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Lavinia "Henry" Matheson

"Cap'n what ya want me to do now?"

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a character in “The Midnight Siren”, as played by Skinamarinky



Name: Given name- Lavinia Grace Matheson
Alias- Henry Matheson
Nickname: Boy, Kid, (It was Lav when she was with her parents)
Gender: Female, posing as Male
Sexual Preference: She's thirteen but has everyone convinced she's a ten year old boy. But sexual anything is the furthest thing from her mind right now, she's still in the sort of 'boys have cooties' stage.
Age: Thirteen posing as Ten
Role: Cabin boy for Captain Marlow's ship


Height: 4'2
Weight: 65 lbs
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Lightly tanned with lots of smudges of dirt and God knows what else.

Scars/markings: She has a thumbprint size port wine stain mark on her right hip that she keeps hidden so she cant be picked out easily, few have seen it. She has various slash marked scars across her back, results of whippings from the guardian she had before she made it onto the ship. She does her best to keep other 'physical attributes' hidden as well, she knows that if she were to found out as a girl she would probably be tossed out at sea.

Synopsis: Because of her size, age and cropped hair, there is nary a soul that thinks that she is anything but what she says she is. But it must be suspicious to someone that 'Henry' never uses the chamber pot at the same times any of the others, or removes clothes in front of the others, when most boys wouldn't care at all. How long is she going to be able to keep up the charade?


Likes: The sea, food, being on the ship, berries, shells
Dislikes: Large storms, being abused or threatened, dresses, plums, being thought of as weak or useless
Hobbies: She's never really had any, other than climbing trees when she was younger.

Synopsis: She has always been fiercely independent, never worried of gender stereotypes. From a very young age she has seen and been through many things that most adults twice her age would cringe at. But despite all this she has worked hard to prove herself, and to care for herself, hence why she strove to get herself away from, abusive care takers to a naval ship. She's smart she know's as long as she keeps up the charade of being male, she will have food and a place to live. However the constant hiding makes her paranoid that something or someone will give her away and that could mean an abrupt end to many things. Highly intelligent she does her best to keep mostly to herself if she happens to catch a break on the ship and have a bit of free time. However this rarely happens, but she doesn't mind it keeps her busy. When her parents were still alive and she was in their care she was considered very anxious and rambunctious, she has always acted more like a boy than a girl and thank goodness for that now cause it's keeping her alive.

Positive characteristics: Hard working, loyal, proficient in her work, quick witted, a fast learner
Negative characteristics:Recklessly impulsive, paranoid, liar, whiny at times


Clothing: A white linen shirt under a thin brown tunic, with a simple belt of cording tied at her waist. A pair of worn brown breeches, with holes in the knees and tears in various places. She wears no shoes, mostly because she doesn't have any, and she really doesn't need them on the ship either, if she did they would be simple leather slippers.

Armor: None
Weapons: She has a knife and can use it proficiently enough to protect herself. But other than that she has had little to no training in combat.
Trinkets: A shell she received from her mother as a child, she keeps it in the front pocket of her breeches.
Other: Face Claim- Maisie Williams


Traits: She's quick and pretty good at getting around unnoticed. As of right now she's pretty good at acting, but that may change in the future.
Skills: Tying knots, cleaning, sewing, climbing, fishing

So begins...

Lavinia "Henry" Matheson's Story

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Six hours before nightfall

Evelyn watched from the tree line as the crown jewel of the British fleet took anchor, just off shore of the lush island. As she lowered her telescope with a smirk she caught a glimpse of Katarina's scarlet locks near the helm of the ship. She cupped her hands over her mouth mocking a doves coo letting her crew know the plan was under foot. She quickly made her way to the temporary base her crew had taken up.

"Doc I want you and Kid to stay back, I hope we won't have anyone for you to patch up but just in case." Her brow shot up slightly as she heard a groan of disagreement from Etten. Before she had time to react to him she heard Matthew clear his throat just slightly. Etten sighed catching the look of disapproval clear on Winters's face he went to join Eliza with rosy cheeks. Evelyn winked at Winters as she turned her focus to the others. "Al,Matthew, and Kato you three are going in with me. Jack will be rigging the their ship once they make land fall as soon as he has lit the bombs he will head back to be extra support for Doc and the Kid should anything go sour." She unrolled a map placing it on the table before them.

