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Jodi Moore

"I guess in a roundabout way, it's kind my fault, huh?"

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a character in “The Moore Sisters”, as played by ArhaHitomi888


Full Name:
Jodi Rae Moore



Relationship Status:

Unemployed, used to be a tumbling teacher and cheerleading coach at the local middle school.

Jodi is very flexible and graceful, having won several tumbling competitions since she was very small. She is very self disciplined and is very experienced, but still got laid off just because they figured her class wasn't necessary to the school's class listings. This means they simply had the female gym teacher take over her spot as cheerleading coach, despite her great talents.

Jodi is also very good at cheering people up and making them have a more positive outlook on life, even if it doesn't always work for herself. She enjoys making others laugh and be happy, not liking to see other people upset. She is capable to going up to someone, listening to their problems, and making them chin up and raise their heads and see the silver lining on the dark cloud they think is their situation.

Like many women, Jodi fears dying alone and never getting married. She wanted to get married and have a family, but dating has been going terribly and she is afraid, since her last boyfriend broke up with her, that she'll never find love in her life.

Jodi also has a fear of becoming uneeded, unecessary, or just unliked. She wanted to be someone's hero and be looked up to, which is another reason why she wanted to teach tumbling and coach cheerleading - So that people would look up to her or know they were able to depend on her. She just wants to be a dependable person, but is currently doubting herself because she is afraid that she cannot depend on herself.

Personality: Jodi is a laughter filled girl with a bounce in her step. She tends to be somewhat childish, even though she is twenty four. She tends to pout, but usually only does so to be playful. She's become a bit of a downer recently with the wave of bad luck that's just crashed into her. She's a very simple person, not having many layers to her personality - Which she suspects is why Brian (her Ex) left her, because he thought she was boring.

Also: Jodi has a small scar on her ankle from where she badly fractured it and needed surgery, but it doesn't bother her at all. Jodi also as a bellybutton ring.

So begins...

Jodi Moore's Story


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Jodi Moore

Jodi, her eyes cast downward and her shoulders slumped, made her way across the room towards the elevators. Sharply, she jabbed the button to the seventh floor, her acrylic nail breaking off like half of her others had as she did. As the false nail fell onto the ground, she turned and rested her forehead against the wall of the elevator, her breath making condensation against it's metallic surface. Leaning back, she looked at her faint reflection. Her blond hair was windswept and the pale skin of her cheeks were pinkened and damp, tears streaming down her cheeks.

As the elevator 'ding'ed to her floor, she rushed out and stopped at the door to rummage through her purse. Sniffling, she pulled out her keys and her shaky hands jabbed around the keyhole until they finally managed to slipped the key in. She threw the door open and choked back another sob before she sat down on the edge of her bed, the soft, blue sheets comforting her. Slowly, she raised her hands up to cover her eyes, sniffling. She had just come back from another job interview, one she thought would've been hopeful. It was one of those companies that called in big groups, interviewed them all, then told them by the end of all the interviews whether they were hired or not - Basically everyone but her was hired.

Was she really that useless?


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Jodi Moore

Jodi sniffed and wiped her eyes as she heard her phone ring from inside her purse. Flipping strands of golden hair from her eyes, she reached onto the nightstand to rummage through her purse, pulling out her iPhone. Just as she was about to check who it was, the phone slipped from her hands and fell to the ground with a solid crack. Scrambling for the phone, she turned it over to behold a cracked screen. Letting out a scream of frustration and anger, she checked who it was.

It was Jakk. Wiping tears from her eyes again, she jabbed 'decline', even though she almost always answered her phone. She just couldn't talk on the phone like this, not now. Even thought she would always answer almost immediately and chatter away, she just couldn't right now. There was no way.