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"Don't make me go 'rawr' on your ass."

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a character in “The Mercenaries' Princess”, as played by R.T.M.X.


The Dragon of the Northern Unknowns

"You've never seen anything quite like me."

ImageExotic even amongst the Drakaani of the Far North, Nahvariik towers over most others, his harsh reptilian form standing well over seven feet, almost pushing for the eight foot mark, an unnatural height for even those of his own race. His ridged, bumpy skin, more akin to that of an alligator than to a snake's, holds terrifying hues of brown and black, scars and tribal markings riddling throughout his body, the most recent being a set of claw marks under his left eye, slowly healing. His broad maw is full of razor sharp, needle-like teeth, as if they were daggers made to punch through tough flesh. A series of bonelike protrusions point outwards from his jaw and three running along his cheek and brow. His eyes are a startling gold, terrifyingly bestial in nature, yet strangely calming at the same time. Horns protrude from the back of the head, both with tribal designs etched into them. His muscular frame makes other drakaani cry, weighing in at a hefty 350 pounds. One row of small, ridged spikes run down the middle of his tail, protected with plates of steel.

Nahvariik dons a suit of steel plated armor, perfectly blended between heavy and light armor, the cuirass and pauldrons made from steel, while his leggings and gauntlets derive from leather, leaving his claws from being covered. The plating travels roughly halfway down his tail, leather wrappings securing the armor to the ridges that run down his tail. Due to his unusual body frame, as opposed to the more humanoid races, his digitigrade legs deny him of wearing actual boots, but his talon-like claws make up for more than this. He is also unable to wear closed helmets, so he wears a non-magical cowl over his head whenever he travels.

The "Dragon" is quite versed in the art and technique of one-handed combat, as well as utilizing unarmed strikes. As such, it is usually a fatal flaw to assume that he is truly unarmed when he has no weapons in hand. He has been known from time to time to improvise, using ordinary objects such as tree branches as clubs and wooden spoons as daggers. If given the chance, and without a weapon nearby, Nahvariik will slash, bite, and kick at his opponents, often with hilarious, but deadly, outcomes that usually ending poorly for the victim of such attacks.

Normally, he carries a greatsword as well as a much smaller short sword. Despite being a two-handed weapon, his large frame does allow him to wield the greatsword with a single hand, but even this has few negative consequences. Wielding such a weapon one handed somewhat decreases his accuracy with the weapon a little bit, due to the large size and shape of the weapon making it awkward for him to utilize it as such. However, even with the slight impairment, one should think twice about attempting to block such swing, as the strength and force behind it is enough to shatter even the best Dwarven-forged shields.

In addition of these more noticeable items of combat, he also carries a small number of bone daggers balanced for throwing on his body, carried over from his homeland, as well as a small pouch of medical herbs and healing agents for those small ailments one might become affected with in the field.


The draconian environment of their homeland offers the Drakaani little refuge from the elements, forcing them to develop hardy resistances to the elements over time. Constant prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, and snow has toughened their flesh to the resilience of iron, and through additional training, a warrior can further fortify himself against these dangers, allowing him to better survive while traveling to unfamiliar lands and battling unknown foes. This conveniently dubbed "dragonskin" provides them high resistance to toxins and other environmental hazards.

One particular aspect that one could recognize is his strength and combat prowess. Working in hand with his naturally intimidating visage, it's quite a terrifying thought of having one's own arm being ripped from its socket, then beat to death with it. If he can wield both a greatsword in one hand and a normal sword in the other and sunder branches from trees and use them as clubs, who (in their right mind) would assume that Nahvariik isn't able to do the same thing to a limb? He will get right in an opponent’s face and say ‘give me your best fucking shot’ before completely humiliating them as they fall before him.

However, there is one part of him that was unique, even to other drakaani. Despite his alien and exotic origins, he is extremely charismatic, as he "could preach a bible like a preacher" and especially those of the opposite gender tend to fall for his natural charm (even though he isn't attempting to do so).


However, Nahvariik is as headstrong as they can get. There is no challenge, no fight, that he can refuse, though few (mainly Lord Morzän) can argue that this is merely a strength in disguise. It's this iron will of his (or is it unruly pride?) that generally nets him trouble in all forms, in addition to his outlandish aura.

While his intimidating form does serve him well as a strength, it's also a double-edged blade aimed at his gut. Most individuals view him as a monster, even to the point of hiring self-proclaimed "monster hunters" to claim his head, as his appearance loosely relates to myths and legends of dragons. This does tend to get annoying.

It should be worthy to note that because of his exotic origin, he fails to understand the exact meaning of most local mannerisms and such the majority of the time, though he is slowly improving on this.

"You taste that in the wind? That's called freedom, lovely."
Even knowing very little about him, one can safely assume that Nahvariik is not from the lands of Camdiere. Not just from basing his appearance on local inhabitants, but from the simple fact that there is almost never anything in the land that remotely resembles a reptilian being such as him. He claims to come from lands far to the north, yet older inhabitants of Camdiere's nations claim to know him from their youth as well. So far, there are only stories regarding this man of myth, and only a small handful of people (that are still alive) that know Nahvariik on a first-name basis.


So begins...

Nahvariik's Story


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#, as written by Siryn

It was about time.

Years of planning and getting ready for that very moment were about to take place. Sakura looked about her room, no, her prison. A frown pulled on her lips as she eyed every inch of the space that had been the only thing she'd known for almost ten years. The bed in the center of the room with its four tall mahogany posts. The closet that held all of her clothing which she'd only ever worn three dresses from. A writing desk that she never used, except to sit at and ponder how she was going to free herself.

It had taken several years to accumulate what she needed. Hiding sheets from the nursemaid who tended to her room every so often, but not so much that it was suspicious. Gathering up old clothes from a couple of the servants in the castle whose rooms were close to her own. Finally, making requests for cloth that she knew she would be granted and from that making the rest of her clothing that she would wear when leaving the castle. She didn't want anyone recognizing her right off the bat as soon as she stepped foot outside of the palace walls.

Not that anyone would, though. Sakura thought to herself as she turned to the window. She'd never been let out of the castle before and even rarely ever allowed to wander the halls of her palace. It had taken place when she was about five years old. One of the maids had been carrying a tray of dishware and Sakura had startled the poor woman by coming around a corner too fast as she'd been playing. The young princess had crashed into the woman's legs and they both got tangled up. In order to not fall upon the small princess, the maid dropped the platter she'd been carrying and the dishes broke all around Sakura, scaring her.

Sakura wasn't entirely sure what had happened after that, all she could remember was feeling a lot of pain in her chest and then nothing afterwards. Since then she'd been locked into her room, her mother's only reasons were that she was very fragile and that she was being taken care of in this way.

Shaking her head, the princess cleared the memory and went to where she'd stashed all the sheets that she'd tied together. Dragging it all out from a well concealed place underneath the head of the bed, she tied the end of it to one of the bed posts and pulled on it heavily. When it didn't give out, she nodded her head in satisfaction and released her hold on it. The last preparation was for her to change clothes. Currently she was wearing a bright red silken dress and her hair was done up, pulled away from her face to show the flowering mark on her forehead. Undoing her hair, she let the long black silken locks fall, covering the mark perfectly.

Stripping from the dress, she pulled out the commoners clothes that she'd prepared. First a pair of leather pants, over that a white and brown skirt that was cut in such a fashion that the front of it only came down to mid thigh while the back was down to just above her knees. Tall boots came on over the pants, their leather warm against her feet. A white commoners shirt was next, and over that was a leather vest that pulled it all together. Catching her reflection in a tall mirror just across from her, she eyed the appearance with careful scrutiny. Satisfied with how it looked, she grabbed the sheets and threw them out of her window.

She frowned a bit, wish there was a better way to do this.... Leaning out the window she looked around to make sure that there was no one around. It was nearing the end of the day, the sunlight casting it's orange glow on the other side of the castle and thus where her room was, the shadows were much darker. Climbing up onto the edge of her window, she gripped the sheets that would take her three stories down the side of the castle wall. Straddling the sheets, she took one look over her shoulder and ground her teeth.

For a brief moment, her body shook uncontrollably. Facing the wall again, she took a deep breath and stepped off the ledge of her window. Leaning backwards, she started walking down the side of the stone wall. Thankfully, there weren't any other large windows down below her room, only the small occasional one here and there. Halfway down, she felt the sheets slacken a bit, jolting her body. Her heart jumped to her throat and she feared for a moment that she would begin to feel the pain that she hadn't felt in a few months. The attacks were rare, but every now and then when she was feeling particularly upset it would flare up.

Was this going to be too much for her? No. She shook her head and continued downwards. Freedom wasn't too much farther and she would have it even if it cost her. Nearing the bottom, the sheets finally gave, the knots loosening as she'd climbed down. A bit of a sharp gasp filled her throat as she fell the last few feet. Thankfully she hadn't been that high up and the bushes softened her fall. Tangled up in leaves, vines and a some thorns, she groaned slightly before sitting up. Brushing her fingers through her hair, she worked to free the small sticks and leaves that had tangled there.

Standing up, Sakura turned and caught sight of a carriage that was sitting not too far from where she'd come down at. Her heart leapt with elation and joy. My escape! Looking left and right, she quickly skirted towards the carriage and jumped into the back of it just as she heard voices from the palace entrance. Ducking down between two large boxes, she settled there with her heart pounding rapidly. Closing her eyes, she focused on calming herself quickly and hoped that whoever it was wouldn't notice her until she was far from the palace.


"Thank you for your trouble, mercenary," the Queen's adviser called as Shyc left the castle. He waved back at the man without saying a word or turning around, taking the steps two at a time.

He walked out back to the carriage that he'd been driving, a smile on his pale features, bright green eyes dancing with the usual mischief. The delivery to the castle had been taken care of and a couple of the palace guards were escorting him back to the cart. Shyc wondered what it was that the Queen had wanted, and what was in the box that he'd just delivered to her, but he knew it was best not to ask. They never asked. They were employed by her to do as she said and not ask questions. Shyc sort of liked it that way. Except for times when his insatiable curiosity would take over. Even so, she probably wouldn't have answered him anyway. The Queen was just that kind of woman, cold and secretive. Sometimes it left him with a sour taste in his mouth.

At least we're on her good side, though... I'd hate to be her enemy, Shyc thought to himself as he approached the lone cart that belonged to him and his company of mercenaries.

Shyc reached up and ran his hand through his brown hair, pulling it away from his eyes as he strode towards the carriage. The guards next to him halted a few feet away from it, having done their duty. Their hands were constantly on their weapons, a kind of nervous air about them as they watched Shyc carefully. He was used to it. After all, he wasn't the most trustworthy individual on the planet. At least when it came to shiny objects...

"Thanks!" he called back to them, waving his hand a bit. His grin was a bit wild and mischievous as he climbed up onto the seat of the carriage and flicked the reigns to get the horses going. Once he was freed from the scrutinizing gaze of the castle guard and others, he laughed out loud. Putting the reigns in one hand, he dug into his pocket with his free hand, going around the small bag of golden coins awarded to him for the mercenaries hard work. It was a smaller pay than normal, but the job hadn't been all that hard in the first place. His grin was wide as he let the horses pull the cart down the cobble stoned street of the city. In his hand were several small jewels that he'd 'acquired' from the palace. They were beautiful and he couldn't help but have them conveniently fall into his pocket.

