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Arkhan Rhimes

I will not be underestimated, undermined, or outdone

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a character in “The Midnight Carnival”, as played by TenThousandLies


The Telekinetic One

I was born under the name of: Arkhan Rhimes
Call me: Ark, most people do.
I was born on: January Nineteenth
I appear to be: Twenty-Two
I was born in: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
People would describe me as being: I have been known to be quite bombastic and overly confident. I'm certain in the near perfection of my body, so much that I perform in nothing but a pair of gold booty shorts, and usually dress the same while not performing. I am certain of my capabilities, but dislike being over looked as Matthaus tends to do to me. I also take an issue with being controlled, and while I am submissive to Jade, I can't say there is no resentment. I am flirtatious with the boys who visit the carnival, usually taking one for the night. While I do this for fun, I also want to make The Strong One jealous, but thus far nothing has gotten a rise out of him. I'm very friendly and outgoing, highly talkative and rather sweet. That isn't to say I am kind, as that would imply my sweetness is always sincere. I'm rather fond of the younger ones, and I usually lead them around. I've been told that I'm still rather immature, but I haven't been here for that long so I really don't know what anyone expects from me. My fellow performers respect means a lot to me, and I try my best to earn it, even from Matthaus. Partially because I'm still young, I am rather rebellious, and will take bigger risks than most of my comrades. I also interact with my audience members the most, feeling the need to be social very strongly. However, I have several insecurities. A major one being unwanted or not needed, I would never let anyone know, but it hurts the worst to be unnecessary. I won't let anyone but Jade know that they've hurt my feelings, crying after they've left.
I ended up here because: Growing up is tough on everyone, trust me I know. But it's even worse when you have nobody there. That's how I grew up. The eleventh child of a drug addicted mother, she was barely around at all. My older half siblings raised our brood, abusing all of us regularly. I was neglected more than the others, so while I was never beat by my oldest brother, I had to take care of myself. At the age of five, when I entered school, I was already quite obese. I rarely ate any homecooked food, and instead my fastfood and junk food diet caused my body to expand rapidly. Times were tough and all that, but when mom went to jail the foster care system granted all of us a second chance. Unfortunately my first foster family was just as neglectful, so by age eight I weighed in at a hefty three hundred fifty pounds.
Teased at school, and with nobody to turn to I fell into a deep depression. I became withdrawn and swelled further. This pattern continued until I was put into a new foster home at age thirteen. A sweet old lady was my new foster mom, and she helped me in several ways. She taught me how to balance a proper diet and exercise, something I would retain religiously henceforth. She also taught me how to begin to love myself and view myself as worth while. This was the first time in my life I felt true happiness. As the pounds slowly began to shed I flourished socially.
At age sixteen I was sent to live with my final foster family. They were an ordinary couple, and only took on older kids due to being very busy people. I was left alone for the most part, and I'm still not quite sure what or if they thought of me at all. By age seventeen I had gone from being an obese monster, to one cut hunk. I played the field with fervor, and maintained good grades. I loved boys, and slept around, mostly to prove to myself that I could now. I also planned on getting a full ride to college, something I succeeded in. At age eighteen I left behind Minnesota to go to the university of Boston.
Once in Boston I threw myself full time into my studies. I had decided to get my doctorate in anthropology. All while this was going on I kept my saturdays open, dating a different boy every weekend. When I was twnety-two one of these dates led me to the carnival. I wasn't too impressed, until The Strong One hit the stage, I was smitten instantly. With nobody to be accountable to, I ditches my date after the show and made my bid to join the circus that night. I made my own 'deal with the devil', and have been travelling with these guys for the past eight years.
My relationships with the others:
The Powerful One: She isn't the nicest person I've ever met, but I also sense she's holding something back. I don't particularily trust her, but I do respect her superior position. I will not hesitate to overthrow her if the chance comes along. For now I work hard to not anger her, and I only cry when she hurts me.
The Hot One:
The Regenerating One:She's so good in her show, I'd really be delighted to perform alongside of her. I'd consider us friendly rivals, and I would rather ask advice from her than from anyone else. I hope to start practicing a double act soon.
The Strong One: God, isn't he just the cutest? Every time I'm around him my heart beat quickens and my face gets flushed. I just wish he would tell me if he felt the same way. Or I guess I could honestly be happy if he just spent more time around me.
The Flexible One: I am not a fan. Ever since I arrived here he has been cold and distant to me, and shows constant dissent towards my power. We're not enemies, but we are far from being friends.
The Cold One:
The Colorful One: The kid makes me laugh to no end. She's not always in the best of moods because she's still young and moody, but I'm still rather fond of her. She's like the little sister I never had before.
The Influential One: God I love her. She's so strong in her character, and I have respect for someone who never backs down. She's also another person I can count on against Matthaus. Thank god she's here.

