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The Moon's War

The Moon's War


They will fight a bloody war to gain peace through toying with emotions and manipulating each other for their own gain. Along the way, they will fall in love, get their hearts broken... but like they say, all is fair in love and war. {OPEN}

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T H E ... M O O N ' S ... W A R

I don't know why you're here. To hear a story? To weep? To rejoice? To question? To judge? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. Just sit down, sit down already! This story is not meant for the fainthearted, and it is not meant for the emotional. It is for the strong. It is for those who can look into the face of all that is wrong with society and say, "I can fix this." This is for the ones who have been touched by darkness, and have come out alive. None of you are leaving yet, huh? Alright, then, let me begin with the Sun and the Moon. Ah, strange beginning, yes? Yes, it is. But not as surprising as you might think. Come now, you must admit that the Sun and Moon control the universe. They control our entire lives! They decide what happens, and they are the only things our kind has not even come close to manipulating through technology, through our ideas, through our petty little emotions. No, they are unaffected, they are constant, and they have been around since the beginning.

The universe began with their marriage. It was their union that started Earth, you see. It was their love and affection for each other that created the most damned of all worlds. It was their strong emotions that instilled in us what we call 'humanity.' This irrationality that all of us - deny it if you want, some of you, but you will see in time how all are the same - cannot escape is the result of the Sun and Moon. The galaxy was held in place, for centuries. The human world remained unpredictable and at times shakier than the Sun and Moon wanted, but it always righted itself in the end; the Sun and Moon made sure of that. Eventually, they decided to have children. Children?! How do they have children?! Shut up, let me explain. The galaxy did begin with marriage, but it also began with a little bit of magic. Or, well, more of an unseen force that only the Sun and Moon could control. They directed it to where it ought to go when the time called for it, and you can bet that for the sake of Earth they did use that bag to bring the world back to balance, but for the most part, it stayed in a bag. A small little bag that the Sun and Moon carried everywhere. I don't want to get into the details of it now, for the sake of your youthful innocence, but they, achem, made love with this magic, and the Stars were born. Beautiful Stars, all devoted to their mother and loyal to their father. They stayed with their mother, though, for they aged so slowly, and demanded even more motherly love than even you did, young man. Or are you a lady fella? I can't see very well, I'm old. How else do you think I know this stuff? I've been around the whole time.

Well, moving on. The Moon wanted more children, eventually, but not just stars. She told her husband that she wanted children who weren't so demanding of her. They had enough Stars, she insisted. Can't we have something else? The Sun thought and pondered and fretted, searching for the right answer, for he loved his wife very dearly and wanted to please her. Ah, but of course! Two decades had passed since she had first asked, and to her credit, she never asked or complained after that, but he never forgot, and he finally had the answer: human children! This would take a little more than a little bit of magic, but alas, it happened. Beautiful children, six girls and six boys. six of them of the Sun, six of them of the Moon. But they couldn't live with the Sun and the Moon; they didn't have enough magic for that. So sadly, the Sun and Moon sent them down to Earth, to live with us. They were sent down in golden raindrops, invisible to the human eye. They traveled through space and time, each of them arriving at a different pace to Earth. They were born with a little bit of magic inside of them, creating an uncontrollable power inside of them that would not reveal itself until one of their parents so desired. They lived apart, some of them adopted, some of them living on the streets, etc. All was well, and as much as the Sun and Moon missed and wanted to interact with their children, they knew better. They instead raised them in a more subtle manner, guiding them from the background, watching over them, disciplining them, even comforting them, through their own small ways.

But the Moon was a very insistent woman, a very willful mother. She became angry at being so far from her children, and eventually went to her husband and stamped her foot. "I'm tired of watching them from afar!" she said, eyes ablaze with her fierce temper. "I want to be with them. I want to go down and be a mother, a real one. This is what I want, and I demand that you comply with my desires. I only want to be a mother."

"I forbid it," the Sun calmly replied, turning her down with the gentle manner he often used with the Moon. Never before had he been forced to deny her, and it was difficult, but he persisted. Soon, he became angry with the Moon's persistent efforts to abandon her post. She begged him to give her another daughter for the sole purpose of training her to take her place in a few years. He spoke harshly to her, knowing that no being but themselves could handle their responsibilities, and shortly after the Moon refused to take her post after the Sun's time was up. The sun now blazed endlessly; with each passing day, the Sun's self-restraint grew weaker and weaker, and the Earth was soon suffering from extreme heat. If something wasn't done quickly, the Earth would collapse, even without the Sun's stepping down from his post. One day, he turned to demand that his wife 'suck it up,' only to find that she was gone. Completely gone. His face dropped when he realized there was only one place he could have gone: Earth. Thus, he left his post. The world was plunged into darkness, and most of the human population died. The only survivors were the twelve children, and the humans a few of them had chosen to protect at all costs.