"Way too easy. Sometimes it's no fun being able to just grab what you want and not get caught at all," he said to himself. Re-pocketing the jewels he pulled the reigns to the left and the horses turned at an intersection in the street. The carriage clattered down the street that came to a small gate leading out of the city and into the forested area just beyond. Shyc hummed to himself while he directed the horses into the woods. I wonder if they would like them... he thought to himself. He enjoyed showing off what he'd gathered to the others. Though his smile faltered a bit... Raze would surely be very angry with him, and he wasn't too sure Dinan would be approving either. He sighed a bit.

The carriage pulled into the area where they'd camped out for the night only because they had to do that delivery. Shyc stood up and stretched. With having to report back to the castle, getting new supplies was also in order since they were going to be away for a while. As he jumped off the cart, he pulled from his pouch a letter from the Queen, "Hey Raze, this is from her Majesty," he called out and handed the letter to the elf. It was probably new orders for them. He hoped it was something easy again, he was tired from fighting and hoped that they could all have at least another day of rest before heading out again.

He went back to the cart and lifted himself up onto the back of it and grabbed the crate that he'd filled with the supplies from the city. As he lifted it, he caught sight of black hair and a body shifting around frantically. Startled as he looked at bright purple eyes gazing up at him in shock, he gave a sharp shout and stumbled backwards. The back of his boot caught the edge of the carriage and he cried out again as he fell from the cart. Landing hard on his back with the heavy crate atop his chest, he groaned as he lay there. Lifting a hand he pointed at the cart.

"Girl.... girl in cart...."


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The first rays of dawn were colouring the inky veil of night and early bird song filled the air in a melody matched only by the singing of the keen wind as it flowed over the body. The sense of freedom riding the aerial currents was almost intoxicating as the allure of battle, was it any wonder birds sang each and every day. The winged figure flying through dawn sky and night's remnants adjusted his singular wing while twisting his body in a manner similar to a swimmer making a dive. Altitude was shed with an alacrity that would have elicited concern in any not born to the sky.

And just like that his morning flight was over and his feet touched the ground so beloved of the other races. Dirt no self respecting Kamael would willing choose over the azure canopy of their birthright. But unlike the clan mates he had left the current group he was working with had no skill at flight nor truth be told the slightest ability to fly. Frankly Dinan thought their gods cruel masters for denying them the sky.

And despite how early it was the Angel of War knew his fellows would be about their business, Queens waited for no one after all. The only good part was the insulting task would be over with. Kamael were not bloody couriers, such tasks were fit only for punishing children. He just hoped the next contract was worthy of the strength granted to him by Mystria. That and the others didn't demand rest, always with the rest. That and the horses, Kamael saw little use in the beasts. Being both winged and gifted with strength and stamina in copious amounts a Kamael clan carried most of what they needed upon their persons. Reinforced by a millennia of nomadic life Kamael carried little beyond their weapons and food, with the more delicate packing tents.

Mostly though Dinan looked forward to simply moving on. Immortal though he may be the winged warrior was not gifted with endless patience. Time spent standing still was time not spent honoring Mystria and that was the reason he fought. To live up to the creed of war and to die with the honor inherent in living up to the duty he swore to when Soulbreaker was granted to him.

He strode towards the remains of last night's fire, a few guttering coals. Reaching into the pile of wood laid nearby the angel of war coaxed it into an open flame. That done Dinan shrugged off his pack and dug out a pot and various herbs. Emptying his water skin into the pot he set it to boil over the flame. While waiting for that he dug out a few pieces of jerky and ate that.

The rattle of wheels and the snapping of reigns announced the arrival of the prodigal son as it were. Shyc at the driver's seat, a human with a side to him Dinan was willing to admit intrigued him. Then again anything that promised a potential match for his martial skills was enough to get his attention. The others were out and about by now and the carriage driver handed the self appointed leader of their merry group a letter. Hopefully it was a better contract then the last.

His tea done the winged warrior filled himself a cup and flew over to the carriage to offer a hand when Shyc, crate in hand, gave a cry of shock and fell off the back. Despite the obvious hard landing Shyc seemed more concerned with spluttering out something.

"...girl in cart...."

Hovering over the top of the cart Dinan saw the truth of those words. Taking a sip of his tea he looked down at their newest guest.

" Dropped in for a cup of tea did you?" The angel of war asked with a raised eyebrow and another sip of the tea cup he held.


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Aye, the pleasant, peaceful sounds that made up this wonderful day for a particularly peaceful hamlet bordering the lake that partly separated the land that belonged to Iverien from the twisted swamplands of Duun. A delightfully warm and welcoming breeze blew from the lake, rustling through the streets, a soothing and composing melody that settled the minds of the many inhabitants of Silverwood. It was evidently midday, the delicious and tantalizing aromas hugging the settlement like a blanket of happiness, occasionally reaching outwards whenever the wind came through.

That heavenly time of day, where all was (mostly) silent and unmoving as villagers were supposed to be enjoying their meals and going about their normal and quiet lives. A teapot singing its afternoon whistle was one of the few things that broke the calm air of the settlement.

The keyword is... Was.

Boots Randolph--Yakety Sax

The nonchalant atmosphere of the settlement was immediately shattered by the explosive and intense noise of... something. All closer inspection of this intrusion revealed this intrusive object to be a reptilian man-thing of great stature with a broad mass not unlike a stone wall. With its... loudness, this being of uncertain origin had become a bold and blazing contrast to the naturally bland and boring city.

Bursting through an upper window of one of the many buildings that made up Silverwood, Nahvariik gracefully soared through the air before landing with an earth-shaking thud with a mob of angry villagers and several armed guards crowding the streets mere seconds after.

However, despite having such a crowd after him, he passed through several small alleyways and streets in a futile attempt to lose them, and as he continued several pairs of undergarments were thrown his way by the numerous onlooking female inhabitants that observed from their windows, a few from the more... "larger than life" specimens. The Dragon, as he was publicly known, was quite a favorite among the female population, the vast majority swooning over him due his... charisma.

As the magnificent bastard tranversed the maze of walkways, he dodged and weaved his large form around street vendors and carts, his movements changing like water flowing around rocks. He vaulted himself over a heavy cart, knocking the cart over in the process, its contents spilling over the cobblestone path in an attempt to slow the mob behind him.

The chase continued for a good few minutes, until Nahvariik suddenly halted, his continuous sprint ending at the docks that Silverwood was known for, as the settlement's main export was fishing. Turning around, he yelled out as if attempting to defend his actions, "She's the one who was hitting on me! Why are you chasing me and not her!?"

When those very words left his reptilian lips, he felt the whispers of a dozen arrows whizzing past his skin. As a reflexive response, he whirled around and heaved himself over the side of the wooden docks, diving into the welcoming lake waters...


That was hours ago.

Nahvariik, having gruelingly hauled himself out of the swamp that he used to escape, knowing well that he would no longer be welcome to the settlement that he was quite rudely evicted from. As he exhaled, he felt a sharp stabbing sensation in his side, and looking down, he noticed the source of the pain: one of the guards were lucky and had managed to pierce his side with a single arrow, but the Dragon wasn't worried much as he removed the arrow that was protruding from his side. The wound wasn't major, and it would be added to the total collection of scars soon.

Looking around, the Dragon realized where he was, as the swamplands were familiar to him, despite being absent from the area for a good generation or two: He had reached his destination of Duun, one of the few locations in Camdiere that some of the rarest yet most dangerous ingredients grew in abundance.

The vegetation around him was thick, and the few lasting rays of sunlight burned through the canopy that had mostly shrouded the forest in darkness. While most travelers would stop for the night and make a source of light to ward off any potential predators that prowled these dark and dangerous lands, Nahvariik had no such fears, as he was more than capable of defending himself even if he was exhausted.

Then, out of nowhere, a scream filled the air, sending nearby birds into a frenzy, the smaller animals scattering from the sudden intrusion. By judging the intensity of the scream, the weary fighter anticipated the source to be nearby - no more than a good ten or twenty minutes further into the darkening woodlands.

Oh, I'm getting too old for this, he thought to himself out loud as he felt the handle of his greatsword, and quickly and stealthily rushed ahead to investigate the sound.


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#, as written by Siryn

"I apologize in advance, but I will heal all your wounds once I settle current business." Willow's voice was laced with her anger at the mage woman that had retreated behind her fellow mercenaries.

Shyc hadn't really paid attention to her words, too much in pain to really register her presence right after Dinan and Raze's appearance into the fight. His breath panted heavy in his chest as he knelt there. The young mercenary hadn't moved an inch from where he'd pushed himself upwards. The only movements he'd made was a few knife throws, and even those had been taxing. His vision swam, making the darkening trees swirl around.

The thief struggled to stay upright as he knelt there. He watched as the group of mercenaries was slowly dwindling under Raze and Dinan's onslaught. There wasn't much he could do to help and he hated himself for it. The entire situation was his fault to begin with. Shyc ground his teeth, feeling useless to help the others. It was a feeling that he wasn't accustomed to and hated every bit of it.

"The rest is nothing we can't handle, right?"

Shyc gave a soft laugh, "This can't possibly amount to how much trouble we've been in before," he commented back, "Except the mage.... I hate mages...." he groaned then quickly added, "But not Willow! I like Willow..." he bit his lip, wincing. Perhaps he shouldn't talk so much...

Glancing down, he frowned a bit. Willow was really going to chide him. His clothes were ruined, blood soaked through and through. It hurt to move even an inch but he dealt with it anyway should anyone get too close to him. He'd launched a total of five knives so far, Dinan and Raze taking care of the ones he injured with ease. As the fighting began to slow down, Shyc glanced around to make sure there weren't any other surprises. A gasp filled his lungs as a brave -or idiotic depending on who looked at it- mercenary rushed at the thief, thinking him to be easy prey.

Shyc's eyes narrowed and his hand gripped the handle of his sword on his hip. Drawing it free, it rang out loudly and steel crashed against steel. Shyc was knocked over, unable to keep his body upright as the deep gashes prevented his frame from doing so. Hitting the ground he gave a sharp cry, then a growl of irritation at the back of his throat. His blade shuddered violently as he held it up as best he could, blocking the mercenaries weapon from cleaving into his chest.

Moving his hand, he wrapped his fingers around the center of his long blade and transferred his strength to the other arm. Quickly Shyc's fingers gripped the knife from his boot, having to pull his leg up to get the weapon. He slashed outwards, under their weapons and right across the mercenaries chest. He could feel his sword cutting into his exposed fingers, the ones that weren't covered by his glove and ground his teeth. The mercenary atop him had hissed in pain, but hadn't move.

Knowing that he couldn't hold the man any longer, he shoved upwards with as much strength as he could and positioned his knife right over his chest, hilt pressed against his bare skin. Shyc's arm gave out and the man fell on top of him in shock at the sudden release of pressure. The blade that was scraping across his slide into the dirt just past his shoulder forcing Shyc to move his head or have his neck nicked as well.

The young mercenary lay there, his breath heaving, "Get... off, damn it," he ground out as he tried to shift the heavy body. When that failed he released his pent up air in a heavy sigh, "This sucks..."


