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The Mercenaries' Princess



a part of The Mercenaries' Princess, by Siryn.

Camdiere is the land of seven Kingdoms. Each Kingdom has it's own rules, regulations and so on. Camdiere -as a whole- is lush and vibrant with many different types of terrains to suit all who live there.

Siryn holds sovereignty over Camdiere, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Camdiere is the land of seven Kingdoms. Each Kingdom has it's own rules, regulations and so on. Camdiere -as a whole- is lush and vibrant with many different types of terrains to suit all who live there.


Camdiere is a part of The Mercenaries' Princess.

8 Places in Camdiere:

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Shyc Regaile [69] "I swear I didn't bring anything weird this time!!! Well... except for that, maybe that was me... "
Razeluxe [68] "You lose because your men stand behind you, not beside you."
Sakura Dieriean [59] "Don't call me your highness, I hate titles..."
Nahvariik [37] "Don't make me go 'rawr' on your ass."
Fotiá [25] "How... strange."
Kenji Umeki [24] "......."
Amaunet [6] "Dance with me, darling."

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(Collaborated post with Qaida; Qaida would need to edit in the font color for Shyc)

Later that night ~ Camp base of the mountain

Shyc moved about the camp silently. The fire was down to nothing but coals by now and he didn't stir it to make it brighter again. It was warm enough as it was anyway. Sakura had gone to sleep in her own tent to his left, the others either sleeping in the other tents or the hammock as Raze liked to have set up on nice nights. The young thief took one look around and then went to stand against one of the trees that surrounded their small camp. It was at the base of the mountain leading up to Truell, the snow capped region and realm of the Ice King. It was going to be heavily forested and thus the cart wasn't going to be taken up the steep, dangerous mountain trail.

Though there hadn't been word of bandits or anything like that on the passes and trails, Shyc couldn't help but to be awake and keep an eye out as he often did during their travels. He didn't stay up all night though as he did after the incident in Duun. No, he would go to bed soon, but not just yet. After all, his thoughts were too clouded, there was too much to take in to really go to sleep. Crossing his arms he gave a soft sigh, his gaze dropping down to the forest floor as he wondered what they were going to do with Sakura.

They were getting close to their destination. If the said cure was there for her, then they were done with their charge and were to take her back to the castle. He didn't want to take her back. Shyc -and he was sure Raze too though the man didn't admit it openly or say so- was very attached to her. To top it off, there was still the issue of the elf that had attacked them back in Iverien. Iriyn was his name and he had called Raze 'Dane', something that Shyc had never once heard before. Though he was curious about that, he didn't ask. It wasn't his business and he owed Raze that much. His past was his own, as was the thief's. Even so, it still made him wary. He was sure that Raze had felt it as they were making their way to Truell.

Someone was following them, they had been following the small group for quite a long time actually. It made Shyc more than a little uncomfortable to think that the other elf was tailing them so easily. Biting his lip in thought, he shifted his weight slightly, making the slightest noise with the movement. Glancing over his shoulder, he took another quick look behind him into the camp before returning his attention to the forest before him.


Nahvariik, along with a small handful of Drakaani rangers, had been skulking around the borders of Truell, under direct orders from Ice King Wuld'drak himself, watching for any signs of travelers or the sort passing into the kingdom's outer borders. While the winds from the mountain rolled down, it hadn't bothered those of Drakaani blood, as they had originated from a much harsher climate.

They had caught the scent of others within the area a few days back while returning to the southern outpost, and had been tracking them for some time now. The small group had stayed out of sight and hearing for the most part, using the upper trees as their cover, while Nahvariik elected to stay on foot. As he observed the tracks the group in front of them, until recently it had been roughly the size of five and a cart, though they had seemed to gain another member.

Staying out of sight, the pack of Drakaani followed the intruders to a nearby clearing, and waiting for the perfect time to strike, Nahvariik signaled the others, each splitting up to flank and surround the group. Despite the eerie darkness that the forest around the mountain created after sunset, it had little effect on the reptilian hunters' vision, and the mountain winds betrayed one particular intruder as it shifted.

