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Ivryene Ornvar

"Justice is all black and white, there is no grey area."

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a character in “The Mirroreds”, as played by bokystroki



Full Name: Ivryene Ornvar

Nicknames/Aliases: Ivy, Sparrow, Doe. (Though she hates being called as such.)
Age: 27

Gender: Female

Mirror Type/Artifact Used: Mirror of Clarity | Old Indian Necklace.

Title (if applicable): The Sparrow

Description: Ivryene has always been a tall woman, standing at 5’8 ½ inches. Of Germanic decent, she has platimum blond hair that she likes to keep at a longer length, though she prefers to have it braided and out of the way, usually laying it over her shoulder. Her face is a gentle, rounded shape – though her chin comes to an angular point, while her nose is hawklike in appearance, giving her a fierce, always grumpy appearance – in which her icy blue eyes does not help make matters any better. Though Ivryene seldom talks, when she does let her voice be heard, it’s usually in short, abrupt orders, while her tone is pretty low.
She is also very flat chested, causing some level of insecurity.
She has a black composite bow on her almost at all times, as she generally likes to go hunting for sport, much like she did as a child.
She also prefers wearing earthy tones, or shades of gray in her wardrobe.

She now sports an old Indian Necklace around her neck, made of sennew, beads made of deer antler and bone, and a pearl attached in the middle.
Description of Mirrored: Image
Ivy’s mirrored isn’t some gruesome figure – but rather a large, Elk like creature that seemed to be made of pure diamonds – the angles and corners sparkling and shining in all colors of the spectrum when it lifts it’s head proudly.

As a Mirrored of Clarity, ‘he’ (as Ivryene references it) seems very clear headed, helping Ivryene making more serious and tactical decisions that seem almost sociopathic or empathetic at times - choosing the best possible answer to get the best possible outcome to save them both.
While this can be a great asset, Ivy and ‘he’ have often constant clashes with Ivy’s morality, which causes them to get into a constant battles of willpower on who controls who.
(For instance, if Ivy had the chance to save someone from death, but the risk of death for herself was higher than saving that one person, ‘he’ will fight for control – as he refuses for her to die, considering it would cause him to die himself. This also applies to saving many people at once, as he’ll choose to save their skins over the worlds.)

They communicate this via being able to sense each others feelings in any given situation.

Personality: Blunt, Harsh, and fiery are all words that best describe Ivryene. She walks with her chin held high and her back perfectly straight, and she will not back down from a challenge. Yet, she doesn’t have a temper, and able to keep a cool head even in the most crucial times.
Skills: Excellent bowman. Light on her feet. Extremely calculating, making an excellent tactician.

Weaknesses: Due to being extremely light weight, it’s easy to dominate her within close combat. Ivryene is also unemotional and brash, causing her social skills to be extremely lacking, as she much rather take the more obvious, blunt approach, as well as she in general is a man hater – believing women are more suitable for useful tasks.
She also has a high sensibility of right and wrong, believing that the lines do not bleed – and will act accordingly.

Brief History: Ivryene is the youngest of eight siblings. Their father, a hard working lumberjack had tried his very best to take care of them all after Ivryene’s mother had died, which he managed to make ends meet by hunting animals and selling pelts or furs – as well as owning a sheep farm. While Ivy’s siblings didn’t take particular interest in her father’s work, she absolutely adored it, joining him on hunting trips and log runs – which she uses these skills to this day.
Growing up, her younger siblings would tease her for her gawky appearance.
“The only thing curvy about Ivy is her bow!” they’d chide, in which made her an extreme social recluse, refusing to take part in more familial affairs.
Now, after her own father died of his own demons, she finds herself leaving their old farm, trying to find a purpose in all of this chaos amongst the human race and the Mirrored, as well as secretly wanting to get rid of her own.

It was no wonder the Adherents took her with open arms.

Other: Will add a bit here later.

So begins...

Ivryene Ornvar's Story

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meanwhile on the other side of the cafeteria, a woman made was making her way towards her usual seat.

A couple of cheers followed her wake, as those around her began to congratulate her. Some even dared to reach out and pat her on the shoulder or hold their hands out for high-fives.

Yet she simply brushed them off, slowly making her way through the cafeteria line. Acting as if those around there weren't even there as she pointed at the things she wanted on her plate.

It's not like the mission was hard. She reminisced, We've could've done better.

She made no distinctive noise other then the sound of her soft leather boots hitting the title floor with gentle thuds, and she didn't bother greeting any of the trainees that knew her name as they waved at her when she passed. No, the only indication she even heard their words was her icy blue eyes flickering towards them, which made them shut their mouths and awkwardly go back to eating their breakfasts.

Finally approaching her destination, she suddenly stopped; her mouth curving downwards, turning her usual bored expression into something of disgust.

"You're in my seat." Ivryene murmured, standing there like an unmovable tower.

A couple of initiates passed by, whispering of something that had happened in the training area. Apparently word travels fast - as things mostly do in such places. Ivryene wanted to roll her eyes, though it wasn't something she was about to do in front of the gentleman who seemingly didn't notice.

Clearing her throat, Ivryene tried again.

"I said, you're in my seat."

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It was clear from their progress in their meals that the twins had been there for a while. Olive had drowned her toast- and bacon, for that matter- in copious amounts of raspberry jelly, and was happily scooping the mess into her mouth through use of a plastic spoon. Her brother, on the other hand, had gone a more reasonable route and was eating in a fairly normal manner, occasionally pausing to wash it down with a drink.

Both stilled upon noticing their coworker, with Olive’s current spoonful of mush plopping humorously back onto the plate.

