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David Ephraim Gideon

"This world will always have its corruption, up until Armageddon. Our job is to fight part of the source."

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a character in “The Modern Nephilim: War Aftermath”, as played by ZacharyTC



((Yay! He finally has a picture! XD ))

Name: David Ephraim Gideon
Age (apparent): 38
Age (in actuality): 41
Type of Supernatural Being (if applicable): 1st Generation Modern Nephilim (basically a human genetically modified into a Nephilim)

Appearance: David used keep his black hair combed back when he was a teenager and young adult, plus he wore striped button-up shirts, jeans/khakis, and a pair of steel-toe leather boots that were all-purpose. But, as time went by, he decided to change how he looks to the public as a reflection of his transition from his pure-blood human days to being a Modern Nephilim with a massive amount of responsibility. By massive, I mean extremely so, more than a typical person can handle. While he no longer wears striped button-up shirts as much as he used to, he does sometimes wear long-sleeve shirts that have a stripe or two on each of his sleeves. Still nothing fancy, but nothing too simple either.

Continued drawing of harm and pain from his allies and subordinates to himself (which is very slowly killing him, not that many individuals know that) resulted in his vision beginning to blur slightly, so whenever he is not using his powers to temporarily remove that symptom, David can often be seen wearing glasses or contacts over his chocolate brown eyes. Make no mistake: he is still the most powerful Modern Nephilim in existence, his slight vision impairment not amounting to much in combat. His khakis are darker to reflect his past as a full-blooded human without any regrets or extreme hardship having become just that, the past. Instead of wearing his steel-toe leather boots all the time, these days, he will only wear them when he suspects trouble is afoot.

His skin is noticeably less tan due to his time hunting down Remnant Rage Nephilim in colder climates of the globe. Plus, he lives in France with his wife (when not on duty), so that also contributes to it. His hair, however, is the same jet-black hair it was in his younger days, except a little messier and longer, now. His height is now 5'9", so he has grown quite a bit since the Nephilim Civil War. As Arch-Nephilim, he will usually wear an all-brown uniform which, if out in public, conceals his face so to keep his secret identity from being known to the public (especially considering that could be used against him). Whenever he flies, his wings that appear for that purpose typically end up brown.

Likes: God, Yeshua (Jesus), his wife and family, gardens, bread, baking, gardening, agriculture, doing something, kindness, music
Dislikes: Satan, utter disrespect, hatred among humans, politics

Personality: David used to be sweet and friendly towards everyone, but since his first taste of the supernatural world in 2012, he has gradually become more reserved and cautious when speaking to people. Seeing as his guardian angel is the Archangel of Secrets, this was probably to be expected. He still will strike up friendly conversation, from time to time, just as he used to, just not as frequently, anymore. Before, he could express himself willingly, yet by now, he learned to bottle up his emotions until he can release them in private without any witnesses. From experience, he knows a lack of control over his emotions is more than enough to be a Modern Nephilim's demise against a fellow supernatural being.

There were plenty of times where he was reckless in order to protect someone, especially Lanuya. As time went on, he learned how to be craftier in his approach so to enable himself not to hurt himself nearly as much, thus making Lanuya less worried for his sake. This is also testament to his adaptability and his resolve to protect those he cares about and is sworn to defend, no matter the methods.

Powers: His powers are too numerous to name them all, seeing as he applies a wide variety of them due to his swift adaptability that has been displayed time and time again. However, they can all be summed up like this: his abilities center around not only direct confrontation, but also stealth, espionage, and guerilla tactics, making him a well-rounded fighter both physically and in mastery of supernatural powers. His swift adaptability and quick learning is what turned him into such a formidable individual whom can now hold his own against powerful non-human supernatural beings, which is more than can be said about most Modern Nephilim and even Traditional Nephilim. He can even use healing and protection powers to an expert level.

Strengths: highly adaptable, quick learner, excellent strategist, formidable against many sorts of supernatural beings

Weaknesses: Despite how powerful he currently is, he is still half human, thus if he were to let his emotions control him even for a second (which is inevitable for anyone with human traits in their genetic makeup), that could be exploited.

History: He was born to a French mother and a Hebrew father in the State of Tennessee, back in America. Because of his Semitic bloodline on his father's side (he is even a descendant of Judah, surprisingly), the Klu Klux Klan was bound to target him to varying degrees. Despite it all, there was not exactly a time where he was seen expressing any sort of hatred for someone. He was as friendly as could be. He even made plenty of friends whenever he went to church on Saturdays. He was baptized as a nondenominational Christian after having read the whole KJV and comprehending a great deal of it from a canonical perspective.

