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Welcome to my home away from home.

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Welcome to Morningstar Manor.
As you draw up, there are many servants waiting to open your carriage doors, help ladies from their perches, to drive away cars and direct you to where you need to go.
Servants will not be permitted inside and will be sent away. Lucifer has already arranged a demonic servant for each guest, ensuring that your glass is always full and every whim catered for.
While all of them look a little different, you can see they all wear the same uniforms, black maid outfits for the ladies and suits for the gentlemen, and all have glowing red eyes.


There is music playing, the sound coming from a string quartet, though there is a perfectly beautiful piano stationed in another corner.

There are already ladies and gentlemen on the dance floor, turning a twirling, some of the dances for couples, others a chance to mingle as you swap partners. Of course, drinks are being served and in the corner, men smoke heavy pipes and ladies chatter.

This is the biggest gathering of Monsters in many years, certainly unusual as many do not get along, but tonight is not about settling old scores..... or is it?

Your host, Lucifer, is not present at the moment, but he should be along soon.

Until then, enjoy.

ooc: You character will be given 1 NPC character to control as they wish. It is a servant of Lucifer's given to replace those he had not permitted inside. They are all demons,
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Morningstar Manor

Welcome to my home away from home.


Morningstar Manor is a part of The Monsters Ball.

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#, as written by Lullyn
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The servants hurried down the stairs as the coaches began to arrive, though they did it in such a manner that they merely looked like they were busy, not rushed. Servants lined the entrance, too many of them to be needed by one man, surely? Each time a guest stepped from their carriage, a servant was introduced to them who would be their made or butler for the party. Their own servants would not be permitted inside, no matter what the circumstances.
"Good evening," said the man at the doorway of the ballroom, which was already full of people milling around, and then he turned to the room to announce each guest, by name and full title.

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"Lady Willow! Your father had requested that I come get you"

A sound of a pair of twin swords hitting the ground filled the room, followed by a squeak as the said female had crouched into a defensive position, a dagger held out as it took a moment to recognize the voice. When she did, she straightened her body, standing tall even though she only stood at 5 feet as she glared at her servant, "I have told you before, never sneak up on me! What if I hadn't recognized your voice? What if I had attacked before taking the time to realize who you are?" She snapped, her face and expression were calm but her voice was sharp and powerful, causing even her servant to flinch and step back when her eyes flashed a dangerous crimson color.

She then sighed after a moment and waved her hand, "Don't worry, just don't do it again" She said softly as she received a nod before she asked, "Aurox, my dear cousin, why had father sent you for me?" Aurox's auburn eye brows rose, disappearing into his messy bed head of hair. "My lady, you forgot? The ball is today, I am suppose to get you ready" A smile twitched at the corner of his mouth as Willow's cheeks reddened before she hurried past him. "No! I didn't forget! Come, let's get ready!"

"My queen you must be careful with the dress! Please don't step on it" The familiar voice of her faithful servant and cousin, Aurox, scolded lightly as he followed behind her to her carriage. Willow had gave him a nod, letting him know she had heard him as she focused on walking without stepping on her dress along with preparing herself for whatever might happen at this ball. Her dress was gorgeous. Picked out by her cousin and placed on her, was a beautiful pure black corset top with a matching medium dome like skirt that brushed the ground slightly, her sleeves hung off her shoulders and fell loosely past her hands, waving gracefully whenever she moved.

To accent this dress, silver swirls and designed was etched into the dress, the laces of the corset were also silver with the skirt in full detail, it would seem that the skirt itself was formed in the design of a half phoenix with it's wing outstretched. Her clan emblem. To complete this look, her white hair was gathered up in cute, beautiful curls with her bangs swept out of her face and held with a barrette that resembled her emblem. She also wore dark, smoky makeup that drew attention to her icy blue eyes, clear lip gloss and a beautiful lace choker and black lace up heels. All put together by Aurox himself.

The ride seemed to go by fast and she had just barely caught bits and pieces of what Aurox was saying to her, but it was along the lines of her costume and making sure to inform her temporary servant (Which he called vermin under his breath, obviously jealous), on the things she needed. Not only was she a guest but she was also going to perform. When they pulled up, Willow tried not the gawk at the mansion but she still managed to stumble on her way out of the carriage, but Aurox was there at her elbow, a tiny smile on his lips. "Be careful my Goddess, you need to pay more attention" His emerald eyes flashed with amusement as Willow's cheek colored, but they were soon joined by the servant assigned to her for the party.

After Aurox had handed him her things and informed him on everything he needed to know about his Goddess, also making his eyes flash an inky black when he thought she wasn't looking, her servant had guided her to the door, shaking nervously as Willow smiled politely to the male. "He won't hurt you, he's just looking out for me as he should, but do take his words to heart. He means what he says" That seemed to make the shaking worse as he opened the door and lead her inside to where a man had announced her arrival. "Lady and Warrior Willow Reed Keguraki of Crucifix!" He bellowed as she gracefully walked into the room, nodding her head to those who acknowledged her as she began to walk around and mingle. She quickly sent for a drink as she circled around as she spotted a female near the wall, her eye brows rose as she took in the 9 fox tails that wrapped around her form.

Names racked her brain as she approached the female with a polite smile, "Lady Dalastiel, I believe?" She asked politely with a bow of her head, Willow didn't know what might happen at the party seeing as only those with lots of power were invited, she didn't want to walk in and have to deal with any fighting. There was a later time for that... "I don't mean to be rude but I could I touch your tails? " A smirk slid across her face, she was being playful, it was a party after all, but she truthfully wanted to touch her tails. She had heard of the rumors about the curse if you touch a 9-tailed foxes tail.