Rosalind Baird

"I can't promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you won't face them alone."

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"Life is tough my darling, but so are you." -Stephanie Bennett-Henry


      Rosalind Alessandra Baird

      Ros - Shortening of her first name, what she prefers to be called.
      Lindy - Another shortened, cutesy version of her name. She doesn't care for this one as much.
      Scotty - Something she remembers being called before the Glade. One of the very few things she remembers and knows it came about from her Scottish decent.

      90% Scottish
      10% Italian




      Keeper of the Runners

      15 almost 16, she's been here for 2 years and 10 months

      Answer here.

"Don't judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat." -Scottish Proverb


      125 lbs



      Lightly tanned and covered in freckled

      Ros is a tall girl, standing at 5'9 she's almost as tall as most of the guys if not taller than some. Her long slender legs put her at an advantage for running, however, and is one of the fastest Runners in the Glade. With her job comes a very fit body with no ounce of fat on her anywhere.

      Her hair falls to just below her shoulder blades and is a brilliant natural red color. It has ever so soft waves to it, but rarely does anyone ever see this as she often times keeps it up. It's easier for her to run if the red tresses are tied out of her face. Her eyes are a brilliant blue color matching that of the sky. Accenting her eyes and hair her face is covered in freckles which have become more prominent with her constantly being in the sun.

      When she came up in the Box she was already dressed for running. It was almost as if she was meant to be the Keeper of the Runners. She had a dark green tank top on along with black running pants and running shoes. Accompanied by her love fore running it was obvious what she was meant to do in the Glade.

"Don't get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are."

      ✦ Clever ✧ Adventurous ✦ Enthusiastic ✧ Determined ✦
      ✦ Impulsive ✧ Stubborn ✦ Fiery ✧ Flirtatious ✦

      Ros is one that's good at making decisions on the fly, you have to be when you're a Runner. There's only so much time in one day and the Maze is large so decision making like what the best route to go is key. She's a clever girl, being able to solve almost any situation however the Maze and the reason why their in the Glade are two problems that allude her. This bothers her to no end and has caused for her to become a little obsessive about it.

      Her sense of adventure is strong as well, another key thing that took her out into the Maze. She wanted to know what was out there, what new and exciting things there were to find and find them she did. She came face to face with a Griever one day and almost didn't make it out alive. The experience was terrifying as well as exciting. This experience wasn't about to stop her from going back into the Maze though.

      Excitement is another key element to Rosalind's personality. She often will get excited over the smallest of things like her favorite meal being cooked that night or a new Greenie coming to the Glade. Her favorite thing to do is come home from being out in the Maze all day and listen to the stories of her friends from that day. It makes her days enjoyable.

      When it comes down to it, though, t
      she takes her role as the Keeper of the Runners very seriously. She may act childish at times, but she knows when she needs to be serious. She acts very adult like when it comes to the Runners underneath her and being the Keeper of the Maps. She had a determination to keep everyone in the Glade alive and to eventually find a way out. With how long she's been there for she's seen several kids die and she doesn't wish to see any more.

      Ros has a temper about her which has gotten her in trouble more than once. If she's been irritated by someone often times she'll make a snarky comment which sometimes will cause an argument to break out. She's only gotten in a physical fight twice since she's been in the Glade, both times resulting in her having to spend time in the slammer.

      ♡Woking on the Maze Map
      ♡Food (constant running makes one hungry)
      ♡Talking with the other Gladers

      ◇Sitting around doing nothing
      ◇Her height
      ◇Losing a Runner


      ♤Stubborn; changing her views is near impossible
      ♤Flirtatious; she'll flirt with practically anyone, whether they're male or female and doesn't ever really mean anything by it

      ♧Never making it out of the Maze

      ♤Her parents work for W.I.C.K.E.D || "I can see them vividly in my mind, in my dreams. They put me here, they put all of us here. I'm afraid if I tell anyone they'll think I work for W.I.C.K.E.D as well and them I'll be dead."
      ♤Let a Glade get stung by a Griever || "I saw the Griever first and then saw one of the Runners. The Griever hadn't quite seen him yet and he hadn't seen the Griever. I could have warned him, I could have gotten him out of there sooner but I froze. He was stung and the Griever left him there, I did manage to drag him back to the Glade. I can't tell anyone though..."