"Kat said that they plan on holding the feast on this side of the island. I want Al and Kato to come in from the west. You will have three to four guards to break through, they need to be taken out as quickly and as quietly as possible. If anything goes wrong fire one warning shot from your pistol and get away. Winters you and I will come in from the east. We will drive the vermin to the water just in time to watch their ship burst in to flames." She drove her dagger into the spot on the map a smile working to her lips as the crew cheered. "And remember don't blow Kat's cover just yet."


Al and Kato made their way over to the western side of the huts as the feast was beginning, and waited for Eve's signal. Eve and Winters finally got over to the eastern edge, and with a sharp one note whistle she gave the others the signal to move into action.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Six hours before nightfall...

The deck was buzzing with activity as the anchor was lowered into the water. Katarina stood near the helm of the ship, all smiles today. To anyone around her, the bride-to-be was obviously glowing with excitement. Her icy blue hues looked as though they would melt glaciers into tears at any moment as the young woman watched the bustle around her. She could hear the crew members shouting at each other, commands or orders or blaming this person for that or this being out of place. Everything was supposed to be perfect for the small island wedding. It had been her idea- the island wedding. Away from the eyes of court and all the fussing and decorative ballgowns. She just wanted it to be him, the priest, and her-- but of course, that couldn't exactly be done. He was an important man, after all, and so she begrudgingly accepted that his crew and first mate would be there to witness the wedding.

Her parents had died when she was fourteen, leaving her to an elderly aunt who was institutionalized. So naturally, none of her own family were present. 'You're my family now,' she had told him one evening over dinner, her eyes glittering in the candle light. He would provide her a life filled with the finest things a Naval officer could provide... at least- that's what the other women thought. Kat smiled politely to the figure who appeared by her side, offering to help her from the ship. She was a lady, after all, and climbing in and out of ships was not her forte... right?


Within a few hours the feast as set up and Kat found herself pacing anxiously in her tent. What if something went wrong? Forcing herself to take another breath, she turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her dress hugged her figure beautifully, but with the sun going down the hat was simply not needed. Removing the parcel from her outfit, she gently set it down onto her wardrobe. The crew had done a wonderful job of setting up her tent, it was a pity they were all about to be killed. Taking one last look at her hair, which had been curled into ringlets before leaving port, Kat turned and followed the sound of a joyful tune belonging to a flute. The sun was setting just over the water, why she had reasoned she wanted to be on this side of the beach in the first place. Painting on a smile, she made her way over to her husband-to-be. "You look wonderful, darling-- as does this food! Why, I never... There's so... it's beautiful. I love it. Tell me you love it too!"

Her eyes are bright with adoration as she looks up into her fiance's weathered face. He is some years her senior, but by the look on her face- you'd never be able to guess she was thinking anything else. To be sure, she looked madly in love with the man before her- as though she would pull him into an embrace at any moment. The feast was starting. In the distance Kat heard the sound of a sharp whistle and she snapped her head around- in the opposite direction from which it had come. "Did you hear that? That blasted cabinboy. He is always so dirty, my love, I don't know why you allowed him to come." Her lips purse as she looks to Hugh, as though he is to blame for the whistle. Quickly the wrinkles in her face smooth away into a smile as she gently reaches to place a hand upon his cheek, "No matter," she purrs, "soon it will just be you and me..."

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Captain Hugh Marlow

To say that men are not nervous on their wedding day would be, in the case of one Hugh Marlow, a blatant lie smothered in falsity with a good dose of fabrication. Beneath his calm and authoritative facade as he bustled around the chaotic deck, calling out orders and in general keeping himself as busy as he could get away with without actually taking someone's duty from them, he was a bundle of nerves ready to snap at any moment. It was partially due to his own disbelief at the current events, moving in almost a daze, waiting nervously to be woken up to a harsh reality where a young woman like Katarina, his Kat, would hardly bat an eye at a man like him, aged prematurely by battles and the harsh realities of the sea. But there was no sudden awakening; he was still there, boat anchored beside the lush little island with preparations for a wedding- his wedding- very much underway.

