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The Messiah Queen



a part of The Messiah Queen, by >Marionette<.


>Marionette< holds sovereignty over Baekoth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Baekoth is a part of The Messiah Queen.

16 Characters Here

Aaron Sidel [1] "That'll be three hundred gold plus supplies, thank you."
Lord Tsaonim Akshas [1] "The rise of Taomar shall be swift and painless. As long as it is I who rules it. None shall stand in my way."
Aoife Kaenlan [0] "I may die, but first, I will live!"
Agamemnon Komnenos [0] "Flattery and gifts are the weapons of the weak. A sword in the guts works a lot faster."
Lysandros Ettore [0] "Without true freedom and some kind of honor, I cannot live."
Sindarion Telrunya [0] "By the powers old and new, I will have my revenge."
Signe Solveigdottir [0] "Fine. Get on your knees and pray. We'll see if He answers you before I stick this into your heart."
Hektor Diocles [0] "Life is hard. Why not meet it fighting?"
Thalia Threnn [0] "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings."
Alecto Mellis [0] "The Hive is buzzing with excitement, Darling."

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