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Regan Monaco

"I really fucked up this time..."

0 · 278 views · located in Detroit, Michigan

a character in “The Midnight Lounge”, as played by toysolider



"Il mio cuore può essere debole, ma io sono ancora vivo e che deve significare qualcosa."

The Basic Stuff

Full Name:
Regan Jocelyn Monaco
"I know it's a tad bit different"

Other Names:
To her clients and other members of the club she is known as Ray J. Very rarely is she called by her full name.
"Ray J, everyone has a stage name."

"You must be blind..."

"Age is a number. Nothing more"

"But, I don't mind kissing a girl."

Rome, Italy
"My hearts always been in Italy."

The Careless One
"You say careless, I say carefree."

A bit more personal.


"Why don't you just ask me yourself?"

There are two sides to Regan Jocelyn Monaco. There is the confident, sexy, flirty adult that everyone knows and sees. Then there is the lonely, depressed, self-conscious child.

The side that everyone sees is confident, in fact sometimes too confident. Making her seem like a complete bitch “If you got it flaunt it.” She often tells the other girls. There is no denying she is beautiful and she use it to her advantage to get what she wants from her clients. Often times they will buy her expensive jewelry and dresses, along with other materialistic things. Although she is only twenty she acts far more mature for her age. She can sometimes be very intimidating to other girls due to her confidents, attitude, and thick beautiful Italian accent, but this whole side of her is all an act. She’s only lying to herself, yet knows one knows how she really feels.

When she is alone in her room, she is constantly fighting an inner battle with herself. On several occasions she has attempted suicide. Due to her harsh past and all the torture, sexual abuse, and rape she endured while she was being trafficked, she believes that she is completely worthless. She often tells herself: “You will never be strong enough, you’ll never be good enough, you’ll never be loved.” She cries more then she’d like to. She is terrified of being alone for too long and she is even more terrified of the dark. She hides this side of her with a smile, even when she wants to cry, she is smiling and when she is angry she still has a smile on her face.

She doesn’t believe in love, she doesn’t believe in religion or faith. She simply believes that you live and you die. She believes that when bad things happen to good people, they were just dealt a bad hand.

✎ The Madam
✎ The Madam’s Son
✎ Bad Boys (she’s an addict)
✎ The Other Girls
✎ Cigarettes
✎ Fast Cars
✎ Hard Liquor
✎ Expensive Gifts
✎ Tattoos & Piercings
✎ Making Out
✎ Sex
✎ Big Dogs
✎ Cussing
✎ Speaking in her native tongue
✎ Anything that reminds her of Italy
✎ The High from an Adrenaline Rush
"A few of my favorite things."

✄ Darkness
✄ Guns
✄ Being alone
✄ Being held down
✄ Older men (Like men in their 40s-50s)
✄ Authority
✄ Police
✄ Selling her body
✄ Crying
✄ Being reminded of her health
"Why are we bringing this shit up?"

⚓ Acting, when she is pleasuring a man she is good at making them feel as though they are king and that she is actually in love with them and it is more than casual sex for money, even if she is repulsed by the man.

⚓ Her accent, men can’t get enough of her thick authentic Italian accent. She often talks in a low whisper to seduce men, often times due to her accent she will make more money than the original price negotiated.

⚓ Painting, she is an amazing artist, though this is something no one really knows about her. Her work is incredibly beautiful.

⚓ Translating, over the years going from one place to another, she was able to pick up on and learn enough of several languages to carry on a simple conversation with someone from a different country. Languages include: Italian (of course), Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Latin.

⚓ Smiling, she almost always has a smile on her face even if she is having the worst day she can hide it. She often tries to help other people out when they are having a bad day, by letting them vent to her.
"My strongest points are only fronts for my weakest points."

☠ Darkness, where as some people can see once their eyes are adjusted, she is pretty much blind in the darkness, due to some of the ways she was tortured.

☠ Her heart, this is definitely her biggest weakness. She can’t do certain things due to the condition her heart is in, she’s lucky she’s even alive.

☠ The Madam’s son, she has always had a thing for him, but she never thought he’d look at her twice. Now even though she’d never admit it, she’s fallen for him and would do anything he asked of her.
☠ Cigarettes, she is addicted and easily smokes two packs a day, if she doesn’t stop she’ll be dead sooner, than later…
"I try my best to hide how weak I really am."

☢ Someone finding out about her heart problems, she doesn’t want people feeling sorry for her, in fact the thought of someone finding out makes her sick.

☢ Having his baby, she knows he would deny it, there is no way he’d believe her and she’d be tossed to the curb if they found out. But, having an abortion would just add to how worthless she already feels.