Well, if he were to be more accurate, it was more Katarina's wedding than his own, not that he'd ever begrudge her anything she fancied. She had chosen the destination with the kind of delightful determination she always had, insisting on something personal, something away from the stuffy courts and balls where they'd first met one another. It hadn't taken much arguing and, while his father had been certainly furious when his son had announced their wedding plans, if it was for Katarina, he was willing to face his father's displeasure. In fact, the only thing that Hugh had insisted on was the presence of his men, his crew, his family, all wrapped into one. Yes, Katarina had done her best to pout and simper and cajole him into changing his mind, but on this one thing he remained firm. He wanted- no, he needed the support of the men he'd handpicked to be by his side through thick and thin because he was getting married. He was getting married.

The thought spun around in his head, and he couldn't help the small smile that tugged on his lips. This would, no doubt, be the happiest day of his life. Tomorrow he could worry about his father, about his job, about the difficulties of a long-distance marriage since Katarina was much to delicate to be kept in a rough naval boat full of men, about pirates. Today, however, today was a day for celebration. Today was going to be one of the happiest in his life.


The feast had been arranged with no issues to speak of, the tents had been set up with the quick efficiency that he had come to expect from his crew… Everything was ready. Well, apart from Hugh himself as he stood a little ways away from it all, breathing in deeply the salty night air. He tugged helplessly at his uniform sleeves, but did not say a word, too busy staring out at the calm ocean in front of him, the stars mirrored from the Heavens above into the deep abyss that had become his second home. There were no chores to be taken care of, no last minute details to be arranged- nothing to distract him from the even before him. He fiddled with his sleeves again, anxiety still coiled in his stomach, tearing his nerves to shreds as the sly seeds of doubt began to be planted in his mind. What if- what if Katarina decided to call it off? She would have every right to- he'd never fault her for it, never fault her for anything. After all, what did he have to offer her? A husband who was constantly at sea? A weathered visage when he was not? There was no way she could be happy with him-

"You look wonderful, darling-- as does this food! Why, I never... There's so... it's beautiful. I love it. Tell me you love it too!"

Her words were like the waves of the sea, washing away his anxieties with a single exhale. He turned, a small half-smile tugging at his lips as he gazed back at her with the same loving, passionate intensity. She was gorgeous as she always was, her dress only serving to accentuate her natural good looks in such a way that he was completely convinced that he was the luckiest man alive.

"My dear," He said lowly, voice thick with adoration, "I… I must admit it's all lost on me. I simply cannot keep my eyes off of you." The words were achingly saccharine, but one must forgive a man in love for his sentimental follies. It was only a sharp whistle that caused him to tear his gaze away from the lovely creature in front of him, blinking and gazing around for the source.

"Did you hear that? That blasted cabinboy. He is always so dirty, my love, I don't know why you allowed him to come." The moment was broken then with a look of distaste overtaking his fiancée's face and one of mild exasperation falling over his. It was a conversation they'd had countless times, but it kept rearing its ugly head when Katarina had been among his crew for too long.

"Katarina," He sighed lightly, "I could not ask for a better cabin boy than Henry. I think that we can forgive some dirt and childish behavior for all of his virtues." His words were lost on her, apparently, as her face transformed from irritation to one of a sweet sort of composure.

"No matter, soon it will just be you and me..." His rough, calloused hand came up to meet hers, delicately pressed against her smooth skin as she cupped his face.

"That's all I've ever wanted, my dear," He replied with a delighted smile of his own.

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Henry peel these? Henry wash this, now go pour drinks, wash these, dump out this rubish. This list went on and on, the fact that this whole wedding thing was going on was aggravating in the first place, but now it was proving to be anything but fun.

"Maybe I'll steal some scraps later." she thought as she dumped another bucket of peels and other rubbish of in a patch of bushes.

