Akai Heitoriddo

- Master Chaos...if chaos is what you wish to have, chaos will be what I create from now on -

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Akai Heitoriddo
The gemstone in Akai's right eye

Theme Song: Dance with the devil - Breaking Benjamin
Here I stand, helpless and left for dead

Close your eyes, so many days go by
Easy to find what's wrong
Harder to find what's right

I believe in you
I can show you that I can see right through
All your empty lies, I won't stay long
In this world so wrong

Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight

Trembling, crawling across my skin
Feeding your cold, dead eyes
Stealing the life of mine

I believe in you
I can show you that I can see right through
All your empty lies, I won't last long
In this world so wrong

Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight

Hold on
Hold on

Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight

Hold on
Hold on

Role: Tainted Pyrope Garnet
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Akai, Red
Age: 18

Appearance: With red hair and blood-red eyes, Akai has the appearance of a rebellious teenager. His right eye contains his gemstone - the tainted Pyrope Garnet. His eyes shine with deep hatred for humans and compassion and loyalty for his friends. He's quite tall with a build that suits for fighter . He has somewhat paled skin even though he often goes under the sun for many hours. Over all, Akai has a feral look.
Preferred Clothing: He has no preferred clothing. As long as they are comfortable enough, he's alright with them

Height: 165cm
Weight: "None of your business"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red

Akai is passionate. He loves with all his heart and hates with all his might. He views the world as a corrupted place where only complete destruction is the only solution to save it. He hates all humans except a few. His trust is very hard to earn and therefore, once a person has earned his trust, he will never betray them and will always believe in them no matter what.

He's strong and unpredictable. No-one can truly guess what is running through his mind since he never focuses on thinking one thing for too long. He acts on instict and often offends other people with his rude remarks. He's also stubborn and never backs down from a challange. He is confident in his skill to the point of being arrogant. He's many things but kind and gentle.

However, Akai is also a very loyal person. He will sacrify his own life if that means he could save someone he trusts. He has a very few friends but all of his friends understand him very well.

Oddities: He doesn't want to hide his right eye but hates it when people whisper to each other about his unusual eyes.
Likes: Chaos, Destruction, friends, music, Fire, the Moon
Dislikes: Humans, Water, Peace, Quietness, boredom, goodie-two-shoes, being stared at, whispers about his right eye, the Sun
Hobbies: Killing, Punching things, listening to music

Phobia(s): Water, Quietness and being trapped
Skills: Fighting, running, cooking
Power: Hear the word “Garnet,” and what invariably comes to mind is the image of the deep red Pyrope Garnets belonging to the pyralspites family. Pyrope comes from the Greek word “pyropos,” meaning “fiery eyed.” Therefore, Akai's power mainly focuses on creating a fire sword or a fire shield. However, if he uses his power for a long period of time, his hands might be burnt because of his own fire even if his fire has less affects on him.
Fighting style: Akai is a closed-range fighter. He's good at offensed moves but terrible as defense move even though his gem provides him a very good shield. His style mainly focuses on speed and unpredictable moves since Fire is unpredictable and fast.
Personal History:

Being born from a poor family, Akai was called 'the demon child' and was despited by many others because of the gemstone in his right eye. He had to do many things in order to have enough food. At the age of 5, Akai was sold by his own parents to become a slave boy. From that moment, Akai harbored a deep hatred for humans.

At the age of 10, Akai had his first kill. He killed the entire family whom he was sold to and stole all of their money then ran away. He traveled all over the world, searching for a way to become stronger and destroy all the humanity whom he despites so very much. After an accident when Akai was too angry and he accidently set a person on fire, he discovered that he is a gemstone in human form - the Pyrope Garnet. He began to train even harder to unlock his potential. His goal is to find the Chaos, whom he had called Master in order to completely wipe the humanity as well as many things else off this Earth.

Five years later, when he's 15, Akai came back and searched for his birth-parents. He personally killed them with his power and burnt them to death as well as destroyed the village where he had been born in order to cut off all connection to his past. He's, once again, on his way to find the other tainted gemstones and the Chaos.

About the gemstone in his right eye: It is a part of his eye, like an eye pupil. He can use his left eye as well as his right eye to see but he likes to let everybody thinks that he can't see with his right eye so they will underestimate him and give him more advantages in a battle.

So begins...

Akai Heitoriddo's Story


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#, as written by Esana

"Da da da ~ dadada da da..." With each note she hummed, Ariane danced another step. She was moving in an interesting circle, leaping around to the edges and back to the middle - the grass having been trampled down where she'd stepped. As she drifted from side to side, almost in a drunken way, Ariane looked up at the sky. The sun had just set and the last embers of the flickering fires had been swallowed by the night. It was a sight that might have been depressing if not for the moon rising on the other side of the horizon.

No matter how dark the night, no matter how many clouds, behind them all is the light, She thought as she continued to dance lightly. It wasn't really a dance - just a release of nervous energy. Ariane had been travelling - had run away from boarding school - for over two weeks now. It wasn't that hard to live on her own. Plenty of people were kind enough to give her some little bits of money when she helped them with menial tasks and she had done decently enough with the wild plants and berries that she'd eaten. She hadn't gotten sick once - but then, Ariane had always been a very lucky person - in all aspects of life, not just in picking out the vegetation that wouldn't kill her.

Probably has something to do with the amethyst, Ariane thought. Her steps slowed as her mind went to the perfectly round stone that was embedded to the right of her chest - where her heart might be if she was someone from the looking glass world. It was well hidden beneath her loose white t-shirt, and if one looked at her - looked at the t-shirt with a random logo on the front, the black leggings and the slender, black sneakers - one would never have guessed embedded in her chest was a purple gemstone.

A soft breeze stole through the forest, gently ruffling Ariane's gray-purple hair as it did so. Very slowly, she stopped and looked up at the trees around her, the rustling leaves, the quiet almost indistinguishable sound of night creatures going on their nightly rounds.

It was so lovely -

A dark, smokey scent drifted into Ariane's nose, something like oil and death combined into a dark mess. From the tang of metal, someone was using a grill. Her nose wrinkled and she quickly covered it with one hand. It was the scent of an animal dying - being cooked by some reckless human, who was probably going to throw away most of the animal after picking out the best parts. Humans who destroyed everything - but then, it wasn't there fault. It was the way that they had been made. They were naturally selfish, naturally greedy.

It wasn't their fault.

But it's not right either, Ariane thought as she waited for the scent to pass. I'm almost half a mile from the nearest town and yet I can still smell their killings? They were polluting the world without even thinking about it. Polluting a beautiful place. Killing.

She shivered. Killing. Death. She didn't want to think about either of them. Ariane lifted a hand to her chest, touching through her clothes the hard gem in her heart. If it cracked - if it broke - she would die. She would never come back - she would never experience anything again, not even the knowledge that she was dead. There would be nothingness - not the cold nothingness that people sometimes talked about in their dreams - true nothingness.

And there would be no coming out of it.


Nature - I have to find her. I have to bring her to fix this. I have to set this right, Ariane thought. Her words could have been taken as a response to the destruction humans brought to nature, but in the back of her mind, a desperate voice whispered, I don't want to die.

Woo - woo -

The characteristic ghostly whisper of an owl in the distance broke Ariane from her half-panicked state of mind. She listened for it again, but it made no noise. She sighed - she'd spent more than enough time lolling here, bathing in the fresh scent and taste of the forest. It was time for her to either settle down for the night or make for the town - she had a feeling that it wouldn't be the latter this time, not with the smell of death reeking in her nostrils.

So, she'd sleep in the forest that night.

Ariane began to walk forward, casting her eyes about for a good place - hopefully in a tree, where she'd be safe from any wild animals if they decided to come calling in the middle of the night. Most of the time, nothing of the sort ever bothered Ariane - the amethyst took care of that - but she didn't want to risk it - just in case her luck ran out that day.

As she walked forward, Ariane slowly realized that she wasn't alone. There was another person standing in the trees.

He was tensed at the moment, looking around for something -

Me? Ariane wondered. Did he notice me? She looked at him. He looked about eighteen - the same age as her, with hair that looked like dried blood in the mostly dark area. Is he lost? She wondered. He didn't really look like it, but then, looks weren't everything.

"...I know you're there...come out...It's not good to stand like that... I have cookies if you want one..."

That made her smile just a bit. Cute, She thought. Very cute.

She got a better look at him as he turned his head to look back at her - or more accurately to look at the darkness around her. Currently, it was too dark around her for him to see her, although she saw him decently enough. He was muscled, although from the looks of it, a bit shorter than she was, and his skin was pale - it shone in what moonlight there was. But the most startling part of his appearance were his eyes - one of them, the left one, normal, deep red - although, I'm not sure if you can call a red eye normal... - the other, a deep red stone, faceted and catching or losing the light whenever he so much as moved his head.

He's a gemstone, She thought, something like excitement and surprise stirring within her. Another gemstone. That's - amazing. She paused for a moment, wondering which stone he was - she couldn't identify any of them except for her own. Is he one of Nature's? She wondered. Or had he gone over to Chaos? - There were some gemstones like that, her mentor had told her, gemstones so engulfed in hate that they would rather destroy everything than continue watching the humans destroy their beautiful world. It would be dangerous for her to meet someone like that.

Still - won't find out like this, Ariane thought.

She stepped out into a small patch of light, where he should be able to see her better and looked at him with her gray-purple eyes. "Cookies?" She asked, letting a light smile slip onto her face. "Where are you hiding them?"


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#, as written by Esana

Ariane laughed lightly and then her eyes widened as the boy in front of her actually pulled out a cookie. She stared at it and then laughed again, a bit incredulous. "Wow. You actually had cookies. That's amazing," She smiled at him, still chuckling softly. She stepped closer and after a moment took the cookie. In the dark, she couldn't see exactly what kind it was, but it really didn't matter - it was the same either way. She bit into it, thinking, I'm not sure if this counts as prepared or extraordinarily idiotic...

It was chocolate chip - homemade if she had any taste at all, yummy, but just a bit burnt at the edges, as if a little kid had tried to make them but had been a little late in taking them out.

"The dark side?" She asked around a swallow. "What? Like from Hell?" She grinned at him, but before he could answer, an owl interrupted, its ghostly cries falling into the night and quickly absorbed without so much as an echo. She stilled upon hearing it - the owl was declaring its territory, warning other predators away from its area. Interesting, considering that she hadn't seen many other owls around. She wondered for a moment what it was warning off and then glanced at the boy again.

She turned her head away to cover a smile as he ran a hand through his hair, as if trying to calm his nerves - it was a general tactic used by both her guy and girl friends back at her old school - pretend to fix your hair like nothing just happened. He then ruined the cool aura by grabbing a tree as a second chorus of hoots rang out into the night, an action that had almost caused Ariane to laugh, though she suppressed it - Though he is so lucky that I don't know him better, or he'd get ribbed about that for weeks...

Still, she couldn't help murmuring, "Woo ~" very softly and then smiling at him.

He turned and looked at her now and smiled at her, a gentle thing that made his slightly playerish features soften into an almost gentle expression. It made her smile soften in turn, and she wondered briefly how the expression looked on her - she wasn't normally a very gentle or soft person.

Ariane looked at the boy more closely. He didn't seem particularly gentle either, being rather strong-built and with features that were almost hard, despite their seemingly young age. Though, since we don't really age, I guess he could be like over a hundred and I still wouldn't be able to tell, She thought absently.

“…so, what is a beautiful girl like you doing in this ugly forest at night?...”

The words made Ariane pause for a moment in her contemplation of the boy's features and focus in on the boy himself. She found herself laughing at the comment. "Beautiful?" Ariane gave the boy a flirty smile, the confidence coming easily to her. "You think I am? Really?" She dipped her head slightly, leaning back on a tree so that she could look up into his eyes, a pose that she found made guys feel like they had more control. "I guess that I'd have to return the compliment, cutie." She winked and then grinned, unable to suppress a light tease about his height, adding in a sing-song voice, "I love guys who are shorter than me."

As he replied, she kept smiling at him, a soft, constant thing that was meant both to look flirty and put him at ease as she went back to observing him. Hopefully, it would also keep him from noticing that she had dodged his question. She was now hidden almost in the shadows, just the lower half of her face visible, her eyes just pinpricks of light that could barely be seen - which was better. It was said that eyes were supposed to be the windows to the soul, and playful as this kid seemed, she didn't want any other gemstone looking inside of her until she could determine just what they were.

She wondered if she should ask him straight out - sometimes being straightforward had great benefits - she could stop wondering for one and actually find out. But - being straightforward in a situation like this would also present her with great dangers - great dangers. If he happened to be one of Nature's, they could form an alliance and go search for her together. She would gain a companion to travel with as well as a friend to protect her (hopefully) and someone to collect knowledge with.

