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Matthew Winters

"My loyalty to my captain far outweights my loyalty to my country. She has done far more for me than the king has."

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a character in “The Midnight Siren”, as played by HetaGamer



Name: Matthew Winters
Nickname: The crew calls him Winters. The nickname he has been given by public is Sword Dancer. And his captain is the only one who can call him Matthew.
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Age: 27
Role: First Mate


Height: 6 feet
Weight: 162lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Skin color: White to lightly tanned
Scars/markings: From wrist to shoulder on his left arm there is a tattoo of chains wrapping around it. Branded on the small of his back is the number 8138, his identification from when he was a slave. He's got a few scars littered across his body, the most distinctive one being a long jagged one from collarbone to pectoral muscle on his right side.
Synopsis: Matthew is tall at about six feet and very lightly tanned. He weights about 160 lbs, most of which is muscle. Muscle that he has gained from years of hard labor. His build is somewhere between muscular and athletic, closer to the muscular side. He has straight blonde hair that goes to his chin. He likes to keep one side tucked behind his ear and the other side free, otherwise it goes in a pony tail. His eyes are blue in color. He likes to stay mostly clean shaven, or at least as close as you can get to clean shaven when you're constantly out at sea. He has a few distinctive markings across his body. Some scars, including a jagged one from collarbone to right pectoral muscle. A tattoo of chains wrapping around his left arm. And the most distinctive if you could see it, a brand with the number 8138 on it. His indentification number as a slave.


Likes: Being at sea
Reading when he can
Having some time to himself
Dislikes: Slavers
Sweet foods
Seeing the crew fight
People with no respect
Hobbies: Reading
Sword play
Synopsis: Above all, Matthew is a fighter. He has been one his entire life, and he'll die one. He won't give up even when the situation seems hopeless. He'd rather die than surrender. He's always looking ahead on things, while not forgetting to focus on the now. Untrusting but loyal when you earn that trust. He will respect you until you do something to lose it. He's calm and level headed most of time, but tends to lose his cool when slavers are involved. As it brings up horrible memories of the past. He doesn't like to open up to people, prefering to keep his past and emotions to himself. Though he usually does so until he explodes. Even with the sounds of explosions, gunfire, and death around him, he still manages to stay focused on the task at hand. He doesn't have much of a temper, but when you set him off, watch out. He seems harsh sometimes, but he really has the best in mind for the crew, and watches out for their safety more than they think. He has a bit of OCD, when it comes to things like his appearance or quarters, or other people's for that matter. But he tries his best to keep it to himself.
Positive characteristics: Fighter, level headed, thinks ahead, focused, hard to anger, protective.
Negative characteristics: Stubborn, untrusting, tight lipped, doesn't know when to quit, neat freak.


Clothing: He usually wears a pair of white, loose fitting, pants. A dull red, long sleeved, tunic like top. A brown leather belt around his waist that his swords strap to. A pair of just below the knee, brown leather boots. And around his neck is a simple leather cord with a single blue glass bead on it.
Armor: He wears a brown leather jerkin over his top, but that is only type of armor he usually wears. He prefers movement and speed to protection.
Weapons: He has two swords. A French rapier, a thinner, faster blade that he wields in his left hand. And a French cutlass with a bit of a larger, slower blade that he wields in his right hand. He also carries a pistol around that it tucked into the waistband on his pants, in the back. And he carries a dirk in each of his boots.
Trinkets: He doesn't tend to carry much in the way of personal effects around. Save for a collection of books that never leave his quarters, and his necklace. Most of his personal stuff is engraved on his body. And forever in his mind.
Other: As stated above, he doesn't carry around many personal items.


Traits: He's naturally strong and finely tuned instincts that have saved him more times that he can count. He can adapt pretty well in most situations and is a fast learner.
Skills: He is an expert in sword play. A decent shot. And pretty good scrapper. He's a good cook, but tends to keep that to himself. If he needs to be he can be a pretty good negotiator, though tends to use force to solve things.

So begins...

Matthew Winters's Story

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Six hours before nightfall

Evelyn watched from the tree line as the crown jewel of the British fleet took anchor, just off shore of the lush island. As she lowered her telescope with a smirk she caught a glimpse of Katarina's scarlet locks near the helm of the ship. She cupped her hands over her mouth mocking a doves coo letting her crew know the plan was under foot. She quickly made her way to the temporary base her crew had taken up.

"Doc I want you and Kid to stay back, I hope we won't have anyone for you to patch up but just in case." Her brow shot up slightly as she heard a groan of disagreement from Etten. Before she had time to react to him she heard Matthew clear his throat just slightly. Etten sighed catching the look of disapproval clear on Winters's face he went to join Eliza with rosy cheeks. Evelyn winked at Winters as she turned her focus to the others. "Al,Matthew, and Kato you three are going in with me. Jack will be rigging the their ship once they make land fall as soon as he has lit the bombs he will head back to be extra support for Doc and the Kid should anything go sour." She unrolled a map placing it on the table before them.

