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Princess Iphigenia Diocles

"Sometimes you've got to do what you think is right and damn the consequences."

0 · 914 views · located in Baekoth

a character in “The Messiah Queen”, as played by >Marionette<


I P H I G E N I A || D I O C L E S
"Courage, Dear Heart."


Hair: Black
Eyes: Green, though sometimes, especially when she is using magic, they flash gold.
Build: Feminine, womanly, and soft
Skin Tone: Ivory, the kind that has not seen a hard day's work in the sun but instead has spent hours pouring over books in dusty dungeons.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Voice: X
Handed: right
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: Sometimes there is an irritated red line across her left palm, or her left forearm, easily hide-able and disappears quickly, but other than that there is nothing else to mar or trouble the Princess's skin. They are evidence of her use of blood magic.
Unique Body Features: She has the mark of Aule, though rather than eyes that are gold they only flash gold sometimes, notably when she is using magic.

Iphigenia Diocles

Iphi [ee-ph-ee]

Heir Apparent, Princess Iphigenia first of her name

Visual Age
early to mid 20s
Factual Age
Sexual Orientation
Demisexual Heteroromantic

Mage Ranking

Noble Witch


Iphigenia is what you might call a ‘perfect princess’, she is everything gentile and ladylike, well spoken and thoughtful. She is even individualistic in her role, adding her own shining personality to the flair, her humor and wit will win you over even if you are not partial to beautiful women. She is good at charming people, they makes them fall for her, a fact her mother noticed in her early and has taken full advantage of. Now that Iphigenia is self aware and conscious of her charms however she can’t say she blames her mother for raising her the way she did. Iphigenia is an important diplomat now, a feat none of her other siblings have had the opportunity for. She has capabilities and resources, and knows how to use them, and if nothing else Iphigenia craves to be useful. So she can’t claim to hold resentment towards her mother, even in light of other truths, only perhaps sympathy for her, and the desire to free her.

The public role Iphigenia plays is princess, but if it were up to her she would have liked to have been a scholar. Iphigenia loves learning, and her table are never empty of books and scrolls of various subjects. There is so much in the world to know, how can someone be satisfied with knowing only some of it? It’s a silly dalliance to think you can learn everything there is to know, she knows, but if she had the choice she would try day and night, maybe be a teacher of some sort. It’s no secret that Iphigenia prefers the method of the quill to the sword, she strives for peace. Though witnessing violence, real violence for the first time five years ago did put things in perspective. She can still feel the cold blade slicing her throat open sometimes, and can be seen absently rubbing or touching her neck at times.

Loneliness has always been a part of Iphigenia’s life. She is a people person, and cultivates friendships, love and cheer all around her when she can, but somehow it’s always taken away, either by her station or circumstance. Her ladies are excellent company, some of them came to her when she was but ten and three, but they are her handmaidens, her guardians, and they never allow themselves to forget it. The queen looms over them with too big a shadow. Then there’s the matter of them getting married and leaving her for good, those goodbyes are never easy. Then there’s the underlying sadness and worry, the great stress on her shoulders at all times. Iphigenia is good at taking it with a smile, at hiding it with her tinkling laugh, but damn it all if it doesn’t leave her tired. She isn’t as good at hiding it as she thinks, people can tell she’s troubled if they spend long enough in her presence day to day, but the servants and her ladies wouldn’t say anything about that.

She was more naive pre-death, ignorant of certain truths, and if death is the price she had to pay for those truths then Iphigenia is glad to have paid in full. The truth is worth dying for to Iphigenia, the genuine truth and clean justice, close enough isn’t good enough for her. People should not have to compromise on morals, yet they do. Iphigenia may be an idealist but she is extremely aware of the reality of the situation at all times, seeing things for what they are is necessary to act and make a decision with her thought process. She is excruciatingly thorough, leaving no stone unturned and careful in all she does. When you live in a world where everyone watches and questions every move you make you simply can not excel with recklessness. There are secrets she has that are only between herself and her mother, others yet kept only to herself, things she can’t trust own ladies with even though she would like to. Unfortunately betrayal never comes from your enemies, and Iphigenia can not afford betrayal, the cost is too high. An accidental slip up could mean the difference between Baekoth’s doom and its salvation. And Baekoth’s salvation is of a paramount to her, her all consuming quest. She’s lonelier thanever.

Moral Alignment
Lawful Good

To set everything in the world right.