However, if he happened to be from the other camp - if he happened to be one of the gemstones who had been tantalized to the other side - that would put her in great danger. He might try to stop her from doing what she wanted - might try to kill her if he was really far gone. And while she would have the advantage in a fight - she knew exactly where his gemstone was, and he wouldn't have an idea where hers was - fighting would create unnecessary risk and offer up the chance of death. The very thought of falling into the sleep of forever made Ariane want to shiver, though she suppressed it so as to keep her companion from noticing that she wasn't paying full attention to their conversation.

Instead, she pondered about the last possible thing that could happen if she asked him which alliance he was from - he could lie - humans did that, and really, gemstones were just glorified humans. She would receive false information, and, even if she didn't, she would suspect the information, and in the end, it wouldn't do her any good at all. She would wonder about it and she wouldn't be able to trust him completely no matter what he said.

And if she did ask him, she would be revealing that she had knowledge of the gemstones, a knowledge that was usually only contained by the very elderly, certain families, or other gemstones. It would lead to prying of her story, her life, her reason for being out on the road in the middle of the night without anyone or any supplies on her, and that, she certainly did not need or want.

So, Ariane decided, better to not say anything. Right now, she had the advantage. I know that he's a gemstone. She looked more closely at his right eye, wondering again what gem it was and if she could possibly ask him without arousing his suspicion. Was it a ruby maybe?

She couldn't ask. He'd want to know why she wasn't freaking out that he had a jewel for his right eye - and she didn't want to say.

So instead, Ariane decided to pretend that they were just two teenagers who had met in a forest and were up for some nice flirting. She smiled at him and gently held out her hand. "I'm Ariane," She said, pushing off the tree so that her eyes could be seen again. Ariane paused for a moment and then asked, casually, as if it had just crossed her mind, "So...you headed anywhere?" She glanced over at the town. "You maybe wanna walk over to the town with me and see if we can get a room?" She paused, realized how that might sound and added after a brief pause, "Separately, of course." She winked again.


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#, as written by Esana

"Beauty?" Ariane asked. "Is that my new name?" She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, a fleeting impish look. "Not that I mind, of course," She added before he could reply. "Not at all." She glanced into the distance, a faraway smile lighting her eyes. "I think it's a cute nickname." Nobody had ever told her that she was beautiful before - cute - 'you look pretty today' - 'I love your hairclip! It's so cute' - something like that, but not beautiful. She normally wasn't the kind of person one would regard as beautiful - so it was a very refreshing change.

Her gaze went back to him as he suggested that they go on and she chuckled slightly. "Chickens..." She murmured under her breath, grinning at him. It was incredibly cute - both his words and the little puff of pride - normally narcissism was something that she would willingly beat out of a person but when used it play... It's actually kind of charming... Ariane thought - then smirked. But definitely not in a Prince Charming kind of way. She looked at Akai - Red. Charming in a - For a very long moment, she scrutinized him and then shook her head. I don't know, Ariane realized after a moment of searching for the right word. I don't know how this is charming. Her eyes lit with a slight smile. Well, maybe - if I stick around long enough - I'll find out.

"Awesomeness?" She said, lightly. "What awesomeness?" Then, she smirked to let him know that she was kidding.

He opened his palm to her, holding out his hand. She looked into it and inside was a tiny black dot. Ariane frowned at it for a moment, unsure as to what it was - it was too dark to see -

The end of the tail of the firefly lit up, and her eyes opened wide as the glow lit up Akai's palm, turning it into a blanched yellow-white color. She sighed slightly in surprise.

"...for you..." Akai said and then he beamed, the grin stretching his face.

It took several moments for Ariane to realize what he was saying and then she laughed, delighted with the tiny gift. It was so cute, so - innocent - like something that a child would give to her. Ariane stared into Akai's eyes - both the normal, red human eye and the jeweled eye - and then grinned. "Thank you!" She said, reaching her hand out and extending a finger to pull the firefly from Akai's hand to her own.

She moved very slowly, unwilling to scare the firefly off before she could take hold of it. She normally didn't really like bugs - in that way, she really was the standard girl. There was just something about the way that they moved, about the way that they - they were - that she just couldn't bring herself to appreciate, no matter how much good they did in the world or how much basis they provided - none of that was enough to change her mind about the little creatures.

But this - this momentary, brief glimpse of beauty - that made Ariane extend a finger to the firefly.

Her finger brushed Akai's skin - it was warmer than hers but then, that wasn't very unusual. She was known for having odd body temperatures - cold when she should be hot, hot when she should be cold - it was just one of the things that went with being Ariane. And then - before she could pick up the firefly, it opened its wings and flew up into the sky, spiraling up and then away into the distance, its light trailing behind it like an after image.

All the movements happened so fast that Ariane didn't even have time to react. "Oh..." She said, a little disappointed. She watched it go, her hand still hovering over Akai's, then sighed. "Oh well," She said mildly mournfully to Akai. "It was a nice thought at least."

That was when she noticed that she and Akai were very, very close - her hand hovering above his, her body tilted down slightly, focused on his hand and maybe only ten - twenty centimeters away. It surprised her - she hadn't noticed, and then she grinned.

Very slowly, so that he could pull away if he felt uncomfortable with it, Ariane placed her hand in Akai's. It was a teasing action - she didn't think that she was really going to do anything with this guy that she had just met in the middle of a forest in the dead of night, but it was always fun to play around a bit. She let her hand settle in Akai's and then straightened herself, using her other hand to brush her ponytail back over her shoulders, where it made a light swooshing noise and then settled firmly into place.

"Woo ~" She murmured again, smiling as she looked into Akai's eyes. She held them for a moment, the barest hint of light - moonlight which was soft and pure and beautiful - turning them into a glimmering ruby color. They looked like crystal, pure, perfect.

And then she turned her head away, facing towards the town, where she could sense, if not see, the artificial lights, the fires, the dying prey - all that she wanted to solve by finding Nature and righting the wrongs done in the world - but still, a town would provide a safe place to rest without need for worry (not that she was particularly worried) and, more importantly for her, a comfortable place to rest. Besides, she had some extra money - and she could probably make some more without much trouble. Someone always wanted something done, whether it was help with the laundry, pulling out the weeds, walking the animals, chasing away rascals (although she rarely took jobs that had this sort of description), helping with crops or plants or just all around the house chores.

"Come on," She said as she started to walk forward. "Let's go find a good place to stay and - you know, maybe get something to eat - talk, have some fun..." She let the sentence drift off as she felt a breeze run across her face. She breathed it in, happily, then glanced back at Akai to see his reaction.


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#, as written by Esana

Ariane grinned flirtily back and said lightly, "If that happens, you'd be sleeping in the woods, my dear." She widened her grin to a smirk and then tightened her grip on Akai's hand. "Lead on, Red ~" She returned the light squeeze of his hand with one of her own, glad of the warmth. It was comforting. His hand felt slightly rough to her, and she wondered as he began to walk, what her hand felt like to him - she'd been told that she had soft hands, though she'd never been able to feel it herself - they were just hands.


Wah - Ariane started to put her foot down and then tried to reverse it in mid-step as she saw that there was an inconveniently placed root. She was partially successful, but the movement combined with Akai pausing for a moment to point out the town, 'Atsumari', as he had named it, almost made her fall over. She caught her balance at the last moment and took a large step to steady herself better. She sighed in mild relief and then looked up at the town. There were lines of houses, each one, or at least most of them, lit by soft glows coming from behind multi-colored blinds or curtains that varied greatly in terms of style and elaborateness. They were mostly closed though, allowing the privacy of the inhabitants.

This is what it is at its finest? For some reason, Ariane couldn't feel very impressed. It was a quaint town - neat enough, tidy enough as far as she could see - but it didn't seem all that special. She looked around as Akai bowed, ignoring the motion, although in the back of her mind she registered it and smiled. Akai was such a showman - but then - at least he would make an entertaining companion for as long as she was with him. That thought - deep inside her - made her pause for a moment and think.

Just how long would she be with Akai? There were several answers to that question, though most of those depended on what alliance he was with and once again if she was willing to risk to find out just which one she was with. She could just treat him as a human - that wouldn't cost her anything - but it would also mean that she'd have to let go of him very soon - probably the next day. She couldn't have a human with her - even one that she knew was a gemstone. And she couldn't really travel with him without knowing what he was - if he was dark, she might be leading him right to Nature, where he might destroy her - so two out of three options, she'd have to ditch him as soon as was possible.

It wasn't a nice thought. Being with someone was nice to Ariane. Humans - gemstones - weren't meant to live alone. They were meant to be together, to gather in groups to offer support and company - and she had traveled alone for quite a while. The little conversations that she picked up while working didn't do near enough to make Ariane feel like part of a group again - and it was a feeling that Ariane desired, no matter how irresponsible the feeling might be.

Just for a while, Ariane thought. I'll decide later.

As she'd been thinking, Akai had gestured her forward, inviting her to go to the hotel. Ariane gave him a smile and took a step forward and then paused, peering. Near the entrance of the town - near them were two figures who looked almost like older brother and little sister. They were walking towards the town, the girl so petite and frail-looking that Ariane wondered if she might blow away in a breeze. The boy didn't look much like her - his hair was a pale green and his eyes slightly darker than that - but still, she couldn't really imagine what else they could be - not a couple, the girl didn't look nearly old enough for that, though there was something about her build that made Ariane wonder just how old she was.

After a moment, Ariane began to walk forward as well - they were coming at the other pair at an angle, and she saw something glittering on the girl's forehead. She squinted, but didn't really need to see it clearly to confirm that it was a gemstone. She wondered - real or fake? During her last few visits at towns, she'd noticed the increase in fake gemstones - apparently, they were coming into fashion now, and it made it harder to identify real gemstones.

Well, She amended, Unless they're like Red here and have it in their eye. She glanced back at Akai and smiled at him, though she was fairly sure that neither of them new exactly why. She slowed her pace slightly and nodded at the other pair, asking in a lowered voice, "Don't they look interesting? You wanna go talk to them?" Considering that they were coming in at such a later hour, Ariane assumed that it was probably reasonable to think that they'd also come in for a place at the inn - and that would make for an interesting night. Not only did she have Akai as entertainment, but also a strange pair - one of which might be another gemstone.


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#, as written by Esana

Beauty - again, Ariane smiled just a bit, but there was a bit of a frown underneath the smile. She liked the nickname - it was sweet - but -

She didn't know.

Akai leaned in to her, talking close to her ear, his voice slightly embarrassed. "...you think you can...well...break the ice? I'm not used to..e...err...having small talks with people and stuffs..."

She looked at him for a moment, a bit surprised at the shyness - he'd certainly had no problem talking to her - but then, they'd almost been pushed together - and he'd offered cookies, which was always a good ice breaker. The thought made her smile. I wonder if I should offer cookies here? Ariane wondered. She grinned - it would probably make her seem like some sort of pedo-kidnapper person - a title that she'd not yet obtained and one that she was fairly sure that she didn't want to obtain.

So, lightly, Ariane smiled back at Akai and then made her way over to the girl and the guy. She wondered what to say - normally, she didn't start conversations, but having someone at her back who seemed to be even shyer than she normally was around complete strangers made her more confident, so she smiled at the two once she'd crossed their path and stopped walking, making sure that they noticed her with a small wave and a, "Hi." She waited for their attention and then asked lightly, "Hi, um, I'm Ariane, and," she looked back at Akai, leaning to the side so that he could be seen better, "This is Akai. We were wondering if you knew where the closest inn was? And maybe what their rates are?"

Her smile remained constant even as her eyes flicked to the stone on the girl's head. Up close, she still looked every bit as fragile as she had before - now however, there was something slightly intriguing about her features, something that suggested that she wasn't quite as old as she looked.

In fact, there seemed to be something intriguing floating around in the air in general, a feeling that almost made Ariane cough. She pretended to do so and covered her mouth with one hand and lightly touched the amethyst through her shirt with the other. It was a motion that would be impossible to read, except as a cough. The amethyst was slightly warm under her finger tips, like the last ashes of a dying fire. It filled her with warmth and made her stand her ground, although she felt both awkward and a bit afraid of the two's responses.

Rejection - rudeness always felt like a personal insult.


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Akai Heitoriddo

Akai sighed heavily when he saw Ariane walked toward the pair and...broke the ice by saying 'hi'. He consciously tried to cover his right eye but quickly realized it was useless since the moon was shinning quite brightly and they would see the reflection anyway so he let his hand fall to his side and walked slowly to the pair. He was beginning to really really regret this idea. Normally, he wouldn't give a damn about other people's opinions regarded to his right eye but since he was near a girl that had made him intrigued, he figured it wouldn't look very good if those two started to curse him or call him names.

Sighing again, Akai took a hesitant step forward and then another and another...until he stopped right in front of them, his hair covered his face so they wouldn't see his eyes right away. He gritted his teeth slightly. Gosh! He hated it when he had to stand too closed to humans like this. There was always something about them that made him want to puke. They were greedy, selfish, malice, cruel, lazy, evil, prideful...etc and he could just stand there and talk all day long about humans' flaws. they were too imperfect. Too dirty. Too greedy. Too corrupted. It made his stomach clench painfully whenever he thought that there were millions of them on this planet. He needed to kill them all...except for a few of course. Akai's eyes softened even so slightly as his eyes drifted to the girl next to him again. Maybe she was greedy and corrupted like other humans, too but she could be saved. She was still not that greedy and corrupted yet.

