Jackson Stewart

"Can I blow it up?"

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a character in “The Midnight Siren”, as played by Bugbuster



Name: Jackson Stewart
Nickname: The crew calls him Jack
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Straight
Age: 25
Role: Master Gunner


Height: 6’1 Feet
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: White, lightly Tanned
Scars/markings: Small scars dot his body, however more noticeable are scars on his right arm from shrapnel from a explosion that lucky didn’t take the whole arm will fighting the British.
Synopsis: Jackson is just about six feet and lightly tanned. He weighs around 160 lbs, which is muscle. He has straight blonde hair that goes to his chin. His eyes are light green and keep his hair behind his ears. He likes to stay mostly shaved.


Likes: Firearms, Fighting, The Sea, Sweet Things, Shiny things
Dislikes: British Navy, Rude people, Close Combat
Hobbies: Practising his aim, Crafting a variety of explosives, Making things go ‘boom’,
Synopsis: Jackson has been a pirate for almost all of his life. He is loyal to an extreme to his crew and captain, especially when she lets him blow stuff up. There’s nothing that he does in his life other than being a pirate.
Positive characteristics: Knowledge of Firearms, Usually level headed, Survivor, Trustworthy.
Negative characteristics: Very Undiplomatic, Easy to Anger, Stubborn, Reckless.


Clothing: Usually black loose fitting pants and a black shirt underneath his leather vest.
Armor: A leather vest which has various places for his pistols and ammunition.
Weapons: A Boarding Axe and Dagger, 4 long barrelled Flintlock Pistol’s that he keeps almost always somewhere on his person.
Trinkets: Bessie, if you’d call a Blunderbuss a trinket that is.


Traits: He’s pretty strong and light footed and can reload his pistols in about 14 seconds which is a feat in itself, OCD with his weapons and likes them clean and sharp.
Skills: A expert on explosives and ranged weaponry from Flintlocks to Cannons on the ship, pretty good in close combat however prefers his pistols.

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