Arabella Tilling

"I think I know enough of hate/ To say that for destruction ice/Is also great/ And would suffice"

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a character in “The Monster Games”, as played by Aurelier


Arabella is only five feet tall and appears to be younger than her actual age of sixteen. She has long, diry blonde hair with shaggy layers and side bangs that are always falling in her eyes. Her eyes a bright purple color that are so vivid that it makes her stand out in a crowd of humans. When she was younger and still thought she was human, she was segregated from the other children because of her eye color.


Arabella is always trying to help even if the people don't particularly want it. She will defend the humans (Jaimie especially) against anything that could possibly harm them and in a monster school it seems to be a lot. Her past haunts her occasionally, but she can push it to the back of her mind just by talking to her friends.


Arabella wears a tight, purple tank top and ripped skinny jeans. The tank top matches her overly used converse shoes and her eyes. She also keeps a black and white, checkered messenger bag with her at all times. It contains anything and everything she needs to survive. She also has her powers, even if she is inexperienced. Her powers are mostly defensive and usually appear in the form of a bright, purple light. She used mess up the spells by mispronouncing the various syllables from her spellbook.


Orphaned at a young age, Arabella never knew her parents. She was adopted by a washed up rockstar who was often drinking and partying and had no time for a daughter. He lost his temper often and Arabella was usually too close, but she didn't realize his blows were stronger than a normal person and later finds out that he, Chad, is a vampire. She ran away when she was younger and never knew that she was a witch. She lived on the streets, stealing to survive. There, she learned how to pick locks and steal things as a human. If she had known magic she would have been one of the best. She learned a few tricks from her friend James, a teen trying to make it in the music industry. Him and his band owned an apartment where Arabella tried to live, but found it difficult. One day she stumbled upon the school and the secretary immediately realized her potential. When Arabella went into the dungeons she met the spirits of her ancestors and they taught her about her history and the Luminescant coven. They mentioned something about a twin, but she assumed that they were killed by the Bloodoak coven, too. Arabella and Anabella eventually met, but fought and the use of magic against each other caused an explosion only affecting the twins. Anabella grew dark hair and green eyes since that day, but Arabella seemed fairer than usual. After that incident, Arabella could do offensive magic.

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