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The Monsters We've Become

Dimme Boarding School


a part of The Monsters We've Become, by Evenir.


Evenir holds sovereignty over Dimme Boarding School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A rather large boarding school, located deep within a forest, walled up high with a heavy, ornate gate leading in. The road leads to a round about in front of the small office building, where new students can be dropped off. In the center of the loop is a noble and intimidating looking statue of the founder and Director, Lana Dimme.

Set a few hundred meters behind the office buidling is a square ring of building with yet another entrance gate, where only fully initiated students may enter. Within this compound is all classrooms and dormitories for the fully fledged students.

Outside the compound and to the left and right of the office building are the Pre-Student Dormitories and the small block of classrooms for the first week. Set far back in the corner of the lot, out of sight of most, is a tall, strange building that looks like someone tried to mash together pieces of many different building into one. This is the temporary dorms for those pre-students with illnesses, as well as back up disciplinary dorms for the main campus.
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Dimme Boarding School is a part of The Monsters We've Become.

9 Characters Here

Alex Croft [11] Fallen Angel/ Close your eyes/ I won't let you fall tonight
Olivia Fiori [8] Mermaid. "So you sure this ain't punishment for being pretty?"
Preston Jacob "Jake" Stilleman [8] You wont see me...unless I want you to.
Asmodeus "Addy" Lycin MacMirrin [6] A gentle soul, warped into a savage.
Pandora Lefurgey [5] Eager to please, and rather too robotic. Literally.
David Ruttman [5] Does it ever bother you that nobody ever came by to check on us? I mean I know these bastards cut us off from the outside, but you'd think someones parents would have wanted an update on us. Or did they all just F##king abandon us!?
Vizkopo Wasserspeier [3] The black sheep of a black stained family.
Agoston diaboli [0] "Even though the adults here are insane, I will abide by their rules."

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Jake swallowed, Im trapped. I don't want to be in this, he thought, his eyes flicking between Olivia, and the boy. He thought we were fighting? Wow. I should get away before I actually get pulled into a conversation. Maybe they wont notice me though. In that case, I should probably find my room. Slowly, Jake inched away, hoping Olivia was too preocupied with the new guy to notice his departure.