'I am Vermillion.'

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a character in “The Mercenaries Princess: Part Two”, as played by AceofSpade




Name: Vermillion, currently under the alias of ‘Cyran Maverick’

Age: 34

Appearance: Vermillion’s true form is ultimately amorphous, a fact which typically remains hidden, and for good reasons for the truth is nightmarish to behold. Over the course of his career, Vermillion has assumed so many identities and so many disparate personas that their original appearance has long since faded from memory. They are whoever they need to be. Vermillion is not particularly predisposed to any one look, preferring to wear whatever is most likely to get the job done, to which they do so flawlessly, and often, comically. Of course, each image comes with its own unique set of traits, some more beneficial than others, but nothing which can’t be overcome with the aid of some demonic powers.

Currently, Vermillion appears to be a tall, middle-aged man. Stern, patrician and militant, his features speak of a warrior weathered with countless hardships. A six-point scar envelopes his right eye, indicating some bloody ritual or the outcome of a fierce battle. Grey hair, tightly cropped around blue steel eyes, contribute to the ‘militarized’ tone of his character. He bears a face without any warmth, pale skinned and prone to brooding, which acts as an effective deterrent. This is fortunate because whatever he wears tends to be stolen, borrowed or liberated. Most likely, liberated.

Race: Demon/Human

Sexual Preference: None

Equipment: Cyran wears an officer’s overcoat. It consists of blue material coupled with yellow trimming. The jacket is designed for temperate conditions and overall, provides a very regal appearance. Underneath is an embroidered white shirt, worn slightly loose, and black trousers to complete the picturesque commanding officer. Long boots, with the addition of steel capped tips, protect his feet from the elements at all times (not that he needs it). His belt is festooned with a variety of pouches, all housing a colorful assortment of gadgets. Most notable of his collect are lethal ‘freeze’ concoctions, flasks of liquid which when activated flash freeze everything within a five meter radius instantly. There are others, flare bombs, infernos, and gas bombs to name a few. The majority are entirely exotic in nature, and wouldn’t be uncommon in the employment of special forces. In addition to his small collection of bombs is a decorated saber, mostly for appearances.

Strengths: One of Vermillion’s many strengths is derived from his demonic skin, which serves to enhance his toughness, speed and power to frightening degrees. The outer layer, now painfully fused with his own body, enables him to not only fight on a higher level, but also shape shift. Once Vermillion gets going, there’s not much that can stop him in his true form. He has a punch which breaks walls and the ability to shrug of standard weapons with a laugh. His skin, even in its most mundane form, is malleable enough to shed arrows, or at its hardest, deflect them. If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, its engage Vermillion in close quarters. Once there, his satanic anatomy is a frenzy of incalculable claws, blades and jagged teeth. All capable of ending life at a flick of the wrist. His shifting limbs have the added boon of flexibility, why limit yourself to defending when you can attack at the same time? Fighting Vermillion is unlike anything rationally plausible. His true form alone is often horrid enough to paralyze an audience with fear, sealing the deal of most encounters. Quite simply, Vermillion excels at killing. He is an organic weapon, laboriously honed, molded and shaped for a very specific purpose, to get close and shed as much blood as possible.

Vermillion’s shape shifting abilities are extraordinary in their own way. The skill enables him to grow extra limbs, fashion blades from flesh, shoot javelins of bone and change proportions, all of this ensuring that Vermillion is never really unarmed. It’s truly versatile in its capabilities, and that is perhaps where his greatest strength lies. As an added side effect of merging with the demon, Vermillion also includes night vision within his repertoire of murder skills.

Weaknesses: Vermillion requires blood for fuel, or more specifically, the demonic skin demands tribute. The ramifications for going extended periods of time without killing can leave Vermillion nauseous, debilitated or sick as the demon rampages inside its fleshy jail. It would never kill him, such is the relationship between a good parasite and its host, but it can certainly influence his priorities or cloud his judgment. If care is not appropriately exercised, Vermillion's requisitions could lead to discovery or worse. Demons can be such fickle creatures and their reactions to magic similarly so. Whilst resistant to most common forms of magic, the demon skin is still susceptible to sufficiently high powered attacks. Certain individuals maybe magically attuned enough to even be disturbed by his mere presence.

Personality: Being granted the sort of skills which enable you to kill anyone empowers a person, and often for the worse. In this case, it’s fortunate that Vermillion seems to follow a vague code of conduct; else he’d likely be slaughtering everyone he came across. Despite his shared consciousness, the insatiable, bloody hunger and his unique physique, Vermillion is more often than not playing a role of some kind. He is a proficient actor, reigning in his emotions and thoughts with ease and intellect, driven with purpose, and then adapting them seamlessly to mimic another person. Most people don’t comprehend his true nature until he wills it, and by then, it’s already too late.

That said, he is a killer. Once the mask is unveiled, whoever they were, whatever pretense of subterfuge they played is discarded like rubbish, replaced with a cold and ravenous individual. In this state, Vermillion is truly frightening, as if the shackles of a caged beast have finally been cut. Outside of combat, his own persona leans towards a morbidly cynical, perhaps as a result of the constant exposure to death. Sometimes Vermillion’s dark humor can bleed into their disguise, not that any but the acutely observant would notice.

It can be hard to maintain one’s identity within a sea of others, meaning Vermillion often meditates to expel the obsolete facades. Still, there have been times, particularly as of late, where distinguishing their own personality from the others has become increasingly difficult.

Biography/History: –Redacted-

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