Her heart pounded hard. She could feel the overwhelming pain starting to take over. Every limb was shaking as she could no longer control the 'disease' that was spreading from her heart itself. She hated it. Hell, she couldn't even hold the pole steady anymore. It trembled, and not from her trying to force it from his grip.

"What do you want?" she managed to push from cold lips.

"Simple. Come with me and I won't harm him. I won't harm you either. But you've no other choice, woman. A certain lord of this Kingdom has been searching for you."


The man gave a soft sound, "I'm not told details, woman. I only know that you're a very interesting person to many powerful people."

Slowly, Sakura dropped down to her knees, the strength in her body fading away. At the forefront of her mind she couldn't believe what he was saying. It was confusing, scary. She could feel her consciousness slipping as the disease took over. It had been such a long time since she'd felt this kind of pain before. The shock of the whole situation was taking it's toll on her. Fear, anxiety, confusion... it all compounded into one and exploded in an overload of emotions that she couldn't quite keep up with.

The man let the bar drop and it hit the dirt, bouncing back and forth on either end a few times before settling. He moved, dropping his sword a bit and reaching down to grab her upper arm. Sakura glanced upwards, but her vision wavered and all that she met were cold golden eyes before darkness swept over her.


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Nahvariik, quickly closing the distance between himself and the source of the scream, heard the clashing of steel, an obvious tell-tale sign of combat. As he neared, the area flashed with a changing multitude of shades made from blues and reds and greens...

Mages, this just got a whole lot more interesting, his mind went on as he continued at a full sprint, despite the state he was currently in...

Until something had caught his attention, a familiar scent.

While he was able to discern the number (and roughly what they were) of combatants ahead of him, this particular smell was stronger, one of royalty that he was all too familiar with, and it... held a strong hint of fear and pain. But mostly fear.

Holding onto his current speed, under the relative safety of the shrubbery that roughly blocked his image from those who were locked in combat, the Dragon dashed onwards, anticipating that time was running out for this person in distress, growing ever shorter.

With each step he made to drive himself, a clearing made itself known, a small number of figures standing within the broad ring of trees. Nahvariik stole a glimpse of two of them, both standing with a female in between the two. One was shrouded with a dark cloak, holding the other, donning cloth armor like [a pair of cheap sunglasses], at swordpoint. A solid pole laid at this shrouded stranger's feet, most likely a tent pole, as a cart of supplies was clearly noticeable for Nahvariik to observe.

Slowing down to a soft jog, after positioning himself from behind the treeline, the Dragon revealed himself, silently treading behind the cloaked opponent. The man had muttered a line or two, which gave himself off as hostile to the drakaani, before beginning to lean over the young woman.

Placing a clawed hand over the man's shoulder, gripping the cloak and securing a strong hold onto the man's frame, Nahvariik announced his presence in an obviously deep and exaggerated voice, "Drop the cloak and grab your toes, I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes."

Upon hearing those words and experiencing the strong grip, the facial expression on the man widened to that mixed with shock, anxiety, and fear... all stacked into one, as he slowly turned his face towards the reptilian fist that held firmly onto his frame, tracing his eyes and following the arm that belonged to a behemoth of a lizard-man, a beast that stood an easy two feet over him, only to feel a solid fist-to-face connection of Nahvariik's other fist.

The impact had driven the cloaked offender towards the ground, his legs collapsing from under him as the sudden strike had knocked him off balance and pushed him a good five or six feet away, his weapon flying off further away. "Mr. Face, meet my friend, Mr. Fist. Didn't your mother ever taught you not to mistreat ladies?" Nahvariik called out to the fallen rogue, further taunting him.

What had once been a cold and collected mercenary, a coward was all that's left. "I don't know what you are, but I'm sure you'll fetch a nice bounty when the others get here." the man had managed to make out a couple words, while trying to support himself from the ground, a bloodied face grinned back as he attempted to recover from the full facial blow that he had received.

Nahvariik scoffed at the failed taunt, suddenly returning to his gnarled snarls. "Get up, I haven't kicked your ass yet." Taking a couple footsteps towards his target, now towering over him, the Dragon reached down, securing another iron grasp around the man's arm, pulling him up onto his feet, stunning the man at the same time.

The gnarled fighter insulted the man further, whispering into his ear with that exaggerated and deep voice, suggesting that he should yell for help and that what he's going to do will hurt... a lot. Gripping the man's arm in one hand, and sliding his other grasp towards his body, finally grasping and pushing onto the mercenary's side, the drakaani began pulling his fists apart...

And a horrendous scream filled with shock filled the air once more.

The sound of tendons snapping apart, bones cracking, the rending of flesh, the Dragon had sundered the man in two, severing his right arm from the rest of his body, leaving a stump of splintered bone in its place. The man had felt the full force of shock, unable to believe that this was happening to him. As his body slumped onto the ground, he tried to crawled himself away, pushing with his feet, using his remaining arm to pull himself, blood slowly leaking from his wound.

"Aw, quit crying, you're going to make me feel bad. It's just a flesh wound. Do you want me to fold your back in half as well, because I can certainly do that."

Nahvariik continued to stay over the cloaked man, his arm in hand, humiliating the poor sod, his only replies to the taunts being tormented whimpers of fear. Tossing the arm in front of the injured man, the Dragon snickered as the golden eyes gazed up at him, full of sorrow. "You know, you should have brought a lot more men with you. You should also get that wound looked at."

Making his last insult to his unfortunate victim, the fighter turned to the young woman's side. Kneeling beside her, he observed that she seemed to have blacked out from her encounter with the cloaked man, as he stole a glance at the injured victim. Her companion seemed to have been unresponsive throughout the entire ordeal, most likely from shock of witnessing what had just happening.

Returning his attention to the young lady, Nahvariik had recognized her from somewhere as he rolled her into his arms, but he couldn't remember where...

"There's no way for you to be traveling out here by yourself, so where are your friends? Everything's going to be alright...


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Drawing a clean measure of water from her bauble, Willow formed the cool liquid into a small disk shape and pressed it against the burn wound on her shoulder. The uncomfortable shock of the cold water pressing against the inflamed tissue caused her to hiss in pain, but otherwise she was resolute. She strode away from the still struggling mage and headed toward the rest of her companions, who were finishing up their own battles.

She approached in time to witness Dinan hefting a corpse off of the body of their thief, lines of worry etched deep into her face. The worry softened a bit upon realization that Shyc was still among the living, and that he still drew breath enough to complain. Letting a relieved smile creep into her face she shook her head and spoke. "I'd suggest neither," She replied to Dinan, "At least not until after I finish easing his wounds." At that, she pulled the water back from her shoulder, wincing as fresh air touched the naked wound again, and discarded it.

Taking a seat on her knees, Willow pulled back her loose sleeves past her elbows and gingerly placed her hands on Shyc's chest. "Lay back," She suggested, "It'll tickle, and you'll feel a little tired afterward, but the wound should heal far faster," She spoke gently. She guided his chest back with her hands, and once he did as she asked, she began to work. At first, nothing happened. It wasn't until a moment later that a dull soft glow began to emanate from her hands

The glow was warm, like a ray of sunshine pressing against bare skin, and it had a relaxing effect to it if Shyc would allow it. As the element of Shyc's flesh unraveled in her mind, the process quickened. She began to move her hands up and down Shyc's body as she searched for and hidden or internal wounds, and used a mix of both their energies to will the wounds to close and begin the process of healing. It wasn't long before the dim light of her healing hands abated, leaving a few drops of sweat on her face.

She could say that she wasn't tired, but then she would be lying. It couldn't be helped, she did what she had to, and in the end they were all alive, and that was a fair enough price. "There," She said, patting him softly, "You should be able to move well enough now, but for my sake don't get into any more fights alone for a time, hmm?" She cooed tender before patting his cheek.

Her smile didn't last long, as a scream breaking her easiness echoed through the forest. Her head jerked toward it's direction, and immediately understood that it came from the direction they had came from. "Sakura, Yan!" She realized, throwing her gaze first at Raze, then Dinan. Her meaning was clear, they had to get back. Willow forced herself to her feet and darted back to where they'd left them. The mage she had captured could wait.

As she ran, Willow called small pieces of bark from the trees as she ran, shaping them into sharp stakes, so that when she arrived, a number of them floated over her head in preparation for an attack-- if need be. What she came upon wasn't something she expected, to put lightly. A ashen eyebrow rose over her aqua eyes as she beheld Yan unresponsive and Sakura in the arms of an unknown creature-- not unlike the dragons of the stories she was told when she was a young girl.

Dragon or no, Willow would not be intimidated. As the stakes floated dangerous around her, she gave one and only one warning to the creature. "Let. Her. Go," She said firmly her words hiding a tone of wrath should he not follow her oh-so kind suggestion. And if it wasn't clear in her words, the sharpened points of the stakes that floated around her certainly were.


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It would seem as though any worries Razeluxe would have were washed away almost immediately after Shyc had made a fool of himself, as was typical of the young man. That trait of his was almost endearing. "You can apologize to Willow when we're through" the leader spoke, glancing back at their remaining enemies. There was not much left now, and all of them seemed to be lacking in morale after seeing the experience each of their foes owned. In fact, it was plausible they were considering retreat, but Dinana appeared as though he would not allow this, in in all honesty, after attempting to murder his youngest member, Raze wouldn't either. They had fucked with the wrong group of badasses.

Before he leaped into battle, tearing his prey limb from limb, the angel indicated that he would allow Razeluxe to deal with the right half of what remained of their dwindling forces. A small grin made its way onto the hybrid's features before he held his blade out before him. Because it was a swamp and the place was damp, he could afford to use his flame-enchantment on his sword without fear of catching the place ablaze. More than any other element save maybe darkness, fire inspired the feeling of fear in people. Its unpredictability along with the pain many associate with it often discouraged people from attacking a man who, easily, wields a flaming piece of weaponry. As his foes one and only apparent mage had already been taken care of, you could assume that this was simply to give Razeluxe a sense of satisfaction when dealing with these idiots, because it was improbable that any of them possessed the ability to give elemental barriers and the sort, which is what Raze often used his enchantments to deal with.

His held his blade horizontally before him, placing his index finger on the top half of the blade and his thumb beneath it, then tracing a line with both of his digits from the hilt to the tip of the blade. As he did so, fire ignited, trailing his fingers until he reached the end, and with that the sword had been set ablaze. The men who had likely realized that they would be dealing with Razeluxe, startled back as they saw this, not expecting him to posses the capabilities of a mage, because they had not seen evidence of it before. "H-he's a mage too?!" one of them managed to mutter as he took a step back instinctively when Raze began a pace towards them, his intent to end the lives of each one of them clear as day by the way he was glaring at them. And perhaps because they realized this man would not simply allow them to flee from this battle, the men, although clearly intimidated by the flaming death machine that started over towards them, raised their arms regardless of fright and charged at him.

It would be a great idea to explain what fear does to ones mind on the battlefield, so as to properly comprehend what happened next.

You see, it is often said that a frightened animal is also the deadliest. Backing an animal into a corner provides them with no other alternative than to fight their hardest in order to survive, and you would be wise to be wary of anything that could be considered such. If people see nothing else to do but fight, then they will pour every ounce of their strength and being into the fight, because it is all they have left. In battle, one with enough experience would be able to manipulate people into a corner and benefit from this.