As the individual split from the group, Nahvariik followed him under the veil of darkness, occasionally shifting behind a tree whenever his prey glanced around. The group had the element of surprise in their favor, and after Nahvariik reassured that they hadn't given away their positions, he pulled his hood over his head before emerging from behind the tree and charging into the individual from behind, arms outstretched and prepared to tackle his target.

It was silent for the most part, but as Shyc turned to look back into the trees, he heard a slight sound, the crunch of a twig and turned only to be caught off guard. Barreled into by something very large and brutish he coughed upon impact and went tumbling to the ground with the attacker on top of him. Hitting the ground, he groaned as he struggled to get air back into his burning lungs. Dazed by the sudden attack he couldn't move for a moment. When he did manage to drag a breath into his lungs, he found he could move again and struck out at the one who had tackled him to the ground, his fist headed for the person's head that was covered in a hood.

The person on top of him was heavy as hell, constricting his movements for the most part. One arm was pinned to his side as the attacker had tackled him to the ground, "Get... off," he ground out between clenched teeth as he writhed around in an attempt to loosen the grip and free himself so he could at least reach a weapon to better fend off the heavy body.

Nahvariik felt a glancing blow to the side of his head, a lucky yet weak attempt to fend off the Drakaani, however he had repositioned himself in an attempt to prevent another such blow. As he pinned down his prey, he noticed that it was a young male, and there was something familiar about the person as he heard him weakly mutter something.

Then it had hit the Drakanni. The person that he had ambushed was Shyc, and where there was Shyc, the others were nearby as well. However, that didn't change the fact that they were intruding upon Truell's borders, which had unfortunately turned Nahvariik against them.

"Well, look what we have here. Why is it that things like this always happen to you when you're by yourself?" The Drakaani asked, releasing his grip on the poor mercenary. Getting back onto his feet, Nahvariik called out to the others in his native tongue that these travelers were old allies of his, but to stay alert.

Shyc winced as he was pinned down, giving a sharp cry as his arm was put in a rather precarious position. It didn't last long though, which surprised him. He heard the words that were directed to him and he had to wonder what the hell that meant exactly. Once the heavy weight was lifted off of him, the thief flipped over and looked up to the tall assailant. Standing up, he wrung his wrist slightly. Wait... he knew that voice.

"Nahv... the hell?" he asked softly. Rolling his shoulders to loosen them a bit he heaved a heavy sigh, "What the hell are you doing here? And has anyone told you that you're ridiculously heavy..." he shook his head a bit as he tried to get feeling back into his seemingly squashed limbs.

He had chuckled a bit, or what would've been considered as a chuckle from a Drakaani, before revealing exactly why he appeared from out of the dark. "Aye, I do apologize young lad, but you happen to be passing into the territory of Ice King Wuld'drak. If you and your party doesn't turn and return the way you came or return to one of the main roads, under direct orders of the Ice King I'll... have to dispose of you." he replied grumpily, hesitant on wanting to follow through.

Shyc sucked in a sharp breath, his fingers that were wrapped around the opposite wrist tightened. What? That... that can't happen. We have to get Sakura to see the King. He has the cure! Shyc's wide gaze studied the tall Drakaani carefully and for a long while as he tried to think of something to say, "Nahv...That... We can't. We... have to go there. It's for Sakura's sake. If we don't go, she'll die! Can... can't you just take us there then? Or let us pass without a word? Or... wait... you... since when did you work for the King of Truell?" confused he was rambling, trying to piece it all together.

The Drakaani was in quite a dilemma and had to pause for a second or two, thinking over what possibilities that were available. Returning to his native tongue once more, he called for a nearby ranger, and from the canopy above them, another Drakaani, roughly the same size as his male companion and armed with a bow, appeared. "Send word to the Ice King that I'm escorting Princess Dieriean through the old ruins. Also alert him to the fact that she will also be closely accompanied by a group of talented and well trained mercenaries, but we can deal with them when we reach the palace. Go."

The smaller Drakaani replied in confirmation before swiftly moving out of sight, as Nahvariik pitched the idea of having to go through the labyrinthine ruins that ran throughout the mountain. "Seeing that your group would most likely not last very long on the trails, I do know a much safer passage to the Ice King's palace, though you'll most likely have to leave the cart behind. It'll be dangerous nonetheless, but it's much safer and quicker than having to travel through the blizzards and other hazards."

