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The Messiah Queen

"Aule's mercy will sweep across Baekoth."

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a character in “The Messiah Queen”, as played by >Marionette<


A N D R O M E D A || D I O C L E S
"I will cleanse Baekoth with Aule's fire, all shall know his love as I know it. All will be united under his mercy."


Hair: Blonde
Facial Hair: None
Eyes: Green
Build: Statuesque
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 127 lbs
Voice: X
Handed: Right
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: None
Unique Body Features: She maintains her beautiful womanly youth despite her age.

Andromeda Diocles

Queen, Her Grace, Her Holiness, Messiah

The Messiah Queen


Visual Age
Mid Thirties, distinctly a grown woman

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
Bisexual Aromantic

Mage Ranking
Azanthiel, though her powers are neither from this realm nor was she born with them, she does not know how powerful she was in her old life as a witch, but she was considerably weaker.

Noble Mage



Andromeda was not born or grown into Andromeda, there is very little of her personality and being that belonged to the mortal that grew up and nearly died in Baekoth all those years ago. She can not remember what her name used to be, but Andromeda is who she is now, and she hasn't the choice of accepting that or not. Aule runs through Andromeda's veins and through her mind as well, sometimes speaking to her, especially when they, or she as it were, are alone. Particularly his image shows up in mirrors and other reflective surfaces in lieu of her own reflection, a figure cloaked in gold. She keeps these conversations private, and it isn't always often that they speak, but sporadic and as needed, maybe she needs to do something he requires done or he needs her to stop doing what it is she's doing. Perhaps she simply requires council, real council rather than the malarkey her councilmen give her. Perhaps she just has questions, not that Aule is known to be forthcoming, even to her. Andromeda's mind is sometimes not her own, her actions not her own, and she can feel it, increasingly. It confuses and scares her, but she has always been subject to Aule's will, so in the end the result is the same. Very rarely can she tell where her desires begin and his end, as if they are melding as one. Sometimes his power and might are overwhelming, and at these times Andromeda requires time alone, to allow the waves of ecstasy to pass, these were much more frequent in earlier times, she grows more accustomed to him. Andromeda's relationship with Aule is at odds with itself, on one hand she is utterly at his whim and is hopeless to ever defy or deny him and most of the time she doesn't want to, but on the other she can tell a fraction of the horrors he would unleash were he in Baekoth and if anyone knew what she knew they would never recover.

The Queen that the nobles know is a very shrewd and in control woman, nothing of what she says or does is without careful thought and purpose. While elegant her movements and way of carrying herself isn't necessarily feminine, but powerful and too intimidating to be considered desirable and alluring. It is true that she is a loving messiah, but she also inspires fear. No one can make the word mercy sound akin to doom like she can, save maybe her inquisitors. Aule's love burns, and so does hers. She maintains herself as above the rest, but is capable of that easy banter and conversation that her nobles are so skilled at. Outright protests, insults, impoliteness or accusations simply aren't directed at her by nobles like they are between each other however. Such a thing would have dire consequences, and so if you wish to sharpen your tongue you'd best do it against someone else's back, because her gold plated one could have you screaming in pain at the stake on a moment's notice. She demands her due respect and obedience as queen, though is not unfair by any means. If you play your role and be obedient you will likely be shown favor and will be treated kindly.

To Baekoth Andromeda has been socially progressive in some respects. Women were not always considered suitable for council, war, and rule, yet under her reign there has been an appointment of far more women to power than in the entirety of history in Baekoth's human lands. Under her reign women are thriving at increasing rates, laws have begun to favor them and give them better rights and independence. Divorce is a lovely new concept open to women for instance, no longer are they tied to the one man they were forced to marry when they were sixteen, and what's more they won't lose the rights to their children and money if they choose to divorce. This and other laws have enacted some social changes in Dorelith and among humans, for the better. In addition to this Andromeda is of course seen as the benevolent messiah who brings them the true religion, monthly she leads a prayer and heals the sickly that are brought to her, bringing the dead to life and blessing newborns. She keeps a carefully orchestrated angelic appearance to the common people.

Moral Alignment
Lawful Evil

Aule's desires, of which she can no longer tell whether or not they are truly hers or just his influence. She also greatly desires to learn more of her past life, and to pass down her magical knowledge, all of which she retained from her past life as a witch, to her children.

