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Jason Vice

"What can I get for you?"

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a character in “The Moore Sisters”, as played by blondegamer


Full Name: Jason Vice

Nickname: None

Age: 22

Relationship Status: currently single

Career: Bartender

Talents: Other than mad bartending skills, Jason paints in his spare time, he is really good but doesn't show his skills to anyone. Jason is also secretly a pretty awesome cook

Fears: Rejection, the idea of someone criticizing his paintings or rejecting him for a date is terrifying to Jason. This is why he doesn't make the first move a lot of the time. He is also wary of big dogs.

Personality: At the bar Jason is all smiles and confidence. He flirts with the ladies a bit to help out his tip jar, but in reality he has the soul of an artist. He doesn't date much, due to his fear of rejection. He is secretly a big softy with the heart of a hopeless romantic. He ha a need to be needed and loves trying to make people feel better.





Also: Has a scar on his chest that he is self conscious of, he was bit by a dog as a kid.

So begins...

Jason Vice's Story


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Alisia: "Clack, Clack, Clack" that was all that could be heard in my room. The keys were moving at lightning speed. Not that it mattered, I would write a few paragraphs and then delete them, rinse and repeat. I had my headphones on, blaring some soft rock hoping to set the mood for a good writing day.

No such luck.

I had some writer's block and I had it bad. Nothing seemed to be flowing, and with the deadlines quickly approaching, It was too much stress to bare. Frustrated, I threw my headphones on the desk, and quickly changed into something a little sexier. Hopefully a night on the town would help smooth some things over.

Jason: The music was loud, but as always it seemed the people were louder. I was doing my best to keep everyone happy, but with the amount of booze in everyone's system it was going to be impossible. Thankfully, that is what bouncers were for.

About that time, a regular walked in the door, her red hair almost seemed to be a blaze. She was beautiful as always. She walked up to the bar and smiled. They were contagious. I found myself smiling as well.

"Don't you have a book to write or something?" I yelled over the music.

"Shut up and pout me a beer!" her tone was kidding. I rolled my eyes and handed her the usual. She took a large drink from her bud-light with lime.

"That's the stuff." She smiled.

"How's your sister?" I asked.

"Which one?" She gave me a ridiculous look which let me know I was asking a stupid question. I gave her a look that let her know she should know which one I was taking about. She laughed.

"Bailey is fine."


Silly bartender, he should just buck up the courage and talk to the girl. I refused to think about anything else but my beer. I just knew that not having sent in anything my publisher would be calling to check up any time now. Until then I was going to drink as many of these beers as I could.


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#, as written by EvoL
Bailey: The photo shoot ran late again. Bailey didn’t mind it too much since these things happen once in a while but she found her patience running thin as this had been the sixth time in a row a shoot had been held up. By the end of it all her feet felt sore from wearing high heels and she had a raging headache. Slipping on her regular clothes, a simple white dress shirt and dark jeans with a pair of comfortable and snug ankle boots, she headed out to her car ready to drive home. Or at least, that was the plan. On the last minute she turned and headed straight for her favorite club. Bailey needed a drink, badly. Just one would do. She didn’t like getting drunk; it made for horrible mornings and uncomfortable confusion. The few times she had willingly and purposely gotten drunk were emotional moments for her. Still, a good cold beer always seemed to dispel the stress of a rather long day for her so she kept going there.

Finally, she parked and made her way to the entrance. There wasn’t much of a line so it didn’t take long to get in. Bailey glanced around at the people who were dancing and tried to remember the last time she’d been out dancing. She’d come here more often these past few months but she’d never really come for the music or dancing. Maybe on her next time off she’d come just for fun. Heading for the bar she hopped on an empty stool. Bailey took a moment to rub the back of her neck then finally turned toward the bartender. She smiled slightly, tiredly but still smiled nonetheless, as she recognized the man. “Hi Jason, how are you tonight?”

Ashton: A nervous puff of air passed his lips as he fidgeted in the elevator up towards Nat’s place. Well, technically he was already in Nat’s place but he wasn’t really… there yet. Okay, that was the nerves talking, explaining, whatever. But then again, nerve’s don’t talk or explain for that matter. Unless it’s metaphorically speaking. Then that’s fine. Sort of. Maybe. Who knows. The ding of the elevator brought him out of his thoughts and he took a deep breath before stepping out into the hallway. Ashton shook himself for a moment to get rid of any leftover jitters before proceeding.