Shyc lifted an eyebrow. Though he was grateful for the fact that Nahv didn't want to 'dispose of them' as he had first said, he was still slightly wary. All of the Drakaani around was definitely unnerving. Still, if it was a sure way to get to the King, he supposed they should take it, but that wasn't his decision in the least, "Well, we were planning to leave the cart anyway so it doesn't matter either way," he answered, also aware that the large lizard hadn't answered his question about when he had worked for the King. Frowning just a bit he sighed softly, "Anyway, you'll have to tell Raze, though I think he will probably agree. If it's our only way in, we'll have to take it. Sakura needs that cure. She says she can last, but I don't know how true that is."

Crossing his arms across his chest, Nahvariik released a small grunt. "Well, you should return to your camp. I also know that you picked up a new member along the way, so I shouldn't be too surprised."

Shyc startled slightly, but then relaxed. Of course Nahv would know that they had more than they had ended up with when returning to Iverien weeks ago, "Yes, yes. We picked up a few new people," he answered and moved to go past the large lizard-man. Stopping briefly, he turned slightly and looked over his shoulder to the other, "Thank you, Nahv," he said and went into the camp.

The warrior followed Shyc into the camp, making a quick hand gesture to signal the remaining Drakaani that it was all-clear and for them to continue making their patrols. It had seemed to him that the mercenary was the only one that stood watch for the night, as nobody else was in sight within their temporary campsite. "As for when, the... Ice King will reveal that when you're introduced to him," Nahvariik calmly spoke out, pausing midway in the sentence. "Unfortunately, I'm on the other team this time, so keep that in mind when you tell the others."


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Razeluxe never found himself in a deep sleep due to his instructor's training a couple centuries ago, and his own paranoia. As his hammock swayed very lightly from side to side, a small disturbance in the force area around the camp, too quiet for a normal human likely, snapped the warrior awake. At least those ears were useful for something.

He scanned the campsite quickly with his vision and despite not having night vision like a cat or some species, he was able to at least make out the situation with the moonlight which, of course, was that the actual camp was dead save him. But he could still hear something that sounded like voices, although he was not able to make what they were saying out. They begun getting closer and closer, as though people were approaching the camp, and eventually, Razeluxe could make out both the voices. He was moderately surprised at the deeper one, and for a good reason too -- they had just departed from the group a few days ago. Judging by the tones used, there was not immediate threat to the camp and Razeluxe quietly approached the incoming people, his footsteps naturally something swift but silent, this being more of a trait of an elf than a soldier.

"Alright." Razeluxe said quietly as the two finally entered his vision, not particularly wanting to wake the rest of the camp, though he wouldn't be surprised if someone had already awaken besides himself. He hadn't been able to make out any clear words since they weren't shouting, for obvious reasons, he was simply able to hear the tone and voices. "So it was Nahv that was trailing us? That's a relief." even if Nahv was hostile, Dane would definitely prefer him over Iriyn. It wasn't a matter of who would be easier to fight, it's simply a problem of his past he buried but didn't realize it wouldn't stay that way. But now wasn't anytime to be thankful your stalker was different than the person you really feared. You still had a stalker. "Anyway, what have I missed? It pertains to the business you had, I presume."

(OOC:Sorry for the poo post! T_T I'm fairly tired and need other stuff done too!)


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#, as written by Igari


The boy that stayed behind when his leader (she was assuming, given the way the two had been whispering) was kind enough, he had a bit of trouble keeping an even gaze with her. Not surprising. He, unlike the man that had just left, seemed more suspectable to her whims. Heh. She leaned closer as he chatted with her, letting him catch small glimpse of just a little bit of skin. That was part of the game, wasn't it? Tantalize with a small peek but never with anything more. There conversation was pleasant enough, he seemed interested to know why she was heading in the direction of Truell. She gave him the answer she normally gave, which was close enough to the truth: she had a show to perform there.