☢ Being sold back into slavery or the black market. She’d rather die than live through that again.
"Fear is a horrible feeling."

The past is the past.

"Honestly, it's not a big deal. Shit happens. Saying sorry won't fix anything."

Margret Monaco was seventeen years old when she found out she was pregnant with Regan. She was the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful man. Margret’s lover, Regan’s father was twelve years older than Margret. He was Margret’s English teacher and that had been having an Affair for a year, before Margret got pregnant. She knew her father being high in the Italian Mob would have him killed if he found out. In an attempt to save her lover and avoid telling anyone that she was pregnant she ran away. She found a safe haven in Rome for women where seven months later she gave birth to a premature Regan. The baby girl fought for her life, she was on the verge of death, born two months to early. Regan celebrated her first birthday in the hospital, due to all the health issues she had. Finally she was released to her now eighteen year old mother. Though the doctors told her mother they would be surprised if she made it past her fifth birthday. She had developed Anemia and she had a weak heart that could potential give out on her at any moment.

Margret was devastated, but Regan was a fighter and sure enough she made it to her fifth birthday. She was still Anemic and her heart was still weaker than a normal persons heart. Margret learned to cherish the time with her daughter, never wanting to miss a moment. With the help of the woman’s shelter that had taken her in she was able to start a small coffee shop. The coffee shop become popular in Rome and as her cliental grew the better doctors she was able to get for her daughter. Margret always made sure Regan was taken care of before she was. Regan was quite a smart, bright little girl growing up, she hated the fact that she couldn’t play as much as normal kids, because of her health problems. She never went to school, her mother homeschooled her and she worked alongside her mother in the Coffee Shop. Life was as perfect as it could be, but one night everything changed.

A few days before her thirteenth birthday, her mother’s coffee shop was robbed, they shot her mother right in front of her before kidnapping the frightened girl. She wasn’t sure how long it had been, that she was kept in darkness, without food, but it seemed like forever. But, the next time she woke up and saw light she was being sold off men bided on her as if she was a pig up for slaughter. She had no clue that the guys who had kidnapped her were involved with the black market. She couldn’t speak English and after three years of being sexually abuse, raped, and tortured, she found herself in America, they had busted the human trafficking cartel that was coming from the boarder of Mexico into the US. Taken into the custody of the police, she was immediately placed in the hands of the state of California, placed into foster care and taught how to speak English. For two years she bounced from home to home. She was a beautiful girl who guys couldn’t seem to keep their hands off and her thick accent only made her that much more desirable.

She was convinced that she had done something to deserve this. That everything had happened because she caused it. On her eighteenth birthday she decided to move out of her own, she wanted to go home, if she didn’t have a mother she would find her father, she wanted to be safe, she wanted to be free. But, she had no money to get home and finding a job wasn’t exactly easy, she started working at a brothel to earn money, that’s where Evony de la Longine found her. Now two years later tenty year old Regan has about half the money she needs to get home.

Though in all honesty she has gotten quite caught up in the club. She doesn't exactly enjoy it, yet she doesn't hate it. Then their is the Madam's son, Anthony. Everyone warned her, but a strong willed Italian girl never listens and finally after a bit of playing hard to get and teasing her and Anthony started a secret relationship built solely on sex, lust, and playful teasing games. She promised herself she wouldn't fall, but of course she's a girl and she started to fall for him slowly. Then one night things got heated and both of them managed to forget protection...fifteen pregnancy tests later and several different calculations in her head no paternity test needed there is no denying that the baby belongs to Anthony. But, she's not exactly sure if telling him is a good idea, but it's only a matter of time.



Her Theme Song
"Sounds about right."

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
Sealed with lies through so many tears
Lost from within, pursuing the end
I fight for the chance to be lied to again

You will never be strong enough
You will never be good enough
You were never conceived in love
You will not rise above

They'll never see
I'll never be
I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger
Burning deep inside of me

But through my tears breaks a blinding light
Birthing a dawn to this endless night
Arms outstretched, awaiting me
An open embrace upon a bleeding tree

Rest in me and I'll comfort you
I have lived and I died for you
Abide in me and I vow to you
I will never forsake you


Rest in me and I'll comfort you
I have lived and I died for you
Abide in me and I vow to you
I will never forsake you
Her Feelings About The Madam’s Son
"One day I'll be brave enough to tell him all this.
But, when that day come, it will be to late.
And I mean it's not like he really cares right?
He can have any girl, he doesn't need me..."