Making her way back to the Cookie she sighed, the Capn's bride to be had been almost more than Lavinia could stand.

"That dirty little cabin boy how could you let him mess up my beautiful day.", Lavina said in a sing song voice as she feigned a a faint. "Spoiled brat, I bet she never had to do a bloody thing for herself her whole life. Could've been anything whistling out in the jungle, but nooo. How dare something offend her precious little ears and she turns right to me. Insufferable twit, I can't wait till she goes back to the main land where she belongs."

As she drew nearer to the party once again the sounds of laughter and music being played filled her ears again. The smell of the cooking fire's, rum, ale, and wine hung strong in the air.

"Oi Kid!" said the Cookie motioning her over to his preparation area where he was tending to what looked like a large pig to Lavinia. "Henry, I got this other bucket of slop that needs tossed, now off with ya." he turned his back to her without another word.

"Why didn't ya just give me two the last time?" Lavinia asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

"Don't sass me I'll knock ya teeth clear down ya throat welp. The reason ya didn't get two the last time was cause it wasn't full yet, and the Cap'n would rather me keep ya busy with the trash then mussing things up. Now get ya arse in gear and do what I told ya." the cookie explained.

Lavinia was sure that if she said much more the cook would definitely fulfill his promise of knocked out teeth, she had been on the receiving end several times of a slap or a smack to the face for being foolish or clumsy. So with a bit of a groan, she picked up the other bucket leaving the empty one she had just returned with.

"It ain't my fault his bride is offended by a the sight of dirt on a kid. She's sure as hell gonna be in a rude awakening when the Cap'n knocks er up. But then again she'll have coin enough not to sully er hands with tending to children." the grumbling went on and on as she walked along the path she had taken before to dump the refuse. She dumped the bucket again, but something caught her ears suddenly, it sounded like something was moving out in the bushes. She swallowed with a bit of nervousness, it was like the air around her changed a certain uneasiness enveloped her.

It could have been anything, the island wasn't inhabited by natives but there were certainly plenty of large animals that could possibly be out there in the dark, unknown, jungle that surrounded the camp. There was another snap of twigs, the suddenness made Lavinia jump back and drop the bucket in her hands. She was about to make a run back to Cookie and take a beating for leaving behind the bucket. But she stopped when her eyes saw a small furry creature come out of the dark jungle. Lavinia stood there watching the small animal as it trotted up to the pile of food that was mounding up from her trips back and forth. She knelt down but didn't move any closer to the animal fearing that she might scare it off.

"Well aren't you a cute little.... whatever you are.", she rested her arms onto her knees leaning forward slightly as she watched the animal nibble on the meal she had unintentionally provided. "Well aren't you the lucky one.... at least someone small and insignificant gets to eat around here. Wonder what they'd think if'n they new some jungle creature is eat'n their lovely dinner. Guess they wouldn't care much, considering they call all this rubbish. You know several years ago... I would've called their rubbish a feast. I guess that's what you're thinking huh? An easy meal?".

Lavinia's stomach grumbled a bit, "Maybe I ought to go steal something to eat now, you enjoy yours though can't be too bad what yer eat'n all that fancy wedding food and all." She stood up and dusted her pants off.

"Ya know... I think I've learned one thing mister whatever the hell ya are. I'm not the marry'n type all this fuss, and she'll liable to be dead as soon as she has a baby or if'n something happens to the Cap'n at sea. Not that ya really care much, yer just some little animal eat'n rubbish, ya probably are wondering what the hell I am as much as I wondering about you. All this chatting to an animal, anybody else see me doing this would think I'm a nutter. Maybe I am... well hope like that, there's more where that came from so ya might want to tell yer friends. Just have yer party over here though, you try to crash the big one and ya might find yerself on the table."

She dumped out the rest of the bucked, and then started to head back towards the party once again. She started to think to herself about the decision she had made to join the ships crew. If she had stayed where she was before, she would have never had the pleasure of having conversations with animals like that, well except for maybe a rat or two. But nothing like the thing she had just saw. Anything was better than being treated no better than a dog... sometimes worse depending on what kind of mood her uncle had been in. Either way that was a past she chose not to think about as much as possible, as she made her way back over the path she had gone through before.

