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The Moonlit Forest

The Moonlit Forest


In a world of endless forest, where there exists many different species, humans are being dragged in to survive.

772 readers have visited The Moonlit Forest since CassandraGirlNCR created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: also to nsjone's legend of cain series.


This roleplay is a sandbox roleplay, and as such has no plot and is open-world. Now keep in mind, lack of plot will not make it uninteresting as there will still be problems for players to overcome. Also, of the two sides, neither is good or bad. Right or wrong. One players antagonist may be another's protagonist. Keep in kind your character can go any way, whether solo, the Elves, or a Werebeast.
Also, you can choose to start off as Elf, human or Werebeast. If you start off as human, and in some cases the other two, there is a very large chance you will be editing you character profile during the rp at some points. Also, people will be using you character for reference so make sure to make a good character, characters not deemed worthy will be asked to fix it and/or to leave the roleplay if unable.

Somewhere in the vastness of another universe, there is a realm of endless trees. And every so often, by powers not fully understood, individuals are torn from their world and thrown here, into the infinite forest... You have just found yourself transported to the Moonlit Forest. Abandon hope of getting home, for if you want to survive, you will have to make this place your home. Survive and don't get killed, for this world is a dangerous one. You will receive new gifts here, whether it be magic or something more. Most importantly, find the other stranded souls who call the mysterious Moonlit Forest their home. If you want to thrive in this hostile world, you will certainly need their help!

The Moonlit Forest is a forest of seemingly eternal night. The trees can be hundreds, and in rare cases thousands, of feet tall. The almost always completely block out sunlight. Every so often, normally every ten years, 3-9 humans are dragged from Earth, or another Earth-like dimension, and thrown into the Moonlit Forest with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The Moonlit Forest is inhabited by many species, and even some larger cities, though mostly just small villages and camps.
Firstly, there are the natives. The Elves. They are masters at Archery and Magic, and they tend to live in villages built on the treetops, or high in the trees. They hate werebeasts. They are the enemies of any and all werebeasts, no exceptions. They hunt and kill werebeasts, as well as get hunted and killed by them. Humans may be accepted into the Elves, if they undergo a ritual. This ritual requires them to be bonded to the Elven species. From then on, they will learn the arts of Magic, but they are unable to recieve the gift of Lycanthropy, or any other Therianthropy. They will live as part of the Elves, as they become family with them.
Then there are the Werebeasts. Werewolves, Werebears, Wereboars, Werevultures, Werecats of all types, Werecrocodiles in the swamps, and more. There are generally two types of Werebeasts, Feral and non-feral. The Feral ones have been infected by desieses such as Sanies Lupinus or Sanies Ursinus. They are unintellegent, and have at one point lost the ability to turn back into humans. They are quite simply animals, feral. Then the intellegent ones, ones who have been past humans and have been gifted. There aren't many of them but they are strong. If you become a werebeast, you are generally accepted among all werebeasts (Though some were clans do fight), and you will never be able to become blood kin with the Elves, nor learn magic.
The Moonlit Forest is a forest that never ends. It literally covers almost the whole planet, though there are rumors of seas and deserts in far off lands. They call it the Moonlit Forest, but in actuality its a linked system of forests, jungles and swamps, all of which are filled with trees. The trees are so thick sunlight is rarely ever seen from the floor. That's okay, though due to the werebeast's many abilities.

Age: (14-21)
Gender: (Please stick to male or female. Let's not complicate things.)
Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
Appearance: (Tell me what your character looks like. You may use pics and describe what the pic doesn't reveal about your char.)
Bio: (At least a paragraph.)
Note: You do NOT have to use this character sheet. You can feel free to make your own, just use common sense.

Information on the Werebeasts, the Elves, and more can and will be found in the OOC section. It will be titled "Information."

Toggle Rules

1) No godmodding or powergaming.
2) Please use proper grammar. I understand mistakes every once in a while, but avoid reckless typing.
3) No one-liners. I know that sometimes it comes to points where it's hard to get more than one line in there, but try to be creative and get at least a paragraph.
4) Keep all OOC posts in the OOC.
6) Don't kill off another character without the permission of the RPer.
7.) Don't create an ooc topic without permission. A topic means like a new sub-forum in the ooc. You can post in the ooc, though, so don't be confused.
8.) Use common sense, please.
9.) If you don't use the character sheet, please make a worthy character.
10.) You may edit your character in-rp. In fact, this might become essential for some.
11.) If you are unable to continue in the roleplay at a time, don't do it unexpectedly. Surely you can find time for a post explaining some way your character left.

Taking place in...

The Moonlit Forest our primary setting

The Moonlit Forest, the endless forest.

The Moonlit Forest

The Moonlit Forest by CassandraGirlNCR

The Moonlit Forest, the endless forest.

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The Moonlit Forest

The Moonlit Forest by CassandraGirlNCR

The Moonlit Forest, the endless forest.

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Character Portrait: Shiver Hiruko
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The Moonlit Forest

The Moonlit Forest by CassandraGirlNCR

The Moonlit Forest, the endless forest.

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