On the subject of how he interacted, he was friendly, of course, yet he knew that sugarcoating things would not help anyone, so there was quite a healthy balance between the positive and the negative. To help some of his friends with their hardships, he taught them how to play guitar and also stood up for them peacefully. Because of this, and more, he made lots of friends.

It was during high school in Knoxville, Tennessee, that he first heard the voice of his guardian angel, Tamar Hagar, in his head. At head, he had no idea how to react, but then as time went by, he simply listened to what she said and took plenty of her advice. Upon graduation, he saw her for the first time, opting to converse with her, which was where he received his first hints as to how the rest of his life would play out. This was where he was informed of a choice to make, that of genetic alteration in order to be able to endure what was to come, to which he agreed after some thought.

The operation was painful, yet with Tamar Hagar's help, he lived through it and became the world's first Modern Nephilim. People noticed his newfound strength and reflexes alarming, causing many to reject him. Only his friends from church and his family accepted this change in him (they were unaware of it until later in the year), neither knowing the details of it nor how it would impact the rest of his life. To this day, few full-blooded humans know the whole story.

Of curse, what by the time a week or more passed seemed a curse turned into a blessing once he came across Nixie's house for the Supernatural, with Tamar Hagar's help. It was there he not only was finally accepted (for the most part), but also where he met a French girl named Lanuya Delida Acelet. That same day, he subconsciously developed a link with her which informed him of her status as a legilimens who involuntarily read minds, as well as her well-being. The reason for this was explained by Tamar Hagar through telepathy: as a Modern Nephilim serving God, he was, and still is, to protect Lanuya however he could/can. This same link enabled him to learn more about her overnight than would typically been possible in years, resulting in a deep crush on her.

Unfortunately, the House for the Supernatural had become a hotbed for trouble between supernatural beings, the resulting trauma nearly killing Lanuya twice due to pending mental implosions. The third incident was where Lanuya actually did die, giving up her life in order to save David and a fallen angel named Samil. Of course, with Samil's help, Lanuya was brought back to life, yet the whole ordeal left David embittered at how he failed to keep her safe. It was not until after the move to France that Lanuya finally realized this and convinced him that everything that happened was part of God's plan, causing whatever grief he had to disappear.

That same day, David and Lanuya became a couple. Sadly, it was also where Lanuya was kidnapped for the second time by a succubus named Lilith. This time, however, David and Samil were able to save her and do away with Lilith once and for all. This nearly killed David in the process, since he had to transfer his own light energy over to Samil for him to deal the critical blow during the rescue.

A couple years later, David and his Modern Nephilim Guardians had grown from just a handful of Modern Nephilim to an entire organization, plus he and Lanuya were now married. By then, however, an infernal Modern Nephilim faction, the Rage Nephilim, had formed and set out plans to destroy humanity. The Guardians had their first encounter with these rogue individuals at Normandy and caught completely by surprise, thus the Nephilim Civil War began. Because of a combination of David's prowess and leadership, plus the contributions of such individuals as Joseph Isaiah (his Second-in-Command (referred to as Silver-Wing) and eventual successor), Kaliyah Carter, Yakusoku, Boaz Peterson, and Project Rei, the Rage Nephilim were defeated within three years.

The year of the Rage Nephilim's defeat was also the year David and Lanuya's twin offspring, Baptiste and Amélie, were born. Now, with a faction of Rage Nephilim called the Rage Nephilim Remnant out for revenge, David is quite busy balancing his family life with his life as Arch-Nephilim. It is a life few people can endure.


Lanuya Delida Acelet-Gideon (wife)
Baptiste Ahuv Acelet-Gideon (son)
Amélie Aimee Acelet-Gideon (daughter)

Saul Eli Gideon (brother)
Brigitte Carol Gideon (sister-in-law)
Bernadette Blondelle Gideon (adoptive niece)

Amisa Mirim Acelet (sister-in-law)
Samil Ravira (brother-in-law)

So begins...

David Ephraim Gideon's Story


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The Great Smokey Mountains, a section of the Appalachians within the United States of America. It has been roughly 23 years since David Ephraim Gideon moved from there to the House of the Supernatural that was the place where he met his love and wife, Lanuya Delida Acelet, whom is now Lanuya Delida Acelet-Gideon. The stay at the House was brief and dangerous, resulting in a move to France, where, since the Nephilim Civil War, matters have relatively mellowed down for the couple. At least, it did for Lanuya. David, on the other hand, had plenty of duties to attend to as Arch-Nephilim, which meant he could never have a completely calm life. Thankfully, he has learned Samil Ravira's trick of storing memories in a special portion of the brain so to make them less capable of being read. That one ability reduced the risk of a mental implosion significantly.