She does not fear death, for she knows that because of Aule running through her veins death is now a meaningless and thwarted condition. Neither does she fear failure, Aule will come to burn this world no matter the machinations of plotting lords or rebels. She does not fear for her children, already her eldest daughter has been assassinated and brought back to life, just as she was in death. So what can this Queen with godly powers at her fingertips and a nation at her feet fear? She fears the price she payed for all of it, she fears Aule, she fears that she should have died in that cave all those years ago alone and cold. This fire that runs through her veins and the voice in her head scares her sometimes. It didn't used to, this development is recent, as the time for him to come draws nearer and nearer. She can feel him burning hotter and hotter.

Fashion - This Queen is always dressed in breath taking finery and sometimes rather ornate ensembles. She always without fail appears grand and marvelous, as though she were a god herself. This is to remind everyone that they simply are not and never will be on her level.
Gold - Her favorite colour, it decorates the throne room and castle liberally, with red coming in at a close second. She also has no aversion to the mineral itself.
Control - Andromeda can not imagine not being in control, and wonders how she bore it when she first started out as a wandering messiah. She eats, sleeps, and breaths control, restlessly and without tire. She is a Queen of stone, and her control over her people is absolute.
Parties - She throws feasts and tournaments and parties quite often, and it gives her pleasure to observe them. Though she does not participate in the dancing and merrymaking directly.
Her Children - Andromeda is not heartless, and she does love her children, but perhaps she is not as close to them as she would like and does not spend as much time with them as she should. Andromeda keeps them at arm's length, to protect them more than anything, something in the back of her mind tells her that beside her is not safe, and though she desires them to be near she she won't put them in harm's way. She feels strongly protective over them, and that feeling is entirely separate of Aule, she knows because they've clashed over it before, they are her's, he can't have them. All except for one, but that was unavoidable and regrettable.
Lovers - Early in her reign Andromeda took the occasional lover, and bore a few children by the ones who were male. Though due to a disagreement between Aule and she Andromeda has not taken a male lover and thus born anymore children in around eight years. He prefers her focused on what is important.

Non-humans - Racism in Andromeda must pre-date Aule because Aule sees all living things in Baekoth as much the same, she does not, and though for political purposes she'll pretend otherwise all beings not human are filthy.
Chaos - For a woman possessed by a being of chaos she is a rather orderly individual, both in her person and with her kingdom. Though this is more for the general desire to bring all under one rule and one worship than it is a genuine part of her personality she suspects, but can any part of her be considered genuinely herself? She doesn't know and suspects she wouldn't like the answer.
Blue - The colour is so garish. Though the dislike of it runs a little deeper than a simple dislike, her body is physically revulsed by it. She doesn't know what that means but regardless the colour is kept out of the castle.
Water - Not that any amount of water could put out her flames, but she can neither drink or bathe in it without unpleasant discomfort. Instead her body is 'cleansed' through fire and all things dirty and filthy are burned from her skin.
Disobedience - Andromeda does not look kindly upon disobedience nor does she have the patience for it, fail her and she may forgive you but disobey her and your life is forfeit. There is only her way, no highway.
Undercooked Meat - She likes it well done.
Fruit - Mostly her diet consists of flesh, not plants.

Magic is Andromeda's biggest strength, it's a strength that could bring whole kingdoms to its knees, and has consequentially.


Is your character literate? In what languages?
Andromeda can not technically speak anything besides Arcane and Common, however she is all the same able to tell when she is being lied to in any language. Whether or not she acts on those lies is another story however.

C O M B A T || P R O W E S S

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]


Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Poor] - A great of what she does and commands relies on how she appears, and she'd never lift a finger in combat like some lowly noram. It's more of a refusal than a measurement of skill level.

Melee Combat:
[Poor] - See above.

Ranged Combat:
[Excellent] - While it is true that the farther south you are from Citha the safer you are from the Queen's forces the same can't necessarily be said about her person. Her ability to resurrect holds a terrible secret, she has eyes everywhere and can probably reach you even in the farthest outskirts of Dorelith. Her magic can reach you, but when it comes to bows and arrows she wouldn't bother touching those.

Magic Combat:
[Perfect] - While not exactly perfect, for all intents and purposes according to beings of Baekoth, her magical level far exceeds that of any living creature.

Mounted Combat:
[Poor] - Riding beasts are for servants and commoners, or worse yet those filthy tree climbing Elves and smelly Orcs.

