Macey Clemmons

A 17 year old female who gets lost in the mountains

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a character in “The Moonlit Prominence”, as played by Akatc2017


Physical Description: Macey is of average height, only being about 5'6" tall. She is slender, with long legs and oddly bright red hair. She has mud brown eyes, and her face is scattered with freckles.

Personality: Macey is a very curious girl. She is adventurous, sometimes to the point of putting herself or others at risk, unfortunately. She is hopeless when it comes to directions, but still loves exploring the woods whenever she can. She loves music, but can't dance to save her life. Macey tends to be very sarcastic and witty, while also still being genuinely caring and kind.

Abilities/ Equipment: Relies on her quick wits and manipulation to get her out of bad situations.

Background: Macey, while seemingly normal, had a hard childhood. While her mother was emotionally abusive, her father always showered her with love, and even sparked her interest in music when he would sing her to sleep every night. 6 months ago, Macey's dad was in a car accident, and since then she hates being anywhere near her mother. She constantly roams the wooded areas on the mountain in order to relieve her stress.

So begins...

Macey Clemmons's Story