"Kat said that they plan on holding the feast on this side of the island. I want Al and Kato to come in from the west. You will have three to four guards to break through, they need to be taken out as quickly and as quietly as possible. If anything goes wrong fire one warning shot from your pistol and get away. Winters you and I will come in from the east. We will drive the vermin to the water just in time to watch their ship burst in to flames." She drove her dagger into the spot on the map a smile working to her lips as the crew cheered. "And remember don't blow Kat's cover just yet."


Al and Kato made their way over to the western side of the huts as the feast was beginning, and waited for Eve's signal. Eve and Winters finally got over to the eastern edge, and with a sharp one note whistle she gave the others the signal to move into action.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Six hours before nightfall...

The deck was buzzing with activity as the anchor was lowered into the water. Katarina stood near the helm of the ship, all smiles today. To anyone around her, the bride-to-be was obviously glowing with excitement. Her icy blue hues looked as though they would melt glaciers into tears at any moment as the young woman watched the bustle around her. She could hear the crew members shouting at each other, commands or orders or blaming this person for that or this being out of place. Everything was supposed to be perfect for the small island wedding. It had been her idea- the island wedding. Away from the eyes of court and all the fussing and decorative ballgowns. She just wanted it to be him, the priest, and her-- but of course, that couldn't exactly be done. He was an important man, after all, and so she begrudgingly accepted that his crew and first mate would be there to witness the wedding.

Her parents had died when she was fourteen, leaving her to an elderly aunt who was institutionalized. So naturally, none of her own family were present. 'You're my family now,' she had told him one evening over dinner, her eyes glittering in the candle light. He would provide her a life filled with the finest things a Naval officer could provide... at least- that's what the other women thought. Kat smiled politely to the figure who appeared by her side, offering to help her from the ship. She was a lady, after all, and climbing in and out of ships was not her forte... right?


Within a few hours the feast as set up and Kat found herself pacing anxiously in her tent. What if something went wrong? Forcing herself to take another breath, she turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her dress hugged her figure beautifully, but with the sun going down the hat was simply not needed. Removing the parcel from her outfit, she gently set it down onto her wardrobe. The crew had done a wonderful job of setting up her tent, it was a pity they were all about to be killed. Taking one last look at her hair, which had been curled into ringlets before leaving port, Kat turned and followed the sound of a joyful tune belonging to a flute. The sun was setting just over the water, why she had reasoned she wanted to be on this side of the beach in the first place. Painting on a smile, she made her way over to her husband-to-be. "You look wonderful, darling-- as does this food! Why, I never... There's so... it's beautiful. I love it. Tell me you love it too!"

Her eyes are bright with adoration as she looks up into her fiance's weathered face. He is some years her senior, but by the look on her face- you'd never be able to guess she was thinking anything else. To be sure, she looked madly in love with the man before her- as though she would pull him into an embrace at any moment. The feast was starting. In the distance Kat heard the sound of a sharp whistle and she snapped her head around- in the opposite direction from which it had come. "Did you hear that? That blasted cabinboy. He is always so dirty, my love, I don't know why you allowed him to come." Her lips purse as she looks to Hugh, as though he is to blame for the whistle. Quickly the wrinkles in her face smooth away into a smile as she gently reaches to place a hand upon his cheek, "No matter," she purrs, "soon it will just be you and me..."

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The dove call signaled the end of Al's reading time. He placed the book into his "on-shore" satchel that lay in the dirt next to him. Whenever the captain had the crew go land-side Alphonse would bring a small bag with a book and a candle, for lulls in the action where he could take up a comfortable spot and study. He swung the book over his shoulder and hopped down from his tree just nearby the make-shift pirate camp.

He landed silently and made his way to the meeting. Most everyone else was already in attendance when he arrived, and he found himself between the cabin boy Etten, and the Quartermaster Kato. Al smiled to each upon his arrival and quietly awaited the Captain's orders with his hands behind his back.

A disagreement about his assignment put the Kid in the doghouse, and lead him away from Al's side and over to Doc's. Al let out a small chuckle, then perked up when he heard his name. He, Kato, and Winters were going into action, which is usually the plan anyway. Kid and Doc did not have the combat experience that the rest of the crew did, so they usually stood behind. Al knew though, that among the 'fighters' of the crew he was the least experienced. Still, the Sea Artist could hold his own.

He was to be teamed up with Kato. This was good news, as even if he had trouble, Kato would most definitely be able to pick up the slack.


Al was situated behind a boulder overlooking the still 'in construction' feast. He could see the guard he was to get rid of, but they were the far from his mind at the moment. He was much more focused on Katarina.