Resurrection - Raising the dead has to be one of the most sensational abilities the Messiah Queen has, though there are stipulations. In order to resurrect somebody they have to have been killed or died prematurely. She can do nothing for those whose time has come. There are also side effects that can tell you whether or not a person has been resurrected, namely the colour of their eyes, which can flash gold sometimes. They call this the mark of Aule, and all inquisitors have it as part of their initiation is to be burned alive and then resurrected, to demonstrate their faith.
Eyes and Ears Everywhere - Resurrection of living beings with Aule's power ties that person to Aule for the rest of their natural life, unbeknownst to them. If Aule were to lose his foothold in Baekoth through his incubating host Andromeda, everyone who had been resurrected would drop dead. As beings tied to him, he, or rather Andromeda, can see through the eyes of anyone she has resurrected. Andromeda can do more than see through the resurrected's eyes but has Imageyet to do so, best to keep some things to herself.
Fire - Andromeda can summon and control nearly inextinguishable flames with little effort. These flames are the form her magic takes, and have many other properties and miracle-like abilities that even she has yet to explore.
Witchery - Incantations and curses, spells and charms, these things she knew of before Aule. She remembers everything she's learned about magic and the spirit realm, it's how she is aware that she was, or is depending on how you look at it, a witch. These spells are now cast with the power of Aule behind them and pack a much bigger punch than they ever did before. She must be careful with blatant use of witchcraft however, as witches are a taboo and the stuff of nightmares that hunters are paid to kill. All magic she performs must look like gifts of Aule. A trained witch should and would be able to tell of her heritage however.


Group Affiliation
Aule and his pursuits

Marital Status

Eldest Daughter - 23
Other children


Social Rank

Running an expanding Kingdom in law and religion

Andromeda can not remember much about her past, including her real name, but she does know that she was a witch, she must have been, and she was dying, all alone in a damp cave without a soul to bare witness her or hear her last wish. Andromeda remembers despairing at her lost hope and lost life. But just as she was finally slipping away, falling, a terrible ripping voice halted her departure. He forced her to cling on, and the sensation was almost worse than dying truthfully, at least slipping away was peaceful, this felt... something akin to burning alive. Which was a very real fear for witches. Aule spoke to her, expressing pitty, all of her beauty, he said, all of her power, wasted, he said. Aule offered her life, a second chance, in exchange for her becoming his conduit, he showed her all she could be, great and terrible. He was a god, he told her, and she could be the next best thing, his messiah. She accepted naturally, and the fire burning her became the fire within her, but the process was painful. She doesn't remember how long it took but she knows days went by, agonizing days, and when it was all said and done she was born anew. Aule's power flowed through her. Andromeda would soon found out what that meant as she made her way from village to village, spreading the word of his love and mercy. Aule spoke to Andromeda and had her perform feats that swayed the masses. She healed the sick, raised the dead, preached his words of wisdom. Some followed her, some called her mad, some called her a witch, but gain a following she did. Andromeda and her disciples became known to people, they did not carry money or materialistic things and relied on the kindness of strangers successfully. They helped people where they could, rebuilt homes torn by war, tilling crops that overworked commoners needed help with, performing ceremonies for those that asked. The mercy of Aule quickly became a religion, with she its leader.

All was according to Aule's design, and he, or rather they, as the two, messiah and god, were quickly becoming of one mind, saw and seized an opportunity in the kingdom of Citha. She and her apostles came to spread the word of Aule and heal the sick, and the King and Queen invited her to court after a short while, as many rulers had in the kingdoms they visited. The opportunity came when Andromeda saw in the King's eye desire for her womanly form, a not unfamiliar look, as her beauty had been nothing but an aid to her in spreading religion and gaining public eye. She drew the King close, praying with him privately and showing him all she could do, answering his increasingly fervent questions with a calm diligence. It didn't take long for her to have him enamored, though she suspected that it was partly due to Aule's magic that he was this way, but she could never be sure and the particulars didn't matter. All the same, no matter how she did it, she became his official mistress and became pregnant with child. The heartbroken Queen was too powerless and too slow to stop the momentum. Andromeda flourished at court, and gained supporter after supporter in bannermen, so that when the time came for her to stage a coup it was met with little resistance. Not that resistance would have mattered in the end, such was Aule's (and her's by extension), power, but she desired for a smooth transition none the less. And so the ruling family was overthrown and her daughter was born a princess through and through.

From her throne in Citha Queen Andromeda planned battle after battle, sieges and negotiated surrenders, and brought all of Dorelith to its knees in unison under her rule. She instated laws that regulated magic and demanded that all mages be registered and work for the crown, otherwise be burned, and took for herself all of the revolutionaries to make her army better and stronger. Cities have been rebuilt anew and glowing, Dorelith enters its age of change and glory, and her army no matter how defeated can rise from the dead as though never struck down. The Queen is unstoppable, her inquisitors are indomitable, and her hold over Dorelith is spreading beyond the human lands into territories that have never belonged to any human.


So begins...

The Messiah Queen's Story