the police station, they found her mother and father there already, her mother visibly upset and her father trying very hard not to show his own feelings, but instead only comfort for her mother. As her mother clung to her and squished her against herself, Eve had peaked through the mass of red locks that belonged to Rachelle Sutton to look at the man who had swooped to her rescue.

"It doesn't take a hero to do what's right. We're all born with the idea of what is right and what is wrong in the universe - but it's left up to us to choose to do what's right. Anyone can be a hero. It's all a matter of whether or not the right choice is made."

And that man was a human.

The same species as the men that tried to hurt her that day.

But the man had not hesitated to save her, even though he had later admitted - without them knowing she heard - to her parents that he knew what they were and what she was.

He hadn't cared that she was a werewolf.

He hadn't cared that her parents were werewolves.

He had simply wanted to do what was right and help them.

Lifting her fingers to her eyes, she pulled them away with tips wet with tears that she hadn't known she was shedding.

She understood why her species hated them, and she understood why they hated her and her kind. But at the same time she couldn't understand what had caused all of the hatred to begin with. It had simply always been that way, and to her that was the greatest shame known to men of any kind. There were good and bad apples in every batch, as with those men in that alley, and as with Richard and his followers. But why ostracize and target an entire type of people simply because a few of them didn't hold up to the standards and morality that they should?

Sniffling through her stuffy nose, Eve cuddled further into her blankets.

That was the true reason why she was so adamant about the issues between wolves and humans. There was no real reason for the issues between them but instead a deep seated anger from hundreds and hundreds of years ago - something that mattered very little now. It was why she fought so hard against her father and the rest of the pack's beliefs that all humans were evil. Although her father was a lot more accepting than, for example, Russell, he was still very against any and all involvement between humans and werewolves, and that was something she planned to change if she ever became the Alpha. As for Russell - well, only time would tell if anything could change his mindset on them. God only knew why he hated them; as with her reasoning and experience with humans and why she accepted them, he undoubtedly he a reason to hate them so passionately, and she couldn't very well expect him to simply drop his beliefs when she, too, had her own reasoning for her opinions.

Fighting back a yawn, Eve felt her eyes closing. Her exhaustion was evident, because what little sleep she had gotten hadn't been restful, and she was nearly asleep when she heard her door quietly creak open. The soft whispers belonging to her parents and Dana carried to her ears but barely registered in her sleepy state, and as her mother had done when she was little and not feeling well or had had one of her night terrors, the woman sat beside her on her bed and gently brushed her palm across her head. It was something that Eve found extremely comforting, and in moments she was deeply asleep.


Adjusting the knit cap that was bobby pinned into her hair, Eve completed the outfit that she had spent the past twenty minutes working on putting together. She had matched a sheer black shirt with dark black leggings, and matched those with black combat boots and a couple of bracelets and a silver ring as an adornment. She had barely managed to get the clothes on over her bandages and cast, but had struggled through the pain to do so.

"The things I do for cute clothes," she sighed, turning to shove books into her messenger bag. She'd be damned if she let Dana keep her cooped up inside her room all day long. She understood why at night, but it was completely unnecessary during the day. So, instead of allowing the woman to play doctor and mother hen along with her actual mother, Eve was determined to at least be able to go outside.

Sneaking outside proved to be quite a bit more difficult than she expected. Luckily, her wolf was half-awakened, allowing her to know when someone was coming down a hallway with enough time for her to duck somewhere and hide. Her scent would have been throughout the house no matter what, so it didn't raise any flags for the people walking the halls to smell her. Any sound would have been suspicious, so she managed to keep quiet the two times she was forced to hide behind a door. She made a small detour into the kitchen, risking running into her mother but luckily not actually doing so, to snag a bag of chips and a water bottle filled with sweet iced Lipton tea.

When she finally made her way outside, hobbling on her booted cast the entire way, she pushed open the door to the garage and froze. She had entered the garage just in time to see Peter and Silver take off on Peter's bike, and two of the men that lived at the house leave the driveway in front of the garage, leaving only Phoebe working on her car - directly in between Eve and her momentary freedom from the intense scrutiny of the people that were smothering her with concern.

It was too late to turn back, and by that time Phoebe had undoubtedly heard the door open, so with a heavy sigh, Eve feigned nonchalance and hobbled across the cement floor and into the sunlight of the outdoors.

