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The Master's Ticking Clock

The Master's Ticking Clock


This roleplay is set in New Orleans modern time, there is a special pocket watch.

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The Master's Ticking Clock

I used to be a girl like, happy, human for that matter. Up until I found this pocket watch, the day after I found it my mom, dad die and my brother goes missing. I don't know how well you actually care, and if you don't, don't continue reading. Plain and simple. Now, I am gonna stop boring you with my history and jump write into what is happening currently.

The guard ran after me, I was in prisoned because they believed I killed my mom and dad, like I would do that. Now I was escaping..and hoping to god that Max was outside waiting. A bullet whipped past my ear, letting out a sigh of relief, I clutched my pocket watch and continued my run. Now I could see the moon..oh It's been so long since I saw anything that beautiful. I yelped, a bullet logged itself into my forearm, I bit my lip and ran threw the pain. I could here Max's truck, almost there..and jump! I had to jump out of a window for I was four floors up, surprisingly I landed right where Max put the cushion.

I said. "Max thank god."

Max nodded. "Anything for you Akila."

Akila said. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Max said. "What do you mean?"

Akila said. "Drive!"


Race: (wizard, witch, angel ect.)
Special possiesion: (like how Akila's is a pocket watch)
Siblings if any:
Crushes if any:

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Shard came around the bend in her car, the headlights burning in the cool night. She was finally 18 and free from the orphanage in search of better ground

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Max nodded. "Oh yea sorry!" He floored it down the road and into the darkness shutting off his headlights, he headed east to there hideout and home.

Akila laid down on the mattress, she was tired and relieved at the same time, she couldn't believe she was finally free for now. She loved the feeling that she lacked for so many years.

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Shard pulled up to her new home it was freshly built. She went inside and feel asleep in her bedroom, she was going to unpack tomorrow as it was very late. Her dogs meanwhile explored the new environment searching every hole and crack.

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Max pulled up to their hideout in the woods, it wasn't much, a two story house with a rickety old staircase and small bedrooms, Max always referred to it as 'The Shack'. Max said. "We're here Akila." He shook her to wake her up.

Akila groaned but sat up and jumped out of the truck's hatch. She went inside, Max wasn't her brother, he was just a very good friend of the family and a close friend to her. We dated once, it didn't work out so we never tried again.

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Johnathan rolled up to the woods. He loved to hunt, Birds and animals alike. He preferred going alone, as usually he had amateurs who scared off his prey. Getting out of his car, he started to move forward. He spotted a small robin. He took out his M40, and put on a suppresor. Allthough Suppresors were illegal in New Orleans, They were small enough to hide just about anywhere. He aimed at the small little bird.


One down of a bunch. After awhile, He takes down more of his "Prey", eleven to be exact and the suppressor breaks, causing the shots to be heard from all across the forrest. He keeps going though, having to move around much more due to the loud sound scaring off the animals.


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Max followed after Akila. "Want some food? I hunted a deer earlier." He opened the oven and started to skin the deer. "I figure you would be hungry."

Akila nodded. "That would be great." She sat on the couch with a heavy sigh looking at her pocket watch, it had a symbol on it, too snakes surrounding a swan, or duck, Max always thought it was a duck.

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Character Portrait: Johnathan Dawson
Character Portrait: Akila April
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Character Portrait: Johnathan Dawson
Johnathan Dawson

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Character Portrait: Shard Alight
Shard Alight

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Character Portrait: Akila April
Akila April

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