As much as Iphigenia has accepted her fate and is prepared to willingly meet it, even work towards it, there is still a big part of her that fears it. She fears her end. It's so final, so dark, so ruthless, but it is her reality. Technically speaking she is already dead, and dying the first time wasn't so bad, it was like slipping away, and perhaps this time it will be quicker and painless. This isn't her only fear however, and a much bigger and surmounting one is her fear of failure. So much damage could be done if she failed, all of Baekoth would suffer greatly. Physically Iphigenia has only been roughly handled once, and it resulted in her assassination, she is no warrior and she does fear violence.


Her Familiars - Iphigenia is extremely fond of Echo, she calls him her little prince. And while she can not cuddle or coo over Hades she has a great deal of respect and pride over him.

Her Ladies - Iphigenia's lady's in waiting are her friends, protectors, and confidants, and while she can't confide everything in them they are a comfort no less. They are her trusted individuals and at times carry out tasks such as delivering messages or finding someone she needs.

Music - She does not sing particularly well, and is too embarrassed to ever attempt upon request, but she can play a few string instruments fairly well.

Reading - She certainly doesn't spend hours pouring over dusty scrolls because she doesn't enjoy it.

Flowers - Particularly, forget-me-nots are her favorite, she loves their innocent name and finds their request a pure one. That flower does not ask for love or friendship or devotion, all it asks is that you do not forget it. What could be more pure than that?

Old Things - There's something about an aged book or scroll, an ancient mirror or magnifying glass, a necklace that's been passed down for generations, that just appeals to Iphigenia. Like the object develops character as it ages, retains memories.

Hektor - It's always a joy to see her brother, awkward around her as he is. Iphigenia does her best to put him at ease and make his rare stays in the capitol comfortable, but can never tell if she's succeeding, he's so much like his father. She had always wished she was able to grow up with her siblings, but alas. All she can do is try to build a relationship with him now, before it's too late.

People - Iphigenia has a great deal of faith in people, and she genuinely likes them, always aiming to see their best qualities.

Romance - Silly, isn't it? Iphigenia has always thought wistfully of romance and loves songs and stories about them, she has even taken a great interest in playing matchmaker at court. Often couples-to-be will ask for her blessing, which she happily gives along with a wedding gift. It's become a bit of a tradition. She used to dream about what her own would be like, she wanted dearly to marry and have children of her own. But that flutter in her chest has turned into a painful pang, dead girls don't get to have a love story.

A hot bath - To relax, an especially enjoyable thing if you add different bath salts and rose petals in the water.

Royal Perks - Or rather it should be said that she is used to it, she's never gone without lovely dresses and warm beds, jewels or excellent food. If she were ever to experience hardships or how commoners live she would be unlikely to complain but it would be difficult and an eye opening experience.

Sleep Drought - Iphigenia has nightmares, and difficulty sleeping because of them, so she's taken to drinking a sleeping drought every night. It is unlikely she is capable of a good sleep without it.

Silver - You would be surprised how many things in a noble's life are made of silver, she has to avoid silver plates and utensils mostly, but when she was a new witch she had to get rid of a lot of silver jewelry, which she gave to various maids. Silver does not burn necessarily, unless it's in her mouth, but wearing it prevents her from using her powers, and extended wear will give her a nasty rash.

Iron - Iron is another more common thing to avoid, though thankfully running water and rowan wood are not. Touching iron is mercilessly painful and feels like burning, it can also momentarily cause confusion.

Salt - She has to make due with other spices, salt just burns her like silver and iron do. Salt can also be used to block her, such as lining it at a door, doing so would prevent her from entering the room.

Embroidery - Lord she can't think of anything more boring than embroidery, she understands it's a lady's pursuit and is even useful, relaxing to some, but all it does is irritate her. She'd rather eat a spoonful of salt than spend an evening doing this.

Swordplay - She is required to learn it, but she's not very good and honestly she would much prefer to spend her time doing something more useful, her ladies all surpass her in skill in this area. The best among them would unarguably have to be Lady Eris, with Lady Agathe as an eager second.

Archery - Another physical activity for her to do poorly in, oh joy. Lady Cymone and Delphinia are especially adept in archery, and Iphigenia is happy to cheer for them during tournaments.