Why, do you always do this to me?
Why, couldn't you just see through me?
How come, you act like this
Like you just don't care at all

Do you expect me to believe I was the only one to fall?
I can feel, I can feel you near me, even though you're far away
I can feel, I can feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, do you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

Hey, listen to what we're not saying
Let's play, a different game than what we're playing
Try, to look at me and really see my heart

Do you expect me to believe I'm gonna let us fall apart?
I can feel, I can feel you near me, even when you're far away
I can feel, I can feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

So go and think about whatever you need to think about
Go on and dream about whatever you need to dream about
And come back to me when you know just how you feel, you feel
I can feel, I can feel you near me, even though you're far away
I can feel, I can feel you baby, why

It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me

It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you
More and more each day
It's not supposed to hurt this way
I need you, I need you, I need you
Tell me, are you and me still together?
Tell me, do you think we could last forever?
Tell me, why

So begins...

Regan Monaco's Story

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“The Midnight Lounge, how can I help you?” Evony answered the phone crisply, her voice laced with smooth confidence and an air of business-like authority. It was a tone Evony had come to perfect over the years, as answering the phone seemed to be a constant staple in her life; sort of an occupational hazard that came with her line of work. It was exactly the tone a man wanted to hear when doing business in this field. They didn’t like to be pestered, or have to go through the formalities, especially her wealthiest clients. And Evony was well adapted to catering for those types.

”Miss de la Longine, it’s Lucian Norton.”

“Ah, Mr Norton,” her voice oozed professionalism, “Confirming your appointment with Ray J, I assume?”

“Yes, eleven thirty tonight?” he asked. Mr Norton ran a hedge fund in the city. He was in his mid-four ties, and had a wife who he lived with yet didn’t speak to, and four daughters in their teenage years. He had a regular booking with Ray every fortnight on a Wednesday evening. He was the kind of man who checked everything, even the tiniest things. Under his watchful eye, not a single appointment, figure or date went unchecked. He was a perfectionist, but he was wealthy and used her services, which was all that mattered to Evony at the end of the day. Of course, she liked to have some degree of knowledge about her clients but, to her, business was everything. She was cut-throat and she didn’t like failure.

“That’s when I have you down for, Mr Norton,” she informed him.

“Perfect. Good evening,” he replied, before hanging up.

Evony set the phone down on her nightstand, a beautiful little circular table crafted from a deep purple marble. It rested on three golden metal legs, arranged like the points of a triangle, beside her four-poster bed. The bed was adorned completely in white bedding; white duvet, white sheets, white throws, white cushions. Thin, white strips of material swept up towards the top of the bed, winding along the wooden columns that held up the canopy. The wood was painted in the same shade of purple as the nightstand. The style of Evony’s room was exceptionally glamorous, which fitted with the Madam’s general demeanour.

There were three floors to The Midnight Lounge. On the bottom floor, at the entrance, was the bar. Behind that, the building gave way to six individual rooms where the real money was made. Each room was themed in a different style, so as the customer could choose what feel they wanted. Above that was the second floor, which was the main living quarters. There was a main room in the centre, with a small kitchen and sitting room. The girl’s bedrooms came off that room, so they could live on the premises. Above that was the third and final floor, which acted as a home to Evony and her children. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford a house of their own; Evony easily had enough money to buy several houses of her own. But businesses did not run themselves, and places like this which made high profits and catered to the entitled who easily had the ability to be choosey required a lot of work. Evony simply didn’t have the time to maintain and live in a house of her own. Their floor was considerably more spacious than the one the girl’s occupied. Each member of the family had an en suit bathroom and a large bedroom. They also had a sitting room of their own, and a small kitchen, but it was rarely used. Coming off Evony’s bedroom was a small office, where she ran usually ran the business from. The girls were strictly forbidden from entering the top floor, unless an emergency arose that required her urgent attention. After all, she had to maintain a certain degree of privacy. In the basement was a gym and a swimming pool. The girls were expected to keep their bodies in a certain condition, and if they were unable to maintain the looks she’d employed them for, they were gone.

This evening was a particularly busy one for Evony. She’d been booked by a wealthy senator, David Beaumont, for his retirement party. Evony’s girls were expected arrive towards the end of the evening and socialise with the guests. Then, as the party drew to a close around eleven and only his close friends were left, that was when their day jobs finally begun. They were expected to drench the men with attention and then, of course, sleep with them. Evony was escorting them, to make sure order was kept and they did their jobs correctly. Jasper was also coming along, to ensure their safety, and also Haley, to help manage business, but mainly because Evony didn’t want to leave her at The Midnight Lounge without the watchful eye of herself or Jasper. Because Ray J had a previous booking, she was the only girl not coming, but Evony had known Mr Norton a while and was fairly confident Jasper was not required in this situation. Anthony was also staying here, to keep the bar open, should any police or others come poking around. Evony knew leaving Anthony alone with a girl, especially one she knew he’d had his eye on recently, was just tempting fate, but she didn’t have much choice. She didn’t want to leave Haley to front the business instead. It wasn’t that Evony didn’t trust her daughter; it was just that she was often so much vulnerable than her brother. Though he was only two years her senior, he still behaved so much older than Haley. And frankly, despite his inability to keep his eyes and hands off the prostitutes working here, Evony trusted him to look after himself more. And so it was settled, that was their evening.