The Moon had found each of them. In a matter of months, she had congregated them in the middle of nowhere, a place to be found in a picture book depicting the country. There was nothing but flat ground, so that all of them were in sight of each other. The Moon and her children lived in harmony for awhile, residing in a castle the Moon had made with her magic, and dubbed the land 'Celest.' For two weeks, everyone was happy. The children came to terms with the truth quickly, as they had always known there was something different about them. They were getting to know each other, which I'm sure you can imagine; a family has been separated for their entire lives until now, and to add to that, everyone else is dead except for them. Of course they're special. They always have been. Even more so, now that the Moon had arrived and therefore brought their powers to life. They were special together now, happy and untouched by whatever could have hurt them if it was alive. Everything was perfect. Until, of course, it wasn't. The Sun had finally found his Moon, and he dragged her home. She followed him with pride and dignity, as the children watched, confused, clueless even about the identity of their own father.

When the Moon got home, she endured a long lecture from her husband, and when she got her chance, grabbed the bag of magic. She released all of it, and placed a curse on Earth. The children will fight a war, she prophesied. Civilization will not find peace, and will not renew itself, until the battle is over. And thus, the Moon's War began. The children were immediately placed on the side of their 'main' parent, as they began to call it, and began to hate each other fiercely. The battle, you see, was not one of blood or weapons. The battleground was built on lies, on secrets, on betrayal, and lies, and spies, and mind games. They were going to slowly force the other side on their knees, when they least expected it. Both sides were determined to lash out physically when they were positive of their victory; after all, they couldn't afford any deaths. But I must admit that I wouldn't be surprised if any of them killed themselves to get away from that kind of mental and emotional torture. Like I said, humans are emotional. They can't help it.

Eventually, they'll find that they can't help but fall in love, either. It's a mess out there, you guys. What's that song called? Love is a battlefield? Yes, yes it is. You know what they say - all is fair in love. And war.

C U R I O S I T Y ... K I L L S

T H E ... C H I L D R E N
The powers of the children vary in strength, though a pattern has appeared; it appears to follow the rule of superiority. There are now two battle camps, about 100 feet across from each other. They each have their own customs and ways, all of them decided by their leader: the oldest of the group. Keep in mind that though I've written a few basic things about the children of the Sun and their character, it doesn't mean you have to abide by them - feel free to make your Sun woman a lying skank, and your Moon man a sweet boy with a poetic heart.

T H E ... S U N ' S
The children of the Sun built their own fortress, with gracious blessings of their father. The children of the Sun do not let their women be deeply involved, as they are chivalrous and gentlemen to their very core. They fight honestly, though they are clearheaded and wise enough to understand that some times call for certain measures, which they are glad to comply with.

Can momentarily blind people | 34 | FC: Brad Pitt | Open |

Fireproof | 31 | FC: Kirsten Dunst | Open |

Can conjure up light at will | 27 | FC: Liam Hemsworth | Reserved for OurStars |

Can look into extreme brightness with ease | 24 | FC: Crystal Reed | Open |

Can give others the ability to see into bright sunlight, but cannot use it himself | 21 | FC: Josh Hutcherson | Open |

Can exert warmth | 19 | FC: Jennifer Lawrence | Open |

T H E ... M O O N ' S
The children of the Moon have retained the castle named Celeste, the very one their mother had given to them, as their fortress. They go by every dirty trick in the book. They are comfortable in darkness, and do not mind hiding their dirty secrets. They do everything it takes, without thinking of the consequences. They are going to fight as hard as they can, with no inhibitions.

Can manipulate shadows | 32 | FC: Ian Somerhalder | Open |

Can see into the dark | 30 | FC: Angelina Jolie | Open |

Can magnify/strengthen darkness | 29 | FC: Kellan Lutz | Open |

Can confuse others at will | 26 | FC: Amber Heard | Reserved by confidence |

Can become a shadow himself | 25 | FC: Grant Gustin | Open |

Moves without a sound | 20 | FC: Kaya Scodelario | Open |

T H E ... S T A R S
Some Stars have decided to join the battle, coming down from the sky and gaining human forms naturally. All of them are physically much more efficient (stronger, faster, healthier) than humans, about 5x as much so. They all possess a certain talent, one that they have mastered naturally, from as useless as gardening to as useful as building. These spots are unlimited, and you can choose your own talent!

T H E ... H U M A N S
If you would like to play a human, please PM me with your ideas for the character, why they should be accepted into the very small number of humans, and their relationship with one of the children.

