Yuki Nakamura

"ooo isn't that flower pretty, hey should we play a game? How about we play hide and seek I love that one! Find me if you can" *runs off to hide*

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a character in “The Masked”, as played by HiddenNymph


Yuki Nakamura


The Ace

How Many Masks do they have?
One mask



Yuki has a strong sense of innocence around her, if she sees something she likes she doesn’t think about the consequences and would simply admire it or try to take it. An example would be picking a flower even if it was on private land. However she is oblivious to the wrong doings that may cause others and most of the things that happen around her since she prefers to block out such things as she can sometimes be selfish in her whims like a kid.

Yuki has a tendency to often act childish most of the time as she can become excited easily so it isn’t hard to impress her, she enjoys playing games and making an effort to do something active rather than sitting around. However she is an awfully large klutz so when she runs for the sheer fun she normally ends up falling over.

She enjoys buying cute things such as delightful phone chains and cute frilly clothes, you can often find her smiling and holding a person’s hand like a child would their mother disregarding others sense of personal space. She finds it hard to hate someone and always acts happy around them, however when Yuki is alone any hurtful comments that may have been given to her she would have laughed off in public but cry’s about later. She keeps this a secret as feels embarrassed about being affected by small things so easily.

If she is ever caught crying she would blush and probably run away, but depending on how she is feeling she may end up using the person shirt as a tissue for her tears in a rare moment of fragility.

Brief Description
her hair is a very light blond not white

Yuki is an absolute terrible cook, if she offers you food seriously don’t take it, however that would mean her feelings would be hurt as she is very sensitive so be very careful around her when you know she is cooking!
Yuki isn’t really very good at many things, she doesn’t put her full effort into what she does so like her cooking any drawings are messy and due to her clumsiness she isn’t the best runner and drops things easily.

However the one thing that Yuki absolutely excels in is playing the piano, for some reason her fingers can move so swiftly and smoothly along the keys that it is almost un-natural. Hardly anyone knows about this skill though since she never plays as she doesn’t like too. Weird that the one thing she is good at she dislikes. (read why in history)

  • Anything that can be classed as cute
  • Penguins – (she adores them)
  • Cooking (beware of her cooking!)
  • Cats
  • Being carefree
  • Having attention from others
  • Being with her friends
  • Flowers – Lilies are her favourite
  • Swimming

  • Falling over
  • Being caught crying
  • The dark
  • Playing the piano
  • Being left alone
  • Onions
  • Her mask’s personality

Being left alone in the dark (panic attacks)

Yuki grew up in an extremely rich family, her parents were both business managers and worked practically all the time. She was given a nanny to raise her, however she was often left alone in the large mansion she lives in. When it was night time she would hide under the covers of her bed as a child afraid of the sounds the empty house made making her develop her fear of being alone in the dark.
Otherwise she hated that she rarely saw her parents and slowly began to take solace in acting childish as she wanted to erase the silence around her and enjoy cute things. However her tutor did not agree and would hit her with a ruler whenever she saw something cute or got distracted from her piano lessons. It eventually got so bad that she associated the piano with pain and hates playing it despite how good she is at it.
It was during this time that she wished she had the courage to end her lessons, one night she discovered a black mask lying on her shelf. When she put it on it didn’t take long for her transformed self to end her piano lessons with her tutor. Since however she has grown a dislike for the mask since her other personality leaves other people feeling hurt or angry at her.

Any guy that she considers cute


Theme Song Title Here


Devils embrace

Picture of Mask

Brief Description
All in image

Personality of the Mask
The moment this mask touches Yuki’s face her whole personality changes, it takes a complete flip compared to her normal self.
She becomes incredibly sarcastic and rude as she scowls at others muttering insults as she has a strong sense of self will. She will complain and can become rather hard headed so getting her angry is definitely not something you want to do since she can throw incredibly spiteful words at you. Above all she would rather sit and do nothing to help someone but considering that the mask is normally used when there’s trouble she ends up complaining about having to fight still getting the job done quickly.

She is an incredible cook, she just seems to have a perfect sense of taste and the food she makes could have you sighing with pleasure never wanting to eating anything else.
No matter what she does she can balance herself back to normal so she never falls over or bumps into things.
She has increased agility being able to dodge practically anything whilst yawning.

”darkness is but a treat” – makes her mask appear
“so let the stars sparkle my rage” – transforms her

Brief Description of Magical Form
Bat wings expand behind her back as her hair becomes an intense purple pushed down her back so it looks short from the front. Goat horns like a demon sprout from her head as her eyes turn a glaring yellow frightening to look upon.

Magical Form Abilities
Skill – floating in the air as she can fly with her bat wings

Retract (minor)- If something is thrown at her or someone’s power comes towards her from long range her wings beat at such a speed and power that the enemies attack is blown back towards them.

Wind cutter
(minor)- with a swipe of her wings wing slashes are sent towards the enemy capable of leaving damage similar to bruises on one hit, however if hit repeatedly it may cause skin to tear.

Fire ball
(minor) – within the palms of her hands she can create balls of fire, she either throws them at an opponent from long range or if in close range closes her fist over it allowing the fire to envelop over her fist to make a burning punch.

Fire storm (major) – with fire balls in both of her palms clasping her hands together joining them she releases the larger fire ball a little distance in front of her, then with the rapid beat of her wings she infuses the fire with wind creating a powerful fire tornado.
This move is incredibly hard to avoid and would burn a person to the point they can’t move if hit. However it takes a few seconds to create which gives escape time.

Weapons they have when they have transformed
These are the weapons they can use when they're in their magical form. They can either carry the weapon around with them all the time, or just make it appear whenever they want it to in their magical form.

Mask Theme Song/Theme Song of their Magical Form

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