Evony stood up from the bed, bending back down to smooth the duvet and replace the cushions in their correct place before leaving her room to enter the family sitting room, where she knew Haley would be.

“Haley, darling?” Evony asked her daughter. “Can you please let the girls know we’ll be leaving in forty minutes, make sure Jasper knows too. And would you please be ready to go then as well.” Though her words were phrased politely, it was a question and not a statement. She’d used a term of endearment for her daughter, but she did not expect the girl to defy her mother.

Evony knew Haley wasn’t fond of the lifestyle she’d chosen for the family, and she wished she’d chosen differently. Evony had always been close to Anthony, their relationship had always been caring and he’d rarely held any resentment for her. But her relationship with Haley always felt slightly strained. Of course she loved her daughter, but she never seemed to quite connect with her in the same way she did with her son.

But tonight, Evony’s family issues were irrelevant. She dealt in sex; that was the plain and simple of it. People came to her to forget their issues and their problems. Her girls would take all that away, in their skimpy dresses and lacy lingerie. They gave the men what they wanted. They created a fantasy, a gloss of perfection that overlaid reality and erased it for a time. Evony didn’t just trade in sex; she traded in an evanescent mirage. The unattainable.

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"I'm sorry, Madame. I'll work hard to remember tonight, Madame. I will follow my peers' example," Angel replied. Her tone held nothing but the deepest sincerity and her expression was completely blank of anything that may say otherwise. But that was the thing about the girls here. They hadn't just been employed for their exquisite looks and beautiful bodies, but also for their acting skills. Evony highly doubted, although she never stopped to ask, that any of these girls wanted to spend their evening purring in the ears of old, overweight, unattractive men with wallets, undoubtedly, much larger than what lay beneath their expensively tailored suit pants. But these girls had years of experience, learning just the right way to say something, just the right demeanour to maintain, in order to deceive the men into thinking they actually wanted to sleep with them. Their looks may have been instrumental in getting this job, but their acting skills were what kept them in it. And that's why, despite the sincerity of Angel's lovely voice, something about the apology did not ring true in Evony's ears.

"Good," Evony responded, her voice crisp and clear. She raised her eyebrows a little as the single syllable to the word rung out, giving her words the same basic insincerity that Angel's had.

"Of course," her son responded to Evony's request for a moment of his time. Although, in truth, Evony did not make requests, simply demands, and you'd be damned if you failed to recognise that. But Anthony was an intelligent boy with charm and charisma, and respect for his mother, which was something Evony valued, and he did exactly as she asked.

She allowed Anthony to take his place, leaning casually against the wall. She remained standing, not using anything else as a prop, but she shifted her weight a little, so she was sitting into her hips. She folded her arms, shaking her head and smiling at her son, who was already giving her his own smile.

"So- what is it that you wish to say?" he asked.

Evony paused for a moment, smiling at him, her voice gentle. "The dress, is it alright?" There was a certain vulnerability to her tone, one you rarely heard in the voice of the Madam. In fact, it was a vulnerability the girls never saw, and was rare to her children too, although Haley more so than Anthony. She wasn't concerned about selecting her own outfit, of course she knew how to dress herself perfectly well, after all these years. But she did value having someone's approval, and Anthony was always the sweetest of her children to her.

She paused again, giving him chance to answer, before moving on to the real reason she did need to speak with him in particular.

"It's about Regent Monaco." Evony usually called the girls by their stage names, but she felt she needed to take a slightly more professional stance on this with her son, not that she expected it to make the slightest difference. But she hoped, somewhere in the back of her mind, the use of her full name would sober Anthony from his perception of the girls as his playthings; an attitude she wasn't entirely happy with. Though Evony got on better with her son, and had always felt as if the boy held less resentment for her than Haley, this was one matter on which they frequently disagreed.

Evony sighed, deciding to abandon skirting around the problem and simply address it. This was her son after all, he deserved her frankness. Things didn't need to be sugar-coated for him.

"I know she's been a particular favourite of your's recently, but the rules are as they always have been, Anthony. She's here to work, not to entertain you. So keep your eyes on the bar and off Regent, are we clear?" Her words were not cruel or sarcastic or unnecessarily harsh. They were firm, yet reasonable; as she always attempted to remain with her children.