"When you feel like quitting think about why you started."

      Mary L. Baird | Status Unknown

      Jamie R. Baird

      Ros remembers very little before the Glade. Her last memory before the Glade is of her parents, two people who worked for W.I.C.K.E.D, volunteering their daughter to be used by W.I.C.K.E.D. After that she doesn't remember anything until she woke up in the darkness of the Box. She sat in the darkness for a long time, confused as to what was going on. It was when she was about to give up and decide she was stuck in this darkness until she died when she started moving up. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she wasn't sure what to expect.

      The bright light blinded her and it took several moments for her to adjust. She glanced around her to see a small group of kids all around the same age as her. The first few weeks were rough as they tried to find where she fit best in the Glade. Finally they decided to have her try being a Runner and that's where she fit best. She was placed with Elliot at first to be trained and she learned fast. Before she knew it she was named the Keeper of the Runners and the Keeper of the Maps. She takes this job very seriously and is very dedicated to trying to solve the Maze.

      What she doesn't remember is everything other than who her parents are. She originally came from Glasgow, Scotland which accounts for her thick Scottish accent. Both her parents are scientists and when the Flare hit they instantly agreed to work with W.I.C.K.E.D. They volunteered their only child in hopes that doing so would save her and the rest of the world. She was little when this happened and she grew up with W.I.C.K.E.D. She never knew any different and was always told she was going to save the world. That W.I.C.K.E.D is good.

      Speaking | #008080
      Thoughts | #80BFBF

      Face Claim | Cintia Dicker

      Portrayed by SarcasticZombie

So begins...

Rosalind Baird's Story


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#, as written by Chandz

The Glade || July 23rd, 2228 || Day One

The air was dry and hot. It brought a warm and sticky sweat to Elliot’s forehead. The metal crate elevator underneath him was cool but there’s wasn’t enough surface area to the crate bottom to cool up all of Elliot’s body. He lay quiet, resting, sedated. As the crate elevator rapidly ascended, it neared the top of its shaft. At the top was either an end or a new beginning. A red light flashed in the elevator shaft as a loud blaring noise followed. The ascent was getting close to its end and that was the sound to let the whole world know – or just Elliot. The blaring sound woke him violently. Elliot was startled awake, his entire body now covered in a cold sweat rather than a warm one. He looked around the dark, small, confined space he was in, attempting to discover where he was but it as to no avail. He couldn’t see enough, not even with the red flashing light. Elliot panicked and began screaming at the top of his lungs, as if that would grab anyone’s attention – as if there was anyone around for attention to be grabbed. He kicked, screamed, and thrashed around in the small crate. He kicked around the supplies he was stuck in there with, unaware of what they were. “Hey! Let me out of here!” No matter how hard he screamed, no one would hear him. Elliot was alone.