He could see her silhouette from his spot. She was pacing about her tent while they set up the feast. He could only imagine how she must be feeling. She had to pretend to be in love with that Navy captain, and she had been for so long. It had been so long since they'd last spoken. It was tough to see her with him.

He was shaken from his day dreaming by the whistle. He placed his hand on the hilt of the rapier at his side and rose from his hiding spot, casting a look across the treeline to Kato, waiting for the second signal from him. Al, was to take the two nearest himself, while Kato was to do the same.

Al switched his glance to Katarina, who was unfortunately not facing him. He'd hoped they would share a glance or something of the like. He would have to toss the though aside and focus on the mission. Kat would be safe. Alphonse had a job to do.

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Etten smiled happily at his masterpiece of a trap; it was an uncomplicated and fairly easy snare for someone who so fancied the devices. How did he craft it? Simple he found a sturdy branch, broke it into two, took the two pieces, and sharpened them. Etten then plunged one stick into the earth. After that, the second stick was attached to the other at a tip. To finish the trap off an immense stone was rested against the stick that hung out with rat's meat connected to it. If an animal were to even take the smallest nimble, the rock would surely collapse, crushing the bones of the creature. However the cabin boy never placed these snares in order to survive but instead for entertainment or perhaps it was combat training; maybe one day Etten will use a much more effective trap in the line of battle.

However enough about the boy's hobby and onto more important matters, such as the cooing which signaled the captain's meeting. As Etten heard the sound he lifted his linen shirt up and unto his thin torso, and just before he took off sprinting he rolled up the legs of his slacks to the knees. The female leader tossed her commands, however Etten groaning with desire to race to his instinctive stubborn ways of disobedience. Mathew gave Etten a cold glare, however that is not what only ceased the child's arguement from beginning, it was the presence of the captain. Etten would argue with anyone else on the ship without any second thought, anyone but Evelyn, at least not so impulsively.

After the gathering ended Etten tarted knives he swiped from the kitchen, striking a tree furiously.

"Damn the capt'n's bloody orders. Soon she'll regret the forsakin' on my skills," He cursed in a mutter.


Etten's fiery anger finally expired and the doctor aimed at the right amount of time to called him. But perhaps it was because Etten could never speak to Eliza in a repulsive tone, though instead a coquettish one. Etten enjoyed the surgeon she was much more gentle than the others aboard on the ship, however he always believe she would never hold the same interest in him as he did her. And his care for her was extremely unnoticeable; he would either be flirting or staring at her breast.

"You know I would do anything for you, my enticin' love. But my lips they ache, I purpose a kiss from you o' course in order to make it all better. Do you agree, yes?" he spoke with a wink.

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Deleted double post

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Eve watched the Clay carefully as he made his way towards them, she spoke barely above a whisper to Winters "Stealth will be the better choice, but who ever that is we need to take extra care around, he noticed my call." She tilted her head towards Clay as she spoke. She glanced back over at Kat watching the Captain hang on her every motion, a pang of guilt washed over her until she caught his voice. It lit the fire in her as strong as before, the voiced echoed his fathers in her ears. She let her teeth grit together to keep herself from charging him right then and there.

She watched Clay waiting until he had made his way back towards the Captain and Kat. One of the men let out a sigh as the man walked away "It is a party and he act like we are in the middle of a fight. I am going to take a piss." Eve and Winters eyes met she flicked to fingers to the left as she headed right after the man who wasn't taking his job seriously, a smirk worked to her lips seeing the mans weapons at his post.

Eve followed the man, who thankful walked a decent distance from camp. She slipped her hand gently on to his shoulder, "Christ what is wrong with you..." He stop his sentence eyeing Eve up and down. "It dangerous for a lady such as yourself out in the night." The man said as he turned grabbing her right wrist "You could get hurt Miss." Eve laughed venom clear in her tone "You poor dull dim witted little man, have you any idea whom you have just tried to man handle? I will have your guts for garters" He lifted his lantern to look her more clearly, dropping it at his feet when he saw her dress. "PIR...." She clapped her hand over his mouth "You should have followed your damned orders." She buried her dagger into the mans throat running a slit from ear to ear letting him fall to the ground. She waited her body tense staying frozen as she heard the music stop. It only to a matter of moments before it picked up with a new song. She let out a jagged breath. Before she cleaned her dagger off on the mans shirt and made her way back over to where she had left Winters, who got back around the same time he did.

She glanced over at the other side, before she spoke to Winters "No trouble on your part then?"