Akai ran a hand through his hair and said, nearly had to grit his teeth to spit out the words "...it is a pleasure to meet you..." '...not, humans' He sneered and added mentally. His fingers twitched a little bit but otherwise, Akai remained motionless. He wouldn't risk anything while the hum-...Ariane was here. He still didn't understand why he felt so...for the lack of better words...felt so soft around Ariane but the moment he laid his eyes on her, he always had a strange feeling - like she was just like him or something. He hadn't seen the others two yet since he still refused to look at both of them but he didn't need to. He would probably hate them the way he hated every other humans anyway.

Hesitantly, he raised his head and met eyes with the others two. However, his eyes widened as their gaze met and he had to bit his lips to prevent a gasp from escaping. The two...they had the same feelings as his...and as Ariane's. He found that he couldn't really hate them...for whatever reason, he just...couldn't. Once again, Akai hesitantly raised his hand, intended to covered his right eye but ended up moving his hair a little so the right eye would be exposed once again. He had no idea why he did that, it just felt right...and if there was one thing Akai counted on beside his Master, it was his instinct. He tried to give them a small smile and he greeted "...good evening, my name's Akai..."


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The sense of relief that overcome Vega’s better senses was but a simple sentiment that all but ebbed away from the jewel bearing teenager in a matter of moments. It felt like her heart had stopped within her seemingly fragile body, as she simply stood still for a moment, eyes wide with shock, breath caught within her throat. Something overcame her, a feeling most unpleasant, sickening and vaguely disturbing. In that moment of surprise, Vega found herself having forgotten about the simple presence of Mirror, the strange green-haired man whom she had decided to follow after feeling as if she were being watched in the silent forest.

She didn’t understand that feeling, that terrible sensation that was slowly creeping through her small frame . . . the reason why it felt as if pins and needles were assaulting her very bones. Electrical build up? she questioned silently, as an expression of discontentment overtook her youthful features. Was that what this was? The sensation of pins and needles . . . it was something so uncomfortable, yet so familiar. Anytime she felt it, any time it felt as if her very bones were being poked and prodded by tiny sharp objects, it had always meant one of a few things, either there was a storm brewing overhead, or it meant that her body was building up its own reserves of the element, and readying itself to fire it off for some reason or another. And the sky was clear this night, so, it meant the latter of the two.

As the feeling persisted, little Vega’s small frame tensed up and relaxed at random as she did her very best to contain the sensation, the power she could feel building up within her body. No, she would not allow herself to lose control over her power in the presence of another, never again. She couldn’t get someone hurt, not someone innocent. But why do I feel this way?

An inaudible groan came from Vega’s lips as she heard the sound of approaching footsteps behind her, and Mirror. Was it the presence of a new person that was making her feel this way? Yes, over the years Vega had noticed a natural tread about herself and abilities, anytime there was any perceived threat to her being, any at all that even she herself could not consciously detect, it seemed her body did it for her. Physically, her gemstone would begin amassing a small reserve of power to use if the need arose to do so—and without her own consent, the blasted jewel would go ahead and use that reserve against whatever might be threatening her, even if someone innocent were in the crossfire. It seemed as if it wanted to protect her, and only her. Upon figuring this rather disturbing tread out, Vega had since managed to contain her powers and prevent anyone innocent from coming under harm thanks to herself.

However though, it were feeling as if that display of self-control was not going to be possible. . . . Yet still, she had to try, did she not? Not for my own sake, but for Mirror’s. I don’t know if he is ‘innocent’ or not, but I can’t just let him get hurt because of my own stupid choices. Vega chided herself, doing her best to still her now raging heartbeat. With her small form tense, uneasy and honestly, a little frightened at the prospect of losing control, Vega turned slowly on her heel and came to face whom it was who advanced from behind. The look on unease did not leave her features as her crimson eyes fell upon a teenage girl whom was probably only a year or two older than herself. In the pale light of the moon, Vega could easily make out the fact that she bore a rather starling hair color—a rather vivid violet that shone rather well.

There was a gentleness about her, a look of uncertainty and being hesitant . . . almost inhibited. There was no need to fear her, Vega could feel that, yet still, that feeling in her bones did not leave her. Her heart did not cease its erratic thumping in her chest, no, it was only growing worse. Vega’s face grew pallor, her expression becoming rather stern; betraying her youthful features.

The strange girl gave a small wave, Vega’s cold crimson eyes flickered over to the raised appendage before quickly going back to the woman’s face, "Hi." she started, before pausing as if to make sure that she had the attention of herself and Mirror. Her voice was undoubtedly full of insecurities, as if laced with a fear of sorts. . . . "Hi, um, I'm Ariane, and," When she paused, tilting herself to the side to look back at the companion Vega had failed to notice in her current state, the girl’s eyes widened a bit and she stopped breathing before Ariane continued speaking. "This is Akai. We were wondering if you knew where the closest inn was? And maybe what their rates are?"

Vega could only see his outline, just his silhouette made visible by the moon’s silver glow. Yet, there was enough luminosity from the suspended celestial orb to make out the fact that he possessed a head full of crimson colored hair, the same color as her stone. Only seeing this much of him was enough to make Vega’s heart leap into her throat, a terrible feeling attacking her body. That pins and needles feeling got worse, her feet and hands were beginning to tingle, toes and fingers growing numb. No, no, no. . . . she pleaded silently, tightening her small hands into fists at her sides as she fought the strange sensations and the gathering electricity in her body. Why? Why couldn’t she control this?

Ariane’s false cough shook Vega of her focus and drew her dazed attention back to the girl, breathing lightly; her crimson colored eyes fell back to her as she set a gentle hand to her chest. Vega could perceive the air of composure that she now bore after that simple action. She’d have been a fool not to. . . . Yet it didn’t matter. Whatever that strange girl did, it was of no concern to Vega, something more important was occurring at the moment, the fact that Ariane’s companion, Akai, or whatever his name was, was causing Vega’s powers to spin out of her control.

A sort of pained expression took over her face at this, the sensation of tingling was spreading up Vega’s arms and legs, slowly travelling to the point where they could be released . . . and the teenage girl was doing everything in her mortal capabilities to hinder its progress, to hold it at bay. Her efforts were, at best, only very slightly slowing the progress it made down; it was still winning against her resolve.

No, no, please no. . . . Chewing on her bottom lip, Vega quietly twisted her neck to the side, and looked at Mirror, a look in her eyes that bespoke of desperation and worry, a solemn sort of fear. He didn’t know about what she could do, about the horrors her gemstones could cause. . . . The damage she could unleash if she were not careful. Despite his peculiarity, and the fact he had more or less played a weird game of charades with her earlier to get the point across that he was mute, Vega knew there was something strange about him, something unnatural. Something that was similar to her own situation. . . . He had instilled a sense of serenity into her before, she was sure of it. Maybe he could help her now? If only it were that simple.

Mirror rubbed his eyes, sighing rather quietly before turning to her. Vega herself was now straining to breathe; the sheer trepidation that was overtaking her at the knowledge that she might soon lose control of her own powers was putting the weight of anxiety upon her chest. He pointed to his chest, to her forehead and then to the two newcomers before them. Ariane and Akai, one of whom is causing me to barely keep myself sane. she thought as Mirror gestured back and forth between himself, her and those two. Vega however just continued to look at the man with the same expression; blatant fear and unease. She couldn’t speak to him, and she couldn’t begin to comprehend what he was trying to communicate to her as she was.

Every second that was now passing, felt like a millennium, it was getting harder to stay in control. . . ! Akai stepped forward, standing at Ariane’s side—meaning he had drawn closer to herself and Mirror. This sudden action caused Vega’s vision to blur as her entire body suddenly felt limp, power surging into her suddenly. Still, she looked at Mirror, yet her eyes had widened and gone dull for a moment as an expression of shock played over her young face. It felt like everything had gone numb in her body for moment, like she were slowly losing control. It felt like her consciousness was being thrust from her body, and something else was taking over. . . .

She began to tremble where she stood, tears pricking at her eyes as she felt it slinking around her blocks again, the electricity was beginning to gather at that particular point in her forehead, her gemstone. No . . . no, I don’t want to hurt someone again! she let out an audible whimper at this.

When Akai strained to speak, trying to be as agreeable as possible, Vega’s vision blurred again, every muscle in her body jolting with edginess as his voice leaked into her ears, ”...it is a pleasure to meet you..." With this she moved, slowly, in an almost doll-like manner, and turned to face him, a look of dread upon her face. She could feel it all converging, all of the amassed power, all of it was forming at her forehead, at her jewel. And it was all thanks to him, to Akai’s very presence. . . . Vega didn’t understand it, why this was happening, why the feeling of danger was so strong, why it was she couldn’t even control her own powers a little bit at this point. Her eyes widened when Akai exposed his right eye, the gemstone that lay embedded in the socket. . . . And a sudden surge of realization shot through Vega as everything went completely black for a moment, he was like her in some manner, yet completely different. "...good evening, my name's Akai..."

A soft whimper came from Vega’s throat as she stared ahead with an expression of pleading upon her face. It got stronger, and stronger . . . that power. “. . . .n-no,” she whispered out quietly. Without warning, little Vega’s moved, face tensing up as her hands shot up and covered her gemstone, a desperate cry coming from her lungs. ‘No, no, no! Don’t lose control, don’t lose your control over it Vega!” she shouted, clutching onto her head.

Her forehead was growing hot, and suddenly, a pain roared forth from her gemstone, a sort of powerful shock that just jolted the girl’s frame; causing her limbs to grow limp and languid. With a yelp, Vega found herself down on her knees, eyes going wide as her head seemed to move, automatically taking aim as her garnet began to glow a fierce shade of red. Her breathing picked up in her as panic set in, realizing she was staring directly at Akai. NO!! Even if she sensed danger from him, she didn’t want to hurt anyone! Her body was completely frozen, not listening to any command she gave to it. . . . The blood pounding in her ears was all she could hear as but for moment, everything in her stilled . . . Vega knew full well what was coming next.

Squelching her face up in protest, the teenager let out a scream and forced her neck off to the side as a rather violent bolt of red lightning ripped from her forehead, narrowly missing Akai. Tears slid down Vega’s face as all of the amassed power was released in that one shock. Her eyes still shut, she heard the lightning hit something; a loud explosion echoed forth, along with the sound of something cracking and breaking. Trees, I-I hit trees. she realized, beginning to shake. I didn’t hit him, I didn’t hit Akai. . . .

A small crackle of electric sparked from Vega’s garnet after this, the girl didn’t move, tears still sliding down her face. By some miracle, she had managed to regain control over herself long enough to avoid hurting someone with her powers . . . yet at the same time, her strangeness was now known to the three observers; Mirror, Ariane and Akai. They had just seen what she could do. Still shaking, Vega opened up her crimson eyes and looked at the three with a rather frightened expression, from Akai, to Ariane and lastly to Mirror.

Her eyes spoke of a silent apology that she could not manage to muster from her own throat.


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#, as written by Esana

Ariane glanced at Akai as he stepped forward. He seemed to be feeling slightly better about talking to these strangers after seeing them closer up. She gave him a little glance to make sure that he was alright and then turned her attention back to the stranger. The guy - the one with interestingly colored green hair - seemed to be regarding them carefully, and she regretted now having touched her chest to feel her jewel - she had a feeling that the movement had not gone unnoticed, and it was something that made her very uneasy. Information was power - she knew that very well - and knowing someone was a jewel was very powerful information - she didn't want anyone to realize what she was.

Before she could make a distracting comment however, her attention was caught by the girl - the one who had looked so young. She seemed to be trembling - as if in pain - although there was nothing in sight that could have caused her pain and she had seemed fine before Ariane and Akai had approached her. Ariane could feel something from her - something very dark, very hot - and very, very powerful - as if there was a fire - no, not a fire. It wasn't a fire. Fires were controllable for the most part - predictable in the way that they went for the fuel and burned what they touched - this feeling wasn't predictable and it wasn't innocuous as most fire was. It was deadly and it was certainly not there for normal purposes.

The feeling almost made Ariane step back, but she stopped herself, not wanting to seem suspicious. She'd approached these people, wanting to befriend them. She didn't want to start a friendship with a show of distrust. She just had to -

The girl whimpered. Ariane felt shock writhing in the back of her mind - what -

Akai introduced himself, moving just a bit closer to her as he did so.

For a moment, Ariane just listened to his voice - it was hesitant - but then, he hadn't really been up for talking to strangers - but it wasn't terribly reluctant anymore. Something had changed the way he thought about them. She wondered briefly what it was - wondered if he felt what she felt - that these people - or at the very least - the girl with the gem embedded in her forehead - was one of them - one of the jewels.