It wasn’t until the crate stopped moving that Elliot calmed down. His breathing was shallow, quick, and shaky. He laid on the crate, leaning on his elbows, staring up at the blue blur that was just past the crate’s opening. Elliot maneuvered in the short box to be able to kneel right under the opening of the crate. It took him a second but when he finally gained the courage to do so, Elliot opened the crate he stood in to be welcomed by a beating ray of sunshine to his face. He brought his arm over his face to cover the sun’s ray. He looked around to see the new world he’d be living in. He lived like this for a while. Elliot learned that he was alone and he had no idea how long it’d be until someone else, if anyone, would join him. He lived on the land for a month before anyone joined him. Elliot made himself a home, he created a bed for himself out of the tools and supplies provided for him. Every day he looked at the note that was left in his pocket: Here are supplies given for you to live. Use them wisely. W.I.C.K.E.D is good. Elliot was unprepared for this adventure. His first night consisted of sleepless hours and darting eyes. Elliot had spent the day scouting the land, trying to find any other form of life that had been dropped there. To his demise, Elliot was alone. He spent several hours plotting the land into the sand to figure out his next move. He stood, at one point, at the opening of the great stone wall in front of him. He peered inside the corridor that lead to God knows what. Elliot was too afraid to walk into the opening, unaware of what might happen if he did. That night, Elliot sat by a small fire he had started in the middle of the pasture. He slept for only a few hours, which was only brought on accidently as he attempted to stay awake the whole night. The loud roaring of the maze doors closing kept him awake for majority of the night but when he finally fell asleep, he wasn’t awakened until the doors roared open again. The next few days, Elliot plotted the land with regions. Plants, water, and crops in one corner; home in another corner, maze plotting behind the homestead. He gave each section of the pasture a purpose. He created a life for himself.

Just short of a month had gone by when Elliot began feeling comfortable by himself. He was out by the crops, weeding away the dead plants and weeds when he could hear a loud blaring horn. His head quickly popped out of the greens as he had remembered the noise. He ran over to the box to see it rising with more inside. It was only two weeks ago that more supplies were sent up. Elliot had expected more supplies this time around but was shocked by a body inside the crate. As soon as it stopped, he quickly hopped on top of the metal box and propped open one of the doors for the young girl inside. Elliot made eye contact with the girl, “Hi.”

Now, an entire colony joins Elliot and while he sleeps slightly more soundly at night, he waits for the day where answers are given and he is removed from this glade.


attire: xXXX location: The Glade


The Glade || August 4th, 2232 || Day 1472

Lot was usually awake before anyone else was. That was part of his being the first-in-command. He needed to scout the land to be sure all was safe for the other Gladers. He’d walk the length of the Glade to be sure that all was going as planned. It was also part of the fact that ever since that first day, Lot has had a tough time actually staying asleep. He usually beat the doors of the maze and was awake before they roared, waking everyone else up. Right now though, Lot was awake with a few others. With him was builder James, medjack Jo, and bagger Xavier, and Fawn. The five of them walked out into the small section of woods that were located in the corner of the Glade. That night before, there was a weird noise coming from that section and when they had gone to check it the night before, they could find anything. While out there, they discovered the lifeless body of one of the Gladers. His name was Hector. He was fairly new still and very quiet. It looked as though he had been stung by a griever and had returned to the woods to die, alone and quietly. Lot told the crew he had taken out there to keep quiet about it until he round all the keepers to bring forth a meeting about it.

Lot walked back into the square where he figured all could be within an ear-shot. He called out to the lot of them, “I need all keepers in the meeting hall! Fawn, you too.” Lot began to walk towards the meeting hall when Xavier stopped him by grabbing his arm. “What are you going to do about Hec?” Lot and Xav met eyes and Lot could see the anger in Xavier’s eyes. “I don’t know yet Xavier. We’re going to try to figure that out now.” Xavier scoffed in his face. “You have no idea what you’re doing, do you?” Lot’s eyes narrowed into Xavier and curled his upper lips in aggravation. “Who the hell does Xavier?” Lot pulled his arm away aggressively and walked into the meeting hall. He sighed loudly and ran his hand through his hair as he walked to stand in front of them all. “Listen, something is happening out there. We found Hector’s body ripped to shreds in the woods. He got attacked by a griever. We need to figure out what’s going on in the maze.” Lot didn’t know what the rest of them would think about it, but he knew that they needed to send out a group of runners not only to track the maze and plot it, but to discover what was going on with the grievers. “Ros, I need you to send out a group. I think it’d be good to send them out at night. I know we usually don’t do that but I think it’s our only way to figure out what was going on with the grievers and why they’re starting to attack at all hours of the day.” Lot fought to get those words out fast before the room was sent into an uproar. Sending the runners out after the grievers was crazy enough but sending the runners out after the grievers at night! after the doors close! Well, that’s just ludicrous.