There wasn't really much to say beyond that and with a wary look in the direction of their cart (she could've sworn she saw it move), she put the fire out and wished her guest a good night. She wrapped herself in her warm silk blankets and lay her head down, fading into a world of pleasant dreams, where all who saw her bowed down instantly, grateful to be in her presence... Mmm... yes, she was such a wonderful goddess...

Yet it was that... noise that awoke her. It was shuffling and one of her eyes shot open, looking about her for the cause. The first thing she noticed was that the boy was gone, the spot he had been sleeping in was empty. That wasn't what concerned her, it was the shadow that was crouching over where she was laying. The dancer flinched back, veering away from the figure. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, but from what she could make out, this shape was another woman's. A woman she didn't recognize--had she missed someone last night?

Her heart lept in her throat and her chest was starting to constrict. Relax, nervousness was not really a trait that suited her, not in the slightest. She glared at the figure, not about to let her hesitation leak through.

"What's your problem?" She was already reaching behind her to grab her scimitar to defend herself but the figure was quicker, grabbing her wrist and pushing her down to the ground. With the distance between them somewhat lessened, Amaunet was able to get a better look at her "attacker", a woman with green eyes and a rather blank expression. Maybe she shouldn't have invited these people to stay with her, if this was the thanks she was going to get!

She could hear the growls from her babies, though mixed with the night hair, it sounded more like a low murmur. No, she wasn't going to... let them out, she could handle her own in this one. Best not to blow her cover so immediately.

"Look, darling," She decided to try a different approach, fluttering her eyelashes at the other. "I'm sure this is a misunderstanding, though if you're looking for an excuse to get closer..." Amaunet adjusted her leg, rubbing her thigh against the woman's waist. To her surprise, the figure didn't seem pleased by this and immediately leaned backwards, relinquishing the grip that was keeping her pinned to the ground. Well, that wasn't the reaction she expected but... at least it had freed her.

The dancer was quick to get to her feet, grabbing her scimitar in the process. Best to be on guard right now.

"Identify yourself." Huh? What did that cutie say? Now that Amaunet was getting a better look at this woman... she wasn't too bad looking at all! She had modest breasts, not as big as hers, of course, but they were a nice size. And that little waist, mm, so petite. Still, what was this woman going on about? Identify? Identify what?

"... Excuse me?" Was all the necro-engineer could manage as she stared back.


Fotiá didn't know why this... ... whatever she was... desert woman was so difficult. Usually pulling a weapon on someone else worked. She had never had anyone rub their leg against her. It had felt strange and unwelcome. Her features were rigidly set, despite the fact that she had been somewhat frazzled by that... odd decision. Why didn't this stranger get it? This was yet another person that had not been a part of her orders, another person that did not conform with the proper order of things, and another person who was delaying their trip. And she had thought they'd got over this with the weird... silent... whatever it was.

And the elemental really didn't like repeating herself. Besides, the woman was probably just being intentionally frustrating--that was what all strangers liked to do anyway. And this was ridiculous, they were staying in a camp that this traveler had offered without the slightest clue as to whether or not this person was a hostile entity or not. The princess could be in serious danger--why wasn't this mercenary leader doing his job properly? But it didn't matter, she could take it into her own hands... as she was right now.

She decided that she had had enough--after all, talking was a waste of time. Narrowing her eyes, the emerald faded into the familiar turqoise as her pupils and irises disappeared into the hue, her skin flaking and burning as she morphed into a more familiar shape. If weapons didn't work, then fire always did. She'd be careful this time, she wouldn't burn any trees. Hissing, she raised a few fingers, a small ring of fire swirling around her digits.

The woman seemed temporarily stunned by this shift, why? Had no one on this plane ever met an elemental before? Fotiá had been summoned, after all, she couldn't have been the first elemental to make their presence known. She pushed these thoughts out of her mind, focusing more at the task at hand. She took a few steps closer to the other, the stranger tensing in response.

