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Kallen Madcersita

0 · 556 views · located in Aeval An Dohman

a character in “The Misguided Ones”, as played by mgoodwin2


Kallen Madcersita
Pietersite-a.k.a The Tempest Stone

Theme Song: Euterpe By:Egoist
Oh the wildflowers that bloomed
Ah, please tell me
Why do people fight
Hurting one another?

Oh the flower blooming nobly
What can you see from there?
Why can’t people
forgive one another?

The rain passed and summer
turned bluish
as one
You trembled faintly
in front of me
Without saying a thing

To my withering friend
What are you thinking about?
How do you convey love
with those speechless leaves?

The summer sun clouded over
and the wind streamed
as they happen together
For the nameless ones
I’ll sing the proof
of that they lived

Role: Pietersite-Pure
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Kal
Age: 17

Appearance:When you first meet Kallen the first thing you will notice about her is her big bright crystal blue eyes that seem to pull you in and end up steering you into an endless pool of blue. Next, would have to be her short fire engine red hair that is short and straight when wet and spiky when dry.She has fair tanish skin thats very fragile and burns easily, along with small boney hands. A button nose, dainty arched eyebrows, heart-shaped ears, profound chin,pink dewy lips, and rose hued cheeks add as accessories to her petite profile.Bodily, although not bone skinny, Kallen has a thin waist but has large boobs, she is also very fragile and small. Height wise, Kallen is average. Lastly, her weight....well it's below average. Kallen's stone is located on the back of her neck it is usually unseen unless you look at her neck close up.

Preferred Clothing: Kallen has a very appealing girly-girl style, she loves to wear dresses and skirts. But, will wear skinny jeans or short on occasion, her favorite color to wear are red (to match her hair of course),blue,orange,pink,and yellow. You will never catch Kallen in the color green she hates it and whenever she wear the color she windes up lookin like the christmas holiday threw up on her. Kallen likes to wear cofortable shoes so she'll only wear heels if she absolutely has to, a party, or a holiday. Kallen does have her ears pierced, but she doesn't like dangling earrings. When it comes to make-up Kallen doesn't wear it unless its a party. She doesn't have any tattoos or other piercings beside her ears.

Height: 5.5"
Weight: 87.8.lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Kallen's very gentle and sweet unlike her powers. She's a sweetheart and very kind toward everyone she meets. Kallen is also extremely smart having had private tutors instead of going to regular school. She is very shy as well and the definition of quiet. But, she does have a low self esteem because of what happened between her parents when she was born. She has this little thing in her head that tells her she is less than other people and she's trash. Kallen can also be a little down her self at times and apologizes way to much to people once she has done something to upset them. Growing up around people who thought of her as nothing Kallen has learned how to shirk off other peoples' rude comments since at a early age and not let it anger her.

Oddities: Kallen is the only one in the history of her entire family to ever have red hair, everyone else has blonde hair.For some strange reason animals seem to like Kallen a lot.

Likes: strawberries,seeing people smile,sweets,flowers,pink,animals,tea,books
Dislikes: her powers,seeing people sad or hurt,heights,scary movies or stories
Hobbies: playing the piano

Phobia(s): Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places

Skills: Kallen is very good at playing the piano, her mother taught her one song on it before she died.

Power(s): Pietersite is also known as tempest stones as it is a stone that carries a charge, a little like a storm raging within it. It brings cleansing energy to aid you to create change.This is a stone that is very stimulating to your energy field, and helps you to let go of unwanted habits and negative ways of living your life.It has a strong vibration that makes an energetic connection to your deeper spiritual inner self. This crystal aids shamanic journeying, and is a stone that encourages you to understand you are a spiritual being.It helps you to access spiritual guidance, and allows you to look further than where you are now, to see the big picture. This utilizing of the power of your imagination to dream, and to create beautiful visions and ideals is very powerful.