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#, as written by violeta

Location: Glade

Aryn sometimes liked to think of herself as an early riser, but then she'd be lying to herself. She wasn't in a particular cheery mode, as she was forced to get up way too early in her standards.

The sun was just starting to rise as Sarah's small hand lightly tapped Aryn on the shoulder, stirring her out of her slumber. She just managed to let out a small, "Hmm?" as she shifted in her hammock to face the fiery redheaded girl. "It's James" She said before she hurried off to the small housing, for the Glade's own 'Hospital'.

She let out a small noise of irritation as she watched Sarah run off, leaving her in her hammock. This was the third time James had gotten in a brawl with another Glader, and she had to patch him up. She slowly got up, slipping on her worn brown boots, and stretched her back, popping with a quiet, satisfying click. She ran her fingers through her hair a bit, the mass of strawberry colored straw pieces falling in unruly waves across her shoulders.

As she began her trek to the Med-Jack building, she noticed a couple of the early risers up and kicking, some of them off to eat breakfast. She offered a small wave to Carrie and Jax, as they passed by her chatting about the new Greenie.

She finally made it to the Med-Jack building sticking her head in through the door, currently Vic was attending to one of the youngest girls, Nic. She had sprained her ankle while working in the fields and was taking a day off to rest. "Morning" Aryn said with a small smile, getting Vic's attention. "Is this some dream or are you really up before the sun is?" He said cracking a sly grin, she couldn't help, but roll her eyes with a small laugh.

"So where is this man of the hour?" She said, watching as Vic nodded his head towards the back. "He's in there right now, but Sarah's helping him. Lot called a meeting, didn't you hear?".

She shook her head slightly, and frowned, Why would Lot call a meeting? She couldn't think of anything major that had happened, but then again, she practically lived in the 'Hospital' so she normally wasn't aware of the current things that happened around the Glade. "I'll be back, shouldn't take that long. Just keep him alive alright?" She said smiling, as Vic let out a chuckle nodding, "Well if he keeps this up, we might not be able to".

Aryn couldn't stand being late. She tried to hurry as fast as she could to the Gathering, but she didn't want to over exert herself, and have an attack.

As she neared the Gathering she could tell something wasn't right, all around her Keepers were fuming, some looked almost disappointed. She searched through all of them till her eyes fell on Lot, he looked quite tense maybe a bit stressed, and she gave him almost a quizzical look. What could he have said to get everyone this riled up? Before she could speak her mind, Lionel beat her to it. "We cant just send them out into the maze at night! That's suicide, and you know it Lot! Just because the Grievers have been acting up doesn't mean we should start sending people to their deaths!".

The maze... A night? She was quite horrified by the idea. She had seen the aftereffects of a Griever sting and it wasn't something she'd wish upon her worst enemy. She had always, respected and admired Lot's decisions, but like Lionel said, this, this was a practical suicide mission.


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Sweating and frightened is how Theo woke up in the middle of the night. He had that dream where he was a child and witnessed a woman get shot right before his eyes. The gunshot still rang in his ears as he sat up in his hammock with his head in his hands as he quietly calmed himself. He didn't want to wake anyone up for the soul reason that he knew someone was going to ask if he was okay and Theo really didn't feel like talking to anyone about this, at least not anyone he doesn't know. Once he had calmed down Theo laid back in his hammock once more and just stared out into the night sky. He counted the stars over and over until he eventually fell back asleep.

Theo was woken up from his sleep by the footsteps of the gladers around him. His eyes didn't need to adjust to the sunlight since the sun was just coming up and wasn't at it's full shining self so that was a relief. His fingers ran through his hair before he got to his feet following a small crowd of gladers to breakfast where he was just in time to witness Ig, a runner let go of this kid named Alex which in all honesty was a pretty talkative kid. Theo sat as his eyes shifted to the guy who handed him a plate of food. He gave a small nod of appreciation in return and began to eat only to hear Lot's voice calling for the keepers.

