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Akila April

Nice, friendly, stubborn, protective, determined and pretty

0 · 224 views · located in New Orleans modern time

a character in “The Master's Ticking Clock”, as played by ArabianHorseRunner


What do I look like?
Ah this is a easy one, well I got blue eyes, i'm thin, i'm tall and I have blonde hair.

Ah this is also easy! Well i'm nice and friendly of course! People will say I'm stubborn as hell though!

Equipment and abilities?
Well I'm a angel and I have a special little magic pocket watch!


Oh my history goes way back, my childhood sucked to tell you the truth. I grew up with no one but my brothers looking after me. My parents were killed by a guy named Mark, who is long dead by now. How I got here today? Well, I fought for my life and survived. The world isn't friendly.

So begins...

Akila April's Story

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Max nodded. "Oh yea sorry!" He floored it down the road and into the darkness shutting off his headlights, he headed east to there hideout and home.

Akila laid down on the mattress, she was tired and relieved at the same time, she couldn't believe she was finally free for now. She loved the feeling that she lacked for so many years.