So begins...

Arkhan Rhimes's Story

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Kaylee smiled when Lucas noted that she was starting to look like Brooke because of the color in her hair. Even though Brooke wasn't the most attractive person personality-wise, she was obviously pretty enough for Lucas to want to date her, so being compared to her seemed like a good thing. As always, Catalina was there to ruin the moment though and demanded that she return the strand of hair to blonde. With a roll of her eyes and a bit of focus, the pink disappeared from her head. Kaylee knew that Catalina was already upset enough with her for disappearing for so long without notice, so she wasn't going to argue about keeping the color in her hair. Besides, later she would probably just change it back anyway.

Luckily, Catalina's attention was diverted from her when Lucas brought up new people joining the group today. She slowly ate her food, listening intently as the others spoke about the new performers. Alexa said that she and Ryder would be looking after them and that the boy, who Ryder called Gracen, would be able to turn invisible and the girl would be able to shape shift.

"Yeah, he's giving away all of the good powers and then I'm going to be stuck with my stupid power forever," she complained after Alexa commented on how Mr. Aefric was getting "adventurous" with the new powers. It wasn't news that Kaylee was dissatisfied with her color manipulation powers. It had been cool at first. She could change the color of really anything she touched, including her hair and skin - or that of other people, but compared to everyone else's abilities, it seemed insignificant. Brooke could freeze someone to death with the flick of her hand and Luke could set fire to a building in a second. Ryder was strong enough to lift a car with his bare hands and Alexa could survive being terribly mutilated and come out of it without a permanent scratch on her. Ark could move things with his thoughts, Matthaus' body was like taffy with how willingly it stretched and Catalina could manipulate people's feelings at her own will. Now, two strangers were coming in and getting equally cool powers while she was still stuck with hers. It seemed unfair and Kaylee decided that the next time she saw Jade, she would air her complaints.

Kaylee finished her food and got up, dropping her plate in the sink and looked around in boredom. She considered leaving the bus and going back out to the carnival but knew that Catalina would have something to say if she tried to leave, so instead she made her way towards Brooke who had just spoken up about the new boy. Although Brooke was quite intense and unapologetically blunt, Kaylee enjoyed purposely annoying her when she had nothing better to do. Without asking, she sat down on the end of Brooke's bed and ran her hands over the blanket, changing its hue to a light pink. "Pink makes our bus look prettier," she said with a devious smile.

Before she could continue, there was a knock on the door and an unfamiliar girl poked her head into the bus. If Catalina hadn't been standing a few feet away, Kaylee might have told the girl to get lost, but she didn't need any more problems and for all she knew, Jade was standing behind the girl and would hear it too. The girl didn't appear to be too much older than her which did interest Kaylee, but she was in more of a hostile mood than a friendly one.

"Go say hi to her," Kaylee said, prodding Brooke in the leg, although knowing good and well that Brooke was probably the least friendly of the four girls. "You don't want her to think that your heart is as cold as your hands!"

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Alexa Woodrow

By the time the door to the bus opened yet again and in came Ryder, her current partner in crime, Alexa had already wolfed down her meal, and was rewarded with a few hiccups which eventually subsided after she took some deep breaths to get rid of them. As she then stood to place her plate and utensils in the sink she gave a smile to Ryder and nudged him slightly with her elbow, "You ready to play big brother?" after saying that she chuckled, she knew Ryder was the caring type so he'd definitely fit the big brother picture. He certainly was almost like a brother to everyone, sweet and charming with just the right amount of humor- everyone at the circus was family of course, but some liked it more than others. If anything, Alexa was grateful to have a family, and a home.