Fear in battle is avoidable.

Fear in battle is predictable.

Fear in battle is fatal.

Over the course of his lifetime, he had experience moments of his life where he was a novice and his confidence was diminished by overwhelming odds or displays of power. He could not credit his survival to anything but the element of luck back then, but he did not waste the opportunity to grow and learn from them either. Fear was something he had rid himself of quite some time ago, for it had no place in him. What he saw in battles assured him as much. When you're fighting under the influence of fear, you may gain access to every bit of strength your body is capable of employing, but you also find yourself becoming an open book. With the thought, "I have to attack them in order to live!" comes ineffective swings, forgetfulness, and mistakes. And one important rule on the fields of carnage is this: every action counts. This is why, to someone like Razeluxe who could capitalize on such, fear would ALWAYS be a fatal emotion to have. Because they had a predictable thought pattern, they had predictable ideas for engagement, and they had predictable attacks. The simplicity of this might have been summed up to, "Because they were scared, they were also predictable", but there was more to it than that. However, that simple line is what you need to realize to grasp a basic understanding of why his next engagement went so smooth.

There were, once again, three men for Razeluxe to deal with. But paying no mind to getting the short end of the stick on this deal, the hybrid picked up his pace as he and his opponents closed the distance between themselves and were about to meet. The first man did not even last long enough to get off his own attack, which WOULD have been an overhead swing like a previous predecessor of his. However, seeing the motions of his swing beforehand, the hybrid simply opted to impale the man through his neck, violently pull the blade out, and move on in fluent motions that lasted less than three seconds to perform. His second foe attempted the same overhead swing, but was much too close for Razeluxe to retaliate in the same way, forcing the elf to instead avoid the attack altogether and move onto the third man without killing him. The visible difference between this man and the last two was that instead of a shortsword, he was wielding an axe, and he swung horizontally, as if to take off the hybrid's head. With a shield, there was minimal difficulty in parrying the blow, then counter-attacking with two, deep slashes across the man's chest that were certainly fatal. Finally, after completing those two attacks, the elf turned just in time to avoid being slashed himself, blocking the second man's attempt on his life with his sword this time. In a swift, fluid motion, the elf jerked his sword back, ducked down and completed a small leg sweep, knocking the clothed figure to the floor, then raised his sword and brought it straight down through the man's heart. It should be noted that the hybrid spent less than 12 seconds dispatching the three men, and without a scratch either. It would have taken much less time had the elf not wanted to be flashy with his skillset, too.

When all was said and done, he removed his blade from the corpse he had just made and traced his fingers along the blade just as he did before, only this time it was to remove the flames. "Pathetic..." he muttered under his breath, in reference to how weak these men were. He wondered why they were here in the first place. Was it simply a coincidence, or was there meaning to this? It would be impossible to tell without assistance from one of the assailants themself, and he held no doubts that the mage that Willow had fought with was still alive. She could be a bit more lenient on foes than he could be. This trait was something he admired about the woman and maybe even envied a bit, because he knew such humane actions could never be accomplished by a soldier such as himself. It always did remind him of himself when he was much younger. He'd tell his mother that he wouldn't kill anybody, just make it to where they wouldn't be able to fight. Boy, how innocent he used to be....

Razeluxe had decided to give one or two more glances around the area to ensure nobody was going to attack them when they assumed it was clear, before heading over to the group that had formed around Shyc just in time to see that Willow was quite literally working her magic on him. A few beads of sweat told Razeluxe that she was a bit exhausted, perhaps from her own fight, the spell, or the combination of both. "Don't overwork yourself, Willow." it was because it made him sound a bit too concerned that he then added, "We don't have the numbers to afford anyone to overexert." He figured that was a sound enough excuse, although he was quite worried as it was with Shyc, so he would not be too happy if Willow went out of her way to help the young lad and ended up collapsing herself. He knew that if Shyc's wounds were more dire, she would certainly have done so.

Before the tension of the situation had completely left, an audible scream coming from the direction of their own camp reverted Razeluxe back to a combat-ready state. He was not the only one, and before he could even open his mouth, Willow had bolted off, her brief eye contact sending the hybrid a message he would've gotten without any interaction between them in the first place. Raze followed quickly behind her, and they soon reached their camp. What they came across was.... well, a bit odd. He was unsure how long it had been, but Razeluxe knew of the figure that invaded their camp. It was a Drakaani, the scaled skin could only ever be owned by one of that race, and the only reason he knew this was because Razeluxe had not simply been affiliated with one army, but was essentially juggled around the world. One kingdom had him protect their northern front, where he was first introduced to these beings. And he'd be the first to tell you how threatening one such as this could be. They weren't just looks, from what little he could remember. It had been decades since seeing one, however. He could not say they were a common race, and judging by her initial expression, Willow had yet to have ever come across one.

Though he did not drop his guard, Razeluxe did take notice of the rather bloody mess that USED to be one of the men that belonged to the group they had just dealt with. It seems that leaving someone here was great idea, although with the state that person was now in, he figured it was not Yan who dispatched the attacker, but their scaly friend here. If so, then was this being a friend, or was he a foe?

"Chill thy tits, Willow. I got this."

"Willow, please stay yourself for but a moment." making the beast with the fragile and defenseless Sakura in his arms angry was perhaps not the brightest. He could see where Willow was coming from, but he could also see some evidence that this particular being was not an enemy. After all, he highly doubted Yan had torn someone's arm off, what with his relation with feelings to touching. Razeluxe then spoke high enough so that the distance between them and the dragon wasn't enough to cause any complications between them.

"What are your intentions, Drakaani?" contradictory to how they handled Sakura initially, it seemed as though Willow was more willing to put this man to the sword than Razeluxe was. But he knew that Drakaani weren't mindless beasts. They were capable of speech, strategy, and diplomacy like most other races. Assuming that this one was hostile would make him feel as though he was discriminating simply because of appearances or race, and he himself knew all too well what a horrible thing that was to do to another. Although he was not so caught up as to believe there was no way that this particular one would be hostile, he had surely hoped that was not the case.


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#, as written by Siryn

Someone took hold of the heavy body that lay atop him and pulled it off soon after his complaint, relieving him of the heavy burden. He breathed a bit easier as he lay there, knife still held against his chest as it was pulled from the man's heart. His gaze looked up into that of the angels and he gasped a bit. Dinan stared down at him for a moment before speaking.

"I don't know whether to slap you or kiss you foolish child."

Is he... worried? Shyc thought in utter shock.

Shyc's heart skipped a beat, his chest rising and falling heavily for a moment. His voice cracked as he stared wide eyed at the man that loomed over him. His face flushed a deep red and he knew there was no way to hid the terrible blush that assaulted him. Thankfully though, Willow dropped down next to him and chided the one winged warrior.

"I'd suggest neither. At least not until after I finish easing his wounds."

He glanced over to her. He was a bit disappointed that she suggested neither option. But then her added part made him a bit nervous. That implied that Dinan could do what he wanted after he was all healed up.

He swallowed dryly.

Shyc's thoughts were rampant right then and he forced himself to reign in his wild imagination. He thought about answering, but wasn't sure really what to say to the sudden options given to him. Get slapped... or have a kiss. He looked away from both of them, deciding that silence was probably his best answer right then.

"Lay back. It'll tickle, and you'll feel a little tired afterward, but the wound should heal far faster," Willow's slender fingers pressed against his skin making him wince as she directed him to lay flat and stay still. Soon after, her magic pricked his skin and should the boy have been ticklish in the first place he probably would have squirmed, but it wasn't. Instead it felt pleasant, like a soft touch being dragged across his skin. It was rather relaxing.

As she'd said, he did feel tired. Overly exhausted and felt as if he could sleep right there on the forest floor. His eyes drooped a bit lazily as he stared upwards at the canopy. Finally she finished and he could tell that she was just as tired, if not more. She smiled warmly at him, which he returned a bit sheepishly.

"Thanks... I'm sorry, Willow," he said, feeling guilt bite down hard in his chest.

"There. You should be able to move well enough now, but for my sake don't get into any more fights alone for a time, hmm?"

"Sorry... I'll be more careful," he answered, emphasizing 'sorry' again. He truly felt terrible. The young thief was sure that he would be getting an earful later from Raze. He most especially was dreading what Dinan might say to him. The tone from earlier had him all sorts of confused, as did the words given. He wasn't quite sure what to think right then.

Then yet another scream filled the area and Shyc's heart pulsed hard. Willow looked up, two names breathed on her lips and she was off like a rocket with Raze almost immediately right behind her. The thief hauled himself upwards like he normally would have. Except this time, the large blood loss and the weakened feeling from having been healed by Willow's magic, he stumbled violently. He crumpled forward, just barely catching himself.

On Dinan.

He gasped.

Pulling away he stuttered, "Uh... S-sorry... Got up really fast, probably shouldn't have done that. Along with going off alone too, yeah shouldn't have done that either. Sorry... Um," he was blabbering now as he reached back and scratched the back of his head, ruffling his own hair. He glanced up at Dinan for a mere moment before finding it rather hard to face the angel. He set about gathering his weaponry, replacing the swords, daggers, and throwing knives before heading back in the direction of camp.

There he found a peculiar sight. A dragon looking male kneeling down with Sakura in his grip. The young woman was unconscious and behind them was a bloody mess of a corpse. Knowing Yan and knowing Sakura, Shyc was rather sure that neither of them had done the deed and so his gaze fell upon the lizard-man.

"Wow... we just keep finding random new people don't we? This is going to be interesting, again..."


Sakura shifted slightly. A blanket was over her and she was rather warm. Moving a bit more, she rolled over onto her other side and opened her eyes. Lying a little way away from her, she spotted Shyc. The young man was covered as well and looked to be asleep. She yawned, stretching her limbs a bit as she tried to recall what had happened and how she'd gotten there.

Her movement must have woken the mercenary for he shifted a bit and looked over to her, "You're awake. How do you feel?"

"I'm alright," she answered, "Where are we? What happened?"

"You kinda passed out. There was a lizard-man holding you. We ended up moving camp a bit. Everything's fine now, they're talking," he motioned to the flickering flames that colored the outside of the tent. Sakura silenced herself and listened hard. Voices came to her but she couldn't make out the words of the discussion outside their tent. With a soft gasp she looked over to him.

"Are you alright!? What happened to you?!"

Shyc scratched at his cheek guiltly, "Uh... yeah, about that. I kinda got in trouble. Going off alone wasn't the brightest idea in the forest and as it was getting dark. I didn't think I was going to go so far away but I did. Anyway, I got attacked by some mercenaries," he chuckled a bit at a memory, "I think the mage woman is still stuck to the tree too... Willow's punishment."

Sakura laughed a bit at that, "But you're okay? That scream was terrible."

"I'm fine now. Just tired really. Willow's magic tends to make you like that. She draws from your own energy as well as hers to do healing."

"Oh I see. I've been meaning to ask you some things about everyone," Sakura said, now that they were talking about the other mercenaries of the group. She propped herself up on her hands, rolling to her stomach to watch him, "What are they like? How long have you been with them?"