"Hey, Phoebe," she sang merrily, attempting to appear as though it were perfectly normal for her to up and about five days after the incident. "How's the work coming on your car?" she asked, peaking over the woman's shoulder at the vehicle in question. "Do you mind if I sit and study while you work? It may be summertime, but if I want to graduate early and work on furthering my career, I really shouldn't be lacking in studying. Plus, I've missed reading my schoolbooks. So, I figured I would sit outside and enjoy the warm sunlight while studying - by you, if that's okay," she said, already removing a book labeled Mixed Species Track: Volume IV and moving to get comfortable, tea in hand.


Unbreakable | Fireflight
"If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try."

"I hope you realize this is a one time thing... This is not an invitation for you to start hitting on me constantly..."

Smirking, Peter pulled on his black leather gloves he used solely for biking and Velcro'd the wrists to hold them in place.

"I'll keep that in mind, love," he drawled, hinting slightly at the grin on his face, which was hidden from view behind his helmet. Once she was on and her own helmet was in place, he snapped down the black shield that was attached to his helmet and blocked anything from going into his eyes, snapped up the kickstand, and started the bike.

"I'm afraid you'll have to hold on tight, though - she has a bit of a wild side to her, Noir does," he said, patting the side of his majestic bike. Before she really had a chance to respond verbally, he revved the bike and they took off, surging to a breathtaking speed of 80 in less than five seconds. It was almost a straight shot from the Sutton Mansion to the highway, although it was a couple of miles off, and other than a few curves he was free to go however quickly he wanted due to the desertion of the road that would take them to town. Once he was on the highway he slowed a bit, if only because he had a passenger instead of it only being himself, and if anything were to actually happen he didn't want to be to blame for it, simply because he wouldn't want anything weighing on his conscious.

"Sorry about forcing you to wear the helmet," he shouted over the wind roaring past them, noting the sign welcoming them into the town. "Just like with all of my other endeavors, I believe in riding with protection," he joked, obviously hinting at other 'activities' when saying that. Whatever Silver said in response was lost in the wind, and a few minutes later he pulled to a stop in a parking spot on the street in front of Serena's Diner. Snapping down the kickstand and turning off the bike, he allowed Silver to step off before following suit and removing his helmet in the same motion. A few of the older women seated outside of the diner, who looked to be around mid-thirties to early-forties, immediately dropped to hush tones, openly admiring the bike and himself as he placed his helmet over one handle. Twirling the keys on his one finger, he waited for Silver to finish unloading herself from the motorcycle, before motioning with his head to the eatery.

"I'm not sure if you've been here before, but if you haven't, trust me when I say that you're going to love it," he said, waggling his brows as they approached the door. They were immediately seated in a booth along a windowed wall as soon as they entered, and the hostess returned with two waters for them before scurrying away to find their sever.

Snapping up the menu, Peter leaned back in his side of the booth while simultaneously brushing his hair from his eyes and off to the side.

"You know, they have some of the best sandwiches I've ever had - and I've traveled quite a bit," he pointed out. "Feel free to get whatever you want - money isn't a worry."

It was a few moments later that a pretty, blonde teenage girl approached, her name tag boldly stating her name to be Cindy, with a heart cutely drawn as the dot on the i.

"Hiya, Mr. Green!" she breathed out, slightly breathless from her rush over. She stood with notepad in hand, pink glittery pen poised at the ready, and barely seemed to notice Silver. "Can I get you something right away? Did you want your usual, or were you thinking something else today? How about our special?" she asked quickly. It was only then that she took notice of Silver, and when she did, her demeanor instantly changed, her bright blue eyes darkening slightly as she seemed to size the other girl up. "And is there something that I can get you?" she seemingly forced out, her voice a bit snippy when she asked.

Peter, for all of his good qualities, barely seemed to notice the girl's obvious advances and attempts to impress him, instead simply glancing at the menu.

"I'll go ahead and take a strawberry milkshake for now, thank you. And can we get a sampler possibly - perhaps some mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and fried pickles?" he asked, flicking his eyes very briefly to Cindy before turning his gaze to Silver.

"Are you ready to order, love?" he asked, closing the menu and setting it down. "If not, I'm more than happy to wait."