“Honey I’m home!” he called out with a chuckle. He spotted Nat on her bed and instantly smiled at the sight of her, his nerves vanishing in the air. Nerves? What nerves? No nerves here. Leaning down he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before sitting down on the edge of the bed. “Hey beautiful, I missed you.” He said with a smile. Yes, he missed her. He’d had some classes with her at school only hours ago but that didn’t take the fact away that he did, in fact, miss her. School was school. You study, you hang and you learn. Outside school was the time he could be around his girlfriend without some teacher reprimanding him about stealing a kiss or holding her hand or just plain showing her some affection. No guy friends joking about how whipped he was. He didn’t mind all that really. He just liked having private moments with her. That wasn’t so bad was it? “How was practice?” he asked.


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As she walked in, it felt like she stole all the air from his lungs. It became hard to breath and the whole room seemed to disappear but her. She as painfully beautiful, although it would seem she wouldn't know it. She walked up to him brown hair like silk, her eyes were tired but still glorious all the same. It was no wonder the girl was a model. She took a seat in front of him. At first it seemed she didn't notice him, she took her time sighing and unwinding from what looked like a tiring day. Finally those glorious eyes were looking right at him and flashing him one of those smiles he was crazy for.

"Hi Jason, how are you tonight?" She asked. He smiled back, immediately making her usual drink.

"Better now that my favorite customer is here," he joked. He sat the drink in front of her. "Rough day at work?"


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#, as written by EvoL
Ashton: He grinned happily at knowing he wasn’t the only one who missed the other. Leaning his forehead against hers he murmured. “I’m sure you’ll do a great job in training them. Those that really want to be there will give it their best. As for those that are just there for the rep… well, they’ll see soon enough that cheerleading isn’t all just pom-poms and smiles.” He smiled into her eyes before closing the distance between their lips. Giving her a gentle kiss he leaned back and whispered, “Have I ever told you how amazing you are?” He gave her a few quick pecks on her cheeks, forehead, nose and chin before finally giving her a passionate and warm kiss on the lips. “You, Natalie Ava Moore, are amazing and I’m the luckiest guy in the universe to have you by my side.” He murmured against her lips. His hand came up to lightly caress her cheek and he leaned back with a content look. He meant every word of that. Before Nat had come into Ashton’s life he’d been what the guys like to recall as an A class asshole. Heck, even his father had a rather hard time dealing with him. But Natalie just seemed to make everything right in his rather guarded self. She put everything in perspective. It wasn’t a question of “is he?” it’s a fact that Ashton Faux was beyond whipped by this girl.

Bailey: She listened intently to her friends words and took everything to mind. Already she planned on dialing up a few modeling friends to boost Claire’s chances in getting her job. While Bailey wasn’t really all that famous, she had done a few spread that got her name around. As for her friends, a few of them were up there with the big names so they’d be recognized quite immediately. It couldn’t hurt to have a few influential people come help could it? Bailey smiled somewhat, Naw, it’s for a good cause anyway. Helping a best friend get closer to her dream of being in the kitchen was the greatest of causes. “Alritghty Claire-Bear, I’ll be there in…” she paused to look at the time on her phone before making a quick calculation, “fifteen to twenty minutes. Gonna pick up a few of the girls to help. Hope that’s okay.” She smiled at the mention of Meg. “Okay then. See you in a bit.”

Claire hung up and Bailey quickly made a few calls to her modeling partners. They were all conveniently out shopping in a nearby store. With the promise that they’d all be there in a few minutes Bailey hanged up and took a big gulp of her drink nearly finishing it all. She looked at the glass and sighed before muttering out loud, “Should remember to drink slowly…” Bailey couldn’t handle her alcohol at all. She could stand up to two drinks if she drank them slowly but that was about it. One and a half if she guzzled them down. Already she felt a light buzz in her stomach. Shaking her head she turned back to Jason and smiled apologetically again. “Sorry, best friend emergency.” She rummaged through her purse for her wallet. “She’s great at cooking but stuck waitressing. Even I’m guilty of falling prey to her desserts. My agent just uses that to his advantage to make me exercise even more than I should. I don’t mind it though; Claire’s food is just that worth it.” Bailey finally pulled out her wallet and handed Jason the cost of her drink. “You know, maybe next time she bakes something I’ll bring you a sample. Would that be okay with you or are you not allowed to eat during work?” she asked as she tried arranging her hair more professionally with her fingers.