"They're good people. I've been with them for about three years now. Willow is like our mother, sometimes she can really get into the reprimanding. Hell, she even reprimands Raze sometimes, that's fun to watch. I don't think anyone could chide him like she does. Yan has always been as he is. Loud and touchy. You get used to it after a while," he grinned a bit as he moved to a more comfortable position, though still on his back, "Raze is always somewhat withdrawn from everyone. His words may seem harsh but he means well. He looks out for us a lot. I really look up to him. Don't let him fool you, he cares a lot more than he lets on."

As Shyc fell somewhat quite, Sakura tilted her head off to the side, "What about Dinan?"

His gaze widened a bit and his face flushed. Both of which she noted and smiled, "Uh... Dinan. He's silent a lot of times. Talks only when he needs to and doesn't like it when people talk to much, kinda like me," he gave a sort of half laugh, "He's really strong too. He and Raze could probably match up... Not that I want to see that! Ever, I mean... I would be really sad if that happened... Anyway! I find it really fascinating that he can fly with one wing, and I kind of envy that too. I wonder what it's like sometimes. I bet it's an amazing feeling." his voice trailed off.

Sakura's smile had widened, "You like him, right?"

He jumped a bit, "Hu!? What? Uh... what makes you say that?"

"Well, you just talked about him the most. You're always sneaking glances at him when we were walking just a few days ago. You sound really fond of him, that's all. So I figured you liked him."

He glanced over at her, his eyes narrowed a bit and a frown on his face, "You know... sometimes you're scarily smart."

Sakura tilted her head, "What do you mean? It's not that hard to figure out. I bet he likes you too."

"I don't think so. It doesn't seem like it really," he muttered, though it seemed like he was remembering something for his face turned red again.

"Want to know something? When you were in trouble, he ran off without waiting for Raze's directions. He was worried."

"R-really? He did that? That's... Umm... Strange."

"It's not strange. You should ask him. You should tell him too. I'm sure he already knows."

"Wait, wait. Are we really having this discussion? Doesn't this bother you? I mean, I'm a guy and I'm sort of attracted to Dinan, whose also a guy. Doesn't that bother you? And why are you encouraging me! Stop it!"

Sakura laughed, loud. She fell against the pillows as she watched him, "It doesn't bother me. I thinks it's great. You shouldn't be bothered by it either. If you're in love with him, than do it. You won't be happy otherwise. And I'm pushing you to do it because I doubt you'd do it on your own without someone telling you to do so."

Shyc's face was beet red as he stared up at the ceiling of the tent. He looked rather uncomfortable and unnaturally silent. Sakura sighed a bit as she got comfortable again, "Maybe I should ask him for you?"

"No! No! Definitely not! Don't say a word to him! Ugh, what would you do if I told Raze about you hu?"

It was her turn to blush this time, "Eh!? What are you talking about?? I-I don't know what you mean. I'm going to sleep now! Goodnight Shyc..." she announced hastily and rolled over quickly. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest, not in fear but in embarrassment that one of the group had noticed. She'd been getting rather close to the elf and even though it was only a few days ago that she'd joined them, she had finally figured out the little tiny feeling that had started to bud recently.

Nope! Not going to think about that... its too late in the night and sleep is making me delirious. she thought and closed her eyes.

|| End Quest 2.5 || Begin Quest Three ||


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Nahvariik had been looking over the relatively unknown woman in his arms, checking for any possible signs of why she had collapsed. When he found no noticeable signs of her current ailment, he grunted in thought. Looks like it's something internally wrong with you, youngling. What could it be, low endurance? He said to himself, his words hidden under his breath.

Trying to remember where he had seen her before, the fighter had spotted a small mark on her forehead, partially hidden by hair... and a small gasp escaped from his lips when a closer inspection revealed what the mark was: a royal insignia of Iverien, and that would only mean that this was the princess that his

"Well, aren't you a surpri-"

"Let. Her. Go."

A sudden female voice had startled him, and as he turned to where the voice had originated, a trio of armed individuals revealed themselves from behind the trees. Nahvariik recognized them as mercenaries by how they dressed and handled themselves, the vanguard of the three a female mage followed by a multitude of floating pieces of shrapnel, all aimed at him.

Even with an unconscious person in his arms, Nahvariik entered a modified combat stance, shifting the young woman into one arm and securing her from falling over, brandishing his greatsword into his open hand, forming a defensive area nonetheless. Before he asked them if they were friend or foe, another voice was heard.

"Willow, please stay yourself for but a moment. What are your intentions, Drakaani?"

From behind the mage, a slightly taller mercenary revealed himself as the owner of the second voice. An elf in green. But there was something slightly offsetting about him, his natural elven scent was mixed with that of a human. Yet, Nahvariik knew exactly who this elf was.

Events from his memory flashed before the Dragon's eyes within seconds, before the fighter lowered his blade slightly, yet maintaining his defensive stance. "These are your friends I presume? It's been a while that we've met again, you know that if I was hostile, you wouldn't be standing there...Razeluxe."

Sheathing his blade, he returned to holding the young woman with both arms, walking towards the trio. "You know, it's kind of difficult for you to carry a person when you're holding a weapon in one hand. She's unconscious for the moment, and when you get her taken care of, I'll tell you what you need to know..."

He paused in the middle of his statement, passing the young lady's care to the three mercenaries, specifically the elf, before continuing, glancing over at another unresponsive mercenary, the one who had been with the princess before he had entered the scene.

"...But don't assume that I will be leaving without her."


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As if the prove the might of his race, the young dragon was brandishing a two-handed sword without the second hand and held upon Sakura defensively with his other. For whatever reason, he was appearing as though he believed them to be hostile towards the woman, not himself. He could safely say that if the beast of a person had wanted, he could've done away with her whenever he so chose, as his strength allowed him to simply break a human's neck without the slightest difficulty. The hybrid thought the situation a bit humorous. After all, both groups involved seemed to wish for Sakura's safety, yet both were a bit skeptical of the other.

However, this hostility changed fairly drastically when the unnamed dragon-esque being finally voiced something.

"These are your friends I presume? It's been a while that we've met again, you know that if I was hostile, you wouldn't be standing there...Razeluxe." it said as if it were familiar with the leader of the mercenaries. Razeluxe raised an eyebrow before narrowing his eyes defensively for a moment as he gave the beast another lookover. Something... seemed familiar, upon reinspection. Raze nearly strained his eyes before finally, like a wrecking ball, it hit him.

"Is that... Nahv?" Mirelux asked hesitantly. It was fairly embarrassing that he did not catch it sooner, as Nahv wasn't exactly hard to point out compared to other of his kin. He remembered that the guy could even intimidate others of his own race, what with his absurdly large stature. Then again, they did not have any others to compare him to, and just the coincidence of meeting with him way out here at this time was just so unbelievable that he could not recognize him in the first place. Razeluxe continued. "'s been quite the while. I see you're still as healthy as ever." the hybrid who would appear as though a dwarf before the Drakaani said with an eased tone.

During the time that Nahv had unequipped his blade and was walking towards them, Razeluxe turned to Willow. "You needn't worry. Sakura's about as far from harm as she can get for now." he assured. Despite his appearances, he knew Nahv was no bloodthirsty beast who'd sink his fangs into a helpless girl. Besides, if Razeluxe recalled accurately, Nahv preferred a challenge much like himself.

"You know, it's kind of difficult for you to carry a person when you're holding a weapon in one hand. She's unconscious for the moment, and when you get her taken care of, I'll tell you what you need to know..." Nahv spoke as he gave Razeluxe the newest (and currently unconscious) member of their group to him. Not really suited for taking care of a younger woman who was injured, he immediately turned to Willow, who was likely so worried about Sakura that she might've been elated to take her from him. Either way, he gave that bitch a bitch. Bitches love bitches.

"I'll set up the larger tent for her to rest in, just give me but a moment." Razeluxe spoke aloud so that both Willow and Nahv could hear him, then turned and promptly did what he said he was going to do: Set up the tent. Unfortunately, Sakura was unconscious and therefore unable to be instructed on how to set it up, but at least she was alright for now. Nobody had died, which was a victory in Raze's book. With his expertise of the subject, Razeluxe had the tent set up in less than ten minutes, but the setting sun also forced him to go deal with starting a fire.



...we already had firewood....

Sighing as he noticed that this whole situation could have been avoided if Shyc had cared to check this, he finished the small campfire site fairly quickly as well. It was no bonfire, but as for keeping the surrounding area lit and warm? Well, it certainly sufficed. By now, everybody had returned and Sakura and Shyc were resting in the tent. That thought alone made Raze cringe, but upon realizing Shyc had definitely seen how defensive he AND the giant lizardman were about her, he knew not even the most idiotic of people would try something. Shyc was at least smarter than that.

"So before anything else... I would be willing to bet that you did not simply become fond of her because of her appearance, Nahv." Razeluxe began as they surrounded the campfire, referencing his prior mentioning of taking Sakura with him. "I've decided to let her become a member of this little group at the request of the rest, as well as herself. Would you care to explain why you would want her to part with us?" he asked, crossing his arms. As he waited for his answer, he could hear voices coming from the tent, meaning that she had finally awoken, which was terrific news.

After all, she would have to give her big, lovable lizard some thanks for being there to help.

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The setting changes from Camdiere to Kingdom of Duun


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The Kamael did not subscribe to much beyond their own harnessing of Soul Magic concerning the arcane arts. As a result few were the one winged angels that ever master the skills of restoration and fewer still that bothered. Dinan subscribed to the same philosophy viewing any gift not of Mystria's giving highly suspect. Nonetheless the Angel was very grateful for only half understood reasons for Willow's presence amongst them right now.

The corpses of their enemies littered the swamp's ground like so much forgotten chaff, the bodies torn apart by blade and smell. The copper tang of freshly spilled blood hung heavily upon the air, giving the noxious scents of Duun a good run for their money. Admist such a scene the only thing that concerned him was the fact Shyc was going to be okay. A attitude normally one Dinan never indulged in, after all soldiers had died before.

But watching the flow of Magic as Willow willed the powers housed in her body,mind,and soul to heal the injuries of their resident thief the winged warrior only felt gratitude. For the healing of a comrade and fellow mercenary. Perhaps though if asked directly there might have been a touch of concern beyond the simple one of a friend.

And judging by the blush on Shyc's face as some thought or another ran through his head, no doubt triggered by Dinan's words, the Angel had a feeling that emotional confusion was mutual. Not that it was confusing but rather that this concern was unknown. The Kamael had never been a people who wore their heart on their sleeves. And the time spent underneath the Compact had slowly but surely killed off the concept of romantic love entirely.

Dinan though was unique in more ways then simply in his sanguine eye colour. He was one of the few one winged angels serving with humans and indeed one who sought them out. Most of his race had little more then disdain and mockery for the short lived race. Too weak to fight and too stupid to realise it was perhaps the kindness thing the Kamael said of humans.

Perhaps though Dinan simply had not lived through enough centuries to become disillusioned with the role of the Guardian. Or perhaps the winged warrior's lack of contact with his race rendered him more open with the vitures of the other races.

Or maybe it was just the fact the Angel simply spent less time looking down at people and more at them. Not that any who had known him would likely agree. But by the standards of the Kamael Dinan was downright wrong. A lone wolf born of a duty bound race that saw fit to turn his Mystria given talents in the service of a different kind.

