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Artemis Leto

The renowned goddess was once just a girl.

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a character in “The Mortalis Conclavis”, as played by ChildishDelusion


Name: Artemis Leto
Age: Fell asleep at the age of 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: A tall woman at five foot ten, Artemis has a slender toned figure from years of stalking the forests. She has long wavy brunette hair often kept in a plait or braid so it stays out of her way, she would have cut it off years ago if not for her fathers protests. Her eyes are a dark brown. Pale in skin tone but Artemis is often seen with scrapes of mud on her body and clothes due to her hunting. Wears Grecian wear when in the company of her family though prefers to wear tight trousers and top when on her own. Not too keen on looking pretty Athena often does not take pride in her appearance rather she prefers to put her pride in her skills.


Personality: A fiery personality. her mother often joked that the young Artemis should have been born male. Artemis detests the ethics that were laid on her due to her gender and fought against them. A talented young woman she learnt to read and enjoyed the classics but nothing gave her more thrill than the hunt. Quite out-spoken in manner and never lets something lie if its bothering her- she often expects answers immediately when she asks questions and hates anyone being cowardly. Lives by her own moral code and be damned if anyone has something to say about it! She does have a quiet and gentle side but this was often left for the recesses of the forest. Can think ahead and quite good at planning. Rash and hot-headed at times particularly if she feels a male is criticizing her.

History: Artemis grew up in ancient Greece to a wealthy family, the born as a twin, she is the only female to six male brothers she grew up always looking up to her elder siblings and looking after her younger twin- Apollo. Her parents let Artemis grow as she wanted as a child, letting her learn to read and write, practicing the sword and bow with her brothers. However when she turned 13 and was considered a "woman" her father decided she needed to act more like a lady in order to gain a good marriage. Artemis protested this heavily, having always been a stubborn child her father struck her a deal, she could continue with her activities she enjoyed but it would have to be in secret and she would have to marry by the age of 21. Confident that 21 seemed a world away Artemis agreed, she stopped practicing with her siblings and began to hone her skills hunting in the forest. Talented as she was Artemis quickly became one of the greatest huntresses of her era though it pained her not to boast as the men did. To want to correct them on their misgivings about her. That she just as good at them at the hunt, even better despite her gender! She cursed her sex, wishing she had been born a man but corrected herself. She wanted to be loved for who she was! When Manera appeared to her when she was 19 she saw the beautiful being as a savior. She wished to be remembered throughout history as a great hunter so all would know her. Manera granted her wish and the goddess Artemis was born into what we now know as the virgin goddess from greek mythology. When she was 20 she was hunting as much as she could before her impending marriage, she slept soundly waiting for another day of the hunt when she woke up in the House of Dreams.

Your animal form: The Griffin. It would seem right that a mythological goddess would be given a mythological creature! The griffin represents the animals that also hunt the eagle and the lion. It is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle was the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature a great hunter and protector. The Griffin is physically strong, can fly and has great eyesight though due to its large form its not very discreet and can sometimes be a bit clumsy due to its size.

Any other skills: Talented with a dagger, spear, sword and bow. Can set up small traps and is good at sneaking and hiding in her human form due to her prowess at hunting. Very good at planning and is good at seeing opportunities.

So begins...

Artemis Leto's Story

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Artemis Leto

Artemis Leto threw her spear and bow under her bed. It had been a productive hunt this morning. 4 rabbits, a deer and a fox, the Leto family would eat well and have fine furs in the days to come. It was her father that preferred to skin the animals, and so she had left them in the smoker shed for him. Her thighs and arms ached from such a morning in the forests, stalking her prey but she loved every ache and pain. This was her, this told her she was alive. The hunt was all she lived for and she would be remembered forever for it. Her thoughts travelled to the Goddess that had promised her so. Smirking to herself she threw her hunting clothing to one side and tucked it behind the door and drew water from the pump in her room to clean the mud and sweat from her body. As she ran the wet cloth over her curves she mused over the days events, the stag that had try to outrun her and the fox that had been outwitted by her trap. She had set up several more and was to check them in a few hours when the light had fallen to see the night prey she had caught. She spent most of her days in the forest now, her up upcoming wedding was approaching fast. Artemis needed as many memories of that forest she could get.

Clean and dry Athena threw on her hunting gear once more and lay down on her bed. She would have to wait until the sun had well disappeared from the sky in order to recheck her traps. So a nap now wouldn't hurt. Lazily closing her eyes she dreamt of the hunt, the thrill and the soft voice that was calling her name.

Bright searing light hit her eyes and she jumped to her feet, immediately falling to the floor with a thud. "By the damnation of the gods" she cursed to herself, not believing she slept through the night. And to the confusion as to why were her legs refusing to move? Muttering under her breath she managed to pull herself up into the sitting position using her bed a leverage. As her eyes began to adjust to the light she saw quite clearly she was no longer in her room. She tried to call out but found she could not muster more that a hoarse shout, her voice had somehow run off. Around her lay several others in beds spanning the room as she frantically tried to figure out where she had landed. Her mind racing in a panic and her body failing to let her run.

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Meretha was living happiest times of her life. She had a wonderful man in his life, a man she was going to marry. A man that was a deep asleep next to her in bed. However she couldn't get sleep. It must have been a year soon. She wasn't exactly sure of the date or time but she knew that it must be close. Meretha watched her soon-to-be husband almost in tears. Why? Why she had agreed to that offer. Had she really been so desperate for love? So desperate that she was only able to enjoy it for a year and now she would have to leave?

Her feelings were a mess. She was happy and sad, wanting to wake him up and tell him that she would have to leave. But how could she crush his feelings for her. Their whole relationship had been a lie. Organized by a goddness. She shook her head. Even if she told him she would sound like crazy. She kept watching him, eventually laying her head on his chest and listened his heart beat. It was a strong, calming sound. Her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes, a bright light blinding her for a second. What was going on? Morning sun never shone into their bed, their windows faced other way. It took for a while to her eyes adjust, only to find herself from a strange room. She sat up in the bed to see several beds, people laying all around her. Her first thought being "Some of them wear really weird clothes." At first she thought she was still dreaming but then what was more likely to be a truth, hit her. It had been a year that night.