Suitors - It's no secret that Iphigenia is well into proper marrying age, she's even had to release a few ladies from her service so they could go start their family. Iphigenia even shyly wishes to marry, marriage could be wonderful depending on who it was with. Any marriage she made at this time would be a short one however, and she doesn't wish to subject anyone to that harsh reality. She doesn't know if she would have the strength to go through with what she must do in the end if her husband tried to stop her. So any suitors come to court her must be sent away, firmly.

The Cleansing Fire - It matters not if the person was resurrected, the burnings have never sat right with her. Now that she knows the truth they horrify her. Iphigenia will do whatever she can to prevent the death of subjects.

Aule - Vile demon who has corrupted her mother long before she was even conceived, she will free her mother from him one way or another.

Xenophobia - There are those in Dorelith, especially among nobles, who detest the beings of Baekoth who are not human. This has never made any sense to Iphigenia and is something her morals drive her to speak against whenever so much as a sly jibe is said. Though as peacemaker her words on the matter are often brushed off and labeled as 'sensitive' and 'misplaced compassion'.

Slavery - A vile institution still strong in Dorelith, Iphigenia has spoken to her mother and the council about it before but the issue is always put off for another time. Dorelith has set such a poor example that a budding Kingdom such as Taomar relies heavily on it, which is a shame, given that a Daemon Kingdom is a marvelous pursuit.

Gold - She must admit, the color is used overmuch in the castle.

Arrogant self important... individuals - Iphigenia is well practiced at dealing with these in a calm manner, as they number in the many when it comes to those born into positions of authority, but that doesn't mean they don't grate on one's nerves.

Iphigenia may be only a Kell, however she has the full advantage of an extensive education and boundless texts from all over Dorelith to study. She also has the added benefit of a Drake and other magical artifacts readily at her disposal for amplifiers, she can perform blood magic with her own royal blood whenever she needs to and has no shortage of general supplies. Her magical knowledge only grows by the day, as does her skill with people. Iphigenia is an accomplished diplomat and Princess of the people. She's had her own projects, such as schools, universities, orphanages, and has settled many matters that could have ended violently. Dorelith knows her face and she is much loved by the people. She sits at the top of a political empire, connections and all, though right under her mother's nose so that must be used carefully. But people trust Iphigenia, and with good reason, she is not called peacemaker for nothing. She has fostered a reliable and strong reputation.

Silver, Rowan Wood, Salt, and Iron are weaknesses all witches share, and while Iphigenia's mother is an exception Iphigenia herself is not. There is also the matter of her being effectively addicted to sleep drought, there are worse medicines to be addicted to and with far worse side effects than addiction, but none the less she is absolutely dependent on it in order to sleep properly. Otherwise those nightmares will drive her mad. Although a witch Iphigenia is only a Kell, and lacks the ability to perform more powerful spells on her own, she is also unable to long-sniff, or when she does it is always involuntary and much too late. Iphigenia is also not too adept at physical pursuits.

Is your character literate? In what languages?
Iphigenia is fluent in Elvish, Orcish, Common, and Arcane. As peacemaker it is part of her job to be able to speak to people, it helps to be capable in their own language, puts them better at ease. Though to be honest she has had little dealings with Elves and even fewer with Orcs, skirmishes and terms of release for arrested individuals are mostly what she's dealt with. It doesn't help that some of the Lord's of the council are less inclined towards certain races than others.

C O M B A T || P R O W E S S

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Below Average] Iphigenia is not a vicious person, she doesn't want to harm people. It makes her efforts in keeping up with learning how to defend herself rather meager. Especially after being assassinated, you have no idea what dying does for your desire to keep yourself alive.

Melee Combat: [Below Average] It's her fault really, she never trains, and is very unenthusiastic about it when she does.

Ranged Combat: [Average] Archery can be fun when you make a game of it, but mostly she's not honing her accuracy for anything deadly.

Magic Combat: [Above Average] Though most of what she can do effectively would be done far away from any enemy, she is none the less capable of a few spells that would floor any mundane. Spells she prepared much too late however, as she didn't think she needed that sort of thing pre-assassination.

Mounted Combat: [Poor] Before Lady Mellis took her under her wing Iphigenia couldn't even ride, and now she can indeed do that much, almost well even. But to fight while on horseback? Not with any weapons, her best hope would be a poorly aimed spell.