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The name of the game was stealth. They would only need to get loud if absolutely necessary, but until then Al would be silent as a whisper. He set his bag behind the rock for safe keeping, hopefully he would be back for it later. He slid out from behind the rock and moved along the brush like a shadow, staying to the darkness and keeping an eye on his foot placement, making sure not to crunch any leaves or break any twigs. He was stalking the nearest guard, who was standing just below on of the several arched entrances to the feast. Al's second target was several yards away with his back turned. He would not notice his partner's disappearance in time to do anything about it. A quick once over and Al was sure he could take the guard facing him, but the blasted lamps above would surely give away Al's position to anyone at the feast if he moved closer. He would have to draw the guard away.

How to do that? Luring the guard with a noise was not the best option. If anyone else heard Al whistle, or throw a rock, he would be up a creek. He'd need to do it visually. The guard would need to see him, and not think him a threat, at least not enough of one to alert the other guard. This would be a tough one, but he had nary the time to come up with a decent plan, so he'd just have to wing it.


This was by far, the worst post imaginable. Having to guard the Captain's wedding feast, watching all the upper class eat ten courses, and here he was... standing alone... in the dark. He let out a deep sigh. This would be a long night.

A flash illuminated few yards of the forest, catching the guards eye. What could that be? He decided he'd check. After all, it was much more entertaining than standing here miserable.


The guard was approaching. Al's plan had worked perfectly. Striking the two rocks together to make a small unassuming flash hit right on the money, and as the steps got louder Al slid the knife from the strap on his bicep. This would have to be fast and silent. The steps continued to get louder and closer, and Al tightened the grip on his knife. A foot landed to his left and he sprang from his crouched position, jamming the knife into the guard's chest, placing the other hand over his mouth to silence him. The guard was a bit larger than Al, but this was of no consequence, as years of training from Winters will net you an advantage in any fight.

The pulse slowed to a halt and Al dropped the guard in the dirt. "Sorry friend, everyone's got a job to do."

He removed the man's coat, which thankfully was red even before Al spilled the owner's blood all over it. He put it on and approached the second guard quietly. This disguise would only work from a distance, once anyone got close they would see the telltale blood stains. He'd have to do this quickly. He approached from behind and placed his hand on the man's shoulder.

"Sorry about this mate." He rammed the blade through the guard's back and into his heart. He once again covered the mouth to deter any objections and brought his prey to the ground.

His job was complete, now to head to the rendezvous point. He turned on his heels throwing the bloody coat to the dirt. He hadn't taken but a step when he heard a loud cry.


It had come from Kato's position. A red coated man was running from the area screaming the warning. It seemed the mightly Kato had been overpowered. "Damn!" This was bad. He was too far away to stop the runaway guard and he knew what this would lead to. He would have to act fast if he wanted to salvage the situation.

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Everything went downhill faster than Al could have possibly expected. Before he knew it a blade was arcing toward his throat. His knife somehow found it's way into the path of the soldier's sword before he was beheaded. As he locked eyes with the soldier who had alerted the rest he knew the only reason he was alive was because of Winter's training. He narrowed his eyes at the soldier. "Farewell" He pushed forward with all of his strength, throwing the enemy off balance, and releasing the blade clash. While the soldier staggered back Al tore forward and rammed the blade home.

He ripped the knife from his victim's chest cavity, wincing as a spurt of blood shot him in the face. There was a beat before he heard a voice from his right. "Get to the dove!" He shot his gaze to the source of the voice, his Captain, who was charging into the fray. She would be fine. Alphonse leaped from his kneeling position and ran for the feast, scanned the chaos for Katarina. Through the chaos she was a tough find, but his eyes finally locked on her as he entered the feast. Her back was to him, behind the Navy captain. His grip tightened on the blade.

His free arm wrapped around Kat and pulled her away. Fortunately Captain Blackwell appeared at the same moment and distracted the guards, as well as Captain Marlow. Al pulled Kat close to him and brought his bloodstained knife to her neck. His heart was racing, not because of the fighting... this was the first time in... was it years? Yes years since he'd been able to touch her. Her scent had changed. Must have been all the royal perfumes she was probably given. Regardless, her old scent was still there. He brought his lips to her ear, and spoke carefully, and slyfully. "Careful my dear, we wouldn't want to mess up this pretty dress of yours."

Captain Blackwell had informed Marlow of his beloved's capture, causing the man to turn around. Al made direct eye contact with the man for the first time. Al's eyes darkened with hate. In his mind he kept telling himself that the man didn't intend to take Kat away from him, but Al could not help but despise him. That aside, Alphonse had a part to play. He muscled Kat closer and tighter, touching the knife directly to her neck. "You'll want to tell these men to lower their weapons." The original plan was to take the Captain, but that plan was moot now. Plan B was in full effect, and that meant Kat was coming home.

Al's eyes shifted from guard to guard surrounding him. They were at full alert, and Marlow hadn't made a decision yet. He looked back to Marlow with a raised eyebrow. "Or would you prefer the young miss here lose her head?"