The scars on David's face are constant reminders that his work would not be done until his death, a death that would not occur in his wife's lifetime. And yet, his face still retained the same charm everyone close to him knew of. That charm, however, David locked up when he meant business. He waited in a remote area of the forest-filled mountains for a supernatural being of great importance to his current mission, assigned by Tamar Hagar (his guardian angel), in this story. The mission was to track down the very clones of his lifelong nemesis since the Nephilim Civil War, Antony Pyro.


Were circumstances different, the Modern Nephilim Guardians would not require assistance from another realm. It did not help much that Joseph Isaiah's time was also divided between family and his duties as a Modern Nephilim Guardian. It was a mixed blessing, however. Joseph Isaiah and his wife, Kaliyah Carter-Isaiah, had a daughter whom turned out a fae, thus much of their time was spent in the Fae Realm so their daughter could learn to control her powers. The bad part was, because every Modern Nephilim Guardian was divided between Angelic life and their human life, plus the United Nations has created a hindrance by forming a peacekeeping force, the UN Supernatural Investigators, out to track down Modern Nephilim to obtain knowledge of the Supernatural world, even THORN could not provide enough of the needed assistance to enable the tracking down of the Rage Nephilim Remnant. It was time to request help from the Southern Kingdom of the Demon Realm.

The cabin David was staying at for the meeting used to belong to a former neighbor, a hangout spot during part of the summer each year. Since the Nephilim Civil War, it has been vacant, making it the perfect location for the Arch-Nephilim to meet up with a friend (sort of) he made back at the House of the Supernatural. She was a vampire named Arabella Maxwell. Of course, the same two days they were in the House of the Supernatural together were the only opportunities they had at conversing in person. They were off to a shaky start when David revealed her nature as a vampire out of excitement without thinking of the consequences to her. He apologized twice for it, each at a different time of the same day.

David did not expect Arabella to have forgiven him for that, even though more than enough time has passed. By now, it did not matter, because the meeting was an important one for both of them. The realm the Earth is in is a hub of supernatural activity where visitors from several supernatural realms meet for both diplomacy and secretive warfare. Most supernatural warfare on earth and its realm was monopolized by the Heavenly Alliance ruled by the Council of Three (Odin, Hades, and God (the Abrahamic one)) and the Infernal Confederacy ruled by the Rebellious Trio (Loki, Ares, and Satan), the rest of the realms waging wars relatively minor compared to the one waged since the beginning of mankind since they were much, much shorter and had an end in sight beyond prophecies. Because control for earth and the universe it is in rests firmly in the grip of the Heavenly Alliance and the Infernal Confederacy, whoever of the two would win (which the Heavenly Alliance is prophesied to) would ultimately decide the fate of eternity within Earth's realm.

It was important for the Elven Realm that the Heavenly Alliance win due to the simple fact the Council of Three is more orderly than the Rebellious trio, meaning less of a risk the Elven Realm be threatened by any Infernal forces. The Fae Realm requires a settlement to the dispute between the Heavenly and Infernal forces so that the Fae within said realm will have their own peace between the two courts ruling their race and to determine whether they coexist (the Heavenly Alliance's promise of mediation helping to that end) or a final showdown to determine who will rule over the other (a promise made by the Infernal Confederacy). The Demon Realm requires a victor over control of Earth's realm simply because it will determine what kind of visitors will come their way for eternity, if any. (The Realm Demons and Hell Demons have moments where they will not see eye to eye and will be in dispute because of it; Angels, Realm Demons often at least tolerate after the initial fear their younger ones and teenage-like people have upon first encountering one). Every Realm had a motive for seeing an end to the Heavenly-Infernal conflict.

David waited patiently by a window in the cabin as he admired nature's beauty, with two other Guardians accompanying him. He finally sensed the aura telling him a portal opened behind him. Instantly, he figured out the genetic makeup of the person he was expecting. Turning around, he took off his glasses, his demeanor calm and collected without a hint of emotion displayed.


"It has been roughly 23 years, has it, Arabella?" Pulling out a mobile data computer, he typed in a complicated password while stating, "I shall have the ray screen up in a moment."


"Baptiste, where is Gamma? He needs his tune up, today."

"I got it, Amélie."

"Oh! You're working on that? Okay."

It was a typical enough day for the Acelet-Gideon twins in Baptiste's house, next to Amélie's. Baptiste was the one who made coffee and bread for the two of them. They always had something to do together. Being twins, it was to be expected. Sometimes, the floating probe named Gamma needed a tune-up.