Wife of (FC: Brad Pitt) | 30 | FC: Kelly Hu | Open |

Wife of (FC: Ian Somerhalder) | 29 | FC: Anne Hathaway | Open |

Sister of (FC: Amber Heard) | 21 | FC: Amanda Seyfried | Reserved by OurStars |

Brother of (FC: Kristin Dunst) | 17 | FC: Mitch Hewer | Reserved by confidence |

Y O U R ... I D E N T I T Y

{First person please!}
Code: Select all
[right][img]gif here][/img]
[img]gif here][/img]
[img]gif here][/img][/right][size=90][b][color=#hexcodehere]Name:[/b][/color] Your character's name here.
[b][color=#hexcodehere]Age:[/b][/color] How old is your character?
[b][color=#hexcodehere]Gender:[/b][/color] Male, female?
[b][color=#hexcodehere]Physical Description:[/b][/color] Things that don't show in the picture, such as height.

[b][color=#hexcodehere]Parents:[/b][/color] If you're of the Sun or of the Moon, please italicize them. ^^ You'll know which one you are because it'll be under a certain list in the intro.
[b][color=#hexcodehere]Allegiance:[/b][/color] What side are you on? It is possible, DEFINITELY possible, to be a child of the Sun and to decide to be on the side of the Moon. It's up to you, your character's personality may be better suited to the Moon's side even if you're a child of the Sun.
[b][color=#hexcodehere]Power:[/b][/color] Describe your character's power, its benefits, its limits, what happens to you while you're using them, etc.
[left][color=#000000][b]Likes[/b][/color][/left]  [right][color=#000000][b]Dislikes[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]βœ”[/b][/color] _____[/left]  [right]_____[color=#FF0000][b]✘[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]βœ”[/b][/color] _____[/left]  [right]_____[color=#FF0000][b]✘[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]βœ”[/b][/color] _____[/left]  [right]_____[color=#FF0000][b]✘[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]βœ”[/b][/color] _____[/left]  [right]_____[color=#FF0000][b]✘[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]βœ”[/b][/color] _____[/left]  [right]_____[color=#FF0000][b]✘[/b][/color][/right]

[b][color=#hexcodehere]Skills & Abilities:[/b][/color] What is your character good at? Remember. No. Mary. Sues.

[b][color=#hexcodehere]Thoughts on the Moon's War:[/b][/color] Do you like the curse? You do know it exists, and you do get to have an opinion on it, you just have to fight in order to gain peace, if that makes sense. ^^

[b][color=#hexcodehere]Personality:[/b][/color] Self-explanatory.

[b][color=#hexcodehere]History:[/b][/color] Your history up to now.[/size]


β€’ Okay, one thing clear: It's not INCEST. I don't consider the Sun and Moon real 'parents' the way we think of our parents. It's not like marrying our blood brother. It's the same way people of the same religion consider their God their father, if that makes sense. I just wanted to make that clear. ^^
β€’ Literacy. I demand 500+ words a post. I demand detail and length and of course, quality, but I've noticed that quantity is great when quality is great. No excuses. Spelling and grammar is important. Depth is important. Clarity is important. Writing is important.
β€’ No god moding. Please consider that another person should have a choice as to what their character does in response, instead of having you decide for them.
β€’ NO Mary Sues/Gary Stews. NO. No nononononono. I will call you out on it. I will kick you out. I want realistic characters. I don't want someone who looks perfect every morning even after getting punched in the face. Oh my, even a black eye looks beautiful. And she fought pretty well, that's why she doesn't have a cut or scar anywhere on her beautiful face. No.
β€’ Please stick around. ^^
β€’ This is a mature roleplay. As in, there will be manipulation, backstabbing, sex, cursing, etc. Please don't join if you can't handle that!
β€’ The narrator, by the way, was just a means to tell the story without making it sound.. boring. It's a lot of detail, after all.

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Earth by confidence

Welcome to Earth.


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Welcome to the Moon's castle, made by the Moon herself. It is the home of her fighters, the bravest and most cunning alive at this moment. Make yourself at home - but be careful. There are spies all over the place.


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Welcome to the fortress of those under the Sun. Full of honor, dignity and pride, you are safe here. Well, maybe not completely; we are fighting a war, you know.


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Welcome to the fortress of those under the Sun. Full of honor, dignity and pride, you are safe here. Well, maybe not completely; we are fighting a war, you know.


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Welcome to the Moon's castle, made by the Moon herself. It is the home of her fighters, the bravest and most cunning alive at this moment. Make yourself at home - but be careful. There are spies all over the place.

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