Alexa lent up against the kitchen counter, standing opposite to Ryder with her arms crossed over her chest casually as she watched the others eat - all except Brooke. The others may not know so much about her but after having to practically babysit her for few months once she joined the circus, Alexa knew a fair bit; including her diet. With a hint of a smile, Alexa pushed off from the counter and took a few steps to make it to the fridge, "Yo, Brooke" Alexa called, then opening the fridge and pulling out two whole sandwiches with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Alexa also grabbed a chilled bottle of water before closing the fridge and placing the sandwiches on a clean plate. "Here, I got you somethin'" she began, walking over to Jade's bunk and sitting down by her feet which where propped up. Alexa slid the sandwiches across and offered the bottled water, "I heard Cat was making something with meat tonight so I remember to make you some packed lunch.." in all honest, Alexa didn't expect for Brooke to react positively, heck - she would have been surprised if Brooke even touched the sandwiches - but since she was stuck with the task of taking in another newbie, Alexa thought getting back into the helping-spirit would help.

Before either of them could speak again, Kaylee - now with blonde hair - plopped down into place a few inches from herself on the end of Brooke's bed. Alexa offered her a smile but the girl only seemed focused on turning the blanket pink, Alexa smirked and glanced to Brooke to register her reaction but before she could speak the door to the bus opened again. "Why don't you boys just cook for yourselves?" she said out loud to whoever opened the door, assuming it was one of the men, lured in by the smell of Catalina's cooking; "First Lucas, then the BFG and now who, Ark? Matthaus?" of course she was teasing -and she couldn't help her chuckle -but Alexa tried to sound somewhat annoyed. Personally, she didn't really care about how many people invaded the bus, the more the merrier she would think to herself, but on a especially hot night like this, more people meant more heat.

But to Alexa's surprise, it wasn't one of the guys come for food as she had expected, it was a girl; one she'd never seen before. A mischievous grin spread across Alexa's,"You must be Jace" she called, then standing up from Brooke's bed. A Kaylee's comment, Alexa whipped around with a fake glare and tried to sound motherly, "Don't you go scaring her away" she said, waggling her finger and trying, in her deepest respect, not to sound too much like Catalina. Alexa grinned and chuckled her way to the other end of the bus to pull open the door further, "Jace right, come in" she stepped back a little to let the girl up the steps and into the bus, "Is there a boy with you?" Alexa tried to peer past Jace but could se no-one else, she gave a sideways glance to Ryder and shrugged before closing the door behind Jace once she had stepped in. "I assume you've met Jade already? She's the boss lady" Alexa looked to Jace with an eager smiled, awaiting an answer so she could begin to talk to the girl again. without having to interrupt her.

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#, as written by Thunder
Catalina kept a tight grip on Kaylee's hand until she complied. "Very," she responded sarcastically when Kaylee asked if she was satisfied with the blanket being turned back to black. As soon as she lightened her force on the small wrist, Kaylee slipped out of her grasp and was bounding towards the door, piling food on a plate on her way and claiming that she was delivering food to Jade. "Hey!" was all that Catalina got out before Kaylee disappeared out of the bus.

She made her way to the door and leaned out, watching to make sure that Kaylee was in fact headed to Jade's bus. Although that was confirmed by the girl's path, she wasn't sure whether visiting Jade was even better than roaming around the carnival. Catalina often sent someone over to deliver meals to Jade, not because Jade ever asked for her to do so, but because she sometimes felt bad for the girl. She had known Jade for nearly thirty years and although she despised everything that the woman stood for, she did pity her in some respects. While the performers all had each other to hang out with, Jade had no one. Unless she was watching them rehearse or giving them orders for the day, she was alone and although she acted like she had no heart, Catalina could only imagine how lonely it got.

However, she usually preferred to send Alexa, Lucas or Ryder over with the food. Alexa was a very nice girl who got along with nearly everyone and rarely caused problems for Jade. Lucas and Ryder were similar in that aspect, where they would do what they were told to appease Jade and avoid confrontations with her. While it seemed passive, Catalina had learned that it was the easiest route to take. Even if, they were all somehow magically able to rebel and overthrow Jade without Mr. Aefric directly killing them, they would all die within a few days because they wouldn't have a supply to their pills anymore. As long as they did what they were told, life wasn't horrible at the carnival. Still, some of the others didn't seem to agree with this. Brooke had toned it down in terms of her rebellion against Jade which was a positive, but Catalina still didn't want the two to be around each other anymore than necessary. Ark was also a nice guy but he was so sensitive that again, Catalina didn't feel it would be helpful to put him near the unpredictably volatile woman if it wasn't required. Lastly, there was Matthaus. Although his relationship with Jade wasn't perfect either, Catalina didn't ask him because she simply disliked him herself. A lot of the performers had a love/hate relationship with him but it wasn't like that for Catalina. She couldn't stand him. His jokes weren't comical, his constant rhyming wasn't entertaining and his general demeanor just wasn't attractive. She had worked with him for twenty-eight years though, so it wasn't like she could constantly ignore him (although she tried to do it as much as possible). Most of the time she would fake a smile and treat him with sarcastic kindness, or more preferably, curse him out in Spanish under her breath, but there were times when she wanted "romperle el cuello de goma maldita" (snap his damn rubber neck).

