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Killian Jones

"I will end this, all of them. The demons shall suffer"

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a character in “The Mohiri”, as played by Lolkatlove


Name: Killian Jones

Gender: Male

Age: 265 in immortal years - 21 in appearance

Faction: North American Mohiri

Rank: Killian is known to be the most strong and skillful hunter amongst the North American Mohiri

Appearance: He stands at a height of 6ft 4" with a sweep of dark black hair framing over his hazel eyes which flicker from brown to green depending on the light that touches them. With a strong jaw and high cheekbones, he is considered handsome amongst many with traits of an Italian ancestry from his mother and a voice as sleek as honey.

Personality / History:

Killian is known for taking his job and his mission's seriously. Because of this, he has often come across as strict and uncaring amongst his peers, but he wasn't always this way. He has never failed a mission. Except one, which cost him his only family, the only person he truly cared about, his older sister, Serena. As a carefree young man he enjoyed to muck about with his friends, he would laugh and he would celebrate with them playing jokes and even sometimes pulling pranks. He thought he could overcome anything with his skills. He recklessly took on a job offered to him by the council, a far higher level than he was currently capable of at that time. His sister realised the danger he was in and chased after him on his mission, his recklessness put his sister in danger, she paid the price. His carefree attitude, his joy was lost during that mission. To this day, he refuses to speak about what happened. He never speaks of his sister and he has never revealed to anyone the details of what happened that day 107 years ago.

Since his sister's death Killian shut himself away, he studied every day, he refused to take time off and soon grew distant from his friends. He honed his skills, his mind, his strength and thought of nothing but mastering the mission. He shut away the part of himself that felt he could relax. He became focused on nothing else other than killing demons. Becuase of this his mind was incredibly smart, working with logic more than feeling. He always takes the first step, the initiative for problems if it means studying for a solution or training to grow stronger to defeat the enemy.

He likes things done the right way or not at all, if someone messes up he tends to have a rough temper as he can be quite hot-headed. He won't allow anyone he considers incapable of putting themselves in harms way, he would simply get the job done before they could leave or complain. This attitude caused a lot of friction with some Mohiri as he would complete jobs they were assigned without their knowledge as he had little faith in their ability.

Getting him angry can be quite easy even if it means someone fell over since he thinks its stupid; however that doesn’t mean he wouldn't help the person up while muttering annoyance, really he hates seeing other people hurt. When his temper does go out of control though he can be rash with little patience and even lacing deep threats to others, it gets worse if anyone threatens to hurt someone he cares about since his anger can be induced with protectiveness.

As for humans, well he thinks they are naive but will lose himself in their world from time to time as he will venture alone to a bar to drink his pain away when he is reminded of Serena. Otherwise he tries to get out of doing extra activities which aren't expected of him such as cleaning up or pointless tasks which don't involve demons. He also would rather not have more on his plate since he is forever busy keeping an eye on the activity of demons. Because of that, he can become irritated easily and therefore easier to annoy.

He has become closed off with his feelings not wanting to become personally involved with anyone. If something tragic happens he doesn't want to be emotionally shattered again. He can not allow himself to show any weakness, not until he achieves his goal, his vengeance on a particular demon who caused him such pain.

Doesn’t overreact - rational
Caring without being obvious about it
Strong Hunter
Focused on the mission
Achieves his goals - Has never failed a mission other the one which changed his life.

Hard headed
Easy to argue with
Hates losing – competitive
Unfaithful in the ability of some Mohiri / untrusting

  • Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Dark chocolate
  • Cigarettes
  • Sleeping
  • Alcohol
  • Snow falling
  • Listening to live music
  • Night time darkness and the sounds

  • Spicy food
  • Work done wrong
  • Letting someone get hurt
  • Bugs - can't stand them and kills everyone he see's (gets embarrassed about people knowing this)
  • feeling alone sometimes but most of the time he doesn't mind depending on what he is doing

Close combat his is strong point, he has a wicked skill using a scythe, his main choice of weapon.
He has a strong intuition for his surroundings
A strong tracker
Good sense of hearing

His temper getting the best of him if someone knows how to enrage it
Long range fighting, he can't use his strength from a distance
knowing when to give up.

So begins...

Killian Jones's Story