"Cutie, I don't know how you did that but... I don't think you really want to be attacking me." Fotiá was unfamiliar with the tone of voice the woman was using. None of it mattered, she had to find out why they had been offered shelter, and if this dancer was going to be a threat. She sent off a warning blast of flame, singing the ends of the woman's hair. The stranger's mismatched eyes widened as a look of horror (Fotiá knew what this was) overtook her features. What was the big deal? It was just hair. It would grow ba--

Something cold, something slippery, something... something WET was dumped over her head--Fotiá didn't know how it happened but it was happening. The water was disgusting and her flames made a sizzling noise. It definitely wasn't enough to put her out but it had hit the back of her head, dampening some of her hair. The elemental stood in stunned silence, hating every moment of this, hating this woman because that was the only person around to blame. But most of all, hating water, it was the most vile thing in existence.

She raised her body temperature to compensate for the bit of her that had gone out, flames expelling from her skin and causing the nearby plant life to whither and die at her feet. (... damn it.) The stranger blinked, but that mismatched gaze was not fixed upon the elemental. Instead, it was focused on something behind her. Fotiá glanced behind her, wondering what the woman could've been looking at. But all she saw was a mound of dirt. Hmm...

She turned back to the dancer, with a short sigh. This night. This night was neverending. Well she didn't need to sleep, she meditated anyway. And she could wait it out the whole entire night. She was going to stand here and watch the dancer. There was no way she trusted the woman but she was also aware that the princess was sleeping not too far off and she didn't know where the others were but she didn't want to wake them with the sounds of battle.

"Don't try anything." Was all she said, taking her place in the center of a pile of logs. She caused the wood to catch fire the instant she sat down but she paid no heed, a close eye on the woman in question. This night was far too bizarre.


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#, as written by Siryn

"So it was Nahv that was trailing us? That's a relief. Anyway, what have I missed? It pertains to the business you had, I presume."

Shyc glanced over to the tall lizard-man, "Yeah, I guess. But..." he paused for a moment, "Business hu... after or before he tackled me," he gave a slight glower at the lizard. Obviously he was still trying to have feeling return to his strained limbs. With a sigh he reached up and ran his hands through his hair, "I guess he's working for the King of Truell."

"That so?" Razeluxe turned to the Lizard-man who had created what would later be known as the 'man-pack'. "Too much to hope that he wanted to enjoy my company again."

Shyc gave a slight huff, a small upturn of his lips as he smiled slightly, "Well, better than what he originally wanted to do. He'd told me that we couldn't go any farther unless... well, he's been ordered to dispose of anyone who dares to 'tresspass'. But with Sakura's condition, it seems he's made an exception. So! Thankfully we won't die today, but we're under strict... survelliance I suppose. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that."

"Getting the cure for Sakura is our top priority at the moment, so I could care less if we're under watch. At the very least, I know Nahv's character enough to know that he won't do anything if we don't. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.."

Shyc looked over to Nahv again, his arms crossing as he eyed the man. He seemed to think about their options and then returned his gaze to Raze, "Yeah. I trust you on that. He's decided to take us through some ruins to get to the castle. I guess the pass is too perilous right now with all the snow. And well.. I think I have to agree. Sakura may say she's good, but... coupled with the cold and she's been looking a little pale lately," he paused again watching Raze carefully, "It'll be faster, warmer and Nahv will be guiding us. What do you say to that?"

Razeluxe's face was blank, as usual. Despite that, he couldn't help but avert his eyes for a moment. Would Sakura-chan be alright until then? He realized pondering this would just be wasting the little time they probably had. Razeluxe returned his gaze to Shyc. "I'm fine with it. Cold was never really my thing anyhueway." he answered.

"When does he want to depart?"

To this, Shyc gave a slight shrug, "I don't know. Probably soon, maybe in the morning which isn't too long now if you think about it," the young theif gave a sigh. So much for sleeping, but he was sort of used to that anyway, "Want me to wake her? Or will you? I could..." he glanced over as his attention was taken by something that sounded like a scuffle. He watched both women for a while before he shook his head and sighed as he looked down to the ground, "Well... that's just going to be great. Want me to see what's got those two all riled up?" he asked, pointing at the two women and specifically Fotia who looked to be drenched in water.

Razeluxe too had heard all the commotion coming from the camp. Whatever it was, it wasn't welcome. Razeluxe shook his head at Shyc's offer. "No, I'll deal with it. Go wake Sakura and tell her what we're going to do." he instructed before heading off towards the scuffle, irritated that something that was likely to be stupid was going on. He was quite done with all the shit going on around him for at least a few more nights.