Familiars - Iphigenia has two, one she acquired herself and the other her mother gifted to her. Echo is a male black cat, her pet and the first familiar she ever bound to her. She's used him to spy before, sometimes on nobles, but mostly on commoners to judge their troubles, concerns and lives. Echo does not venture too far from her. The second she needed help with and is much more recent, he is a wild drake she has come to call Hades. Her mother had fetched him herself, and once they were bound to one another her mother informed her that she could draw a great deal of power from Hades when she needed, but Iphigenia has never attempted. Normally having a Drake as a familiar would be impossible to a Kell, after all one needs to subdue their familiar long enough to bind them. However having a mother as powerful as Andromeda has its privileges, her brother Hektor also has a Drake magically bound to him by their mother, its become a tradition for the kingdom's royal family. Hades is rarely at the castle, he spends most of his time at the mountains, though will travel at a far distance from her if she leaves Ivore to go to another province. Iphigenia feels as though she does not need him necessarily but he is an excellent safeguard, no doubt what her resourceful mother intended.
Blood and Bone - A more macabre form of magic, and varies in potency depending on the blood and bone you use. Iphigenia is fortunate enough to be of royal blood, and uses her own frequently. While Iphigenia won't rob anyone living of their bones, she does make use of the already dead.
Scrying - In order to do this you generally need a cooperating second party with a similar scrying device to yours. However combined with blood magic Iphigenia can force a connection to any reflective surface, including water.
Fire - After being brought back from the dead Iphigenia gained the ability to summon fire at her fingertips with very little effort.
Healing - The public knows Iphigenia is capable of magic, and they know that she has been training in healing since she was old enough. Under her direct command is a small guild of healer mages, called Clerics, currently their numbers are around six and thirty. They are mobile and travel around Dorelith where needed, relieving people of diseases and injury, not everyone can just drop everything and come to Citha with the crowds, begging and hoping to be healed by the Queen. Iphigenia herself has use of magic to heal minor broken bones, mostly speed up the healing process, but honestly a witch's methods would be more powerful. Few people know that, a witch's ways can heal just as easily as it can curse, but she doesn't use that around anyone of course.


There are various artifacts and enchanted items that Iphigenia has access to, both in the crown's possession and stored with the mage's guild. The only one she keeps on her at all times however is a modest ring on her right hand with a tiny rock, it becomes warm when someone lies to her. Her mother fished it out of the mage guild's dungeons and gave it to her, she's always telling her to take advantage of the resources available to her.

Iphigenia has a more subdued and elegant sense of style, well, compared to her mother anyway, and as such her jewelry is modest and some would call girlish. She prefers small pendants on delicate chains mostly, sometimes paired with earrings. She has an assortment of fans and parasols but always seems to forget them in her room.

Weapon Name:
Alecto Mellis wrote:"Just to make you feel safe dear."

Weapon Type: Dagger
Material: Steel
Ammo: n/a
Length: 10 inch blade
Weight: surprisingly light
Weapon Description/Info: This dagger is ornate and gold encrusted, with jewels embedded in both the sheath and the hilt. It was a gift from Iphigenia's older sister-like figure, Alecto Mellis. The blade is covered in neurotoxins of course.

Weapon Name: n/a
Weapon Type: Ceremonial blade
Material: Bone & Steel
Ammo: n/a
Length: 12 inches
Weight: light
Weapon Description/Info: Sometimes the blade you use during a ritual that requires blood is important and can produce better results. This blade is made with the forearm, the ulna, of a very powerful witch that a hunter took care of. Runes are carved into it and the thing looks obviously sinister.


Group Affiliation
Publicly the crown, privately a conspiracy against it

Marital Status

Queen Andromeda Diocles - Mother
King Atticus D'ivore - Father D E C E A S E D
Prince Hektor Diocles - Little Half brother

Citha, a city in Ivore and the capitol of Dorelith

Social Rank

Diplomatic Princess

The stories of living beings always begin at conception, and Iphigenia's was indicative of most of her life, carefully planned by her mother. Andromeda enraptured many men, and the King of Ivore fell to her beauty and passion as well, but he had something she wanted. So naturally she used his passion and when finished, disposed of him. The messiah and the King's official mistress became Queen. Iphigenia was the result of such passions and necessary to take the throne, she was a royal heir growing inside her mother's belly, and those not swayed before the coup would fall in line after the fact because of it. Truthfully Andromeda could have taken the throne by force if she so desired, such is her magical strength, but there was a bigger picture to consider. A puzzle to be carefully constructed, and only Andromeda knows what the finished result will look like, Iphigenia is a mere piece in it all.