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Arms across his torso held handles of two flintlock pistols, and a hawk-like gaze scanned the gallant feast for any misconduct. Nothing was going to go wrong this evening. Nothing. He stood silently in the corner, one eye on Captain Marlow at all times. This was a happy day. The captain's wedding day was certainly a cause for celebration, but it was not in Shester's nature to let his guard down. No matter the situation, there was always cause for a watchful eye.

Clay shifted uncomfortably in his tuxedo. As the first mate it was his duty to be the best man, while he would much rather be in charge of security detail, it was an honor nonetheless. He wished however, that he would not be forced to wear this despicable white suit. He missed the black leather of his that lied on the table in his quarters, white just wasn't his thing. He'd asked, almost begged, numerous times for the Captain to don the traditional black dress for his wedding, but that miserable woman would not let it go.

The captain and his fiance sat nearby eating together, living in blissful ignorance. They disgustingly fed the little cakes to each other. Smiles, giggles, blushes... This woman had the captain completely brainwashed. Clay just couldn't believe how fast the Captain had jumped into this relationship. It seemed too... artificial.

Clay was, of course, not against love in any fashion. It was something he had hoped he'd find in his travels. Though with all of his trust issues, his paranoia, and his accelerated ageing he feared he would never find the right woman, but he was happy for his captain. There was just something about Katarina that he simply didn't trust. He would not have his captain played the fool, so if the woman was not who she said she was, he would deal with her personally.

A whistle in the darkness...

Clay quietly moved from his post, heading in the direction of the sound. His hands tightened on the handles of his pistols, ready to draw at the slightest issue. The bride was quick to diagnose the whistle as the cabin boy, but Clay had to be sure. He approached the west corner of the perimeter, where he'd stationed the first guard unit. He leaned in to the superior officer.

"Be on point soldier, nothing is going to interrupt the Captain's special night." a nod was all he needed as confirmation, and he headed across to the second guard unit on the opposite side. Maybe he was being too paranoid. Maybe he should calm down and enjoy the feast. He knew that just wouldn't happen. Clayton Shester does not slow down, not even at a wedding.

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Eve watched the Clay carefully as he made his way towards them, she spoke barely above a whisper to Winters "Stealth will be the better choice, but who ever that is we need to take extra care around, he noticed my call." She tilted her head towards Clay as she spoke. She glanced back over at Kat watching the Captain hang on her every motion, a pang of guilt washed over her until she caught his voice. It lit the fire in her as strong as before, the voiced echoed his fathers in her ears. She let her teeth grit together to keep herself from charging him right then and there.

She watched Clay waiting until he had made his way back towards the Captain and Kat. One of the men let out a sigh as the man walked away "It is a party and he act like we are in the middle of a fight. I am going to take a piss." Eve and Winters eyes met she flicked to fingers to the left as she headed right after the man who wasn't taking his job seriously, a smirk worked to her lips seeing the mans weapons at his post.

Eve followed the man, who thankful walked a decent distance from camp. She slipped her hand gently on to his shoulder, "Christ what is wrong with you..." He stop his sentence eyeing Eve up and down. "It dangerous for a lady such as yourself out in the night." The man said as he turned grabbing her right wrist "You could get hurt Miss." Eve laughed venom clear in her tone "You poor dull dim witted little man, have you any idea whom you have just tried to man handle? I will have your guts for garters" He lifted his lantern to look her more clearly, dropping it at his feet when he saw her dress. "PIR...." She clapped her hand over his mouth "You should have followed your damned orders." She buried her dagger into the mans throat running a slit from ear to ear letting him fall to the ground. She waited her body tense staying frozen as she heard the music stop. It only to a matter of moments before it picked up with a new song. She let out a jagged breath. Before she cleaned her dagger off on the mans shirt and made her way back over to where she had left Winters, who got back around the same time he did.

She glanced over at the other side, before she spoke to Winters "No trouble on your part then?"