Theo in all curiosity raised his head with a mouthful of eggs while bright blue eyes locked on Lot. His chewing slowed as he pondered the thought in his head. Why was Lot calling the keepers? Was it part of a monthly routine check thing or was it something else? Finally curiosity took over him again and when Lot left he scarfed down the rest of his food along with a cup full of fresh milk before rising and following the small group of keepers that made their own way towards Lot.

Theo had to give a little jog in order to keep catch up as he left the table at least a minute or so after the keepers did so it was enough time for them to be a ways in front. When Theo did get to the little gathering though he hesitated a bit when approaching since the meeting was for keepers only but there was something tugging at him from inside to find out what this was about so he thought, what the hell. He was still learning the ways of the glade, maybe he'd get off with a warning?

Blue eyes observed the small crowd as some looked mad and others a mixture of fright and anger. He spotted Mikey towards the front of the gathering and quietly maneuvered pass keepers as they were too busy lost in their anger to notice him. "Mikey, what's this talk about the maze?" He asked curiously from beside the young glader. "He wants to send out a group of runners into the maze at night!" He exclaimed without giving second thought as to who asked.

What? Send out runners into the maze at night? Isn't that breaking one of his own rules or something? Theo's face was lost in thought but he snapped out of it once Mikey realized that he recognized that voice and turned around to face him. "Theo? Why the heck are you here?" Asked Mikey as he kept his head low trying not to let anyone notice him but it was probably too late right? On instinct Theo put his index finger up to his lips. "Shh. Please don't tell, I was just a bit curious." But it was probably too late for Theo to try and hide now since he was basically standing where Lot could easily spot him.


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The Glade

Ros was up early as usual, having the same dream she'd always had. It was a man and a woman, both dressed in lab coats. There was a small logo above their names, revealing the two worked for W.I.C.K.E.D. They always said the same thing to her. "Rosalind everything is going to be okay, you're going to be okay. Remember Mommy and Daddy love you." The accents matched her own and it just helped confirm that these were her parents. That's always where she woke up though. That's the only memory she has of them.

So she was up early, readying herself for the day. She slipped her shoes on before heading to get some breakfast. She had seen Lot heading out with a small group somewhere, but she didn't think much of it. Her mind was set on getting some food in her before she was to head out into the Maze for the day.

There weren't many at breakfast yet. She noticed that Alex was talking to Iggy. Or more he was talking at Iggy and she almost felt bad for him. Sure Ros was a friendly enough person, but even Alex could wear her out. Well it would either end with someone telling Alex to leave Iggy alone or Iggy knocking Alex out. She had to bet on the latter one though.

She retrieved her food and happily sat down to eat. She had only taken a few bites when a commotion came from the direction of Ig. She didn't even look to assume what happened and she got a slight chuckle. She went to take another bite when Lot came in and called for a meeting with the Keepers. She stared at him for a moment before her gaze dropped to her food in hesitation. She had only taken about three bites, I'd she left it now it surely would be gone by the time she got back. Finally she sighed reluctantly as she got up and went to follow Lot and the others.

She stood in the small group as she waited for Lot to speak. She hummed a random tune to herself, but Lot's next words stopped her abruptly. “Listen, something is happening out there. We found Hector’s body ripped to shreds in the woods. He got attacked by a griever. We need to figure out what’s going on in the maze.” Hector was attacked by a griever? She stared in disbelief, why would the grievers be acting out like that?

“Ros, I need you to send out a group. I think it’d be good to send them out at night. I know we usually don’t do that but I think it’s our only way to figure out what was going on with the grievers and why they’re starting to attack at all hours of the day.” Ros' eyes widened as she stared at him in disbelief. He couldn't be serious could he? Lot what are you thinking? She thought to herself as she stood there silent for a moment.