At first Iphigenia's duty was simply to be born, and soon after to not cry when she wanted her mother but was only met with comfort from maids. Her duties continued like this for quite a while, she wasn't even aware that a baby brother had been born until his first visit years later. Though that did very well explain why her mother looked like she had swallowed a horse for a few months. However the fact that there was so little communication between mother and daughter that Iphigenia was ignorant to a sibling being born was very telling of their early relationship. But however poor that relationship was it was never nothing to how her siblings would thus live. Iphigenia is the only child of Andromeda to be raised in Citha, let alone the castle. Her other siblings would be handed off to their fathers to rear and care for, with some new titles and an increased pension of course. Not that Andromeda would've been the warmest of mothers, but Iphigenia would have liked the opportunity to be the warmest of sisters. When she was no longer a small child Iphigenia began to receive tutors. She would go on to study proper etiquette and numbers, reading and writing in the languages of Baekoth, and other lady-like pursuits. Being a noble lady, and one of the highest rank at that, Iphigenia was expected to move, walk, talk, eat, breathe and even sleep like a princess. Everything had to be graceful and noble, controlled and deliberate, no wasted movements or fidgeting. By her ten and fourth birthday Iphigenia was ready to be shown to court, and play her dutiful part as a princess beyond reproach.

Iphigenia was quickly popular, a well-watered and blooming flower, but it was not all her tutelage that made her shine. She would have been a boring creature indeed if it were not for her own personal spark. Witty but never unkind, clever but not cunning, she was something altogether genuine and bright that brought smiles to those in the room. She was an excellent silent table piece to her mother's dinners and negotiations. But that was not all Iphigenia was meant to be, her mother had better uses for her and set her to work on various projects designed to make the public love her. These projects were carefully picked so that she would enjoy and wholeheartedly work behind them of course, so Iphigenia was delighted with her various tasks. In true Iphigenia fashion however, when given a rope to hold, she would tug on it. Her orphanages and schools were not the only things she worked on, her relationship with nobles of various ranks were already in place and growing, and she built upon her projects with their help, and had her first taste of diplomacy. She didn't know it at the time but her mother looked upon this with favor. Even with this however in lieu of Andromeda as a mother figure or mentor Iphigenia came to know Alecto Mellis. Alecto probably had the intention of making friends with the girl in order to get closer to the queen, but whatever the intentions the two did genuinely become thick as thieves. A teenaged Iphigenia was dazzled by the darkly enigmatic and fashionable young woman whose smile was like daggers and whose eyes were dark needles. They were the charm of light and dark the both of them. However their relationship was mostly fun and games until the incident that would snuff out Iphigenia's innocent light forever.

Iphigenia was ten and eight when she died, it was in the province just south of Ivore, Pompeii. She and other nobles were quests of honor at the festival of the new spring, and Iphigenia was having an amazing night, enjoying the dances and masks. She thanks whatever true gods are out there that her ladies were not there, and that though Alecto was, she did not come to harm. The masks ended up becoming the festival's ruin, as they provided the perfect cover for rebels to replace guards, and at the stroke of midnight, just as Iphigenia was about to take her leave, they attacked. It was so quick and confusing, frightened screams filled the night air, Iphigenia's joined them when she realized there were men coming after her. She was caught and though she struggled frantically she was much weaker than they were, and outnumbered. They ravaged and beat her for what felt like forever, but in the end it was a woman who cut her throat. She came upon them and berated the men for not being finished and disobeying orders of conduct. The woman turned to her, and it was such a quick cut that at first Iphigenia had not felt it and thought that she might live, but as the blood began to pour out and the wound opened wider she slipped into dread, and kept slipping. She faintly heard a shout and felt herself fall to the ground, but it all felt so flow and sluggish. The world moved through molasses and then not at all, she wasn't breathing anymore, she felt nothing, and it was getting darker and darker.

She woke with a start, as if from a vicious dream, all at once and in a panic. She was gasping for air, air? She looked to her surroundings, she was in her room, and her mother was looking at her with a strange expression on her face, was it worry or regret? "Am I?" She asked, "You're alive..." There seemed to be more to say but Andromeda only told her that those who had done this would suffer. Iphigenia vomited all over her mother's beautiful gold dress.

