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Haley Monroe

"You don't understand, you're not like me."

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a character in “The Monochromatic Rainbow”, as played by InakoUchiha


Haley Monroe
β€œDon't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss
Heavy || Linkin Park | YOUTH || Troye Sivan | Cough Syrup || Young The Giant

Haley Jackson Monroe

Queer { elder sister/enemies : hates }
Hales ( friends : loves }

16 - Sixteen

August 20th / Leo


Homosexual & Single

Colin Ford

Queer Boy #3



Haley keeps his hair in a semi-short type cut, and keeps it as close to the natural blonde it is. The color takes more dark hues after his father's appearance.

His eyes are like sunlight shooting through a mixture of whiskey and a green grass. His eyes are a hazel color, but more separated, green towards the outparts of the iris, and they have a golden brown ring around the pupil.

As much as he dislikes to admit it, Haley's appearance does resemble his elder sister. He doesn't appreciate being related to her, but they both have the same hair color and the same facial features.

5"5' / 145lbs.


He has freckles across his shoulders and his face, but they are barely visible. He also has the birthmark in a shape of a UFO on his left finger.


In terms of his personality, Haley is a perfect mixture between sarcasm and timidity. Not a big fan on public speaking, he'd rather take on a horde of bullies, than speak around strangers. Needless to say, Haley is very timid. He often doesn't stand up for himself, often told by his friends to be more vocal. He just sees no reason to cause a fight because people have backward opinions. It's not very smart to get in a fight over silly words. Obviously, Haley is very against violence and prefers not to confront people about issues of any kind.

Loving and caring, Haley fulfills the role of being a younger brother, not to his biological sister, but to his "Queer Family". Haley has a distinct intolerance for his sister, and on several occasions has broken his no violence rule and had screaming matches with his sister. Haley hates his sister, but he knows deep down, he just wants them to be close again. Haley's temper is very hard to break, but when you do, run. It's not a pretty sight. He's also very bashful, often blushing at things his friends say. He has a very large heart and is always willing to forgive others, even his bully, he forgives him. He honestly just wants to study the male's mind, so he's glad that they are sharing a home. He's inquisitive and curious, always wanting to know why. He's him, and he doesn't care what others think because he knows he has his friends.


Haley Jackson Monroe, was born in a hospital two months ahead of his birth's original date. So he was a special child from the beginning, being treated in an intensive care unit until he was healthy enough to be taken home. After a few months, closer to the time of New Years, he was in his home. His older sister, Amber, loved him intensely. She often held him and dressed him up. He was the perfect baby doll, their bond would remain to be close until later in life. Amber and Haley couldn't have been more close, they rarely argued like normal siblings, they often would help each other with their homework and other things. They were just close. Until Haley reached his high school years.

In middle school, Haley was new to the whole multiple classes thing, so he latched onto one person who had all his classes. His name was Olliver, and they were really close. Haley was truly innocent to the idea that society rejected two males being together and knew he liked Olliver. His parents were rather conservative, but never outright brought up their children to think like them. Sure comments were made here and there, but Haley never understood. When he was fourteen, in the eight grade, he stayed over at Olliver's house for a party he was having. No parents, a few close friends, an alcohol. Haley had experimented with alcohol and managed to get drunk in the process. Admitting to Olliver he liked him. Olliver rejected him and started to spread the rumors around the school. At first, Haley tried to deny all of it, he wasn't gay. But...why was it a bad thing?

When he became a freshman, his and his sister's relationship broke. He had fully come out and made a new batch of friends. Even developing a crush on his bully. But coming out, and gaining new friends, meant he had to lose his sister. He misses their bond, but her close minded ideas just won't work anymore for him,

So begins...

Haley Monroe's Story