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Captain Hugh Marlow

The moment lingered in the cool night air, and, honestly, Hugh wouldn't have minded if it lasted forever. It was just the two of them, and of that one moment he fell just a little bit more in love because this was his wife, his wife, a thought that made his chest swell with pride and affection.

But no moment can last forever, no matter how hard we pray, and it was shattered seconds later by the announcement of dinner. Everything was perfect, he realized as both he and Katarina took their seats and looked out at the prodigious amount of food spread out before them. Everyone had outdone themselves, each moment of day perfected to the last shellfish, the last goblet of wine shined to perfection. As he took a sip of wine, Hugh had to admit to himself that the island was nice or, at least, a wonderful option in comparison to the stuffy ball that his father would still probably insist they have when they reached port. For one, here at least he could be surrounded by those he actually liked, not the nobles, the aristocrats, and those other captains whose idea of leading their men involved too much delegation and indulgence on their parts, all of whom he merely endured. Here he had his men, as imperfectly perfect as they always were, and, of course, the apple of his eye was seated right next to him.

How long had they known each other? How many years had gone by since she'd transformed from just some pretty young thing attempting to flatter a stalwart captain to the delightful creature next to him who he'd devoted his life to? It had taken some time, he remembered with a slight smile, sampling something spread out before him- it was delicious(his chef was no cordon bleu, but he had the talent of cooking to the captain's tastes) but he hardly even noticed what it was- before that change had occurred. When they'd first met, she'd been so young, no different from the many other girls flouncing and flitting around the ball with a single-minded desire to either have fun with as many young men as possible or find prospective husbands. When Katarina had found her way over to him, insisting on a dance, he'd only assumed that she was part of the latter and it had taken her until almost the last dance to convince him to come out anyways. That had begun their association, their little relationship that slowly but surely transformed into something more. He'd been leery, so leery of anyone who tried to catch his eye, but his Katarina had managed to worm her way past his defenses and carve out her own little place in his heart before Hugh had even realized it was happening.


Hugh jumped to his feet, blood running cold in his veins. Pirates? Here? Now? No, no this was- this was madness. His hand went to the sword by his side and, with some slight horror, he realized it was the ceremonial one Katarina had given him some days ago, insisting that it looked so much more dashing with his uniform than his old, weathered one that, despite lacking beauty, was sharp as you please and ten times as sturdy as anything he'd had before.

"Calm down!"[/green] The exclamation carried over the resulting chaos from the exclamation, Hugh's face serious and full of a calmness barely keeping back the boiling hatred that had begun in his heart. [color=green]"Men, get to your stations! Clay, to me! Someone fetch me my sword!" He may not have been the largest man who demanded attention by sheer physicality, nor was he the oldest man whose sheer age was one to be respected, but he was their captain, a man who demanded attention because he'd earned it. He continued barking orders until he felt soft flesh being pressed against his side, a small, terrified voice somehow making itself heard.

"I-" He froze before softening his voice and expression- Katarina was a lady, she was not prepared for this, "I am so sorry, my darling. I never thought that-"[/green] He stopped himself again because it was going to be fine. He'd never let anything hurt her, this would all be fine. He waved over a crewman, Jacobs, who, despite being an excellent fighter tended to avoid the chaotic situations during raids and attacks and was therefore expendable and worthy of this so delicate task.

[color=green]"Jacobs, I need you to take care of Katarina. Take her back to her tent and protect her with your life."
As the giant man waited, pulling his sword out as he went, Hugh turned to Katarina. "It will be fine, my love. Wait for me." And with that, Jacobs was guiding Katarina away and Hugh was turning back to the situation at hand. Already men were filing onto their ship, getting weapons to return to the island or going to their stations to prepare cannons or get ready for a hasty retreat if needed. But they, the British Naval force, had an advantage, Hugh was sure. They knew this island better than any pirate would, and it wasn't as if the pirates knew he was getting married. No, they'd be attacking near the shore hard and fast, and that, he was certain, they were prepared for.

The poor fool had no idea what was about to happen, but everyone is a fool when it comes to love.