a half wolf, alone.

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Description-Alisi is twelve years old. She has black hair, and wears a black sweater and black jeans, torn at the knees, and a red belt. She has red eyes and pale skin. Her hands have claws at the end of the fingers, but only when she wants them to. She always looks focused, and slightly mad, even when she is not.
Weapons- Alisi only has her claws and a knife she keeps on her belt.
Personality- Alisi is a very serious person. She is also smart, selfish, prideful, but kind to those who show her kindness. She is also rude and mean to those who have wronged her.
Abilities- Alisi has superhuman senses, and wolf like ears and claws. She also has the ability to transform completely into a wolf.
Background- Alisi is a half wolf. Her parents both died when she was not even one year old. She moved to a cave far away from the others on the western side of the mountain. As hard as she used to try, she still has no one to take care of her. She steers clear of most people now, but will still occasionally try to talk to someone, try to find someone to take care of her.

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Alisi's Story


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Alisi had just gotten back from the lake. She entered her cave and set the water she had gotten at the lake down. She then went and laid down on her bed. Soon, she had fallen asleep, her mind once again drifting into the nightmares. The nightmares where she died. Where everyone else died. The ones where no one else was left but her. So many different nightmares, most of them revolving around her being alone. The loneliness filled her heavy heart like the darkness of a moonless night. Like the mountain's shadow. Like the remorseless creatures that dwelled bellow the surface.
Alisi awoke with a start, sweat pouring down her back. She had just awoken from the dream where she died. She had been stabbed straight through the heart in that dream. She put her hand over her heart, thankful that it was just a dream. Even knowing it was just a dream, it had left her with a feeling of fear. She sat in her bed, telling herself over and over again; It's just a dream, It's just a dream.
Alisi then got up and opened the door. The moon was out now, but Alisi decided to stay inside for a while. She went to the back of her room and rummaged through the mess of books in that area. After she found the book she was looking for, she went to her bed and sat down, then started reading. It was a book about the humans. She found it very interesting. While she was reading, someone was sneaking up to the door. Alisi didn't notice; she was too busy reading. Suddenly, the door burst open, and the person/ creature came barging in.