"Alright," Shyc said with a nod and turned to go to Sakura's tent. He was slightly glad that Raze was going to deal with the two women. He wasn't quite sure how well he could have done so. Pushing aside the tent flap, he moved into her tent and gently shook her shoulder, "Sakura?"

She gave a mumble in reply, still wrapped up in a deep sleep. He grinned as he watched her, laughing to himself. Of course, nothing could wake her up it seemed, a full on war could be going on around her but if she were in this deep of a sleep, there was nothing to get her up. He settled for poking her face until she twitched a few times, and reached out and slapped at his hand.

"Sakura," he laughed, "Wake up, I know it's late. Sorry..."

"Mm, what is it, Shyc?" she said barely muttering the words as she rolled over and peered up at him sleepily.

"We're gonna get going soon."


"Yeah, seems... Nahv is back and he's going to take us to the King. We'll get your cure sooner. How does that sound?"

Sakura lay there for a while before everything processed and then she nodded and sat up slowly, stretching as she went. She gave him a tired smile, "You are all so worried. And for nothing. I promise I'm okay, jeez it's not like I'm just going to drop," she teased slightly.

Shyc frowned a bit, "So you say... but... you've been looking really pale lately and I don't know if it's just me but... you're usually more energetic."

"We've been walking a lot," she said with a shrug that he didn't believe wholly. Sakura pushed herself up to her feet and yawned, her arms stretching up over her head one more time. Shyc stood with her as he shook his head just a bit.

"See? Just... fine," the Princess swayed and then dropped.

Shyc shouted, catching her just before she could crumple completely, "Sakura?!" he shook her gently, and when she didn't move, he picked her up and left the tent in a hurry, taking her towards the dying fire, he laid her out as he called for Raze, shouting the elf's name even though he probably didn't have to.

Unfortunately for the two fighting women, the big, strapping young elf-human hybrd was unable to reach their tent before he heard the boy's cry for help. With a glare through the tent towards Shyc for interrupting his possible three-way, he rushed over to the tent that held the two.

"What? What's the matter?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The young theif ground his teeth, "I'm hopeful that she's just too tired... but... she stood up and then passed out," Shyc shook his head as he eyed Sakura's still form carefully, "This isn't looking good, Raze. What are we going to do if we lose her before we even make it?" he asked, looking over his shoulder to the elf with a bit of fear in his gaze.

Shaking his head, he continued a bit, "And Nahv hasn't gauranteed our audience with the King either... only that we'll get there."

"We'll get her there before that happens." he shot back, as if offended by the very idea that she'd actually perish before then. "Both our lives and her own depend on it, and I won't let them be lost. For now, we worry about things one at a time. You'll just stress yourself out otherwise. Can I expect a level head on you, Shyc? You're the most veteran member I have left."

Shyc took a sharp breath. For a moment only stared at Raze and then nodded, releasing his pent up air as he settled himself, "Yes," he answered and looked back down at Sakura, "Yes. You can expect that. I promise," he readjusted his hold on her and stood, he offered her to Raze, "I'll get our things, and tell Nahv we are ready. The sooner the better at this point," he said as calmly as he could muster.

The darkness of the room was only broken by a slight strand of silver light from the moon hanging outside the window. From that strand of light, two figures could be seen in the dark room. One was seated, the other stood next to them. The one that was seated tapped the arm of the chair incessantly.

"How much longer?"

"Till that time?"

The figure seated nodded only in response.

"Not too much longer. The solstice is nearly upon us. I'm sure she's starting to feel it by now. The pains would have increased, fatigue follows next, and eventually..."

"Will they make it?"

The one standing shrugged lightly, "Who knows. Even if they don't she will still awaken. The only thing depending on if she makes it is what sort of destruction will happen afterwards. Should the King manage to get his hands on her, he can awaken her with little destruction. If not... well... it matters not."

"No. It doesn't matter. She's mine anyway. Just so long as that power of hers is awakened, that's all I want. That's all I need. Everything else doesn't matter."