Iphigenia would not be fit to see anyone for the next few months, her mother had her locked away in her room guarded by the champion Casta Markos herself. In her room Iphigenia festered. Sometimes she sobbed, sometimes she broke things, and sometimes she wished herself dead again. All the time however, every night, without exception, she would have horrible dreams. Sometimes they were of the violence she had experienced and sometimes they were of her mother, strangely enough, always with a figure looming behind her, a fire. This would sometimes cause Iphigenia to awaken with her bed on fire. Iphigenia had felt loneliness before, but in her present state it did nothing but plummet her into the deepest depression. Iphigenia was finally visited by her mother, who berated her for troubling the maids and the castle with her ravings and animal-like behavior. Andromeda reminded Iphigenia of who she was and who she had to be. Iphigenia screamed at her mother for treating her so cruelly and making her suffer alone. Mother and daughter had it out, and in the end Andromeda left her in a fury, she would not see her daughter like this. No daughter of hers behaved like this. A physician was sent up to her and prescribed her a sleeping drought, which gave her the first real rest in a long time. Sleep did Iphigenia well, she was a great deal calmer, and with good reports from the physician her mother came to see her again. They spoke, and Andromeda decided to begin teaching her witchcraft. Where before Iphigenia only knew healing and read mage's scrolls she was opened to a whole other type of magic, which felt empowering and raw. With great effort and insistence from her mother Iphigenia picked her confidence back up again, she practiced her smile in the mirror and brushed the tangles out of her hair. She would pretend to be the sparkling princess again until she truly was once more. Once the rebellion was brought to its knees, and they fled to the mountains, Iphigenia rejoined court. There was even a celebration to welcome her back. Iphigenia was reunited with Alecto and her ladies, which seemed to be the best medicine for her. In time, and with the sleeping drought, she was renewed. Unfortunately she was never the same, she seemed more somber now, older, but that seemed to fit her growing age anyway. To the court it was almost as though none of it had ever happened.

Andromeda and Iphigenia became closer, Iphigenia was an unofficial part of the council now, and Andromeda grilled her after each session on her thoughts and impressions. Iphigenia was given more responsibilities, and earned the title peacemaker in full. Iphigenia fed Alecto information and was mentored in how to deal with it when certain things didn't go her way. Iphigenia grew bolder, more independent, and increasingly her time was spent down in the dusty archives rather than eating cookies in the garden with her ladies. She would usually read out in the open, but the material she was studying was not appropriate for sunlight or prying eyes. Her dreams about her mother, the witchcraft, her abilities, the way she spoke about it all. Iphigenia had her suspicions, they began and ended with the study of the spirit realm. More than once Iphigenia feigned a trip to a province for one reason or other to gain access to certain books hidden in lord's castles and to visit witch hunters in secret. On one such trip she finally found what she was looking for, a book of spirits. It was a wicked book, the cover was made of skin, probably human, and it contained descriptions of various spirits by name. It belonged to the leader of a coven long gone apparently, and in the end Iphigenia had to give it back to the hunter who was delivering it to a ranger apparently, but she was allowed to copy the information on Aule, whose name meant fire in arcane. The realization of what Aule was brought some truths to light, most alarmingly that she wasn't actually alive, or rather without Aule's energy running through her she would cease to be alive. This was upsetting. But paled in comparison to what the book said was Aule's eternal desire. He wanted to consume life, needed to feed on it in order to grow in power. He wanted to reign his fire on the realm of the living, and with Andromeda as his host he was poised to do just that. Iphigenia began formulating ways to kill her mother, beginning with raising her own power in order to do it.

In her mind Iphigenia had to forgive the rebellion for what they did to her, it was hard to swallow that truth, just as it was hard to swallow the truth of her death, but do it she did. She became resolved to work in favor of all those opposed to the crown, she redoubled her efforts towards saving those from the crown's 'mercy' and finding more peaceful solutions to conflicts. It was under her careful negotiation that in the first time since their making a person was not put to death for attacking an Inquisitor. Iphigenia was well aware of many secrets now, but never was she aware of Alecto's treason, Alecto, who was like a sister to her, was going to meet a swift end. Her mother told of it one night during dinner, and immediately afterwards Iphigenia used her blood magic to force a message through her mirror through scrying. The message was simple, "The Queen knows, run." and it was enough to save Alecto's life, but not the lives of all her spies. Iphigenia could not get her mother to spare any of them. She treads carefully now, gathering information where she can, chiseling away at her plan. But no matter how perfect she makes her plan of attack she is still missing the most important part, how to banish Aule back to the spirit realm.

So begins...

Princess Iphigenia Diocles's Story