There was an uproar all around her as she tried to logically think this out. Was it the wisest decision to send runners out at night? Then again how else were they going to find out what was happening with the grievers? Perhaps something in the Maze was changing. Finally she sighed as she stepped forward and turned to face the others. "Slim it all of you! Lot has a point! We need to know what's going on with the grievers and the best way to do that is at night. I have confidence in my runners, we'll be alright." She looked between all of them as she spoke, her eyes finally locking with one person who shouldn't be there. She stared at Theo quizzically for a moment before turning back to Lot.

"I'll gather my fastest runners, but I can't guarantee they'll agree to this. I can't force them to risk their lives either Lot. So I'll go with the ones I can get to agree." She now spoke mostly to Lot alone. She had a gut feeling most would refuse if not all. In the end she may be the only one willing to go out into the Maze at night and even then she was only willing to do it because Lot needs her to.

"Also we have the Greenie listening in to this meeting. Don't know what you want to do about that." She informed him as she nodded her head in the direction of Theo. She then fell silent once more as she waited for the meeting to be declared officially over. The first runner she'd need to talk to would be Iggy...that may not go over well.


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#, as written by Chandz


attire: xXXX location: The Glade


“Run Petey! Run!” Lot ran as fast as he could. He could feel the wind on his face, brushing past him as though there was nothing there. His feet smacked the ground hard with every step. Lot was too afraid to look behind him as though death was quickly sneaking up on him to make his acquaintance. He was. Death was creeping behind Peter and Elliot the way the sun snuck up through the ground. A griever roared behind the two boys as they ran as quickly as they would. “Lot! Lot!” Elliot didn’t turn his head, afraid to meet death sooner than he wanted. “Lot!”

The group within the meeting hall rose a clamor, leaving a small layer of sweat on Lot’s forehead. He wiped it away and wondered whether it was actually him being nervous or the heat getting to him. Either way, he wasn’t fond of the noise he’s created. He knew this wouldn’t go over well, but now he’s doubting his very decision. Each person in the small room turned to another to discuss how awful the decision Lot just made was. Whispers grew louder and Lot was discouraged his plan would work. “Listen, listen!” Lot attempted to speak above the crowd but his voice wouldn’t reach above their heads. He sighed aggressively. Lot looked around to see what he could do to grab their attention. He walked over to Carrie, the keeper of the builders; he grabbed a hammer from her tool belt and slammed it against a rock as loudly as he could. With that he got the attention of the people in the room. “Listen, shucks! I wouldn’t throw them to the grievers! I’d go in there with them. I’d let my second in command take over here while I run too.” Lot figured that’d get its own uproar. He hasn’t ran in years. He got injured, causing him to stop. The flashback rattled in his head of him and Peter trying to make it out of the maze before night fall. The scar on his leg suddenly started hurting, as though it too felt the flashback creeping in his mind. The crowd of Keepers in front of him roared again.

”We can’t just send them out into the maze at night! That’s suicide, and you know it Lot!” came from Aryn.
“Elliot, think again. It’s never going to work,” came from Laura.
“Lot, are you for real man? Shucks will never survive out there.” came from Eddie.

Then came the voice Lot wanted to hear at the moment, with the words he needed to hear. “Lot has a point! I’ll gather my fastest runners, but I can’t guarantee they’ll agree to this.” Lot gave Ros a half smile. He knew what he was asking of her and he knew it wouldn’t be easy. Odds are they were all going to quit right then and there and Lot would have to go out on his own. ”Also we have the Greenie listening in to this meeting.” Suddenly, Lot’s eyes met with Theo’s and he narrowed in on him. “Meeting adjourned. Get out of here.” As the crowd began to disapate, Lot locked in on Theo. “Greenie, come here.” Lot put his hand on Theo’s shoulder as they started to walk towards the middle of the Glade. “I need you to do me a favor. I know these runners are going to quit most likely, so I’ll need you to run with me. I have to go in there. I can’t go out there alone. Can I count on you?”