Something in her shivered very slightly as Akai's last word left his mouth, and she could feel the power in the air again, stronger now, so much stronger, not fire, not fire but -

What is it? Ariane wondered. What is that feeling? She couldn't placed it, and it bothered her, because it placed her in an ignorant position - and people in ignorant positions often got killed.

It was hard for her even to place where exactly the feeling was coming from - definitely one of the two that stood in front of her, but which one? Or was it maybe a combined thing from the both of them?

That question was very quickly answered as a strangled, "...No," slipped from the girl's mouth.

So the feeling was coming from the girl - and from the looks of it, the guy didn't have any part in it. And it was like the feeling had intensified, followed by a primal instinct in the back of Ariane's mind to protect herself, to activate the powers of the amethyst and keep herself safe from any magical harm - or better yet, to run away, to run far away from the two, run to somewhere there wouldn't be a chance of getting hurt, of possibly damaging her gemstone and getting herself killed. Run, run now - before it's too late, run, run, run -

Half-terrified, Ariane leaned back slightly, her amethyst burning hot on the right side of her chest, matching the alarming beats that came from the left side of her chest. In a few seconds, the shield would be put up automatically, and she was start to glow a cold, steady purple -

It was too late.

"No, no, no! Don’t lose control, don’t lose your control over it Vega!”

The words were followed by a scream from the girl - Vega, Ariane thought, panicked, her mind running out of control now, Vega, that's her name, that's what she just called herself - unless she was talking to someone else, maybe the guy? What am I THINKING ABOUT WHEN I'M ABOUT TO DIE?

Vega spasmed - a motion that looked like it was motivated by pain - and then her head turned until she was staring - not at me - The thoughts were coming wildly - not at me - Ariane turned her head to follow the gaze.

She was staring straight at Akai.

Akai? Why? Has she realized? She recognizes him as a gemstone. Ariane felt her stomach start to swirl as the logic began to throw itself together in blinding speed.

The girl was a gemstone - there was no way the glowing jewel in her forehead was a fake - and she was targeting Akai - against her own will or so it seemed - which meant that it was something the jewel wanted. Why would the jewel want to kill Akai?

There was only one good reply for that: Akai was seen as a threat, which meant that he was tainted gem. Pure gems - like her, and quite probably Vega - did not give off threatening auras. Even if a tainted gem realized the presence of a pure gem, his gem would not react physically/magically to the gem without consent of the gemstone. Only pure gems would act against the wishes of their owners to fight off tainted gems - to fight off what they viewed as a threat to the gemstone.

Akai is tainted, Ariane had time to realize before the attack began.

There was something in her - something that treasured Akai's brief friendship with her - despite the fact that he was technically her enemy - and made her extend a hand in front of Akai. Her body was becoming magically protected, although the glow hadn't started yet.

Red lightning forced its way from the jewel on Vega's forehead, shooting at Akai. Ariane flinched at the pure, raw power of it. It missed Akai by a hair's length, her barrier barely doing anything to even slow it down. The shock was so much for Ariane - she'd never been on the end of another gem's attack, even if in this case, she wasn't really the one being attacked - that she almost pumped up her shield as a response to the lightning.

But sense stopped her before she could do so.

Vega was distracted by her light - she hadn't noticed Ariane's barrier hopefully - everyone else should be distracted too, and the visible barrier hadn't appeared yet. She could still keep the fact that she was a gem hidden if she stopped now. Ariane did so, forcing her body into calmness, the amethyst cooling as she did so, the barrier quickly dissipating without a trace. She kept her hand extended, so as to not seem as if she actually did anything, and she kept the shocked look on her face - not that there was very much need to fake that.

The shock and the fear was still swirling around very prominently in her mind, and she wasn't sure exactly what to do.

This girl, who she had just met, had just gone up to - like a friend - had almost killed her and Akai.

Get away, Her mind told her. Get away from these people. They're dangerous. Go away. Find Nature. She will fix all of this. Walk away from this madness before you aren't able to.

But she couldn't. She was scared, but she didn't want to just ditch Akai, and besides, the girl - Vega - was now kneeling on the ground, looking piteously up at them all, even her own travelling companion, as if she expected to be hit. There was pain in her eyes, grief at what she had just did - a lot of grief - and Ariane felt pity for her.

I don't want to die, Something in the back whispered.

Very slowly, Ariane lowered herself to a kneeling position next to Vega and extended a hand to her, trying to look gentle and give off a gentle air. She'd dispelled all her gem's power, so if Vega's gem sensed danger and tried to attack, she would most definitely die at this range.

"It's alright," Ariane said, although she wasn't sure why. "It's alright." She hesitated and then asked softly, "Are you alright?"


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Akai could barely dodge the red lightning that came across his way and he breathed heavily when he realized it only hit a tree and not his body or more specifically,not his right eye. Turning his head, Akai's eyes locked at the girl's form. She was trembling and her face showed a very familiar emotion - the emotion he himself had always felt when he was younger - when he was still being a slave to 'that' family - the fear. Akai had to restrain himself from gritting his teeth. Obviously, what the girl did there was against her own free will. He only caught a glimpse of the red stone on her forehead but he didn't need to be told to realize what it was. It was a gemstone. She was a gemstone. A gemstone liked himself. Akai was still standing there in shock, honestly didn't know what to do. He had heard the Chaos said sometime ago that there were others like him but he, of course, didn't believe it - at least not fully. He just couldn't believe something like that. How could there were others like him? But he just continued to search for them - hopelessly - like how his Master had wanted in order to please the Chaos. But here he was, standing in front of a living proof of what he was searching for so long. He was standing in front of another gemstone - another member of his kind. The better kind. The higher kind. The kind that would purify this earth from its corrupted kind.

But then...why? why did she attack him?

Akai's body trembled slightly with confusion. Why? Why did she attack her own kin? Why did she attack me? He searched his mind for a possible explanation - any kinds of explanation. He just couldn't...he refused to believe that she attacked him because of his purpose even if he still hadn't open his mouth and told her that he wanted to destroy humans. It was too...hard to admit. He wanted to believe that she also wanted to purify this Earth, too. He wanted to believe that she, herself, hated humans as much as he did, too. And so, his mind came up with the most possible reason he could think of.

The humans must have forced her to do it. The humans must have forced her to attack him for no reason at all.

Akai nodded his head. Yes, that must be it. That was why she attacked him. That was why she denied him. She must have been forced to do it by the humans even though he still hadn't figured how they had controlled her actions. But there wasn't any other logical explanations as to why she attacked him like that. And this time, Akai really gritted his teeth '...Those damned humans. Always destroy what I care for...' As his body was now trembling with anger and hatred toward humans, he wasn't even aware that there was a hand reaching for his face until the slightly cold hand pressed his forehead, not to hard but it was enough to pull him out of his thoughts. He flinched violently and attempted to squash the hand away when suddenly, he realized it was the other boy's hand. Strangely enough, he began to feel calmer and more in control of himself than before. It was only for a few second but it was enough for him. Taking a deep breath, Akai was torn between wanting to comfort the girl himself and wanting to step aside and allow others to do their jobs.

Finally, he had reached his decision. He knelt next to her, but with a longer distance than Ariane in fear of what the human might force her to do if he was too closed to her. He licked his lips and opened his mouth hesitantly, Akai spoke at last "...It is alright...I am not mad at you..." He didn't know that his words were enough to comfort the distressed girl and therefore, he added at last "...I understand..." What did he understand? He didn't know. It just felt... right to say it. He gave the girl a small smile and continued, a little unsure "...uhm...if you want, I can stand...farther from you..." He looked at Ariane and gave her a helpless look as if he didn't know how to act in this type of situation. Should he get away from her? But this was the first time he found someone like him. How could he abandon her like that? specially when the humans might control her actions or something...How could he abandon his own kin?

But truth to be told, he had no idea what to do, either. Maybe he should just leave her for a small amount of time, waiting for her to calm down and explain. He should give her some space. He stood up and moved out of the way without forgetting to whisper in Ariane's ears first "...I'm going to leave for about 10 minutes...call me whenever she seems to calm down again, 'kay?...I don't want to frighten her...I'll just be wandering around here..."

He walked away from the group, his head was filled with so many thoughts that he almost...almost stepped over something big. He narrowed his eyes and lowered his head to take a good look at it. The moon, which was covered by the cloud just a minute ago, was shining brightly again and Akai jolted slightly as he realized he was looking at a girl - a girl with...white hair? He looked closer and blinked again when he found out that she didn't actually have white hair, more like blonde hair but appeared white under the silver moonlight. She looked very god-like with her peaceful face and her smooth skin. Akai hesitantly reached out a hand but stopped when his finger was just inches away from the moon-goddess-like face. Should he wake her up? She seemed to be sleeping so peacefully, so soundly that he didn't want to wake her up from her dreamland.

A gentle wind blew past him and made her bang cover her face and this time, Akai's hand gently touched her face to get the bang away. His eyes widened and his breaths quickened slightly as he saw that, on her temple, just above her right eye, was a small, round and pale white stone - a pearl-like-stone. Was she another...? No, that wasn't possible, was it? He couldn't meet his luck twice today, right? Maybe that was just a piercing. After all, piercings like this were a fashion trend nowadays. He licked his lips slightly and decided that he should wake her up. Even if she was a gemstone or not, she reminded him of the moon and he loved the moon...and so, he wouldn't leave her here to become a delicious prey for the bandits. He shook her slightly, trying to keep his voice as quietly and still good enough to hear as possible.

"...Hey, sleeping beauty...wake up..."


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#, as written by Esana

Ariane quite literally reared back as the young man took several steps forward and pressed a thumb to her forehead. Rivets of power began to cascade into her mind -


The amethyst burned in the middle of her chest as it activated at her emotions, blocking off the power from her mind - the girl had attacked them, and even if she looked sorry for what she'd done, that didn't mean that the boy felt the same way - it didn't mean anything close to that, and she did not want to get caught unawares and get killed here, did not want to die, not now, not ever -

The hand fell from her forehead and the young man walked past her. Her power stopped as her thoughts began to race.

Her first thought was, Well, that confirms that he's a gemstone. The following thoughts went along the line of, What the hell was that? and Oh, fuck, he's another gemstone. Is he good? Bad? He has to be good if he's with Vega. Vega is pure - definitely and she attacks the tainted - so - he has to be -

And now the young man was walking back to Vega. He knelt down besides her and pulled his hood down, first looking up to Ariane and Akai - Ariane felt shock running through her veins - power, self-satisfaction - just a hint of narcissistic pleasure - and then he looked down at Vega, and his eyes changed ever so slightly, although Ariane wasn't quire sure if she had just imagined it or not. He was speaking now - his voice interestingly - Ariane couldn't describe it - strong, yes, strong, but not harsh...more -

Akai's voice interrupted her analysis. He was trying to reassure Vega, and he sounded calm, very calm - almost too calm considering that he had just almost been killed by the girl he was trying to talk into a calmer state. His voice was hesitant, as if unsure what to do, but there was no panic, no strong emotion in his voice.

And then that calm voice was next to her, whispering in her ear, Akai's breath blowing a few stray strands of hair across her cheek. "...I'm going to leave for about 10 minutes...call me whenever she seems to calm down again, 'kay?...I don't want to frighten her...I'll just be wandering around here..."

It was those words that finally broke Ariane's trance and pulled her back to reality. She looked at him, concerned, wondering if she should make him stay, but there was something sad and determined in his face, so in the end, she just nodded and watched as he walked away, quickly disappearing into the darkness. For a brief moment, the thought that she might never see him again crossed her mind - and unfortunately, it was a thought was probably destined to become very real, very, very soon.

If he really was a tainted jewel - Am I in denial? She wondered - she could not stay around him. He was too dangerous - even if he did no physical harm to her, he attracted danger - like the lightning from Vega. It was hard to imagine, hard to believe, but then...she had always had a bit of a problem with trusting too easily. She didn't want to be alone - no one did - it was something that all humans had in common. They were meant to live in a group, and that instinct was encoded in them down to the last strand of DNA.

Now that instinct had led her into danger - she couldn't afford to stay close to a tainted gemstone. It offered the chance of danger, pain...death. She had to separate herself from Akai. Maybe it would be best to just slip away now. After all, he would be waiting for her to call him back, and she would have at least ten to fifteen minutes to disappear before he realized that she wasn't coming and came back by himself. And she was lucky. She could probably hide out somewhere and then get to another town in a few days or just hang out in the woods. Akai would never have a chance of finding her again.

But - to be alone -

And - he was nice to me...

Ariane shook her head and then returned her attention to Vega and the other gemstone. She looked him over - green hair, green eyes - emerald maybe? But it didn't seem like quite the right shade. And the girl - her gemstone looked startlingly similar - almost like Akai's.

That made a slightly bitter smile come to Ariane's face, though she quickly wiped it away.

Wouldn't it be funny if the person who had attacked Akai, chased him away, was his counterpart? The pure gem to his tainted?