In a few quick minutes, Kaylee had left, Matthaus and a young boy appeared, the young boy and Ryder had left, Lucas had gotten up to confront Matthaus- who now had a plateful of her food- about something, and Brooke had appeared from the bathroom. Catalina was never a fan of chaos. She was used to being in the crowded bus because even though it was a big trailer, when it was just the four girls in there it was crowded enough. Even though there had been a lot of commotion going on before Matthaus had even shown up, Catalina liked blaming it on him, especially after he used his despised nickname, "Kitty" for her. That alone was enough to make Catalina want to knock his frail body right off the bus. When Kaylee had been learning to talk, she would call her "Cat" rather than Catalina, because it was easier for the toddler. Catalina didn't mind Cat so much, especially since it ended up sticking with most of the other performers too, but "Kitty" was not okay. Maybe it was just because Matthaus was the one calling her it, but either way, she raised an eyebrow at him, watching as he indulged in her food.

"You better start putting your culinary skills to use because one day I'm going to accidentally use bleach instead of oil on your food," Catalina said after Matthaus made a comment about knowing how to cook. As she glanced back over at Jace, she gave her a gentle smile, trying to return to a friendly state after getting worked up from Matthaus.

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#, as written by Bandit
There was an extended period of silence after Ryder asked Gracen where he was born. For a moment, Ryder was unsure if the boy had even heard his question but when he glanced over at him, ready to repeat it, the boy suddenly spoke up. He explained that he was from New Jersey but had lived in different homes for most of his life.

"Foster care?" Ryder asked after the boy finished speaking. He knew all too well what the life of a foster child entailed and if Gracen had also been part of the system, he figured that it could be something to relate to him with. "I was born and raised in Florida. Mom put me into the system right after I was born so I bounced around a lot too," he said, directing Gracen to the boy's bus. He continued to talk as they approached it. "That's one of the good things about life here though. You know you've got a home for life."

He opened the door to the boy's bus and allowed Gracen to enter first before following up behind him. "So this is where us guys live. You've got the kitchen over here," he said, pointing to the kitchenette area as they moved farther into the bus. "Over here's the bunks where Luke, Arkhan and I stay, and there's the bathroom," he said, pushing open the door to the small bathroom. "In the back there's another bed and the bigger bathroom with a shower. Matthaus has got the king bed right now. We're supposed to switch every few months to make it fair but between you and me, I wouldn't sleep in that bed after that guy if you paid me," he added with a grin.

Turning around, he headed back towards the front of the bus. "Looks like you've got the pullout," Ryder said, motioning to the couch. "Jade should have some stuff for you, you know, clothes and stuff, so we can check that out in a little too." He looked around, pretty sure that he had covered everything to do with the bus. "We really don't spend too much time in here. Catalina, the Hispanic chick, makes killer food so a lot of us are spend most of our time over there. The girls are all pretty nice. I mean, Brooke can be a bitch sometimes but she's dating Luke and she's usually alright when they're together. Alexa's really cool and then there's Kaylee. She's fifteen... probably around your age, right?"

Ryder realized that he was talking a lot but he wanted to make sure he covered as much as possible. Gracen seemed like a quiet kid and Ryder didn't know if he was the type to ask questions, even if he did have them. "You feel any different yet?" he then asked, motioning for the boy to follow him back outside of the bus. He knew that with most of the performers, it took a few days for the full effects of the pills to start showing. Still, Ryder guessed that by tonight Gracen would be able to make at least parts of his limbs invisible. Although Jade had never specified whether she was going to tell Gracen about the true reason for the pills, Ryder just assumed that she had and that Gracen knew what he would soon be capable of doing.