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The Mary Sue Story

The Mary Sue Story


When one self-absorbed girl comes to town, she's going to turn L.A. Into only god knows what. Will you be apart of the madness, or will you try to help her become a well written character?

2,495 readers have visited The Mary Sue Story since JayZeroSnake created it.


RP Theme

(Majority of Pictures by KevinBolk and ComicalClare on Deviantart. They have an awesome webcomic about a Star trek Sue!) ... lclare.jpg ... lclare.jpg



Something Terrible has happened.

16 Year-Old Mary Sue had just moved into Sunny L.A., applied and got into her new high school, And loves the town: It's night life, The beach (where she can show off her 'beauty'), and most of all: The guys. She's inherited a fortune from some member(s) of her family, and longs to find her perfect man.

These folks however, will have to learn to live life with A Girl who's trying to be the prettiest around, and always gets her way, no matter what. This is the story of Mary Sue…And three other people I'm sure are important somehow…To Mary's story.


Characters- (Read all the short backstories to get an idea of the story)


1) Mary Sue (Smokeymoon)

The Lady herself. Rich, Beauti-Sexy, And one to get whatever she wants, despite the consequences, displaying her often selfish desires. She can't seem to make up her mind on who she loves, leading to many broken hearts and battles being waged for her heart. But of course, she doesn't seem to care. Perhaps her new life here in L.A. will change her?…

Fun Fact: Mary Sue is just a pseudo identity: That means She might actually be a well written character, waiting to blossom into a flower, or a caterpillar becoming a pretty butterfly…

2) The Normal Girl (Scarlet Bullets)

She's a real cutie: a nice person, almost a white knight from how kind she is (She'll mess around sometimes) and is from a hardworking middle class family, striving to show sweat and tears are all worth it in the end. However, Not only Mary, but the Cheerleaders and other such 'popular' girls put her looks to shame. She sports large, round glasses, a less endowed frame, and feels insecure about her weight. The arrival of Mary Sue only makes it worse, but being from such a strong family, she shall persevere.

3) The Jock

The one Mary Sue believes is her 'Knight In Shining Armor.' He's Rich too, with fine golden hair and blue eyes but is a total asswipe to most. His nice side comes rarely, but when it does, you'll wish it stayed forever. His reasons for being such a jerk were made clear when he himself was a geek. It all changed when his father died of Cancer, all due to his habit of smoking. This made the Jock very angry, and became what he is today. He gets into plenty of fights, and usually ignores Mary Sue's advances, despite the latter not realizing a thing.

4) The Regular Guy (JayZeroSnake)

Like the Normal Girl, he's nothing special: he's a very kind person, as warm as the blue sky to most. Some people like the Jock's dickish side tend to make him quiet, and cold. He's no Athlete or track star, and as a result, is ignored by the Mary Sue, unless she requires his help with something. He and the Jock had been enemies at first, but had nearly became friendly rivals, the regular guy nearly helping the Jock to reform, until Mary Sue came in and screwed things up.

Character Sheet Requirements:



Theme Song

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding. Even if you have the strongest energy blast, you can still be defeated somehow. That goes for the Mary Sue too.

2. Other than the main character, There may only be ONE Mary Sue. Here's some informative links:

3. No Posting minimum, but don't get lazy either please.

4. Other characters can lightly be Neko's or something like that, as long as you stay away from Sue territory: That's the main character's domain.

5. This RP will be a tad unrealistic, like Scott Pilgrim, but just watch how far you go.

That's all for now.

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He totally didn't expect any unannounced arrivals. Not at all, no, not really. Hardly. The poor boy could have known, but that was just the cruelty of this new arrival…


A Bored Teenager named Gordon was seated at a random desk in his second hour class for the day, half asleep, bored to death, and ready to keel over, despite all the classes he still had left to go to and endure. That was High school, alright, crippling another teenager with its evil ways. At least until the door would explode off its hinges along with an almost divine light shining through and blinding the class as a lone figure walked through. Gordon, with all his superior training of the body and mind, was able to see fairly well enough to find out who had done it…

"…You gotta be bullshitting me."

It was a girl whose hair color was golden, with streaks of random colors, and a shining body with sparkles that changed color every few moments, from light green, to blue, and finally red. She appeared to have either skin tight clothing or nothing on, until she got closer, to reveal she wore an outfit that only complimented her infinite good looks.



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"Hi! My name is Skylar Amber Rose Crystal McSue!"

The smiling young girl chirped, extending her dainty hand.

"But, you can call me Skylar, or Sky. I'm new here, I moved from, like, Nowhereville USA to bright, sunny LA in hopes of becoming famous! I'm a singer, you know. I've been a singer ever since I was seven, when my mom went to the hospital. She told me I had a beautiful voice and that everyone deserved to hear it."

Her bright, currently purple eyes twinkled as she gazed into his eyes, the romantic atmosphere setting into the room as she she continued telling her life story. She glanced at the floor, her eyes turning a light gray. Tears began building as her water-proof mascara stayed strong. The corners of her soft, light pink lips moved down slightly.

"But my mother is now dead.. and so I decided to make our dream come true!"

She stood up straight, her soft blond curls cascading like a golden waterfall down below her shoulders. Skylar's eyes flashed to a proud green as she smiled proudly, her blindingly white teeth catching his eye. She placed a manicured hand on her hip and looked down at her stunning outfit. The girl was wearing a ruffled white mini skirt along with a very tight pink camisole.


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The boys began to cry out in lust for the new girl to take them away and have their babies, while the girls cried and envied Sky's amazing beauty.

Gordon however, was not so easily taken in. The girl was cute, indeed, but She was too flashy. He turned his head away, trying to focus on the lesson, despite the teacher's sudden conversion to pedophilia in order to try and have a chance with Sky.

"Just Act Cool, Gordon. She'll get kicked out of the school building anyways…."

"You're so beautiful~!" cried a fellow student to Sky. "But you need to find a strong boyfriend to protect you~ or else you'll like, get raped or something~!"

Boys began to flood towards the area with pleas of going on at least one date, and making boasts and statements about being able to protect her.

Gordon again, did not care.

"Fucking Math."


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Skylar blushed and batted her eyelashes, making every single one of the boys faint along with the girls who fainted due to lack of air because they were too busy crying to breath.

"Oh, boys, boys please.." She said, tilting her head and smiling cutely. "You know none of you are good enough for me!~ I need someone else. Someone who is playing hard to get.."

She turned, her golden locks shining, towards Gordon. A thin, dainty hand reached out and danced on his shoulder. One touch sent chills through Gordon as he instantly became enchanted. Sky's beautifully enticing smile spread as she looked into his deep eyes. As she felt their hearts beating in perfect unison the two could not break away from the warm embrace.

"Hello, my love." She whispered softly, the sound of her voice echoing throughout the room.


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Gordon felt kind of good, for a moment. But then it wore off pretty quickly. This girl seemed strange. Hot, but strange. VERY strange. He wondered if she'd participate in swimming during the girls' special activities in gym class.

"…You should really get to the lesson…" He spoke in pain. "I'm having trouble with it myself. If I don't get this done, My parents are gonna kill me. So if you don't mind…I'd like to get this finished at least. Even if I have to bullshit the answers…"

Some of the girls and guys gasped. Skylar had just been turned down. Some began to boo Gordon, until the young man shot a glare. Then they laughed. Then he proceeded to pull the Nunchuks he had on the back of his belt, and that got the others quiet. He was trying to work, but the shadow of the girl still loomed over him.

"…Are you still here? Look, you mind coming back after class or something?…"

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