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How could it have come down to this? Why, just . . . just why was it that she couldn’t control herself? Even after so much time had passed, since—since she had managed to hurt her parents, she still couldn’t control her damnable power! I almost hurt someone again, but I didn’t . . . I-I didn’t. she told herself, whimpering quietly as she shut her eyes and let her head drop. Tears still trailed down her face, falling from her shut eyes as the poison known as fear continued to eat away at her small frame, at her very bones. Vega’s heart was hammering away in her chest, her head was throbbing. . . . Somewhere along the lines of the lightning building up in her body, she must have been getting a rush of adrenalin and not have known it, because she was feeling strange, shaky, and her body was quivering. She felt . . . felt as if she was being suffocated for some reason, like she needed openness, and isolation, to be alone again.

A flicker of electric emerged from the jewel upon her forehead as she remained frozen, head drooping downward, body seeming languid, barely supported upward from the effects of gravity by two little thin arms. . . . It went unseen though, as everyone seemed to be concerned regarding other matters. Vega felt it though, that small spark, and it caused her to tighten her hands into fists below her. A rush of terror struck at her as she felt her body trying to build up another reserve of electricity, to try to lash out at Akai once more. A small whimper sounded out from the girl’s pale throat, eyes opening wide as she felt herself losing control again. NO! she mentally ordered.

No, no, no, she wouldn’t lose control over herself again; no matter who Akai was. . . . She wouldn’t let her powers up and hurt someone, not again, her powers wouldn’t undermine her volition again. I don’t know who he is, I don’t know who Akai is. All I know right now is the fact that something about him makes my powers react in a violent fashion, it makes me feel unsafe, and like I need to attack. . . . Even if that were true, even if Akai made her weary, uneasy and dreadful, that didn’t mean she could hurt him without proper reason. All he had said to her was a simple introduction, a greeting. That was it, he had not tried to bring harm to herself or Mirror, and he was apparently travelling with the girl Ariane who did not seem to set Vega’s powers on high alert. . . .

I’ve hurt enough people with my carelessness, she reprimanded herself, I won’t let it happen again! A soft sigh came from Vega’s pale lips as she suppressed her powers, forced them back and refused to allow her body to try to amass more electricity to hurt Akai, or anyone else for that matter.

Ariane’s gentle voice broke Vega of her thoughts, startling the gemstone-adorned girl back to reality. "It's alright," she offered words of solace, of comfort. To this, Vega looked at the violet-haired teenager confused, uncertain, a glint of questioning running through her crimson eyes. She was kneeling down next to her, hand extended outward . . . Vega sensed terror, a need to escape, yet . . . sincerity in her phrase. But . . . why? Why was it that she had not left, why had this strange girl not runaway? Same for everyone else, for Akai and Mirror. Ariane spoke again, offering the same words of comfort once more, before asking of her wellbeing. ”Are you alright?”

To this Vega, felt a flicker of fright spark to life in her pounding heart. Why fear? Why was there a sense of terror in the small girl when someone was showing her consideration, even after almost killing someone? Because of that; because of the kindness. Of all the reactions to be expected, Vega did not think ‘kindness’ was something she would be receiving. I could have killed anyone of these three, easily. If I hadn’t regained control over myself when I did, Akai would be . . . he would be dead, and she very well could have joined him, having been so close. She thought, beginning to quiver at the very notion. Guilt was beginning to haunt her, settle itself upon her shoulders. . . . The kindness being displayed to her now, it was only making it worse. I shouldn’t have elected to follow Mirror, no. I should have just—just stayed in a damn tree tonight, if I had just done that, I wouldn’t have almost killed someone again.

Feeling this apprehension filling her soul up to the brim, Vega had to force herself to look away from Ariane, she couldn’t bear looking at a face holding so much benevolence after what she had almost done. I deserve to rot in Hell for this. she told herself. By showing me any sympathy, it just makes this worse, it just makes me fear what I nearly did, and what I am more than capable of doing in the future. Vega understood something about herself in that moment. She had no control over what the hell she was, of the powers her strangeness bestowed upon her, and that made her a danger to everyone around her. To Mirror, to Ariane, to Akai. . . . She could hurt people she didn’t know, people who very well may be innocent souls who were just trying to get by in the world. And, with that thought laced in her mind, she became fearful once more, failing to notice the movements of Mirror, and his interactions with both Ariane and Akai.

Vega kept her crimson eyes shut to the world, tears still falling down her pale cheeks, until she felt a hand upon the top of her skull again. Again, the pyrope garnet found herself startled, body tensing up in reaction to the sudden contact. She knew who it was, she didn’t have to be told, nor did she even have to look upon the person . . . all she needed to know was that an artificially sentiment of tranquility was being placed into her heart, quashing out the fear she felt. It was Mirror again, using his own strangeness to try to force her to feel secure about own peculiarity, to feel confident in herself, despite the fact that she had just almost killed a person with her lack of control. True, it did work, it did rid her of the fears and the seeds of doubt in her mind for the moment, but. . . . Vega didn’t like it. It wasn’t natural, forcing the things she felt away. Even if those sentiments were unpleasant, they were genuine, and what she needed to feel, and to sort through on her own time. . . .

When his hand receded from her head, Vega didn’t really react . . . she kept her gaze cast to the ground under her, fully able to feel the falsities implanted into her starting to take effect. Her fear was beginning to retreat into the depths of her mind, into the darkest corners of her heart. The self-loathing left . . . being quickly replaced by a sense of calm. So, Mirror really did have some serious weirdness to him, just . . . like her. This left Vega to wonder something, about Akai, he wasn’t normal, obviously, there was something about him that set her powers off, made her feel dreadful and like she needed to draw out her halberd and strike him down. That sensation, the sentiment, the notion of feeling like she needed to do that; that wasn’t normal. And she had seen it; that red glint where his right eye should have been. A color so much like her own stone. . . .

She didn’t know what any of this meant, until now, she had adamantly believed herself to be the only freak of nature who bore a damn jewel on herself that actually seemed to come right out of her bone. But, it seems that I’m not the only person in the world like this after all. . . . Akai had something in common with her, even if he did set off alarm bells, and Mirror, he also seemed to have something more to him as well.

It was when Mirror knelt down in front of her that Vega actually bothered to look away from the ground; the movement was merely instinctive, at the sudden action, Vega’s hair ornament clinked against itself. The traces of fear left behind in the wake of her own self-doubting thoughts, the trepidation instilled into her by Ariane’s sudden and unexpected sympathetic words, it was fading away rather quickly. Yet a few tears remained upon her youthful face, her small frame still trembled a bit with the recesses of what she had experienced.

Mirror was looking right at her, smiling for some reason. Why? Was it because his bizarreness was taking its toll upon her and forcing her to lock away the fear? When he reach out and wiped the remnants of her tears away, Vega found herself flinching away from his touch. A look of discomfort spread across her face, and a new bit of fear began to make her chest ache. All of this, all of this was just . . . unbearable, tiresome and just—just unnecessary. All of this could have been avoided if she had just slept in a tree for the night. Yet, here she was, surrounded by three people, two of which were like her, the third uncertain still, and one of the former two had just touched her face. Finding herself shaking a bit as Mirror ascended to his feet once more, Vega simply remained as she had been when he wiped the tears away from her face. That look of unpleasantness remained upon her face.

Not a true thought passed through Vega’s mind for the moment all was quiet after this, not until an unfamiliar voice happened to surface in the silence. ”The hell was that, Vega?” At it, the dark-haired girl tensed up, and her breath hitched in her lungs, heart skipping a beat in surprise. Eyes wide, she looked up at Mirror, for the moment, all coherent thoughts were wiped from her mind. Had . . . had he just. . . ? While it was most certainly not the most pressing issue at hand, the fact that Mirror had just spoken . . . when she thought him a mute. . . . Well, that was certainly a bit of a shocking experience.

She simply blinked in surprise, crimson eyes wide with surprise, she found herself unable to muster up a proper vocal response to his question, and in the moments that followed, Vega found that someone else had decided to go ahead and speak. "...It is alright...I am not mad at you..." Akai, he had finally spoken about the incident . . . about her nearly killing him. At this, Vee’s attention was drawn to the boy, her eyes still wide. How, how could he not be upset with her for what she had almost. . . ? "...I understand..." he continued on, giving her an uncertain smile.

Yet, Vega didn’t understand what he meant by that? What did he understand? Does he mean that . . . I instill the same sort of feelings into him as he does to myself? Do his powers almost spiral out of his control because of my mere presence? she questioned silently, eyelids lowering a bit as she didn’t understand any of this. Firstly, she was not as alone as she believed regarding her little gemstone situation, and secondly . . . the one who she almost killed was not upset with her, and was going ahead and acting as if he could sympathize with her. However, the short distance he held from her now was causing her body to try and do what it had done before, amass more energy to attack with. . . . Feeling this, Vega forced her powers back down. Not again, she would not hurt him. No matter what she felt from Akai, she wouldn’t hurt him, not unless she had a damn good reason for it.

"...uhm...if you want, I can stand...farther from you..." Akai spoke again, to which, Vega nodded silently, though she heard the uncertainty in his voice. There was almost a sense of . . . longing there? Was she wrong about that? But still, distance, she needed that from him, she needed to have some distance between herself and him. . . . While she didn’t understand why it was she was having such a reaction to his very being, Vega understood that Akai needed to get away from her in order to not be harmed. If he remained close, she’d lose her control again.

So, he got up and moved away from her, saying something to Ariane that escaped her ears, though Vega did not miss the forlorn look that seemed to encompass the violet-haired girl’s face before she shook her head, and proceeded to examine Mirror. . . . Before looking at Vega herself. Akai was her travelling companion, and my peculiarity managed to stave him off, to force hima away. Vega realized, eyes glinting with guilt, heart feeling heavy again. She is upset, and bitter.

Sighing, Vega’s head dropped again, her gold and ruby-adorned hair ornament clinked against itself again as her short bangs blocked her eyes from view . . . a bitter smile all her own had arose over her lips. What had she gone and done, or, almost done? Mirror had even spoken, the fact that lightning had come from a girl so small must have been enough of a bombshell to elicit a vocal response from someone who claimed to be a mute. Remaining on the ground as she had, Vega felt her heartbeat returning to normal, her body no longer quivering. There was still a fear in her, and guilt, but . . . she found her physical state of being growing weary.

Even her own powers, which were still trying to react to Akai’s nearby presence, seemed unable to muster much more up than what they had before. Seemed that one bolt of lightning was her limit for the time being. It had been a powerful round, perhaps the strongest bolt of electricity she had ever unleashed in her time. . . . Maybe then, maybe that meant that Akai could be around her now and not be in danger of dying, for now at least. The fatigue she was feeling showing in her eyes, Vega craned her neck up and looked up at Mirror; that embittered smile still upon her face, which showed signs of the weariness she now was feeling. All of this, all of this was just so exhausting. . . . Even as she felt calm, there was no shedding that guilt she still bore.

If Mirror had gone and spoken under more normal circumstances, when she felt as herself, Vega probably would have freaked out and nearly gone on a tangent . . . but right now, the best reaction she felt she could muster to him was a very dry, and weakly sarcastic remark. “So . . . the Charades Wizard can actually talk? Figures.” She laughed, “What the hell that was, what I did . . . it was my own oddity trying to execute that which was perceived as a threat to my life.” The smile vanished from her face at that, as she shook her head with a sharp exhale. “I didn’t want it to happen, t-to almost hurt him, but I could barely control it, and for my own lack of control, I am sincerely sorry.”

Without saying another word, Vega ascended to her feet in a languid motion, arms dropping to her sides as her gaze was cast downward, to the ground. The buckles upon her cloak jingled and clinked against themselves as she moved around, she sighed, “I should have just slept in a tree tonight. . . . If I had, then none of this would have happened, and I wouldn’t have nearly taken someone’s life again.”


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Akai watched curiously as the girl began to stir in her sleep and slowly, her eyelids fluttered and opened. She had a very beautiful pair of eyes, he noticed. He back away a small step, giving her more room to wake up. He intended to offer her his hand but it seemed she had been able to stand up herself. She looked at him and he observed her back. The sleeping beauty he had seen was all gone now and suddenly, Akai felt something flickered in the back of his mind but he quickly squashed it aside. She looked so much more peaceful when she slept like that. But then again, he guessed he wasn't much different from her when he slept. His friends used to laugh whenever he asked them what he looked like when he was sleeping. The answers were all the same 'you look much, much younger...and more peaceful, too...if you can try to keep that kind of expression when you are awake...I have no doubt that you can charm plenty of girls...' He scowled mentally, finding their words useless. He had a mission to fulfill, he didn't have time for romance. However, thinking and acting were two different things and Akai felt his eyes turned slightly toward the direction where Ariane was standing. He couldn't see her due to the black night but he could almost feel her calm aura there. He smiled softly. Well, if she learnt how to get along with the other gemstone or gemstones, he was completely sure that he could spare her. The Chaos only wanted to get rid of the corruption after all and she wasn't a corruption, that was another thing he believed fully in. He didn't understand, really, how in such a short among of time, a human girl was able to make her way to his heart and melt layers of emotion blocks he had carefully built in years. Another thought crossed his head '...maybe it's because she isn't human like the rest of them...' His eyes widened as he took in the possibility. It was true that it could happen but then again...it was simply to convenient to be true. He just couldn't go around and assume that everyone was a gemstone. It was not logical, even to his own mind.