Kallen's power is Telepathy.Telepathy is the ability to transfer information from one mind to another, or to read minds without the aid of physical communication. Telepathy might also evolve into other mental-based powers.
Telepathic Defense:
Psychic Shadow: The ability to mask psychic presence, hiding from other psychics.
Psionic Shield: The ability to erect a psychic shield to protect the minds of oneself or others.
Telepathic Shadow: The ability to mask visual presence, making targets want to look away from the user.
Telepathic Offense:
Audible Inundation: Create voices and sounds in others heads.
Dark Psyche: Communicate with the dark side of a person's personality.
Emotion Manipulation: Making one feel pleased, happy, pained or other emotion.
Internal Vocalization: Speaking as a part of another's mind.
Neurocognitive Deficit: Shut down an opponent's higher brain functions.
Operative Theft: The ability to quickly process, store, upload or download information through another's mind.
Psionic Inundation: Launch psi-bolts to cause mental damage.
Psychic Constructs: Generate constructs out of mental energy.
Psychic Inhibitors: Placing “psychic inhibitors” in the minds of adversaries to prevent them from using their abilities.
Telepathic Skills:
Intuitive Multilingualism: The ability to intuitively understand new languages.
Mental Detection: The ability to sense anothers presence.
Mind Link: The ability to develop a permanent mental bond with any person; also called imprinting.
Psionic Binding: The ability to use the psychic mind of another, combining the psychic energies to boost one's own powers or temporarily increase their psionic abilities.
Sensory Scrying: to perceive through other beings' senses.
Telempathy: to communicate through emotions.
Telepathic Relay: The ability to act as a relay station for a group of minds, allowing said minds to "speak" to one another through the user.
Vocalized Communication: To speak or have spoken thoughts from the communicators

Fighting style: Kallen would be a back-line fighter but wishes she could be a front-line. Her body is frail and can't take multple blows at one time. Hence leaving her at a disadvantage on the battlefield.
Personal History: Kallen was born into a wealthy family known through out the world. She was the youngest of seven brothers and the first daughter. But, sadly something was wrong with her, everyone ever born in the Madcersita family have always had curly blonde hair and green eyes, but Kallen had bright red spiky hair and blue eyes. Something was wrong why would suddenly a child of the Madcersita finally be born differently than the others. The rumors spread like wild fire through the family, whenever somebody saw Kallen as a baby they would look at her as if she was a pink flamingo in a flock of pigeons. As time went on Kallen's father grew suspicious of her mother and didn't believe Kallen was really his child. Over hearing one of my parents arguments one of the maids heard them shouting about my mother having an affair. Soon everyone in the family thought Kallen's mother was a cheater.

Seeing as she knew her daughter would be shunned upon in her family, Kallen's mother kept her daughter as close to her as possible so she wouldn't be ridiculed by other members of the family. But, even though her father didn't care about her didn't mean brothers would. They stuck up for their younger sister as much as possible whenever their mother could not.Once Kallen turned three her mother's health started to deteriorate at a rapid pace, so much she was bed ridden on Kallen's third birthday. As time went on Kallen was locked in her room upon orders from the rest of the family, she barely saw her brothers, and rarely saw her own mother. After a couple of months somebody unlocked the door to Kallen's room, but only horror awaited her. Kallen's mother was dying both painfully and dreadfully. At that time Kallen's mother admitted to everyone who was in the hospital (Kallens dad, her brothers, and herself) room that she DID cheat on her father, but it was only a one night stand she didn't she would get pregnant but she did. And as she apologized to everyone especially Kallen, she passed on.

After her mother's funeral all the rumors were put to rest, you could even say the bad Karma died with Kallen's mother. People stopped looking at Kallen completely she couldn't tell if they were truly sorry or they just wanted to clear their guilty conscious. Kallen's father made it clear to her that he would finically support as his last good deed toward his dying wife, but that was it she wasn't his child and he wanted nothing to do with her. As a result Kallen's brothers were sent away to boarding schools around the world to finish middle school and start high school in. Kallen's was left alone, she had a private tutor who was nice to her but only because how much he was getting paid by her father.Kallen had no friends or social life but even though she went through some tough times she grew up to be sweet little girl with a kind heart like her mother wanted.
*Kallen doesn't know about her powers yet*

So begins...

Kallen Madcersita's Story