Or maybe it was just the company that kept him more or less open minded about the concept of racial equality. This reason created as Shyc fell into the abnormal Kamael's arms as he was obliged to bear for a moment to halt the thief's fall. It was admittedly a pleasant burden, Dinan was no stranger to physical passions after all. And he drew a certain level of amusement from the blabbering of the fellow mercenary's embarrassment.

Pleasant or not now that Shyc's welfare did not weigh so heavily on his mind the angel was beginning to wonder the exact purpose behind the battle. These mercenaries that had died by their hands weren't bandits looking for an easy score. Their equipment and training showed them to be a par above the rabble, not to mention the mage they had brought with them. They had also managed to track them and set up the prefect ambush. An ambush that had only failed due to the strength of Dinan,Raze,and Willow.

Exactly what were they looking for?. Dinan wondered as he began to wipe the gore of battle off his face before Willow's yelling caught the bulk of his attention. Our guest? Did her high born family send them after us...No even they wanted her back such a direct method would have put the girl child in harm's way. This theory running through his head as he ran beside Raze and Willow.

Only to find their once ordered and peaceful camp site was to the sight of battle. The ever omnipresent insects of this poisoned marsh beginning their grisly work upon the refuse of battle. Though corpses took second place to a semi mythical figure who held their guest.

"A Drakaani, been awhile since I've seen one of them." Dinan said in a quiet tone to himself. The Kamael could and did live long enough to know all there was to know about the other races. On the flipside few of the Angels ever bothered, content with the facts given to them by now long dead forefathers. Dinan on the other hand preferring a fresh tale had sought out the draconian folk and found the facts true. Though a race of skilled and powerful warriors they had nothing of the numbers of the Kamael. The armour clad and singular winged warrior also respected their creed even if not following himself.

Despite all that the picture painted by roughly handled bodies and bloodstains painting the landscape scarlet did little to recommend lizard faced figure. Then again the fact he was still here also gave him a chance to explain in Dinan's mind.

Deciding as par the course that the others were doing a beautiful job of playing Inquisition all on their lonesome he strolled over to were he had set his bedroll against a lean of trees. Pulling out a clean cloth the winged warrior doused himself with water from his canteen before wiping blood off his face, all of it the enemy's.

Even throughout this process the angel kept a close eye on the Drakaani and his comrades. Approving of Willow's overly aggressive approach if not words he waited till Raze chimed in with his own questions. None of it seemed to need his involvement so Dinan simply went with the flow till the Shyc and Sakura were seen safely off to the rest they needed.


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I apologize for the double post

The setting changes from Kingdom of Duun to Camdiere


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So Sakura appears unarmed and he threatens her life, but the creature with a unsheathed blade has her in his hands, and suddenly the death threats cease. Ashen eyebrows knitted and she drilled a side-long gaze into the side of Raze's head. If the situation was any less dangerous, she'd have a lecture lined up and ready to pass along to him. She would think that with two and a half centuries on her, that he'd at least be consistant, but it didn't seem to be the case. It was a lecture she'd save for later, once she was absolutely sure this Drakaani meant no threat.

Until that time however, the sharpened stakes hovered menacing above her head, keeping a careful ward for anything that might be construed as hostile. She was not going to take any chances with Sakura in the creature's large arms. Fortunately, it seemed as if the man recognized their inconsistent leader, and it sounded as if the pair were on reasonably friendly terms. However, it wasn't until Nahv, as Raze had called him, handed Sakura's care over to them that she finally lowered the stakes to the ground. Raze vouching for the man had also helped alleviate some of her fears, and she was comfortable enough to ease her stance around him.

With Sakura in her hands, Willow watched as Raze walked off to set up her tent-- and as an afterthought Willow willed the stakes she had created to follow him. With their initial purpose settled without bloodshed, they could be used for another in anchoring the tent to the ground. Willow was not a creature of waste, and she intended to use everything she created, for one purpose or another. With still an air of caution resting on her shoulders she looked to Nahv as Raze worked on the tent. "I apologize for my initial aggression. Friends are so rarely found so far out, more than likely you find enemies instead. Surely you understand?" She said, allowing a weak smile to creep into lips.

Once Raze had erected the tent, Willow entered and set Sakura upon a bedroll and inspected her for any lasting injuries. A quick search with her magic revealed nothing out of the ordinary physically, so Willow assumed she simply collapsed from fear. Nodding in satisfaction with her mental diagnosis, she drew a blanked over the girl and took her leave. As she exited the tent, her crystal bauble resumed it's orbit over her head, though it's arc was noticeably lazy.

Outside the tent, she was met with a gentle fire crackling not too far off. Willow was relieved to see the flame, for it meant that she didn't have to create it herself. Making her way to where Raze stood, she massaged her shoulder where she was struck by the lightning bolt and winced at it's touch. It was still tender, but it wasn't fatal at least. Nothing a day or so wouldn't heal up. The garment would take a bit more effort than that-- but that could wait until tomorrow, she hadn't the energy to play tailor at the moment.

She kept her silence until Raze was finished speak, and then she had her own say. "You speak as if we all asked to keep her like she was a lost puppy," Willow chided gently, "She asked if she could accompany us, and we simply agreed, Raze," Still inconsistent as ever she saw, "It was by her own wish and choice that she became a part of our group, and it's by her wish that she still remains." The last part was more of the benefit for the Drakaani than it was for Raze, but her next words were unmistakeably for Nahv. "And it's only by her wish that she will go with you. Nothing more," She punctuated her sentence with a firm finality about it, and it's meaning was clear. The girl's choice was her own, and no others, and Willow would see to it that the girl's wishes were respected.

Though the man towered over the woman, Willow was not the type to intimidate easily, especially when it came to those she called her friends. And though Sakura was a new member of their group, she was a member, and like they protected Shyc, they would protect her as well.

The setting changes from Camdiere to Kingdom of Duun


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#, as written by Siryn
[So... I totally failed with my last couple of posts *facepalm* stupid places drop down -.- I got it this time though!! XD]

Palace of Duun...

Damn that Drakaani the thought was bitter and filled with vile acid. His golden eyes narrowed in concentration. Being a Shade gave him many abilities, one of which to replicate his original body and send it out to do his bidding. The problem with this process was its taxing nature and the fact that whatever happened to the replica, was felt by the original. So, when the body was torn asunder from the shoulder down almost, the Shade had lost consciousness.

Everything had been going smoothly up until the lizard showed up and ruined his scheme. The mercenaries had worked rather well, though had the idiotic boy not left the others as he did, things wouldn't have gone as smoothly. Even so, the Shade had had multiple plans for almost every incident. All except for the one.

The Drakaani showing up.

He ground his teeth as he reconstructed his replica that lay before him. Once it was put back together, he commanded it to rejoin with his original body. As the replica melded with him, a harsh rap on the door to his chambers broke the still silence. The flames of the candles that lit his room flickered as he turned his sharp gaze over to the door in annoyance. With a wave of his hand, the handle turned and the door opened up for the one wanting his attention.

"Well?" the husky voice demanded. The King of Duun was a short man who couldn't quite control his body temperature and thus was seemingly sweating at all times no matter the emotion he was fuming.

"A complication," the Shade answered, his raspy tone grating as he growled out the words.

"Well figure it out. I need that girl. I won't allow anyone to get in my way either. It's the reason I hired you, Shade. You told me you could get her easily," the man snapped, huffing as he strode forward to face off with the golden eyed magician, "She's the only thing that'll bring the Kingdoms crumbling to the ground and my salvation from this disgusting, rodent infested boiling piss pot!"

The Shade turned to regard the King coldly. The shadows seemed to swirl around the black clad figure as he glowered down at the shorter man, "You're a man who sure likes to test his fate, aren't you?"

The King of Duun took a small step back, his lips turning into an ugly frown as he watched the Shade carefully, "Do what you need to, just give her to me."

"Just as soon as the ones in my way are drowned in this swampy hell," the Shade answered as he took a step backwards into the darkness of his room. The candles burnt out leaving the King in absolute darkness.


Sakura's breathing was deep and slow, indicating that she'd fallen back asleep. Shyc, on the other hand, couldn't go back to sleep at all. Having rested for a short while, he was feeling energetic again... as per usual. Pushing the woolen blanket off, he stretched upwards and then got to his feet off the bed roll. Quietly he left the tent to come closer to the voices that had been speaking around the fire.

The new comer was being questioned all around just about. The only one whose voice Shyc hadn't heard was Dinan's. Not that it was unusual for the one winged angel to be quiet. He just didn't speak unless he felt it was needed. Certainly something Shyc could use some training in he was sure. He tended to get himself into more trouble by talking too much than not.

"You speak as if we all asked to keep her like she was a lost puppy. She asked if she could accompany us, and we simply agreed, Raze. It was by her own wish and choice that she became a part of our group, and it's by her wish that she still remains. And it's only by her wish that she will go with you. Nothing more," Willow was saying.

Though Shyc hadn't really caught the first portion of the conversation, he couldn't help but chime in, "Well, I'm pretty sure she wants to stay with us. I mean, she was rather adamant about it when we first caught her sneaking in the cart a few days ago. I highly doubt she'd just want to leave with someone she's just met. Er... well... not that that's a great argument or anything... I mean she did leave with us," Shyc blushed a bit as he scratched at his cheek. He was sure he wasn't really helping the situation, but he didn't like this talk of her leaving with anyone really. Besides, he was pretty sure what it was that kept her with the group and his eyes flicked over to Raze for a mere moment before he continued.

"The point is, she seems attached. You can't expect her to just up and leave now can you?" Shyc stretched a bit as he spoke, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair.

"Besides, we're far too entertaining to have her just leave, he grinned as he strode over and sat down near the fire. Stretching out across the slightly damp forest floor, he propped his head up as he looked down to the fire then up to the group. Raze was right across from him, Willow next to him and Dinan just to the side of Shyc. He tried hard not to look over at the angel, (though it honestly didn't work) hoping that the man hadn't heard a word from the tent just a little bit ago. The conversation replayed in his mind and he bit his lip for a moment.

Turning his head enough to look over to the lizard-man named Nahvariik. He didn't offer any other questions, just his statement. He had more to say, but for the sake of not being annoying -for once- he kept it to himself and instead waited to see what the Drakaani's answer would be to everyone's thoughts.


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The pros and cons of any situation could be myriad and insulting simple, and often both at the exact time. And that was exactly what was Dinan's thoughts ran to as the others engaged in the verbal sparring so common to those who felt the need to speak as often as an child new to everything. The one winged angel after hearing the Drakaani's defense had rapidly lost interest in the lizard. Beyond a uncomplicated feeling of thankfulness that their newest member as it were was safe due to his actions. After all the reptile had singlehandedly ensured Sakura's safety with, if the bodies were anything to go by, extreme prejudice.

Beyond that he tuned out in large part the goings on of the little meet and greet, social niceties simply beyond this proud and at the moment confused Kamael. Not only were there the considerations of exactly why anyone would commit manpower and resources to attacking them there was also Shyc. More specifically the glances that the thief threw his way. Dinan while openly glad his fellow mercenary had survived with little more then exhaustion the serious wounds magic had scored him with did not know what further to think.

Certainly the human was easy enough on the eyes, and even by Kamael standards was good looking. But the differences between them seemed vast to this five hundred year old soldier. Not simply racial in origin but also of mind and attitude. Though the winged warrior was willing to admit the fact such things could perhaps add the spice of variety to his life.