“Umm…any chance you know what town this is?”

The girl spoke and Akai felt his concentration broke and he turned his head to face the girl. She was waiting for his answer now and Akai shrugged his shoulder before answering in a smooth tone of voice "...It's Atsumari...the 'gathering' town...there are legends that the strangest meetings all happened in this place..." He answered casually. Well, legends were after all, still legends and he did not believe in those stories one bit. A small town such as Atsumari was the place that the people that were destined with each other met? It was simply too ironic...too ridiculous to be true. He shook his head slightly, trying to clear his mind. 'Alright...no more thinking about stupid legends and stories that humans made up to attack tourists...'

“Thanks for waking me up. I was just so tired….I didn’t even see the town!”

The girl continued and Akai blinked in surprised. Too tired to even find an inn to sleep? This girl must have one hell of a day to be able to fall asleep in the middle of nowhere. He chuckled, slightly amused by her cheerful attitude. She reminded him of Ariane in some strange ways, though she also reminded him of the moon while Ariane reminded him of a noble princess with a playful attitude.

“Hi, I’m Caity. Nice to meet you.”

The girl - Caity spoke and Akai gave her a small smile "...Hello, Caity...I'm Akai...you can call me Red..." He chuckled again and nodded his head slightly "...It's also a pleasure to meet with such a beautiful girl like you, too, Caity...any chances you know the Moon Goddess personally or you're the Moon Goddess yourself?..." He asked, teasing about her blonde-silver hair. However, his cheerfulness didn't last forever as he heard a familiar shout in the far distance and followed by a growl that sounded surprisingly like of a large beast or something. He turned his head and said, his voice sounded too calm for a situation like this "...did you hear that?..." His stomach clench painfully as worry for Ariane and the girl - Vegas - the one with gemstone grew larger and larger inside him until it was almost unbearable to ignore. What happened? Why was everything so silent now? With a sinking feeling, Akai realized that the battle or anything that could be had ended...what happened? Was that a bear? A tiger? He doubted that Vegas couldn't take care of herself but what about Ariane? She was, after all, a human girl, a mortal. What if she was hurt? He would never leave with the guilt of leaving her by herself then. He shouldn't have left. He tossed a worried glance at their general direction and turned his head to look at Caity again. He continued, worry dripped into his voice as guilt began to cut deep into his skin like thousands of knives, all blaming him for leaving the group alone. He should have hovered nearer. So if there was something dangerous, he would be able to help them. But then again, if he had done so, he wouldn't have been able to meet Caity.

"Hey...you think we should check it out?..."

He asked finally, silently praying that she would agree to his suggestion and go with him to meet the others. Right now, he couldn't leave her alone, not when he knew she could be someone special, too, because of the pearl-like-stone on her temple and because she reminded him too much of the beautiful moon but he couldn't leave Ariane and Vegas there with creatures who-knows-what and let them be attacked or eaten by said creature or creatures.


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Akai could barely catch the girl - Caitlin as her eyes rolled into her head and she fell again. He slapped her face gently a few times, trying to keep his voice as gentle as possible "Hey, wake up, Caitlin...Caitlin...Caitlin..." Seeing that the girl wouldn't wake up anytime soon, Akai cursed silently and picked her up bridal style. He kept his head low as he carried her to a random house and knocked the door.

"Please help her, she passed out..."

Akai said curtly and bit his lips hard to stop himself from growling as a man - a farmer apparently, opened the door with a soft click. No matter how many times he met humans, just the mere sight of them was enough to tick him off. He put the girl down and turned his head, prepared to leave. His good mood was ruined. He looked at the far distance and mumbled, mostly to himself "...and I still have Ariane to search for..."

Walking away without saying a word, completely ignored the farmer's cries, Akai ran a hand through his hair, determination coursed through his vein. He needed to get to the bottom of this, whatever this was. And with that thought in mind, Akai began to make his way to the place where he had heard the noise coming from.

As he came closer and closer to his destination, Akai felt a strong pull toward it, as if it was calling him...somehow. He didn't even know where he was walking to but his heart just told him that was the place he needed to arrive. He sped up slightly and arrived to the group of people just as he heard someone said

"Where would we go? Hm? Do you have a plan? Please tell me you do, because we're just a loosely knitted group, and I don't want you speaking just because you want to assume a leader role. So you have better have a reasonable area for us to go to, and a reason for us all to trust you and follow you in the first place. People who are all talk annoy me. Speaking of which, you...You need to shut up.”

Akai stopped abruptly as he was just a few meters away from the group. Should he approach them? And then got deeper into this...this mess or should he just turn his head and then leave? Forget everything about what had happened tonight? Could he really abandon someone who he knew for sure was a gemstone? Just like himself? Who knew how many hardships had the girl - Vega or something...had to endure? Who knew what would happen to the human girl he knew he was beginning to develop a crush on - Ariane? Would she become tainted like the rest of the humankind? If he stayed by her side, he would be able to prevent it...but if he went away, he would never have to worry about getting attached to this group of people - even if their auras were what had called him in the first place, he wouldn't have to worry that he had to make friends, wouldn't have to worry that he would need to kill them all one day. Akai turned his head and prepared to leave.

...but then...what if they're not normal humans?...

The thought came to his mind, as strong as a tsunami and as shocking as electricity. Realization began to make his way to the boy's mind as he began to ponder about the possibilities. If they were, somehow, the other gemstones then he wouldn't have to kill them. They could together form a better world. They could be-friend, they could live for eternity...they could fulfill Master Chaos' wishes, they could...they could be with each other so they wouldn't have to be alone anymore. But what if they weren't the gemstones like himself? No, that could not be the case. If they were normal, their auras wouldn't feel as special as they were now to Akai. They were special. More special than any human friends he had had. They were his...kind.

He stopped again and this time, determined to go and talk to them, ignored the obvious consequence should his theory prove to be false. He took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair, uncovered his eyes. He would sort this out once and for all. Confidently taking several steps forward, Akai said out loud, announced his presence to the entire group "Hello everyone, I just come by and I'm wondering if this is some kind of reunion or something..." He finished lamely and scratched his neck in embarrassment as he didn't know how to deal with the situation...and well, he was never a good ice-breaker. He observed them all closely and noticed that they all looked...tired? Like they had just battled some kinds of monsters. The holes on their clothes, the scratches on their faces...He cocked his head to one side and decided to ask the person he knew most int the group - Ariane "...err...why do you all look like that?...did I miss something important here?"

He studied the group again and noticed that their auras, even if they were all the same as his, were slightly different somehow. Some were...for the lack of better word, purer while the others were chaotic and ...darker. He frowned and remained silent, waiting for some kinds of reactions from the rest of the group.


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#, as written by Eyeris

Wolf eyes opened, blinking pain and blood from her red eyes. The overlarge wolfish ears twitched, then achingly turned toward a strange haunting sound. The ears retreated from the sound, slowly pressing back against her shattered wolf skull. But the waling persisted... her body was to broken to move away, she stopped trying, the wailing song began to calm her.

Or rather, rabbit ears drew back, soft white fur pressed against the warm snow-white body. Feeling his own heart slow, calmed by the sweet song, held in secure familiar arms. His fear began to vanish, as if evaporating.

The wolf began to vanish, as if evaporating in to strange black smoke. Tooth and claw, fur and blood dissolved like ash to soot. The evanescent substance rose into the night air and faded into the sky.

Alexius watched the scene unfold from his high perch. Safe atop the inn, he saw them gather, gem by gem by gem, and battle the rabbit’s dream. They utterly slew her. “Pitty,” Alexius whispered. “She was so pretty.”

She appeared before her summoner. She was not much more than a dark haze. Yet, he could see her features clearly, she opened her smiling jowls, and scratched her paw against the air like a pup might. He closed his eyes, and while the moonlight became dark, the she-wolf-dream remained in his vision as if she were bathed in daylight.

She pounced upon him to swallow him whole. Her jaw widened to fit over his head and around his body. He shivered as he felt her smokey teeth bore into his soul. She faded from existence as she swallowed, but he could still feel her teeth lodged deep inside his flesh, paining him when he moved, slowly melting.

His eyes fluttered open, he returned his attention to the open square. There was a green bubble around the bunny and the others.

He stood, and crossed the roof to the vine-covered wall he had ascended earlier. Heaving his legs over the edge he began a careful decent.

Reaching the ground he touched the gun secured inside his vest. Just in case...


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#, as written by Renmiri

"... People who are all talk annoy me. Speaking of which, you need to shut up." Pfft. Oh.. god.. Seated at the edge of a mismatched and battered community of gemstones, a certain Malachite stone was dutifully pulling her poker face with every ounce of her strength. Poised and mildly interested on the outside, granted, but internally? If Keira hadn't been suppressing the overwhelming urge to burst out laughing, she'd be clutching her sides with her stomach screaming in pain. But, given the circumstances, she could only excuse herself every so often in a completely nonchalant cough; in the bouts of which chuckle and giggle as much as possible. Then, well, she returned to her solemn, focused self. Sort of. Cracking a smile once every three seconds.

The shooting Christmas lights, she found, made the whole speech all the more hilarious. Dynamic effects belonging to green fireworks, when she could basically do the same thing, had as much impact on her as watching a squirrel climb a tree. Innocently amusing, and not quite so suited for dramatic underlining. Nevertheless, of course, that was probably only so to Keira, and she alone. In any case, she was too busy internally cracking up at how simply appropriate the whole monologue was; or at least for Halley. Personally, Mr. Malachite the Second's thoughts were much the same as hers' although she never would've put it quite in so blunt a way. Or said anything at all. Sometimes it's better just to go with the flow. And, you know, let go of that uptight mother.

By the time the second half of the play played out, though, Keira had already begun to sober up. With no jabs at Halley to laugh at, what's there to be amused? Because, although she really didn't want to ruin the moment, it was probably about her time to point out her piece. A good decision starts with a hard voice of reason. Or opposition. Whatever. But still, with so many other people at the scene, she took her sweet time to organize her thoughts. Which was probably a blessing, since otherwise she would've missed the wolf just.. fading away. Like a mid-summer night's dream.

She'd seen it just from the corner of her eyes, but the marvel hit her just the same. And then, well, the wheels in her head started turning. That's been bothering me for a while now. Whose creation was that? Last time I checked, dead, malformed wolves didn't just disappear. Hell, dead, malformed wolves aren't supposed to exist in the first place! The only conclusion, it seemed, was that it was the work of a gem they hadn't met --as who would fight to end their own creation?-- or Chaos' intervention himself. Seeing as how he needs us to do his dirty work, it probably wouldn't be him. So, in light of all that, it was mighty coincidental that a new, belated gemstone suddenly arrived at the scene.

"Hello everyone, I just come by and I'm wondering if this is some kind of reunion or something..." Reunion when we've never met? The sound of another voice, as Keira had been brooding and practically tuning everybody out, almost made her jump; though more by the fact that he was standing close to directly behind her. The only thing separating them being her thin, glass-like barrier. Was it.. this guy? Without letting the green walls go, she looked up at him; then at everybody else in the town square, waiting for any looks of recognition. Because, even if he happened to be a gem, there was no way in hell she was letting a complete stranger in.

"...err...why do you all look like that?...did I miss something important here?" Or.. maybe not. From what she could tell, that kind of ignorance was hard to fake. Especially when he was staring holes at the most injured of them all, as if they knew each other. But should I still..? Oh, whatever. I'm sure it's fine. In any case, I'm not taking orders from uptight leaders, anytime soon. So, with a last glance and indifferent shrug at those in the clearing, Keira put a glowing, green hand on the walls; reforming the barrier to let him in. From the standpoint of the new guy, it would seem as if it a hole had opened; then expanded like it was swallowing him. Which it, in essence, was. Too bad my barriers don't have teeth.

In any case, he was in; and her hands shut down on their ethereal glow. If there was ever a need for protection inside the walls, she could make it. So don't you level your disapproving glances at me! It's probably time to start that diplomatic debate on 'Why we should get the hell out of here'. Now standing and leaning on her walls again, Keira gave a blatant enough answer to serve as a recap. "Uh-huh. You missed a wolf trying to kill us --which, in case you guys haven't noticed, disappeared-- and arguing. Or rather, witty comments. But we're all right now, thank you for asking." Time for the fun part, yes?

With a smiling face and slightly bored gaze, she turned to her counterpart. Because, although he had specifically asked for Lysander's answer, she was bored the questions were fairly obvious. And, quite frankly, displayed quite an overly-suspicious nature. But, in any case, it was better not to just assume that all would follow unquestioningly a leader. So, raising three fingers like he had, she replied.