“Why, yes, we do, Verge,” Gale answered soon enough, smiling as he prodded at a strip of bacon. “You see, we were simply just too excited to wait for you to catch up with us, so we decided to head in early.”

“Our games ended up running out of battery after a bit, though.” Olive chimed in. “We can show you, if you want.”

“So, we decided to try and start early. Get a head start before you arrived, so there would be less work to do.”

“But then he just wouldn’t work with us. He kept on complaining, and saying that it was impossible. He thought that he didn’t belong with us, and it was all a misunderstanding.”

“So we gave him…a bit of encouragement.”

Both paused. Olive took a moment to sip at her orange juice, wiping her lips clean soon after, and Gale bit through his lollipop with an audible crunch.

“It worked, though,” the younger of the two beamed once she had finished. “He had a real big one, too. Really large arms for a Pacifist’s summon- they were sort of ‘round…” Olive stretched out her own arms as wide as they could go, then looped them somewhat. “this big?” She then lowered one of her hands, using the other to take a hold of her spoon again. “Right, Gale?”

“I would say that’s about right,” he admitted, then turned back towards Verge with a smile. “At any rate, the objective was taken care of. You don’t have to worry about anything; we even filled out the paperwork for you, too.”

With that, both went back to nursing their plates, each with a sweet little look upon their faces.

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They really are skilled at looking innocent Verge thought, smirking at his younger coworkers to let them know that puppy dog eyes weren't going to work on him. He could tell they were lying as well, but let it slide, only calmly saying "See that you do," with a dismissive hand wave.

If they thought for a second they had fooled him he'd be seriously insulted at their lack of faith in his intelligence.
He didn't bother nagging them, though, as he himself was more scolding them because he was going to get in trouble for their misbehavior as well. He did feel bad for the poor pacifist summoner, but honestly: why had Gale and Olive been assigned to him in the first place? The only explanation was that the Adherents wanted to warp this Summon into something which case, if anything, Gale and Olive had only sped up the process.

With that thought in his head, he paused and rested his head on his interlocked fingers. Had they been having fun or had the twins foreseen this? He'd ask but the knowledge of the deliberate warping wasn't supposed to be discussed aloud. But even if they'd unpredictably been following implied orders, they reacted more than predictably to his challenge AND hints at higher rank, and he chuckled, blinking slowly as he straightened.

"Remember," he said lowly. "Sometimes, a manipulator cannot indulge if they want the end result. Self control is one of the most important factors. Self control will let you project an aura to those who see you, simply with body language and mannerisms, and that transfers onto your Summon. The more people that 'see' what you want them to think of you as a person, the further your Summon can project an illusion, understand?"

He waved again with a graceful hand, and rolled his head to relieve stress in his neck. Double purposed, he also used it to scan the room with narrowed golden eyes, picking out both the brewing fight with one of the returning mission-goers and the girl with the Mirror of Hope looking at them from nearby.

He sat straight again, made eye contact with each twin by turn and then swept his eyes side to side.

Look around those actions meant.

He hoped that the Spiders remembered.

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The children of Eden gave no indication as to whether or not their tormenting of the poor trainee had been for a deliberate purpose, instead of just a childish prank for their own amusement. They had, at any rate, dropped the apologetic looks entirely, replacing them with their signature smiles of complete innocence as they finished off their meals.

It didn’t take long for them to pick up on the signal, luckily. Picking at the leftover crumbs on his plate, Gale glanced over at the piles of food remaining from lunch- and, in the process, getting a glance at one of the two Verge had been looking at himself.

Theta. Another of the born-and-raised Adherents.

Mentally, he sneered at the girl, although his disdain was well hidden.

“You don’t think they’ll turn us away if we went up for seconds, do you?” Gale began, voice bright as he eyed the options available at the front. “They didn’t give us much to eat, after all, and I’m still quite hungry.”

“I think they will.” Olive had opted to rest her head on her arms, hair hiding her face like a curtain- and allowing her to watch the other, Ivyrene (speaking of self-control…), in the process. “That old witch up front never gives us enough food. We could just go to the vending machines to get some snacks, though.”

“Oh, so now you want to go get something from the vending machines?” Gale teased.

“Yes, now, because I don’t like eating only trail mixes and Doritos every day. We had something else, so I don’t mind getting a snack now-”

“Well, won’t it just be the same thing? I don’t see much difference-”

In spite of the pair’s apparent argument, their voices were surprisingly calm for those their age. It was almost humorous, really, although it served a clear purpose if one was aware of how, exactly, the twins worked. They had lifted their heads, turning to face one another, and as they spoke, their eyes reflected a different conversation from the one that they were currently having.

An exchange between siblings. Mute, hidden beneath years of careful practice, but an exchange nonetheless.

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"...Maybe It would be better if I was to just watch them for a bit?" Theta mumbled. She turned a looked towards the long line of people waiting for food. Her hair began to slide onto her face concealing it. She fell deeper into the slump of wonder. You could see that she was in thought. It was written all over her face.

Theta, picked up fer fork once again and resumed eating her bibimbap. She was careful to look as if she was not stuffing her face all at once and not looking like a slob when eating. Though she tried to keep her face held down and focused on what the day brought ahead, her eyes could not help but wander up and glance around at the empty table around her. In her line of view was the twins, who seemed to be acting differently than before. She kept close watch of them and forgot about her surrounding when suddenly her hand pushed too hard against the side of the bowl and made the bowl of hot rice and namul fall onto her lap.

She quickly got up from her seat and moved back. She did this quietly and tried not to catch anyone's attention. How embarrassing would it be to have your breakfast fall all over you? In a hurry she cleaned up and threw the rest of her food away in the garbage next to the vending machines. She stood there in panic as she tried to clear the stain from her shirt.