Though following the conversation between his comrades only here and there Dinan was more concerned with the attack. The presence of the Drakaani was only the tip of the ice berg in his mind. Why had so much been risked for the sake of capturing a single girl. Her noble blood hardly seemed reason enough to launch such a methodically planned ambush in the Kamael's mind. Unless the Lady had some secret she wasn't telling it made no sense, was she running from a jilted lover that ill took rejection?

Lost in such thoughts Dinan only vaguely remembered tasks he preformed, the motions automatic and unthinking. His only real link to the world his warrior's sixth sense. Briefly drumming the fingers of his left hand upon the hilt of Soulbreaker he called upon it's spirit.

As the weapon was forged from a fragment of his soul the spirt appeared in the depths of his mind as a dark mirror image of Dinan. The armour it wore was black and white, it's scrollwork picked out in glowing red lines. And were Dinan wore neutrality as his facade Soulbreaker wore disdain and pride in equal measure.

So once again you've seen fit to speak to me. To what do I owe the pleasure. Soulbreaker sneered in the cold tone only steel could, in the disdain a weapon had for warm flesh. The darkness of his subconscious echoed with the blade's will, a brief bit of sulk.

The girl. was all Dinan answered with.

She's reeks of something that's for sure. And by the sweet kiss of Mystria it seems worth dying for if our enemies are anything to go by.

Letting go of his hold upon Soulbreaker the angel considered the weapon's remark. Though the Kamael understood seeking to die in battle Dinan knew the humans he had killed did not subscribe to Mystria's teachings. Few non-kamael did and now was no exception.

So lost in thought was he that winged warrior was somewhat surprised to find himself staring into the depths of a fire around which the group had found itself. And sitting next to him was the other half of his thoughts.

Shyc, he honestly did not understand that either. He had run off like a green fighter new to battle after the thief's scream had echoed through Duun's gods forsaken terrian. He had left behind centuries of combat experience simply because of the pain in that scream. Truthfully the winged warrior was not sure he cared for that particular effect a single human had on him.

Still he looked back at this young human did Dinan, seemingly as unable to look away as Shyc seemed to as well. Quickly composing himself the one winged angel reached for the flask of Skyil he kept and took a long swallow. A traditional alcohol of his people Skyil was distilled from herbs that could only grow in the thin air reaches of Silver Storm Peak. It's flavor was however was open to debate as no two batches ever tasted exactly the same.

More to the point the booze lent his system the shock it needed to focus on something on then the proximity of Shyc...though perhaps a second shot was in order.

The setting changes from Kingdom of Duun to Camdiere


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While the elf had been busy setting up the tent and the few others that were around were busy with a proper fire, Nahvariik had spotted himself a tree to lean on so he wouldn't be in the way of the other mercenaries, yet allowing him to keep a trained eye on the unconscious woman as well as the surrounding area. But a minute or so in, his mind slightly began to wander...

The last time he had seen the young elf was similar to how it was now, him in charge of a band of adventurers and soldiers, with the Drakaani serving as their guide. He had encountered them while they were touring his Motherland. What he would do to see his much missed lands once again-

The mage from earlier had approached him, in a more relaxed stance, her words snapping the fighter away from the past.

"I apologize for my initial aggression. Friends are so rarely found so far out, more than likely you find enemies instead. Surely you understand?" The words of an apology formed from her mouth, and Nahvariik had noticed a smile forming on her lips. It was weak, but it was there nonetheless.

Nahvariik recognized the apology for what it was, and accepted it in silence, a quick, but sure, nod being the only acknowledgement given.


A good amount of time had passed, the elf finished with setting up the tent and the mage had laid their injured to rest. A small fire was lighting up the area as a ward to fend off most of the swamp's inhabitants, its warmth resonating an aura of safety for the mercenaries. Nahvariik never had to depend on such a light source for safety when he was a youngblood, and the same applied to him here as well.

Razeluxe commented on the Drakaani's fierce protection over their young member, making it somewhat into a joke. "Aye, and you would be correct on that." The fighter replied as such, before being asked to explain on why he wanted her to leave. "You probably misunderstood, I approve of her staying with your group. She's in good hands with you." Nahvariik paused for a moment to gather the correct words to avoid another possible misunderstanding. "If she goes somewhere, I'll be there to keep her out of trouble."

The mage had finally spoken up, chiding the elf which had pulled a silent chuckle from the fighter, then her words focused upon him. "Well, aren't you a feisty one, so full of... spunk. Raze, who is this mage that you picked, up? I like her." The Drakaani called out in an upbeat, friendly voice, directing a quick wink towards the mage.


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The fact that, in essence, they had switched 'roles' compared to the 'dilemma' of whether or not Sakura should stay with them did not pass by without Raze's notice. It was an admittedly comical situation he found himself in, but as subject now was not for jests, he treated it more maturely as he should. His heightened sensitivity to the fact helped him decipher the look that Willow gave him, and he was sure that this would not pass over until she had given him quite the earful at another time. If he were a more laidback person, this trait would probably have evoked a sigh, followed by, "Fine, mother".

As that problem could be postponed for the moment, he paid his attention to the matter with Nahv, who was beginning to answer the questions he was throwing at the Drakaani. "If she goes somewhere, I'll be there to keep her out of trouble." was the part of his answer that Raze took the most interest in. It sounded like he was contradicting himself, in a way. On one hand, he'd denied any attraction to her, and even said she was in good hands, but on the other, he needed to watch over her? Maybe he really was crushing on her.

"I'm aware of your abilities as a soldier and I do not personally have any problem with you joining along so long as Sakura remains with us, both if you're willing and if the others do not have objections." Razeluxe proposed. After all, if the guy was bent on protecting her, it'd be much less weird to do so as part of the group than as a stalker. A giant, lizard-man stalker who can literally tear people's arms off without much difficulty. Plus, as stated by Raze himself, he had seen exactly what this Drakaani in particular was capable of, and if it involved combat - as any mercenary's job would - he was very probable to excel at it. Plus, it would be good to have someone designated to assist Sakura should circumstances repeat themselves. Yan must have had an episode or whatever it may be, since he was so out of it. Unfortunately, that could not be risked again, otherwise he might not only cause his own death, but the death of Sakura or another member as well. Speaking of Yan... Razeluxe began thinking it would be best to check on the guy to see if he was back to normal after everything was settled. Maybe tearing off limbs before him was a bit too much?

"You speak as if we all asked to keep her like she was a lost puppy. She asked if she could accompany us, and we simply agreed, Raze." a tone much like the one a mother tiredly gave to her child when scolding escaped from Willow's lips as she referred back to the meeting with Sakura. Apparently, the whole 'as well as herself' part that he spoke earlier was lost to her, or at least the meaning. His way of speech might have brought about a misunderstanding on the matter, but then again, it was not unlike he did not believe using an analogy about a dog to be perfectly fitting for how Sakura came to be in the group.

"You must remember her arrival much differently than I do, Willow." This was the sole comment Razeluxe made on the matter.

Luckily (for Raze), Willow turned herself back to the Drakaani instead of the hybrid, ensuring by her tone that what she said was not considering anything less than a statement of what would happened. Here is where Razeluxe would have to agree. Because he agreed to let her join, it should be by her choice that she would leave them, but that was unlikely, in Raze's opinion. It was not required for Raze to repeat what Willow had spoke, he simply nodded as she spoke so as to show his mutual feelings on the matter and waited for Nahv's response.

"Well, aren't you a feisty one, so full of... spunk. Raze, who is this mage that you picked, up? I like her." Nahv asked, his tone becoming more playful than before. Somehow, what he said did irritate Razeluxe, but never did this come to light to anybody but himself.

"I don't care much to surround myself with unlikable characters" Razeluxe began. "It makes it fairly hard to stand out if I do. But if you really wish to know, I'm sure Willow would have a much easier time introducing herself than I would. I was under the assumption you two had done so while I was busy earlier."

[OOC: I'm posting this while about to fall asleep. I kinda just remembered after finishing it that Shyc was relavent too, but again, I'm tired as balls. Maybe I'll mention him somewhere in an edit if there's no other posts by the time I get up and whatnot. Sorry!]


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#, as written by Siryn
|| End Quest 3 || Begin Quest 4 ||


Shyc pulled back as Willow had insisted. Slowly he let the blade fall back into the sheath as Raze announced his leave. The half-elf turned on his heel and headed back to the camp rather quickly. The thief's gaze watched him go for a moment before his attention was pulled back to the woman still tied to the tree. Her words sent a kind of dread pulsing through him that he hadn't felt in a long while. A Shade? he thought, eyes wide.

Willow offered one last warning to the woman before freeing her. The mage dropped down to her feet and glowered at them both as she slowly backed away into the forest. Once she was gone, Shyc frowned as he tapped the hilt of his blade before going back to the camp with Willow. He was curious as to what Raze was doing and why he'd left so quickly, but figured he would find out later. What had him worried was the mention of the Shade.

As they reentered the camp, Raze wasn't in sight. With a slight shrug he went to the campfire and stirred up the coals to bring more heat to the small area. The forest was damp after all, and a slight chill was settling in, even in the morning hours. Shyc wasn't really fond of the cold. He sighed and right after the sound left his lips the cracking of twigs filled the area. Straightening, he turned to see a dark figure seemingly come out of the shadows of the trees. Behind him was a contingent of men looking well armed and with ill intent.

The thief slowly reached down for his swords, his fingers curling around both of the weapons this time instead of just one. He eyed the group that came to the edge of their campsite. The man that led them had strikingly golden eyes that seemed to flicker with a kind of rage that chilled Shyc's blood. He was covered head to foot in black, with only his eyes visible. That... that's the Shade he thought slowly.

"My, what a pleasure it is to find you all still here," the voice was raspy, like gravel.

Shyc's gaze narrowed, his heart rate sky rocketing as he stood there, shifting his body to a better stance, "I don't suppose you're just dropping by for a chat," Shyc commented as he flicked his gaze to the other men behind the Shade.

A hollow laugh followed his words, "Don't think you'll keep me from what I want, boy," the man's gaze left Shyc to take in the rest of the group. His eyes narrowed at Nahvariik before settling on Dinan for a mere moment and then to Willow behind them, "What an interesting group. Though I'm most surprised to see a Kamael with you. Have you lost your pride, little angel? To dwell among those who walk beneath you?" the Shade scoffed, "Pity really... And to join with such creatures as humans... You've gone and disgraced yourself," The Shade looked over to the lizard-man, his golden gaze narrowing dangerously, "And I have you to thank for tearing off an arm earlier, I'll be sure to repay you for that," he growled.

Shyc, on the other hand, had different plans. Both blades rang free from their sheaths, gaining the attention of the Shade fully. His face was flushed with rage, teeth gritting together tightly. He couldn't think properly and launched himself at the man. All simply for the fact that the black clad figure had insulted those closest to him. At the back of his mind he reprimanded himself for losing it so easily, but also knew there was nothing for it.

As he attacked, there was nothing of his usual grace during a fight. It was all brute force now, his only intent to was to drive his swords through the Shade that opposed him. Steel ground against steel as Shyc slammed his weapons down into the short sword the Shade held. Pulling back only for a second, he threw himself into a whirlwind of twists and slashes, each only ever landing on the damnable sword the golden eyed man wielded.