"One: I believe Walking Disaster (Halley) over there mentioned something about an abandoned warehouse. Two: As you might have noticed, that wolf made quite the racket. And we happen to be in the middle of town. Surrounded by a green bubble. And before you ask, it's there so we won't get mauled again. It's only a matter of time before the townspeople come and check things out. I'm sure you can work out why that's a bad thing." Then, you know, the screams and horrors of segregation. Because humans are afraid of what they don't understand. We've all been through it before. "Three: Because, as you also may have noticed, we all happen to be gemstones. By who's stupid idea, I wouldn't know. Birds of a kind flock together. Or something less cheesy than that."

With all that said and done, she gave another, indifferent shrug. Then, before finishing, she leveled her gaze at Lysander. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly on your side, either. But a competent leader doesn't just order people around, you know?" Keira, now done, crossed her arms and leaned; watching much for the signs of the townspeople than a gem response. Because, if they weren't done soon, they'd surely be in for a world of trouble.


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#, as written by Esana

A drama queen, Ariane thought, as she watched the pretty boy blonde - Lysander. He is such a drama queen. It was definitely a different thought from the original one. But then, I had the original one while terrified out of my mind and half-dead. And now, I'm going crazy of the feeling of being healed. Lovely.

Her lips parted in something like a grin as the green haired boy - Vega's companion (whose name she still did not know) talked, half out of delight, half out of pure amusement. It was the first time that she had ever heard his voice - not surprising since she had just met him, but still - it didn't seem like he was someone who talked that much. And his words - Ariane had to cover her mouth to restrain a laugh. The kid is sassy...how interesting. She grinned and then the grin softened into a soft smile as he finished talking, passion burning in his eyes - then paused and murmured and apology. She almost reached out to comfort him, but stopped herself when Vega began to speak.

Vega's reaction was even more amusing. There was just something about seeing a kid - or someone who looked like a kid - talking so formally and yet still acting so uppity. So...cute... Ariane thought, again trying very hard to keep from bursting into a string of half-crazed giggles. In the back of her mind, she wondered, I wonder if this is what being drunk is like.

There was a light tapping of feet and then a voice - a voice she knew.

Ariane turned, eyes widening as she watched Akai step through the semi-transparent green barrier. He looked a bit uneasy and turned to look at her, asking, "...err...why do you all look like that?...did I miss something important here?"

She opened her mouth, brain scrambling as she tried to think of a coherent response. Her shoulder itched as the skin continued to regrow. It was mostly done now, but there was still blood caked all over her clothes, and light scars everywhere. "I -" She said -

And then a shiver ran down her back.

Breaking off in the middle of the next word, Ariane turned her head. And her eyes slowly began to widen. The wolf or whatever the creature that they had fought had been was disappearing. And not just any kind of disappearing. It was turning into smoke, dark, black stuff, completely insubstantial and quickly melding with the night sky, as if it had never existed.

...Okay... I guess that confirms that that thing was definitely not alive... unless living things have taken to flying off in dust particles when I wasn't paying attention. It made her feel slightly uneasy - reasonable, considering she had been mauled by the creature - but also suspicious. Her tutor had taught her that gemstones had a wide variant of powers. She'd already seen quite a few herself, so was it really that unlikely that another gemstone could have summoned the beast?

Very slowly, she turned her head back to the group at large, her eyes flicking from side to side.

Was it that unlikely that one of them had summoned the beast? There was a good chance that at least some of them were tainted.

Her eyes lingered on Akai. She knew that he was.

Could it have been his doing? Maybe that was why he had left. Her fingernails bit into the skin on her palm, almost breaking it. Was that why?

Briefly, Ariane glanced back at the spot where the wolf had been. It was completely gone now, not even its blood left to prove that it had ever been there. Her skin was suddenly very cold - had she spent that much energy on an illusion cooked up by another gemstone?

"Guys," She said, keeping her voice soft to avoid antagonizing anyone, but still loud enough to be heard. "Guys, the wolf...it just disappeared into dust." Ariane cast her eyes around. "I think that proves that - well - one, of course, that it's not natural. And two..." She lifted her eyes and looked around, her voice gaining a bit of acid, "Someone around here is very dangerous. And they're probably watching us." Her ears twitched. "And I think I can hear people coming. We...really don't wanna get caught like this." She paused. "Or, at the very least, I don't." She stepped back, almost bumping into the barrier and winced slightly, lifting her head and twisting to look at it.

She glanced at the barrier user - the green-haired girl. "Can you keep this up while we're moving?" She asked, gesturing at the barrier. "Or would it be better for us to just run?" Ariane paused and then glanced at Lysander and Vega's green-haired young man. "I get that we're... we don't trust each other and we want answers and we don't want to just blindly follow along." She glanced behind her again. Was it just her or were the shuffling steps getting closer? And voices now, too, unless she was going insane. "But we really, really should continue this conversation somewhere else." She looked back at them, shifting her eyes briefly to make contact with all of them, if possible. "Can we - at the very least - agree on that?"


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"There is only us and them."

The blonde man was unfazed by Halley's taunt, and instantly the boy felt his heart sink a little. Was the game over? A forlorn look flashed across Halley's face - and then the blonde's words hit him.

'Us...and them?'

Those three simple words floated around inside the boy's head, turning over and over. It was like music. Much better than any sound that could have come out of Lapis' mouth. Again and again the man's words echoed throughout Halley's thoughts. Ringing, ringing, ringing...

'Us and them.'

'Us and them.'

'Us and...them.'

It was perfect. Beautiful. Heart swelling with joy, Halley knew it to be true. This was exactly how he'd spent his entire life feeling. The gemstone, the beautiful pearl on his stomach was a blessing. A sign that he was destined to do great things. The pearl was like a crown that an almightly ruler would wear, and all would bow down before its glory.

'The Great Pearl surrounded by loving stars.'

Halley's gaze flitted over his newfound siblings. A few gemstones could be seen on them; The small one wore hers on her forehead, as did the smart blonde man...but that was it. He couldn't see any of the others' gems. Did they hide them? Were they ashamed?

'The audacity!'

Keira hadn't shown her gemstone. Lappy's was on her face, so she couldn't really hide it - though Halley suspected she would if given the chance. Pathetic. How could the others not wear their gems proudly? It was like a status symbol. Blatant proof that they were a cut above the rest of humanity.

From day one, Halley had known he was different. Better. He spent hours in front of the mirror studying his pearl, gazing at it from all angles, watching how the light reflected off of it. He'd even taken to altering his clothing, hemming his shirts short or unzipping his jackets for the sole purpose of showing it off.

As Halley's troubled mind tried to make sense of this blasphemy, a new voice hit his ears. It was Clown Face.

"You need to shut up." As Halley opened his mouth to speak, a hand clapped over it. Halley's grey eyes went wide with shock and he felt the anger rising up inside of him, making his head pound.

Just then, an ethereal green aura shot out from Clown Face's hand, rays of the green light shining through the gaps between his fingers. All at once, Halley felt a warm sensation sweep across his face, traveling down inside his chest and settling at the pit of his stomach. It chased away the rage and melted into him, relaxing all the extremities of his body.

Suddenly, everything was gone. All of his emotions were overpowered by forced serenity. His head felt so...odd, so...clear. For a moment, Halley felt like he wanted to laugh - did he? He didn't think so, but wasn't quite sure. His eyes eventually regained their focus and he found himself staring directly into Clown Face's green eyes. Carefully and deliberately, he removed his hand from Halley's mouth and blinked back at him momentarily.

Halley studied his face.

"Who...are you...?"

Utterly confused and yet somehow completely satisfied, Halley was ripped from his stupor by the panicked cries of people. Hearing the voices grow louder, Halley looked to see several shadowy outlines of people making their way around the corner. It was time to blow this pop stand, or so they said. For a moment, the boy wondered why people said that. Before he could think any further on the subject, however, his mind had already moved on.

"Time's up, you guys! We gotta go, now! Follow me!" Feeling a rush of happiness-fueled adrenaline, Halley turned to his gem siblings with a smirk before clutching Pippin to his chest and taking off running.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It took two or three good kicks before the boards across the window would give. As they finally cracked inward, releasing a cloud of dirt and sawdust, Halley climbed inside the abandoned warehouse. Much of it was empty, having been cleared out several years ago. Old wooden shelves stood side-by-side, a thick layer of dust coating each one. Empty barrels claimed one corner, while burlap sacks filled with a nondescript something claimed another. Pale rays of moonlight made their way through the various cracks of the windows and doors, casting haunting bars on the dingy floors.

Halley had seen the place for the first time just a few days earlier. He'd been in Atsumari for four or five days now, waiting for whatever grand purpose The Voice had in store for him. He initially thought the place to be quite charming. A dilapidated eyesore set amongst beautiful houses and shops. For now, it would serve a regal purpose as their base of operations, Halley thought with a soft, childlike giggle.

"C'mon, let's go. Everybody in!" Turning back to the open window, Halley motioned to the others to join him inside.

Suspicious? Absolutely.

Did Halley realize it? Not a chance.


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#, as written by Eyeris

Alexius emerged from the alley. After taking a few steps he was intercepted as a crowd came round the corner, and folk emerged from the inn.

They didn’t see a wolf. They saw a green bubble in the courtyard. And, they saw Alexius.

Perhaps if he had not given them a wide drunk-eyed smile and a short cheerful wave before he turned and fled; they might have overlooked him.

He bolted straight for the other gemstones in the green bubble. He saw the bunny and his-pet break away from the group. He set to catch up (circumventing the barrier if need be), trailing Halley’s Heels.

He’d jump in the window and find a dark corner to press his back against, keeping his hand inside his vest upon his weapon. The stripes of moonlight seemed to move and arch, playing tricks on his amethyst eyes. I wonder who is going to get here and eat us first. The gems or the mob?


The second recusant stood, speaking his challenge. He had been quiet until now, he had green hair and eyes, with strange stripes underneath.

Then he turned on the first, Halley. Using his gem-magic, Lysander observed the strange effect it had upon Halley’s... mood

He ended his speech, apologised, and returned to the young girl.

He does not even stand his ground, he strikes only to retreat, like a rouge.

The youngest girl, crowned in garnet, stirred and woke. She compared “Mirror” to a turtle. An apt analogy, turtles are slow. She and Ariane were yet dazed by the magic, but now could walk, or run if needed.

A figure emerged in the darkness, bright red hair and a strangely glittering red eye. Lysander sensed that he was not a stranger to Ariane and the others.

His eye was caught by a dark cloud beyond the shield wall. The being had illusory claws that drew real blood. Lysander sharpened his watch in the darkness, he would not sense another mindless-monster should it come for them.

Kiera sensibly answered Mirror’s questions. He was thankful for her intervention, there was no time nor need for power games.

Then she turned upon him. He was truly surprised, her precence was firm, but her mind gave away little of her thoughts. (Lysander now presumed this was a mental extension of her shielding capabilities.) “My side? Orders?” He looked between both sets of green eyes, matching shades, matching gems. Each claim was absurd.

Lysander had not realised, until this moment, how heavy the burden of loneliness had been. He had been alone all his life as a gemstone, and been utterly alone these past years. From the moment he had heard the voice of the other Lapis-Lazuli, that crushing weight had begun to lift. But now, the yolk returned to bear down upon shoulders.

How could they not been relieved and elated at the ‘reunion’ of the kindred? They turned upon one another with mistrust and malice rather than embrace their brothers and sisters.

He kept his face and stance passive as a stone whilst his heart dropped. Any who grew up in a court knew how to mask even extreme emotions. The seeds of mistrust have been planted and spread. They are weeds, to cut them the stem is futile, I must be patient.

He would not allow mistrust and doubt to take root in his own heart, he bit his tongue against them, it was a dire distraction. Dispute the challenges presented his focus and intent remained unwavering upon his original goal.

Escape this treacherous ground, together in safety.

Ariane spoke softly, suggesting the same end, he certainly agreed.

The howl of the wolf had ceased, and humans became bolder emerging to investigate. There thoughts they projected were angry and fearful, a lethal combination. Amongst the panicked minds were somewhat calmer coordinated soldiers, the city’s night-watch closing in fast to answer their summon.

Halley, of course, was the first to bolt, urging the rest to follow.

“We are safer together,” He retained his air of calm, “I will follow.” the irony of the situation was clear, conceeding his supposed claim to leadership to Halley of all people. It was not Lysanders first choice, but now it was the only choice.

He immediately took the opposite action of the Pearl. He stepped away from the group turning his back to them. He readied his sword in his left hand, grip firm at the top of the hilt.

The recovering girls might be slower to move, but he knew the red-head would assist Ariane, and Mirror the Garnet-Girl. Kiera would follow logic, and Lysander prayed that the Lady-Lapis would follow the rest. He would take up the rear and guard the retreat.

He bent his knees and raised the tip of his sword as one figure flew toward them ahead of the rest. He quickly lowered the blade as he recognized the other.

“Alexius?! Where have you been!?” Lysander barked angrily at the Amethyst.

Without pause or answer, Alexius flew by, chasing after Halley.