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Silvestra Roberge

Silver could hear the teasing tone in Peter's voice as she got on the bike behind him, but her mind was focused elsewhere. As she placed her hands on his waist her face flushed under her helmet. She was very unused to being this close to a guy. There of course was Jason who had given her the occasional hug or pat on the back but other than that her physical interactions were limited to sparring. As the bike came to life under them she made herself focus on that, causing her hands to relax as the familiar sound lessened some of her nerves. Sadly, Silver was so focused on not letting his presence or physical closeness get to her that she missed Peter's warning. As the bike surged forward in a burst of speed Silver reacted instinctively, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and pulling herself closer to him. Despite having been supervised at first as they sped away from the pack house Silver couldn't help but smile at the rush she got watching the trees fly passed them in a blur.

Once they got onto the highway Peter slowed down and Silver realized she was still holding onto him quite tightly. Quickly Silver loosened her grip and pulled away a bit, removing her left arm from around him and placing her hand on his waist again. "Sorry about forcing you to wear the helmet. Just like with all of my other endeavors, I believe in riding with protection." Silver being quite close had heard him and went to reassure him that it was fine until he continued. Unable to help herself Silver gasped, her face flushing bring red, and a strong urge to smack Peter upside the head filled her but at the same time a small giggle left her lips. Thankfully all this was hidden by the sound of the wind rushing past them and the helmet Silver wore.

When they came to a stop a few minutes later Silver got off the bike quickly before pulling off the helmet and giving Peter a look, her cheeks still a bit flushed. Once both of them were off the bike Silver set the helmet on the seat and then reached up and tugged her hair out of it's knot. Running her fingers though her hair Silver frowned at the wavy locks, the knot having undone all the work she had put into straightening her hair the day before. With a sigh she gave up fixing her hair, dropped her hands to her hips, and looking over at Peter only to find him waiting on her. As he motioned his head to the diner Silver finally looked over at the building they were parked in front of and couldn't keep the smile off her face. "I'm not sure if you've been here before, but if you haven't, trust me when I say that you're going to love it." As she followed a step behind him Silver rolled her eyes a bit. "Peter I work down the street from here and this is the best diner in town. Of course I've been here."

As they were seated Silver's eyes went to the counter and after a moment landed on Tia, the manager and a good friend of Silver's. "You know, they have some of the best sandwiches I've ever had - and I've traveled quite a bit. Feel free to get whatever you want - money isn't a worry." Silver nodded when he commented on the sandwiches and went to argue that she could pay for herself but then the waitress came over and Silver fell silent. It only took a moment for Silver to determine she didn't know the girl which made sense. Silver always sat at the counter and therefore only knew Tia and the other woman how worked the counter, a older woman named Holly. Not being a fan of strangers Silver didn't mind that the girl focused on Peter, though for some reason a twinge of annoyance went through her, and instead she caught the eye of Tia and gave her a wave. Tia waved back, a confused smile on her face, and Silver turned her attention back to the flirty waitress and Peter just in time to catch the once over the girl gave her. The look strongly irked Silver and she focused in on the girl, her smile gone.

"And is there something that I can get you?" The girl's tone sounded forced and the end of her sentence was snipped, causing Silver to smirk. She had finally been in a good mood, relaxed even, and then this girl had to ruin it by being rude because she assumed that Silver was her competition. Honestly it shouldn't have bothered her as much as it did, the girl didn't know any better, but Silver had been locked in a house with no way to vent for days. Shaking her head Silver tried to relax a bit and the girl took the movement as a no. When the blonde looked back at Peter with a bright smile as he ordered his drink and appetizer, the look in the girl's eyes was the last straw. While usually Silver was more the one for physical violence for some reason it didn't seem the right solution for her right then. Just then Peter turned his attention to her and Silver smirked a bit more, raising an eyebrow when he called her 'love'.

Setting her menu down much like he had down Silver focused on Peter, completely ignoring the waitress. "Actually why don't you order for me 'hun'?" When she spoke she put emphasis on the word hun, a hint of sarcasm entering her voice, and her eyes gleamed playfully. While she had said it mostly to piss off Cindy she also couldn't help but take the opportunity to tease Peter. "I always get the same thing and I feel like mixing it up for once." As she said it in the back of her mind she realized it was true. This caused her to glance over at the bar her eyes immediately landing on Tia who's jaw had dropped, making Silver realize that they were sitting close enough to the bar for her friend to have heard her. Silver couldn't help but laugh a bit and then quickly turn back to look at Peter. "Oh I usually get a burger so anything other than that." As she spoke she gave him a genuine smile, suddenly in a good mood again. It was only then that she remembered why she had been in a bad mood, causing her to look over at the waitress, smile still in place.