He was only concentrated on the Shade and didn't notice that his sudden lung at the Shade hadn't triggered the large army behind the Shade to do anything. It probably should have been the first thing to tip him off, but Shyc was too far from thinking clearly to notice anything right then. He duck a slash at his throat and thrust his own swords forward. He just barely cut into the man's flesh then. Again, he slashed outwards wildly, only to gain a few more very minor cuts. Then he did something he normally wouldn't have if he'd been calmer.

He got to close.

The short sword stuck hard, throwing aside one arm before coming back and sinking into his chest, going rather deep before Shyc got his own weapon up against the hilt to stop it from going further. His weapon shook violently against the hilt of the short sword. The Shade's hand shot out and gripped his throat tightly. Slashing out again, Shyc attempted to cut through the man's arm to release him. As his blade cut into the shoulder, the thief's other sword holding the Shade's at bay slipped. The steel slid through him.

Blood bubbled up into his throat and spilled from his lips. His eyes were wide as his numbed fingers released his hold on both swords. The Shade pulled him closer, dragging the short sword from Shyc's chest in one slow pull. One arm wrapped around his waist, holding him upright while the other reached up and pulled down the cloth that covered the Shade's face. Blackened skin met the thief who coughed on his gasp of shock. The skin looked to be like nothing but webbing, hardly even kept together at all.

Fingers gripped the back of his hair, dragging his head back as the Shade looked him over, "A waste, really. A strong, young life such as your own. I'll be taking it," he said as he dipped down towards Shyc's face.

Just as a strange pull was beginning to course though him, the thief felt his conscious fading away into something else entirely. No... no, not... again, he thought in vain as his breath left him and everything became dark.

The Shade pulled back immediately, his golden gaze widening in shock for a moment before narrowing in anger as he quickly released Shyc and stepped back hastily. The boy's body stumbled backwards before dropping down to one knee. Blood poured out onto the forest floor from the wound for a moment before it stopped suddenly. His fingers stretched outwards almost as if testing them.

Shyc's lips twisted up into a very cruel, sadistic smile, flashing a set of fangs that hadn't been there before. His gaze opened, revealing a much darker color than their usual vibrant green. They were almost black. Around his fingers, a silver colored fire began to burn, reaching up to his elbows. His swords shuddered on the ground and in the next instant shot to his hands where he gripped them tightly.

Rising up, Shyc tilted his head off to the side as he released a heavy sigh, his tongue running across his lips. Humming a bit, he gazed at the Shade who looked shaken, "That hurt, bastard," he grinned, a soft laugh escaping him, "But I suppose I could thank you too.... It's been far too long," his laugh was cold, hollow even.

Shifting his body very slowly, he turned the blades so the razor edges were pointed outwards. His smile grew as he stood there and in the next instant he faded away from sight. The Shade, visibly jumping, stepped back before he too disappeared in a wisp of black smoke. Just in time as well, for Shyc reappeared with his blades covered in silver fire swinging outwards from the spot the man had originally been standing in.

Clicking his tongue, Shyc stood up straight and located the Shade some ways away, behind the majority of his men, "Kill them! Leave the girl," he ordered. Only then did they lung forward in an attempt to fight off the mercenary group.

Shyc's gaze brightened to that of utter pleasure and he lunged forward. On his own, the thief kill almost half of the army that had come. Blood coated his frame just about from head to foot. It was very clear, he was not himself and he was enjoying killing.


Sakura's energy seemed to return as she looked up to Raze. Her heart fluttered as she listened to him. He wasn't going to let her go. He wasn't going to let her be caged again. For a mere moment her smile faltered as she thought about it. Could he really keep her there? Was that even possible? Sure, he would do as he said, and do all that he could in his power, but in the end... this was her Mother they were talking about. The woman was like ice and never was one to be swayed in her decisions.

Even so, Sakura pushed aside the depressing thoughts and smiled brightly, "Thank you, Raze. Thank you!" she was almost inclined to hug him, but bit her lip as the thought passed through her mind. It was hard enough as it was with him just standing in front of her, both alone in the tent. She bit her lip as she blushed again and turned away, hoping he wouldn't notice.

It was about that time that she heard steel clashing together. Lifting her head, she gasped a bit. What's going on!? she thought. Then she remembered Raze's words about the King of Duun wanting her. Her heart clenched tightly and she winced openly now, flinching as she pulled her hand back to her chest. Slowly she got up to her feet and made to peek out of the ten to see what was happening. That's when she saw Shyc, a sword poking through his back. Her heart seized up then.

"Shyc!" her scream was hoarse and she started from the tent. She wasn't sure what she was going to do, but she had to do something. She wasn't a fighter yet, but she couldn't just stand there. Sakura had barely gotten three steps from the tent when she couldn't move anymore. Her chest was on fire. Something was wrong, much more than the normal pains she'd felt before. She dropped to the forest floor, shuddering.

"What... is this?" she wondered aloud, the words barely a breath from her lips.

As she lay there, she heard a sound at her head and she looked up, wincing slightly as her fingers curled tightly over her chest. Standing over her was a familiar face and her face lost all color as she gasped, eyes wide. The golden eyes gazed down at her as he reached up and covered up the lower half of his horrendous facial features. The blackened skin made her semi-sick to her stomach and she looked back down at the forest floor, feeling bile at the back of her throat.

He bent over, fingers wrapping around her upper arm and hauling her upwards. She had no strength, thanks to the pulsing pain in her chest and so she screamed instead, calling out the first name that came to mind, "Raze!" her voice was sharp as it pierced the trees. Finally she managed to start twisting and squirming in his grip. The man pulled her tightly against him.

"Stop moving, woman. Make this easy," he hissed.

Sakura did the exact opposite as she struggled in his grip. Kicking and flailing, she landed a few hits on the Shade that held her tight. Her struggling did nothing to ease the growing pain and slowly her fighting back was starting to grow weak. I hate this... I hate this so much, she thought to herself realizing that she was weak as she was. She couldn't just depend on the others all the time. Sakura needed to get stronger, to defend herself. In frustration, she let out another scream, but with no words.


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"Ah, finally some well earned relaxation and some peace and quiet," Nahvariik told himself, his voice loud enough to be heard by any passing traveler, as he laid back to enjoy the soothing and cleansing waters of a nearby hotsprings that he had stumbled upon during the night.

Most of his armor was removed and was laying neatly in a pile just at the ledge above him, but the Drakaani wasn't worried about being caught unarmored, for he was Drakaani, and such a mighty Drakaani as he wouldn't be so easily defeated. He had few worries on his mind, as it was far too early in the day for the band of mercenaries to pack up and ride off without him hearing them.

They make too much noise.

He had recognized the fact that the group had a kamael with them, but he wasn't too fond about it. Both races were often at odds with each other, both looking down on the other. Despite this, Nahvariik had dropped the subject of why there was such a being in the group, thinking as to why his former employer's daughter was with them. He had never seen the Queen's daughter, even when he served as the kingdom's Master at Arms, and it was usually for good reason.


Some time or so passed, and Nahvariik returned the majority of his armor to their rightful place, holding onto the breastplate to don back at the campsite. As he approached the camp, the other members of his old-new "family" were returning to the campsite as well, each coming back from... whatever they were doing.

However, a certain chill burned through trees, and Nahvariik looked onwards, noticing a familiar man in black leading a small number of men towards them. When the man approached, the fighter recognized the golden eyes as the very ones that belonged to the man from the day before. He had some words to pass out with each of the mercenaries, starting with the thief, then moving onto the kamael before settling his eyes on the drakaani himself.

"And I have you to thank for tearing off an arm earlier, I'll be sure to repay you for that." The man's voice was coarse, as if he was threatening the fighter.

"Well, I assume you want another class in getting your ass whooped. I am one person you don't want to threaten, little man."

The foolish thief of theirs had rushed off into the group of men, and within minutes after his steel clashing with that of his enemies, had ended with a blade sticking through him, the man in black nowhere in sight. The first instinct that ran through the drakaani's mind was protecting the young female that was "placed" under his care, pushing him into the direction of the tent that she was occupying.

He had heard her call out for Raze a moment later, and sprinting to where the girl was, he captured an unsightly glimpse: The shade had a grip on the girl as she weakly laid on the forest floor. "Do you ever listen? I think you enjoy getting manhandled!" Nahvariik yelled out, about to charge shoulder first into the shade, aiming to break his grip from the girl...


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"Thank you, Raze. Thank you!"

Words Razeluxe almost never really heard left Sakura's lips and lightened the man's mood. The thanks sounded so genuine compared to most others, who would half-heartedly speak them out of courtesy rather than it being a part of their character. For whatever reason, Sakura soon reddened up in her cheeks, shying her head away likely in embarrassment, though Razeluxe was not sure what she'd have to be embarrassed about. But before any query could be made about the subject, the roar of a battle outside the tent claimed their attention. Razeluxe was quite quick to respond, but even so, Sakura beat him out of the tent.

Razeluxe was not far behind at all. About a second after the girl, he departed from the tent and quickly observed the situation. Much like Sakura, he escaped the tent just in time to witness what should have been Shyc's death from being impaled through the torso. A great rage and overwhelming sorrow hit the leader of the group both at once, stabbing at his heart, in a way. He kept his calm mask, but deep inside he would have sworn to gut every last one of these attackers himself had it not been for well... Shyc not dying when he most certainly should have. Instead, the young boy began as if he had a second wind of sorts, only Raze could certainly tell by his expression that there was something wrong with him. He dove into battle with the intruders in a state that gave the illusion that he was in a fit of ecstasy from fighting. But he was outnumbered, and Razeluxe wasn't one to simply roll the dice and hope for anything if he did not need to.

"Hey!" he shouted towards everyone in general, "You shouldn't need an invitation to protect yourselves!"

Before he could manage to jump to Shyc's side, Sakura's cry for help reached his ears, and as he turned his attention towards her, he spotted the figure looming over her. He made the assumption that the shade was not likely to have any friendly reasons for grasping her, so that made him a hostile who was now manhandling one of his friends. A mistake nobody had the tendency to survive to repeat. The elf did not make any battle cries or taunts as he began to the two, unlike his scaly friend who apparently had the same idea. Were Raze someone to be intimidated by size, he might have thought twice about seeing who would reach the shade between him and Nah, who certainly towered over him, but that was not the case here, and because he was but a few feet from Sakura and the Shade, he reached them first.

Razeluxe gripped the handle of his sword and raised it into the air, before smashing the hilt right down on the back of the shade's skull, with the end result being much like one would expect: He dropped like a sack of rocks, as well as releasing the grip on Sakura.

Glancing upwards, he grinned at Nah. "She's my ship, turbonerd."

With presumably the rest of the group engaged in combat, he couldn't pretend like knocking this guy out was the end of the battle, but he managed to justify sparing the time to be concerned about Sakura by saying anything less than perfect condition when she returned would cost him his head later on. "Sakura, are you alright?" he kneeled down and offered her a hand. Shortly after, he did manage to glance upwards at Nah, whose prey he had technically just stolen. "I'll bet he's happier I reached him first."giving a small grin before returning his attention back to Sakura.

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