Lysander would make sure he was the last to leave, and stay behind the rest, ensuring their safety.

And one day, we won’t have to run from them.


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Akai's eyes widened slightly when he saw the green barrier opened and he walked into it warily. Okay...what was that again? There was no way in hell a normal person could make it happen. That barrier looked surprisingly like a shield of some sorts. He narrowed his eyes slightly and observed the thing thoughtfully. Finally, decided that he could not find out anything more about it, Akai shrugged his shoulder and sat down, his eyes trailed from the barrier to the girl that had touched the barrier, shield...whatever that was and made them open so he could walk in. She had...green hair? and a pair of...emerald eyes? Akai was taken back. Green hair was not...common...if not outright weird. The boy whom he had met before with the gemstone girl had green hair, too...if Akai remembered correctly. It seemed there were a lot of strange hair colors nowadays, huh? Like Ariane with her purple hair... Was it purely coincidence? Or was it something else? The girl had touched the barrier and opened it?

He was pulled out of his thought as the girl answered his question nonchalantly "Uh-huh. You missed a wolf trying to kill us --which, in case you guys haven't noticed, disappeared-- and arguing. Or rather, witty comments. But we're all right now, thank you for asking." Akai almost felt his jaw dropped but at the last second, he managed to maintain his dignity and cleared his throat, asking again just to make sure "...a wolf? In the middle of Atsumari?...you must be kidding, right?...I mean..." He trailed off and and made a gesture with his hand. Then, his eyes widened slightly as he remembered the holes and scratches on their bodies and realized one thing...what the girl said might be true. But wolf? Was that a bit...unbelievable? He bit his tone and restrained himself from saying any sarcasms seeing that he was the only person in this group that knew absolutely nothing about the situation. And thus, he remained silent, only muttered a quick 'thank you' underneath his breath. He turned his head and studied the rest of the group. Ariane was near him, looking a bit... tensed? Why was she looking at him like he was about to jump and eat her? What really happened while he had gone? The tension in the air was thick and Akai could practically see it.

"One: I believe Walking Disaster (Halley) over there mentioned something about an abandoned warehouse. Two: As you might have noticed, that wolf made quite the racket. And we happen to be in the middle of town. Surrounded by a green bubble. And before you ask, it's there so we won't get mauled again. It's only a matter of time before the townspeople come and check things out. I'm sure you can work out why that's a bad thing." The green haired girl spoke again and Akai felt himself concentrated on the girl. His eyes flickered between each person momentarily and he counted on his head. One with purple hair, two with green hair, one with white hair (?), two with...err...blue hair(?) Was this a party of some sorts? And he still hadn't count himself and that gemstone girl that had nearly killed him in this. This was crazy. Way too crazy to be true. Either he was in some kind of messed up world or he was dreaming. This was just...impossible on so many levels. Oh, and had he mentioned that each of them all had some kinds of strange auras surrounded them? Including Ariane now that he observed her a little closer? He remembered he had mentioned it somewhere but well, whatever...the thing was...he felt a strange connection to those people, people that he just met. A thing like that would only be found in books and fictions. It could not be true. It just...couldn't.

The green haired girl whom Akai had decided to call her 'greeny girl' in his mind continued, revealing a shocking discover "...Three: Because, as you also may have noticed, we all happen to be gemstones. By who's stupid idea, I wouldn't know. Birds of a kind flock together. Or something less cheesy than that." Akai immediately turned his head and looked at her. What did she just say? Gemstones? They all were...gemstones? All of them...Ariane, Akai, greeny girl and...the rest of the group. Did she mean that...Akai opened his mouth to speak but quickly found out that no word could come out of his mouth. He had fallen into a state of shock. Yes, he had expected they were special...just like him but he hadn't expected this...girl to come and declare such bold things like that.

However, Akai found himself agreed with her. After all, Akai had known this group, these people were special the first time he saw them. Even if he didn't know any of them. He cocked his head to one side as Ariane said to the group, seemed a bit fearful "Guys, the wolf...it just disappeared into dust. I think that proves that - well - one, of course, that it's not natural. And two...Someone around here is very dangerous. And they're probably watching us. And I think I can hear people coming. We...really don't wanna get caught like this...Or, at the very least, I don't..." Akai stared at her like she just grew a second head. A wolf turned into dust? Could this day get any crazier? 'No, don't answer that' Akai mentally ordered his mind but he could feel his mind smirked smugly and replied 'yes, yes it can...' Akai shook his head slightly. Traitorous mind.

"Can you keep this up while we're moving?...Or would it be better for us to just run?...I get that we're... we don't trust each other and we want answers and we don't want to just blindly follow along...But we really, really should continue this conversation somewhere else...Can we - at the very least - agree on that?"

Ariane looked too fearful and it was making Akai extremely uncomfortable...and angry. What had made her into this state? Where was the confident girl he had met? He gritted his teeth slightly. If only he knew what had made her this way, he would...without a doubt, erase that threat that turned the purple haired girl into a nervous wreck into nothingness. He spoke softly, trying to be as gentle to the girl as he could "Sure, Ariane...if that's what you want..."

Suddenly, a guy with...white hair? said in excitement and Akai nearly jumped as he was forced to break eyes contact with Ariane "Time's up, you guys! We gotta go, now! Follow me!" Smiling slightly at the childish display of emotions from the man and the rush of happiness Akai could almost feel in the air, the tension had broken slightly thanked to him. Nodding his head, Akai agreed "...alright..." He stood up to follow the white-haired boy whom he had decided to name 'whitey' but stopped as he stared at Ariane again. He didn't want her to be scared anymore. If he went first, would she think that he had abandoned her for his own benefits of escaping a threat he hadn't known or felt even though to her, it was as clear as the daylight? He paused and made up his mind. He would wait until everyone had left before leaving. He wanted to protect his kin. He didn't want them to be hurt...mentally or physically.

“We are safer together...I will follow.”

A calm voice spoke and Akai turned his head to look at the speaker in surprise. It was a man with beautiful blonde hair and a pair of...just as equally beautiful blue eyes. The aura surrounded him demanded for...obedient. This one...was a leader type. Akai realized with a jolt. He felt like he could trust him...whoever he was. He crossed his arms and remained silent. He would not interfere with whatever that was going to happen now...and besides, he wanted to study this man some more, discovered if he was the person...the leader Akai was looking for.

Akai stayed behind as the group began to leave. He wanted to protect them from behind. He would be their protector. He would make sure no harm would come to the group. Taking a step closer to the one whom he wanted to call 'leader', Akai asked...no, stated silently "...you care for us, don't you?..." He paused and introduced himself "...hello, I'm Akai...It's a true pleasure and blessing meeting with someone who cares about his own kin..."


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That sensation coursed through her small body again . . . danger, there was definite danger. But she did not understand it, why it was that her senses felt as if they were alight. Those feelings of hers, they were growing stronger, and flowing back into her freshly healed self with such force, such a level of concentration. . . . It wasn’t good, it wasn’t right. Feeling like this now, again. It was not a sentiment or feeling Vega wanted to experience ever again, because if it became too much, it would utterly consume her again. Control of her body would be forfeited to whatever force granted unto her, her powers and then, said force would attempt to eradicate that which only it perceived as a threat.

Vega didn’t understand it, why the extremities of her body were beginning to tingle again, feeling as if pins and needles were being stuck into her flesh, only to be pulled out before breaking it. It was trying to pool into her again, amass itself to attack the threat! The powers she couldn’t control at all. They wanted to destroy them. . . ! These people, her powers wanted some of them to be reduced to mere ash. . . . And, the sensation was getting stronger, increasing and getting so much worse. As her body began to succumb to the sensations, the expression upon the dark haired girl’s face dulled as her head slumped forward and her shoulders went limp—her very breathing began to slow. Hair ornament clinking, she remained quiet as her hands and feet began to get lost in the sensations of tingling. It didn’t hurt, but it was not something Vega wanted to feel at all, because she knew what those sensations meant. Loss of control.

Then, there was an all too familiar voice—one that induced the sentiment of heavy guilt to sink its teeth deep into her soul. Akai had caught back up with them. "...err...why do you all look like that?...did I miss something important here?" His voice was innocent, and truly one of questioning. He sounded nothing at all like what her powers perceived him as, a danger that needed to be eliminated. . . . Vega’s body felt heavy as she remembered earlier, nearly doing him in with her lightning, the fact he had shown her sympathy, as Ariane had even though she’d nearly killed both of them. That kindness was too much. . . .

No . . . I can’t be shown kindness when I’ve done wrong! Vega hissed as she silently clutched onto her own sides, and doubled over, shaking as she tried as hard as she could to force her powers back down. She could not lose it and hurt these people.

As someone else began to speak, Vega’s awareness blurred in and out as she did her best to hold the need to submit to her powers and allow them to use her body as they wished. She caught only bits of what was being said . . . though, the voice elicited but that single need to induce harm, the woman speaking made Vega’s whole body feel like it was catching on fire. She was growing hot, the tingling growing worse, sensations like small shocks were travelling up her small form, inching up to her forehead . . . the gemstone embedded within her skull. A sick feeling overcame Vega as she began to realize that she might not be able to hold it at bay for much longer. What was wrong with her. . . ? Where was all of this coming from?! Her body should have been tapped out by now; she should have been so very tired that she couldn’t even muster a single spark. . . . Yet, here it was, conjuring up more power from a resource she did not comprehend, from a place she didn’t know.

All, to try to destroy people she narrowly knew, and did not perceive as bad on a conscious level.

She moaned, feeling the power creeping through her bones and gnawing away at her muscles and skin, itching and just begging to be released. “No . . . can’t, w-won’t hurt people. . . .” she whimpered quietly.

But, that was when she heard it. Voices, many voices, they were panicked, curious, and there were footsteps, fast approaching footsteps. People, people were coming to see the scene, what had stirred up so much commotion. Innocent people, whom she could hurt, so easily. . . . None of them probably shared in the weirdness that she and some of the others did, so she could so easily harm them. "Time's up, you guys! We gotta go, now! Follow me!" someone called, a voice that her body rejected and protested to, one her powers wanted to eliminate.

It grew, that need to allow her power to consume her, to overcome her very self. Vega felt as if she needed to give into it all, and released her soul and just allow her body to become a simple conduit for her lightning, for it. Something deep within her stirred, and weighed upon her spirit and mind, a toxin known as guilt as she recalled her past—her parents, people from her travels, and tonight, where she had nearly slain Akai who showed kindness to her. “Why? Why am I cursed with this?” she murmured, knowing well the dangers that approached now, the people. She was a danger to them, and they to her. The others were running or were preparing to do so, perhaps it was something she needed to take part in herself, but Vega knew that she could not so simply move now. One wrong twitch of the muscle, and it would unleash itself upon the innocent; the lightning would roar forth with all its fury and attempt to strike those it wanted so badly to extinguish from this world.

Shudders crept through Vega’s form, her skin going gooseflesh as power prickled within her veins, and coursed throughout her; ebbing and flowing with the beating of her heart. Shooting back and forth within her as it attempted to break down the wall of resistance Vega had made against it escaping her, the electricity began to feel as if it were burning her up. Her body began to numb, everything became heavy, so heavy. . . . Her ears rang, buzzing with the power inside of her. Again, Vega let out a moan as she shut her crimson eyes to the world, riding out a wave of nausea that threatened to make her succumb to it. Holding it back, holding the electricity back was making her ill.

As she sat there, doubled over in her efforts to hold her own power at bay, Vega’s heart pounded within her chest, and she shook as quietly, the deadly lightning snaked its way through her and to its intended destination—her garnet. The sensation of danger echoed forth from within her very core, causing the small girl to open her eyes wide and to gasp for air as it felt all she had in her was stolen away. It was coming, no matter what she wanted, it was coming. . . . And through that, for but a moment, Vega stopped breathing, the world seemed to fade away as even her own soul seemed to detach itself from her body.

All went black, and all went silent; the worry and trepidation faded for that one moment as Vega heard something, though her mind could not make sense of it before she was suddenly forced back into reality, into her body and that one moment of detachment caused it to happen. A hoarse scream came from her throat as her spine arched itself upward, forcing her upright, sitting straight as her gemstone flickered to life again, crackling red as the air seemed to heat up. The world stilled and went quiet before it roared forth, red lightning, launching itself from the gemstone embedded within Vega’s forehead.

It bolted forward, the sound of thunder following so closely behind it that it was almost deafening . . . before it hit something, the fountain in the center of the plaza. The lightning hit it, and exploded on contact, shattering the stone it was forged of . . . and causing the water to spray uncontrollably into the air as the pipes connected to it were damaged.

Vega remained still after this, a blank look upon her young face as she did not at all move, or attempt to move. A tear fell from one of her eyes as her mind played back what it could not make sense of before, a voice, a soothing and comforting voice only like of her mother’s, a voice she had never heard before. . . . ”Settle yourself, there is no reason to be scared my child, you are safe, know that I speak the truth. . . .” Who, who was it that had spoken to her in that moment?